invisible scars

Chapter 13 On The Mend

Chapter 13

On The Mend

Callie didn't leave Arizona's side until she knew it would be safe to do so. Twenty minutes had passed and she couldn't stop pacing back and forth in the darkish room. The blonde was still sleeping, tearmarks still fresh on her cheeks. Callie let her gaze wander over the beautiful face and thought how unfair and cruel the woman had been treated. She also couldn't stop thinking about what Arizona was like before all this happened. Was she a happy person? Did she have a lot of friends in school growing up? What did she like to do on her spare time? Favorite colour? All these little things Callie wanted to know about this intriguing woman.

Would she ever be the same again? Will she ever be that person she was before all this? Could Callie help her work through her traumatic ordeal?

The brunette stopped her pacing, looked at the sleeping blonde once again and promised herself, right there and then, that she was going to try to help Arizona in any way possible. Anything she could do to make it a bit more bearable for Arizona she swore that she would do so. It would be impossible not to.

"Pst, Torres!" Kepner was trying to be quiet as she stood in the doorway asking for the brunettes attention. Callie approached with swift strides. She was eager to find out what was going on.

April smiled. "They got him and his father. He was wearing scrubs so he wouldn't attract too much attention. He was tying to sneak out at the back where the laundry is held and his dad was waiting outside in his car. It looks like they were both in on it. They're taking them both down to the station now."

Torres let out a sigh of relief as she felt her whole body release its tension and anger. This was great news and a big step towards Arizona's recovery. Just knowing that the bastard had been found and caught would hopefully help the blonde feel somewhat safe and more comfortable moving forward with her life.

"Thanks, April. I'm gonna hang around cause I promise Arizona I would be here when she wakes up so if you wanna head home that's okay."

The redhead smiled. "That's okay. I'm almost finished my shift anyway." April started to turn around but stopped herself. "I know that this is not my place but... I think that Arizona is very lucky to have you as her doctor... and friend. I can tell that you really care for her and it's nice to see that. I know that she care and likes you too." April could feel her face go red and decided to change the subject and retreat from the situation.

"I'm... eh, I'm gonna go and finish my rounds. I'll see you later, Dr Torres."

Watching April leave she realised a smile had taken over her stoic face. She took a seat next to Arizona's bed, her eyes never leaving the blonde. At least one good thing happened today. They finally caught the son of a bitch who did this to Arizona and tomorrow she was having scans done on her knee and Callie had a good feeling about it. Hopefully everything looked good and soon Arizona could start physiotherapy.

Brown eyes glazed over and Callie fell into a peaceful slumber.

Callie took a deep breath and stretched. Her body protesting and various bones cracking as she shifted. Her eyes popped open, the sensation of someone staring at her got too intense. Dr Torres met sleepy blue eyes. Sitting up straight she ran her hands over her face to try and rub some sleep off. "Hi. Good morning. How did you sleep?"

Arizona was slightly taken back by the beauty Callie possessed. She had been awake for a few minutes and took the liberty of watching the stunning surgeon sleep. It was hard to take your eyes off Callie. Even in a sleeping state with her mouth slightly open Arizona thought it was the most precious thing she had ever seen. She felt blessed to have Callie in her life.

Arizona didn't get a chance to answer before Callie spoke again. "They caught him, Arizona. They took him down to the station, with his father, and with everything they've got against them I can promise you that you will never have to see any of the two again."

Callie watched as Arizona closed her eyes, letting the information kick in. She could see the relief washing over the petite body and all Callie wanted to do was hug her close. She was shocked however when Arizona slightly opened her arms towards Callie, asking her for a hug instead.

The Latina didn't think twice. She got up from the uncomfortable chair, sat down on the edge of the bed and engulfed Arizona in a tight embrace. "Its okay now. You're safe and they can't hurt you anymore."

She felt Arizona's body relax into her own as she spoke. Those were words that Arizona probably had waited years for to hear, and now, hearing someone actually say them made it all too real. She didn't know what to feel. Of course she was relieved by knowing that they would be behind bars probably for the rest of their life's, but she also felt kind of empty and numb, or both. She felt strange. Maybe it was just going to take some time for the news to sink in. Maybe she was in some kind of shock.

