Dimensional Dislocation

Hanging with Henry

Waking up tangled in elf was becoming one of Andreas’ favorite things. They had grown very close, very quickly. It began because of Leto’s need of familiarity in this strange world, but there had been affection there even before they had been pulled here through the eluvian. They both had just been too stubborn to admit it. Andreas wondered if they would have ever been given a chance to get close if they had remained in Kirkwall. Andreas guessed probably not, and that thought alone made him so grateful that they had both agreed to help Merrill on that fateful day.

Andreas smiled down at the sleepy elf in his arms and bent down to gently kiss him awake. Once Leto began responding to the kisses, Andreas was already hard and eager again. Sleepy morning sex on the weekends was becoming another one of Andreas’ favorite things to do.

Once sated, Andreas lay stretched out on his side next to Leto, leaning against his one elbow, stroking the elf’s cheek with his other hand.

“I love you so much,” Andreas whispered. “I can’t seem to say that enough.”

Leto looked up at him with affection. “Please, never stop saying it, Amatus. I love you too.”

They took their time getting up, enjoying the unhurried nature of this world’s weekend, a concept completely foreign to both of them. Back in Kirkwall, Andreas worked in his clinic every day of the week, except for the days he went out on missions with Hawke. Those missions were just a different kind of work.

After they finished their breakfast, they decided to give Henry a call.

“Hey Henry,” Andreas said in greeting. “Leto and I were wondering if you’d like to hang out. We have some things we’d like to ask you.”

“Sure, want to meet up for a late lunch?” Henry asked.

“Sounds good, where should we meet you?” Andreas queried.

“Have you guys tried Asian food yet? I know a great Asian fusion place that you both could walk to,” Henry suggested.

Henry shared the location and they agreed on a time to meet. It would take them a mere 30 minutes to walk so they had some time to kill before needing to leave. Still enjoying the newness of their relationship, they opted to make-out on the bed until it was time to go.

As much as they have been enjoying making love, and other kinky things, with each other, they also discovered they also loved to just kiss and snuggle as well. Andreas was always a snuggler, and never was able to get enough of that back in his years in the Circle, but he was surprised to find that Leto also enjoyed snuggling as well, almost seeming to crave it. It was such a contrast to the more dominating side of his personality.

“Leto, yesterday you asked me why I find your punishments so arousing,” Andreas asked thoughtfully, “but what about you? You seem to get aroused by giving me those punishments. Have you ever done things like that before?”

Leto shook his head. “No. I was always on the receiving end of such treatment, and it certainly was never for my pleasure or arousal, as I told you.” Leto furrowed his brow and frowned. “I think I find the power and control arousing. To control someone like that is … quite intoxicating.”

Andreas nodded. “Mmhm I thought as much. It’s the other side of the game. I enjoy giving up that control and giving it to you and you enjoy taking the control. It makes for a mutually beneficial arrangement.”

“The irony is not lost on me that I am enjoying something that Danarius used to do to me,” Leto frowned. “This doesn’t make me like him, does it?”

Andreas pulled Leto into a tender embrace. “No, Love, because you are not forcing this on someone who is unwilling. That makes it a big difference between you and Danarius. He never asked you to pick a safe word. He never stopped no matter how much a slave begged him to. He was a heartless monster.”

Leto nodded.

Andreas cupped Leto’s face and turned it to look at him. “You are my lover and I trust you. I trust you to not go too far. I trust you to stop if I really need you to. I love you. I truly love you.”

Leto’s eyes welled with emotion. “I love you too, Amatus. Thank you for placing so much trust in me. I never want to truly hurt you. Please make sure you stop me if I ever go too far.”

“Of course, Love.”


As the time to leave approached they slowly got up and got ready, and headed out the door of their apartment, sharing one final quick kiss. They made their way to the restaurant in a decent amount of time and arrived just as Henry was walking up.

“Hey Henry, thanks again for inviting us out last Friday,” Andreas said smiling.

“Thanks. My friends really liked you guys too,” Henry said, “though they still aren’t quite convinced you both aren’t just a couple of really brilliant cosplayers.”

They went into the restaurant and were quickly seated, although the hostess did look a bit uncomfortable around Leto, which just made him chuckle. He was glad that he still seemed intimidating.

Once again they let Henry order, and he proceeded to select several appetizers, to allow them to sample several different things. Strange sounding things like eggrolls, shumai and edamame.

“So, you said you wanted to ask me about some things. Is it about more things you are encountering in our world?” Henry asked.

