Dimensional Dislocation

What I Need

The next morning Leto awoke to soft lips peppering kisses on his forehead. He looked up into the warm, amber eyes of his lover.

“G’morning,” Andreas said sleepily. “Sleep well, sir?”

Leto was about to say something when Andreas covered his mouth with his, the man’s tongue sliding over his lips, seeking entrance. Leto sighed into the kiss and parted his lips, letting his tongue dart out and caress his lover’s tongue. They kissed languidly for several minutes, before Andreas took Leto’s hand and slid it down between them until he felt Andreas’ still hard length.

“Please, sir. May I cum?” Andreas begged softly, a warm smile crossing his face, and a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.

Leto regarded the man for a moment before responding, with a smirk. “Since you are begging so politely today, human, I think that can be arranged.”

Kissing Andreas again, he pulled the man on top of him so that Andreas was straddling his slender elven hips. Leto pulled back from the kiss and whispered into Andreas’ ear. “Since you bore your punishment last night so well, I would have you take me. Would you like that, Amatus?”

Andreas’ eyes went wide for a moment, not expecting something like this. “Oh yes, my love. If you wish it.”

“I do wish it. I want to feel you inside me, Amatus,” Leto said, his voice now thick with lust. He reached for the lube on the nightstand and handed it to Andreas. “Prepare me.”

Andreas didn’t need to be told twice as threw off the covers from them both and settled down between Leto’s legs. He slicked up his fingers and slowly massaged Leto’s tight pucker, feeling it relax before he slowly slid one finger into elf’s tight heat.

“Tell me, Love. Tell me how you want me to take you,” Andreas said quietly.

“I want to see your face, Amatus, when you take me,” Leto’s voice rumbled. “Take me slow, make love to me.”

Andreas slowly inserted a second finger, causing the elf to moan. “Is that how you dreamed of me taking you, back in Kirkwall?”

Leto gasped as Andreas began scissoring his fingers, stretching his hole. “Ah…yes…yes…I did. I would lie awake at night longing for your touch. I was loathe to admit it. I hated myself for it, but I…I couldn’t stop.”

Andreas leaned down and kissed Leto softly, full of tenderness. “We were both such fools, but now we have the time to make up for it.”

A third finger was slowly added, stretching the elf wider, causing him to arch his hips off the bed and moan wantonly. “Mmm…are you ready for me, my love?”

“Yes, Andreas. Yes. Please, take me,” Leto groaned. “I want to feel you inside me. Please.”

“Mmm you beg so beautifully,” Andreas murmured as he pulled out his fingers, causing Leto to keen in disappointment. Taking the lube he slicked his turgid length. “I will try to go slow, Love, but I’ve been aching for release…”

The elf nodded in understanding, pulling Andreas down into a heated kiss as Andreas slowly slid inside him. He hadn’t let anyone take him, not since Danarius. The rape and abuse was now years behind him and he’d slowly gotten himself over it through his many fantasies of Andreas making love to him. Back in Kirkwall he had felt a burning shame for such fantasies, dreaming of yet another mage taking him.

However, Andreas had shown so much trust in him over the past couple of weeks, it served to increase Leto’s trust in return. It helped that Andreas was no longer a mage, and would never be a mage again. Instead of shame, all he felt was a burning desire for this man.

Once Andreas was fully inside, he cupped Leto’s face, bringing him back to the present moment. “Love, look at me, focus on me.”

Leto focused back on Andreas as his body adjusted to the pleasant intrusion. He never had a chance before to enjoy the feeling of fullness, to allow his body time to adjust and it felt so good. Better than he had imagined. Better than he remembered.

Then Andreas began to move, slowly gliding almost all the way out and then back in. The slow, languid motions nearly drove Leto over the edge.

“So…good,” Leto rasped.

Andreas smiled and leaned in to kiss Leto sweetly at those words. “Good. I want this to feel good for you. I just want to make you feel so good, my Love.”

Leto nearly cried at the tenderness Andreas was showing him, as he kept gliding in and out slowly, his warm amber eyes focused entirely on him, peppering him with soft, sweet kisses. The pace was almost agonizingly slow, but it was exactly what he needed. He felt every inch of Andreas as he slid in and out again and again, rolling his hips.

Leto knew this pace must be agonizing for Andreas, who had been denied his released the night before and knew he wouldn’t be able to keep this up for very long. Leto was impressed with how much self-control Andreas was showing.

“Faster, Amatus, please, go faster,” Leto whispered, looking at Andreas’ expression as it reflected both pleasure and the strain of holding back.

Andreas groaned as he began to move faster. “I…I can’t last much longer, Love.”

Leto began to stroke his own erection in time with Andreas’ thrusts, very near the edge himself now. “Cum for me, Amatus,” he breathed.

With that Andreas threw his head back, his golden hair showering around him as he held a silent scream, thrusting one final time into Leto before coming completely undone, shuddering and spilling his seed deep inside the elf.

Seeing the look of absolute ecstasy on his lover’s face, and feeling the warm spill of seed inside of him pushed Leto over the edge, and he was pumping thick, white spurts all over his hand and stomach.

