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How To Become a Dragon Chief


An overprotective raven-haired girl, a deceptive dragon, and a misfit with a secret, What could possibly go wrong? This is the road of how Hiccup went from the outcast to a Dragon Chief...

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Hello. For those wondering who I am, let me introduce myself. My name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, or ‘Hiccup’ for short. Where I live, I’m also known as Hiccup “the Useless”, a title affectionately given by my cousin Snotlout. Yeah, you probably figured by now how our relationship is. I’m also known as Hiccup “The Inventor” by my mentor, Gobber the Belch. I am his blacksmith apprentice, or I was, since I learned everything he could teach me. Somehow I learned in just a couple of years what would have taken a decade to most, and since then I’ve been more of an assistant there, which, together with my excessive thinking, allowed me to create various kinds of stuffs. Most of which backfired at me.

That, and the usual injuries a blacksmith sustains led me to win a third ‘title’ as Hiccup “the Reckless”, given by none other than the healer’s apprentice Heather, a raven-haired, beautiful girl with the most amazing green eyes I’ve ever seen, since their green looks like the green of the healthiest trees you could ever find in our forests… Well, that’s enough about her for now.

Now that you know who I am, it’s time to know where I live. This is Berk. It’s twelve days North of Hopeless, and a few degrees South of Freezing to Death. It is located solidly on the Meridian of Misery. In a word: sturdy. We Vikings have a sense of comradeship, and most people in my village know and help each other, as it has been for seven generations. Most of the time, when your insides are not freezing, it is a peaceful place. Except for the pest problem. You see, when you think about pests, you might think of rats, or mosquitoes, or other similar kind of pests, but here on Berk we have….


In a desperate attempt to avoid being burned alive, I slammed the door right after spotting the charging flame towards my house, barely managing to do it. You would think we would have already left here after finding out this problem, but we’re Vikings. We have stubbornness issues. After opening the backdoor I saw a dragon flying with a Viking smashing his face with a mace, which kind of proves my point of stubbornness.

I ran through the village while trying to avoid the incoming flying reptiles. As I ran through, I could hear the adults shouting at me things like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”


Since well, as I was skinny and lack muscles, being outside on a dragon raid was hardly something safe, or sane to do. I kept running, ignoring the shouts until I was yanked off the ground by a huge hand, briefly before the passage which I was going through was overrun by the flames of a passing dragon.

“Hiccup! What is he– what are you doing out here?! Get inside!” I briefly stared at the huge, red bearded man while he shouted at me, before pulling me back to the ground. The man was Stoick the Vast, chief of our tribe. They say when he was a baby he popped a dragon’s head right off his shoulders. Do I believe that? Of course I do, he was one of the fiercest dragon fighters and leaders we ever had.

After this event, I kept going to my destination, which was the blacksmith. By some kind of twisted luck, I managed to get inside just before a dragon ran through leaving a trail of flames. I started at the huge Viking before me, who grinned before speaking

“Oh, nice of yeh to join the party” he said while busy at the anvil, repairing a warped sword. “I thought you’d have been carried off.”

I replied with my usual dose of sarcasm. I suspected the man actually liked teasing me, for he knew I always would make a sarcastic reply. “Who, me? No, I’m waaay to muscular for their taste. They wouldn’t know what to do with all of this.” I finished and tried, and failed, to flex my nearly non-existent muscles.

“Well, they do need toothpicks, don’t they?” he asked jokingly, before replacing his hammer with one of his tongs. I forgot to mention that he had lost two limbs fighting dragons. One of them was replaced by a wooden peg-leg, while his left arm was replaced by a contraption which allowed him to place various types of tools, ranging from his tongs, to a mug to even an adapted double-head axe. Now he was changing his hammer to a tong to fix the sword.

Meanwhile I ran to open the window, and was met with a pile of broken weapons. I took all of them to the forge and started heating it, so they could be repaired. As I heated it, I looked through the window and saw a dragon blast a house, setting it on fire. Shortly after, a couple of teenagers ran with baskets to put out the fire.

