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Fire and Ice


When Elsa and Anna were young, they sneaked into the lonely mountain to play and build a snowman, but the great evil dragon Smaug found them and tries to take away Elsa, and the future gets more worse

Fantasy / Drama
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The night was dark. Everything was still and quiet, and the only illumination was from the moon and the northern lights that flashed in brilliant colours of green and yellow over a castle. But this is the castle of the kingdom of Arendell. Where our story starts, of a legend that lived throughout the ages, it was told many ways, but this is the truth. The real story of a Queen and a Dragon.

In one room of the castle, there were two young girls sleeping in their beds; the oldest was curled up in her blankets as she slept peacefully, dreaming lightly and feeling the calmness of the night. She had white hair just like the snow, and her skin was pale but beautiful as it glittered in the moonlight, she wore a blue nightdress with a blue headband in her braided white hair.

"Elsa! Ppssttt!" someone whispered "Elsa!"

It was Anna, Elsa's younger sister. The little girl was perhaps only a few years younger, and had red hair and but the same blue eyes as Elsa's, not as bright though, and her fair skin was dappled with a couple of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She wore an adorable yellow dress as she climbed onto her sister's bed and sat on top of her.

"Elsa! Wake up, wake up," Anna said jumping on her and shaking her shoulders.

"Anna… Go back to sleep," Elsa groaned, turning away from her younger sister.

Anna just sighed, irritated. "I just can't," she moaned as she lay on top of her sister. "The sky is awake, so I'm awake

– so we have to play!"

"Go play by yourself," Elsa slurred as she pushed her sister off. Anna landed on the ground on her butt as she frowned; she thought for a minute on how to get Elsa to play... and then it struck her as she gasped and smiled. She climbed back up onto her sister's bed and loomed over her, forcibly opening Elsa's eye.

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" she asked, a teasing light making her eyes sparkle.

Elsa opened her eyes and couldn't stop herself from smiling.

# # #

Elsa and Anna ran through the halls quietly as they laughed and giggled. They ran past an open window that was big enough for both of them to sit together, Anna stopped to look through the window as she hopped onto a stool and looked out onto the night outside. She saw a village nestled by a lake, and next to that lake, was a single mountain, it was huge and a famous one too: Erebor, the Lonely Mountain that belonged to a clan of dwarves.

Elsa came up beside her sister, looking at Anna and then peeped over her shoulder out the window in order to see whatever she was staring at. And then her eyes fell upon the Mountain. Elsa remembered when her father would tell the stories of the Lonely Mountain, Erebor, with dwarves working in the mines, finding precious jewels, gems, gold and stones flowing like a river. Anna gave Elsa a mischievous smile, and Elsa knew what Anna was thinking.

"Let's go to the mountain," Anna whispered excitedly.

"Anna we're not allowed to go near the mountain," Elsa said with a fearful glance at the single peak.

"But Elsa," Anna whined. "This is our chance to have an adventure!"

"But I don't want us to get in trouble," Elsa murmured. Rubbing her hands together uncomfortably, Elsa looked out at the world beyond the window, yearning for it, but knew that it was forbidden to her. Looking at her hands, she was overcome by the fear that should she go outside… Elsa had been born with magic, a magic that could allow her to master ice and snow, she was winter incarnate. But no one knew how she could control her powers, and so Elsa had been forced to keep her magic a secret by her parents since she had been very small. Everyone feared her magic; everyone that is, except for Anna.

Anna grabbed Elsa's wrist as she dragged her to the window as she quietly opened it.

"Don't worry Elsa," Anna said. "We'll be okay, nothing bad will happen,"

"I hope so," Elsa mumbled.

# # #

Anna and Elsa finally made it out of the castle to head for the mountain. There first destination was to Lake Town, the market was still running but it was not as busy as during the day. Elsa remembered how everybody would bow down to her parents, even to her and Anna. Anna dragged Elsa down as they hid behind some barrels by a merchant's stall. They both peeked and saw two men putting the barrels into a boat at the docks.

"I have an idea Anna," Elsa whispered. "We'll get into those barrels to go across the lake then we'll go through Dale to get to the Mountain,"

"Okay," Anna whispered back, her eyes lighting up with excitement.

As the men were taking care of the barrels, Anna and Elsa crawled into a barrel together, as they hid and kept quiet. They felt the barrels move and Anna gasped but Elsa shushed her. They could feel how the man was struggling to carry the barrels to the boat with the weight of the two girls. But soon they were finally on the boat as it was a huge bump. Elsa and Anna sat there waiting as they were ready to go to the mountain.

