invisible scars

Chapter 21 All The Time You Need

Chapter 21

All The Time You Need

The sun came in through the big window, warming the two women. Arizona was the first to wake. She squinted her eyes against the bright light, turned her head and saw that Callie was still asleep. It was 11.15 am and the blonde was slightly startled that she had slept so long. She breathed in deeply the scent of morning sun, cotton bedsheets and Callie. It made her smile thinking about how safe the latina made her feel and how loved and cared for she was.

Suddenly she realized that she didn't have one single nightmare during the night and how rested and relieved she felt but yet still so tired. She could feel her eyes sting from the bright light and knew that they were probably red and puffy from the previous night. Her headache was still there and she brought her fingers up to massage her temples in small circles. Feeling the bed shift beside her, she gaced over and was met by sleepy brown eyes.

"Hi," Callie spoke in a low voice with a small smile on her pink plump lips. "Sleep okay?" what blonde brought her hands down and started to fidget with the hem of the covers. "Yeah, you?" She tried to avoid eye contact, feeling a bit embarrassed of her puffy eyes.

Callie turned to her side to face Arizona. "Like a baby." The brunette took in the appearance of the tired looking blonde and raised her eyebrows in concern. "What's wrong, sweetie? Did you have a nightmare?"

Arizona tried to smile so Callie wouldn't worry so much but the brunette could see straight through her and knew something was up. She then realized that she had caught Arizona rubbing her temples and the look on her pale face was etched with pain. Callie quickly got up. "I'll be right back, honey."

Arizona frowned and tried to sit up. The pain came shooting through her head like a gun shot and she decided against it. She managed to scoot up slightly to rest her pounding head on the headboard and efore she knew it, Callie was back. She had a big glass of water, a packet of painkillers and a wet face cloth in her hands. "Here you go, sweetie. Take these and drink the whole glass of water. You're probably dehydrated, honey."

Arizona accepted the items being held out to her. The water felt cool and soothing against her burning throat and the latina smiled when Arizona finished all the liquid. She placed the glass on the nightstand, walked around the bed and got back in under the covers. Gently she placed the wet face cloth on Arizona's forehead and brought her in for a warm embrace.

"Just close your eyes and relax, you'll feel better soon, sweetie." Knowing that loud noises were extremely painfull when you had a headache Callie kept talking to a minimum, and when she did say something, she whispered. They stayed in that position for about twenty minutes before the latina found that the blonde had once again fallen asleep. Deciding not to wake her up but to let her rest as long as she could, Callie quietly untangeled herself and got up. Since the weather was so nice Callie thought they could have a picnic in the park close by and she got busy in the kitchen making sandwiches, a pasta salad and chocolate chip muffins. She also made a large flask with hot chocolate, knowing that Arizona had a sweet tooth.

The timing was perfect, cause when she was finished with the hot beverage, Arizona walked sleepily into the kitchen, hair toussled and sleep still in her eyes. Callie thought it was the cutest thing she had ever seen and approached the blonde with a beaming smile, showing off her ivory white teeth.

"Hi, cutie. Did you have a nice rest? How is your headache?" She kissed Arizona's forehead twize before the blonde answered shyly.

"Hi." She blushed. "You were right, I was probably just dehydrated." She covered her mouth with one hand and let out a big yawn. "I feel like I could sleep for a week. Why is that, doctor?"

Callie giggled at Arizona's playful manner and tucked toussled blonde hair behind her ear. "Well, it's your body's way to tell you thatvyou need rest. After what you've been through, the surgeries, the physical therapy, counseling and the nightmares, your body is just trying to tell you that you need to relax and rest as much as possible."

Arizona pouted slightly and Callie fought the urge to kiss her bottom lip. "I've done nothing but relax and sleep since I got out of the hospital. Shouldn't I be rested by now? I feel useless."

Callie gave her a reassuring hug. "You're not useless, honey. We're all different and we all react differently to certain things. Some people heal and recuperate quickly and others don't, it's perfectly normal. Don't worry about, okay?"

The blonde just nodded and turned her head towards the kitchen counter. "What are you up to? Are we having a party or something? Don't tell me it's your birthday and I didn't know about it?"

Callie laughed, picked up a basket and starting to pack the food into it. "No, sweets. It's not my birthday. I thought we could have a little picnic in the park just a few blocks down. It's a nice day and you could use a bit of sunlight on your pretty face."