The muscular one, not very tall, with dark hair and a helmet was Snotlout, my cousin as you already know. The big husky one with a small helmet, blond hair was Fishlegs. We used to be friends when we were little (well, when he was little, I was just ‘littler’) but then we grew up and he got distant to me so he could be accepted in their group. Though he was one of them now, I never saw him teasing me when my cousin did it. The two identical twins are Ruffnut and Tuffnut. They are both tall, have very long hair and, although skinny as I am, both of them are quite strong, perhaps because of their constant fighting. And the last one is…

“Astrid…” I said as I sighed. She was like a Valkyrie sent straight from Asgard. She was taller than I, and had a beautiful braided blond hair, with some bangs that covered her left eye. Her eyes… they were a beautiful ocean blue that would melt anyone who looked at it, either for their beauty, or their fierceness.

As I leaned to see them pass through, Gobber yanked me off the window so I would go back to work.

“Gobber, will you please let me out? I need to make my mark,” I complained as he set me on the ground again, and then he rolled his eyes.

“Yeh made plenty of ‘em. All in the wrong places. And Gods know how Heather gets mad at yeh every time yeh make one,” he remarked, since every time I ‘made a mark’ I ended up injured and visiting her so I could be patched up. Sometimes I accidentally managed to injure someone else, which then would make me earn a smack in the head from her.

Ignoring all of this, and before he could continue lecturing me I replied. “Please, just a couple of minutes, you won’t even notice. I’ll kill a dragon and my life will get infinitely better. Hel, I might even get a date, killing one.”

Gobber snorted and then started listing on his fingers; “Yeh can’t lift a hammer, can’t swing an axe, yeh barely can hold a shield, and can’t even throw one o’ these.” He finished, lightly waving a bola, only for it to be caught by a Viking and then thrown at a flying dragon, plunging it to the ground.

“I know I can’t do these things, but…” I said as I moved near a wooden container “…this will throw it for me.” I finished patting the wood, which unfortunately made the box open, to reveal a contraption which resembled a pair of long bows tied together, and launched a bola at the Viking that was waiting on the window for a weapon. Shortly after, he hit the ground, unconscious…

“Hiccup, if yeh want to kill a dragon, yeh need to stop bein’ all of this,” he said to me as he gestured to me with his hand and tong.

“You just gestured to all of me…” I replied sarcastically, knowing very well where the conversation was going. We already had those one too many times, mostly every time I ‘made a mark’, as he would say.

Sadly, sometimes he fails to notice my sarcasm, now being one of those. “Yes, that’s it! Stop bein’ all of you!” he replied, rather satisfied that I got what he meant.

In a last attempt to try to prove my worthiness this night, I tried to look intimidating as I spoke: “You, sir, are playing a dangerous game… Keeping this raw- Viking-ness and force contained. There will be consequences!”

Then again, I’m good at being sarcastic, but I’ve never been good at being intimidating. Mainly because of my size. Because of this, he just looked at me as if I had just told him an awful joke and replied, bored, “I’ll take my chances. Sword. Sharpen. Now,” he finished, handing me a dulled sword.

I went to sharpen it, as the battle outside raged on. If one could stop to watch it without getting blasted, they would notice several kinds of dragons raiding.

A Deadly Nadder would surely get me noticed, at the very least. Though very bird-like, this kind of dragon had the hottest fire known to us, along with a tail full of poisonous spikes to throw at first sight. They, like the birds they resembled, were very agile, making them a worthy opponent on a battle.

A Snaptrapper would get Astrid’s attention on me. Because of their four heads, the dragon almost had no blind spot, and fighting it one-on-one was surely tough, as each head would have different tactics of attack. Also, as their name says it, they are more of an ambushing dragon than fighting one, mainly because they can’t survive losing more than one head.

A Scauldron would surely get Dad happy. These giant sea dragons, though not adapted to walk, could still make some serious damage, by shooting boiling water from their cauldron-like stomach.

A Gronckle is tough. Getting one would surely get me a nice girlfriend. They looked and fly like giant bumblebees, but with a very thick, armored skin, and a bludgeon as a tail. They were the main reasons why every raid we always had tons of swords to fix and sharpen.