“No, not exactly,” Andreas replied. “The more I’ve been studying your world’s herbology, comparing it to that of Thedas, it made me wonder about a number of things. We wanted your advice on perhaps contacting this company…BioWare…and seeing if they could help us understand how we could possibly exist in your world.”

“You guys want to talk to the creators of Dragon Age?” Henry asked. “I doubt they’d have any idea of how it’s possible for you to be here, but I bet they’d love to learn of your existence…assuming they believe you both aren’t some crazy fans.”

“Would you help us contact them?” Leto asked.

“Well, I have a better idea. Remember that ComiCon thing I was talking about? You missed the one in Denver, but the one in San Diego is happening in a few weeks and BioWare is sure to be there,” Henry began. “Why don’t we go out there and talk to them in person?”

“How far away is this…San Diego?” Leto asked.

“Well, too far to walk,” Henry laughed, “We’d have to fly. It’s like 1,100 miles from here.”

“Fly? Do you mean in one of those giant metal dragons?” Andreas asked, nervously.

“Yes, you’d have to fly in a giant metal dragon, more commonly known as an airplane,” Henry acknowledged. “I’ve always been meaning to go to the San Diego ComiCon, this gives me a great excuse.”

“How long does it take to fly?” Leto asked.

“Just a few hours, depending on the route we take. No more than two or three,” Henry said.

“Two or three hours over 1,100 miles?” Leto gasped. “How fast to these airplanes fly?”

“I think it’s around 500 miles per hour,” Henry explained.

“That’s….amazing,” Andreas said.

Then Henry frowned. “Oh wait, that might not work actually.”

“Why not?” asked Leto.

“You don’t have any ID, and you cannot go through airport security without it. It’s the law.” Henry explained.

“Well I know Miranda said she’s working on getting IDs for us,” Andreas offered.

“Well, unless they are official IDs, they won’t work and the last thing you’d want is to be arrested with no identity on file. That could be disastrous,” Henry cautioned. “Well, nothing for it…we’ll have to drive! You guys up for a road trip instead?”

“How long will that take?” Andreas asked.

Henry pulled out his phone and tapped the screen a few times. “According to Google, about 15 hours,” Henry said. “Hmm that’s not too bad. I’ve done longer road trips than that before.”

“So we won’t need these IDs to drive across your land?” Leto asked.

“Nope, no IDs needed as long as I’m the one driving. Neither of you know how and you can’t legally drive without an ID either,” Henry explained. “Good thing I enjoy driving. I was just coming back from a road trip when I picked you guys up in the first place.”

Andreas thought about it for a moment “What about our jobs while we’re gone? I’ll have the clinic up and running by then.”

“Could you maybe train an assistant so you could take a couple of extra days off?” Henry suggested.

“That’s a great idea,” Andreas said grinning. “I always had a couple of helpers in my clinic in darktown and they often stepped in when I had to go off with Hawke on a mission. I’ll ask Casey about it tomorrow.”

“Are you excited to open the clinic?” Henry asked.

Andreas simply beamed at the question. “Absolutely. It will feel good to be helping people in a more meaningful way again.”

Leto smiled at how happy Andreas seemed by the possibility of being able to heal people again, at least in some small capacity. Truth be told he was looking forward to training people in self-defense. Being more physically active would feel good after so many weeks of feeling idle.

The food finally arrived along with glasses of a beverage called ‘sake.’ Once again it was all delicious and Andreas and Leto enjoyed all the new flavors and textures of food. If nothing else, the food in this world was so varied and flavorful, so much better than the options they had back in Kirkwall.

Henry chuckled as his strange friends enjoyed their food. “So which dish do you guys like the best?”

“All of them!” they both responded, laughing when they both realized they had responded in perfect unison.

“You two are actually quite adorable together,” Henry said, shaking his head. “I never would have thought it. I always argued against the Dragon Age players who kept saying you both had a lot of chemistry together in the game. I guess I completely missed it.”

“You really never thought we’d get along?” Andreas asked. “I think I need to play this Dragon Age sometime so I can see what you’ve seen about us.”

Henry nodded. “You’ll need a gaming computer first, and an internet connection in your apartment. I’ll call Miranda to see what they can do to hook you up with that. I think I mentioned that you both were featured in the second game, Dragon Age 2. The first one focused on the ‘Hero of Ferelden’ and the Fifth Blight, oh and they had an ‘expansion of that game’ where we first met you Andreas, when you were conscripted into the Grey Wardens. The newest version of the game is called Inquisition and it focuses on the aftermath of something Anders and Justice do in Kirkwall.”

“You mean, if I had remained in Kirkwall, we do something…bad?” Andreas asked hesitantly.

