Fifth Year

The Sorting Hat's Song

Some legends are told

Upon parchment, scrolls or books;

Mine is like none of these

Listen, you’ll be hooked.

Once upon a time,

There lived Hogwarts founders four,

And each their own House

They decided they should form.

Bold Gryffindor, he only took

The ones whom bravery drove;

Smart Ravenclaw, she chose those for whom

Intelligence was a treasure trove.

Sly Slytherin, for him the ones with

Purest blood were best;

And Hufflepuff, good Hufflepuff,

She simply took the rest.

Now to this day these Houses stand,

As bold, good, sly and brave

As the day Gryffindor took me off his head

And Hogwarts itself was made.

Today, in a moment, I’ll sort you

Into one of Hogwarts’s Houses fine,

You’ll start your life as a witch or wizard,

You’ll begin walking your timeline.

As you can see, some have already started

Suffered through far more than you could believe;

And while you’re safe from the horrors they went through

You’re not safe... not entirely.

Hogwarts will stand, as strong as a fortress,

While a danger attacks everything that can eat,

And while you’ll be safe, the plants won’t be-

So with that in mind, bon appétit.

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