Dimensional Dislocation

The Play Room

Andreas was excited as he and Leto approached the new building they had just moved into. Because of his busy schedule at his little clinic, he hadn’t had time to go apartment hunting with Leto and so Leto took it upon himself to find the perfect apartment for them both, and to furnish it as well. Andreas didn’t much care what kind of furnishings they had so he was happy to allow Leto to do all the decorating. It was just nice to finally be able to afford a larger space.

Holding hands in the elevator the whole way up to the top floor of the building was nice. They were now living in a more upscale, liberal minded neighborhood, and they didn’t have to hide their proclivities here nearly as much. In fact they had already seen a few other same-sex couples, both male and female, in the area, which made Andreas feel much more comfortable.

They exited the elevator into a well-lit hallway, tastefully decorated in beiges with black accents. Very stylish. Their apartment was at the end of the corridor. Leto managed to get them into a corner unit where they only had to share one wall with a neighbor.

Once inside, Leto squeezed Andreas’ hand. “Come, let me give you the grand tour,” he said with a slightly wicked grin. That grin always went straight to Andreas’ groin and it made his heart skip a beat.

The first room was the living room, nicely decorated with an overstuffed couch, some tables and a large flat screen TV on the wall. One wall was all made of glass, with a magnificent view of downtown Denver.

The living room and the kitchen flowed together in what was called open-concept. It would be good for entertaining guests if they ever decided to invite people over. Leto then led Andreas down the hall and the first door on the right was a guest vanity, just a simple sink and toilet. Continuing on, Leto skipped the next door. “I’m saving that room for last,” Leto said, blushing slightly, which piqued Andreas’ interest. “It’s your surprise.”

There were two more rooms. One was set up as an office, with two desks and computer systems, so that they both could spent time on the internet conducting research, or perhaps playing the new video games they had begun to enjoy. This room led to what Leto called a “Jack-and-Jill” bathroom, with two sinks, a toilet and a bathtub with shower. From this bathroom there was another door that led towards the mysterious room that Leto was “saving for last.”

The last room was the master suite, and was by far the largest of all the bedrooms. There was a large, very comfortable looking king-sized bed, two night stands, another TV, a large walk-in closet and an even larger master bathroom, with a separate shower, an oversized tub, two sinks and a private commode for the toilet. One thing Andreas noted was that Leto’s decorating style was understated with clean lines and simple color combinations, mostly of beiges, browns and blacks, with the slightest hints of red. Andreas approved.

“This place is so luxurious, are you sure we can afford it?” Andreas asked.

“As long as you allow me to manage our funds, then yes, we can easily afford this,” Leto acknowledged. “Now shall we see what’s in that last room?” Leto’s wicked grin was back in full force now.

Andreas just nodded and allowed himself to be led back to that one door they hadn’t opened yet. Leto pulled out a key and unlocked it. The fact that the room required a key to get in heightened Andreas’ anticipation. The room was completely dark as Leto led Andreas inside. “Are you ready?” Leto whispered into his ear.


Leto flipped the light switch and Andreas gasped. The room was outfitted almost like a torture chamber (or was that pleasure chamber?). There were a myriad of straps, paddles and whips lining the walls, and numerous other things Andreas couldn’t even identify yet. The center piece of the room was an oddly shaped bench, adorned with leather straps. The windows in the room were covered with thick, heavy black curtains, which explained was why the room had been so dark.

“Do you have any questions?” Leto asked.

Andreas looked around in wonder. “What is all this?”

Leto grinned even more wickedly. “In this room, I will be your Master in all things. Will you submit?”

Andreas began blushing furiously now. “Leto, you know that I will.”

Leto gave Andreas a swat on his rump. “No. Here I am Master. There is no Leto. Will you submit?”

Andreas smiled and sank to his knees. Looking up at Leto he said reverently. “Yes, Master.”

“Good,” Leto said. “Get up, and let me explain everything you see here, and then we will go back to the living room and talk.”

Andreas nodded and Leto explained everything from the spanking bench to all the various paddles, cock rings, anal plugs and other toys he had purchased. Once they had gone over everything and Leto answered Andreas’ questions on how some of the items were meant to work, Leto led Andreas back to the living room.

“It pleases me Amatus that you are not too shocked or put off by our new Play Room,” Leto said, pulling Andreas in for a tender kiss. “Now I wish to discuss how I wish to use that room.”

“Yes, Master,” Andreas intoned.

“No, Andreas. I am only Master in that room. Let’s make that the first rule, alright? Only in that room do I assume the role of Master and you the role of my submissive slave,” Leto said seriously. “In all other aspects of our life, and in all other spaces in this apartment, we are equal.”

“Alright, Love,” Andreas nodded.

“Now, tell me, were there any things in that room that made you uncomfortable, that you would not have me use?” Leto asked.

Andreas thought for a moment. “Yes. The whips and the blindfolds.”

“Why those items?” Leto asked.

