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Freddy Fazbearland

By Bat13SJx

Thriller / Horror

Chapter 1: Birthday

Freddy Fazbearland

Chapter 1: Birthday


A young Mike Schmidt laid in his bed, sleeping soundly. His covers were decorated with cowboys and indians. His small room was littered with legos, rubber dinosaurs, tinker toys, and globs of play-doh fused together like a massive rainbow blob. Above his head hung model airplanes and a dirigible his dad helped him put together.

The morning sun streamed through his window and into his bedroom.

Mike yawned as he opened his hazel green-blue eyes when the sunlight came on his face. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked around the room. He smiled excitedly when his eyes looked out his window. Today was a special day for Mike, for it was his birthday! He looked down at his feet to see if he had grown a couple inches overnight.

Just then, he heard the sound of his parents' footsteps. He turned his head to his bedroom door, just as his mother and father came into the room with a huge cake. The cake had six burning candles with blue and red stripes sticking from the top. It was chocolate fudge with ice-cream inside, and buttermilk frosting with his name written in swirly red letters: Happy Birthday Mike!

"Happy Birthday, Mike!" said his mom with a big smile on her face. "Happy Birthday, sport," chimed in his dad as he ruffled his reddish-brown hair. Mike had the same hair color as his dad's. His mom's was dark brown, almost black.

Mike beamed excitedly as he looked down at the six burning candles in the cake. They sang the Birthday Song to him, then place the cake closer to his face. "Make a wish, Michael!" his mom told him. Mike smiled, and thought for a second before blowing out his candles.

"What did you wish for, sport?" his dad asked, smirking. Mike gave his dad a look. "I cant tell you that, daddy, or my wish wont come true!" Mike's dad laughed. "Right." Mike's mom smiled and lifted the cake. "Allright, I'm going to put this cake in the fridge so we can have it after dinner. Now get up so we can take you to an amusement park.

Mike gasped excitedly. His heart pounded inside his chest. "Freddy Fazbearland?!" he asked. Freddy Fazbearland was a new amusement park for kids of all ages. Mike always wanted to go, but his parents wouldn't allow him to go because the tickets were so expensive. Except today was an exception.

His parents smiled and nodded. "Was that possibly what you were wishing for?" asked his dad. Mike jumped out of his bed excitedly. "Yes!" then went to his drawers and started rummaging quickly through his clothes.

Mike's dad laughed. "Wow, I have never seen him get out of bed that fast!" Mike's mom laughed as well. "Yes. Especially when it's a school day, he's like a snail," she added. Mike's dad laughed as they began to file out of Mike's room.

Mike got his clothes and rushed to the bathroom to change. He pulled on a red shirt with Freddy Fazbear's face on it, and a pair of blue shorts. He slipped on his socks and red shoes that lit up everytime he walked. They flashed along the walls. His mom and dad were already at the breakfast table.

His mom was making him a special birthday breakfast in the kitchen while his dad sat at the table, reading a motorcycle magazine. Once he saw Mike come in, he smiled and placed the magazine down. Next to him on the table sat a huge present wrapped nicely with wrapping paper with pictures of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy all over. A dark blue bow sat on the top. Mike beamed excitedly as he began ripping the wrapping paper and tearing the ribbons off.

Mike gasped excitedly when he was done removing the colorful wrapping paper. Inside the box, staring back at him through the clear plastic cover, was a twelve inch walking, talking Freddy Fazbear doll. Mike lifted the box high over his head as he stared at the doll. "It's Freddy!" he said excitedly as he shook the box.

Mike's dad touched the box. "Hold on, sport. Let me help you get your toy out," he said. Mike smiled as he stoped shaking the box, then handed it over to his dad. His dad brought out his Swiss Army knife and began to cut off the clear tape and pulled out the toy bear. He undid the plastic ties and took off the plastic protectors.

Mike waited impatiently, but was soon distracted when his mom appeared and placed a nice plate of crisp red bacon, gold scrambled eggs and piping hot light brown pancakes in front of him.

"Oh wow! thank you, mommy!" he said as he picked up a small metal fork and dug in. Mike's dad took off the last plastic and put in fresh new batteries into the compartment on the back. Then he handed Mike the toy Freddy. "Here you go sport," he said. Mike swallowed his food and took the toy from his dad. He stared down at it. The Freddy stared back at him with a huge plastic grin. Its facial features and body were shiny.

Mike turned on the toy and it instantly came to life. Freddy Fazbear's arms and legs moved as well as his head. "Hello, friend! My name is Freddy Fazbear!" it said in a deep voice. Mike giggled as he watched the toy move its arms and legs.

Mike's mom came around and turned it off. "Allright, no more playing with your toy at the table. Finish up your breakfast and then we can go," she said. Mike cheered excitedly and shoveled his food into his mouth really fast. Once he was done, he ran into the bathroom to quickly brush his teeth and comb his hair. When he was done, he ran back to the table and picked up his toy.

"Can I bring Freddy?" he asked. His mom sighed and smiled as she nodded her head. "You can," she said. Mike squealed and shouted happily as he spun around with his new toy. The toy moved its head. "We are going to be great friends," it said.


The Schmidt family piled into the small, brown station wagon and drove off down the street to Freddy Fazbearland. It was a beautiful sunny day with no clouds in the bright baby blue sky. The blue birds chirped in the pine trees as the car drove down the suburban neighborhood filled with green lawns and whitewash fences.

