Dimensional Dislocation

Reopening Old Wounds

Monday dawned bright and early. Too early for Leto’s liking. Andreas was already up, puttering around the kitchen, the smell of fresh coffee brewing wafting through their tiny apartment.

“How are you always so Maker-damned perky in the morning?” Leto grumbled.

“I get to open my new clinic today, Love.” Andreas shrugged, giving Leto a quick peck on the lips as he handed his lover a cup of coffee.

“Ah yes, that explains your nervous excitement,” Leto said, yawning. He took a long drink of the coffee, savoring the rich flavor. Why hadn’t he ever drank coffee back in Kirkwall? It would have made his mornings so much better.

“I am excited to help people who really need it, but I am nervous that there will be someone who requires more healing than I am able to offer. I know you’re happy I’m not a mage anymore…but I do still miss my magic,” Andreas sighed.

Leto got up and set his coffee down, drawing Andreas into a tender embrace. “I know, Amatus. You truly were an example of how magic can serve man, without ruling over him. I am sorry the loss of it upsets you.”

Andreas gave Leto a quick kiss. “Thanks, Love. You seem to have a knack of knowing the right thing to say to make me feel better.”

Andreas then turned his attention back towards the kitchen. “Today I thought I’d try making something I heard was a popular breakfast in this land, eggs and bacon.”

“It smells delicious,” Leto said. “How are you preparing the eggs?”

“I am making them in a style they call over-easy,” Andreas explained. “I hope you like them that way.”

Leto did approve of the eggs and he really enjoyed the salty, smoked flavor of the bacon.

Once breakfast was finished, Andreas rushed to dress as he was more eager than usual to get work.

As they walked along towards the mission, Leto explained again his plans for his self-defense class that week. He was giving two 1-hour sessions on Tuesday and again on Thursday. He made Andreas promise to make time to attend at least one class that week, or suffer the consequences.

Andreas smirked, but responded seriously. “Yes, sir.”


Leto went off to help in the kitchen while Andreas went to open his new clinic. He had everything prepared by the time he left on Friday so all he had to do was open the clinic and start seeing anyone of the needy or homeless that required medical attention.

Not unexpected, based on Andreas’ experience with his darktown clinic in Kirkwall, he had quite a steady stream of patients with all manner of illnesses. Many of them were simple enough; bumps and scrapes, a few pulled muscles or twisted ankles. He had to set a couple of broken bones and some of the salves he made from the herbs Miranda had provided proved useful for a few people with scrapes or odd rashes.

There were a few cases that Andreas wasn’t able to treat because he didn’t have the proper salve for it, but promised to work on them within the next day or two, and he made note of the herbs he was lacking so that hopefully Miranda could provide them.

Miranda checked in with Andreas late that afternoon to see how the first day was coming along.

“I hear you’ve been keeping busy,” Miranda said cheerfully as she entered the small clinic while Andreas was bandaging the knee of a young boy.

“Miranda! Yes, there has been a non-stop stream of people today,” Andreas smiled in greeting. “It feels really good to be helping people again.”

“Have you taken a break to eat at all?” Miranda looked concerned.

“Oh yes. Leto brought me lunch and made me take a break with him earlier,” Andreas replied. “He remembers how I used to go without food or a break for too long at the last clinic I ran, and he’s making sure I don’t do that again.”

“Good,” Miranda said. “I don’t want you to become your own patient. How are your supplies holding up?”

“Pretty well, but I’ve been making a list of things I’ll need more of, and a list of additional herbs that I could use,” Andreas nodded towards his desk before turning back to his young patient. “Now try to avoid jumping off of swings at playgrounds from now on, alright Thomas?”

“My name is Tommy!” the child said indignantly.

“Alright Tommy, do you understand?” Andreas smiled at him.

“Alright. Yes doctor,” Tommy said reluctantly.

Andreas turned to the child’s mother. “He should heal up with no scar. He’ll be good as new within the week.”

“Thank you Doctor Bauermann,” the mother said gratefully.

“Please, just call me Andreas.”


That evening it was all Andreas could talk about was his day in the clinic. He talked about all his patients and their various injuries and illnesses all the way home, and continued jabbering for at least an hour before Leto decided it was time to put a stop to it.