A Hideous Zippleback. One word: Exotic. They have two heads, which meant twice the status to anyone who would get one. One of the heads releases a flammable gas, and the other makes sparks, lighting it up. Because of this, they were very good at ambushes, or blowing up houses from the inside, rather than the outside.

And at last, the Monstrous Nightmare. Only the very best would go one-on-one with these dragons, Dad being one. They had the nasty habit of lighting themselves on fire, making bolas and conventional nets useless. To capture one either a Viking knocked it out, or would trap it with a metal net. That’s why only the best went after them.

As I returned to reality, I noticed the sword was already sharpened. I handled it to Gobber. Before he could say anything a piercing screech was heard through the entire village, coming from the sky itself. Every Viking looked at the sky in panic, and started yelling, “NIGHT FURY! GET DOWN!” before ducking. At the same time a giant burst of blue flames erupted at one of the catapult towers, bringing the whole thing down.

The Night Fury, unholy offspring of lighting and death itself. It was the ultimate prize that every Viking dreamed of. As dark as night, no one had ever seen one, and at every raid he shows up. He never steals any food and, most importantly, never misses.

Another catapult was blown up by the huge burst of blue flames as Gobber changed his tong to the modified double axe, and before leaving he turned to me. “Man the fort, Hiccup. They sure need me now out there. Stay. Put. There. Yeh know what I mean.” And then he left.

Since I was alone at the forge, and every Viking would be ducking or running for cover or retreating, either with the sheep or captured dragons, I knew no one would come to the forge. And since my Mangler (the bola-shooting wooden contraption of earlier) was finally complete, I decided, totally disregarding my safety or Gobber’s words, that I would capture the Night Fury this night.

I took the Mangler with me as I went from the forge to a nearby cliff, where I could get a clear shot. As I went through, I saw Vikings running like headless chickens, some asking “Where are you going??” or “Is he nuts? Get back inside!” but I ignored all of it.

As I reached the cliff, I armed and reloaded the Mangler, waiting patiently for the Night Fury to pass my aim. I cautiously watched the skies. Then, after what felt like hours, I noticed some stars blacking out of the skies, only to later show up again. I immediately knew what that meant, and aimed to it, just waiting for the Night Fury to roam near the cliff. Then his signature screech erupted from the skies, before he hit an unmanned catapult. Immediately after the blast, I aimed and shot in blind faith, hoping that the bola would hit it, while the recoil had thrown me to the ground. As I got up, I heard a panicked roar, which signaled that I had, indeed, hit my target.

“I hit it? YES, I hit it!!”I screamed, feeling victorious, and then noticed a small blue dot getting bigger and bigger and closer to me. I stopped just in time my victorious rant to duck before the blue ball of fire, not nearly as big as the last ones, hit the bola launcher and shattered it to pieces. Briefly checking for injuries, I noticed a stick of wood stuck in my leg. I quickly removed it. Weirdly, I was not feeling any pain, perhaps because of the adrenaline of the moment, and got up.

“Oh man. Still, did anyone see that??” I turned around, only to find no one. But then I felt hot air passing my head and neck. Rather disappointed, I turned to find myself face-to-face with a Nightmare

“Except you…” I said, deadpanning, before running and screaming like I never had before so I wouldn’t be burned alive, or become a Nightmare’s supper. After running and screaming a while, the absent pain from the wound became very present, making me scream more from pain, as I still kept running for my life, rather than from terror or having a Nightmare on my heels.

In my last attempt to protect myself, I hid behind a wooden pole with a metal base, before a wall of flames went through it. Luckily I was unharmed from the flames, and after they suddenly stopped, I decided to peek from my right to see if the dragon was still there. Before I could turn left, Stoick flew to my side, getting the Nightmare away from me (which I didn’t notice; it was nearly touching me) and started to fight it. The dragon tried to flame, but failed, as I heard him mumble “You're all out,” and punched its face three times before it flew away.

As he came near the pole, which went down because of the flamed base, and with it the giant flaming bowl, he looked at me, disappointed, as destruction was caused by the bowl. That’s because I forgot to tell you one thing…

“Sorry, Dad.”

