Dimensional Dislocation


When Leto and Andreas finally arrived at the resort they were both exhausted. They were greeted by staff with a tropical drink and escorted to the honeymoon suite. The suite was large, with a living room, dining room and full kitchen. The master bedroom suite was spacious, with a large, fluffy bed and an equally spacious bathroom. They both were grateful for the fluffy bed they both collapsed on.

“Now I know why Henry complains about traveling,” Andreas groaned. “I swear I think I would have preferred going by carriage and boat, seasickness be damned!”

“Indeed,” intoned Leto next to him, who crawled closer to Andreas and curled up next to him.

Andreas slid his arm around the elf’s shoulders pulling him closer. “Well we made it, dear husband, and now I get to spent two entire weeks together with just you.”

Leto snuggled even closer as Andreas pulled him in, nuzzling at Andreas’ neck. “Mmmm. Husband. I do like the sound of that.” Leto’s hand began to wander, slipping underneath the thin cotton t-shirt Andreas was wearing, stroking his hand up across his husband’s stomach before wandering lower.

Andreas’ breath hitched as Leto’s fingers slipped beneath the waistband of his jeans. “I can’t believe you can still drive me crazy, even after all these years, Love. How about we continue this in the shower? I’d like to get some of that travel grime off me first.”

They rose from the comfort of the bed, shedding their clothes along the way to the master bath, and Andreas grabbing a bottle of lube. The bathroom was glorious, with a fancy separate shower and large jetted bathtub. Andreas turned on the water for the shower and adjusted the temperature before taking Leto’s hand and drawing him into the shower and closing the glass door.

Andreas pulled Leto close as the hot water rained down onto them, and smirked at a happy memory. Leto’s emerald green eyes looked up at Andreas curiously. “What are you thinking of?”

“Remember the first shower we ever took together? Back at Henry’s old apartment?” Andreas asked.

A small smile crossed Leto’s lips then. “Indeed, I do.”

Andreas leaned down and kissed Leto, much like he had done that first night ten years ago, and on so many nights since. When he finally broke their kiss, both of their eyes were lust blown. “I really had to hold myself back from ravishing you that night,” Andreas admitted.

Leto swallowed and nodded. “I know. Part of me wanted you to, but part of me was grateful for you not pushing and taking advantage. You showed so much gentleness and understanding that night. It made me fall even more in love with you.”

Andreas kissed him again before getting a wicked grin on his face. “Well, would it be too forward to ask my husband if I could ravish him in the shower now?”

“Not at all,” Leto breathed, letting his hands slide down to cup Andreas’ still perfect ass, pulling him closer, letting Andreas feel his arousal.

Andreas groaned and then slowly turned Leto around to face the one wall of the shower. His hands traced over the patterns of the long-dead markings along the elf’s back. He grabbed the bottle of body wash and poured some out onto his hands and slowly massaging Leto’s back with the slippery soap. His hands wandered farther and farther down until he was gently massaging Leto’s buttocks. Leto was beginning to push back into the touch wanting more. Needing more.

Andreas kissed along Leto’s neck, up towards one of his pointed ears as one hand began to massage between the cleft of the elf’s cheeks and the other held him strong and steady across his chest. Andreas was grinding his own arousal against Leto’s hip groaning into his lover’s ear as he licked and nipped the sensitive lobe.

“Tell me what you want, Love,” Andreas moaned.

Leto groaned and pushed back into Andreas’ sturdy form. “Please, Amatus. Take me. I want to feel you inside me.”

While they didn’t often switch, Leto loved it on occasion. Andreas was a kind, gentle lover, so unlike the only other partner Leto could remember having. Even all these years later, memories of Danarius still haunted the back of the former slave’s mind and they were hard to shake, and Andreas knew that. He had to make sure Leto knew it was it him and that he was loved and cherished.

“That’s good, Love. I’ll give you what you need,” Andreas purred into the elf’s ear as he grabbed the lube and slicked his fingers and began to work his lover open. “Tell me if it’s too much.”

Leto pushed back onto the long fingers slowly working him open, enjoying the slight burn of the stretch as Andreas slowly massaged and scissored his fingers in and out. Leto turned awkwardly so Andreas could capture his mouth in a slow, languid kiss.

“Tell me when you’re ready, Love,” Andreas said softly. “I can’t wait to be inside you again.”

“I’m…I’m ready Amatus,” Leto groaned pushing his hips back farther and spreading his legs, inviting Andreas between them.

Andreas slathered his cock with lube and lined himself up. “Relax and breathe Love,” Andreas said huskily as he began to push into his husband’s tight ass. He went slow, pausing at every small flinch, waiting for Leto to adjust to the intrusion.

