Dimensional Dislocation

Las Vegas

Andreas sat on Leto’s lap and his breath hitched when Leto whispered into his ear. I want you.

They hadn’t been intimate since the attack on Andreas so many weeks ago, but Andreas was finally moving past it and very ready and willing to allow his lover to be close again.

In response to Leto’s declaration, Andreas leaned closer to the elf and ghosted this lips across the elf’s, whispering “I want you, too.” Leto captured his mouth with his own then, delving his warm, wet tongue into Andreas’ mouth. They spent endless moments getting drunk on each other’s kisses before Andreas finally got off Leto’s lap and led him over to the luxurious hotel bed.

Andreas slowly began to unbutton Leto’s shirt, enjoying the way it forced him to take his time to reveal his lover’s gorgeous skin and swirling black markings. As much as Leto would always hate those markings, they did make him a gorgeous sight to behold, as they swirled around his lithe form.

As the shirt parted under his fingers Andreas bent down to kiss and lick the skin revealed, slowly kneeling before his lover. Leto hitched his breath as Andreas slowly undid his belt and slacks, pushing them off his slim, elven hips, releasing the elf’s already hard length.

Leto reached down and pulled Andreas up from his knees. “Not tonight Amatus. Tonight I mean to make love to you.” Andreas let out a small whimper at the promise behind those words as Leto claimed his mouth again while slowly pushing him back towards the bed, stepping out of his slacks in the process. Leto quickly discarded his slacks and underwear as well. All Andreas could do was stare at his lover and breath “Oh, Maker.”

Leto slowly unbuttoned Andreas’ shirt, sliding his hands beneath the thin material as it parted, kissing and nipping the bared flesh. Andreas just lay back, breathing hard, letting out little mewls and whimpers.

Leto looked up into Andreas’ eyes. “Are you alright?”

“Oh Maker, yes. Please don’t stop, Love.” Andreas whispered.

“I have ached for you,” Leto growled, kissing Andreas once more, as he slid the shirt off Andreas’ shoulders.

“I know, Love. I’m sorry,” Andreas said softly.

“Hush. Nothing to be sorry for, Amatus,” Leto said, working his fingers into Andreas’ waist band to unbutton his slacks. “I just want to reclaim what’s mine tonight.”

“Yes, Love. I’m yours.” Andreas nodded as his slacks were being slid off his hips, along with his underwear.

“Good,” Leto said with a slightly wicked grin.

Leto went to retrieve the lube from his bag and settled himself next to Andreas on the bed. He dropped the lube and began exploring every inch of Andreas’ body with fingers and lips and tongue, making his lover moan and writhe under his touch.

Andreas began to plead with Leto. “Please, Love. Please touch me, fuck me…anything. I need you…nnnggh…” His last thought was cut off when Leto wrapped his lips around the head of Andreas’ cock, licking gently at the slit before taking more of the aching length into his mouth.

Without withdrawing his mouth, Leto reached for the lube and spread some on his fingers, before slowly massaging it into Andreas’ entrance. Andreas was groaning in pleasure, when he made an undignified squeak as Leto breached his entrance with a finger. Leto raised his head and tried to reassure his lover. “Shhh, Amatus. It’s alright. I’ve got you. Is it too much?”

Andreas shook his head. “N..no. It’s good. Just been so long…”

Leto kept sliding his finger slowly in and out, while he crawled back up to kiss Andreas senseless yet again, whispering words of love and encouragement between kisses.

“You’re so good Amatus. I’ll make this feel good for you.” Leto purred against Andreas’ lips.

Andreas began arching into Leto’s touch and Leto felt Andreas relax around his finger enough to insert a second, causing Anders to groan into his kisses. It wasn’t long before Leto was able to insert a third finger.

Andreas began to mouth the word please against Leto’s lips. Please, please, please, I need you, please.

With Andreas begging so beautifully Leto could deny him no longer, and he repositioned himself between his lover’s legs, spreading them wide. He slicked up his cock with more lube before positioning himself at Andreas’ entrance, making slow, teasing circles with the tip before plunging in slowly.

“Ugh…yes…that’s what I need Love. I need all of you…please!” Andreas begged.

