Worst Field Trip Ever


Katara ran her fingers across her handiwork with care. The band of leather was taut and smooth, the round, glimmering stone of green sleek and shining.

"I really hope she likes this..."

"I'm sure she will, Katara," Hakoda assured.

"Wow, that's a pretty stone," Aang observed, reaching out his arm to hold the necklace Katara had created. Katara passed it to him with some hesitation and he treated it with the same fear and gentleness as he would a baby. "What is it made of?"

"It's an emerald," Hakoda explained with a reminiscent smile. "I got it from the Earth Kingdom while on a trading trip. I gave it to Katara's mother for her birthday many years ago. The emerald represents hope to ease the troubled mind. I didn't want her to worry about me when I went off on my travels."

"Ohhh," Aang murmured in awe, his eyes enraptured by the simple beauty of the rock. "So, Katara, is that why you're giving it to her?"

Katara smiled at the way his eyes lit up as gears clicked into place and she nodded.

"Mm-hm. When Dad told me about it I knew it was the right one. And, well...the green matches what she likes to wear, too."

"It looks a lot like your necklace," he observed.

"Yea, I wanted it to...kind of match, I guess," Katara noticed - she hadn't quite thought of it until after she had made it, if she was being honest, but she was glad it had turned out that way. "What about yours, Aang?"

Aang's face went pink and he rubbed his head sheepishly.

"Did you not finish it?" she skeptically inquired, lifting a brow his way. His eyes wandered off and he stuttered.

"W-well, I-I'm almost done."Aang, how would you ever get anything done if I didn't keep you on task?

"Almost?" She was clearly more amused than disappointed, much to his relief.

"I-I promise I'll finish it before we leave!" he guaranteed with palms extended out in a plea.

"OK," Katara giggled as she put the necklace in her coat pocket before giving him a brief hug, running her hand across his peach fuzz hair. "If you need my help, Aang, just let me know."

"Suki's actually helped out a little 'cuz I didn't know how to like, tie the string around them, ya know?"

"That's great," she acknowledged, patting the side of his face gently.She'll love it no matter how it turns out, Aang, don't worry about it."Speaking of Suki, where is she?"

"Oh, she's making dinner with Gran-Gran," replied the cute little baldish boy.

"Ah, dinner," Hakoda grunted, slipping his trusty, worn mits over his rough hands. "I should be helping finish that up. Gran-Gran's not the best with spices. Don't want her to overdo it, right?" He chuckled and waved them farewell. Katara couldn't help but find it strange how calm her father was just leaving them alone like this: his daughter with a boy she was openly romantically involved with. The war must have really changed him and made him a lot less strict and stressful than he had once been. She couldn't help but wonder if perhaps after everything that had happened he had learned to just let things fall into place a bit more. Either way, no complaints were coming from her. She would appreciate the ease of mind her father had found and the privacy she had just been granted.

"Man, I'm getting hungry," Aang mumbled. Grrugglloo. His stomach made a lurching sound and Katara cracked a grin.

"I can tell," she picked on him, poking him in the stomach. She gave him a sly smirk and smuggled her hands around his back. His face lit up again in that reddish hue she admired and she scrunched her face up as she rubbed her nose against his. He giggled and caused nose friction in return, latching his own arms around her waist. His tiny, dainty hands always felt like little dancers on her skin, and she regretted the cold weather that prevented more direct contact. Their faces would do for the time being, and she gave him a quaint kiss on the lips, which he then reciprocated.

"Sometimes I think I just might love you, Aang," she teased, pressing her temple against his own and closing her eyes. "You know that?"

"Well...That's pretty cool," Aang smugly muttered witha shrug. "I guess I'm OK with that."Hee, you little twerp.

She snorted and whapped the back of his head with her hand in a subtle jab of dominance.

"OK, OK, I think maybe...I love you too," Aang conceded, his tone deepening with solemn affection at the end of the sentence.

Sooner or later Katara knew this wouldn't be an 'I think' and 'maybe' thing but she didn't want to intimidate the boy. She pressed her lips against his neck and delighted at the action being repeated toward her.

"So," she began slowly, relishing the moment with their heads tight together, "when we get back, I think we sh-" Katara was cut off when someone entered the house with quick stomping and an exasperated huff, and their position withered apart to a loose grip. She knew that irritating sigh very well. Something had happened with Toph during her time with Sokka, hadn't it? Her mind raced with the different possibilities.