“Do you remember what I told you about what happened during my time in solitary confinement when I was at the Circle in Kinloch Hold? Between being trapped in a small dark space most days and then being dragged out to be stripped down to be whipped and raped…” Andreas visibly shuddered at the memory, and Leto felt a pang of sympathy for his lover.

“Alright, the whips and the blindfolds go. Anything else?” Leto asked.

“Try not to do anything that draws blood, and I think I’ll be good with everything else. I still have my safe word if anything else bothers me,” Andreas replied.

“That reminds me,” Leto said and he went back into the Play Room and brought back two small metal balls and handed them to Andreas. “If I decide to gag you, you can use this as your safe word instead. Just drop them on the floor and I will stop.”

Andreas took the balls and rolled them around in his hand, feeling the smooth metal surfaces glide across his skin.

“Thanks, that’s a great idea,” Andreas smiled. “Any other rules?”

“Yes. So the second rule, you will not speak unless I ask you a question, but you may moan and scream as much as you like unless I instruct otherwise,” Leto began. “Third rule, do not question my instructions, just comply as quickly as you are able. Use the safe word if you really need to know.”

Andreas swallowed and nodded.

“Fourth rule, you will never cum without permission. It is up to my discretion if you shall cum or not. This rule is the only one I wish to extend to outside of the Play Room, if you agree?” Leto said questioningly.

Andreas nodded. “Yes, I agree. Just try and not deny me for too long, please.”

“Let that be a rule for me then, I will not deny you release for more than 24 hours,” Leto agreed. “If I have not given you permission within 24 hours, you may seek your own release without fear of punishment.”

“OK, fair enough,” Andreas agreed.

“Finally, another rule for me,” Leto said. “I must always give you after care after we’re done playing. You may insist upon it if I forget.”

Andreas nodded.

“So, let’s get some dinner, and then are you up for trying out the Play Room tonight?” Leto asked grinning.

“Yes, Love. I can’t wait,” Andreas smiled, waggling his eyebrows.


After dinner they headed back to their new apartment and Andreas was all atwitter with anticipation, not to mention already incredibly hard. This new Play Room that Leto had put together was beyond his wildest imaginations, and certainly more elaborate than anything he’d ever imagined.

Over dinner Leto had explained about the research he’d done about all the different items he’s purchased and the wealth of information for people who lived such a lifestyle, called BDSM in this world. Apparently it was becoming more accepted because of some popular movie, although what Leto had read about the movie made him frown, as it wasn’t really a good depiction of how the lifestyle should be approached.

As they approached the Play Room, Leto turned and asked. “Are you sure you’re ready? Any last minute questions?”

“No, Love,” Andreas shook his head, smiling at him adoringly, kissing Leto tenderly. “I’m just very excited and perhaps a little nervous.”

“What’s your word?” Leto asked.


“Do you have the orbs?”

“Yes,” Andreas replied, taking them out of his pocket.

“Good.” Leto said, unlocking the Play Room again.

They went inside and Leto closed the door firmly behind him and took a deep breath, a change overcoming his features as he slipped into his Master headspace. Andreas visibly gulped at the transformation as Leto straightened, taking on a more authoritative stance.

“Strip,” came the first command.

Andreas complied, quickly removing his t-shirt, jeans, underwear, shoes and socks, folding them neatly in a pile.

Leto nodded approvingly, noting Andreas’ already leaking erection. “Kneel,” came the next command.

Andreas knelt before Leto, trying to remain still.

“We haven’t even truly started and you’re already hard,” Leto stated. “You’re such a naughty slut, slave.”

Andreas blushed but said nothing.

“Do you think you will deserve to cum tonight?” Leto asked sternly.

“I will do my best to earn the right to cum, Master,” Andreas answered, looking up at his Master’s face.

“We shall see,” Leto replied, walking over to one of the shelves and selecting a cock ring. “You will wear this tonight, so that you will not cum until I will it. In the future you will learn to control yourself, but since this is our first time in this Play Room I have decided to be merciful.”

Andreas merely nodded in acknowledgement. “Be still.” Leto commanded as he knelt down and slipped the cock ring in place. It felt tight and constricting right at the base of his cock and Andreas knew it would both keep him hard, and prevent him from cumming.

Next Leto walked over to another shelf and selected a black leather collar, putting it around Andreas’ neck, closing it so that it was tight enough to feel, but loose enough so that he could still breathe evenly.

Leto grabbed Andreas’ chin firmly and tilted his head to look up at him. “This collar symbolizes my ownership of you within this Play Room. You are mine. You are here entirely for my pleasure. I will only allow you pleasure if it pleases me. If I punish you, it may not be for any reason other than because I wish it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Get up.” Leto commanded. “Position yourself on the spanking bench. I would hear you scream.”

Andreas’ cock twitched noticeably at the words, and he eagerly complied. Andreas was on all fours, with his arse positioned up, presented for whatever punishment his Master chose. Leto then secured his wrists and ankles and clipped his collar in place so that he couldn’t turn his head and see what was planned.

“Very good. Now let’s see how well you can take your punishment tonight, slave.” Leto said with a growl.