The amusement park was approximately eight to ten miles from where they lived. Back then it was once a small family restaurant. Its popularity grew rapidly, and soon it became bigger, then the idea of making an amusement park next to it came in, and soon the amusement park was built. Holding only three roller coasters, craft stations, stage shows, and a huge food court, it continued to grow bigger and bigger.

Mike's dad turned on the car blinker as he changed lanes to go into the left lane onto the freeway. "I remember when I was a kid and going to the restaurant for my ninth birthday," he said to his wife as they drove. In the backseat, Mike played with his Freddy toy, bouncing him up and down in front of him, or moving him right and left as if he were flying.

"I love pizza," it said. Mike laughed and made swooshing noises, making Freddy fly. Mike's mom looked over her shoulder from the passenger side to her son. "You doing allright, pumpkin?" she asked. Mike nodded his head. "Yeah!"

"Look, sport! you can see the park from here," he said. Mike's head lifted up and looked out his window. Mike started jumping up and down in his seat excitedly. Past the clusters of motels and hotels, he saw a couple roller coasters. The small car trains rode on the tracks like snakes.

They went under a bridge and came closer and closer to the entrance. They passed by a big white sign amongst the pine trees with fun style font words in bright red reading:

Welcome to Freddy Fazbearland!

below that in smaller words read:

A magical place for kids and grownups. Where fantasy and fun come to life!

Mike stood out of his seat when he heard music. "Michael! sit down!" his mom scolded. Mike sat back down. Mike's dad drove the car up to the line of cars who waited for their tickets for parking. Once the Schmidt car came up to the small ticket booth, a man in a nice white and brown striped buttoned up shirt smiled at them. He was in his late forties with peppered grey and black hair and a bushy mustache. He wore a Freddy Fazbear hat which was a small black top hat with two round brown ears sticking out at the sides.

"Welcome to Freddy Fazbearland! Parking is $2.00." he said in a cheerful voice. Mike's dad fished out his small brown wallet and handed the man two crisp dollar bills. The smiling man accepted his cash. "Have a magical and fun day!" he said, then looked over to Mike and winked. Mike smiled shyly as the car pulled away from him and went to go find a parking spot.

Once they did, the Schmidt family came out of the car and walked down the rows of cars to the entrance. "Hold my hand, Michael," Mike's mom told him. Mike did, while he hugged his toy with his other arm. Their footsteps thudded against the somewhat new asphault.

Mike jumped up and down excitedly. "Look! Look! Freddyland! he said excitedly. Mike's dad smiled. Yeah! there it is! but hold on, sport, we need to pay for our tickets first." Mike didn't hear him as he tried getting out of his mom's grasp. "Michael! calm down! you need to wait!" Mike's mom told him, but Mike continued to pull. His eyes took in all that he could see through the huge gates that led into the magical realm of Freddy's.

A huge sign towered over them: Freddy Fazbearland. Mike's dad separated from them as he went to one of the small ticket stands to pay for their tickets. Mike stayed with his mom. He watched as familes walked through tha gates, surrounded by trees, and into the park. Kids screamed and shouted excitedly as they ran through.

Mike jumped up and down impatiently. "Let's go!" he said. Mike's mom shushed him. "We need to wait for daddy. He's getting our tickets," she said, squeezing his hand. Mike squeezed back as he hugged his Freddy toy.

Soon, his dad was back with their tickets. "Allright! lets go!" he said with a big smile on his face. Mike screamed excitedly. "Yay!" and pulled his mom along. The three entered through the huge metal gates and into the park.

Mike's eyes were as wide as saucers as he looked around the place. It was a kids dream come true. There were carnival booths and games to win enormous stuffed Foxys or Freddys. Men with brown and white striped suits holding a fistful of strings attached to Freddy balloons. Roller coasters that zipped and corkscrewed in the air. Snack stands that sold all sorts of sugar filled treats.

The whole park was in a spoke wheel shape. The main area was the main street with all the stores and souvenir shops, then it sectioned off into the different lands. The lands varied for each age. The older kids mostly went to Foxy's Pirateland, where the bigger rollercoasters were. On the other side was Freddy's Funland where the toddler kids and babies went for the slow moving rides. Then there was Bonnie's Arcade, an area with penny arcade games, bumper cars, and a stage where a live band played. And the last one was at the end of the main street, which was Chica's Food court, where a bunch of long benches sat under a huge awning with a bunch of small sit down restaurants surrounding it.

Children screamed and laughed happily as they were seen everywhere, running everywhere with their parents following behind them with the younger siblings in strollers. Music played out of the speakers above them. Mike was overwhelmed by all the events and wanted to do everything.

Mike? You want to go on the bumper cars?" Mike's dad asked as he pointed over to the purple bumper cars inside a sectioned off area. A sign above it read "Bonnie's Bumpercars." All of the bumpercars were designed to look like Bonnie the bunny's face, including the bowtie. Mike jumped up and down excitedly.

"Yes! Yes!" Mike's dad grinned and reached out for his son's hand. "Ok! let's go!" he said excitedly, mimicking Mike's enthusiasm. Mike screamed happily as he grabbed his dad's hand and they both ran off to the bumper cars.

Mike's mom laughed and walked after them.

A/N: I know the first couple of chapters will be a bit boring and all happy and crap, but I promise you it does get better. It will get dark and gory, and you will see the animatronics go into their killing mode. So don't worry, just hang tight and plow through all this, and I promise it gets better. Thank you.

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