Did she talk with him? I told her to wait. I hope he let her down easy...What if he was insensitive about it? Ugh, he could have been. But what if she had been stupid about it and he'd just been blunt with her? Or what if he'd told Suki? Geez, after everything that happened yesterday...

"Toph?" Aang greeted with a blend of courtesy and confusion. "What's...up? How did-"

"It went fine," she coldly interrupted, tossing her fishing pole to the ground in a fit. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence as she stood, breathing forcefully with fists clenched.Oh, no. What happened, Toph? What did you do? What did he say?

"Are you OK?" Katara swiftly asked, giving Aang a melancholic glance before letting him go and approaching the shaken girl. Her back was turned to them, her hood drawn over her head.

"Yea," Toph lied, her voice sharp with anger. Katara's heart sank at the sight of her trembling fists. She feared that whatever was going on it could undo all the progress Toph had been making in the past couple of weeks. She knelt down and extended her hand in offering, careful to explain.

"Well...Maybe this will make you feel better. I made this for you today." She carefully touched Toph's wrist and went to place the necklace in her hand, but was immediately shaken off with violent aggression, tossing the necklace to the floor.Toph! I made that just for you! I've been spending all day on it...That's a family heirloom.

"Don't-...Get-" Toph sputtered out, thrashing her hand out and pushing Katara haphazardly in the chest. Toph fumbled a few steps back, nearly falling over. Her body spun around, and Katara could see the strands of hear stuck to her face from freezing streams of tears gluing them in place. Her milky eyes were fraught with pain and fear, her breath rasping between chattering teeth grit together.Wow. Well, then. Looks like she's in quite the mood. Guess I'm not getting an explanation from her, at least not right now. I'll have to find out from Sokka if she's going to be this way.

"Leave me alone," Toph sniveled, failing miserably at coming across as threatening.

"Toph," Aang whimpered. "Wh-what happened?"

"What part of alone-...?" she began, trailing off and huffing, shaking her head. She tossed her hand dismissively at them and turned away, feeling her arms out and pacing ahead until she hit a wall. When she did, she smacked her forehead into it and slid down to her knees, sobbing quietly.Spirits, the poor girl...After everything she's been going through, I can't even imagine what's going through her head right now. She is not going to talk in this state, either. I wish she'd just relax and talk to us...

Wide-eyed, Aang's jaw dropped as he creaked his head in Katara's direction. His expression read silently, 'What do we do?' Katara shook her head, eyes dull with disappointment and sympathy. She decided to give it one last try.

"Are you sure you don't want to-?"

"Go away!" Toph screeched like a blithering banshee.

Katara sighed, quickly growing irritated by the stubborn insistence Toph was demonstrating in her seeming desire to remain perfectly miserable and angry. It hurt, it was infuriating, but Katara had to call it.If that's how you're going to be, Toph, then fine. We can't help you if you're going to act this way...

"All right," Katara said with as calm a voice as she could muster, rising to a standing position. "We'll just-"

"I don't care!" Toph growled. Wow, what the hell, Toph? I don't know what your problem is but you're pushing it right now, girl...

"We'll just leave you alone now," Katara forced above Toph's grunting "Whatever!"What is your problem? I just don't understand you sometimes, Toph. If you want to sit in a hole and cry by yourself, then fine, I'll let you. Geez...Why won't you let us help you? Why?

Katara, her face worn thin of any patience she had previously been holding, glared at Aang and tried to wipe her frustration away at his scared expression. She nodded her head to the side, signaling him to follow, and he did so quickly and quietly. When they were clear from the igloo fortress, Aang insisted on obtaining an explanation.

"What is going on with her, Katara?"Ugh, I promised her I wouldn't talk with anyone else about it...If I don't, I have a feeling he's going to hear it from someone else, but I still made a promise. I have to stick with it.

"I don't know for sure," Katara slowly answered. This was a half-truth, at least. They had to talk with Sokka. As irrational as Toph was acting, Katara hoped she could trust her brother to act mature in a situation like this.

"Sokka!" she called out idly to a patch of tents. Aang shivered and pulled his hood over his head, tucking his arms around himself. "Sokka!" Katara called again after moving to a different portion of residences. Just as she was about to call again, she saw him scurry out of the tent they had been using as a kind of "guest room" during that week.