Once he was fully seated, Andreas wrapped his arms around Leto and began trailing hot kisses along the elf’s shoulder blades and up to his neck, breathily saying words of love and encouragement. “I love you so much. You feel so perfect and tight. You feel so wonderful, Love.”

Leto grunted in pleasure as Andreas finally began to slide his cock out slowly and then back in, again and again. Leto’s channel was so hot, tight and welcoming, Andreas tried to savor every slide for as long as he could, until it was finally too much and the urge to move faster was overwhelming. Leto was keening with pleasure, begging with need, pushing back on every thrust to bury Andreas deeper inside of him.

“Please, Amatus,” Leto cried. “Please, touch me…please.”

Andreas gratefully complied, sliding one hand from Leto’s hip around to his burgeoning erection, grasping it firmly and stroking it in time with his thrusts while nuzzling Leto’s neck, kissing and licking. Leto hitched his breath at the touch and Andreas hummed in approval. “That’s it Love, cum for me. Let me feel you cum around my cock.”

Leto cried out his release as he came, coating Andreas’ hand with his seed, convulsing and clenching as Andreas thrust harder, more urgently, chasing his own release. Andreas gripped Leto’s hips tight as he pushed himself flush with the elf, letting go and filling his lover with his warm release.

They stood there for several long moments, letting the water of the shower just cascade off of them as they caught their breath, leaning against the wall to help support their shaky legs.

Andreas smirked, planting kisses along Leto’s neck once he’d recovered from his intense orgasm. “That would have made our first shower together much more memorable,” Andreas said with a grin as Leto turned around to face him. “…and probably gotten us kicked out of Henry’s apartment to boot.”

Leto smirked back at him. “I would have been most displeased with you if that had happened,” he said as he placed kisses along Andreas’ collarbone.

“Would you have punished me for it? Right then and there, in front of Henry’s apartment building?” Andreas asked with a cheeky grin, baring his neck for Leto’s kisses and licks.

“No, I would have dragged you into the nearest alley first,” Leto growled softly. “Then I would have pulled you over my knee and given you a very sound spanking.”

“Hah, that would have been memorable,” Andreas laughed. “It makes me wonder why you never tried that in Kirkwall…”

Leto bit down on Andreas’ soft flesh, causing the man to moan. “I did actually think about it quite frequently,” Leto confessed. “Especially after one of our many arguments, all I wanted to do was drag you back to my mansion and gag you, tie you up and punish that delicious ass of yours,” Leto growled again, his hands grasping Andreas’ ass firmly to punctuate his point.

“Oh Maker,” Andreas said with a quiver in his voice. “You’re making me wish I still had that Warden stamina.”

Leto chuckled. “Are you asking me to punish you, Amatus?”

Andreas’ lips spread into a wide grin. “Yes, please! My first punishment from my husband!” Andreas sounded almost giddy. Leto laughed.

“Let’s finish the shower first,” Leto said shaking his head with a smile.

“Yes, sir,” Andreas said with a laugh.

They spent the rest of the afternoon playing together. Leto warmed Andreas’ backside just the way he liked it, using his favorite leather belt, and then they made love in the big fluffy bed, finally falling asleep in each other’s arms for a much needed nap.


Later that evening their dinner was delivered. All meals at the resort were included and were delivered on a set schedule. Andreas went to let the staff in, who quickly set their table with romantic candle light and fancy table settings.

Once they were gone Leto wandered out of the bedroom, wearing only his underwear and eyed the dinner with suspicion. “What is that?”

Andreas looked over the menu schedule and read aloud. “Lobster tail with lemon garlic butter, served with a side of wild rice pilaf and seared asparagus.”

“Lobster is…fish…isn’t it?” Leto said, mouth twisting in disgust. “I thought you told them I don’t like fish?”

“Actually, it’s shellfish,” Andreas corrected him. “It’s different from fish. Come on, at least try it, ok?”

Leto moved towards the table and sat down, still unsure. Andreas proceeded to pick up the small fork next to the lobster tail, which had already been cracked open and the lobster was cut into bite-sized pieces. He picked up a piece with the fork, dipped it into the lemon garlic butter, and lifted it to Leto’s mouth. “Try a bite, for me? Please, Love?”

Leto opened his mouth with a huff and took the piece of lobster in his mouth and tentatively gave it a cautious chew. His eyes flew open in surprise as a moan came from deep in his throat, as he enthusiastically chewed the lobster before swallowing it down. “That’s…delicious!”