Andreas was panting, trying to catch his breath, as he slowly lowered himself next to Leto, slowly slipping his flagging erection out of the elf.

Leto grabbed some tissues from the night stand and cleaned himself up before curling into Andreas’ embrace, kissing him tenderly. “Thank you, Amatus.”

“I should be thanking you, Love,” Andreas said with a warm smile. “That was incredible. I haven’t made love that way in a very long time. It was always a rare treat for me.”

“No one has ever made love to me with such care or tenderness,” Leto confessed. “Thank you for eradicating some of my worst memories.”

“It was my pleasure, Love,” Andreas replied, kissing Leto on the tip of his nose.

They lay cuddled together in companionable silence for a while. After a while, Leto looked over at Andreas, with a questioning look on his face.

“What is it, Love? You seem troubled?” Andreas asked, reaching over and brushing some of Leto’s snow white hair out of his face.

“I was just wondering…why do you seem to enjoy my punishments so much? You’ve been so turned on by them,” Leto asked.

Andreas blushed. “Well…I guess it’s just one of my…kinks. The sting of the strap becomes this delicious tingle and spread of heat on my skin. For me it’s…quite arousing.”

“Yet you cry and sob as well, which confuses me,” Leto continued. “When Danarius punished me that way, I cried in pain and humiliation. It never aroused me. Then again unless he willed it with magic, nothing aroused me.”

Andreas leaned up on one elbow, looking down at his lover. “I cry because when I finally let go, and give in and accept the punishment for what it is, it’s like a release valve for me. All my bottled up emotions just drain out of me. It’s cathartic.”

“I always fought my punishments from Danarius…I never had such a reaction to them,” Leto admitted. “I didn’t want to let him break me.”

“This isn’t about becoming broken, for me, it’s about being able to let go and be made whole again,” Andreas explained. “I think it works for me because of how much I love and trust you. I think you didn’t have that with Danarius.”

Leto shook his head. “No. I once thought I loved him, as a slave loves his master, craving his praise, but it was a false emotion. The love I feel for you is so much more…it’s real and makes what I had felt for Danarius pale in comparison.”

Leto blushed and began to look nervous as he pondered his next request from his lover. He stuttered nervously as he tried to ask. “I…I am curious. You say the strappings I give you are cathartic. I wonder…maybe…”

Andreas smiled down with a clear smirk on his lips. “Are you asking me to spank you Leto?”

“Um…yes. I think so. I…am curious…about the sensations you described.”

“Hmm. I think that can be arranged, Love.” Andreas said with a mischievous grin. “First, let me use the bathroom and we can talk about it, alright?”

When Andreas returned he sat on the bed next to Leto, who was still looking decidedly nervous and completely vulnerable. So different from when he was in his more dominant mode.

“So tell me, Love. What exactly would you like me to do?” Andreas asked softly.

Leto sat up and took a deep breath. “I…would have you take me over your knee, and spank me. With your hand. Show me how it feels for you.”

Andreas smiled comfortingly. “I can do that. Do you want to try this now?”

Leto nodded. “Yes.”

“Well, then get your sexy little elf behind over here and get over my knee,” Andreas said light-heartedly.

Leto’s heart was pounding in his chest, but he also felt a new stirring in his loins at just the thought of being bent over Andreas’ knee, and it set shivers up his spine. He cautiously draped himself over the man’s knee, and let out a deep breath.

Andreas began by just softly massaging the elf, helping to relax. “Don’t worry, we’ll take this very slow, Love. I don’t want to bring back any bad memories with this, alright?”

Leto nodded, burying his face in the covers on the mattress.

“First I think you will also need a word, just in case.” Andreas said.

Leto thought for a moment. “Danarius.”

Andreas chucked at that. “Yeah, that’s perfect. In case I do bring back memories if you’re saying that name, or ‘Master,’ I’ll know I need to stop.”

Leto nodded again.

Andreas then raised his hand and swatted Leto on his upturned arse. One single, sharp slap. Leto let out a small cry of shock at the contact. “There, feel how that sting becomes a tingle and then becomes a spreading warmth?”

Leto nodded again.

“Does it feel pleasant?” Andreas asked.

“Yes,” Leto admitted.

“Shall I do a few more?”

“Yes,” Leto said emphatically.

Andreas raised his hand again, keeping to the same amount of force, but this time spanked five times repeatedly, alternating between each butt cheek.

“Hmm. You’re getting a lovely pink glow now. Do you feel the spreading heat?” Andreas asked, gently massaging Leto’s reddening arse.

Leto nodded. “Yes. This doesn’t feel at all like what I expected.”

“Would you like to continue, Love? More with my hand, or would you like to see how the strap feels?” Andreas asked calmly.

“Yes, try once with the strap, so I can compare,” Leto nodded, noting the tingles had traveled down to his loins and was already half-hard again.

Andreas bent over to retrieve the belt from the floor, the one that Leto had been using as a strap. “Now this will sting a lot more when it lands, but the tingle and heat will also be more intense.”

Andreas landed a single blow from the strap onto Leto’s arse, watching a darker red welt form. Leto cried out at the sharp pain, and then groaned at the more intense sensations that followed, his cock now fully hard. He had begun to understand why Andreas found this treatment so…appealing.

