Dimensional Dislocation


The next morning Andreas found it easier to get up than Leto. Andreas was used to getting up early in order to set up and open his clinic on days he wasn’t out adventuring with Hawke back in Kirkwall, while Leto spent most nights up late drinking expensive wine and had to be dragged out of his mansion when Hawke required his help.

Now that they were on their own, Leto was still less inclined to get up, but Andreas helped by brewing a pot of coffee. The aroma helped rouse Leto to at least a seated position on the bed, rubbing his eyes wearily.

“Here you go, Love,” Andreas said in a chipper voice as he handed Leto a cup.

“How can you be so…cheerful…this early?” Leto grumped.

Andreas planted a kiss on Leto’s forehead and then went about making some breakfast. It would be another long day at the soup kitchen and today was the first one where they would have to walk. It was only a few short blocks away, but they would need their energy if they were going to make it until lunch.

Leto looked fondly at Andreas over breakfast and decided to ask. “Were you always this kind and considerate, even before you merged with Justice? Or did Justice change you?”

Andreas smirked at the question. “I remember being a lot more selfish before joining with Justice. He may have been a lot of things but he did open my eyes to how much good even one person can do.” Andreas then snorted out a laugh. “I even once told the Warden-Commander ‘All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools.’”

Leto raised an eyebrow at that. “Pretty girls?” Leto could feel a sense of jealousy rising in his throat.

“Don’t worry Love, I only have eyes for you, but back in my younger days I liked pretty girls and boys alike,” Andreas said with a mischievous wink. “I was also definitely flirting with the Warden-Commander at the time. Shame she was married…”

Leto growled jealously at that last remark and Andreas laughed. “I’m sorry, Love. I shouldn’t tease you like that.”

“I can’t help feel a little jealous when you mention your past liaisons. I find myself feeling somewhat possessive of you.” Leto confessed.

Andreas smiled warmly. “Good. I happen to like being possessed, if you recall,” he said with a teasing grin.

“And I am the only one you will allow to possess you now, human. Or else.” Leto said with a wicked grin.

“Or else what, elf?” Andreas asked teasingly.

“Or else I may have to take you over my knee and spank some sense into you, fool human,” Leto replied, chuckling, pulling Andreas into a kiss.

Andreas moaned into the kiss, his mind filled with the image of Leto’s words playing in his mind. Leto quirked an eyebrow at him and began having some very wicked thoughts. They would have to wait until later, unfortunately.

“Alright Love, I think we better get dressed or we’ll be late,” Andreas said with a chuckle, pushing some of Leto’s hair out of his face.


They walked briskly to work, trying to be mindful not to hold each other’s hands. Henry had warned them that this wasn’t the safest neighborhood and that such behavior may provoke an attack. Being without their weapons made them both more vulnerable and they both wanted to avoid trouble.

They arrived without incident and greeted everyone at the soup kitchen warmly. There was another full day of food preparation followed by clean-up ahead of them.

As he worked cutting vegetables, Andreas asked Casey. “I have been wondering, why are there so many people here without homes or food? Why is such a place even necessary in a city such as this?”

“Many reasons,” Casey began, as he was stirring one of the large pots. “Some are down on their luck. They lost their job and couldn’t find another one before losing where they lived. Others have mental illnesses but cannot afford their medication or the hospitalization they require. A few actually prefer to live like this.”

“Mental illnesses?” Andreas asked, his healer instincts kicking in.

“Yeah, like severe social anxiety, depression, even schizophrenia,” said Casey.

“I used to run a clinic, back where I’m from,” Andreas admitted. “I wonder if there is anything I could do for them?”

“Many of them would be grateful if you could,” Casey nodded. “What were you trained in?”

“I believe Henry said that you would know it as ‘alternative medicine,’” Andreas replied. “Such as herbalism. Would you know where I might be able to research your local herbology?”

Casey shrugged. “If you have access to the Internet I’d start there. Otherwise there is always the local library. There’s one a few blocks from here, not far from your apartment. If you want, I’ll talk to Miranda about giving you time each week to research and maybe see if you can help treat some of our regulars.”

“That would be wonderful,” Andreas smiled. “I know that this food helps, but I really long to make a bigger difference in these people’s lives.”