Andreas grinned knowingly. “I know. I had a chance to try lobster once a few years ago, when I went out with some of my medical school buddies. It’s expensive but delicious.”

Leto began enthusiastically eating his meal while Andreas poured each of them a glass of Champaign. Raising his glass in a toast. “To us. May we live happily ever after.”

Leto clinked his glass with Andreas’. “Indeed. I am all in favor of happily ever after.”

After dinner they both put on some shorts and t-shirts and decided to take a moonlight stroll on the beach. Their suite faced the ocean and the beach was mere steps from their door. They found themselves completely alone and Andreas was grateful he had the forethought of bringing a towel, as they spread it onto the sun-warmed sand and made love again under the moonlight.

Later, tucked into bed and wrapped in each other’s arms Andreas placed a soft kiss on the top of Leto’s head. “Mmm this is actually one of my favorite memories of us.”

“What is?” Leto asked sleepily.

“Waking up at Henry’s that first morning, with you in my arms,” Andreas reminisced. “I couldn’t believe you were cuddling with me and I remember kissing your head just like that. I never dreamed we’d end up here, happily married, but for a fleeting moment that morning I dared to hope for it anyway.”

Leto tilted his head up to look into his husband’s eyes, cupping his cheek with one hand. “I love you Andreas. We have both come so far since that day and I want you to know that every single day we’ve had together has been precious to me. Every single day we still have together will be equally precious.”

“Every single day I get to wake up with my arms full of handsome elf is precious,” Andreas said with a smile before kissing his gorgeous husband. “Good night, my love.”

Leto snuggled down into the crook of Andreas’ shoulder and made a contented noise. “Good night, Amatus.”


The first week of their honeymoon flew by quickly and both of them began to tan, despite all the sun block Andreas insisted they both slather on head-to-toe before going out to the beach each day. Andreas skin had turned a delicious golden brown, while Leto’s dusky skin turned even darker, making his markings less prominent. They mostly spent their time relaxing on the beach, drinking fancy fruit drinks with little umbrellas. Occasionally they would play in the ocean but Leto was wary of the water and waves.

Andreas then saw a brochure for a snorkeling tour and begged Leto to try it. “I have no interest in such endeavors. I am content just relaxing here on the beach with you.”

“Aww, please, Love,” Andreas begged. “It could be fun!”

It took another day of pouting but Leto finally relented and Andreas made the reservation for the next day’s tour. They gathered the next morning with several other couples at the docks, where they met with the tour guide. They were given a complete briefing of how the equipment worked, and they were all outfitted with floatation vests, flippers, goggles and snorkels. The guide promised to give all the beginners a quick lesson once they reached the cove where they were to go snorkeling.

The entire group was ushered onto a small boat and they took over swiftly across the water, the boat bouncing hard over the ocean waves. Leto was not amused, while Andreas laughed while holding on tight to both the boat and his lover.

By the time they reached the cove, Leto was in a foul mood, one that even a silly pout from Andreas couldn’t break. Uh-oh.

The group clambered out of the boat and geared up, Leto hanging back and just scowling. Andreas approached him, looking ridiculous with the flippers on his feet and the snorkeling gear around his neck. “Come on, Love. Please try it. I know the boat ride was rough but this part should be fun.”

“Rough doesn’t begin to describe that nightmare,” Leto said. “It…reminded me too much…”

Andreas finally realized why Leto was so upset. The way they had bounced hard in the boat, probably felt a lot like having their backsides paddled, and it had triggered Leto’s memories of abuse. “Oh I’m so sorry, Love. I didn’t realize…but I promise this part should be fun and not painful, OK?” Andreas drew Leto into a gentle embrace and Leto let out a sigh. “Alright.”

Andreas helped Leto put on his gear and they joined the guide for the beginners’ lesson, wading out into the calm, warm water until they were about waist high. The guide then showed them how to bend over and place their face into the water, and to breathe through their mouths using the snorkel. It took a few tries to avoid a brief feeling of panic but once he got the hang of it, Andreas thought it was pretty easy.

Leto seemed to get the hang of it as well and the calm, warm waters seemed to soothe him. The other couples seemed to avoid them, probably because of Leto’s markings and ears, which still seemed to disconcert people who didn’t know them. Leto paid them no mind, but it did bother Andreas a little bit. He loved Leto no matter if he had white markings, black markings or no markings at all.

They headed out then, wading farther into the cove until it was deep enough to swim. The guide took them out towards a small reef that was teeming with colorful fish and other underwater wildlife. Once they started snorkeling and looking at the wildlife that the guide pointed out, Andreas became fascinated. The curious scholar in him paid rapt attention to every word. Beneath the water the world was quiet, calm and strangely beautiful. It looked like an alien world.

