Dimensional Dislocation


Leto fidgeted as he looked at Anders. How did he feel about the former mage? It was a valid question, but not one he readily had an answer for.

“I no longer hate you,” Leto began.

Andreas chuckled and stepped closer to him. “Good, since I don’t think I ever truly hated you.”

Leto thought back to all the times he and Andreas had bickered in Kirkwall, and also all the times he’d thought of the mage when he was alone in his decrepit mansion. “I … actually never hated you either. Not really.”

“Then why? Why were you always so … angry at me all the time? I know I was a mage, but you didn’t react like that around Bethany,” Andreas asked calmly.

Leto began to blush and he stared down at his feet. “It’s because I … I also found you very attractive. I feared my own feelings almost more than I feared you, because I could see myself letting you possess me with your charm. It really scared me. I didn’t want to be under the thrall of another mage again.”

Andreas’ eyes went wide upon hearing the confession, and then let out a deep sigh. “Then we were both a couple of blighted fools back in Kirkwall, weren’t we?”

Andreas reached out and pushed some of Leto’s white locks behind a pointed ear, gently caressing the tip, causing Leto to visibly shudder and let out a small moan.

Leto finally looked up into Andreas’ eyes and nodded. “Indeed, we were.”

“So, now that I’m not a mage anymore, are you no longer afraid of falling under my thrall?” Andreas asked with a hint of amusement, stepping even closer to the elf.

“I do not fear being enthralled by a man,” Leto said with a smirk. “In fact, I’m quite looking forward to it.”

Leto closed the final distance between them, wrapping his arms around Andreas’ torso, while Andreas wrapped his arms around the elf’s shoulders. Their lips met, soft, sweet and familiar. Andreas’ mouth parted willingly, allowing entrance to Leto’s questing tongue, craving the taste of the man. Slowly Leto dragged his lips to kiss the man’s stubbled jawline, and up to suckle on Andreas’ earlobe, causing the man to moan softly.

Andreas whispered breathlessly. “What if I want to fall under your thrall instead?”

Leto just growled softly and suckled the earlobe harder, before swiping his tongue down the man’s neck, down to his pulse point. “Then under my thrall you shall be, human,” Leto growled before biting down on Andreas’ neck, marking him.

Leto could tell that the sensation of his bite had gone straight to the man’s cock, as he felt it twitch within the confines of his jeans, pressed so close to his own. Leto moved his hands down towards Andreas’ ass, squeezing the full, round cheeks in his hands, pulling Andreas even more flush with him, before capturing the man’s lips with his own once more. Andreas groaned into the kiss as Leto began grinding his hips against him.

Leto then slid his hands up, under Andreas’ t-shirt, tracing his fingers over lean muscles and old scars, making the man shudder at the feel of the warm hands on his skin.

Andreas then broke away from the kiss with a silly grin on his face and in one swift motion took the t-shirt off and tossed it aside. Leto followed suit, before his hands went to Andreas’ hips, slowly sliding his fingers forward so he could work open the button. Leto licked his lips as Andreas helped by pushing off the jeans, letting them pool around his ankles as he stepped out of them, his erection bobbing free in the process.

Leto quickly removed his jeans as well and they stood there for a brief second admiring each other’s familiar naked form. Then with surprising quickness, Leto felt himself swept up in Andreas’ arms and carefully laid down onto their bed. Their bed. The thought of it made Leto’s heart clench again. This was really happening. Something that he never imagined ever could happen, and now here they were, together.

As Andreas settled in above him, Leto felt a rush of emotion that caused tears to begin pricking at the corners of his eyes. He was never one for sentimentality, so he was surprised by the wave of emotion.

Andreas noticed the emotions in Leto’s face, as he settled next to him, pulling him into an embrace, kissing away the tears that had begun to fall. “Shhh, Leto. It’s ok. We don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to.”

Leto looked into Andreas’ warm, kind eyes, still lust blown but filled with sympathy. “You don’t understand. I do want to. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more,” Leto said hoarsely. “I want you, Andreas. I want you more than words can say.”

Andreas leaned down and kissed him again, tenderly. “I want you too, Leto. I have for a long time, but I never dared hope …”

Leto cut off Andreas’ words with another kiss, before moving on top of the man, straddling his waist, letting his erection slide next to Andreas’ cock, causing them both to moan loudly at the friction.