Leto smiled to himself while overhearing the conversation as he peeled potatoes. Andreas was never going to change, he was a natural healer at heart and he wondered how much good he could have done back on Thedas if he hadn’t always been trying to escape the Circle in Ferelden, especially if he hadn’t been locked up in the Circle in the first place.

Leto was slightly shocked to find himself even contemplating that now, contemplating the idea of mages not being locked away. Yet, considering what he now knew about Thedas…that it may have all been a construct of some ‘software programmer’ like Henry, that everything he had known in life had been planned by others…including the suffering he remembered at the hands of Danarius.

These thoughts were overwhelming and Leto pushed them back. If he dwelled on them too much he knew he would become angry and he didn’t want to jeopardize what he and Andreas were building together to let his old temper flare. One day he knew he’d want more answers, but not today.


After lunch Miranda paid them all a visit and handed Andreas a small pile of books. “Casey called me. I forgot that you had said you had a background in alternative medicine. Here are some books I picked up for you. Let me know what you need – we can grow any legal herbs you require. In fact now that marijuana is now legal, I will apply for a license to grow and distribute for medicinal use here as well.”

“Wow, thank you so much Miranda. I have had a lot to adjust to in the last couple of weeks, but I really missed being able to heal people,” Andreas beamed.

“Well, then we can help each other out. I’m bringing in a couple of new folks to help out the kitchen tomorrow, so you can focus on reading those books and getting me a list of what you’ll need,” Miranda said with a smile. “We have a couple of unused rooms here, we can set one up as a small clinic for you to work out of.”

Andreas actually hummed the rest of the day as he continued his work in the kitchen. It made Leto’s heart soar to see his human so happy.


Andreas was on cloud nine on the walk back to their apartment, clutching his new collection of books lovingly. “I was so afraid my healing days were over,” Andreas confessed. “If Henry hadn’t come along and helped us out, I would have felt so useless…less than useless.”

Leto reached out to comfortingly take Andreas hand before remembering Henry’s warning, instead letting his hand pat Andreas back a few times before letting his hand fall back to his side. “You would have found a way. You have a healer’s instinct and you always will. You genuinely want to help people, and it’s what made me…attracted to you…back in Kirkwall.”

Andreas smiled at the compliment. “Do you mind if I spend some time reading tonight, Love?” Andreas asked hopefully.

“Not at all, Amatus,” Leto replied. “Do you think the TV will disturb your reading?”

Andreas shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. Even back in the Circle I rarely had a quiet place to read, there were always people around me talking.”

“Good. I’m enjoying learning about this world through their news stories. This world is so much different from Thedas, and yet they seem to have many of the same problems…poverty, war, sickness, even slavery in some parts,” Leto growled the last part.


Just after they got home Leto received a call on his phone from Henry. While Andreas took off his jeans and settled himself onto the bed with his books, Leto sat at the table and talked with Henry for a while.

Hey Leto, I was just calling to check and see how you both were settling in?” Henry asked.

“Hi Henry. We’re fine. We just got home from work. Andreas is in a good mood because Miranda gave him some books on herbology,” Fenris replied. “She’s going to help him set up a small clinic at the soup kitchen for anyone that may need medical attention.”

That’s wonderful, and a much better use of Andreas’ talents,” Henry replied. “Will you help him at the clinic or keep working in the kitchen?

“I don’t know how much help I would be,” Leto confessed. “Healing is not one of my strong suits. I’m better at ripping out hearts and chopping off heads, as you may recall. At least I used to be.”

Well, you may not be a living weapon anymore, but have you considered perhaps teaching people self-defense? Many homeless people get attacked and it might be a useful skill to teach them,” Henry offered.

Leto perked up at that suggestion. “I’m not very good around other people, but that may still have merit. It would be more fulfilling than peeling potatoes like a common kitchen slave.”

Well remember you are getting paid to peel those potatoes, so it’s not quite the same thing,” Henry admonished.

“You’re right Henry,” Leto admitted. “I will think on your suggestion, thank you.”

Hey, you’re welcome. I’ll check in on you guys later this week. Maybe we can hang out this weekend again? Maybe I can introduce you to some of my friends.” Henry suggested. “Oddly enough I kind of miss having you both around.”