“Enough, Amatus,” Leto growled, pushing Andreas back on the bed. “I am pleased you are so enthusiastic with your clinic, but I do not need to know the intimate details of every patient you see each day.”

To emphasize his point Leto kissed Andreas before he could speak a word of protest.

Andreas smiled up at Leto. “Well, when you put it that way…”

Andreas flipped them over so Leto was on his back, and Andreas captured the elf’s mouth in a deeper kiss. “Love you so much, Leto,” Andreas breathed as he kissed Leto along his jaw and up towards his sensitive elven ear, causing Leto to moan at the touch.

“So, tell me, what do you plan on teaching in your class tomorrow?” Andreas asked as he continued kissing Leto’s skin just below his ear.

Leto growled and flipped Andreas back around. “Just some basic self-defense moves, like preventing me from taking advantage of you, silly human.”

“But I like when you take advantage of me, silly elf,” Andreas smirked.

“Would you like it if someone else tried to?” Leto asked. “This world is in many ways more dangerous than Thedas. I would have you be safe. I cannot always be there to protect you.”

“I know, Love,” Andreas said, reaching up to cup Leto’s face. “I never want anything bad to happen to you either.”


Leto continued to stare down into his lover’s eyes, getting lost in thought, thinking about how it would feel to use some of his practiced self-defense moves on his lover. Andreas began to make needy little sounds beneath him.

“Be still, human,” Leto said with a slight growl, trying to hide a wicked smile.

Andreas immediately perked up at Leto’s commanding tone a smirk forming on his lips. “Make me.”

“My pleasure,” Leto responded, moving swiftly. Leto sat up, pulling Andreas with him and pulling the larger man over his knees. He felt Andreas’ cock harden on his lap as he maneuvered Andreas into position.

Leto pulled Andreas’ jeans and underwear down off his still-too-slim hips and held the man in place firmly.

“This is not for punishment tonight, but because I love how beautiful your ass looks when it’s all red and warmed. I know you enjoy this, but do not forget your watchword if you need it to stop,” Leto stated simply.

“Yes, sir,” Andreas nearly moaned, trying to remain still.

Leto’s hand came down with a sharp smack on Andreas’ ass, hard enough to leave a red imprint. Andreas let out a whimper and a moan before the next smack landed. Andreas began to push his ass up to eagerly meet the smacks raining down on his bare backside, almost mewling with pleasure.

“You really do like getting spanked, don’t you,” Leto growled, raining down more hard slaps. “Such a naughty human with such a beautiful red ass.”

Leto kept up a fast, hard rhythm until he noted how Andreas was beginning to rut against his leg. He stopped, adjusting himself and Andreas so that the man he held across his lap had nothing to rut against.

“I didn’t give you permission to pleasure yourself, human,” Leto admonished. “Now you have earned a proper punishment.”

Andreas moaned at the words, quivering with anticipation as Leto removed his belt.

“Raise your ass for me,” Leto commanded and Andreas complied quickly.

Once Andreas was in place, Leto began raining down blows from his belt, hard and fast. Andreas cried out in pain and pleasure at the increased intensity. Once Andreas’ skin was a nice, deep shade of red, Leto finally stopped, running his fingers over the now heated, tender flesh.

Leto repositioned Andreas so he was lying on his stomach on the bed and Leto then knelt behind his lover. “Spread your legs, ass up.”

Leto bent down and spread apart Andreas’ ass cheeks to view the tight pucker hidden within. He bent down and ran a swipe of his tongue over the tight ring, eliciting a deep moan from Andreas. The elf enjoyed the musky taste and began lick the area in earnest. Slowly he began to push his tongue past the ring of muscle and was soon thrusting his tongue in and out of the tight entrance, causing Andreas to writhe under his ministrations.

Leto then reached for the bottle of lube and coated his fingers with them and slowly began to insert one where his tongue was moments before.

“Do you like it when I fill your ass, human? Do you enjoy it when I take you and make you mine?” Leto growled, pushing in a second finger.

“Yes, sir. I love how possessive you are of me, sir,” Andreas said with a genuine moan of pleasure.