# # #

The ride was slow. It was calm at least, but it was getting cold for Anna; Elsa did not mind it, since the power of ice in her veins made her immune to the cold. Anna was resting while Elsa held her, when Elsa looked up to see the moon full. She thought the moon was pretty; it brought her joy and happiness, whenever she was nervous she looked up at the moon and it glowed bright for her to smile. But then, there was a thump on the boat. She gasped to hear the men talking, it sounded like that they had hit land. Elsa shook Anna softly.

"Anna," Elsa whispered.

"What?" Anna moaned.

"Come on we're here," Elsa explained.

"OH YES! THE MOUNTIAN!" Anna cried suddenly, wide awake as she got up.

Elsa shushed her, making sure that the men on the boat did not hear her. They heard the men talking wondering what had made that noise, the two girls kept quiet looking up from the barrel they were hiding in. They heard the stomping of boots coming closer and closer. After that they heard the men talking again, forgetting about the noise they heard. Elsa and Anna both sighed in relief that they were safe. But then, they felt the barrel move as they felt a huge thump. They were on solid ground, Anna looked through the hole in the barrel as she saw the mountain. She was so excited, and they are so close. Elsa looked to see the men busy gathering ropes from their ship as Elsa took Anna's arm and helped her out of the barrel.

"Elsa we're so close!" her sister whispered.

"I think a little too close," Elsa murmured under her breath as they both slipped away out of sight of the bargemen and ran towards the city of Dale.

# # #

Elsa and Anna looked behind from a crate as they saw a couple of people walking around as some were talking or most of them were at the Tavern. How were they going to get through all these people? Anna was about to walk out but Elsa grabbed her.

"Anna we can't get through there," Elsa whispered.

"Why?" Anna asked " They aren't going to hurt us,"

"No, but they'll take us home if they catch us," Elsa explained.

"Oh..." Anna looked at the people as she made a frown.

Elsa looked around her and then saw capes hanging from a rack outside of the tavern, she grabbed them as she put one on Anna and herself. Anna made a huge smile as she was very happy that they would soon make it.

"Come on, let's get to the mountain," Elsa smiled.

# # #

Elsa looked up at the mountain of Erebor, it was bigger up close. She was amazed how it was alone holding so many precious gems and jewels inside. Anna ran towards the mountain laughing as she was bouncing up and down, smiling and holding her hands together. Elsa smiled, shaking her head as she walked towards her sister. Anna looked at Elsa then back at the mountain.

"Isn't this amazing Elsa?!" Anna cried, unable to contain her enthusiasm.

"Yeah...it is," Elsa said, her voice filled with wonder as she stared up at the huge mountain/

"Come on," Anna said. "We're almost there,"

Elsa walked after her sister as they went towards the gates as they looked upon the door. The stories their father used to tell them said of a great door in the front of the mountain, but the gates were sealed shut and they couldn't find an opening.

"Where's the door?" Anna asked.

"I don't know…" Elsa said.

"WE CAME HERE FOR NOTHING," Anna squeaked, tears threatening in her eyes.

"Sshhhh, Anna," Elsa said. "Keep your voice down,"

"Sorry," Anna mumbled, twiddling with her fingers.

Elsa walked towards the gate as she put a hand where she would think a door would be. She looked up at the huge door before her; she breathed in and out, closing her eyes as she concentrated on the door, after that...there was a crack, Elsa opened her eyes. Anna was staring in awe...there was a tiny door open for them. Anna laughed as she ran to her side and looked at Elsa then at the door.

"How did you do that?" Anna asked.

"I don't know… I-I just thought of a door," Elsa explained, completely mystified as she stared at what she had done.

"Well it worked," Anna beamed up at her sister. "Come on, let's build a snowman!"

Anna ran inside as Elsa followed, running after her little sister, they both laughed as they ran through the halls as they stretched their arms out like they were playing birds. They kept running around, giggling, going around each pillar, chasing each other and laughing more. But soon, they came out of the entrance hall and saw a huge chair, it was shiny like limestone. Anna ran towards it as she felt its rough texture beneath her tiny fingers and looked at it curiously.

"Is this the king's throne?" she asked her sister.

"I think so," Elsa said. "It's where King Thror sat,"

"Wow," Anna whispered as she struggled to get onto the throne; as she finally got on it and stood on the seat as she puffed out her chest with pride "I'm King Under the Mountain!" she bellowed.