"What?" he moaned, eyes dreary.

Katara hustled over, leaving Aang to play catch up.

"What happened?" she whispered urgently.

Sokka sighed, his eyes straying from her sharp glare, and he rubbed at his goatee before nudging her to follow him into the tent. She turned her head to see Aang trudging through the snow, and waited until he had reached them before tugging his arm and leading him in behind her brother.

When the three of them had entered the tent, Sokka took a deep breath and shook his head with dread.

"Katara...You knew about this, didn't you?" he grumbled, his voice a bit shaken.

"I..."He already knows, it's OK."Yea."

"How long?"

"W-well, I...I kind of had a feeling for a while, but I didn't know until a few days ago."

"Um, guys?" Aang poked into the conversation. "Whhhhat's goin' on?"

Sokka chuckled at him, muttering, "Yea, that was my reaction, too." This response only left the poor boy more perplexed.

"What happened out there?" Katara whimpered, her head pounding with stress. "Did...Did she talk with you about it?"

"About what?" Sokka snapped in a high-pitch, tossing his arms. "About how she has feelings for me all of a sudden?"They're not all of a sudden, Sokka...

Katara bit her lip nervously as Aang's face contorted into one of disbelief. Sokka continued, bewildered.

"No, no she didn't, Katara. Toph's not one for words, I guess. She just groped me and slobbered on my face, is all." He was speaking in a rush, his voice cracking, slightly in hysterics.Oh, no, not that. No way. Why would she do that? Why would you do that, Toph? What was going through your head? Ugh, I can't believe this...No, no, no! This is not what anyone needs right now! How am I going to fix this?

"Waitwaitwait what?" Aang cried out incredulously. "Sokka, are you...Are you saying that Toph kissed you?"

The bewildered boy snickered nervously and shrugged. "Uhhhh, w-well, gee, Aang, um, I always thought kissing was, like, a mutual, two-person thing, so, erm...No - more like she assaulted me with her face."Sokka, stop being a baby and quit overreacting.

"OK," Katara snapped, shooting her brother a sharp look. "I'm sure it wasn't as horrible as you're making it out to be."

"I had to push her off," he clarified slowly, making a shoving gesture. "I-I mean, heh, hey, yea, I know I'm...ya know, irresistible and everything, but...damn," he huffed, taken aback by the whole thing, and clearly trying to humor himself to ease the burden.

"Sooooo Toph kissed you," Aang concluded, still reeling.

"Yes, Aang," Sokka growled, throwing up his arms. "She kissed me, OK? I didn't ask her to, she didn't tell me she was going to, she just...did it. Why the hell would she do that?"Wait a minute...

Katara spun her head to her side to observe Aang's blushed cheeks.

"Aang," she suspiciously started with a snippy flair. "Did you convince Toph to do this?"

"Wh-?" Sokka squawked out, lost.

"N-no, of course not!" Aang shakily defended. "W-well, I mean, I told her...-" His eyes darted to Sokka and back to Katara. "Told her about, w-well, you know...us...B-but I never...-" He cleared his throat, his face bright red.Maybe I should get upset with him more often? He's so adorable when he's all flustered...

"I had no idea she was talking...about you, Sokka..." came Aang's meek regret.

"What did you tell her?" Katara wondered.

"Yeaaaa," Sokka murmured. "What did you tell her, Aang?"

"I-I just told her about..." He pointed at Katara and himself at once with both hands. "'Bout how I...kissed you the first time..." Katara nodded expectantly, a smirk crawling across her face at the thought. "A-and I told her, like...That she should go for it, right? B-because what did she have to lose, ya know? B-but I had no idea that she was thinking...-" He trailed off with a huff, his mind blown by the whole thing.

"Wait-wait," Sokka grumbled. "How you two kissed the first time?"

"It's none of your business," Katara curtly dismissed him.

"Uhhh, maybe this is none of your business?" he countered.Ugh, Sokka, that's not the point, let's move on.

"What's important here," Katara proclaimed, "is that Toph obviously has some kind of romantic feelings for you, Sokka."

"Naw, ya think?" he winced, scratching his chin fretfully.

"Do you like her?" Aang pounced at the question while he had the chance.

Sokka huffed and rolled his head around indecisively. "N-no, I don't," he muttered. "I mean, don't get me wrong, she's a great girl and everything, and I love her, I really do, just...Not like that."