First Leto went and selected a large, glass phallic dildo and grabbed some lube. He prepared Andreas a little, dribbling lube over his exposed hole and putting a generous amount on the dildo.

Leto began lining up the large toy. “Remember, no words, but you may make as much noise as you like.” He then slowly inserted the toy into Andreas’ tight hole until it was fully inserted. Andreas groaned loudly as he felt the stretch and burn of the large, unyielding object.

“Good boy. You like feeling your hole filled and stretched don’t you, my little slut,” Leto asked obscenely.

“Yes, Master,” Andreas moaned.

“Good. I want you ready for me to take you later. I can’t wait to pound that tight hole of yours,” Leto growled into Andreas’ ear.

Next, Leto went and selected a strap and a paddle and made his way again behind Andreas. Andreas’ heart was beating fast as he heard Leto moving behind him, and how he gently laid the strap against his arse, causing him to tense.

“Relax,” Leto commanded.

Andreas willed himself to relax and then the first crack of the strap connected with his bare flesh. Andreas yelped in surprise, and another blow came down. Soon Leto fell into a rhythm, warming Andreas’ flesh with the strap. Andreas’ cock twitched and swelled, leaking a small puddle on the floor below the bench. He moaned and grunted at Leto’s blows, the mix of the pain of the strap and the pleasure of the spreading warmth intermingled and spread into every fiber of his being.

Leto finally stopped, slowly rubbing his hand over Andreas’ arse in soothing circles. “Very good slave. You took that very well.”

Andreas’ heart swelled at the praise.

“Now let’s see how well you take the paddle,” Leto said menacingly. “Have you ever been paddled before, slave?”

“No, Master,” Andreas replied somewhat nervously.

“Good. Let’s see how beautifully you scream,” Leto said wickedly.

The first blow of the paddle landed and Andreas did indeed scream. That hurt. Yet the spreading warmth was deeper, almost more intimate than the strap, and Andreas groaned at the sensation before screaming as the next blow fell. So the rhythm went, a hard smack followed by a scream and a groan, again and again until Andreas’ arse was a deep red and burning as if he had sat on a fireball.

Finally Leto ceased, as Andreas breathed raggedly, his face wet with tears that had streamed unbidden down his face.

“You pleased me greatly tonight slave. You screamed so beautifully for me,” Leto purred. He put away the strap and the paddle and came back to remove the toy still sitting flush within Andreas ass. “I will take my pleasure from you now, slave. I will fill your ass with my cum.”

Andreas groaned at Leto’s words, angling his hips to receive his Master’s cock. “So eager, aren’t you little slut? Just can’t wait for me to fill your hole with my cock, can you?”

Andreas nodded, unsure if he should respond to rhetorical questions.

Leto spanked Andreas’ sensitive flesh hard. “Answer me, slave.”

“Yes, Master. I am eager Master. I love feeling you fill me with your cock Master.”

“That’s better,” Leto said, before lining himself up with Andreas eagerly awaiting hole. Leto thrust in to the hilt, not giving Andreas time to adjust, and then began pounding him hard.

“You’re always so hot and tight, slave. It’s like your ass was made for my cock, and my cock alone. Isn’t that right, slave? Whose cock does your ass belong to?” Leto grunted as he thrust in into Andreas hard and fast.

“Ungh…yours, Master. My ass…belongs…only to…you,” Andreas moaned between thrusts.

Leto slowed his thrusts. “You have been such a good slave today, it would please me to feel you cum around my cock.” He then reached around and slowly removed the cock ring that had been holding back Andreas’ ability to orgasm, before pounding into the man again, smacking his hips against Andreas’ tender backside.

Leto then reached around with his one hand that still had a thin sheen of lube on it, and began stroking Andreas. “Cum for me slave. I want to feel you cum. Now.”

It didn’t take more than another firm stroke and Andreas came, hard, bucking in his restraints and clenching his ass down hard on the intrusion of Leto’s cock, screaming his release.

Leto grabbed Andreas’ hips in a bruising grip and pushed past the clench, and thrust hard and deep again and again and then finally groaned his release as he stilled and pumped his seed deep inside Andreas.

Leto and Andreas were both panting from the exertion and Leto’s legs felt somewhat unstable after that amazing orgasm. He swiftly began to undo Andreas’ restraints and removed his collar.

“You were so good, my slave. Come, let’s leave our Play Room,” Leto coaxed Andreas up and helped him to the door.

Once outside the room, Andreas grabbed Leto by the shoulders and pushed him up against the hallway wall. Leto had a brief look of fear in his eyes, until Andreas bent down to kiss him with every ounce of passion he could muster.

“Thank you, Love. That was amazing,” Andreas smiled down at the elf. “I’m so glad I fell in love with such a kinky elf.”

Leto cupped his lover’s face, wiping over the tracks of his earlier tears. “Was that alright? I didn’t hurt you too much?”

“No, Love. You hurt me just the right amount. It was perfect,” Andreas smiled and kissed him tenderly again. “Now, want to try out that bath tub?”

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