Elsa laughed as she bowed to her sister. Anna laughed as she jumped off the chair and stood in front of Elsa.

"Come on do the magic!" Anna giggled, grinning from ear to ear as she flashed her bright eyes at Elsa. "Please, please, please!"

Elsa smiled as she moved her hands around, and as if from thin air a ball appeared between her hands that looked like it was made of snow. Anna stared in amazement as she saw how Elsa created the snowball.

"Ready?" Elsa asked.

Anna nodded as she watched. Elsa finally let go and threw the magic snowball up and into the air. At the height of its arc, the snowball exploded and turned into a thousand snowflakes that rained down softly upon the two girls.

"THIS IS AMAZING!" Anna cried as she ran around and laughed.

"Watch this," Elsa grinned. She then stomped her foot and ice suddenly sprang from beneath the soles of her shoe, snaking out as it spread across the floor. As she saw Anna slide slowly away from her, Elsa finally allowed herself to relax as she thought that this was not so bad after all; maybe there would be no trouble tonight and they could get home in time before the morning. But she was wrong, and this friendship with her sister was going to end.

# # #

Somewhere deep beneath the mountain, there was a gigantic and vast chamber filled with a huge treasure horde. Mounds and mounds of gold were everywhere, with gems, jewels, rubies, crystals, everything the mind could think of that was precious and of value. This treasure belonged to the Dwarven clan, or it did once. Perhaps Elsa and Anna should have wondered why the Mountain had been deserted when they had arrived. It is because something took that gold and home away from the Dwarves. No, not by Orcs, Anna and Elsa would have been dead by now if that were so. Not Elves, for they lived in the woods. But there was only one fearsome creature that would be so powerful as to take away the very kingdom of the dwarves from them.

Smaug, cheifest and greatest calamity of all, the red dragon that had destroyed Dale and had taken Erebor. His powerful claws and teeth had sliced and swiped away the dwarven soldiers. His massive tail had created an earthquake that shook the Mountain, and his fiery breath was so hot that it had reduced all to naught but dust and ash.

Where is he you might ask? He is there... in the treasure, buried in it, sleeping. But he was going to wake up...because that was when he heard laughing. Small cheerful laughing, as if someone was merry. As the sounds continued, the mounds of gold began to move, slowly revealing the beginnings of a gigantic reptilian head...and showed a closed eye. As if it was asleep still... a high pitched laughter echoed through the halls and the eye snapped open. A slit pupil looked around the room as the dragon could hear a faint noise. Smaug blinked slowly as he tried to listen...hoping it was just his mind... no... he could hear laughing...it sounded like children laughing. Smaug slowly lifted his head, freeing himself of the gold fully, he smelled the air as he took in every scent. He growled lowly...someone had broken into his domain... he could smell two young humans, and they were laughing... about what? Had they stolen his treasure? He growled savagely at the thought. Looking about him at the mountains of gold, Smaug assessed each piece, for a dragon knows his or her horde down to the last ounce, and quickly saw that nothing had been taken. But still, he had little trespassers in his domain, and he would see to it that no one would be foolish enough to encroach upon his territory again. Smaug lifted his huge body as he shook the gold from his back, and scented the air in order to be led to where the laughing children were. He started in the direction of the throne room, growling in rage.

If they had not already stolen from him, then they were here with the intention of stealing. Why else would they come? It didn't matter of course, they would still pay.

# # #

Elsa and Anna were having a wondrous time. They played snowball fight, made snow castles, and made a snowman like they wanted. Anna was sitting on the throne as she was squeezing her face making funny faces trying not to laugh. Elsa was making the snowman's face as she was laughing at Anna's silly expressions. Elsa finally put the nose on as she turned the snowman towards Anna as she moved the arms.

"Hi! I'm Olaf," Elsa said in a low voice. "And I like warm hugs,"

Anna beamed with joy as she kicked her feet in the air fast. "I love you Olaf!" Anna cried as she ran towards the snowman and hugged him looking at her sister. After that Elsa and Anna were sliding down snow hills, they created jumps and fell in snow piles. Anna ran behind a pillar as she grabbed some snow and threw it at Elsa. Elsa turned and saw her sister laughing as Elsa went after her.

