invisible scars

Chapter 6 bedridden

Chapter 6


Dr Torres scanned the X Rays hanging up on the light board in front of her. Arizona's shattered knee would turn out to be quite a challenge. Callie was confident about the upcoming surgery, she just didn't want to make any mistakes and took her time analyzing, planning and going over different approaches to minimize the pain, physical therapy and prolonged problems in the future. There was quite a bit of scar tissue and bone fragments that would have to be removed. Not to mention all the metal rods and screws that would have to be perfectly placed and aligned to give the blonde the best possible outcome and to regain full function.

But all in all, Dr Torres was very confident.

She's got the best nurses, interns and attendings on her team and the surgery was scheduled for tomorrow morning. Callie had already gone through the procedure with Arizona and the blonde had seemed alright with it all. If she was nervous she wasn't showing it.

The brunette decided to check on her favourite patient before she finished her shift. Again, the blonde was gazing out the window even though it was pitch black outside and she could only see a bit of her own reflection. Callie knew that a shattered knee is a very delicate matter and you had to lay still and not move around to aggravate the joint. Arizona was very limited movement wise and could only lay on her back. She was literally bedridden and would be for another couple of weeks until she could start small and gentle movements of the knee.

Callie cleared her throat as she entered, not wanting to scare her. "Hi. I just wanted to check on you before my shift ends to see how you're doing." The blonde gave her a slight smile, barely enough to notice. "Are you nervous? Do you have any questions you'd like to ask?" Arizona shook her head and turned her attention back to the window. "Do you need anything to help you sleep?" Another shake. Not knowing what else to do or say, Callie started to leave. "Okay, I'll see you in the morning. Try to get some sleep if you can. Let the nurses know if there is anything you need." When she reached the doorway she was stopped by a small voice.


Turning around she was met with blue watery eyes. "Thank you."

No more words were needed in that moment. Callie knew that she really meant it and that she was forever grateful for everything Callie had done for her. The brunette gave her a smile, nodded and headed out the door. Arizona was indeed nervous but she didn't want to let Callie know. There was no need to worry the doctor. She probably had other things on her mind to worry about.

It was pitch black outside. The night was creeping in and the, always so busy corridor, was now quiet except from a faint mumbling coming from the nurses station, fingers typing on a computer keyboard and a weak beeping from the heart monitor next door down the hall. Closing her eyes she knew she was facing a sleepless night.

"Christina, where the hell is my purple blouse? I know I put it here." Callie gestured to the couch, that was now barely visible underneath various piles of clothes, clean and dirty. "How the hell do you find anything in this mess, Yang. It looks like the aftermath of a teenage fratparty in here."

Dr Yang shoved a handful of dry cereal into her mouth. She was not even aware of Callie's shouting as she was too busy watching amusing video clips on 'you tube' on her tablet, laughing. "Oh my God! This guy is just pure stupid. Callie, you have to see this. This guy, or retard, is trying to jump from the roof of a barn onto another roof and, of couse falls, and drops like twelve feet, lands on his shoulder and dislocated it. I mean, that is just plain stupid." Laughing she shoved another handful of cheerios into her gob.

"There should be a law against stupid people roaming the streets, or like a stupidity test available for people who are more exposed to stupid people or are more prone to become stupid in the future." Laughing, she continued on to a similar clip.

Callie had in the meantime found her blouse... All wrinkly. "Damn it, Christina. This was clean and non wrinkled when I neatly folded and hung it over the armrest yesterday. Now it's all dirty and wrinkly looking." She looked over at her roommate expecting an answer or some kind of apology. The Asian woman was too engrossed in her 'bubble of you tube'. Groaning, Callie ran into her bedroom and quickly put on a different top. A brown button shirt. A top that she did not plan on wearing today. Today was the day to wear her favourite and lucky blouse. Today, the day of Arizona's knee surgery.

Heading towards the front door, ready to go to work her friend finally snapped out of her buzz. "Hey, wait for me." Grabbing her purse she approached the Latina, eyeing her up top to bottom. "Your shirt is the colour of poo and there is a stain on your left tit."

Callie clenched her jaw forcefully, trying not to explode. "Move it, Yang!"

Raising her eyebrows in amusement Christina exited their apartment. "Someone is grumpy."

Callie did her usual rounds while her interns were prepping for Arizona's surgery. She hoped the blonde had slept during the night so she would be well rested. A good night's sleep was scientifically proven to speed up the healing process of physical injuries and stress. Walking up to the blonde's bed she could instantly tell that Arizona must have had a sleepless night. There were dark circles under her pale blue eyes and she could tell that she was sensitive to the light. Callie immediately dimmed the light in the ceiling before she approached the woman fully. "Rough night?" She gave Arizona a sympathetic smile. "Are you ready for surgery? I was going to wheel you in now but I can wait for a little while if you want?" Arizona just shrugged. Callie sat down on the side of the bed, keeping her distance, not wanting to make her uncomfortable. "Is there something on your mind that you want to talk about before we go in? Any questions?"

Once again Arizona shrugged. "It's nothing."

Callie knew she was not telling the truth. "It's okay to be nervous. I would be too if..."

"I'm not nervous." Arizona snapped.