Leto slid his fingers out and began stroking his cock with the lube. “I will take you now and I would hear you scream my name in pleasure.”

Leto slowly sank his length into Andreas, their frequent lovemaking helping it to be a smooth slide.

“Fuck, your ass is so perfect. It’s like it’s made to be fucked, like it was made for me to fill it with my cock,” Leto said through gritted teeth as he began to pound the man.

Andreas nearly came at hearing that beautiful, sonorous voice speak such filthy language. He certainly wasn’t going to last much longer at the rate Leto was pounding into him.

“Touch yourself,” Leto commanded, clearly getting close to the edge himself. Andreas gratefully complied, stroking his cock in time with Leto’s thrusts. Andreas mewled as he kept himself just on the edge of cumming, knowing he had to wait for Leto’s command. Leto thrust into him several more times before finally giving in.

“Cum for me. Let me know how much you love feeling my cock in your ass,” Leto panted.

Andreas let go completely, screaming Leto’s name in ecstasy as he came hard all over his hand and the blanket below him. As he clenched around Leto’s cock, Leto stuttered and held himself still, cumming deep inside his lover. Andreas’ moaned as he felt the cock inside his ass pumping hot seed deep within him.

They both collapsed next to each other, panting and sated.

Andreas looked over at Leto and rolled over to give him a tender kiss. “I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of your dominating me in bed. That was…amazing, Love.”

Leto chuckled. “Good. The sounds you make when I’m beating that fine ass of yours…they undo me every time.”

“Love you, Leto,” Andreas purred sleepily, curling himself around the elf.

“I love you too, Amatus,” Leto responded, falling asleep in his lover’s embrace.


“Shit!” Andreas shouted, startling Leto awake the next morning.

“What’s wrong, Amatus?” Leto asked sleepily.

“We almost overslept and we didn’t take a shower last night,” Andreas said, his voice full of annoyance. “I’m still covered in my own cum from last night.”

“Well we can’t have that,” Leto chuckled. “Come let’s forgo our morning coffee and take a quick shower instead.”

They showered quickly and dressed before heading to work. They were slightly behind their normal morning schedule and walked hurriedly, making it just a couple of minutes late. They both were apologizing profusely and Casey gave them some good-natured ribbing for acting so ashamed for being two minutes late.

Andreas then headed off to open the clinic for the day while Leto went off to set up for his first training class. He had asked Andreas to join the afternoon class he had planned.

Leto’s morning class went better than he had expected. He was never comfortable being in front of people, but talking about fighting and defense helped calm his nerves. He put the small group of people through several basic moves they could use to defend themselves with, everything from blocking techniques to how to knock an attacker off their feet in order to run for help.

Miranda had provided him with floor mats in his small training room and he had his students practice some of what he taught them on each other as he walked around and helped each of them improve their technique. At the end of the class he was quite pleased with the progress he’d seen even the shyest of his students make.

After the class, Leto headed towards the kitchen for lunch, grabbing an extra bowl of the day’s soup for Andreas, knowing he probably was too caught up in his work to stop and get lunch for himself. Heading towards the clinic, Leto passed several of his students who were heading towards the lunch line themselves and they all thanked him for a good lesson. Leto was in high spirits as he walked into the clinic.

The scene before Leto as he entered the small clinic made him drop the bowls of soup in his hands and rush to Andreas’ aid. Andreas was being pushed over the edge of one of the cots in clinic, his jeans having been pulled down, exposing his ass. His arms were twisted painfully behind him and his mouth was stuffed with balled up bandages while a large man was holding him down, raping him.

Just before Leto attacked the large man he heard him snarl at Andreas. “You like that don’t you, you fuckin’ fag. You like taking cock up your ass. I’m gonna fuck the gay right out of you…”

In the next moment the rapist was being torn away from his victim and thrown up against a wall. Leto grabbed the man’s hair and kneed him in his groin hard. “How dare you lay a hand on him,” Leto screamed at the man. “You pathetic excuse for a human.”

The startled man screamed in pain as Leto grabbed his still erect cock and squeezed it painfully, kneeing him again, even harder. Apparently the man wasn’t accustomed to being assaulted and fainted dead away at the pain.