However, whilst the two were still playing, Smaug was creeping along in the shadows looking for the two humans. They were close; he could feel the air

Wait a moment… The air felt a little cold against Smaug's scales... it felt like winter... but how? This cave had been closed off for years, there was no way nature could have come through into the mountain. Unless by some form of magic. Smaug sniffed the air again... they were close; he could just burn them right then and there and be done with it. Smaug slunk in slowly as he could hear the laughter getting louder; Smaug was on the corner and the air was colder still, as looked in he was suddenly greeted by a most unexpected sight. There was snow and ice all across the throne room... but it was not winter... it was summer outside in the world... how was this possible? He couldn't understand how this was happening. Then heard the laughing again, and looked. He saw a young girl with red hair in a yellow dress, she was jumping up and down with snow in her hand throwing it into the air. Smaug growled softly, as he slowly stalked closer, not making a sound.

"Elsa, do it again," the young red head called.

Who was Elsa? Smaug watched, when he saw something fly in the air. He looked and saw something blue that exploded into tiny particles of snow. Smaug watched, amazed for a moment at how something such as this could be created. And then, another human girl came out from around the corner, she was perhaps a few years older than the first, and she had white hair with a blue dress. She moved her hands around in a circular motion, and from thin air snow swirls appeared, creating a wonderful colour of blue, white, and sliver. Smaug watched in awe...what was he looking at? A Sorceress from the winter lands? He could feel an energy flow through his fiery veins. He watched closely, curious, as the two girls played even more, how the red head was holding on to a snowman's arms and the white haired girl used her magic to slide them around on the ice as they both laughed and danced. Smaug could not stop staring at how much life was within these two human beings. They both finally made snow hills, climbing to the top before sliding down in the snow together and were then sent flying before they both fell in the snow, laughing and laying on the ground.

Smaug crept a little closer as he watched them.

Anna sat up, laughing and giggling. When she looked straight ahead, she stopped and was looking at something big and huge that skulked about in the shadows. She was looking down the hall and only when she saw the bright fiery eyes blink, did she realise that she was staring at a huge dragon. Elsa sat up, looking at her sister, wondering what she was looking at that could make her go suddenly quiet. Elsa looked...and she froze in place. They saw him, terror dawning on their faces.

Smaug growled, he had no time to watch any more, he was here to protect his home, and maybe he would toy with them before he destroyed them. So with a roar he went after them, stomping and baring his teeth at them while his chest glowed. Elsa and Anna screamed as they got up, Elsa grabbed Anna's hand and almost dragged her as they ran for their lives into the darkness. While Smaug went after them and carelessly stomped onto the snowman that Elsa and Anna had created.

# # #

"WHERE ARE THEY?!" The king cried out. "WHERE ARE MY DAUGHTERS?!"

The king and queen had come to check on their daughters during the night, and had found out that they were missing and now the whole castle was searching high and low for them. The Queen was still in their room, looking into every nook and cranny. The Guards kept looking as well around the castle, the maids and servants looked in the abandoned rooms and guest rooms. The Queen ran out of the room as she looked down at the end of the hall...to see a window open? She ran towards it as the curtains flowed in the air, and she looked down, and saw some traces of snow. She gasped.


The King ran towards his wife as he stopped and saw the window open, and the traces of snow down on the ground. The King looked ahead, straight out of the window to the place dead ahead where he thought they would be going.

"Oh, no," The King whispered.

# # #

Elsa and Anna ran down a corridor towards hallways and section ways, as they could feel the dragon catching up to them, stomping and roaring. Anna looked behind them as she saw the dragon come closer. Elsa and Anna finally made it to the end as they went down some stairs. As they did, they stopped as they looked, and they saw mounds, mounds, and mounds of gold. They could not believe their eyes on what they were seeing. Was this is a trick? They heard a loud roar as Anna jumped and Elsa turned, they had no choice but to go through the treasure horde.

"Come on Anna," Elsa whispered frantically as she dragged her sister down the stairs to run.

They did make it, but it was difficult to run on hills and hills of gold. It was different with snow, Elsa could just run through snow without a problem. But Anna and Elsa were having a hard time with the uneven surface of the gold that shifted and pitched beneath their weight. Elsa fell as Anna went with her as they both tumbled together. They finally stopped as they shook their heads and got up, Elsa checked if Anna was okay, and she was, Anna did the same as they both smiled. After that, they heard loud crashes from the other side of the chamber: the dragon was coming. Elsa and Anna ran as they tried to find a place to hide.

As for Smaug, he finally was at the other side of the treasure room, he looked around as he moved his head back and forth. He slithered into the horde as he let the gold swallow him, but then lifted up again. He stopped...he took a sniff in the air...they were here.