Leto was soon seated within his lover. Andreas had been right, it had been so long since they were together like this. Leto nearly came right then and there for the tight heat his cock was sheathed in. He paused to take a deep breath to stave off his impending orgasm. He wanted this to last as long as possible, for both of them.

Leto leaned down and ghosted his lips over Andreas’ as he slowly began to move. “Andreas…you’re perfect…so perfect for me…so tight and…nnngh…hot…and…perfect.”

Andreas leaned up and closed the gap between his and Leto’s lips, kissing him hungrily as he arched into every one of his lover’s thrusts. It was slow and sweet and sensual. Andreas could feel every inch of Leto as he slid in and out. It was too much and not enough all at once.

“I love you Leto. Love you so much. Love every part of you,” Andreas moaned into his lover’s mouth. His heart near to bursting with how gentle Leto was being. Andreas might enjoy it rough, but this slow lovemaking had his heart soaring. It was exactly what he needed.

Leto wrapped his hand around Andreas’ cock, stroking it in time with his thrusts, keeping up the languid pace. He meant to see if they could both cum with a slow pace, but it was beginning to be difficult to hold back and chase his own orgasm.

Soon Andreas began pleading with Leto. “Please...please…please. Let me cum, Love, please. I need it so bad.”

Leto quirked a smile and whispered in his ear. “Cum for me Andreas. Just like this…”

Andreas let out a wail of frustration as Leto continued the slow, languid movements, refusing to increase the pace. Leto kept whispering obscene thoughts into Andreas’ ear. “Cum for me Amatus, I want to feel you cum while I’m buried balls deep in your ass. I want to feel you squeeze down on my cock, impossibly tight, and milk my orgasm out of me.”

Andreas’ entire body stiffened and he arched almost violently into Leto’s touch as he finally came, screaming Leto’s name. Seeing and feeling Andreas’ forceful orgasm sent Leto right over the edge and after only one more thrust he emptied himself deep into Andreas.

As they lay panting next to each other, Andreas looked over at Leto. “That was amazing, Love. Thank you.”

“I should be thanking you, Amatus,” Leto said. “I’ve missed…this.”

“I know Love,” Andreas said, curling himself up around Leto. “Thank you for giving me the time I needed to heal.”


The next morning they checked out of their hotel early and set out with Henry back to Denver. Since they were leaving a couple of days earlier than planned, Henry said they would stop in a city called Las Vegas on the way back. They had driven through before, but as they were trying to get to San Diego in one day, they didn’t have time to stop.

In a few hours they arrived in Las Vegas and Andreas’ and Leto’s eyes went wide when they saw the spectacle that was the Las Vegas strip, with all its strange buildings and neon lights, visible even during the bright daylight.

“What sort of city is this place?” Andreas asked.

Henry smirked. “This city is a gambling mecca. It’s best known for all the casinos, but there are fantastic shows and restaurants too.”

After Henry had parked at the hotel he decided they would stay at, Henry proceed to explain everything about casinos to the two men who had never gambled more than a few coins during a friendly game of Wicked Grace. Andreas and Leto had never imagined entire buildings dedicated to the pursuit of gambling.

They quickly checked into their rooms and Henry made some arrangements for their evening. First they would spend a couple of hours in the casino of their hotel, giving themselves a set limit to gamble with and promises not to go over their limit, even if they lost. They tried everything from slot machines to the craps table and even sat in on a couple of hands of poker. In the end Andreas lost about half his money while Leto doubled his. Henry didn’t seem surprised.

Then Henry took the two out for dinner at a high-end restaurant and the pair had the best food experience they’d ever had. The preparations were so unique and the flavors were amazing.

After dinner, as they walked towards their next destination, Andreas couldn’t stop grinning.

“Why are you grinning like a fool,” Leto grumped before twisting his mouth into an amused smile.

Andreas sighed happily. “I just never would have imagined life like this, back when I was in the Circle, or even when I was living in Darktown.”

Leto nodded. “Very true. Back in Tevinter I may have lived within a glittering palace, but I was never able to partake of its delights,” Leto then harrumphed. “I was one of its delights.”

