Documentary: TDI Road Trip

On the Road

It was around 8:40 A.M. when we all left my mom's house and started traveling. We were coming from San Diego, and heading to Los Angeles, otherwise known as the City of the Angels. If traffic was good and the weather was nice, we would probably be there in about 3 hours or less. We were heading for different parts of the US, because we're making a movie. See, we're out making a documentary to show what it is rock stars really do, while traveling on the road. It was an assignment from our college class. Since, we're all really good friends, and were in a band, we'd figured we do something like this. I have to admit though, this is the first time I'm traveling with my band and it feels weird, but extreme.

Duncan looked back at Noah, who was looking at the map, closely. "Yo, Egghead, we on the right trail or what?" he asked. Noah looked up at him, scowling. "Not that I wouldn't expect it from a delinquent punk, but could you try calling me by my birth name than by stupid nickname you supposedly came up with?" Duncan glared. "All right, Noah." He said, sternly. "Are we on the right trail or not?" Noah looked back at the map. "Yes, we are. Keep going straight and you'll reach an intersection." He explained. "When you do, turn left and we'll be going the right way." Duncan nodded and continued driving.

I sighed as I looked out the window, looking at the dusty roads. Though it felt good, traveling like this, it was extremely boring. I looked at the radio and saw that nothing was on. Reaching in my pocket, I took out a CD, and put it in the CD player. It was my favorite album by my favorite band, Songs About Jane from Maroon 5. Duncan didn't notice, until the song, She Will Be Loved, started to play. I sung along with the song, smiling as I looked at the window. After three songs from the CD, Duncan had about enough he could take. He pressed 'eject' on the player and took it out. I looked at him. "What's wrong?" I asked. He looked back at me, with a scowl on his face. "I do not want to hear about love songs, while driving all the way to Los Angeles." He said. I nodded putting the CD back in my pocket.

It soon grew quiet again. "Besides…" Duncan started off. "…if we're going to be listening to music, we're going to be listening to what I like." Duncan said, pointing proudly to himself. He then reached down and started looking for a CD in his CD case. "I'd hate to see what kind of music you listen to." Noah said, putting his comment in, without taking his eyes off the map. "Well too bad, so sad." Duncan said, still looking. He seemed to forget he was driving as he nearly ran us off the road.

"Dammit." He said, his eyes now on the road. I leaned down in my seat and started looking through the CD's Duncan had. Mostly all of them were punk rock, but he had a few metal bands in there as well. "Is my DragonForce CD in there?" he asked. "You listen to DragonForce?" Geoff asked, intrigued. Duncan looked back at, smiling at him. "Of course. Their only one of the coolest metal bands there are around." He said as he looked back to the road. Harold looked up from his GBA, which had his full attention, ever since I got in the car. "I've heard a few of their songs. But I'm not a big fan of theirs." He said. "Then you're not a fan at all, geek." Duncan said. "Only a true fan of theirs, would like all of their songs and I have bought at least one of their albums."

Owen laughed. "I have two of their albums and a t-shirt signed by them. Geoff smiled. "I have three of their albums, a signed poster, and two t-shirts by them." Owen laughed and smiled. "Nice." He said as he high-fived him. "That's good, guys." Duncan said. "But I have all of their albums, been to five of their concerts, and have met and talked with all at least once." He said. At this, everything grew quiet. Duncan satisfied, smiled as he continued driving I sat there, still looking for the CD. I didn't have the heart to them, I didn't really like DragonForce much. DJ looked around, at everyone. "So, who exactly is DragonForce, anyway?" That was one question that shouldn't been asked in my opinion.

Duncan suddenly, pushed on the brake, making us all fall out of our seats. Duncan looked back at DJ, not believing he just asked that. "Dude, you don't know who DragonForce is?" he asked. DJ shook his head 'no'. Duncan sat there laughing to himself. I looked at him and he looked at me. "You found it yet?" he asked. "Yeah." I said, pulling a CD from the case. Duncan took it and put in the CD player. Soon, Through the Fire and Flames started blasting out in our car.

I decided to put on my MP3 Player, listening to my own music. Harold went back to playing his game. Noah, who had enough of the map, put it down and went back to reading the same book, he had already read. DJ sat there in back trying to learn the words, while Duncan, Geoff, and Owen were singing the song. I looked at the window as my music played. I then noticed someone on the road with his thumb out, as if was hitchhiking.

Duncan and the others must have noticed too, as he put the song on pause. He stopped near the person and we all looked at him. Besides his shoes, he was dressed from head to toe in a red jogging suit and he even wore a red headband, like a jock. By his side, was a bag, that was probably filled with clothes and he was holding what looked like a bass guitar. His face was covered in sweat as if he had been in the sun for too long. He looked at us, trying to smile, but couldn't as it was too hot. "Hey, mind giving me a ride?" he asked.

Duncan was about to drive off, but I stopped him. The jock wiped the sweat off his face. "Then you can ride with us." I said, smiling before Duncan grabbed me and made face him. "What makes you think I'm giving that hitchhiker a ride?" "Because it's the humane thing to do?" I answered. Duncan scowled at me. "Yeah, come on, dude." Geoff said, backing me up. "As they say, the more the merrier!" DJ, Owen, and Harold agreed, while Noah seemingly didn't care. Duncan growled and folded his arms. "Whatever." He said, finally. The jock smiled and hopped in beside Owen. "Thank you." He said.

Duncan just growled and started the car again. "You're paying us for the ride." He said. I smiled and then realized something. "My name's Trent." I said, introducing myself. "This is Duncan." I said, pointing to him. "Geoff, Noah, DJ, Harold, & Owen." The jock smiled. "I'm Tyler." I smiled. "Well then, welcome to the club, Tyler." Geoff said. The van continued driving the road as it made its way to Los Angeles.

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