Elsa and Anna were hiding under the stairs while mounds of gold hid them from view, with only a small hole that they had used to crawl into the tiny space. They tried to stay quiet, Anna clinging to Elsa as they both looked out through the hole, praying that the dragon wouldn't find them.

Smaug looked around as he scanned the whole space. He knew that they wouldn't show themselves until he left. So he decided to pretend to play nice, and maybe cheat.

"Well, Children? I smell you," Smaug called out to them, his voice echoing around the chamber so that it was as if he were bellowing.

Elsa and Anna shut their eyes tight, holding each other as they trembled, not wanting to hear that dreadful voice.

"I feel your air," Smaug growled, snaking his head this way and that. "Where are you?"

Elsa peeked her eye open as she saw the dragon stomp by their hiding place. This was not happening. She knew from the beginning this was not going to end well. Even Anna now regreted coming to the mountain.

"Come now, don't be shy," Smaug purred "Step into the light,"

Elsa watched how the dragon was scanning the room while his burning fire eyes melted her icy soul. Smaug could feel a cold breeze, he stopped as he took a small sniff: he could smell the snow-girl. He made a wicked grin.

"There is...something about the two of you?" Smaug hissed.

What does he mean?

Elsa and Anna became more frightened as they heard the dragon move again. They thought about bolting, and decided to do it as they sneakily crept out of their hole and went against a stair case. As they slid against it they began to climb up, hoping that maybe they could get to the same door they had entered in.

"Something within," they heard the dragon's voice echoing around them...but where was he? "Something made of ice, but filled with...so...much...fear,"

Elsa closed her eyes tightly as she clenched her hands against the stairs, hearing that word echoing in her head, getting louder and louder until she was drowning in it: Fear! Fear! Fear! ... Anna saw the ice build-up on the staircase that Elsa was creating as her terror began to grow out of control. The younger girl then noticed that something was around Elsa's feet, it was red and-

"ELSA LOOK OUT!" Anna screamed.

But it was too late, Elsa was swiped away as a tail coiled around her like a snake. She screamed as she was flung through the air and then held at a dizzying height above the ground. She whirled around and looked at a hellfire like eye as big as her torso that glared down, looking at her. Her eyes widened as she shielded herself from looking at the dragon. Anna gasped, filled with reckless bravery as she ran towards Smaug and kicked and hit one of the dragon's back legs. Smaug saw the red head helplessly try to fight back, he was rather annoyed as he took his wing and threw her into the air as she landed onto a pile of gold. Elsa saw her sister go flying before landing heavily. "ANNA!" she screamed. Elsa glared at the dragon as he gave her the same treatment.

"How dare you hurt my sister!" she cried.

"Hold your tongue witch," Smaug snapped as he dropped her and she landed onto a pile of gold, she looked up to see Smaug coming towards her as she crawled backwards; she tried to get up so she could run to her sister, but she fell backwards rolling and tumbling on the hill of gold. She got up to look up at Smaug as he crawled towards her. As for Anna, she shook her head from the impact she had from her flying lesson, she looked and saw Elsa cornered against the wall. She ran towards her sister as she stepped in right between them spreading her arms in front of Smaug.

"Leave my sister alone!" Anna cried angrily.

Smaug snarled as smoke seeped over his nostrils, the young red head was starting to annoy him even more. Elsa gasped, realising the dragon's anger, and knew that she had to do something before anything happened to her sister or her.

"I have never seen you two before in my domain," Smaug softly growled. "Who are you, and where do you come from, may I ask?"

"W-w-we were only playing," Elsa spoke as she pulled Anna behind her, shielding her from view. "We meant no harm… we didn't know it was your home, we thought it was abandoned since the dwarves left,"

Smaug's pupils became slits. Of course, the dwarves sent little children to steal his gold, thinking that he, Smaug, would let a pitiful human child live and steal his gold. He was not weak nor was he stupid for that matter.

"Such an innocent answer, but none of the less a LIE," Smaug snarled.

Elsa and Anna held each other, trembling in terror of the dragon as the ground shook. They both looked up at him, frightened.

"I know why you are here," Smaug growled venomously "It's because the dwarves sent you here to steal my gold, isn't that right?"

Elsa shook her head as she shook. "N-no," she said. "There are no dwarves here, we came here on our own,"

Smaug narrowed his eyes, growling as he came closer towards the two girls. Anna glared at the dragon as Elsa did the same.