We stood silently, watching some Nadders that were freed by the bowl fly away with lots of sheep. To break the awkward silence, and to avoid thinking of the huge pain in my right leg which was bleeding now, I (stupidly) spoke.

“Ok, but I hit a Night Fury-” and was immediately yanked by the back of my coat toward my house, by him. “Come on, it’s not like last few times Dad, I really actually hit it. You guys were busy, and I used the Mangler at the cliff to shoot it. He went down near Raven Point, if we only send a search par-”

I never finished trying to reason with me as he abruptly stopped and shouted: “STOP… just stop. Every time you step outside disasters follows. Can’t you see I have bigger problems?! Winter is coming, and I have an entire village to feed!”

Seeing the crowd gather near us, and to lighten the mood I spoke, “Well, between you and me, the village could do with a little less feeding, huh?” It obviously was a joke to their weight, since every Viking in the village was big. Not nearly as big as Dad or Gobber, but they were big nonetheless. Obviously they didn’t take it very well, as many of them held their stomachs in their hands while looking at it.

“This isn’t a joke Hiccup, for Odin’s beard!” For some reason, he didn’t get the joke, so I waited silently for him to finish, before Heather would get here. “Why can’t you follow the simplest orders?”

“I can’t stop myself, Dad! I see a dragon and I just have to kill it! It’s who I am, it’s who you want me to be…” and my voice trailed off. I was upset that he still didn’t see I just wanted his approval.

He saw my face but, before he could say anything, a thunderous shout came from behind me. “HICCUP!” ‘Hah dah dah, I’m dead’ was the first though in my mind.

As I turned, I saw Heather before me; with the usual ‘very angry and worried’ face she had every time I went outside during a raid, or tested one of my inventions.

“Really, Hiccup? A Nightmare on your heels?? What in Midgard were you thinking???” And before I could reply to her so she didn’t skin me alive, the pain on my leg stung like a thousand spears had hit it. (I always tried hard to not show any pain for anyone. At least on this I was a Viking, and for some reason, she was the only one that ever noticed these subtle changes. Either the rest didn’t care, or it is because of years being patched up by her)

She saw the subtle change in my expression because of the pain and her expression immediately softened. “Don’t tell me you got yourself hurt again Hiccup?” she asked in this sweet tone that always disarmed any kind of sarcastic reply I could make as she crossed her arms around her chest. The only answer I could give her now was the truth… “Right leg…” I mumbled and she peeked at it, before running toward me, grabbing my right arm and putting around her shoulder.

“Here, lean on me, your leg is pretty bad, and you shouldn’t put pressure on it,” she said, the sweet tone completely gone and in its place a very worried one. I extended my arm around her shoulders. “Come on, Heather, it’s not that bad,” but then she cut me off abruptly. “YES IT IS… you’ll be lucky if you don’t need a cane for the rest of your life Hiccup, now lean.” Her voice was a mixture of my Dad’s commanding tone and her sweet one as she spoke. Seeing this as a signal that I am really messed up, I silently obeyed her.

Before going to the Healer’s hut she spoke to Dad: “Sir, I’d like if you could finish talking to him later, he really needs to patch up his leg, before it gets worse. He already pushed it too far running from the Nightmare. I really don’t know how he did it or how he is not screaming his lungs out in pain right now.” I thought she said the last part to give some credit to me. Vikings do not show pain, as everyone knows, but when she speaks like that it gives me some pride that I can manage the pain.

As I looked to Dad, awaiting his command to go to the Healer, I saw a mixture of pride and worry and mostly confusion in his face. He probably hadn’t even noticed the wound. He took a few seconds to speak. “Ok Heather, if it is this bad, then go to the Healer. We’ll finish this talk later. Gobber! Make sure he gets to the Healer.” As we begun to walk to the healer, Gobber came up behind me and gave a light smack in my head for disobeying his orders back at the forge. As we walked to our destination, we passed by the teens, and Snotlout couldn’t pass up the chance to humiliate me.

