invisible scars


Chapter 2


In that very moment, Callie lifted her eyes from the bright screen on her tablet and met teary blue ones. She immediately regretted letting the officers interrogate her when she was clearly not ready. She barged through the doors, power and intimidation fully present. "That's enough. I'm sorry but I'm going to ask you to leave. I have to think about what's best for my patient. She needs her rest and time to heal. I'll let you know when she is stronger and you can try again but for now, you'll have to work with what you've got." The disappointed look on the officer's faces didn't bother the stoic doctor one bit. Sensing it was not up for discussion, they reluctantly left the room.

Seeing Arizona's painfilled face, she quickly reached for the morphine pump but was stopped by a cold shaky hand. "Please, don't." The voice was barely a whisper but Callie heard it loud and clear. "I don't want to fall asleep." The tall latina stopped dead in her tracks. Blue eyes locked with her brown an suddenly she understood. Arizona was afraid to fall asleep because sleep usually brought us dreams and in Arizona's case, they must be anything but pleasant. But she also knew that having a shattered knee was not pleasant either. Without thinking she pulled the chair, next to he blonde's bed, closer and sat down. The pale hand was still resting on her arm and she gently took it in he own warm elegant ones. This woman was a complete stranger, someone she knew so little about, yet she felt for her. What she felt she couldn't explain but there was definitely something about this woman and she wanted to make sure she was alright and taken care of. Gently, she gave her hand a squeeze.

"I know you're afraid to go to sleep but I know that the pain in your knee must be excruciating and it's my job to make sure you are as comfortable as can be. I promise I'll stay with you for a while. Its okay, it will be okay." Arizona looked down at their joined hands and once again she found herself looking into kind brown orbs. She felt her chin quiver but slowly inhaled, as deep as her body would allow, and nodded. Callie helped her lower the bed so she could rest comfortably and pulled the covers up to cover the frail from.

It only took Arizona a couple of minutes before her eyes fully shut and her hand went limp in the doctors hands. It wasn't long after that brown eyes started to droop and Callie slowly slipped into a light slumber.

Very short chapter, I know. Sorry. I'll do better in the next one.

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