Dimensional Dislocation

The Perfect Place

After getting back from their trip, Andreas became busier than ever with his clinic. It reminded Leto of when Andreas’ had his Darktown clinic, and he’d go days without sleeping or eating properly. It was starting to happen again and Leto began making threats to punish him if he didn’t rest and eat regularly.

Leto still came to the mission twice each week to offer the self-defense classes, but spent the rest of his time looking at studio spaces and apartment hunting. Andreas was too busy to go with so Leto took it upon himself to find them the perfect apartment.

Leto had a number of criteria for the apartment he wanted, the most important being minimal shared walls with a neighbor. With some of the activities he and Andreas occasionally got up to, he didn’t want a neighbor calling the police if they heard Andreas’ screams. The thought of those beautiful sounds that Andreas could make often sent shivers up Leto’s spine when he’d think about them randomly throughout the day.

Today Leto had appointments to look at three different apartments, all within the general area of Denver he wanted to live. The area was known as Cherry Creek, an upscale neighborhood that was far safer and open-minded than the area where they currently lived. It would mean that Andreas would have farther to travel to work, but until he could take time to learn to drive and buy a car, he could use a taxi service.

The first apartment Leto looked at wouldn’t do at all. The layout was all wrong and the best room for a surprise he was planning for Andreas shared a wall with the neighbors. No, that wouldn’t do at all. The second apartment was set in a way where they shared almost all walls with a neighbor or the hallway and as soon as he realized that he ended the tour abruptly.

Finally the last apartment he looked at was perfect. The only wall shared was the kitchen wall, and it was a corner unit on the top floor so no overhead neighbors either. The building was also built with extra soundproofing between floors and he was assured the neighbors below them wouldn’t hear a sound from their apartment. There were a total of three bedrooms, one of which he was told was the master bedroom. Leto smirked at that name. They could use one of the other bedrooms as an office, like Henry did, and the third bedroom…that would contain Andreas’ surprise.

Leto decided to lease the apartment right away and set about decorating and furnishing it before showing it to Andreas. Leto had some very specific tastes and Andreas wasn’t picky at all.

Every night Leto made it a habit to go down to the mission and walk Andreas home. If Andreas wanted to avoid punishment he’d be ready at 8pm sharp. Leto decided this was the only way to keep Andreas safe and from getting too overworked. It didn’t hurt that Andreas still loved punishments.

After the successful apartment search that afternoon, he called Henry to help him do some furniture shopping and for advice on where to shop for the surprise he wanted for Andreas. He then busied himself on his new laptop searching for the items he needed to furnish that particular room exactly the way he wanted. He finished ordering the last item when it was time for him to walk and pick Andreas up. He walked briskly not wanting to be late himself.

When Leto arrived he noted with some annoyance that Andreas was not waiting for him at the door. Leto was excited to tell Andreas about the new apartment and it didn’t bode well for the healer that he wasn’t ready on time.

Leto stalked into the mission, grunting a greeting to Casey as he made his way back towards the clinic. Casey chuckled, knowing the kinds of games Leto and Andreas liked to play with each other. “Don’t forget to lock up when you’re done!” Casey called after the brooding elf, leaving the keys on his desk.

Leto approached the clinic and saw Anders hunched over his desk, pouring over some books and scribbling notes with a pad and pen.

“Andreas.” Leto growled.

Andreas jumped, letting out a startled squeak. Internally Andreas was stuck between Uh-oh and Oh, yes.

“Oh, hi Leto. I…um…lost track of time again, didn’t I?” Andreas said with an apologetic grin.

“You did.” Leto confirmed. “What did I say the last time this happened?”

“That…you’d bend me over my desk and give me a sound lashing?” Andreas said.

“And?” Leto growled.

“And that you would make me wear a…chastity device for an entire week,” Andreas said, swallowing thickly. Leto could almost hear his heart hammering in his chest.

Leto ignored Andreas’ statement. “Bend over the desk,” he instructed as he began to undo his belt.