“Great work, Useless. I never saw someone mess up so badly,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, quite the performance. We couldn’t do better if we wanted,” said Tuffnut and his sister nodded, agreeing with him. Either agreeing, or complimenting the destruction I caused, since they pretty much loved causing mayhem.

“Thank you, thank you, I was trying,” I said in an attempt to defend myself. But before we were gone I mumbled, “At least now I’ve got a battle scar…” Immediately Snotlout’s smile vanished from his face, as he demanded, “What did you say, Useless?” But before he could do anything, Gobber came up and smashed him to the ground.

I briefly glared at Fishlegs and Astrid, the only ones that never teased me. For him, I knew his reasons, as for her, I had no idea. We used to be friends when we were children, and she even punched Snotlout when he began teasing me, but then she grew distant as the rest and now hardly acknowledged my existence, only doing so to criticize my actions. The weird thing was when I looked at her, I saw behind her fierce mask some… worry? And… she looked like she was a little sad? Perhaps… no, I just lost too much blood and now I am raving. Yes, definitely raving.

As we arrived to the Healer, I spoke to Gobber before he left. There were too many things to repair around the village, and Gobber had to help. “I really hit one Gobber. He never listens to me.” “Runs in the family, eh?” he teased me, and I knew what he meant. “And when he does, it is always with a disappointed scowl, like someone spit in his stew.”

As Heather let me go to open the door, I buffed my chest, and did my best impression of Dad. “Excuse me, barmaid! I’m afraid you brought me the wrong offspring. I ordered an extra-large boy, with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the sides. This here, this is a talking fishbone!” He chuckled at my good impersonation.

“Now Hiccup. Yeh’re thinking about this all wrong. It is not so much what yeh look like, it’s what yeh are that he can’t stand.” As he said that, I didn’t know if he was trying to help, or just being plain honest. Perhaps it was both. “Thank you for summing that up.” I replied sarcastically.

He sighed before speaking again “Look, the point is: stop trying so hard being someone yeh’re not.” Feeling rather upset, and tired, and defeated, I moaned before entering the hut. “I just want to be one of you guys…” and then I closed the door. I knew Heather would be upset with me because of my injuries, and the quicker I went with it, the quicker I could go search for the Night Fury. So I just went and sat in one of the beds, waiting, as she had gone to fetch some bandages and herbs.

After a couple of minutes, she came toward me, holding a lot of bandages and herbs, looking rather upset at me. ‘Great, everyone is upset with me today’ I thought. She placed these items on a table nearby and took a chair to sit near me and motioned for me to lie down on the bed so she could look at my wounded leg.

I spoke, after complying with her silent request. “Thank you for giving me some credit back there. At least I can manage pain like a Viking would. At least I’m not a failure to my father on this…” And the will to continue speaking suddenly vanished.

Heather, while hearing me, sighed after I finished. She was looking at my leg and cleaning it for a moment, before she stood and took some herbs and put into the water to boil it and later apply in my wound. While she waited for the water to boil, she spoke to me. “Hiccup… listen, I did not speak that to give you credit to your father or anyone else. The wound is rather deep, and it is a miracle your muscles didn’t tear apart after your stunt. I’ll apply some paste and put some bandages on it, but you’ll need to use a cane for a while… you know, while it heals. Unless you want a matching set with Gobber.” The last part was really not surprising. Years getting patched by her and talking to her might have gotten her rubbed with my sarcasm, a little at least.

I looked at her, then at my leg. I knew very well what she meant. Either I wouldn’t be able to go find the Night Fury today, or I would have to go with a cane, which meant that if it was alive and loose I wouldn’t be able to run from it, or at least try since nobody knew if it was as fast on the ground as it is in the air.

I slowly laid down, the events of today finally catching me up and the adrenaline of both hopefully catching a Night Fury and running from a flaming Nightmare wearing off along with the increased pain as she put some paste on my leg, then wrapped it. After finishing it, she went to wash her hands, and put away the unused bandages, while I slowly drifted off to sleep.