“Yes, let’s ‘hang out’ this weekend,” Leto nodded in approval. “Have a good night.”

As Leto put his phone away, Andreas looked up from the book he had been intently studying. “What did Henry have to say?”

“He’s happy about the clinic you’ll be opening,” Leto replied. “He also suggested perhaps my talents would be better suited in teaching people self-defense.”

“That’s a wonderful idea!” Andreas beamed. “I knew you didn’t really like peeling potatoes all that much.”

“I think you would be well-served to learn some self-defense as well. I cannot always be there to protect you, Amatus,” Leto said sternly.

“Yes, mother,” Andreas teased.

Leto quickly crossed the room and pounced on Andreas, knocking the book out of his hand and pinning the man down onto the bed.

“I could have my way with you right now and you would be hopeless to resist,” Leto said seriously. “I could teach you how to keep yourself from ever being in that position again.”

Andreas struggled in Leto’s grasp, trying to disprove Leto, but failed miserably. “You’re right, Love. Without my magic I am no match for a trained warrior like yourself.”

“I’m glad we agree.” Leto smirked. “But I think I’ll still have my way with you.”

Andreas tried to put up a mock struggle at those words, but he quickly ceased as Leto descended on his mouth for a deep kiss. Leto worshipped Andreas’ mouth, sucking and biting on his lower lip, trailing his tongue along it before diving deeper, exploring every inch his tongue could reach, leaving Andreas breathless and writhing beneath him.

As Leto kissed and licked his way down Andreas’ neck, pinning his hands above his head, he growled “You’re mine.”

Andreas moaned. “Yes, my love. I’m all yours.”

Leto looked down at him in all seriousness. “I mean it, Andreas. I know you were promiscuous before you joined with Justice. I will not share you.”

“I promise, Leto. I want no one else but you,” Andreas replied seriously. “How can you be so jealous when Isabela isn’t anywhere within reach? You know all she ever wanted me for was my magic electric trick.”

At that Leto growled again and flipped Andreas over onto his stomach, quickly pulling down his underwear to his knees, and moving his arms so that they were securely pinned behind his back in a powerful grip.

“Hey!” Andreas shouted in shock.

“You will learn to stop teasing me about your past liaisons, Amatus, and you will learn to whom you now belong,” Leto said in all seriousness, bringing down a hand swiftly onto Andreas’ exposed buttocks.

Andreas’ reaction wasn’t quite what Leto had expected. He thought Andreas would shout, cry out, or even scream. He did none of those things. Instead he groaned. In pleasure.

Leto smacked Andreas again, slightly harder and elicited another groan.

“You’re going to have to try harder than that, if you actually want to punish me,” Andreas said with a wicked grin.

“That can be arranged,” Leto growled, causing Andreas to let out another groan at the thought of what Leto ‘trying harder’ could possibly mean.

Leto let him go and got off the bed. Andreas made a whimper of disappointment. Then Leto barked a command. “Get up, on your hands and knees. Now!” Leto was inwardly smiling, realizing that he and Andreas could have some real fun together, but he didn’t want Andreas to know he was enjoying this. Not yet.

Leto removed the leather belt he was wearing from his waist band and folded it in half, snapping it into his hand, causing Andreas to look back at him over his shoulder. Leto was pleased to see Andreas flush with excitement.

“I think you know my intention here, and I do feel the need to punish you,” Leto said seriously. “But first, choose a word.”

Andreas knew what Leto was planning, the role he was defining for himself in their new relationship. The thought of it sent a shiver of both fear and excitement down his spine. He loved Leto, and trusted him, and Maker he wanted this. He needed to give Leto control. The mere thought of it made his cock hard.

“Maleficar,” Andreas replied, after a moment of thought.

Leto nodded. “Rule number one, you will refer to me as Ser until I tell you otherwise. Rule number two, you will only speak when asked a direct question. Rule number three, you will not cum without my permission. Do you understand?”

Andreas nodded. “Yes, Ser.” He had played this sort of game before and he knew how to play it well, if he wanted to.

“Very good, human,” Leto said. “Now, as for your punishment. You teased me twice today with your past liaisons. That displeased me greatly. I will give you five lashes for each transgression. A total of ten unless you break a rule during your punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ser,” Andreas nodded again, his cock getting harder at the authoritative tone of Leto’s voice.