"Is that what you told her?" Katara demanded specifically.

"Not in...as many words."

"In what words?"

"W-well I thought at first it was...maybe some kind of prank, and-"

"Nooo," Katara gasped.No doubt that's part of why she's so angry.

"B-but I apologized!" Sokka immediately added, pointing at Katara's dubious glance. "A-and I'll talk with her about it, I swear, b-but...You know how she is! Once she realized I didn't feel that way, it was like..." He chopped his hand before his face. "Boom. Stone wall. Ya know?"

"We know," Katara sighed. "That's how she was to me just now when you guys got back."

"What are we supposed to do?" Sokka squeaked in desperation. "This so awkward!"

"Stop being a child!" Katara scolded. "I know this is a lot to deal with all at once, Brother, but you said yourself that you're not a kid anymore, right? Stop acting like one. Toph? She is still a kid. You two need to talk all of this out. You need to tell her what you just told me."

"What if...What if that doesn't change anything?" Sokka worried.

"Then..."I don't know! How should I know?"Then that's her own problem, and she'll have to deal with it."I love you, Toph, but this is how it is. But we can be here for you and help. You just need to let us. Please let us.

"I sure hope she can," Sokka groaned, rubbing his forehead fiercely.

"Yea, we'll figure this out!" Aang declared, patting Sokka on the back forcefully. He laughed at Sokka's cough from his slap. "We look out for our family, right?"

"That's right," Sokka agreed with a warm smile. "Sorry, guys." He crawled out of the tent and took a long, clearing breath. "I just...I'm so stressed right now. I don't...I don't need this. Why couldn't this have waited?"Because Toph was sick of waiting. I wish she would've waited, too, Brother.

"No one needs this right now, especially Toph," Katara sighed, noticing Suki swiftly approaching them as she stood up from her knees, exiting the tent. Her face was distressed and puzzled, just as Aang's had been.

"Guys," she called, dashing to them.

"H-hey, Suki," Sokka mumbled, his head drooped, gaze traveling everywhere but toward her face. "What's up?"

"What is going on with Toph?" Suki demanded firmly. "I thought she went ice fishing with you? She's freaking out over there!"

"Uhhh yea," Sokka blurted out. "Funny story..." He cast a glance to Katara, his teeth clenched fearfully. "I'm sure Katara can help cheer her up, though, right?What? Are you kidding me? You didn't see what she was like!

"Er, I'm not so sure-"

"Yea, Katara, she seems to talk with you," Suki acknowledged.Not helping, Suki! Not helping.

"Maybe we can get her to calm down," Aang offered, tugging on Katara's arm. His eyes were determined and strong-willed. "I'm sure we can if we try."Oh, Aang. You just never quit, do you? I'll give you that.

"Maybe we can," she ho-hummed with a shrug. "Let's give it a shot."

"Yea, yea, they'll sort it out," Sokka timidly reassured Suki, waving the of them farewell. "I probably should explain, huh?"

"Is this serious? She seemed really upset. What did you say to her, Sokka?"

"Uhhh, well...-"That's right, Sokka. Just tell her the truth. It wasn't your fault, you didn't do anything wrong. Um, well, maybe the...thinking it was a joke part was a little insensitive, but...Anyway! We'll sort this out. I will sort this out.

"Katara?"Shoot, it's Dad.

Katara whirled around in a flash with a syrupy sweet, "Yes, Dad?"

"Everything all right, Dear?"

"Ohhhh, yes," she assured with a plastic smile. "Everything's fine, Toph's just...nnnot feeling well! Soooo we're...-" She shot a sideways glance to Aang, who was dumbfounded by the whole situation. "We're just gonna goooo help cheer her up!" Aang nodded his head energetically, playing along with her.Smart boy.

"I see," Hakoda muttered, scratching his chin skeptically as he continued to roast fish over the fire in front of the main igloo.Just...nevermind, Dad, I've got everything under control, OK?

Katara burst through the entrance of the igloo with the zest of a hero entering a villain's lair to save a princess. Except in this case, the villain was the princess. And the lair was...Katara's own house. And-yes, OK, maybe that was an odd comparison.Maybe more like-argh, sidetracking here, need to focus.

Toph's voice cut her from her derailed train of thought.