Leto immediately rushed to Andreas after letting the man slump to the ground. “Are you alright, Amatus?”

Andreas was shaking, but nodded his head as he pulled the bandages out of his mouth. “I’ll be alright, Love. This is hardly the first time I’ve dealt with this sort of treatment. Although this will be the first time I won’t be able to heal myself afterwards.”

Leto noted the blood dripping out of Andreas’ rear, fear running through him. “What can I do?”

“Grab the salve in the blue container. That will help with the pain,” Andreas pointed at his shelves.

As Leto ran to grab the salve, Casey came running in after having heard the commotion from the kitchen.

“Oh my God!” Casey exclaimed. “What is going on in here?”

“Andreas was assaulted by that man,” Leto indicated by pointing a finger. “I pulled him off and he fainted after I tried putting him in his place.”

“That’s one of Howard’s buddies,” Casey frowned. “I’m going to call 911.”

“What’s 911?” Leto asked as he headed back towards Andreas with the salve.

“It will alert the authorities and he will be arrested for assault and Andreas can get proper treatment at the hospital,” Casey explained, pulling out his phone.

“Wait!” Andreas shouted hoarsely. “Is that wise to involve the authorities? We are…I think Miranda called it ‘undocumented,’ and we could get in trouble.”

“Well Denver is a Sanctuary City,” Casey said. “But you’re right, we should be cautious. Let me tie up this big lummox so he doesn’t cause more problems and then I’ll call Miranda first.”

Casey went off to find something to bind the large man with and Leto proceeded to take some gauze and water and cleaned up Andreas as best as he could before applying the salve.

“You need to apply the salve all the way inside, Love,” Andreas said weakly.

“Yes, of course,” Leto nodded and slowly worked the salve into Andreas with one finger, moving slowly to prevent further damage. “How is that?”

“Much better, it’s already taking the edge off, thank you,” Andreas replied, as he started to get up and pull his jeans and underwear back up. “Let me have a small stack of that gauze please.”

Leto fetched the gauze and Andreas placed it into his underwear and pulled them up the rest of the way. “That’s gonna hurt for a while, I’m not going to lie,” Andreas quipped, trying to put on a brave face.

Leto wrapped his arms around his lover, trying to comfort him. Andreas finally let go and began to weep into Leto’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, Love. I’m so sorry.”

“Why are you sorry, Amatus? You did nothing wrong,” Leto said quietly.

“I should have listened to you when you said I needed self-defense training,” Andreas said. “I thought I knew how to defend myself, but without my magic…I am completely useless.”

Leto held Andreas as he sobbed into his shoulder, letting out all his emotion.

Casey came back and saw Andreas and Leto locked together, and frowned. This shouldn’t have happened under his watch. He made his way over towards the large man and deftly tied his hands and feet and hauled him over his shoulder and carried him over to his office, locking the man in.

Miranda arrived within the hour, rushing towards the clinic first to check on Andreas. Leto had him lying on his side on one of his cots, and was curled around him for comfort as the man continued to weep.

“Oh, my. Are you alright, Andreas?” Miranda asked, voice full of concern.

Andreas nodded weakly. Leto got up and took Miranda aside. “He was bleeding quite profusely, but with the aid of one of his salves and some gauze we think we’ve done as much as we can,” Leto explained. “As for his emotional state, this isn’t the first time he has been assaulted like this.”

“Oh my goodness, that’s…terrible,” Miranda looked shocked. “What else can we do for him?”

Leto thought for a moment. “I think right now I just need to take him home and tuck him into bed. May I bring some medical supplies from the clinic with me?”

“Yes, of course, anything you need,” Miranda said. “Let me talk to Casey about his attacker and then I’ll drive you both home.”

Miranda went off to talk to Casey while Leto helped Andreas get up. “Miranda is going to take us home how. Tell me what supplies I should bring so I can tend to your injuries.”

Andreas told Leto the various things he would need and he packed them into a small bundle and then led Andreas out towards the front door of the mission. Word had spread of the assault and many of the people that had come to know the pair over the past several weeks came over to express their regrets and concern for Andreas.