Arizona hugged Callie tightly to her, feeling the brunette's heartbeat against her own chest. They were beating as one, a perfect rhythm of beats. It sounded like one heart coming from two separate bodies.

"Thank you, Callie. For everything. I don't know what or where I would be if it wasn't for you. You saved me and I can't thank you enough for that."

Torres felt moved by Arizona's words and didn't really know what to say. She was just doing her job, or at least that's how it started. Now, it was so much more than that. Just doing her job could no longer explain the feelings she had for Arizona. She knew she was falling for her and she didn't like it because it would be unethical, but she didn't, or couldn't fight it either so she just went with it.

"I'm just glad I could help and that I'm here now and I'm also glad that you're letting me be here and help you along the way. It mean a lot and that beats all the 'thank you's' you can give me."

Arizona was amazed how right it felt to hold and to be held in Callie's strong and secure arms. What had she done to deserve Callie's affections and trust? Was this all a dream just waiting to end? All this was too good to be true and Arizona had learned through the years not to take anything for granted, not to get your hopes up and do not, by any means, trust anybody. Why did everything feel so different with Callie around? Good things never lasts, right?

Callie broke the contact and brushed a lock of hair out of Arizona's face. "Are you ready to get some scans done? See how everything is going inside that knee of yours. I have a good feeling that we're right on track but I can't be sure until we get in there and look at your pretty bones."

Arizona scrunched up her face. "Bones aren't pretty."

Callie smiled. "Well, maybe not for you but for an orthopaedic surgeon the structure of a bone is like a piece of art." She gave the blonde a wink. "Besides, I bet all your bones are pretty because they're inside a pretty package." Torres shocked herself slightly by her openly flirtatious manner but didn't regret it when she saw Arizona blush. "Come on, let's wheel you out of here."

The small blonde was placed in a wheelchair and Callie pushed her down the hall towards the X-Ray department, making it a quick trip since Arizona was a bit skittish around people, especially men.

The scans were done quickly and efficiently. Callie was right, everything looked good and healing nicely. It was good news for Arizona and it put a smile on the younger woman's face. The Latina was just about to wheel her back into her room when an idea popped into her head and she headed for another direction.

"Hey, my room is the other way." Arizona stated.

Callie chuckled. "You're right but I thought since we're here I want to show you something." She stopped and walked in front of the blonde, leaning down so she could look into her eyes. "Do you trust me?"

Arizona was lost for words. The way Callie always asked if it was okay to do something or asking her to trust her was something she was going to have to get use to. She bobbed her head.

"Okay. Its not far." The brunette turned and ended up in a more quiet area of the hospital. There was a trollie outside a room with bed linen and blankets on it. She grabbed a woollen blanket and wrapped Arizona in it. "Don't worry. I'm not gonna let you freeze to death."

The blonde was slightly taken aback when Callie finally opened a heavy door and a cold gust of wind hit them both in the face. They were on a rooftop high above the ground. The view was amazing. You could see the marina, boats coming and going, seagulls flying high above them and the clear white clouds looked like soft cushions from where they were standing.

"I come here now and then. When I've had a difficult surgery or lost a patient. It helps to clear my head and it reminds me that life goes on even though everything feels like shit and you see no point or reason in what you're doing or experiencing. It helps to know that whatever happens inside of this building, life still goes on on the outside."

Arizona closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The cool air filled her lungs and the faint smell of the salty sea passed through her nostrils. When she opened them she was faced with brown eyes looking at her wearily.

"You okay?" Callie thought that maybe she had done something wrong or something Arizona wasn't ready for but was relieved to see a small smile creeping up her face.

"Its beautiful, Callie. Its... Its..." She didn't know what to say. Callie had just shared something special about herself and Arizona felt privileged to be apart of it and honoured that Callie trusted her enough to show her this place. It might be just a rooftop but to Arizona it ment so much more. "Thank you."

Callie watched as blue eyes filled up with tears but she knew instantly that they were good tears. She simply placed her palm on Arizona's now chilled cheek and smiled, feeling tear building up in her own eyes. "You're welcome."

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