invisible scars

Chapter 23 More Than Okay

Chapter 23

More Than Okay

"Im so embarrassed." Arizona admitted. They were both still in bed, Callie holding onto the small frame, continuously brushing lazy patterns on the blonde's bare back with her fingertips.

"Don't be, honey. There is no shame in touching yourself and wanting to feel good. It's only human nature and we all do it. God knows I do it. Especially after a rough day at the hospital and all you want and need is to release some of the tension you've built up during the day. Christina does it several times a week and she knows I can hear her but she just doesn't care." Callie laughed. "Heck, she has heard me countless of times and it doesn't really bother us anymore."

Callie kissed Arizona's cheek. "I know a lot of people are not very open about these things but that doesn't mean that they don't masturbate. I think it's important to talk about it to make the shame and embarrassment surrounding these topics to fade. There's no need to be so secretive about it, It's only natural."

Arizona tried to take in everything Callie had said and it made sense, she just had to start thinking like Callie to get over the embarrassment. The blonde decided to change the conversation. "Okay, enough about masturbation, how was your day at work? Did you fix any bones?" She snuggled closer to Callie's warm curvaceous body.

The latina chuckled. "It started of quite uneventful, a broken wrist, sprained ankle and minor dislocations but at around twelve o'clock it started to pick up. We all got paged 911 down to the pit, the emergency area, cause of a multiple car pile up. There was no fatalities, thank god, but I did have to resort to some titanium plates and screws into a woman's right tibia. That was fun."

Arizona looked confused. "Where's your tibia located and how do you find poking and drilling into bones fun?"

Laughing Callie explained. "It feels satisfying to fix something that is broken. I feel the adrenaline rush when I drill and hammer into someone's bones, it's therapeutic, and knowing that the person will be okay and can have, somewhat, of a normal life is fulfilling, It feels good." Turning towards Arizona with a mischievous grin, she said, "and the tibia is the largest bone in your body and it's located right here." Callie playfully launched forward and squeezed Arizona's upper thigh gently, knowing it would send her into a fit of giggles. Hearing the woman next to her laugh felt so good. Arizona's laugh was so contagious and bubbly and Callie had no other choice but to join.

Still laughing and trying to fight Callie's hands off of her she shrieked. "I surrender! Please, Callie, Im gonna pee my pants. Please, stop!" She could hardly contain her laughter as Callie's fingers tickled her everywhere.

Chuckling Callie said, "You're not wearing any pants, sweetie."

Trying to regain her breath the blonde made an attempt to get up. "I'll just have to pee in your bed, then. You give me no choice, Dr Torres."

Quickly Callie withdrew her hands and put on a frightened look on her face. "No, please! Its my turn to surrender. You're free!"

Two adorable dimpes were clearly visible on the blonde's cheeks and Callie thought it was the cutest thing she had ever seen. She couldn't help but to trace a finger over one and then kiss the other. "You are the most precious thing, you know that? Your smile makes me happy and so does your dimples. I love seeing and hearing you laugh." They were laying face to face, Arizona's cheeks flushed from the fit of giggles and slightly out of breath. "I thought you had to go to the bathroom?"

Arizona wiggled her eyebrows. "No, that was just my defence tactics so you would stop tickling me and, as far as I can see, I succeeded."

The surgeon leaned in closer to Arizona, so close she could feel her breath on her face, and kissed pink lips lovingly. The young woman responded quickly, wanting to taste and feel more of Callie's mouth on hers. Tongues circled around each other, teeth clattering and breaths mingling as the kiss grew deeper and more intense. The older woman didn't want to move too fast, even though she was ready to rip the other woman's clothes off, in case she scared her. Instead she let Arizona take the lead in their heated make out session and was relieved when soft moans repeatedly escaped the blonde's throat.

"I want you, Callie." She panted between kisses. "I want you so bad right now but I don't know if I can... you know... I don't think I..."

"Shhhh," Callie quieted her down by another hot and wet kiss. "I know, baby. We'll take it slow and you have all the control. If there's anything you're not comfortable doing just let me know, or if you want to stop just tell me. Im not gonna hurt you, Arizona. I care so much about you and I just want to show you how much. I want to make you feel good, baby, but I don't want to put any pressure on you, I want you to want this. Do you understand me, sweetie?"

Arizona nodded, too emotional to speak. "I need to hear you say it, Arizona. I don't want to feel like I'm taking advantage of you. I need to hear you say 'yes' before we go any further."

"Y... Yes. I want this, I want you. Please, Callie." The blonde was shivering with anticipation and lust. The vision of Arizona laying there, pleading for Callie to continue, made the brunette extremely aroused. She could feel the wetness building in her panties and her nipples became hard as the steady moans kept coming from the woman that was now laying underneath her.

Callie felt Arizona's clumpsy fingers pulling at her top and quickly discarded it herself. Their bodies pressed together, skin touching skin, was the most incredible feeling Arizona had ever felt. It was like warm velvet rubbing against her overheated body. Pulling back slightly, Callie made eye contact. "Can I open your towel, baby? Can I see you?"