The brunettes flirtatious manner always made Arizona blush. "Do I look that bad?"

Callie approached her, leaned in and tenderly kissed her lips. "You're always beautiful. Now, come on, get dressed and off we go."

The park was buzzing with activity. A bit too much for Arizona's likings. She was still nervous and jumpy around people and especially big crowds. They sat down on their blanket and dug into their food. Arizona was a bit surprised that Callie had made the muffins from scratch. The latina clearly had many hidden talents and Arizona found herself thinking about what else was hidden underneath that gorgeous exterior. She thought about the previous night and the image of a half naked Calliope popped into her mind. The olive smooth skin, the swell of her breasts and the tight stomach. The thought got her somewhat aroused and a shiver went through her body.

"Are you cold?"

Her thoughts were interrupted by Callie's voice and she realized that she was blushing. "A little." She lied, not wanting Callie to think that the shiver was caused by something else than the chill in the air.

"Come here," Callie said and held her arms out. "I'll keep you warm." Arizona scooted closer and let out a content sigh as she felt strong warm arms wrapping her up. The brunette kissed the fair head that was underneath her chin and gave an affectionate squeeze. "Better?"

Arizona could only nod, not trusting her voice completely. This was a feeling she had never felt before. Safe, cared for and content all at the same time. Is this what it feels like to be with someone you really care about? Is this what it's suppose to be like when you really like somebody? Could this be love? Arizona didn't know. All she knew was that she liked Callie very much and that she was a great person and friend.

But this was more than just friendship, right? Friends don't kiss or cuddle, do they? No, there was something much more deeper than just friendship but Arizona was afraid to admit it, not wanting to get hurt again.

"What's on your mind, sweets?"

Arizona felt Callie's lips brushing against her ear and couldn't help but to tremble again, which only caused Callie to pull her even closer to her body. She liked Callie's pet names for her. It was sweet and considerate, almost adorable but she wondred if she would ever feel ready to say them back to her. Only time would tell.

"Nothing important. Just stuff." The blonde answered, shrugging her shoulders and buried herself deeper into the warm body behind her.

"Stuff can be important too. Wanna share?"

Sighing, the blonde turned in Callie's arms so she could see her face but not making eye contact. "I don't know what to say or what I should feel." She whispered. "Everything is so big and new, I don't know what to make of it all. It's just so... so... I don't know, so..." she let out a breath in frustration fo not being able to form a simple sentence.

Callie tucked blonde hair behind her ear gently. "First of all, you can't put a word like 'should' in front of the word 'feel'. Nobody has the right to tell you what you should or shouldn't feel. Nobody. We're humans and we all have and share the same feelings but we all act and respond to them differently. No one is the same. Do you hear me? No one is the same, sweetie."

Tears leaked out from blue eyes and she was just about to brush them away but Callie beat her to it. "It's okay to cry, sweetheart." Callie tried to look into her eyes but Arizona refused to. Finally the brunette grabbed her chin lightly and made her turn her head. "What did you mean when you said everything is so big and new? What is going through your head?"

Arizona couldn't find the words. Callie's gentle and loving manner was overwhelming and she couldn't speak. Tears kept coming silently but finally she spoke. "Everything is so big." she sniffled. "I mean, the world outside. I was kept inside a room for so long and now when I'm finally free, I can't help but to feel so... so small and... exposed. It's too big, I don't know how to handle it or how to process everything, I don't know how to..."

"Shhhh, sweet girl." Callie sushed and wrapped her up once again into her arms. "It's okay to feel that way. It's totally okay. We'll have to take one day at a time and play things by ear. Im not expectig you to work miracles, sweetie." She felt the small frame trembling from sobs as she spoke and held her tighter. "We'll do everything at your pace, okay? If there's something you're not ready for then tell me, rather me pushing you into something that you don't want or feel comfortable doing. Is that a deal?"

Callie felt the blonde nod against her chest and kissed the top of her head. "Wanna go back home, honey? You could probably do with a nap, you look tired. Come on." Callie pulled away to help Arizona up but the blonde refused to let go.

"Just give me a minute, please." she sobbed and clung to Callie.

The latina sat back, got herself comfortable and held onto the woman she had become to care for so much. "I'll give you all the time you need, sweetie. All the time you need."

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