A while later I woke up feeling a soft hand running through my face, a delicate thumb caressing my forehead as her palm laid at my left cheek. For some reason I didn’t open my eyes, instead I tried to move myself to be more comfortable. Suddenly the hand was gone from my face and I heard a long yet quiet sigh. I slowly opened my eyes, still feeling sleepy, to find her sitting on the edge of the bed, hands in her lap, and looking rather blankly at the ground. We stayed like this for a while, neither finding any reason to break the almost visible silence.

After what felt like hours, fear started to rise within me; fear that her blank look meant she was thinking about her parents. She was very young when they came to live in Berk, and shortly after she began her apprenticeship the Healer, a little after Gobber had me as his apprentice, a big raid happened and her parents went missing.

Some said they deserted, others said they were burned by the dragons, and a few even thought the dragons had carried them away, like they did with my mother. Ever since, she has been living with the Healer, and though mostly every male teen in Berk would hit on her or ask her for a date, she did not have many friends and that’s why she wasn’t part of the group that teases me.

Her relation with me, though, was messy to me and was also another reason she didn’t join the group. Sometimes she acts like a friend; sometimes as if she was my mother, and sometimes, though rare, she would act like Fishlegs and Astrid do, ignoring me all day. A few times, though, I could have sworn she acted like I was her crush.

So to break the silence I decided to speak: “Heather…? Is something bothering you? You can talk to me, you know that, and after all, we’re alone here.” I gestured to the hut, while she looked at me surprised; I blinked twice before realizing what I said. Quickly I tried to correct myself: “No! No, no, no, no.” I slapped my head at my stupidity. “Not um… like that you know.. I just meant that… that no one will bother you…” I spoke, heavily stammering due to my embarrassment.

She laughed a little at Hiccup’s desperation, holding a light blush on her cheeks that the boy missed, before finally replying: “I know Hiccup; I understood what you meant before. You can relax. It’s just that…” she trailed off for a few seconds, probably trying to sort into words what was going on inside her head. “That I don’t get why you act like that, Reckless.”

‘Ok, so she spoke the title she gave me, so that means I messed up badly this time and she’s upset with me, big time,’ was the first thought that crossed Hiccup’s mind that moment.

She then looked me in the eyes, like a mother would do after her child did something wrong. Because of her green eyes, I’d feel sometimes like it was Mom looking at me, that is, if she was here. She disappeared the same night her parents did; perhaps that’s why we find comfort with one another talking.

She spoke again, in her sweet tone. “You act like you have nothing to lose, that proving to your father and the village you're a Viking is more important than your own safety; or act like nobody cares about you, that no one would miss you if you were gone. Gobber cares about you; to him you're like the son he never had. I care about you; you're the only real friend I have here, the only one that somewhat understands, the only one that hears me when I need to talk, the only one that I do not need to show a mask of pretty smiles and little lies. You really got me worried today. Had not Stoick caught the Nightmare in time, or I had seen your wound, I don’t know what could have happened…” Her voice broke as tears started to mount in her eyes…

She hugged herself and closed her eyes so she wouldn’t cry… so I wouldn’t see her cry. I sat up and embraced her in a gentle hug, which she briefly resisted, before giving in and sobbing quietly in my shoulders. I tried to sooth her, guilt piling up in my heart, as she was crying mostly because of me. Because my relentless quest to bring down the mighty dragon today cost me greatly. “Shh… it’s okay, I’m here, I'm here. They didn’t take me away, they never will. I won’t let them do it,” I said gently as I patted her back, assuring her that I’d never leave.

“P-promise me… t-that you won’t do anything like that again. Please, promise it to me,” she nearly begged as she regained her breath and ended the hug to look at me, tears still falling from the cheeks of her beautiful face. Defeated, both from guilt, and from the scene before me, I complied with her. “I promise. If it makes you feel better, I promise.” She seemed to be calmed by my promise.

Trying to lighten the mood, I changed the subject “So, any idea how long I’ll be here before I can walk again?” I needed to know, even though I promised her to be more careful I’d still search for the Night Fury. If I really tangled it, it wouldn’t be long before the dragon starved to death, and both I wanted to kill it myself and didn’t want it to die like that. There is no worse or more painful death than from starvation.

