Numb, Pain, or Healing?


Ani had never felt more pain than she did now, which was definitely a lot. She was currently stuck underneath Master Windu’s chair in the Council chamber, curled up with her master near her so she couldn’t use the Force without getting hurt, a lot, and so that her master could knock out the other Masters on the chase before escaping. At least I still have my bond with Master Luminara, she thought, raising her shields. No sooner had she done this than she got overwhelmed with a powerful, hateful wave of dark side energy. Sithspit! I wish she wouldn’t do that! Another Force-wave of pain threatened to come over her. Okay, I’ll pretend I did not say that. She gasped when she heard footsteps coming into the Council chambers, and immediately got Force-shocked.

Giving up any hope of her surviving this, she immediately yelled, “Masters, over here! Please, hurry up!” As she once again neared into unconsciousness, she whispered, partially out loud and through her bond, “I’m getting tortured here; please hurry!”

Master Luminara knew immediately that they were on the right trail as they entered the Council chambers, since she could feel Ani’s signature here better than anything else. The bond she shared with that young girl was so strong that the evil master was not done with cutting it off, but she was a quarter of a way through it. Barriss and Yoda followed in her wake, both grim and ready to rescue the one little, very bright and loveable youngling. The headache, increasing so slightly every second, was a sign of that. They burst through the doors just as they heard Ani start to scream from the pain.

“Masters, over here!” she cried, invisible to them. “Please, hurry up.” Luminara felt the bond ache with the pain, but before she could do anything with the pain she had to find her Padawan, or at least, her Padawan-to-be.

She just hoped that she wasn’t too late.

Ani felt calm acceptance of her fate. Sure, she would most likely die. Even with the other Masters here, her master would not hesitate to go and kill her in front of them just for spite. However, if she had read her master correctly, she wanted to play with her padawan in front of the other masters, hurt one severely and then kill her. Ani sighed mentally. This would not be easy. Suddenly, she felt her master display holograms of her in each of the twelve seats, lifting her up out of Mace’s seat. She stared out to find Master Luminara right in front of her, reaching out with the Force to find her. I’m right here, she thought sarcastically. If you would crash through the shields that Master has put up in front of me, you would sense me. But you don’t. Sithspit, how I hate this!

“Master,” Luminara said, rushing over to Ani’s chair where the real her was waiting, “I’ve found her. I have found my padawan.” Ani blinked. You’ve found me that quickly.

/Yes, Padawan/

/ Guess our bond wasn’t destroyed, which I’m glad for. But…padawan? Me, your Padawan?/

“Not if I have anything to say about it!” a voice screamed from the other side of the expansive room. Master Pollo landed with a soft thud, orange lightsaber ignited and held in offensive position. “How about a duel, Master Luminara? If you win, you get Ani, but if you don’t, then the girl dies.” She grinned wickedly. “And all you will get is brain damage for the rest of your life.” Luminara ignited her light green lightsaber, which pierced the darkness. Everything went quiet. Then, suddenly, Master Pollo, with a scream of rage leapt towards Luminara with sickening velocity. Luminara easily blocked the blow.

/Careful, Master. She’s unpredictable. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, exactly, but it’s almost like she’s gone completely mad/

/I know/

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