invisible scars

Chapter 12 Stranger Danger

Chapter 12

Stranger Danger

Dr Torres groaned as she turned over in her warm comfortable king size bed. A beeping noise had woken her up and she realized it was her pager going off. Reaching out with her left hand she fumbled around until she found the vibrating device laying on the nightstand. Opening one eye she glanced at the screen. It took her a couple of seconds before she registered that it was an emergency page from Dr Kepner. That could only mean one thing.


She almost flew out of bed, ran to the bathroom, did her business and pulled on a pair of jeans and a top. She ran the full two blocks to the hospital. Taking a taxi would be pointless since it was in the middle of the night and no taxis were currently nowhere to be seen. It would just be a waste of time.

The brunette didn't even wait for the elevator to take her to Arizona's floor. Taking the stairs would be faster. As she got closer to her destination, a feeling of dread came over her. She heard loud voices and as she quickly approached the door she saw the security guard and April in a heated discussion.

"What happened? What's going on? Is Arizona okay?" Callie was frantic.

April turned towards Torres, her face red from anger. "Jane Doe was left unattended for about five minutes while officer 'useless' here, went to the bathroom without telling anyone and while she was gone a man showed up and our patient is now extremely agitated and scared. The hospital security is on their way."

Callie turned to the female officer, anger burning in her yes. "You are fired." Before the woman could defend herself Callie continued. "You have no idea what pain you've just brought on this patient. You do not leave your post unattended, even if it's jut for a couple of seconds, and not tell anyone about it. What the fuck do they teach you in the academy?"

The Latina was shouting at this stage and had to remind herself that it was way past midnight and patients were asleep, or trying to sleep, and not to mention Arizona who was probably petrified and didn't need to hear any screaming and shouting. Stepping as close to the officer as she could, she burrowed her eyes into her. "Get out." Her tone was cold and stoic.

The uniformed officer practically ran down the corridor without looking back.

"I'll handle the security Dr Torres. You just tent to your patient and let me know if there is anything you need." Dr Kepner kept her professionalism.

Placing a hand on the younger woman's arm Callie sighed. "Thank you April."

Arizona was struggling to calm her breathing. Her face was flushed and sweaty and her body shaking. As soon as she saw Callie quickly making her way towards her, she broke. Sobs tore from her chest and she cold hardly get any air into her lungs at all. Callie knew she had to try and calm her down before she made herself sick or even faint.

In a swift manner Callie adjusted the top part of the hospital bed so that the sobbing blond was half sitting. She hoped she could make it easier for her to breath by doing so. Without thinking about what was appropriate or not, Callie got in behind Arizona so that the smaller woman was sitting between her legs and resting her upper body on her chest.

"Arizona, I want you to listen to me, sweetie. I want you to breath with me, okay. Feel my chest raise and fall. Come on, honey you can do this. In and out slowly." Callie was holding onto ice cold hands as her arms were circled around the shaking form. A minute or so passed without any change and Callie was beginning to think they would have to sedate her but she decided to give it some more time.

"Sweetheart, it's okay." Her voice was so calm and soothing. Almost velvety like. "Everything is all right. You are safe now, I'm here and I'm not leaving. I'm staying right here with you. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, sweetie. You're safe."

She was resting her chin on Arizona's shoulder. Rocking them both side to side, talking softly into the nearby ear. Sobs turned into sniffles and her breathing became more even. Opening her mouth she tried to speak but only a wheeze slipped out between dry cracked lips. Callie knew Arizona was trying to say something but her body was not ready to cooperate.

"Shhh, sweetie. Take your time. Just wait until you're ready. Its okay. Its okay."

About two minutes passed while the two women were locked in an embrace, that could not have been separated even with force. It was silent around them. Only mumbling sounds from Dr Kepner and the security guards were streaming through the hallway outside. Arizona suddenly spoke up. Her voice barely a whisper.

"I... It was hi... him." To Arizona it took almost all her power to utter those words.

Callie stopped the rocking motion. "Him? As in... Kevin? Kevin was here?" Too tired to verbally answer, the blonde nodded against the strong chest behind her. Quickly but smoothly, as not to frighten the woman further, Callie started to untangle herself from the exhausted body.

A strong grip held her in place. "Don't go, please." It sounded like a plea. The brunette gracefully got up and took Arizona's face between her hands, looking straight into teary eyes.

"I'm not leaving you, honey. I just have to inform Dr Kepner and hospital security about what you just told me, okay. I'm just walking to the doorway, you'll see me the whole time. I'll be back by your side in less than a minute, okay."

Arizona nodded. "O...okay." To Callie she sounded like a frightened little girl.

When she reached the doorway she saw April talking to two uniforms. Quietly he called them all over. "It was Kevin. He was here. There is a chance he might still be in the building. I suggest a full lock down. April, call detective Harper and let her know what's going on. This bastard is not going anywhere."

Dr Kepner and the security quickly starting to attend to the situation while Callie once again approached Arizona's bed. "The police are on their way and the hospital is on full lock down. If he's still in the building they will get him. Nobody will be able to get in or out of this hospital. I'll stay right here with you until the situation is cleared up, okay. I'm not leaving you, sweetie."

She took small hands in hers. "I'm not leaving."

Once again Arizona started to cry, but they were different tears this time. It was tears of relief, exhaustion and helplessness. Callie was fighting her own tears but blinked them away before the blonde would notice. She sat down and again enveloped the frail form into her arms.

"Oh, sweetheart. Its okay to cry. Just let it out. Let it all out. I'm right here, sweetie. I'm right here." Once more she began the rocking motion and within a few minutes Arizona was fast asleep, still holding on to the only person she trusted. Calliope Torres.

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