Andreas enthusiastically grabbed Leto’s hand and pointed out various colorful fish, and a particularly large lobster. Leto seemed calm, almost tranquil, next to his excited husband. Andreas took calm as a good sign as Leto was never one prone to excitability.

Afterwards the entire group shared a picnic lunch on the beach by the cove, and while some people still eyed Leto warily, the other couples began to warm up to the newlyweds because of Andreas’ easy, laid-back charm. It was evident to everyone how much they doted on each other and it put most of the group at ease, despite Leto’s somewhat alarming appearance.

The guide at one point looked at Leto and asked. “So, are those some kind of…tribal tattoos?”

Leto took a deep breath and re-iterated a brief version of the story he’d original told Miranda years ago, that he and his family had been held as slaves somewhere in Eastern Europe and that his former master had forced these markings upon his skin, along with the modification to his ears.

This elicited sympathetic noises from the group and those still giving him a wary look began to see him in a new light. The rest of the afternoon was spent with pleasant conversation before having to go back on the boat, which Leto dreaded. The guide sensed his trepidation and allowed Leto to sit closer to the front, where the ride would be somewhat smoother, and gave him a more cushioned seat as well. Leto was forever grateful for the kindness.

Once back at their suite, Andreas babbled incessantly about everything they’d done that day and Leto just sat back on the couch, nodding and occasionally smiling. After about an hour he finally got up and grabbed Andreas by the shoulders and kissed him soundly, which had the effect of finally shutting him up.

“That’s enough, Amatus,” Leto said with his signature smirk. “I know you had a wonderful day, and I will admit it was much more pleasant than I had originally feared, but enough is enough.”

Andreas calmed himself and embraced his elf. “I’m sorry, Love. I’ve just never done something so amazing before.”

“Neither have I, and I will admit it was spectacular. I had no idea how beautiful life beneath the ocean waters could be,” Leto admitted. “Now why don’t we try and take a nap before dinner arrives?”

Andreas pouted. “What if I don’t want to take a nap?”

Leto grinned wickedly. “I’m sure we can find something else to occupy our time in the bedroom. Now come along before I spank that incorrigible ass of yours.”

“Yes, sir!!” Andreas laughed as he rushed towards the bedroom.


They arrived back at their apartment on the Friday before Andreas had to return to his residency work. They were cautioned not to arrive back on Sunday as they would need a couple of days to recover from their travels. This turned out to be sound advice as the newlyweds spent a significant portion of that weekend napping in each other’s arms.

By Sunday evening they finally felt rested and Andreas was eager to return to his work. While he may not have magic to heal anymore, all the modern medical tecniques he’d learned during his years in medical school made him feel partially whole again. In the end he realized that it wasn’t his magic, but his ability to heal people was what he missed most.

“So are you slated to teach any classes at the studio this week?” Andreas asked. Leto had a rotating roster of other trainers on his staff now and so he didn’t have to teach unless he really wanted to.

Leto nodded. “I am teaching on Tuesday and Thursday this week. The rest of the week will be coordinating with the management team regarding the various franchises, and reviewing new franchise requests.”

Andreas smiled and stroked Leto’s face, pushing some of his snow white hair behind a pointed ear. “Look at you, such a businessman. Not only are you no longer an actual slave, you’ve also avoided becoming a corporate slave as well. I’m so proud of you…husband.”

Leto smiled genuinely at the praise. “We’ve both come a long way, you and I. This world has allowed us to accomplish so much more than we could have dreamed. I’m so glad we’ve been able to share this journey together.”

After a quick kiss Andreas got a rather mischievous look on his face.

“What are you scheming?” Leto asked teasingly.

“Oh, well…now that I’m done with school and we’re married,” Andreas began. “I was wondering…how do you feel about adoption?”

Leto sat up at that. “You wish…to adopt? A child?”

Andreas laughed. “No, no, no, not a child. A cat! You know I’ve always wanted a cat since I had to leave behind Ser Pounce-a-Lot at Vigil’s Keep. Could we adopt a cat? Please?”

Leto chuckled and shook his head. “Give me a week to get used to the idea, and then next weekend we’ll go down to the local shelter and see what they have, OK?”

Andreas pulled Leto in for a hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

A week later, Andreas was sitting happily on the couch with a small ball of orange fur curled up on his lap, purring loudly. His grin practically lit up the room and Leto decided if the cat made his husband that happy, it would be worth whatever trouble it would cause.

…and much trouble was most definitely caused by Prince Purrs-a-Lot.

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