Callie held her hands up. "Okay." She knew the blonde didn't mean to sound so short and somewhat rude and decided to let it go. The doctor stood up to leave. "Well, I'll send an intern to get you in a while. See you in a few." She shot the blonde a smile, trying to make her more comfortable and calm. Arizona's focus was not on Callie and the smile went unnoticed.

Callie felt bad for not being able to reach out to Arizona before she went in for surgery and now, here she was, laying on the operating table under anaesthetic just waiting for the brunette to slice into her knee with a ten blade. Sighing, Callie went into work mode, trying to put her personal feelings aside. "Alright, everyone. Let's rock!"

Slowly, muffled sounds and noises made their way into her half conscious state. It was all just a blur and mixtures of sounds that she couldn't place or identify. Faint voices suddenly came through and blue eyes tried to open. It was a struggle. Her eyelids felt like led and she just didn't have the strength to pry them open. Even turning her head to one side was an impossible task to achieve and she slowly found herself drifting off once again, too tired to fight it.

The sounds were stronger, more present, this time. Again, she tried to open her eyes when she heard a voice. "Arizona, can you hear me? It's Dr Kepner. Can you open your eyes?" After what seemed like hours of trying she finally managed to cracks one eye open just enough to see the redhead hovering over her. "The surgery went very well. No complications or worries. Your leg is in a cast from your toes up to your mid thigh. That is because the further up the cast goes the more support your knee gets and it should heal faster."

Arizona had by this stage managed to open both of her eyes and was trying to adjust to the bright light. Her throat was sore and dry and she was feeling quite nauseous. She opened her mouth to ask for some water when she felt the stabbing pain in her knee. Crying out in agony, slender fingers gripped the bed sheets and held on until her knuckles went white. April Kepner was quick to press the morphine pump. "I know it hurts. Give it a minute and the pain will go away."

Arizona breathed through the pain and started to relax when she felt it subside. With the pain almost gone Arizona was once again fighting a losing battle with sleep and found herself drift off in her drug induced state.

Next time she woke up there was a different voice coming from her right. It was darker than Dr Kepner's and more soothing somehow. She realized that is belonged to Callie. A hand was gently placed on her shoulder and it was giving it a light squeeze. "Arizona. Its okay, you're safe here. No one is going to hurt you. Ty to calm down."

Without knowing it Arizona was partly trapped in a nightmare and she felt like someone was holding her down. The dream was pulling her in deeper. She started to struggle, trying to get the person who was pinning her down to get off of her but it was no use. The grip on her shoulder was firm and it wasn't going to budge. Trashing around the grip got even stronger and survival mode kicked in. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I won't try anything again, I promise. Please, I'll be good. I'll be good." The blonde was crying still living inside her dream.

Callie was worried she was going to injure herself further. She had to stop Arizona from trashing around and the only way was to get into her bed and try to place her legs on either side of Arizona's injured one and keep it firmly in place. But doing that would probably upset the blonde even more. Not seeing another option at the time Callie got in next to Arizona and quickly but gracefully straddled her casted leg.

She was right. This set Arizona off even more and she now had her pinned by holding her down by both of her shoulders. "Arizona, wake up. Its okay, everything is alright just calm down. It's me Callie." The Latina saw the tears streaming down feverish cheeks and light hair turned dark from the perspiration on her forehead.

She brought her head down to lightly rest her cheek against Arizona's. Her lips almost touching a nearby ear. "Arizona, you have to wake up. You're dreaming. It's only a dream, sweetie." The pet name slipped through her lips before she could stop herself but now was not the time to think about what was appropriate or not.

Blue eyes popped open and Arizona instantly gasped for air. A weight on her body made it feel like she was back there, back with him, in a damp small room with no windows, no ventilation and no sunlight. Panic set in but only lasted for a second. The weight felt different and so did the touch. It was gentle and caring, not rough and violent like she was so use to. The smell of vanilla filled her nostrils and that made her relax somewhat. Suddenly she realized where she was, what had happened and who was holding her down. It's Callie. It's Callie.

Just as the brunette pulled away slightly, to make sure Arizona hadn't hurt herself and that she was okay, Callie felt two arms grip tightly around her torso. The hold the small woman had on her was like a death grip, a lifeline she desperately tried to hang onto. Arizona pulled the doctor tighter to her, the need for comfort and reassurance took over her body.

Callie slowly untangled herself from the injured leg and laid down next to the shivering frame, still holding the blonde, feeling Arizona's desperate need for physical contact. Without thinking, Callie brought her hand up and stroked sweat soaked hair away from the terrified woman's face. "Shhh, it's okay. You're alright, sweetie. You're alright." Again, the endearment slipped out.

Arizona struggled to get her breathing under control. Her grip was still tight around Callie's middle. "Don't... Don't leave." Her body shook with sobs.

Callie felt her scrub top dampening from salty drops and she could feel her own eyes sting in sympathy for this stranger. She blinked her tears away, knowing she had to be strong for Arizona's sake. Pulling the woman even closer she started to rub her quivering back in small soothing circles. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here with you. You're safe here with me. I'm not going to let anyone hurt you, I promise." She could feel the shaking subside and the gasps for air were no longer as desperate as they had been only a minute ago. Shifting a small bit, Callie got herself more comfortable but never let go of her hold. She felt Arizona bury her face in the crook of her neck as she continued to stroke her back. "Shhh, you're okay, sweetheart."

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