invisible scars

Chapter 14 so what happens now

Chapter 14

So What Happens Now?

Two weeks had passed and Arizona had already started physiotherapy. Her knee was healing nicely and was now only wrapped in a tight bandage with a knee support surrounding it. She had also seen her therapist several times and was doing better. She knew I was going to take time before she no longer woke up sweaty and screaming for nightmares but it was a good start and she was quite proud of herself.

Callie was even more proud and it was endearing how many times the brunette kept telling Arizona how proud she was. And hearing that coming from Callie helped the blonde along the way to a mental and emotional recovery. Arizona had been updated about her abductors and knew they both were serving a life sentence and that's all she needs to know. That's all she wanted to know.

The day that Arizona had feared had now come, and way too fast for her liking. It was time to be sprung and Callie was nowhere to be found. The only person Arizona trusted wasn't here ad she had no idea of where to go or what happens now. April name running into the room cheeks flushed and out of breath.

"Callie is on her way, she was held up in traffic coming back from a conference. She'll be here in twenty minutes." The redhead looked at Arizona's panicked expression and sat down next to her on the bed. The blonde had no clothes to wear so she had been given a pair of light blue scrubs. "I'll wait with you until she gets here."

There was a slight awkward silence between them before April broke it. "So... Eh, I bet you're happy to get out of this place? Being in a hospital for so long is not very good for your mental health. Eventually you start seeing everything in medical terms and even asks the staff in the cafeteria for a scalpel and suction when all you want is a knife and a napkin." She chuckled at her own joke, trying to make the blonde smile.

Arizona hadn't even heard anything of what April had just said. She was relieved that Callie was on her way but she was also annoyed with herself that she was so dependent on her doctor. During normal circumstances anyone would be happy to get out of a hospital after spending week after week inside the same four walls. But these were not normal circumstances, were they? If they were Arizona would already be out the door, skipping down the road, going home to her own place and get on with her life. But Arizona wasn't happy, she wasn't skipping down the road and she had no home to go to. Where would she stay and how would she survive? She had no clothes, no belongings and no money. This hospital had been her home for the past few weeks and Callie had become her best friend.

She hadn't even been outside yet, apart from that day on the rooftop. How would she manage out on the streets on her own? Streets full of people and strangers everywhere. She could barely cope with being down in the cafeteria for too long. It made her uncomfortable and scared by being amongst so many people at once. She felt like they were all looking at her and knew her story and who she was. She knew, however, that she was just being paranoid but she couldn't help it and the feeling grew stronger by the second.

April was still making small talk. Arizona could see her lips moving but her words were falling on deaf ears. The blonde was trapped in a bubble. Everything going on around her happened in slow motion, like she was watching everyone and everything from a different place, almost in someone else's body.

"I'm here! The traffic was a nightmare." Torres stepped through the doorway with a pair of crutches and a smile on her flushed face but soon her smile turned into a concerned frown. "What's wrong? Did something happen?" She looked from April to Arizona and back again, trying to read their faces.

Apil stood up. "I was just keeping Arizona company until you got here." Coming closer to Callie she whispered, "I think she's just scared about leaving his place, which is understandable. Talk to you later, Torres." The redhead then turned and gave Arizona an encouraging smile. "Take care Arizona. Its been nice having you here."

Callie grabbed the wheelchair, standing by the wall, as she crossed the room. "You ready to be sprung and get the he'll out of this joint? I'll have to wheel you out... Hospital policy."

Arizona swallowed hard, trying to avoid Callie's stare. The doctor however wasn't fooled so easily. She placed a had on her shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. "You wanna tell me what's bothering you or do you want me to guess? I'm pretty good at guessing and if I were to guess I would say that you're terrified to sit down in that chair and get wheeled through those doors. Am I right?" Her voice was gentle and caring.

Arizona let her eyes flicker over anything but Callie. She knew that if she looked into Callie's concerned stare she would only break down in tears and she didn't want that. Eventually she nodded, not trusting her voice.

Callie stepped in front of her, put two fingers under Arizona's chin and brought her head up so they were both facing each other. "Don't be, Arizona." She almost whispered as she spoke. "I'm not gonna leave you somewhere not knowing if you're gonna be okay. I need you to trust me again, can you do that for me?"

Once again Arizona tried to swallow a big lump forming in her throat but to no good, it was still there, making its presence known. "I..." Her voice broke but she tried again. "Okay."

Smiling down at the beautiful features Callie gently stroked her cheek with her knuckles. "Good. Now get your cute butt into that chair and let's rock and roll." She helped Arizona get down from the bed and into the wheelchair. Callie handed her the crutches to hold while she pushed them both out of the room and down the corridor.

Arizona was nearly trembling with fear. She had no idea of what was going on and where Callie was taking her. As they got to the exit Callie stopped. "I figured I'd bring you out through the emergency exit to avoid the crowd of people. Its way quieter to go out this way and besides my car is just around the corner from here." She reached out her right hand to help Arizona up and get her ready to use the crutches. "Have you ever used crutches before?" Callie asked. The blonde just simply shook her head no. "Okay, it's quite easy. You'll get the hang of it in no time. Just place both crutches about a foot in front of you and then hop forward on you good leg and repeat. I'll be next to you the whole time. I won't let you fall."

Arizona wearily did as she was told and gave it a try. It was easy and as Callie said, she quickly got the hang of it. "Hey, you're a natural on crutches. Maybe you can run a whole marathon on crutches. That would be pretty cool."

The parking lot was very quiet which Arizona was relieved to see. When they reached Callie's red T-Bird they stopped. The brunette gestured with her hands towards the car. "This is my baby. My dad gave it to me on the day I graduated from med school and it was love at first sight."