Leto looked down at Andreas as he slowly ground his hips. “Tell me what you want Andreas. What did you dream we would do together?”

Andreas smirked. “Justice would always reprimand me for having these thoughts, but I kept picturing you slamming me against a wall and just taking me right then and there, hard and rough.”

“What if I don’t want to take you like that? Would you be disappointed?” Leto asked, teasingly.

“No, not at all. Take me however you want, Leto. Please, I just need you,” Andreas begged as his hips began to grind up against Leto’s.

To be needed…wanted…desired. Leto had never seen himself as desirable, not after what Danarius had done to him. Yet clearly here was a man who did desire him…and more. The raw emotions on Andreas’ face spoke volumes to the former slave who had learned years ago how to read the slightest emotion on people’s expression. What he saw now made his heart soar.

Leto bent down, trapping their erections between them, and whispered into Andreas’ ear. “I want to make slow, sensuous love to you. I want to watch you come completely undone beneath me, begging, crying for release. When I finally let you, I want to hear you scream my name as you cum.”

Andreas groaned at the images that flooded his mind. “Yes, oh Leto, yes,” he moaned, cupping the elf’s face and kissing Leto with passion.

Leto let himself get lost in Andreas’ sensuous mouth again, sliding their tongues together, hot and wet.

Leto then realized something and asked, “Oil? Do we have any?”

Andreas got a wicked grin, and reached for something under the pillow. “I have something better. Henry recommended it and I purchased it the other day when we all went to that ‘drug store’ together. It’s called ‘lube.’”

Leto looked at the strange flask of clear liquid. “So that’s what you were doing when you slipped away that evening?”

Andreas nodded, still with a wicked grin on his face. “I told you I’ve been wanting this for a long time. I wasn’t going to be unprepared.”

Leto leaned in to kiss the grin off Andreas’ face, while taking the flask of ‘lube’ from his hand. He then poured a little on his fingers and felt the smooth slickness of it, and nodded approvingly. He slowly stroked Andreas’ weeping shaft with it and it made the slide of his hand over the hot, hard flesh smooth and slick. Andreas arched his hips up at the touch, his mouth opening in a silent moan.

“Mmm yes, this will do nicely,” Leto said wickedly.

Leto got off of Andreas and moved himself between the blonde man’s legs, encouraging him to spread his thighs. He then grabbed a pillow and positioned it beneath Andreas’ lower back to improve the angle. He then poured some more of the slick substance on his fingers and began massaging slow circles around Andreas’ hole, causing the man to whimper and groan. Slowly Leto pushed one finger inside and Andreas arched at the intrusion, driving the digit farther in. Slowly Leto began a rhythm with the one finger, causing Andreas to begin to writhe and moan.

“Hmm if I had known you were so easy to please, I would have tried this years ago,” Leto teased.

Andreas just pleaded. “More. Please!”

Leto chuckled warmly and added a second finger, continuing the slow motions, scissoring his fingers now, preparing his lover for the pleasures yet to come. Then he crooked his fingers against what he knew was a pleasure point and Andreas screamed in ecstasy.

Leto paid a bit more attention to that spot, until he could tell Andreas was getting close. He then slowly withdrew his fingers and slicked up his own neglected cock.

Leto climbed back up to capture Andreas’ panting mouth, before whispering. “Are you ready for me?”

“Oh yes, Leto. Please … I need you inside me. Right. Now.” Andreas pleaded.

“You beg so beautifully,” Leto breathed huskily as he lined himself up and slowly sank into Andreas’ slicked, tight heat.

The sensation of the heat and tightness around his cock was excruciating, in the most beautiful way possible. Once he was completely sheathed in it, he stopped, panting, trying to regain his composure. Discarding the bottle of slick, he captured Andreas’ mouth again, kissing deeply.

Slowly, so slowly, Leto began to move, sliding in and out of Andreas. It felt so good and Andreas was so beautiful as he lay beneath him, moaning his name. Andreas brought his hands down to Leto’s bum, massaging and caressing his firm cheeks as they undulated.

Leto was true to his word, making very slow, sensuous love to Andreas, keeping his pace measured, matching the slow thrust of his hips into Andreas with the slow thrust of his tongue into the man’s mouth. Leto kept changing angles and speed, driving Andreas to the brink again and again, before pulling back.

Eventually Andreas couldn’t take it anymore and he was indeed begging and pleading for release.

