invisible scars

Chapter 9 good news

Chapter 9

Good news

Arizona was getting frustrated, angry, restless and annoyed. She knew every nurse's name, age and family drama at this stage. Nobody knew who she was. To them, she was still just a Jane Doe, a patient and a stranger. It was now just over three weeks since she arrived at the hospital and her knee was healing nicely. The cuts on her face and arms were almost gone, just faint marks were left as a reminder of her ordeal, but hopefully they would fade in time.

She was now lying down, in a very uncomfortable position, getting an x-ray done. Callie wanted to make sure everything was healing properly and to confirm that all the screws and titanium rods were in their right place and angle. She was content with the result she was looking at. Everything looked great considering how early it still was in the recovering process and how badly shattered her knee was.

Once back in her room, Callie walked in. She was wearing dark pants, a pink blouse with a nice detail around the neckline and her dark locks were hanging loose around her shoulder. Arizona swallowed as she came closer to the bed. There was something about Callie Torres that intrigued the blonde. She couldn't put her finger on it but something changed in the air as soon as the doctor walked into a room. Maybe it was her confidence and posture that brought out the sassy, fascinating and bad ass characteristics in the Latina. Or maybe Arizona was getting too dependent on her doctor and just saw her as a pillar of solidity, someone to lean on. No! She's becoming a friend, that's all. I'm not depending on her, I'm not depending on anyone.

"I've got some good news for you." Her smile lit up the whole room and her teeth were glistening white. "Your knee is healing perfectly fine so later today we're going to take off that horrible big cast and replace it with a significantly smaller one. How does that sound?"

Arizona was very pleased with the news. It meant that she would be able to move around a bit more and not being stuck in the same position constantly. It also meant that she was getting better and sooner or later she would have to leave. Where would she go?

"That's great. My leg is getting really itchy." Her smile never reached her eyes and she looked down at her hands, twisting her fingers together.

Callie tilted her head and sat down on the bed. "What's wrong?" Concern showing on the tanned face. "Its good news, right?"

Arizona smiled and nodded, trying to convince Callie that nothing was wrong but the brunette wasn't fooled easily. "Arizona, I can see that's something is bothering you. You wanna tell me about it? Maybe I can help?"

Arizona didn't want to cry but she felt her throat tightening and her eyes brimming. Taking a deep breath see swallowed her tears. "I just... I... I don't..." sighing, she gave up. "Its nothing. I'm fine. Its not your problem anyway."

Callie took a firm grip on Arizona's hand, not letting go. "Hey, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't care." Her eyes softened. "Tell me what's going on."

The blonde sniffles. "I just... I don't know where to go from here. I mean, I know I'm physically getting better but..." she looked up at Callie. "... I have nowhere to go once I'm cleared and discharged. I have no money, no job. Where am I gonna live? How am I gonna live?"

Callie could see the panic in her eyes. She was working herself up. She let her hand go and gently enveloped her in a warm and soothing embrace. "Oh, Arizona." She felt the body in her arms starting to shake and the sniffles turned into sobs. "I don't want you to worry about anything except getting yourself better. When it's time for you to be discharged we'll think of something. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, okay. I don't want you worrying over something that we can fix, alright? "

Arizona looked up confused. "We?"

Bringing one hand up, she firmly placed the blonde's head back onto her chest. "Yes. We." Breathing in deeply she could smell the blonde's scent. The hospital shampoo and soap were dominant but Callie could also smell Arizona's unique aroma. "We're not gonna discharge you, kick you out and let you wander the streets. I won't let that happen. We'll figure something out, try not to worry, okay honey?"

Arizona was getting use to the endearment. It was nice to have someone calling you something nice and sweet, knowing that they meant it. Kevin told her sweet things sometimes but he never meant them. They were said in a different context and they never meant anything to her or him. He was just a sick, mentally disturbed man who thrived on controlling women. When Callie called her sweet names it went straight to her chest area like a warm and fluffy ball of fur that settled and stayed for awhile. They meant something to her and hopefully to Callie too.

The blonde head bobbed up and down. "Okay." There was a moment of silence while they were still enjoying the closeness before Arizona spoke again, this time barely a whisper. "Thank you."

"Torres!" Mark was shouting and the whole cafeteria seemed to stop for a second. Coming up next to Callie he put an arm around her shoulders. "I hear you're getting very close to your Jane Doe, if you know what I mean." He wiggled his eyebrows.

