invisible scars

Chapter 16 Nightmare

Chapter 16


Callie woke a couple of hours later from a loud noise. She didn't know what it was but it had been loud enough to reach her ears and wake her up. Laying quietly and still for a minute she heard it again but this time it was even louder. It sounded like someone was moving furniture around. Looking at her digital clock it showed 03:34 am. Electricity was back.

Rolling over to her right side she sighed, thinking that Christina once again had gotten herself into a random sporadically mood and felt the urge to redecorate in the middle of the night. It had happened before and Callie couldn't quite understand her significant contrast in her mood and behavior but Christina had always been weird so she didn't mention it or tried not to think much of it. She was just Christina Yang.

Closing her eyes she tried to go back to sleep but the noise made itself present again followed by a crashing sound like glass hit the floor and smashed into a thousand little pieces. Groaning, Callie got up and headed towards Christina's room. Opening the door she was surprised to see that the lights were off and Christina's silouette could be seen laying on the king size bed. Frowning, she closed the door again thinking that maybe it was the neighbor above causing all the racket. She yawned and dragged herself back down the hall to her room. She stopped dead in her tracks with her hand on the door handle when she heard the noise again. It was definitely clearer and louder and it was coming from... Arizona's room.

She didn't think twice about the blonde's privacy before she opened the door. There was enough light from the streetlamps coming in through the window and what Callie saw broke her heart. Arizona was huddled in a corner where her nightstand was but it had fallen over and the bedside lamp had fallen to the floor causing the distinguished noise earlier.

The blonde was still obviously sleeping and not aware of where she was or what she was doing. Callie knew she had to handle this with caution, not to use a loud voice and no physical contact until she was sure that the other woman was coherent. Slowly, she approached she disturbed form trying to keep her voice as gentle as she possibly could. "Arizona, sweetie! Can you hear me?"

The scared blonde placed her arms over her head as if she was trying to protect herself from oncoming blows. "No, please! Please, I'll do anything... Just don't hurt me. Please, stop! It hurts, it hurts! Please, no more." She repeated the last phrase over and over.

Callie felt her own chest hurt as the words were spoken. What had this woman been through? What had she seen and endorsed to make her act out like this in a sleeping state? Did she, herself, want to know? The Latina kneeled down a few feet away from the huddled form to keep her and Arizona safe from any physical altercation.

"Arizona, you're safe!"

"NO, get away, please!" Her cries seemed more desperate and all Callie wanted was to envelope her in a safe embrace but that would only cause more harm than good at this stage. She tried again.

"Arizona, you're safe, you're not there anymore. You're here with me, Callie and you are safe, sweetie. Do you hear me? You're safe. I'm not gonna hurt you. No one is gonna hurt you, baby. Its okay, you're safe... you're safe." If she had to repeat those last words until the day she died than may so be it. All that mattered now was Arizona. Nothing else.

The curled up terrified woman sniffles and continued to shake but her words had stopped. Maybe Callie was getting through? "Sweetie, I know you're hurting but you've got to wake up. Its just me, Callie. Just you and me. Nothing bad is gonna happen to you, I promise. Take my hand."

The brunette tentatively reached out her hand into empty air, waiting for Arizona to take it. "Come on, sweetie. Just take my hand. I'm right here." Her voice was barely a whisper.

She watched as the blonde slowly lifted her head and her eyes searched the dark before they landed to rest on Callie's outstretched hand. Arizona tried to get her breathing under control and she swallowed the tears that seeped through the corner of her lips. They were salty and bitter.


Smiling the taller woman leaned just a small bit closer. "Yeah, it's me. Its okay, you're okay now." The blue eyes scanned the room as if to make sure there was nobody else there that could harm her. Callie was right, it was just the two of them and she was safe. The Latina almost fell to the floor when she was pounced by Arizona's small frame. She gripped desperately onto the back of Callie's t-shirt, almost painfully, her tears soaking through the material and sobs ripped through the night.

"What's the matter with Blondie? Christina showes up in the doorway looking half asleep and her hair all disheveled.

"Christina!" Callie said with a growl. "Could you get a glass of water for her please, then go back to bed."