"Leave us alone!" Anna cried out, though she still clung to her sister. "We were only building a snowman,"

Smaug remembered something that he had almost forgotten to do "You're an annoying little fly," Smaug muttered almost to himself as he pushed Anna away from Elsa with his tail, making her roll down the huge gold hill.

"ANNA!" Elsa cried as she was about to go after her sister but the dragons tail stopped her. She looked up at Smaug as she was walked back until she was pressed against the wall, trying to stay away from him.

"You are different from the red haired girl," Smaug purred, cocking his head to regard her curiously. "But I smell too much fear in you,"

Elsa said nothing as her eyes grew wide with terror. "I-I don't know what you're talking about," she stammered.

"Oh I don't think so, snow-girl," he said. "I saw what you did, creating winter while it is still summer,"

"What do you want from me then?" Elsa cried.

Smaug looked at Elsa, thinking about that question. What did he want from her? It sounded like a good question. But what to do with her… Smaug then lifted his head high into the air giving her a blank stare as he loomed over the snow-girl. Elsa held her hands together, holding them close to her chest.

"I will let your red haired friend live and she can leave if…" Smaug paused as he regarded her. "If you stay with me,"

"What?! Why?" Elsa squeaked, eyes widening.

"Your powers are like nothing I have seen before," Smaug rumbled, "It gives me a different Energy through the fire in my veins, something the intertwines us, something powerful. And I want it."

"That is not happening!" someone cried out.

Both Elsa and Smaug turned to see Anna climbing the mountain of gold.

"She is staying with me and my family," Anna cried.

Elsa looked at the dragon then at her sister. Using the distraction, Elsa suddenly made a daring leap away from the dragon as she rolled in the hill of gold after her sister. Smaug roared, furious as his chest glowed to his neck then eyes, Elsa saw as she stood right in front of her sister as Smaug was going to breathe fire. Elsa shot her hands out in front of her and a wall of ice erupted from the ground. Luckily the ice wall protected Anna and Elsa but it was not going to hold for long though. Elsa quickly turned around and grabbed Anna's hand as they ran as fast as they could; behind them, the ice wall exploded and Smaug turned to go after them again.


# # #

The King and his guards raced for the mountain as they passed in the city of Dale. He looked around the desolate city to see any traces of the girls or maybe Elsa's snow or frost. He found nothing, until he suddenly felt the ground begin to shake. The King looked up at the mountain. The dragon was waking... he knew then and there that his daughters were in there. He could only hope that his daughters were away from the dragon's grasp. From the castle to Lake Town, everyone was looking out of their windows and coming out of their houses, wondering what the heck was going on. After that there was a horse whinny when the king turned to see Lord Girion with his army as well.

"Girion," The king called. "Why is the dragon waking?"

"Your daughters, your majesty," Girion explained "They have awoken the beast, Elsa must have awoken him with her magic,"

"How do you know that Elsa did it?" the king asked.

"It is when fire and ice collides, your majesty," Girion explained. "That is why the dragon is waking,"

# # #

Elsa and Anna kept running as they were almost out of breath, the dragon was right behind them. As he was about to breathe fire, his chest, neck, and eyes glowed brightly, warning them of the flames he was about to unleash. Elsa pushed Anna out of the way behind a wall as once again she made a huge ice wall, blocking Smaug's fiery breath. As it began to melt, Elsa kept making the ice wall bigger and thicker and taller, but Smaug roared as he stopped breathing fire and broke through the wall himself, ramming his head and shoulders into it. Elsa screamed as she tried to duck out of the way as the giant ice blocks were about to crush her. She looked up, seeing the dragon laugh, looming with a wicked grin as he looked down at Elsa.

"Very impressive," Smaug laughed.

Elsa was not amused in the least. She kept her hands up ready to strike, Smaug circled around her like the predator he was. Quickly thinking on the spot, Elsa stamped her foot and made an ice sheet beneath Smaug's feet; as he felt it, his body began to pitch and slide on the slippery surface and he suddenly slipped to the ground, creating a huge "boom" as he crashed down. Anna laughed as she bounced up and down.

"That was awesome Elsa!" Anna cheered.

Elsa looked back at Anna, smiling, feeling proud, but Smaug opened an eye, glaring at Elsa. He climbed to his feet, growling savagely. Elsa turned, seeing Smaug getting up, Elsa ran towards her sister, grabbing her hand and running back to the entrance hall where they had entered into the mountain. Smaug was finally on his feet as he stomped towards them, Elsa and Anna finally got out of the mountain as Elsa hid her sister behind a rock.