Arizona's heart melted at the request. Never had anyone asked her if it was okay to see her naked. Never had anyone asked her if they could undress her or kiss her or touch her. Never. They had just taken what the wanted and never cared for anything else but their own needs. With teary eyes she nodded.

Callie slowly opened the towel and dropped it tobthe floor beside the bed, still keeping eye contact to reassure the blonde that she was still here and not to make her too uncomfortable. She kissed her way down a slender neck and collarbone before moving onto the other side, devouring the soft skin she found there. Arizona moaned and rolled her head to the other side to give the brunette better access. "You're beautiful, baby. So so beautiful." Callie murmured between kisses.

The small woman gasped as she felt a gentle hand on her right breast, pinching her nipple slightly, feeling it turn even harder from the touch. She had never been so turned on before. Her wetness grew from the delicate and delicious torture and arched her back or more pressure. Callie complied by pulling her left nipple into her hot mouth, sucking and licking it with full attention. "You okay, sweetie?" She asked, wanting to know if she could continue with her affections.

Arizona was too emotional and too overwhelmed to speak. She opened her mouth to reply but no coherent words came out. "Ugh,... ummm..."

Takimg that as a yes, Callie gently placed her hand over Arizona's heated wet mound and held it still, wanting the blonde to get use to the feeling of her hand there before she fully touched her. Ever so gently, the latina parted her lips and slid a finger between them, quickly finding the swollen bundle of nerves, and flickered it with her fingertip.

"Baby, you're so wet, so sweet." she mumbled. "You are so precious, sweetheart. I just want to love you, Im not going to hurt you, baby. Do you trust me?" Callie looked into blue teary eyes while she waited for some kind of sign that she could continue. Again, lost for words, Arizona bobbed her head and swallowed.

Callie kissed her way down her tight stomach, dipping her tongue into Arizona's bellybotton which caused the blonde to arch her back even more, begging for attention. The brunette then kissed her upper inner thighs and around her dripping sex, smelling Arizona's sweet arousal as she got closer.

The blonde cried out as she felt Callie's warm wet tongue tracing her swollen lips, circling her clitoris and her soaked opening. "Um, you taste so good, baby." Callie was in heaven, finally she got to touch and kiss the woman she cared so much about in the way she had dreamed of doing for quite a while. It was better than her dreams. Way better, by miles. The taste, the smell, the wetness that was pooling out of her lover was extremely arousing and Callie could feel her own panties getting soaked.

Arizona was breathing heavy, almost out of control but when she felt Callie's hand on her chest she calmed her breaths slightly. Her hips started to rock on their own accord, adding more friction to her clit. She was so close to orgasm but she was holding back, afraid of what would happen. Callie sensed her fear. "Don't hold back, baby. Just come for me, sweetie, come for me. Its okay."

When Callie inserted a finger into Arizona's opening she instantly felt her walls tighten around her fingers. She kept a steady rythm of licking and thrusting and it didn't take long for Arizona to scream out her release, leaving a gush of wetness dripping down Callie's chin and hand, soaking the sheets they layed on. When she finally came down from her high she slumped her limp body into the pillows behind her, trying to steady her breathing and dried her tears that suddenly rolled down her cheeks. She started crying, weeping openly and had no power to stop it. Her fear of not being able to orgasm was now proved to be wrong.

Callie wiped her face, climbed up Arizona's lethe body and held her close, brushing away her salty drops. "Shhhh, baby girl. You're okay, my darling. You're okay." She rocked her like a small child, feeling her heaving chest against her own. "Shhh, baby. Why are you crying? Did I hurt you, honey?" Brown concerned eyes searched blue ones.

Sobbing hard, Arizona tried to speak. "No... No, you didn't... hurt me, I just... I just thought that I wouldn't be able to... you know... Do that, but you made me feel so good and I just... I just... I..."

"Shhh, its okay, sweetheart. You don't have to say anything. We'll just lay here for a while. Just try to calm down, sweetie." Callie continued to hold Arizona as she finally managed to calm her breathing and erratic heartbeat. She was so happy for Arizona, that she had managed to overcome her fear and taken such a big step. It was a huge reliefe for both of them and by accomplishing such an achievement was another great stride in the right direction.

"You okay?" Callie asked after a long silence, stroking blonde hair away from a beautifully blotchy face.

Arizona smiled and sniffled. She was a bit embarrassed for reacting the way she did but when she looked at Callie's face the shyness and embarrassment faded. "Yeah, Im okay." Then it suddenly hit her. Callie was probably waiting for Arizona to return the favour. She was scared and unsure of what to do. She had never made love to another woman before and she didn't know how to make Callie feel as good as she had just made Arizona feel.

Shyly Arizona looked up and faced Callie. "What about you? Um, do you want me to... um, would you like..."

Callie interrupted. "No, baby. Tonight was all about you. We don't have to rush anything, its okay. I just want to hold you for a bit. Is that okay?"

Smiling Arizona snuggled into the warm embrace, making herself comfortable. "Its more than okay, Callie. Its more than okay."

Together they layed in silence, no words were necessary at that moment. Two women sharing the same affections, the same care and the same feelings for each other and was content in the glow by the aftermath of their first time together. They were more than okay.

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