"I told you, Suki, leave me the fuck alone!"Whoa. What?

Katara's eyes popped wide open and she stopped dead in her tracks.

"Ummm, what did you just say, little Miss?" Katara demanded with the utmost motherly voice she could muster. She didn't quite intend to, it just...slipped out in reaction to such language. Toph was sitting against the same wall they had left her at, but with her back against it. Her damp, sticky face drained and her brows raised in surprise.

"K-Katara," she called out shakily.

"When did you add that word to your vocabulary, Toph?" Katara marched over to the snot-faced, quivering girl on the floor. "So that's the way you've been talking to Suki, is it?"

"What the hell do you care?"

"Why would you say things like that to Suki?"

"I don't give a fuck what any of you think, just leave me alone!"

"Toph, Hun, please just calm down, OK?"

"No! I'll calm down when I want to, not when you tell me!"

"Toph, listen-"

"You're not my mom! I don't have a mom! Or a dad! So don't-"Ugh, this is going nowhere, let's just cut the chase here.

"Toph, why did you kiss my brother?"

Toph's already shaken face widened, rejection and disappointment flowing from her undirected eyes.

"I..." She was starting to sniffle again.Oh, geez...It's OK, Toph. Really, it's fine. It's all going to be fine. Just tell me what's wrong."I dunno, I just...just felt like...d-doing it."Well...I guess I wasn't really expecting anything more specific than that, come to think of it. The poor girl doesn't understand why she's doing half of what she's doing lately...

"You shouldn't have done that, Toph," Katara advised with a sigh. She sat beside Toph in an attempt to avoid intimidating her, and cast her gaze to Aang, who was petrified, still standing in the entryway.

"Aang, um...Would you mind...-?" she asked with a pleading and sympathetic look.I know how much you want to help out, Aang, and I'm sure you'll get your chance.

Aang snapped out of his trance and blinked quickly, nodding to her and heading out as calmly as he could, fidgeting his hands together fretfully.

"Why did you do that when I told you to wait?" Katara asked with the pain of disappointment ringing through her words. "And why did you kiss him? He's with Suki, Toph. That was...very selfish and inconsiderate." Toph was sniveling to the point of having trouble speaking.

"I-I don't...g-give a fuh-fuh-"

"OK, hey," Katara sharply interjected. "If we're going to talk, you're going to have to tone down the language, all right?"Kind but firm, Katara. You can't let her get away with being rude but you can't smother her with control.

Toph snorted with a frown and slapped her fist into the wall she was propped against.

"Now go ahead," Katrara eased.

"I-I heard S-Suki and So-Sokka have a f-fight-" She inhaled some mucus and rubbed at her face furiously. "-and I thought m-maybe I should...y-ya know..." She coughed a couple times, then rested her gloved hand on her chest, her breathing still a mess. "J-just didn't wah-want her to come b-back and t-take him away again wih-without knowing..."I see. So you felt like you should jump in and make a move when you had the chance. But Toph, Dear, they didn't break up...

"I can't believe you did that, Toph," Katara whimpered, shaking her head.You've really made a mess of everything, and you certainly haven't done yourself any favors because of it.

"M-me either," Toph sniffled, wiping her eyes, disheveled strands of black hair a disaster scene across her face. "I can't b-believe it either..."

"Sokka is very stressed right now, just like you - and now you've made everything worse."

"I-I know. B-but why does th-that stupid n-ninja get to k-keep him?"


"I-I deserve him m-more than she does!"Excuse me?

"Um, Toph, I think you need to listen to yourself. You're being selfish."

"I-I don't care, I'll do wh-whatever I want. S-sick of pee-people tellin' me what to d-do!"Then you need to get some of your priorities straight!

"Well, you can do what you want, Toph, but not if it means hurting my brother!" Katara snapped, leaning toward the crumpled girl.

"I-I...-" Toph sputtered out, flashing a palm up defensively in reaction to Katara's proximity.Oh, Toph, Sweetie...I'm upset with you and disappointed, but I'm not going to hurt you...

Katara's mind trailed back to the occasional bending battles she and Toph would have in their fits of disagreement, and acknowledged that Toph was surrounded by water, with no earth to use. She was helpless in about every possible way, and was used to resolving her issues through violence or manipulation. She was petrified that this was how the situation at hand would also be resolved. It wasn't a terribly logical thing for Toph to assume, but Katara knew that Toph's hand wouldn't have flung itself up in instinct like that otherwise. Logic wasn't always Toph's strong point, anyway, and with everything that was no-doubt cascading through her brain, it came as no surprise that logic was probably out of the picture at the moment.