Arizona smiled slightly and shifted uncomfortably on her crutches. "Its nice." She whispered. "It suits you." As Callie helped her get into the passenger seat Arizona couldn't stop worrying about where they were going. She felt sick to her stomach from the stress and she could feel a headache slowly forming, building up a pressure behind her eyes and ears. "Where are you taking me?"

Callie could tell by the sound of Arizona's voice that she was anxious. She started the car and pulled out. "You're gonna have to trust me, remember. We're actually really close. Its walking distance but on crutches we wouldn't get there until Christmas." Callie chuckled and winked at the blonde. Literally two minutes later the Latina pulled into another parking lot but much smaller and secured. "We're here. Hold on, I'll come around and help you get out."

After getting out of the car Callie slowly led Arizona to a nearby elevator. They got in and Arizona watched as Callie pressed the number four button. The lift went up smoothly, without any noise or bumps. The doors opened and Callie held the doors open so they wouldn't automatically close themselves and hurt the blonde. Callie took a set of keys out from her purse and unlocked a blue door marked '502'.

As the lock clicked and the door swung open, Callie placed a hand on Arizona lower back. "Come on, let's get you inside." They entered, very slowly on Arizona's part, and Callie close and locked the door behind them. Panic shot through Arizona as she heard the noise of a door locking. She has heard that noise so many times when she was in the cellar and hearing it now made the memories flare up.

Callie saw Arizona jump at the sound and saw her panicked expression. "Hey, it's okay. You're safe here."

Blue eyes scanned the hallway they were standing in. Loads of shoes were placed on a shoe rack and a coat hanger full of jackets, coats, hats and scarves was standing in a corner. Arizona let her eyes travel further in. She saw a big open space, which she guessed would be the sitting room, and a kitchen area behind it with various pots and pans hanging from hooks over a beautiful kitchen island.

Arizona frowned and turned to Callie who now had hung her purse up on an available hook on the coat hanger. "Where are we?" She quietly asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

Callie gave her a caring smile. "This is here I live. Well, me and Dr Christina Yang but she's hardly ever here. Always working or staying the night at her boyfriends place so I'm mostly on my own." She gesture for Arizona to come inside. "Come on, I'll show you your room and then you can have a shower. I bet you are dying to have one. You have your own bathroom too so you'll have privacy." Callie walked into the sitting room but stopped when she realized that Arizona wasn't following. She turned and saw the blonde still standing by the front door, looking totally lost. Torres slowly approached her, trying to catch her eyes.

Arizona was stunned. This was Callie's apartment. Callie's place, Callie's home. She was standing inside Callie's home, wearing baggy scrubs, wobbling on a pair of crutches and feeling all out of sorts. She felt her heart speed up several beats and she became slightly light headed. If it wasn't for the support from the crutches she probably would have fallen flat on her face. Her blue eyes caught Callie's brown, shock evident on her face.

"I... I... can't... I..." The words got stuck in her throat and she had to fight to get them out. "I'm... I just... I can't stay here. I mean, I appreciate all this but I can't... I... I just can't..."

Tears rolled down her cheeks and Callie soothingly brushed them away. "Why can't you stay here, sweetie?" She waited patently for Arizona to answer.

Tears kept coming and she was struggling to get her words out. "I just... I can't. Its your place and I just... I can't."

Callie sighed and held Arizona's face between her hands, forcing her to look into her eyes. "Sweetie, yes, this is my place. This is my home and I decide who I want to invite and who I want to stay, and I want you to stay. I want you to treat this place like your own. Come and go as you please, eat anything you want from the fridge and help yourself to anything in the apartment." Callie brushed another round of tears away with the pads of her thumbs before continuing.

"I don't want you to stay in a shelter somewhere. I want you to stay here until you're comfortable enough to decide what you want to do. I want you to know that you can stay here for as long as you need or want. I don't want you to feel like a guest while you're staying here. I mean it! I wouldn't have brought you here otherwise."

Arizona still didn't understand what had just happened. Did Callie just offer her to stay for as long as she needed in her home? Did Callie just tell her to basically move in? She did, didn't she? Still not sure if this was the right thing to do, Arizona kept protesting. "Callie, I... I have nothing to give you. Nothing to offer you. I have no money, not even a single cent, no clothes or shoes, no belongings whatsoever. I've got nothing for you. I can't ask this of you, I just can't... I..."

"Arizona." Callie tucked blonde hair behind Arizona's ears, speaking in a hushed voice. "You didn't ask me for anything. I offered and I am not asking for anything in return. Not now, not ever. I don't want you to worry about clothes or money for now, okay. I've got it covered. What I do want you to worry about is your physiotherapy and that you go to your councillor. That is all am asking. Can you do that for me?"

Unable to answer Arizona covered her face with shaking hands and sobs tore through her chest. She could simple not understand what she had done to deserve Callie's strong friendship and her caring nature.

As she felt Callie's strong arms wrap around her she felt her legs give out. She clung to Callie who easily scooped her up and sat them both down on the soft couch cradling Arizona like a child, wrapping her up in a blanket, stroked her hair and face, murmuring shushing noises until the worst was over. When only sniffles echoed through the room Callie kissed the top of her head in a motherly fashion. "Its okay, sweetie. Everything is gonna be okay. I'm gonna make it all better, you'll see. Just go to sleep now. I'll be right here when you wake up. I won't leave you, I promise."

Once again she kissed the fair tresses and watched as Arizona slowly drifted into an exhausted slumber.

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