She looked at me, as if she knew why I had asked such a thing, and then answered. “Well, you’ll sleep here tonight so I can keep a close eye on your wound, and change the bandages. Tomorrow morning you’ll be free to go, but I’d like if you use the cane for a couple of days. You stressed your leg enough; we don’t need it getting worse. I’ll talk to Gobber so while you're recovering he doesn’t pile you with work at the forge.” I thanked her as I laid down again, my body begging to sleep. I slowly closed my eyes, the last thing I saw before sleeping was Heather sitting in the chair looking at me…

I woke up feeling a lot better, the pain almost gone. I yawned as I sat, looking to the window to know what time it was. Seeing the first rays of day coming through the horizon, I got up, wincing a little as pain came from my leg, though not nearly as strong as before. I saw Heather lying in a bed next to mine, half covered in a fur blanket.

I slowly went there, adjusting it so she wouldn’t feel colder until she awakes, then grabbed the cane she placed at the table where the bandages were earlier, wrote a note, left her some cooked breakfast and silently left the hut. Cane in one hand, notebook on another and my favorite knife with me, I went to pursue the trapped dragon. Since winter was near, and the cane would surely slow me down, I went to search for it immediately, as time was precious. Daylight only remained for a few hours during winter. My destination: Raven’s Point.

Heather woke up feeling a little tired. She had stood for hours looking at Hiccup; to be sure he had a peaceful sleep. She honestly didn’t know how he coped with the pain he must have felt. As she felt tired, she took a moment to open her eyes, instead focusing on the incredible smell. She smelt cooked stew and fish, so she thought Hiccup woke up earlier than her and made breakfast, which wasn’t surprising for her. Living years without a mother, and a chief as a father, Hiccup was mostly alone inside his house when not in the forge, or in the Healer’s hut; so he self-taught lots of things, from reading to cooking. She opened her eyes, expecting to find Hiccup near the table, but got disappointed as the scrawny red-haired boy was not in sight. Looking to the bed he slept, the disappointment changed to worry as she neither saw him or his cane. She took a moment to notice a letter hanging near the table she used yesterday, written by him.


I hope you rested well, though I think you’ll wake up tired for looking at me until later at night. I do, though, thank you a lot for the kind action. Seriously you didn’t need to do it, you already did plenty yesterday. I decided to go to the forest and walk a little so I could get used to the cane. Don’t worry, I remember the promise I made you.

Also to repay your kindness yesterday, I decided to make you some breakfast. I might not be a great cook, but I think I managed to cook something eatable, hope you enjoy it.

See you later

Hiccup the ‘Reckless’

Once she finished reading the note, she held it close to her, a smile creeping on her face. ‘Even after that idiot nearly got himself killed last raid, he still took the trouble and time to do something for me, and without even waking me up’ she fondly thought. Her smile only left her face because of one thought that came to her mind. ’I really hope he keeps his promise’


Hiccup spent all day learning how to walk properly with a cane, so he would not stress too much his wounded leg, while also searching at Raven Point for the elusive dragon. Learning how to walk with it resulted in not so few face encounters with the ground, but after what felt the 100th fall, he managed to walk properly. The only downside was having to stop so he could properly write in his sketchbook.

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Iliana McKenzie McClain: Its so good , honestly I love it , great job

Berenice: La verdad es una novela muy buena me ha gustado mucho lleva muy bien el hilo de la trama y de los personajes los diálogos son acertados si lleva a uno a transportarse en ella.

Amy: Love the story so far. I can not wait to see how this unfolds.

gry: Good writing, excellent plot, so refreshing to follow this couple when they make their world heal together. Lovely story and important and exciting point of view. Am hooked 😉

halliecox2013: Needs better proof reading

More Recommendations

marilyn: I loved reading about forger and Addy. They are cute together

marilyn: Rubble is so cute. He is shy and loving but at the same time he is fierce. I am happy he has June now.

Sharlene Fielder: Amazing sequel. You tied it up so nicely! Thank you for writing this amazing story. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of weaving tales with us readers. Cannot wait to read more of your work.


Mirrorlost: Great book, hope there will be nontinuation aka book 4

Willize: Good book although very short. Thanks Author

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