Dimensional Dislocation

Night Out on the Town

The next day Andreas and Leto arrived at work full of purpose. Henry had called Casey and made the recommendation about Leto starting a self-defense class and while they were both working in the kitchen they started to discuss plans.

In the meantime, Andreas checked out the spare rooms Miranda had mentioned to see which would be most suitable for a clinic. He decided on one that had built in cabinets and shelves built along one wall, and was large enough to accommodate a desk and at least one cot, perhaps two.

Grabbing his books, and a pencil and paper, Andreas then found a place to sit and began to study in earnest, scribbling notes and making the list Miranda had asked for. What struck him was how there was such a mix of familiar and unfamiliar plants and herbs. There was no mention of elfroot or deathroot or any of the other useful herbs he was familiar with from Thedas, yet there were some plants he was familiar with, such as several varieties of grasses and grains.

Andreas realized the creators of Thedas, this so-called company named BioWare must have invented all the herbs they used for potions, but kept all other types of plants similar to what was found in their own world. This lent more credence to the fact that Thedas may not really exist, at least not in the same sense that the world they were in now did. This greatly disturbed him, but it also explained why Leto’s markings had gone black and why he’d lost his magic. Lyrium and the Fade didn’t exist here. Never really existed at all except as some construct within these things called ‘computers.’

And yet…Thedas in some sense must exist, or why else would he and Leto have emerged into this world, and not just been wiped from existence.


Andreas was lost in thought when a bowl of soup appeared within his field of vision. Looking up he saw Leto grinning at him. “Look at you, looking all serious,” Leto said, handing him the bowl. “I was wondering where you were when you didn’t come back to the kitchen for lunch.”

“Sorry, I was preoccupied,” Andreas shrugged. “Thanks for the soup!”

“Everyone in the lunch line today kept asking where you were,” Fenris shared. “Casey had me serving today and I don’t think people like me as much. I’m not as good with people as you seem to be.”

“Well, if you tried to smile more and talk to people, I bet they’d love you,” Andreas said with a wink before leaning in to give Leto a quick kiss on the cheek. “But not as much as I do.”

Leto smiled at the sentiment.

“Casey and I discussed the possibility of the self-defense class. We agreed to start doing it two times each week to start, for an hour at a time,” Leto explained. “If we get enough interest we might extend that. In the meantime, I’ll still be peeling those damned potatoes.”

Andreas laughed. He knew Leto wasn’t enjoying the kitchen work, but they both agreed at least they were getting paid for the time they spent.


Later that afternoon Miranda came by again and Andreas gave her a list of things he’d require for the new clinic and discussed his plans for its operation. She was impressed by how thorough he was and it bolstered her confidence that she had made the right choice to hire him. The staff loved him, and their patrons loved him. He was always kind and overly generous with his attention and care.

“I’ll try and get all these things for you within a week or so. We’ll aim to try and open the clinic for a trial run early next week, how does that sound?” Miranda asked.

“That’s perfect! It will give me enough time to finish studying the books you gave me, and perhaps find a few more at the library close to our apartment,” Andreas beamed happily. “I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity.”

“I’m also working on a way to get you and Leto legalized, so that you can do things like get IDs and open bank accounts,” Miranda explained. “It’s impossible to properly live ‘off-the-grid’ in this country, so I’m doing what I can to help you both. I don’t know how you got here, and I don’t want to. I just know helping you both is the right thing to do.”

Andreas nodded. “You and Henry are really Maker-sent,” Andreas said thankfully.

Miranda quirked her eyebrow at the odd phrasing, but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t her place to judge people’s religious beliefs.


Over the rest of the week Andreas continued his research and started setting up things in his new clinic with the supplies Miranda started to supply. By the end of the week everything looked ready for him to open the clinic the next Monday to start seeing patients. He was nervous and hoped that no one had an illness or injury so severe that he couldn’t treat with the herbs or bandages he requested. He hoped he wouldn’t see an injury so severe that he would truly regret not having access to his magic.

In the mean-time Leto began planning his self-defense class, with Casey giving him tips. Leto had been trained in many fighting styles, but he wasn’t familiar with what Casey called Street Fighting. Over their breaks Casey took Leto into the room they were to use for the classes and sparred with the former warrior. Apparently Casey had once been in the military and had once also been a formidable warrior in his own right.

Once Friday evening rolled around, Andreas and Leto were tired, but happy. They had agreed to hang out with Henry that evening and he was waiting for them as they left the soup kitchen for the evening.

“Hey, it’s good to see you both! How are you getting on?” Henry asked as they got into the car.

“Not bad,” Andreas responded. “The clinic should be ready to open next week.”

“Fantastic! How about the self-defense training, Leto?” Henry asked.

“Casey and I have put some plans together and we will start a couple of classes next week to try it out. Casey has been teaching me more about Earth-style ‘street fighting,’” Leto explained.