“Leto, please … I need to cum … Please!” Andreas begged.

Leto finally took Andreas’ weeping cock into his hand and began to stroke it, while increasing his pace, feeling his own orgasm building. When he was close to the edge, he leaned down and whispered. “Cum for me Andreas. Let me hear you, scream my name…”

Andreas did just that, screaming Leto’s name like a chant at every pulse as he came, hard.

Leto finally couldn’t hold back anymore, his own orgasm close as Andreas’ clenched even tighter around him. He grabbed the mans’ hips and began to truly pound into the man, finally going over the edge of ecstasy, coming deep inside Andreas, coating him with his seed, staking his claim on this beautiful, amazing man.


Afterwards they lay silent in each other’s arms as they both came down from the best orgasm either of them could ever remember having.

Andreas kissed Leto on the forehead, breaking the silence. “That was amazing.”

“You are amazing,” Leto responded, leaning back to look at Andreas. “No one has ever made me feel like this before.”

Leto caressed Andreas’ face, feeling that delicious clench in his chest again, his heart racing.

“We’ve known each other for so long, wanted each other for almost as long, and yet this all feels so new, so wonderful. My heart is so filled with joy. I don’t recall ever feeling this happy,” Leto confessed.

“I can’t believe we wasted all those years bickering. Well actually I can. Justice held me back from confronting you. I wanted to tell you how I felt years ago,” Andreas confessed. “I really messed up when I joined with him. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Well, he’s gone now, and you can decide how to live your life now,” Leto said comfortingly, kissing Andreas on the forehead. “No more Justice. No more Templars. No more slavers. We’re both finally free to just live.”

Andreas smiled down at the elf. “I only know one thing for sure, I want you in my life. Now more than ever.” Tears began to well in his eyes again, as he took a shuddering sigh. “This may be too soon…but I need to tell you this. Leto, I’m in love with you.”

Hearing the confession sends Leto reeling, his heart clenching so tight he struggles to breathe. Tears well into his eyes as well and he is silent for a long while, trying to regain his composure. “Oh Andreas… Amatus… I… love you too. It’s been building in me for so long and I’ve been fighting it, but… I love you.”

They draw each other into another sweet, slow kiss, melting into each other’s arms, feeling happier than either of them had ever remembered feeling.

Finally they broke apart and went to shower in their own private bathroom for the very first time. Still on a euphoric high they made love again in the shower, Andreas getting his wish to be taken up against a wall happily fulfilled by Leto.

Then they fell into their bed together and snuggled under the covers until drifting off to sleep, mumbling words of love and adoration to each other.


The next day Henry called Andreas on his phone, which startled him the first time he’d heard it ring. Andreas fumbled and nearly dropped it when he tried to answer it, causing Leto to laugh aloud.

“Hey, Andreas, is now a good time for me to swing by and take you two grocery shopping?” Henry asked.

“Sure, come on over Henry. Leto and I are dying for some coffee already,” Andreas said, yawning for emphasis.

Henry laughed. “Well let’s go get coffee first then!”

Henry immediately noticed a change in the two, noting that instead of merely holding hands, they walked with their arms around each other now, and there were quick kisses and caresses, and he heard Leto refer to Andreas as ‘Amatus’. Henry blushed when he realized what they probably had been up to the night before.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get over the two of you being a couple,” Henry laughed. “You would certainly blow the minds of a lot of Dragon Age fans.”

They went to a coffee shop first and ordered coffee and pastries, then sat outside on the shop’s patio, enjoying another sunny, warm day.

“So I need to know… did you two feel this way about each other back in Kirkwall?” Henry asked curiously.

They both nodded, blushing. “Apparently we did, but were both too foolish to admit it,” Andreas acknowledged. “Also Justice kept holding me back. I had wanted to tell Fenris… Leto… how I felt years ago.”

“So you don’t miss having that Spirit in your head anymore?” Henry asked.

“Maker no! I’m glad he’s gone. I can see now how much of my life he stole from me,” Andreas confessed. Leto gave his hand a loving squeeze upon hearing those words.

“Not to step on any toes, but how much have you told Leto about being a Grey Warden?” Henry asked cautiously.

Andreas’ eyes widened at that, and he looked nervous, fidgeting with his coffee cup. “Well, um…”

Leto’s eyes narrowed, suspicious. “Andreas? What haven’t you told me?”

