invisible scars

Chapter 10 New evidence

Chapter 10

New evidence.

"Please, have a seat detective Harper." Callie gestured for the female officer to sit down by her desk while she got comfortable in her own ergonomically suited office chair. "What can I do for you?"

Harper took her hat off. "Please, call me Karen." she crossed her long legs. "We've got some information on the case." an audible sigh spread across the room before continuing. "We checked Kevin's father, George's phone records to see if he was telling the truth about not being in contact with his son. We found new evidence indicating that he was lying. He had almost daily contact with his son up until about three years ago, after that there was one maybe two calls a week between the two." She fiddled with the police hat in her hands. "George is also still a heavy smoker so that could explain the smell of cigarettes. Kevin's apartment that was cleaned out and empty has apparently been vacant for about three years."

Callie raised her eyebrows, seeing some kind of pattern in the detectives story.

Karen continued. "The timeframe matches the time the phone calls decreased significantly and the time Kevin left his apartment. At the mokent it looks like Kevin's dad was an accomplice or the other way around. A search warrant for George's premises are in the works as we speak, hopefully we will find something of use if we are successful with getting the warrant."

The Latina sighed, leaned back in her chair and ran her fingers through her hair. "Wow, this is going to take some time to digest and I can't even imagine how Arizona is going to take this." Callie looked up at Karen. "Do you want me to pass the news on to her?"

The detective took a deep breath. "Well... She seems comfortable around you and she knows you better so I think it would be easier to hear it from you rather than me." Her cellphone rang. "Excuse me, Dr." Her iPhone 5 vibrated in her pocket. "Harper. Yes, yes, that's correct. I'm on it captain. Thank you sir." She quickly stood up. "Looks like we were lucky with the warrant. I'll keep you informed. Thank you Dr Torres."

Arizona was having a nap but woke up immediately as the doctor entred. Sleepy eyes and toussled hair from her slumber made her look almost like a little girl. Callie thought it was the most adorable and precious sight she had ever seen and she hoped she would see many more of them in the future.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. Did you sleep okay?"

The blonde suppressed a yawn and just shrugged. Callie knew all this was taking its toll on Arizona. Not being able to move around, incapable of doing simple things by herself and most of all, being alone in a hospital room with nothing else to do but think and letting your thoughts run wild. She wished she could spend more time with her but being a doctor and a top surgeon made it almost impossible. Callie didn't bother pulling out the chair. Sitting down on the bed she offered the blond a slight smile.

She told Arizona everything she had learned just a few minutes ago. The expression on the smaller woman's face never changed and that worried Callie. It was like she wasn't listening or not being able to absorb the things Callie was saying. The brunette studied her face with concern. There was no emoion, no feeling displayed on the beautiful features. Nothing. Callie gently placed a hand on Arizona's shoulder, trying to get the woman's attention.

"Arizona, are you okay?" Nothing. "Arizona, sweetie. Look at me. Look at me!" She forced the blonde to focus on her by placing the hand, that was previously on her shoulder, on her pale cheek. "What are you feeling? What are you thinking, Arizona? Tell me what's going on in that head of yours."

A flicker of something suddenly appeared in blue eyes. Callie couldn't put a word onto the emotion she just saw. It went away as sudden as it came and Callie was again faced with an empty expression. "Arizona!? Please, talk to me, honey. What's going on?"

Finally she got a reaction. Tired eyes fluttered before they settled on Callie's warm, concerned eyes. Arizona opened her mouth, trying to say something but her tight throat was restricting her. Barely a whisper seeped through dry lips. "Why?"

Callie wasn't sure she heard what Arizona had just said. It was a question. A short question. A simple yes or no question that should require a simple yes or no answer but there were no answeres. Not to this one. This question was unanswerable. All Callie could do was try to make Arizona understand that what happened to her was not her fault and that things could only get better from now on. "Why me, Callie? What did I do wrong to end up here?"

Callie's head snapped up and two large hands grabbed a firm hold on each side of Arizona's face. "Now you listen to me! There was nothing you did or didn't do to put you here. What happened to you was not your fault. You had no control over what happened to you and..."

Arizona was about to interrupt but Callie cut her off. "... Stop it, Arizona. He is the one to blame here, not you. You didn't do anything wrong. He did. He took so much from you, Arizona. Try not to make him take your future too."

The small blonde released a breath she didn't realize she was holding, her eyes were stinging from un-shed tears and her body began to tremble. She fought to get needed air into her lungs but was only rewarded with an animalistic sound coming from deep within her chest. A low rumble and a hungry wheezing noise slipped through. With great difficulty Arizona managed to inhale once before her body involuntarily repeated the process. Callie let her hands drop from the beautiful face and placed them on shivering shoulders.

"Its okay, sweetie. You're gonna be okay." Callie wasn't a counselor or a psychotherapist by she knew and could tell the signs of a panic attack. "You're having a panic attack, Arizona. Its okay, it will pass. Its only temporary, you're here with me and you're safe." The blonde was struggling to keep calm. Teary eyes locked intensely with brown, pleading for help. Callie wiped at the damp cheeks as the tears fell and brushed a soothing hand across Arizona's forehead.

"I know, sweetie, I know. It will pass in a minute. Try to breath with me okay. Slow deep breaths. In for four and out for four." They breathed together and Callie counted. A couple of minutes passed and the worst was over. Now only pitiful sniffles echoed through the room and occasional hiccups. Arizona was still trembling but the storm was calming. Callie couldn't stand the look of helplessness on the blonde's face and engulfed her in a tight embrace.

"You're okay, honey. You're okay." She rubbed soothing circles on the quivering back and made shushing noises to calm the aftermath. This was only the start on a road of a long recovery and Callie knew it was not going to be easy. Everything and anything could trigger a response like this. A touch, a smell, anything and she knew she couldn't be around for every episode. It broke her heart to see this woman break in her arms and she wanted to do everything in her power to help her sooth the pain.

Callie pulled back a little but was stopped by Arizona's desperate clutching grasp. "I'm not gonna let go, I just want to make sure you're okay. Could you please look at me, sweetie." Callie could tell by the look of Arizona's eyes that she was exhausted from the emotional battle. She felt the woman sink into her arms once again and the body went almost limp. "Just rest for awhile. I'll be right here." She helped the sleepy woman lay down but stayed close by on the bed. Her shift was over but her head was still in working mode.

Countless thoughts were running through her head of what she could do to help this woman. First thing in the morning she made plans to go to the psych ward and find Arizona the best counselor for a consult and maybe bring some stuff for Arizona to keep herself busy with. Magazines, more crosswords, her portable DVD player and some DVDs. All the comedies she could find and maybe some documentaries. Anything to keep Arizona from thinking too much about what happened to her and what might happen in the future. Callie also made a promise to herself to try and visit Arizona more often. She tried to visit every minute she had free but there were times she could make more of an effort. How am I gonna get pass Bailey? Well, it's not like I'm doing anything illegal. Just being a friend when she needs one.

Callie looked down at the now sleeping woman. A stray tear had been neglected and was resting on a flushed cheek and it glistened in the dim light. The Latina gently brushed it away with the pad of her thumb, leaving a damp mark in its wake. Tomorrow would bring a new day for Arizona and Callie wanted to be the first thing she saw when she woke up. It was important to Callie that the blonde could trust her and that she wouldn't let her down no matter what obstacles they might come across. She had to help this woman and be there for her. She wanted to be the person Arizona could depend and rely on. The connection and the pull she felt for this young blonde was frightening but yet thrilling and new. She knew, now, that nothing could make her stay away and if Bailey had a problem she was just gonna have to suck it up.

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