Andreas put his arm around Leto, kissing him on the cheek. “Joking about that again? Seriously, who are you and what have you done with my broody elf?”

Leto slid his arm around Andreas’ waist and squeezed. “It’s difficult to remain broody when there is all this wonderment around. Also I’m no longer in constant pain as I was back in Thedas.”

Andreas stopped and rounded on Leto. “Wait…you were in constant pain?”

Leto nodded. “My markings. They hurt constantly, even more so when I used them in battle. I got used to it over the years.”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” Andreas said, cupping the elf’s cheek. “I could have done something to alleviate the pain.”

Leto shook his head. “It…it never occurred to me to ask.”

“Oh my Love. How you must have suffered,” Andreas pulled Leto into a quick embrace.

Henry coughed. “I hate to break up this touching moment but we’ll be late for the show.”

“What show?” Leto asked, disentangling himself from Andreas.

“I got us tickets to a magic show!” Henry exclaimed before heading off without explanation. The two had to jog to catch up with him.

“What do you mean magic show? You told me this world has no magic,” Andreas said frowning.

“It’s not real magic,” Henry explained. They actually utilize a lot of technology into their performances. It just looks like magic. Come on, this will be a lot of fun, I promise.”

After the show Andreas and Leto were in wide-eyed awe. “Are you sure that wasn’t real magic?” Andreas asked. “Because, wow. I’ve only ever seen mages perform stunts like that.”

“Indeed,” Leto nodded. “In fact it reminded me of some of the entertainment the Magisters would have at their parties, utilizing low-ranking mages to perform. It made me slightly uneasy.”

“Well why don’t we go back to our hotel and get some drinks at the bar?” Henry suggested. “It’s a bit too early turn in.”

Andreas and Leto agreed.

They arrived at one of the many bars in their hotel and they sat at the bar, enjoying the banter with the bartender while trying a few different drinks they’d never tried before. Before long all three were spectacularly drunk.

After the bartender opted to cut them off, they stumbled towards their rooms, Andreas nearly retching in a flower pot along the way.

Leto was always able to handle his alcohol, and Andreas hadn’t been drinking much until recently, Justice preferring him to remain sober while they remained joined. Having clearly over done it this time, Andreas spent most of the rest of the night in their hotel bathroom, retching into the toilet, while Leto helped hold his hair and made him drink as much water as he could hold down.

The next morning they both awoke startled and bleary eyed to the sound of someone pounding on their door, calling out “Housekeeping!” They both called out at the same time “Go away!”

They tried to go back to sleep, but no avail, so Leto slowly got up and decided to try and make coffee with the coffee maker in their room. Once he had a hot steaming cup in his hands he took a sip and spat it out. “Blergh. This is the worst tasting …”

Andreas sat in bed and laughed at Leto. “I think Henry warned us about that, didn’t he?”

Leto blushed. “That’s right, I’d forgotten. I just really want a cup of coffee.”

As if by magic, a knock came at their door. “It’s me, Henry! I brought coffee!”

Leto hurried to let him in. “Thank the Maker!” Leto exclaimed, snatching a cup and drinking greedily. “Ah, that’s better.”

Henry chuckled and then looked at Andreas. “Man, you look like shit.”

“Thanks for reminding me,” Andreas chuckled, gratefully accepting a cup of coffee as well. “I feel like it too.”

“Well I had a feeling you two would need some coffee. We need to check out in about two hours, can you be ready by then?” Henry asked, running a hand through his dusty blonde hair. I’d like to start heading back so we make it home tonight.”

“Yes, it will be good to get back,” Leto agreed. He had developed a need to be around the familiar. Having Andreas close helped but it felt better when he was settled into a routine, a habit from his many years of servitude.

“We have an apartment to hunt for, don’t we Love?” Andreas smirked. “And a space for your self-defense studio as well.”

“Yes, and I do believe you were going to study for some additional certifications for your clinic?” Leto reminded him.

They both perked up thinking of all their plans, and they soon were dressed and ready to head out. They headed with Henry back to his room so he could finish packing and they were soon checked out and back on the road heading back to Denver and to their hopeful futures.

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