Numb, Pain, or Healing?


Luminara was sitting by her unmoving padawan as Barriss tended to her injuries, making sure to check every square inch for any kind of cut, scrape, or burn. She sighed mentally, grasping Ani’s hand in hers tightly, as tightly as she could without squeezing the bandage on her right hand too much as she ran over everything that had happened in the past couple days.

Let’s see, she thought mentally, organizing her thoughts in an efficient manner, very much like her. I met Ani at the training salle; I went to dinner with her Master-former master- later that very day; Barriss and I found her in the secret room in the Room of A Thousand Fountains; we then went on that chase to claim her; and after a very grueling battle with Pollo, we finally got her back. She smiled as she gazed down at the tiny, sleeping form of the apprentice as she slept, oblivious to the meds, bandages, and the pain. And I have a new padawan, thanks to Yoda’s meddling! The teenage girl stirred and moaned something unintelligible. She smiled.

“Padawan, it’s alright; you can go back to sleep now,” she said, accenting her words with a sleep-suggestion. Ani looked up to meet her master’s deep blue eyes, shimmering with reassurance. Comforted, she quickly drifted back to sleep.

Master’s here, so I have no reason to be afraid, she thought. Suddenly, fear pierced her heart, and dozens of questions sprang into her mind. What if she’s going to hurt me? What if she’s going to betray me, like Master Pollo did? What if she’s going to torture me like my former master? What if –

/Padawan/ a sweet-sounding voice drifted over their newly constructed bond. /Sleep. We will be in our new quarters once you are healed and well rested./ Something akin to a chuckle sounded out, and she felt a little better.

/My little one/ and she knew it was her new master /do not worry. Sleep. I will be here when you wake up/. Something about that message, and the voice comforted Ani. She smiled and relaxed.

/I will, my master/ she sent back, inwardly grinning.

/I know/ came her master’s voice again. She smiled once more, closed her eyes, and fell into the darkness that now surrounded her brain, the silent blackness of sleep where there are no dreams. Just rest.

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