"Stay there! Okay?" Elsa whispered to her.

"Okay," Anna whispered back, her eyes wide with fear again.

Elsa ran back to the entrance to see Smaug's muzzle, then his eye ball looking at her through the door. He was about to breathe fire but Elsa covered the entrance with ice making it thick and blocking him off. But then, Smaug was ramming into the wall, again and again, making the walls crack. As for Anna, she saw that her sister was stepping back a little until she tripped and lost balance, falling backwards. Anna gasped she ran towards her sister.

"ELSA!" Anna cried but when Smaug rammed into the wall one last time, he smashed it open, and it made Anna fall flying into the air, screaming, as Smaug broke the walls of the mountain, thrashing his head around, making room for his body to get through. Elsa heard the scream of her sister as she saw Anna falling.

"ANNA!" Elsa cried but when she outstretched her hand, her ice magic slipped as it hit Anna in the head making her fall down on a hill as she rolled down the ground unconscious and not moving. Elsa gasped as she ran towards her little sister.

"ANNA!?" Elsa cried as she took her sister in her arms, looking down at her and saw a small white streak appear in her hair. Elsa felt her heart quiver with true fear as her mind raced with thoughts of her sister, lying broken and unconscious, because of her magic; had she killed Anna?!

"MAMA! PAPA!" Elsa cried as she held her sister close.

Suddenly hearing a noise, she looked up, seeing Smaug growling and looking around, wondering where the girls were. Then he stopped and slowly turned his head and saw Elsa holding Anna in her arms as Elsa was staring with tear filled eyes at Smaug. He glared at Elsa as he came towards the two girls slowly baring his teeth, his chest glowing, his eyes narrowing in rage.

But suddenly there was a sound of a huge "TWAN" Smaug turned then "BANG" hit across Smaugs face, then fell down. He looked down at what it was... a black arrow. Smaug turned glaring at the person who had fired the shot. Girion, Lord of Dale was on a huge crossbow on a wagon glaring at the dragon with men behind him with their long bows at the ready.

"Leave the children alone Dragon!" Girion boomed.

"YOU SHALL BURN!" Smaug roared as he was about to breathe fire but Girion shot another black arrow, making the dragon almost fall sideways under the impact, although none of the deadly projectiles penetrated his flesh. Elsa watched, amazed as she still held her sister close. She the felt a hand on her shoulder, she gasped and turned to see her father.

"Papa!" Elsa cried.

"Come on, quick Elsa give me Anna," the King said as Elsa gave Anna to her father and then he grabbed Elsa as he mounted his horse with his children, racing off into the night.

As for Smaug, he saw an ice trail as he saw a man taking the two children away from the mountain, he was about to go after them but another black arrow hit Smaug as he growled in fury, making a fire wall in front of Girion. As Smaug spread his wings flying towards Dale were he thought the man was heading with the two girls.

# # #

The king made it to the castle, as the queen ran out to meet him, seeing the king carrying the girls in his arms. She took Anna who had still not awoken, the queen looked Anna over, and as she did she gasped.

"She is ice cold," the queen said.

"Elsa," said her father. "What happened?"

"I did not mean it, honest," Elsa said tearfully. "We were getting away from the dragon but when I saw Anna falling, I could not get to her and I accidentally hit her with my magic on her head! I didn't mean it! Am I in trouble?"

"Of course not," The king told her softly. "But you two knew better than to go to that mountain,"

"I know," Elsa whispered sadly.

"We must take Anna to the trolls," the King said as he turned to his queen. "They can help us,"

"NO ONE IS GOING ANYWHERE!" a voice boomed.

Every one turned as they saw Smaug as he landed upon the towers of the gates, claws ripping at the roof tiles, the structure groaning under his weight; his growl ripped across the night like thunder as the dragon glared down at the royal family.

"I should have known that it was the family of Arendell, to scheme this plan with those miserable dwarves, AND TO STEAL MY GOLD!" Smaug bellowed.

"We want nothing of yours beast," the Queen cried, shielding Anna close to her chest as she still held her youngest daughter in her arms.

"You humans are no better than the dwarves," Smaug growled irritably. "Give me the snow-girl, and maybe I'll consider letting your kingdom live,"

"She is not yours to take," the king shouted.

Elsa held her father's leg in fear as her father put a protective hand onto his eldest daughter. Smaug growled angry as he then lifted his head and chest.