Andreas obeyed, leaning his body over the desk, grasping the edge with his hands and leaning his cheek against the cool wood.

“How many lashes do you deserve?” Leto asked as he began to undo Andreas’ jeans, pulling them and his underwear down past his thighs.

“Um…well…you said five lashes for every minute I was still working past 8:00pm…and you got in here at 8:06pm. That means…Maker. Thirty. Thirty lashes, sir.”

“Very good,” Leto said. “Do you remember your safe word?”

Andreas nodded. “Maleficar, sir.”

“Good. Count for me,” Leto said.

Crack. “One.” Crack. “Two.”

Leto didn’t hold back, this was a punishment after all. He continued to rain down the blows over Andreas’ ass and thighs. By the time he’d landed ten, Andreas was starting to grit out his count. At twenty he was crying out with every blow. The last five had Andreas screaming and sobbing, apologizing for his bad behavior with every lash.

When it was done, Leto put his belt back on and went to retrieve some salve, which he gently smoothed over the hot, red welts on Andreas’ flesh while Andreas lay limply across the desk, catching his breath and sniffling.

“Good boy. You took your punishment well,” Leto crooned gently. “Now get dressed and let’s go home.”

“Yes, sir,” Andreas sniffled, letting Leto hold his hand as they made their way out of the mission. Leto grabbed Casey’s keys and locked up, giving the keys to Andreas to bring back in the morning.

Once they were home, Leto asked Andreas. “Have you learned your lesson? You know I worry for you and I don’t want to see you waste away like you were back in Kirkwall.”

“I know, Love,” Andreas said, placing a kiss on Leto’s forehead. “It’s sweet of you to worry so much, but will this…contraption…really be necessary?”

“I warned you of the consequences last time, Amatus,” Leto said. “It would not do if I didn’t follow-through. Then you won’t learn.”

“Yes, sir” Andreas sighed.

“Come here,” Leto commanded.

Andreas took a deep breath. “Yes, sir.”

“Drop your jeans and underwear,” Leto instructed. Andreas complied, his cock showing avid interest.

Leto sighed. “You are incorrigible. Get rid of that, without cumming. I’ll wait.”

Andreas thought for a few minutes and finally his erection began to flag.

“Good boy,” Leto praised. He pulled out a metal device from a drawer. It looked very much like a cage designed to fit a cock, and that’s exactly what it was. It fit comfortably around Andreas’ cock and balls, as long as he was not erect. Leto snapped the device closed and took out a key, locking it in place.

“Please don’t lose that key, Love,” Andreas said, slipping out of character for a moment.

“I will guard it with my life,” Leto smirked, placing it on his key chain.

“But for a whole week?” Andreas pouted fiddling with the cage around his cock. “Any chance of early release for good behavior? I’ll promise to be extra good.”

Andreas then sank to his knees in front of Leto with a cheeky grin, undoing his lover’s belt and jeans, pulling them down and freeing his cock. Andreas kissed and licked the still soft flesh before sucking it into his mouth, slowly working it into hardness. Somehow Leto couldn’t find the words to object and slowly carded his fingers through Andreas’ hair, loosening the bun and letting his long hair fall around his shoulders.

Leto let Andreas continue to lick and suck his cock until he was close before he pulled away. “I wish to take you. On the bed, now,” he growled, his voice full of lust. “Prepare yourself for me.”

Andreas smirked. “Yes, sir.”

Andreas undressed and grabbed their vial of lube. Getting on all fours he used his fingers to stretch and prepare himself while Leto slowly stroked himself, keeping himself on the edge.

“I’m ready, sir,” Andreas said, presenting himself to Leto.

Leto grabbed Andreas’ hips and thrust himself in one fluid slide. He would never tire of feeling Andreas’ tight heat around his cock. The mere thought of it always sent a thrill up Leto’s spine. Deciding he didn’t want to draw out Andreas’ torture too long, Leto opted to rut into Andreas fast and hard, spilling himself inside his lover in a matter of moments.