“Yeah…very bad. Do you want me to tell you or do you want to find out for yourself?” Henry asked.

“Tell me now, please. I need to know what that…spirit…influences me to do. He was already starting to push me towards more extreme measures before we left,” Andreas said sternly.

“Well, basically, you end up blowing up the Chantry in Kirkwall, big time. Lots of innocent lives are lost in the ensuing aftermath, and it caused the mages and Templars to go to war,” Henry explained.

Leto growled upon hearing that information. “Andreas…how…how could you?!”

Andreas turned to Leto with a frightened look in his eyes. “Leto, I’m sorry, but I never did that. I wasn’t even planning that when we left Kirkwall, I swear! It must be an idea Justice puts into my head sometime in the future. And Justice is gone now, I’m free of his influence. Please, Love, don’t blame me for something I never did,” Andreas pleaded.

Leto took a deep breath. “You’re right, Amatus. Forgive me. I sometimes forget that…spirit…is gone. But what justice does it serve to kill innocents?”

Andreas shook his head. “None. I guess I was right, that by merging with me Justice transformed into a spirit of Vengeance, which really did make him a borderline demon. Does the game show me merging with him?”

Henry shook his head. “No, the end of the expansion you either disappear or are found dead at Vigil’s Keep. It surprised a lot of people when your character showed up again in the next game. They explained it away by saying you faked your own death and left a burnt corpse with your robes for them to find instead.”

“Well I never did that. I guess I’m from whatever version it is where I decided to run away,” Andreas mused aloud.

“So, how about we have some dessert?” Henry suggested

“Dessert?” Andreas asked.

“Yes, something sweet to eat after a meal,” Henry replied. “I recommend the mochi balls here, they are delicious.”

When the waitress came by they ordered one mochi ball in every flavor they had, cut into three pieces so they could all taste. There was green tea, red bean, mango, and strawberry. Leto seemed a bit put off that apple wasn’t an option.

“You really do have an apple obsession, don’t you?” Henry laughed.

“I’m not obsessed,” Leto grumped. “I just happen to really enjoy apples, that’s all.”

Henry laughed again.

“What’s so funny?” Leto grumped.

“You’re being broody,” Henry said, still chuckling. “It really is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Varric was right, women would swoon and have broody babies in your honor.”

Andreas laughed at that, remembering when Varric had said those words to Leto.

Leto glared at Andreas. “Do not push your luck, human.”

Andreas couldn’t wipe the smirk off his face, but he responded as soberly as possible. “Yes, Sir.”

“Alright, I’m not sure I really want to know, but what is going on between you two?” Henry asked. “First the hair pulling in my car Friday night, now the ‘yes, sir’? You’re not training Andreas to become your slave or something, are you?”

Andreas and Leto both blushed furiously. They hadn’t meant to share that part of their relationship with anyone.

“Um, well…you see…”Andreas stammered. “I kind of like when Leto gets…authoritative.”

It was now Henry’s turn to blush. “Ah, ok, I think I got it.”

An awkward silence followed until the dessert was delivered. No surprise, Andreas and Leto enjoyed these as well, marveling at the chewy exterior and the frozen, flavorful creamy interiors.

“So what do you two have planned for the rest of the day?” Henry asked.

Andreas and Leto looked at each other and shrugged. “We hadn’t thought that far ahead. We did go to that science museum yesterday. That was fascinating!”

“Really? Did you see any of their IMAX movies?” Henry asked.

“Yeah, the dinosaur one. Made me glad that those creatures no longer exist. They seemed worse than dragons,” Andreas said with a shudder.

“Yeah, in fact the remains of dinosaurs are probably what started the whole myth about dragons in the first place,” Henry explained. “Dragons never really existed in our world, but people kept digging up bones from these really big, reptilian creatures. Then people just used their overactive imaginations to fill in the rest.”

“There really is so much to learn yet about this world,” Andreas said. “I could easily spend the rest of my life just reading and studying and never learn it all.”

“You’re hardly the only person to say that!” Henry laughed. “Would you two like to go shoot some pool with me?” Henry suggested. “It’s a fun game and there’s a place right around the corner from here.”

“Is it anything like Wicked Grace?” Andreas asked.

“Uh no. It’s not a card game. I think Poker would be closer to what you call Wicked Grace,” Henry responded.

The trio headed around the corner to a bar with many large tables laid out. The place was largely empty, with only a few patrons sitting around the bar, drinking. The tables looked strange, with high sides and covered in cloth with what looked like nets on each corner and holes in the top leading to the nets.