Katara grabbed Toph's tightened arm and squeezed it fiercely, pulling the shaking girl toward her.

"Toph," she began. "I'm...really disappointed in you," she admitted with honesty, trying to lay it easy on her. "You really shouldn't have done what you did..." Toph huffed through her nose, resisting Katara's hug, but not enough to actually try breaking free. Just in a way that expressed some mild discomfort. "But I promise...everything will be OK. You just have to let us work us things out with you."

As Katara let go, she realized that Toph had seemed to let herself go kind of limp, brows furrowed.

"OK?" she double-checked, giving Toph a shake. Toph, her tears seemingly dried up but her face still sticky, shook her head slightly.

"It's not OK," Toph grumbled.Toph, Sweetie, come on. Don't be like that.

"I know it's not right now, but it will be."

"Whatever..."Maybe she just needs some time? She can be pretty stubborn.

"Well...By this time tomorrow, we'll be back in Ba Sing Se. There'll be solid ground, and you'll be able to earthbend, and drink all the tea you want!"

"Yea."She doesn't sound all that enthused...

Katara sighed and gripped Toph's shoulders tightly.

"All right, Toph, what can I do to make you feel better?"

"Nothing!" Toph hissed. "Nothing, OK? I never said I wanted you to make me feel better!"

"Toph, I can help you, I just-"

"It doesn't matter! It's done! My parents rejected me, and so did Sokka. Now everything's awkward and I don't know what's going to happen."

"I know, Toph, which is why you have to let me help you."

"Ugh! Whatever! You can't help, OK? Stop trying so fucking hard!"

"What did I just tell you about that language?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, is it too yucky for your prissy Sugar Queen ears?"

"Hey, what's your problem? I'm just trying to help!"

"No! You're not trying to help, you're trying to control me. You're just trying to fix me because that's what this is to you, huh? I'm just something broken that you can fix, right?"

"Toph!" Katara growled, offended. The angry girl went on.

"You think I can't take care of myself and you need to protect me 'cuz you think I'm some wimp."No! No! That's not it at all, Dear!

"How could you say that? You're like a sister to me. Of course I don't look at it that way."Right? I don't do that...do I? I mean...of course I want to fix everything, but because I love Toph, I love my brother, I love Suki...Not just to fix something.

"I don't care, Miss Fussybritches."What? You haven't called me that in...a long time. You're being a Fussybritches right now! Why am I not getting through to you?

"Toph, just tell me what you want from me. Please!"

"I want you to leave me alone! This is my business. Maybe I never should have even told you in the first place."Spirits, maybe I'm just wasting my time here. She can be pretty stubborn sometimes but I've never seen her this bad. I think maybe I should just wait until we're back home. This is pointless...

"You're my family now, Toph. Your business is my business."

"I don't care about your family!"Yes, you do. I was there when we had that ceremony - right in front of you. You were crying. That meant so much to you, I know it did."I just want to be left alone right now..."Shit, this is so infuriating! She's not listening, she's just...acting stupid and ignoring everything I'm saying. I can't deal with this anymore.

Katara rose to her feet, crossing her arms defiantly.

"If you want to be alone, fine. Go to our tent outside. Be alone. This is my family's house. If you don't want to be part of my family today, then don't be."

"Fine," Toph seethed, scrambling to her feet.Is she going to be able to even find the tent?"I'll see you tomorrow," she huffed, wobbling her way to the doorway. "Oh wait!" she seethed. "No I won't! I never will! I'll never see anything."Toph...come on. Stop doing this. It's not like you.

"If you want to be a part of this family tomorrow," Katara specified, shouting as Toph disappeared, "we'll be here waiting for you." She received no response, though this was expected.

Katara wistfully paced to the thankfully undamaged necklace that had been tossed to the ground. She scooped it up and stared at it for a moment with remorse and sorrow, but remembered what the emerald stone represented.

Toph, Toph, Toph...You're really confused right now. I'm sorry for all of this. I want to help you so much but I guess I'll have to wait until you let me. I'll keep knocking on that door until you decide to open it. I promise.

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