Leto paced back and forth for a moment, admiring the power he had over Andreas. The fact that Andreas was willingly submitting to him was thrilling. He wanted to just take him right then and there, but he held back, reminding himself that Andreas should be punished if he was to ever stop teasing him in that manner.

Finally Andreas’ patience faltered and he momentarily forgot the game. “Hurry up, Love. We don’t have all night.”

Leto bristled at the words. “That will be an extra five lashes for speaking without permission,” Leto said sternly, slightly annoyed, but inwardly pleased, that Andreas had broken a rule already.

Andreas’ legs began to tremble with anticipation of the first blow, but Leto made him wait a bit longer for his impatience. Instead Leto leaned in and whispered hotly into Andreas’ ear. “Once you have been properly punished, human, you will get the privilege of sucking my cock. If you please me in this, I may fuck you in the ass until you cum.”

Andreas let out a groan mixed with pleasure and frustration at Leto’s words. Who knew the sexy elf could talk so … dirty.

“Now, let us begin. Will you scream for me, human?” Leto said finally, straightening himself, walking behind Andreas again.

Without warning or hesitation, Leto brought down the belt onto Andreas’ exposed buttocks. Crack.

Andreas whimpered and then groaned as the sting of the lash spread into a pleasant heat. A red welt blossomed where the lash had hit.

Leto began a steady rhythm with the belt, slowly increasing the strength of the blows. The first five were relatively mild, enough to sting and build pleasure. The next five increased the sting as the blows were evenly distributed across Andreas’ reddening ass.

The final five were truly meant to punish. They rained down hard and fast, leaving Andreas screaming and sobbing, tears streaming down his face. After the last blow landed Leto immediately dropped the belt, indicating the punishment was over. Leto was impressed that Andreas endured the punishment so well, without once resorting to the use of his safeword.

Leto went to the bathroom and grabbed some salve they had in the medicine cabinet. He returned and soothingly began to spread the cool lotion onto Andreas’ tender ass as Andreas kept sobbing.

“Shh, it’s over now. You took your punishment so well, you’re such a good boy Andreas. My human.” Leto lovingly stroked his hands up Andreas’ back and gathered the sobbing man into his arms. Leto saw Andreas’ expressive eyes looking at him questioningly. “You may speak.”

“I’m…sorry, Ser. I didn’t mean to…displease you…with my teasing today. I promise I’ll try to…not do it again,” Andreas choked out between sobs.

“You are forgiven,” Leto said, stroking Andreas’ hair. “You bore your punishment well. Is that the only reason you’re crying?”

“No…I don’t know. I guess I’ve just been bottling up a lot of emotion and…it’s just flooding out of me now,” Andreas confessed.

“Tell me,” Leto prodded as he gently carded a hand through Andreas’ long blonde hair.

“Losing my magic was difficult. I felt…crippled. Worthless,” Anders admitted. “I am so grateful to Henry for his help, and for you. I’m so grateful you don’t really hate me. I wanted to be with you for so long.”

Leto kissed Andreas softly, feeling his heart swell at the confession. “You are mine now and I won’t let you forget it.”

Leto got up with a wicked grin and removed his clothing. Now fully naked he walked to the edge of the bed. “Come here, human. Suck my cock like the good boy you are,” Leto said, trying to hold back a smirk.

Andreas eagerly crawled over and took Leto’s semi-erect cock into his mouth. Leto groaned at the warm wet feeling of Andreas’ mouth around his hardening length. The man slowly sucked more and more of the elf’s length into his mouth, slowly relaxing his throat to take it all in, and swallowing, until his nose rested against Leto’s hairless groin. The sight of that nearly made Leto cum right there and then, but he had other plans.

Leto grabbed Andreas’ hair and held his head firmly in place, and slowly withdrew so that the human could take a deep breath, before he slid back down his throat, making shallow thrusts into the man’s mouth until his cock swelled to full hardness.

Leto then removed himself from the delicious warmth of Andreas’ mouth and grabbed their bottle of lube, tossing it on the bed. “Lie on your back and prepare yourself for me,” Leto ordered.