Henry paid for one of the tables and was handed a tray with colored balls and he then led them over to one of the tables.

“So, this, my friends, is a pool table,” Henry said as way of introduction. “And what I’m holding are the pool or billiard balls. Basically, the object of the game is to sink the colored balls into the pockets using the white ball.”

“That seems pretty simple,” Leto said.

“Wait, there are a few more rules,” Henry said. “First, we have to put the balls into a triangle configuration,” Henry demonstrated, racking the balls into the table and carefully removing the rack. “Now, one of us begins and ‘breaks’ that formation. If any balls go into the pockets, you get that type of ball, known as solids or stripes. Your opponent has to go after the other balls.”

“And if you don’t sink any on the break?” Andreas asked.

“Then the next person takes a turn and can aim for any ball he chooses,” Henry explained. “This keeps going until the first ball is sunk. Now here are some of the tricky parts. First, you cannot sink the black 8 ball until last. If you sink it too soon, you automatically lose. If you sink the white ball, you forfeit your next turn and your opponent gets to place the ball strategically behind these two points on the table. Finally, you have to call out which pocket you’re aiming for and if you miss, your opponent gets the next turn.”

“Alright, I think I understand,” Leto nodded, going to grab the white ball in his hand and aiming it.

“Wait!” Henry shouted. “There’s one more thing.”

Henry walked over to the wall where there appeared to be several long, polished wooden staves propped up. He selected three of them and handed one to each.

“We have to hit the white ball with these, they are called cues, pool cues,” Henry explained. “Let me demonstrate.”

Henry then took the white ball from Leto and placed it on the table, and then leaned over the table and aimed his cue at the white ball. With a swift, sure motion he hit the white ball and it went speeding towards the others, hitting the first one with a resounding crack. The rest of the balls scattered and two went into pockets.

“So that’s how you break,” Henry exclaimed. “Hmm seems like I got both a stripe and a solid, which means it’s my choice which side I want. And I get another turn! Do you both want to team up against me or do you want take turns, one of you playing now, and the other playing the winner?”

“Since we’re new to this game, let’s team up,” Andreas suggested. “Is that alright with you, Love?”

“Yes, that is acceptable, Amatus. As long as I get to go first,” Leto said firmly.

“Yes, Love, that’s fine,” Andreas agreed.


They spent the rest of the afternoon playing, Leto clearly showing a higher degree of skill than Andreas, who kept fumbling the cue and missing his shots. Andreas complained that he was better at twirling a staff than he was at using it to hit things with precision, doing a quick demonstration with his pool cue. Henry was impressed, but told Andreas not to do that in public too often.

Afterwards they parted company and Leto and Andreas headed back home. They still had pizza left over from the day before that they planned to heat for their dinner, along with some beer that Henry had helped them purchase.

Soon they were snuggled next to each other on the bed in just their underwear, watching TV. They kept trying to make sense out of the things kept seeing on their favorite news channel, everything from terrorists raping and killing innocents in some place called ‘the middle east,’ to some man who appeared to be famous, announcing that he was going to become a woman.

“Alright, I know Henry keeps telling us that everything in this world is done through science and technology and that there is no such thing as magic, but how in the world can a man transform into a woman without blood magic?” Andreas remarked. “I’m going to have to ask Henry about that one!”

“I think I’ve seen enough of this ‘news,’” Leto grumbled.

“What else did you have in mind, Love?” Andreas waggled his eye brows.

“I’m trying to decide on a fitting punishment for your transgression earlier,” Leto said with a wicked smile.

Trying not to grin widely, Andreas immediately moved himself into a position of supplication, kissing Leto’s bare feet. “I am at your command, Sir.”

“I think you enjoy this far too much, Amatus,” Leto said chuckling.

“You enjoy it too, Love, admit it,” Andreas said sitting up. “Now are you going to smack my naughty ass, or what?” Andreas said, turning around and waggling his rear at Leto.

Leto pounced on Andreas, tackling him to the mattress, causing the larger man to yelp in surprise. Then Leto decided exactly what Andreas’ punishment should be, and he began to viciously tickle the man under him, causing him to scream and laugh. Leto was laughing too and the two tussled on the bed for several minutes until Leto had Andreas pinned under him, his arms held in a firm grip above his head.

They both breathed heavily for several minutes before Leto descended on Andreas for a bruising kiss. “Who do you belong to?” Leto purred into Andreas’ ear.

“I belong to you, Love. Only you,” Andreas said with a loving smile.

They spent the rest of the night making love, enjoying each other’s bodies and professing their love for each other with each moan, gasp and scream.

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