“Feels good, doesn’t it Love?” Andreas said, caressing Leto’s arse gently.

Leto nodded. Then took several deep breaths, trying to calm his nerves for his next request. “Amatus, please…please punish me as I punished you last night. Please,” Leto begged.

“Sit up a moment, look at me. Why do you feel you need punishment, Love?” Andreas asked, cupping his lovers face gently.

“For…for all the horrible things I said to you back in Kirkwall. They were…unjust…and untrue,” Leto admitted. “I…never viewed you as an abomination…I understood the difference between spirits and demons. I was just not willing to let you see how much I wanted you, so it was easier to make you believe I hated you.”

“And you want me to punish you for that, Love? Are you sure?” Andreas asked gently.

Leto draped himself back over Andreas’ knee, presenting his arse for the strap. “Yes. Please. Let me know the kind of emotional release you were telling me about.”

“Alright, just remember your safe word and use it if this gets to be too much. I will stop immediately and I won’t question why,” Andreas agreed.

Leto nodded and twined his hands into the covers on the bed, preparing himself for what was to come.

Andreas then laid on the strap, assuming a regular rhythm, letting enough time pass between blows for some tingle and heat to spread across the elf’s skin. Andreas knew the signs to look for, if Fenris went into distress, or, preferably let go as he was hoping to do.

At first the pain was tolerable. Leto hadn’t been a warrior for all these years without experiencing his fair share of pain. Slowly the heat began to build, as did the sharp sting of the strap, blending together. Leto began to cry out at each blow, tears beginning to crest. Andreas continued, unrelenting, and slowly Leto began to let go of his emotions. Finally it felt like a damn had burst, and heavy sobs began to wrack his body. He cried for the loss of his childhood memories. He cried over the injustice of his slavery. He cried over the lives he had taken at Danarius’ command. He cried for every mean, nasty thing he had ever said to the mages that had shown him kindness. Finally he cried for how he had treated Andreas for all those years.

The blows of the strap continued until Leto’s sobs began to ebb and his body became a limp rag over Andreas’ knee. Then Andreas stopped, dropping the belt to the floor, and gathering the elf into his arms, soothing him with loving reassurances.

Leto was completely wrecked and Andreas gently laid him onto the bed and went to retrieve the salve. He gently caressed Leto’s reddened and welted flesh, rubbing the salve in to help reduce the heat and potential bruising.

After that, Leto drifted off into a peaceful slumber, sleeping well into mid-morning. He was awakened by the smell of coffee and bacon coming from their tiny kitchen. He got up and padded over towards Andreas, wrapping his arms around his half-naked form, peppering kisses on his back. “Thank you.”

Andreas turned around and kissed him tenderly. “You’re welcome. I was glad I was able to help you through that. Want some breakfast?”

“Yes, please, I’m famished,” Leto said eagerly, clearly in a much better mood.

As they sat together at the table enjoying their breakfast, Leto reached out and held Andreas’ hand. “Now I understand. Thank you for sharing that experience with me, Amatus.”

“Anytime, Love. I’ll never do that unless you wish it of me, but feel free to ‘punish’ me as often as you like,” Andreas said with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

Leto hardened his look, but kept a mischievous twinkle in his eye nonetheless. “If you keep mocking me, you know I will have to.”

Andreas intoned with a slight chuckle. “Yes, sir!”

“So what shall we do today, Amatus?” Leto asked.

“I was using this Internet thing on my phone the other day and saw that they have something called a museum here in Denver,” Andreas said. “Apparently it’s dedicated to the sciences. Since they have no magic here, science and technology have taken root. I would like to learn more about the science of this world. Would you come with me?”

“That sounds interesting. How far is it?” Leto asked.

“If I am using this one ‘app’ correctly, it’s about a one hour walk from here. It would feel good to stretch my legs,” Andreas replied.

“Indeed,” Leto agreed.

The two made their way towards the museum and spent the rest of the day exploring all the exhibits and even viewing an amazing thing called an IMAX movie that showed monstrous creatures from Earth’s past, called dinosaurs. They were even larger and more terrifying than the dragons on Thedas, and both Andreas and Leto were grateful these creatures no longer existed in this world. Even with Hawke’s entire Kirkwall crew, they doubted they could fell even one such beast.

On the way back home they stopped at a restaurant selling pizza and had dinner, including enough to take home as ‘left overs.’ They discussed all the amazing things they had seen at the museum while they ate. Perhaps this wasn’t the same magic as was known in Thedas, but so many things in this world still seemed magical to them.

“Have you considered perhaps contacting this ‘BioWare’ and letting them know of our existence?” Leto asked. “Perhaps they could help us understand more about how we came here?”

“I’m not sure. I wouldn’t want them to send us back,” Andreas replied. “Why don’t we call Henry tomorrow and ask him?”

“That’s a great idea,” Leto agreed.


That night Leto made love to Andreas, slow and sweet, showing him the same care and tenderness Andreas had shown him that morning. They both felt the bond between them growing stronger, as their trust and love for each other deepened.

They fell asleep happy and sated in each other’s arms.

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