Numb, Pain, or Healing?


Ani glanced over at her already-irate master, keeping a mask over her features as she had been instructed. Once they had found out what Kaiya had done to the cameras, to erase images of herself and her padawan, they had alerted the Masters on the Council – especially Masters Yoda and Windu. Ani knew that all she had to do was to spar with her instructor as usual, leading up to the point where the practice would end and the beating would commence. Hopefully, her master could be caught in the act, captured or killed (although as a Jedi she was supposed to desire the latter), and then she would be free from the iron grip her master held on her. Hopefully. Unfortunately, she thought logically, it would most likely not happen. If Master sensed the Masters outside the hall and positioned down the hallways, she would escape with me to some Outer Rim planet. She’s been brilliant with strategy and backup plans. Even if they do capture her, will my life ever be the same? Will I ever be able to become a Jedi Knight? Who will take me on? If I’m not taken on, does that mean I’m headed for the AgriCorps? She quickly shielded her thoughts as she felt her master start to probe the training bond.

/Yes, Master?/

/Padawan, what were you thinking?/

/Nothing, Master./

/Right, and gundarks fly./

/Master, I swear upon my life I was not thinking anything of great importance./

/I will be holding you to that promise, Padawan. Don’t you forget that, now. / Ani shivered, as she knew that her master was very strict when it came to holding promises.


/I’ll be fine…er, Master. Let’s just duel and get this over with./ She raised her lightsaber up in front of her, and saluted. Her master raised an eyebrow.

“Fine, we’ll duel,” she said, saluting back. “However, if you have not improved since last time, you will…pay.” She added the last word as an afterthought, looking much more sterner than before. “You had better be prepared, Padawan.” She attacked. Flash. Duck. Slash. Parry. Block. Jump. Flip. Turn. Kick out. Hit. Look. Hope that you don’t get killed. Those things were all running through Ani’s mind as she went into defensive mode, holding her lightsaber at the ready as her master’s offensive attacks came slicing down upon her with a vengeance.

Luminara felt very, very edgy as she watched them below, checking every once in a while to make sure her shields were up tight so no one could sense her, except her fellow…cohorts. She gritted her teeth. Why was she doing this, besides sensing an overly amount of…something saying that she should protect this young girl. She was almost positively sure that Master Yoda would very pleased with the fact that she had…unintentionally formed a bond with the youngling. She grimaced as she noticed that Master Kaiya was upping her strokes and speed, almost dizzying and shocking the young padawan. Strange…the girl seemed to anticipate it. Did that mean that she had gone through this almost all the time, when in training with her master? Poor young one. Sounds became muted, and then gone. She sighed as she craned her neck to catch a glimpse of where they went to. She blinked once, then twice. Her eyes were not playing tricks on her, that was for sure.

The girl and her master were gone, disappeared, as if they had evaporated or cloaked. Worse, she had no idea as to where they had went.

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