“Good! I’m sure you’ll do fantastic. Andreas will you be taking his class?” Henry asked light-heartedly.

Andreas huffed indignantly. “Yes, I suppose I must. Leto won’t rest until I agree to learn how to defend myself, as if I had any problems before I met him.”

“You were recaptured eight times by the Templars,” Leto reminded him.

“Well, they had an unfair advantage! Having my phylactery so they could track me down, then silencing my magic…I didn’t stand a chance!” Andreas complained.

“Exactly my point,” Leto said. “Here you also have no magic, so what would you do if confronted by several assailants?”

Andreas sighed. “I’ll take your self-defense class next week, mother.”

Leto surged forward from the back seat and grabbed Andreas by the ponytail, yanking his head back hard. “Do not call me that again, human, or you will suffer the consequences later.”

A wicked grin spread over Andreas’ face. “Yes, mother.”

Leto growled again but said nothing more, letting go of Andreas’ ponytail and slumping back into his seat.

Henry was a bit stunned by the last part of that conversation and shifted nervously in his seat, but managed to just keep driving.


Once they arrived at their destination and Henry parked his car, they all got out and looked around. Leto and Andreas looked up at the very tall buildings surrounding them. Bright lights lined the streets and many people were out walking in the pleasant warm evening.

“Come on, we’re meeting friends of mine at a local pub that carries a lot of local Colorado microbrews,” Henry said cheerfully.

“Microbrews?” Leto asked.

“Oh yeah, here in Colorado a lot of people brew their own beer. Some of them turned that into a small business, brewing small batches of beer and ale,” Henry explained. “They are called microbrews because their operations are so small compared to the large breweries that brew thousands of gallons a day.”

Leto and Andreas were overwhelmed to hear that anyone would ever brew so much beer or ale. “How many people actually live here in Denver or in your world in general?” Andreas asked.

“Well we’ve got over seven billion worldwide, I think we’re around 350 million in the United States and Colorado…hang on let me look that up,” Henry said, bringing out his phone and tapping the screen a few times. “Colorado has 5.3 million, with only 650,000 living in Denver.”

Andreas knew this city was impressive but was shocked to know how many people actually lived here. “There are more people in your United States than are in all of Thedas,” Andreas remarked with wonder.

They walked several blocks and overall the people around them seemed friendly and happy. They saw many couples holding hands and Andreas couldn’t resist entwining his fingers with Leto’s. Leto looked over at Henry and asked, “Is it ok that we do this here?” he indicated at their linked hands.

“Oh, sure. With this many people around, no one would dare attack,” Henry said. “Although you may still get some insults.”

As if to make a point someone from across the street yelled “Fags!”

“I take it that ‘fags’ is some kind of insult?” Leto asked.

“Yeah, it’s the word people use to insult gay men,” Henry explained.

“Gay?” Andreas asked. “In Thedas that word means happy or joyous.”

“Yeah, it used to mean that here too, but it was used as an insult against gay men,” Henry clarified, “but then the gay community adopted the word for themselves and so it’s not really much of an insult anymore.”


When they arrived at the pub Henry was taking them to, they pushed through the crowds of people until Henry waved at a large booth of people near the back of the place. Between the music and the crowd, it was very difficult to hear anything and Leto’s ears twitched in discomfort. He may not be in Thedas anymore, but he was still an elf.

Henry introduced Andreas and Leto to his friends, Derrick, John, Dave and Chris, who all stared at them with open mouths.

“Wow, you two…are you really them?” Derrick asked, pushing up a pair of glasses on his nose. “Are you really Anders and Fenris?”

Andreas nodded. “Those are the names we used to be known by, yes. I take it you are also familiar with Thedas through the game called Dragon Age?”

“Heck yeah, it’s like my favorite video game of all time.” Derrick. “Do you know why Fenris’ markings went black?”

“All we know is that all traces of magic and the Fade did not come through with us into this world. That included the lyrium in Leto’s skin,” Andreas offered. “It actually caused Leto much pain when we first arrived here.”

Henry ordered a pitcher of ale and something called nachos when the waitress came around, clearly familiar with Henry and his friends. “Who are the two newcomers?” she asked.

“Cindy, meet my two newest friends, Andreas and Leto,” Henry said as introduction.

“Hi boys. Nice tats there Leto,” Cindy said with a smile. Leto only nodded, not appreciating compliments over his markings.

They spent the rest of the evening answering Henry’s friends many questions. Apparently they all were familiar with Dragon Age and were excited to actually meet two of their favorite characters ‘in real life.’ The ale was excellent, much better than the swill served at the Hangman, and the Nachos were delicious, as was all food they’d sampled in this world so far.

Andreas was never one to be shy and he sat with one arm draped over Leto’s shoulders, holding him close. Henry’s friends seemed scandalized for a moment over that, until Henry spoke up. “See, I told you! They’re a couple and have been almost since coming through the Eluvian into our world.”