Andreas had tried his best to wipe away his tears and he put on a brave face, smiling at all the people coming to support him. It felt good to know there were more good people than bad in this world, especially after an incident like this.

Miranda met them at the front door and Andreas laid himself into the back seat for the ride home, not willing to try and sit down right now.

“I think we should press charges,” Miranda said as she drove. “But that can wait until tomorrow. Andreas should try and get as much rest as he can first.”

Soon Leto had Andreas tucked into bed, after helping him clean and reapply the salve to his injuries again. A couple of hours later, a knock came to their door and Henry stood outside with a bag full of groceries in his arms.

“Miranda called and told me what happened,” Henry explained. “I decided to stop and buy you guys some food since you may not wish to leave the apartment for a couple of days.”

Leto nodded. “Yes, the assault was pretty bad. It also reawakened some of Andreas’ past trauma and he’s not dealing with it very well. I am very concerned.”

Henry nodded. “It’s not mentioned much in the game itself, but many players suspected that Andreas was being raped by the Templars at Kinloch Hold. I’m not surprised to find that part of his past was true.”

Leto nodded. “He had mentioned the abuse in passing before, but I have never known the extent of it.”

“Maybe get him to talk about it,” Henry suggested. “It might help. In the meantime, I’ll ask Miranda to hire some additional security to help keep Andreas safe during his clinic hours.”

“Thank you Henry,” Leto nodded. “I appreciate you looking out for us.”

“I am so sorry this happened,” Henry said. “We should have known that Howard would try something else again.”

Henry went on his way and Leto put away the groceries he had brought and saw that he had included some soups. They hadn’t eaten their lunch because of the assault, and they’d also skipped breakfast as well. Leto warmed up the soup and brought a bowl over to the bed where Andreas lay resting.

“Can you sit up and eat something, Amatus?” Leto asked softly.

Andreas nodded, sitting up carefully and putting a pillow underneath his injured rear. “Thanks, Love. Thanks for stopping him and thanks for taking care of me.”

“Always, Amatus. I only wish I had come sooner,” Leto said, handing Andreas the bowl of soup and getting up to get his own bowl before joining Andreas on the bed again.

“I heard you and Henry talking,” Andreas said, looking down at his bowl. “I guess you want to hear about what happened with me at Kinloch Hold?”

“Only if you wish to tell me,” Leto said, reaching out a hand to stroke over one of Andreas’ hands.

“I…I probably should tell you. I’ve never really told anyone exactly what happened there,” Andreas said.

Andreas began, recounting from the time he was torn away from his mother by the Templars and dragged all the way from the Anderfels to Ferelden. From the first the Templars he had encountered had heaped abuses on him, locking him in magic draining manacles and chains, taking perverted liberties with his body, despite being just a boy of twelve.

Once at Kinloch Hold, the abuses continued and was the main reason he kept escaping. Not all the mages were being abused, but apparently the prettier boys and girls were most often the victims of unnecessary Templar attention. Andreas’ friend Karl had tried to help keep him safe, but the Templars separated them as soon as they discovered what Karl was trying to do.

After Andreas’ sixth time being recaptured after an escape was the worst, when he was locked in ‘solitary’ confinement for an entire year. Unfortunately it hadn’t been all that solitary, with the worst of the Templars visiting him often, beating and raping him repeatedly.

After his seventh escape he vowed to never be taken back to Kinloch Hold again. When the Templars that recaptured him yet again, dragged him to Vigil’s Keep, he was once again about to be raped when the Darkspawn attack occurred, literally saving Andreas. He was so grateful he happily joined the Grey Wardens if it meant he could finally escape the Templars of Kinloch Hold once and for all.

As Andreas related the sordid details of his life at Kinloch Hold, Leto’s eyes filled with tears, his heart aching for the man he loved.

“I will never, ever let another man touch you like that again,” Leto swore. “Once you are recovered, you will allow me to teach you how to defend yourself.”

Andreas gave him a weak smile. “Yes, Love. You will get no more arguments from me about that. Now come here and hold me, please.”

“Gladly,” Leto said, lying down and wrapping himself about Andreas, holding him close.

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