Andreas complied, grabbing the lube and coating his fingers with the slick substance before spreading his legs and reaching down below his balls to slip a long, slender finger into his ass.

“Did you ever play with yourself like this back in Kirkwall?” Leto asked as Andreas began to moan at the pleasure he was giving himself.

“Yes, Ser. Almost every night,” Andreas replied, as he slid a second finger inside himself.

“Who did you think about when you fucked your fingers?” Leto asked cautiously.

“You, Ser. After we met, you were all I could think about,” Andreas confessed, flushing a deep shade of red, slipping a third finger into himself.

Leto smiled at that. “Were you perhaps preparing yourself in the hopes I would one day come down into your clinic and take you?” Leto questioned.

“Yes, Ser. Yet, you never came,” Andreas said with disappointment.

“I am here now, and I am ready to take you. To mark you and claim you as mine. Are you prepared?” Leto asked, his voice now more husky with desire.

Andreas groaned, slipping his fingers out of his now well prepared hole. “Yes, Ser. Please, take me Ser,” he said with a look of full-blown desire in his eyes.

Leto slicked up his still hard length, and crawled over Andreas, peppering kisses from his groin to his neck. “You’ve been so good. I will let you cum, but not before I command it,” he said before suckling at one of Andreas’ nipples, causing the man to arch into his touch.

Leto then lined himself up and slid himself swiftly to the hilt inside of Andreas, causing the man to cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain.

“You said yesterday you dreamt of me taking you hard and rough,” Leto grunted, as he gave Andreas a moment to adjust to his intrusion. “Tonight I plan to fulfill that wish.”

Leto leaned down and planted a harsh, bruising kiss on Andreas’ lips, one that the man eagerly returned. Leto then left Andreas gasping for air as he kissed and licked his way down to the join of his neck and shoulder, and bit down, hard, sucking to make sure a deep bruise would appear.

Then with a wicked grin, Leto leaned back on his knees and grabbed Andreas’ hips firmly, before he began thrusting in and out of his ass, setting a punishing pace. Leto’s bony hips slammed into Andreas’ backside, which was still red and tender from the earlier lashing.

The mix of pleasure and pain had Andreas screaming in ecstasy, and Leto groaned through gritted teeth as he slung Andreas’ legs over his shoulders in order to change the angle, so he could better hit that spot of pleasure within Andreas. Leto knew as soon as he’d hit it at the arch in Andreas’ back while he screamed Leto’s name. Leto decided not to count that against Andreas…this time.

It was all becoming too much for Leto as he felt the heat coil in his belly, winding tighter, getting close to erupting. “Touch yourself,” Leto commanded. “I want to feel you cum.”

Andreas immediately wrapped a hand around his hard, neglected shaft, pumping as best he could with Leto’s hard, fast thrusts.

Leto struggled to hold back his impending orgasm, wanting to feel Andreas clench around his cock first. “Cum for me,” Leto commanded.

A few more hard strokes and Andreas managed to obey, cumming hard all over his hand and stomach, once again screaming Leto’s name in pure ecstasy. Leto felt Andreas clench around him and he managed a few more hard, powerful thrusts, before he stilled, pumping his seed deep inside the man.

After a few moments, Leto collapsed beside Andreas, panting heavily.

Andreas curled up next to the elf, practically purring with contentment. Leto smiled down at him. “Was that what you had in mind when you fantasized about me, Amatus?”

Knowing the game had now come to an end, Andreas looked up into those beautiful emerald eyes. “That was even more incredible than I ever imagined, Love,” Andreas said with a sigh of contentment. “I had no idea you could be so…kinky.”

“You would be surprised what I am capable of,” Leto grinned, running his hand down over Andreas’ still tender ass. “Now you will have a reminder of who you now belong to.”

“Yes, my Love. I’m yours…and you’re mine,” Andreas said lovingly, kissing Leto softly.

Leto smiled before getting up and pulling Andreas along with him. “Time for our shower and then we really should sleep if you don’t want me to be impossibly grumpy in the morning.”

Andreas laughed. “Don’t worry, I’ll make coffee, first thing,” Andreas promised.

“You better,” Leto teasingly grumped before dragging the man into the shower.

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