invisible scars

crashing down

Chapter 3

Crashing down

"Torres, anything new on your patient?"

Callie turned around and stood face to face with Yang. Sighing, she put her hands in her pockets, getting ready for a discussion that Christina still wouldn't listen to or understand. "Dr Yang. My patient is none of your concern." she lowered her voice and stepped a by closer. "I specifically told you not to speak to anyone about this."

Christina held her hands up to defend herself. "Wow, Torres. No need to be so snarky. You told me not to speak to anyone about it and I didn't and I'm not doing so. I'm talking to you, there's a difference." Smiling, she felt proud about the answer she just gave her friend. "Besides, maybe I can help. Does she need heart surgery? A heart valve repair or replacement, a tripple bypass perhaps? How is her heart in general Dr Torres?"

Callie knew exactly what Christina as getting at. "Nice try but her heart is perfectly fine, Yang. If I need your help on this case I'll be sure to let you know."

Frustrated, the Asian woman once again went to look for Dr Hunt.

Callie had an unsettling gnawing feeling in her stomach all day. She knew why and tried to shake it, but it kept coming back again and again. Eventually Arizona was going to wake up and stay awake for longer periods of time. Long enough to get her to ask questions about her parents and brother and, as Callie could see it, it was her responsibility to provide her with answers. How do you tell someone their whole family is gone? Not just gone but dead. Shaking her head she stabbed her fork into a piece of cucumber and shoved it into her mouth.

"You seem like you're very far away, Dr Torres. Need an ear?" Mark Sloan sat down on the chair next to hers, taking a substantial bite from his burger.

"How can you eat that crap and still stay so fit? Its so not fair." Poking her salad around the plate just made it look even more unappealing.

Sloan popped a couple of fries into his mouth and washed it all down with some coke. He leaned back, grinned and gave his perfectly flat and toned stomach a rub.

"Nothing bad ever stays on this beautiful booty, baby. I suppose I'm just lucky that way." He leaned in close to her ear and wiggled his eyebrows. "Wanna see it close up?"

"Don't even go there Mark. Not inerested." Taking a sip of her orange juice she felt her pager vibrate and quickly checked it. Dr Shepherd. No emergency. Probably a consult. "Gotta go. My skills are needed. Try the nurse's station. You might have better luck there."

Dr Shepherd was just checking on Arizona's pupils when Callie walked into the room. "Derek, what's wrong? What happened?" She rushed to his side so she could better assess the situation but was reassured by a strong hand on her arm.

"Everything looks fine, Dr Torres. I just popped in to check for any abnormality and Miss Robbins woke up an asked for you." He turned his full attention towards the blond patient. "It all looks good. Just let me know if you start experiencing headaches, dizziness or blurred vision." He swiftly exited the room.

Callie suddenly felt her heart staring to pound wildly in her chest and her mouth went dry. Shit! Here we go. Just take a deep breath and stop shaking. It's not about you, it's about her. Get your shit together. Licking dry lips she sat down on the plastic chair that she had already spent over an hour you sitting on earlier that day. "Are you okay? Any pain?" A small nod came from the weak woman. Callie immediately rehashed for the pump, knowing that the pain from her injuries were almost unbearable, but was stopped mid air.

Arizona held her hand in a surprisingly strong grip. "I didn't know who to speak to and you being my doctor I just assumed you are the one I should ask." She closed her eyes briefly and opened them again. "Does my family know I'm here? Did you contact them?"

The brunette inhaled and planted a sad smile on her face. She squeezed the slender hand gently and scooted a bit closer. "Arizona, I... I don't know how to say this to make it easier on you. A lot happened while you were..." Fuck, this is hard. "uh, while you were absent." Callie made a small break. "Your parents passed away four years after you went missing. They were involved in a car accident and were killed instantly. They didn't suffer." She was now holding Arizona's hand in both of hers. "I am so sorry."

It was like Arizona didn't understand what Callie had just said. Her expression was blank and so was her mind. "Oh!" was all she could muster. Being away from her parents for so long made it a bit easier for her to comprehend and deal with it. So many years had passed without seeing her family. Without seeing her brother. Timothy! "What about my bother? What about Timothy? Does he know I'm alive?"

Callie wanted nothing more than to tell Arizona that her brother was here and well and waiting just outside the door. They weren't trained for this in med school. They were told to be compassionate and truthful but this was just too much. If Callie felt that this was too much then she could only imagine what Arizona must be going through. "After your parents death your brother, Timothy, joined the army. He served for three years." Even Callie's eyes were starting to fill up. Get a mother fucking grip on yourself. She forced herself to stop crying. "Your brother was killed in battle. Some sort of explotion. His body was never recorded." Even though the Latina tried so hard not to cry and get too involved, she couldn't help the lone tear slowly making its way down her cheek. "I'm so sorry. I wish I had some good news for you." She quickly wiped at her moist skin, annoyed for crying in front of a patient. "Is there anyone you would like me to call. An aunt or uncle perhaps, fiends?"

Arizona was no longer looking at Callie. Her gaze was fixed on the white wall in front of her. It didn't seem real. None of it. It was like she was having an outer body experience and saw herself come crashing down. She felt numb, empty and hollow. All these years she had been thinking about her family. Were they okay? Were they looking for her or had they given up all hope of ever finding her? All these years and they weren't even alive. She also felt robbed. Like someone had taken something from her that could never be replaced. Something so valuable all the money in the world would still not be enough to fill the gaping whole. She didn't feel sadness or sorrow. Just anger and hate. Not until Callie gave her hand a gentle tug did she pull her stinging eyes from the same spot she had been staring at for a couple of minutes now. The tender touch pulled her back to reality.


The soothing voice entered. She was not aware that Callie had asked her a question. She wanted to be alone. Left to herself with her feelings. Try to sort them out and make some sense of it all. She firmly tugged her hand free from Callie's warm comforting ones. "I'd like to be alone, please." She turned her head to the side, away from th doctor, facing the window.

Callie felt like she couldn't and shouldn't leave. Even though they didn't know each other it still felt wrong to leave Arizona all alone. "Its okay, I can stay for a while."

The blonde head shook. "I want to be alone. Leave." Her voice was firm and empty. Respecting her patient wishes she reluctantly left the room.

It was starting to get dark outside. Small raindrops were hitting the thick glass. Outside she heard the buzzing city. Car horns, sirens, tire screech and a faint roll of thunder. Outside the world and lives of other people kept on going like nothing ever happened. Outside was a scary place.

Closing tired eyes she focused on the sounds from outside. Trying to ignore the dull ache in her chest that was now making itself known. She knew she was fighting the impossible. Tears fell freely down pale skin, leaving damp patches on her pillow without her registering it. The pain increased and she could no longer try to contain her breathing. A loud gasp echoed through the room. Air filling starved lungs and the pressure on her chest begging for release. Another gasp followed by a strangled cry, she came crashing down.

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