Yang huffed. "Yes, mom."

Rubbing the quivering back Callie continued to soothe her with gentle words until a glass of cool clear water was placed next to them on the floor. "Eh... can I... get you anything else?" Clearly uncomfortable in situations like these, all Christina wanted to do was to get out of there.

Callie shook her head. "No, we're okay. Thanks Yang." The Asian woman was practically gone before Callie could finish her sentence.

Arizona was still clinging to Callie like a life line. The dream had been so real, too real and it was almost like she could still smell him, feel him and hear him everywhere, invading all her senses. She knew she was safe in Callie's arms but she couldn't shake the terrible images the nightmare had brought up. She involuntarily let out a whimper.

"Shhh, sweetheart. Its okay now. You're okay. You're safe here with me, no one is gonna hurt you, honey. It was just a dream, that's all. Just a bad dream." Callie began a rocking motion from side to side lulling the crying woman into a relaxed state. She helped Arizona drink some of the water and then gently wiped away the tears with her thumbs. The floor was getting uncomfortable for both of them and Callie decided to get up.

"Come on, sweetie. I don't know about you but my butt is going numb." She was glad to see a faint smile on Arizona's lips. They stood up facing each other, Callie holding on to the slightly swaying woman for support. "What would you like to do? Do you wanna watch some tv or a movie? Are you hungry or do you wanna go back to bed? You wanna talk about the dream you just had?"

Callie could see that Arizona was thinking about the options and was still torn between reality and the dream. "I... I don't know I... I'm not..." She couldn't even find the words to form a proper sentence and then she remembered the broken lamp on the floor. "Oh Callie, I'm so sorry about the lamp. I'll replace it somehow, I promise. I'm so sorry."

Callie couldn't believe that she was thinking about the lamp at a time like this. It was only a lamp, totally replaceable but Arizona wasn't. There was only one of her. Taking a shaking hand in hers she looked into blue teary eyes. "Don't you worry about the lamp, sweetie. Its only a lamp, okay? I'll clean it up in the morning." Her attention then fell on Arizona's tightly wrapped leg.

"How is your knee? Did you bump it into anything? Are you in any pain?"

Sniffling Arizona answered. "Its okay, just a bit sore that's all. It's not too bad."

Callie raised her eyebrows in disbelief. She could see straight through her and she knew pain when she saw it. "Uh huh, right, come on." She led Arizona to the couch, sat her down and went to get an ice pack from the freezer. "This is gonna be a bit cold but it will ease the pain and swelling and you'll feel better in a few minutes." The blonde hissed from the freezing sensation but only after a few seconds the cold had taken the edge of the pain away. "Better?" Arizona nodded.

They sat there for about ten minutes, Callie occasionally repositioned the ice pack and held one of Arizona's hands in her own, letting her know she was there and that she was okay. Eventually she could see the blonde head drop and blue eyes tried to remain open. Placing the pack on the table she tugged at the hand she was holding. "Come on, honey. Lets get you back into bed."

Instead of leading Arizona back to her bedroom Callie decided to bring her into her own. She wanted to keep an eye on her and she needed her close by to do that. Or that's what she kept telling herself. The truth was that Callie wanted her close for other, more selfish, reasons as well. The surgeon wanted to feel the physical contact, the proximity and to be able to see the beautiful blonde.

Arizona stopped when they reached Callie's bedside. "Callie, I can't slee..."

Torres hushed her. "It's okay. We'll just sleep. I need to know you're okay and that you get a proper nights rest, okay? Nothing is gonna happen, I promise." She reached out and stroked Arizona's cheek lightly.

The blonde closed her eyes and nodded. "Okay."

Callie lifted the covers and helped Arizona to get in first before walking around to the other side. She laid down on her side facing Arizona. Her hands were on her stomach outside the duvet and Callie gently placed her hand on top. After a few minutes the brunette could tell that Arizona was asleep. Her chest was slowly going up and down with her steady breathing and her face was totally relaxed. When Callie could no longer keep he own eyes open she closed them and into the dark room, in hopes that Arizona might hear her she whispered. "You're safe now."

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