Andreas let out a sigh. “I’m not really sure it’s even an issue anymore, since all of our other magical abilities disappeared when we came through the Eluvian.”

Leto reached out and took Andreas’ hand. “Tell me, Amatus. Please.”

“There are reasons why only Grey Wardens can stop a blight,” Andreas began. “Such as the fact we can detect Darkspawn, and in turn they can detect us.”

“Yes, that I knew from our journey into the Deep Roads with Hawke,” Leto nodded.

“Also that we’re the only ones that can really kill an Archdemon,” Andreas explained. “When an Archdemon dies, its soul passes to the nearest tainted being. If it’s another Darkspawn, it’s reborn and the Blight continues. If it’s a Grey Warden, they both die. It’s the Grey Warden’s ultimate sacrifice.”

“Tainted?” Leto asked.

“Yeah, Grey Wardens are forced to go through a Joining ritual when conscripted. It involves drinking the blood of the Darkspawn, mixed with the blood of an Archdemon, and probably some magic that even I don’t know,” Andreas said. “That means all Grey Wardens carry the taint. Those of us who survive the Joining ritual usually have a shortened lifespan because of it.”

“Grey Wardens use… blood magic?” Leto asked in shock.

“Yeah, they do. It’s the only blood magic ritual I’ve ever willingly been a part of, and only because if I hadn’t become a Grey Warden, I would have been dragged back to the Circle and been branded tranquil,” Andreas said with a shudder.

“H … how long do you have?” Leto asked, fear edging into his voice.

“Well, usually a Grey Warden can survive about twenty to thirty years before they begin to hear the Calling. Once they do, they head down to the Deep Roads to kill off as many Darkspawn as they can before they die,” Anders replied. “However, since I lost all my other magic, I think I may have also lost the taint as well. I haven’t had nightmares that all Grey Wardens experience since coming here.”

“Are you sure?” Leto asked, worry still in his voice.

“Not absolutely, no, but pretty sure. If I wake up screaming in the middle of the night, that would prove me wrong,” Andreas said, squeezing Leto’s hand.

“You still didn’t answer me. How long do you have?” Leto repeated.

“Well let’s see, completed the joining about a year before arriving in Kirkwall and I spent 6 years there. So that means, if I still have the taint, I still have between thirteen and twenty-three years left,” Andreas replied. “Don’t worry, you’re not losing me tomorrow, love.”

Leto breathed a small sigh of relief. “We’ll talk more about this later, Amatus. Let’s not waste more of Henry’s time.”

Henry looked sheepish. “I’m sorry for bringing that up, I wasn’t sure if you’d told him about it and I was curious.”

“It’s alright Henry, it’s something we needed to talk about,” Andreas said with an understanding smile.

Once they had finished their coffee the three of them headed to what Henry called a ‘supermarket.’ Once inside, Leto and Andreas could see exactly what was so super about it. The sheer abundance of foods and other goods was astounding.

They purchased enough food to last them for the week, mostly breakfast items as they both ate lunch and dinner at the soup kitchen during the week. They also made sure to pick up a small coffee maker and all things that went with it. Once they were done, Henry dropped them off and helped them unpack all the groceries before bidding his leave.

Once alone again in their apartment Andreas mused. “Henry is a good man. I’m glad we met him when we did. I think we’d be so lost without him.”

“Agreed,” Leto nodded. “Now, when were you going to tell me about all that regarding Grey Wardens?”

“To be honest? Probably never,” Andreas shrugged. “It’s supposed to be a closely guarded secret and we’re told never to talk about it, upon pain of death… and as I said, I don’t think it’s even an issue anymore.”

“Are there any other closely guarded secrets I should know about?” Leto asked.

“No, that was the big one really,” Anders shook his head. “Shall I make dinner?”

“What do you want to make?” Fenris asked curiously.

“Henry gave me the recipe for his lasagna and he helped me purchase all the ingredients for it. It seems simple enough,” Andreas replied. “Shall I try making that?”

“Mmm yes. I loved that when Henry made it,” Fenris nodded. “I’ll go open the bottle of Merlot I picked up.”

They set about preparing dinner. While they waited for the Lasagna to bake in the oven, they lay together on the bed, watching television.

After dinner they made slow, passionate love again before showering and snuggling back into bed.

As they began drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms Andreas, pressed a kiss onto Leto’s head, and whispered. “I could get used to this.”

“As could I,” Leto agreed.

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