“Yeah, wow the Fenders fan-fic writers would have a field day with this!” John said with a laugh.


Several hours later, Henry dropped Andreas and Leto off at their apartment and asked if they’d like to join them again the following week. “It’s a weekly tradition for us to go for beer and nachos after a long week at work. We’d love it if you’d both join us,” Henry said as invitation.

Leto and Andreas both nodded. “Yeah we’d like that too,” Andreas said.

Once alone in the apartment, Leto took no time to look sternly at Andreas, giving him a firm command. “Strip.”

“Hey we just got home, give me a moment,” Andreas said with a wink, making Leto growl. Andreas sauntered to the bathroom, grinning the entire way. Once he was done he came back out, still fully clothed. “So what was that you wanted me to do again?” Andreas asked teasingly.

“You heard me the first time. Now comply or it will go worse for you,” Leto said with a growl.

Leto noted the excited shiver that ran through Andreas at his words, as he began to strip as instructed.

Leto then sat, fully clothed, on the edge of the bed, the belt once again in his hand. “Come here Andreas. Over my knee,” Leto instructed.

“Oh, have I been a bad boy again, Love?” Andreas teased as he draped himself willingly over the elf’s knee.

Leto firmly clamped Andreas’ legs between his own, and wrapped his arm around his torso.

“You mocked me today after I specifically asked you not to, Amatus.” Leto stated calmly. “You must be punished for your insolence, yet again. First I will strap you soundly until I am satisfied you are truly sorry. Afterwards I will fuck your throat. You will not cum tonight. Is that understood?”

“Wait, why not? It’s not fair if you get to cum.” Andreas whined.

“That will be part of your punishment tonight, and if you complain again, the strapping will be worse for you,” Leto said coolly. “You are mine. You have given yourself to me. You will learn to respect me, Amatus.”

With that, Leto commenced the punishment. He didn’t begin softly as last time, trying to create arousal in Andreas. The strap came down hard and stinging from the very first blow. Andreas screamed at the pain and tried to wiggle free, to cover his ass with his hands. That prompted Leto to grab his hands and twist them behind his back, holding them firmly in his grip before continuing. He rained down several quick blows, turning Andreas’ arse a bright red, causing the man to cry out. Then Leto returned to a more measured rhythm, punctuated with Andreas’ cries, slowly turning into sobs.

“Leto…please…” Andreas managed to get out between sobs.

“Please, what?” Leto asked, landing another hard blow.

“Please…stop…I’m sorry. I am…I’ll never call you mother again…please!” Andreas choked out between sobs as the blows kept coming.

“Please, what?” Leto asked again.

“Please…sir! Please, sir, stop!” Andreas begged.

“You have your word, you can use it at any time,” Leto reminded him, continuing to punish Andreas’ arse. “Or you will take your punishment until I am satisfied.”

All of a sudden all the fight went out of Andreas, and he resigned himself to his fate, taking the blows as they came, sobbing softly through the ordeal. He could use his word any time, but something within him didn’t want to. He wanted to show Leto how much he respected and trusted him..

A few more blows rained down after that and finally Leto stopped. Dropping the belt from his grip.

“Good boy,” Leto purred, as he let Andreas go.

Andreas knelt at Leto’s feet, taking a moment to catch his breath. Despite the pain of the punishment, his erection was rock hard and aching. He struggled within himself to avoid just wrapping his hand around it and stroking himself to the release he so desperately needed.

Leto then stood up over him, stroking his hair before reaching down and releasing his own cock from his jeans. “Open.”

Andreas obeyed, opening his mouth and taking in Leto’s cock. Leto held his head still, slowly sliding his cock all the way down Andreas’ throat, feeling the man swallow around his cock. “Don’t forget to breathe when I pull out.”

Then Leto fucked Andreas’ throat in earnest, pounding into the man’s mouth, his balls slapping obscenely against his chin. He pulled back for a moment, letting Andreas get a deep breath, before sliding forward again, continuing to pound hard. Then with a strangled cry, the elf was coming down Andreas’ throat, who swallowed it all greedily.

“Good boy,” Leto said again, praising his lover. “Come,” he commanded, helping Andreas up and leading him to the shower. Leto took care to wash himself and then Andreas very thoroughly in the shower, before leading him back to the bed. Leto pulled down the covers and instructed Andreas to lie down on his stomach.

Leto then took the salve from the night before and gently caressed Andreas’ bruised and punished backside, rubbing the salve to sooth the worried flesh.

“Please, sir,” Andreas managed to whisper.

“What is it?” Leto asked.

“Please, sir. Let me come, sir.” Andreas practically whined in frustration.

“No. And if you disobey me in this I will not touch you other than for punishment for a week,” Leto said firmly. “Now, go to sleep.”

Andreas sighed heavily and rolled over onto his side, pulling the covers over himself. “Yes, sir. Goodnight, sir.”

Leto smiled at that. Perhaps there was hope for this man that he loved after all.

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