Leto collapsed next to Andreas, breathing hard. Andreas curled himself around the elf, placing sweet kisses on his shoulder. Leto smiled and cupped Andreas’ face. “You do amaze me, Amatus. Allowing me so much control.”

Andreas kissed him soft and slow. “That’s because I love and trust you. I know I tend to make poor decisions and it feels good to know you’re watching out for me.”

Leto took a deep breath. “Alright, if you can show me that you’ve learned your lesson today by being on-time when I come to pick you up over the next three days, I’ll let you out of that thing.”

“Thank you, Love,” Andreas said. “I promise to be good. So how was apartment hunting today?”

“Oh yes,” Leto shook his head. “That’s what I was looking forward to telling you when I went to pick you up earlier. I found the perfect place for us.”

“Ooh, tell me!” Andreas said, sitting up and looking very much like an eager puppy.

Leto described the apartment in relative detail with the exception of one room, which he sort of glossed over. Andreas picked up on it right away. “OK, what are you planning, love?”

Leto let out a dismissive huff. “It’s a surprise. You’ll find out once we move in. Everything should be ready in about two weeks.”

Andreas clapped his hands together excitedly, not unlike a small child during Satinalia. “A surprise? For me? Aww you’re so good to me…and I’ve never gotten you anything.”

“Just promise to be good,” Leto said with a smile. “That is all I require of you.”

Andreas nodded, flinging his arms around the elf. “I’ll be extra good now. I don’t want you to take away my surprise!”

Leto chuckled and embraced his foolish lover.

“Oh, and before I forget I had some news as well,” Andreas said, sitting back. “I was talking to Miranda this afternoon, discussing various options for what I can do in order to run my clinic better. I…I think I might want to try and go to what they call Medical School.”

“What would that accomplish?” Leto asked.

“Well, I’d have a medical degree and be a licensed doctor,” Andreas explained. “Then I would be able to legally treat patients a lot more effectively than I currently can. Especially those with more serious ailments or injuries. It’s probably the closest I’ll be able to get to being a true healer again.”

Leto sighed. “And what would attending this…medical school…entail?”

“I won’t lie, it will be a lot of work and it will take me years to complete my studies,” Andreas explained. “Miranda said it would take me, probably around eleven to twelve years altogether.”

“Twelve years?!” Leto exclaimed. “I can’t have you leave me for that long.”

Andreas laughed. “I wouldn’t be leaving you, Love. There’s a university right here in Denver, not far from here actually. Once I learn how to drive I could drive there easily. I’d still be with you every day when I’m not studying or working in the clinic.”

“You would still work in the clinic?” Leto asked.

“Well not as much, obviously, but I’d still want to volunteer my time a little bit,” Andreas said. “Please, Leto? You know how difficult it’s been for me without my magic. This would…be a way for me to get some of that back.”

Leto sighed. “Alright, Amatus. If this is what you really want. I can see how important it is to you. How soon would you start?”

Andreas kissed Leto on the forehead. “Not for another year. It’s too late now and I have to send in applications and take some tests to be accepted into the pre-med program first.”

“Alright, that’s good. That will give us plenty of time to settle into our new place,” Leto said, snuggling against Andreas. “Tomorrow I will go out and search for studio space for my self-defense classes. Henry also wanted to meet for lunch to help me plan what he called my business model, whatever that is.”

Andreas smiled. “Look at us, having all these goals and plans. This world has so much more to offer than Thedas ever did.” He tangled his fingers with Leto’s. “And this world gave me you. You know if I ever saw Merrill again, I’d get on my knees and thank her profusely.”


At that moment, Merrill was herself kneeling, body wracked with sobs. She was in the space between, the crossroads. She’d been searching for Anders and Fenris for months now and she’d once again fell on her knees in frustration. She’d found no trace of them anywhere. Not even a scrap of a robe or leather. There was nothing. How could they have disintegrated so *completely.*

Merrill collapsed on the ground, exhausted. She allowed herself to slip into the Fade, to get some much needed rest, to regain her strength to continue her search in the vast, unending landscape between Eluvians.