Callie slapped him over the head with her spoon. "Ouch, Torres! I might need Dr Shepherd to do a neurological exam." He rubbed the sore spot, clearly exaggerating.

"You need one, alright. But there is nothing that can cure you or your hornyness." The brunette sat down at a nearby empty table, Mark followed.

"Who's horny?" Yang plunged herself down across from the duo and shoved a donut into her mouth.

Callie just raised her eyebrows at the Asian woman. "Oh yeah, stupid question." Christina turned her attention to Mark. "Who have you got the hots for? Or should I say, which ones, cause it's clearly plural right?"

Dr Sloan sipped his coffee. "Actually I was talking about Callie's hornyness and her intimacy with the infamous Jane Doe."

Yang stopped chewing and looked stunned at Callie. "Intimacy!?"

Torres whole posture slumped and she sighed in frustration. "Its not what you guys think. There is no intimacy going on. She is my patient and... And a... friend and that is all. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, leave it alone." She quickly got up and left before she was bombarded with a thousand questins. Mark dug into the burger that Callie left behind. "She's in so much trouble."

Yang bit into her second donut and put her feet up on the table. "Yup."

Arizona felt so much lighter after replacing the white, hideous and enormous cast with a much smaller purple one. She got to pick her favourite colour for her cast. Usually the option would only apply to kids, but Callie thought it would help Arizona with the healing process by looking at her favourite bright colour. Callie even promised to sign it and as she did and stepped back, Arizona stared at the signature, looking a little puzzled. "Calliope Torres."

Callie gave her a shy smile. "Yeah, I thought that we have been friends long enough for you to know my full name. It is a privilege, I might add, so feel honoured. Not many people get to know my full name. Only very special ones." She added with a wink.

The blonde blushed slightly. "I think it's beautiful. It suits you, somehow. Does it mean anything?"

Callie sat down in the chair next to Arizona's bed. "My dad is big into Greek mythology and Gods. Calliope was the God of epic poetry. The name itself means music. My little sister's name is Aria. Its from the ancient Greeks as well. She was said to be a mortal from the island of Crete, falling in love with Apollo, the God of sun, light, music and much more."

Arizona looked shocked. "Wow, you've done your homework."

Chuckling, Callie just shrugged. "What about you, what's the story behind your name? Is it after the state or a more personal meaning?"

Blue eyes focused on a spot on the wall, slightly to her right, before she spoke. "I was named after the navy's USS Arizona. My grandfather served in the war and after rescuing nineteen of his men he drowned in Pearl Harbor. He was a hero. My hero."

Callie got up from the chair, approached the blonde and took her hand in hers. "Well, I think we both have a great story behind our names and I think we'll continue to carry on the greatness in their honour." The brunette gave the hand a squeeze before letting go. "I'll pop into you later before I head home. If you're good I might bring you something nice to dessert. But you have to promise to eat all your dinner, no matter how horrible it might taste. You need all the nutrients you can get."

Arizona looked at the now empty doorway. If you're good! No, she didn't mean it like that. She didn't! Kevin's voice echoed in her brain. If you're good, be good, I want you to be a good little girl, good, good, good! "Stop it!" A light sheen of sweat covered her face and neck from the horrible memories. She took a big swallow of the cool water next to her and inhaled. Her heart slowed down and so did her breathing. Leaning back against the pillows there was nothing else to do besides wait for dinner to be served.

As promised, Callie showed up about two hours later with a slice of Apple crumble and custard. It didn't take long for the blonde to finish it off and she was now licking the last bit off of her fingers. Callie watched as a delicate tongue graced the pink lips and she found herself wondering how it would be like to kiss the woman sitting in the bed. What would she taste like? Fuck off, Torres! She is a 'no go'zone. Don't even think about it. She is a patient, your patient... But such a sweet one! Stop it, stop it, stop it!


Brown eyes suddenly my blue. "I've been calling your name a couple of times. Where did you go?"

Callie chuckle inwards. You don't wanna know, darling. Straightening up a bit she smiled. "Sorry, I zoned out for a minute. What were you saying?"

"I wanted to thank you for the dessert. It was delicious. You really didn't have to but I appreciate it. Thank you."

Callie flashed her the brightest smile that could possibly light up the darkest of nights. "Anytime, Arizona. Anytime."

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