"So be it then," Smaug boomed as he took in a deep breath, and with a roar unleashed his fire. Every one screamed as they turned and ducked away from the flames, but then something blocked the fire. Elsa peeked her eyes open to see a bright pink light, she stared in amazement to see a woman with red hair, and pink flowing dress, with a purple band around her forehead, and held a red glowing rose and her eyes glowed pink as well. With but a wave of her hand, she turned the flames into naught but air. Smaug roared angrily that this fable creature blocked his way.

"Leave now Smaug," the woman cried in a powerful and unusual voice that sounded high but low at the same time, reverberating with power. "Leave Arendell, now. You have no right to hurt these people, and this barer will protect this kingdom until the spell is broken," she then threw the rose in the air making it explode like a firework, and from the light a sphere arced over making a shield over the castle. Smaug was physically pushed by the magic, sending him from the tower to fall to the ground. He got up, shaking his head and roaring as he breathed fire but the force field was blocking his attacks. Everyone in the kingdom cheered, knowing they were safe. Elsa hugged her father as the king held his daughter, watching the dragon breath fire onto the shield in outrage, before quickly cutting it off and ramming his shoulders into the wall, but quickly found that he could not break through the wall that the spectral woman had created. The woman looked down at the King and Queen as she they stared at her, amazed.

"Go now while you have the chance," The woman spoke. "Take your daughters to the trolls,"

The king nodded as he and his wife went to the back of the castle to get to the trolls.

# # #

The King and Queen raced to the trolls as quickly as possible, hoping that the dragon had not followed them. But really Smaug was too busy trying to destroy the shield that the woman created. They finally made it; it was a warm spot in the hot springs down south in Arendell. The king and queen dismounted their horses as they took their children with them.

"Please!" the king called out. "I need your help, my daughter is hurt,"

Suddenly, there were medium sized rocks rolling towards them as Elsa stood between her mother and father, looking at them fearfully. The small sized rocks morphed and became small little trolls. They all whispered and murmured amongst themselves, knowing it was the king, then there was a bigger rock rolling towards the king as it transformed into a troll, looking up at the king.

"Your majesty," the leader troll bowed as he walked towards them. The king and queen kneeled down as they showed an unconscious Anna to the shaman troll.

"Cursed or born with the ice powers?" the leader troll asked, indicating Elsa.

"Born," the king answered quickly.

The Troll felt Anna's head as he felt the magic that Elsa had created.

"You're lucky it was not the heart," The Leader explained. "The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded,"

"Do what you must," the king said desperately.

The leader troll nodded his head at the king as he made images of Anna and Elsa playing together, before changing the images. "I will wipe the memoires away of any source of magic from Elsa, but I will keep the fun with her,"

After that he finally healed Anna's head, and she was warm and breathing well once again. As the queen held Anna close, she smiled, happy that everything was fine now.

"But she won't remember I have powers?" Elsa asked in a small voice.

"It's for the best," her father said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Listen to me Elsa," The shaman troll explained softly. "Your power will only grow," with a wave of his hand, the troll created an image of Elsa as an adult as she was creating winter and magic as people were smiling and the children were laughing, seeing how wonderful her magic was as Elsa's adult image made a huge giant snowflake. "There is beauty in it, but also great danger," after that, the snowflake turned red and Elsa watched in fear. "You must learn to control it, fear will be your enemy," the troll then showed an image of a dark figure, laughing evilly over Elsa as the people around her went against her. Elsa gasped as she hid in her father's arms.

"No. We will protect her," the king said defiantly. "She will control it, I'm sure,"

"She may be unable to control it unless… when Fire and Ice collides, balance will be restored," the troll explained as he made another image of Elsa as blue and a dragon as red combing their powers creating a swirl.

"I have to fight against the dragon?" Elsa asked fearfully.

"If you do," her father explained. "We will be ready,"

# # #

After that, Elsa and her family came home, and saw that the dragon has been circling around the castle for quite some time, and had destroyed Dale in his anger, turning it into a ruin. Ever since Smaug had appeared, he never gave up trying to find the snow-girl. Every day Elsa watched the dragon fly by, thinking that they would come out and he could strike, but Elsa was isolated in her room until the time of which the troll spoke came. She looked out the window to see Smaug perched on a cliff, and even though he was quite some distance away, he still looked straight at her, glaring. Elsa watched the dragon, scared, as she knew this was never going to end.

And this is where out story begins.

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