Once asleep, she began wandering the Fade as she always did, fearing to find the spirits of Anders and Fenris here instead. This night she came upon a new figure, one she hadn’t seen in the Fade before. He stood tall, covered in ethereal plate armor. Merrill, ever curious, approached this spirit, not recognizing him for who he was.

The spirit turned and looked down at the slight elf. “Greetings, Blood Mage.”

“Hello spirit,” Merrill replied. “Might I know the manner of spirit you are?”

“Do you not know me, Merrill?” the spirit replied.

Merrill stared at the spirit, trying to puzzle out where she might have met his like before.

“I am Justice,” the spirit finally confessed.

“Justice?!” Merrill said with a gasp. “But…if you’re here, then…Anders?”

“I do not know where Anders is,” Justice replied. “I just know that when he and Fenris were pulled into your Eluvian, I was cast out of Anders’ body and I found myself back in the Fade.”

“Oh, no. Then that must mean that Anders…is…” Merrill fell once again to her knees, sobbing.

“No, Merrill, it does not,” Justice shook his head. “I did not feel him dying as I was torn from him. Instead I felt him being…pulled. Pulled away from our existence and into another. Into an existence that I could not be a part of. I know he was in much pain, but he is now…elsewhere.”

“Where elsewhere?” Merrill asked between sniffles.

“I do not know. Wherever he and Fenris were pulled, it had to do with their combined Fade energies and the taint in your broken Eluvian. It all combined to pull them…elsewhere. It is an elsewhere we cannot follow. That is all I know.”

“Thank you, Justice. I am so sorry I caused all this, but at least you’re home again,” Merrill said, slowly rising to her feet. “I suppose I can end my search now, although it means I can never go back to Kirkwall.”

Justice nodded. “I find myself glad to be separated from Anders. I realize now that I was being twisted into a spirit of Vengeance by his fear and hatred of the Templars. What was done to him was…unjust. What we would have done together out of vengeance would have been equally so.”

“Thank you again,” Merrill said, as she felt herself being pulled from the Fade, waking up again. She rose from the ground and crossed the Crossroads towards one of the Eluvian, making her way back to Thedas and her small camp. Once there she flared the campfire to life with a flick of her wrist, and then pulled out some parchment and a pen. Hawke had told her to never come back, but he hadn’t told her she couldn’t write to him. She now had much he needed to know.


The next afternoon, Leto was touring one of the potential studio spaces for his self-defense classes. He’d had a pleasant lunch with Henry and learned much about how to set up and operate a business. Henry left him with several books on the topic, that hopefully Andreas could help him with. For now he needed to find a space for the business to occupy.

He’d seen several studios already, but none had yet been quite right. The current one he was looking at was in an ideal location, only a couple of blocks from their new apartment. Close enough that Leto could walk, and even better, there was a coffee shop right next door. The space wasn’t overly large but it would easily accommodate having about twenty or so students at a time. It had previously been a dance studio, and so the entire studio was open, with one wall covered in mirrors. There was a small private office as well, and a set of bathrooms. The large windows looking out towards the street would allow passers-by to view and observe whatever activity was happening. Yes, this space would do quite nicely.

That evening Leto walked to pick up Andreas from the mission. Leto smiled despite of himself when he saw Andreas waiting for him at the entrance. Right on time. “Good evening, Amatus. Thank you for being punctual tonight.”

“I’m eager to get this…contraption…off, Love. I told you I’d be good from now on.” Andreas said, taking Leto’s hand despite the fact they were not in the safest of neighborhoods. They walked back to their small apartment and shared stories of each other’s day. Andreas once again expressed an eagerness to see their new apartment and Leto’s new studio.

“In two weeks, Amatus, I will bring you home to the new apartment,” Leto promised. “Until then you must be patient.”

“Yes, Love,” Andreas said. “I’ll try.”

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