invisible scars

Chapter 25 Ephilog


Four Years Later

"Sofia and Timothy, will you please come inside. Dinner is almost ready and mami will be home soon."

Arizona watched her twins play in the big backyard of their newly purchased house. It was a great buy, close enough to the hospital for Callie and even closer to the daycare centre where Arizona worked. They were close to living the perfect life. It had been a struggle at first, specially for Arizona to open up about her horrible ordeal that took ten years of her life, but after a lot of therapy, trust, care, comittment and love things were now definitely better.

After their marriage, three years ago, they found themselves ready to expand their little family and Arizona wanted to become pregnant. It wasn't that Callie didn't want to carry their child, it just happened to be Arizona who brought up the idea and wanted to experience being pregnant. It had become a big surprise when they found out that they were expecting twins. It was just not one baby anymore, there was going to be two. Double the trouble.

Callie made sure, through the whole pregnancy, that Arizona was looked after. Making sure that she ate healthy, slept comfortably and came with her to every doctor's appointment and scans. Seven months into the pregnancy Arizona had to go on maternity leave. It was a bit early but since she was carrying two babies she was bigger than usual and found it difficult to be on her feet all day long.

When the babies finally arrived, Callie also took some time off work to care for her wife, daughter and son. It was a bit of a mad house at first. Screaming, crying, diaper changing and feeding but they quickly got a hang of it and somehow created a routine that worked really well.

For two months Callie stayed home just to be with her family. It had been a perfect two months full of play, storytelling, singing and laughter. It was so good to see Arizona so happy and content in herself and among others. She was almost a different person now than when Callie first met her. Of course people change with time but Arizona had made such a transformation that to Callie she was close to a different woman. Different but still the same.

It warmed her heart watching Arizona interact with the twins. She was so good at it, call it motherly love and intuition but Callie thought that there was so much more deeper than that. The way Arizona paied attention to small details, how she played with them, how she sang and danced with them. It was a sight for sore eyes and Callie couldn't get enough.

When it came to naming the twins, Arizona didn't hesitate to name the little boy after her own brother Timothy and Callie of course didn't object. She was happy that Arizona found her own way of keeping Tim alive and carried on his name and spirit. Callie thought Sofia would be the perfect name for their daughter to carry on her grandmothers name. They had always been very close to each other and Callie was devastate when she had passed away several years ago.

They were now completely content with their lifes and where they were heading. Of course Arizona still had some bad days now and then but Callie always made sure she was there for her in any way possible. Nightmares were also a big thing even though they had become less frequent over the years. She would have a bad dream on rare occasions, after a stressful day, random triggers or memories. There hadn't been one single nightmare where Callie hadn't been there for her. Holding her, kissing her and telling her how much she loved her and that everything would be okay. And it was. Things were more than okay.

Smiling, she continued to watch them play and turned around when she heard the front door open. Callie came in with a hugevsmile on her face that grew even bigger when she saw her wife.

"Hi, sweetie." she said, walked across the hallway, came up to where Arizona was standing and gave her a big passionate kiss straight on the lips, lingering just a few seconds longer than usually. "How was your day, baby?" she burried her nose in blond locks and inhaled Arizona's scent.

The blonde grinned, showing of her dimples. "It was perfectly fine, thank you. Just enjoyed my day off with the kids. We played in the park, watched a movie and ate McDonald's for lunch. After that I've just been waiting for my incredibly hot, sexy and beautiful wife to come home."

The latina leaned in closer and nibbled on a slender neck. "And did she come?"

Arizona whispered eroticly in a nearby ear, "Not yet, but she will."

The End

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