Documentary: TDI Road Trip

Arriving in the City of Angels

We continued driving down the road to Los Angeles. Duncan soon grew tired of driving, so now I'm at the wheel. I don't really mind, but I much rather prefer driving a motorcycle than a car. I looked at the clock on the radio as it read 10:30 A.M. We've been in the car for about two hours now. "Hey Noah." I asked. "How far away from Los Angeles are we?" Noah sighed as he put his book down and picked up the map for the third time today. "We're getting close. We should be there, in another half hour." He said as he put the map down and picked up his book.

"That's good." Geoff said. "Because being in a car for so long is boring, dude." We continued driving in silence, until we heard a noise coming from the car. I looked at Duncan, who was right beside me. "What was that?" I asked. "I don't know." he asked. "Its probably the car." Harold suggested. "Its not. I checked it this morning. It looked fine." Duncan said. We all heard the noise again, only it was louder this time. I looked around. "Are you sure that's not the car, Duncan?" I asked. "For the last time, it's not the car!" he shouted, irritated. We then heard it again, but listened as it was coming from the back. We looked as Owen was sitting down in the back, with his stomach growling.

DJ looked at him. "Dude, you can't possibly be hungry." He said. Owen looked at him. "Yes, I am. I'm starving!" he exaggerated. Duncan scowled. "Are you kidding me? You just finished eating a big hamburger, an hour ago! "Yeah, but that's all I ate." Duncan shook his head, and turned back to face the front. "You'll just have to wait until we get to L.A., because we don't have anything to eat." Duncan said, agitated.

I felt sorry for Owen as he looked like he was going to die. "We'll be there soon, big guy. Just hold on." I assured him. I looked as there was no music being played. Eventually, the guys got sick of DragonForce and decided to get some peace and quiet. I looked at Duncan. "Mind if I put something on the radio?" Duncan looked at me, his head on his fist. "Fine, but no love songs." I smiled and took another CD out of my other pocket. Duncan noticed this and looked at me. "Why don't you just keep your CD's in a case?" I shrugged and put a CD into the player.

Soon, Papercut by Linkin Park came on and instinctly, I started bobbing my head. I began singing the lyrics, until Duncan joined in, rapping the vocals. I looked as he had a bored expression on his face, like he didn't care as his head was still on his fist. I smiled as he and I began singing together. We were joined by everyone in the car. Even Noah, who was quiet except when he was spoken to, began singing along with us. We began listening to the whole CD of Hybrid Theory, until we could see Los Angeles coming up.

As we arrived in the city, we looked around. "Didn't we have a hotel, we were staying at?" I asked. "Yeah, its about 10 minutes away from here." He said. I drove the way Duncan told me to go and we soon reached a large hotel that looked like a skyscraper. Looking at the name, it was called the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. I looked at Duncan. "Dude, are you sure this is the hotel we're staying at?" I asked, unsure. Duncan smirked. "I know its unbelievable, but yes, this is where we're staying." He said. I didn't know how we were going to afford this place, but I guess I would leave that up to Duncan. Parking the car, we all got out and got our stuff out the truck. We walked inside the hotel and we gasped at the size of it. It looked big on the outside, but it was enormous on the inside. Even Noah seemed impressed with the inside, before his attention went back to his book.

We walked up to the front desk, and looked at a man who was sitting, typing on his computer. "Hey dude." Duncan said, getting the guy's attention. The guy at the desk looked up from his computer and looked at us. "Yes, may I help you?" he asked. Duncan coughed. "We'd like some rooms here for the next two months, please." He said. The secretary nodded and began typing on his computer. "Well sir, we do have some rooms available, but the cost for all eight of you would be $8,000." My eyes grew big. Where were we supposed to get $8,000 from?

Duncan sighed as he pulled something from his pocket. "Put it on this." He said, showing a gold credit card. Both my eyes and the rest of the boys' eyes grew wide. When and where did he get a gold credit card? Duncan smirked and gave us 'a thank me later' look. The guy swiped Duncan's card and handed it back to him. "Thank you for your patience, sir." He said bowing. "My name is Edward, and I'm the assistant manger here at the Biltmore Hotel. If there's anything you or your friends need, please let me or my employees know." I felt a bit awkward at someone bowing to me. It made me feel as if they were inferior to me, and I didn't really want that.

Edward then looked at Duncan. "Forgive me for asking sir, but will you and your friends be rooming together or separately?" At this, we all looked at each other for a good minute. "Separately." We all said, as we looked back at him. Edward bowed again and then pulled eight keys for us. He then snapped his fingers and soon, more employees came and took our bags and equipment. We soon took the elevator up to the 50th floor, where our rooms were. I looked out the glass of the elevator. "Amazing." I said, outloud. Geoff turned around and looked outside. "Woah! Gnarly dude!" he said. Duncan smiled as he leaned against the glass. I looked at him. "So, how did you get the money for this hotel, dude?" Duncan looked at me, still smiling. "My dad." He answered. "He figured as long as I was out of the house and out of trouble, he'd give me as much money as I needed."

We soon arrived on our floor, and we looked at there was a row of hallways. We walked and soon found our rooms, which were really just across from each one another's. Mine was 112, Duncan's 113, Geoff's was 115, Noah's was 116, Tyler's was 117, DJ's was 118, Owen's was 119, and finally, Harold's was 120. We all walked into our rooms, until Duncan called us. "Hey, after we all get settled, meet me in the lobby." He said. "Why?" Harold asked. Duncan scowled at him. "Because geek, we're going to check out the city and then we're going out to lunch. That is if you want to stay here." He suggested.

"Woohoo!" Owen cheered. "Lunch!" he shouted. Duncan smiled. "Well, Owen's up for it. What about the rest of you?" he asked, looking at me. "Sure, I'm in." I said. "Count me in." Harold said. "I'm in!" Geoff agreed. "Sounds good to me." DJ said. "I'll come." Tyler said. Duncan then looked at Noah. "What about you, egghead?" Noah scowled at Duncan. "I'll agree to join you, if I don't have to put up with your arrogant behavior, delinquent." Duncan scowled at him. "Whatever." He said. "We're leaving in about an hour, so don't get too comfortable." He said, before shutting his hotel door. I followed suit and shut my door.

I looked at the clock on the wall as it read 11:30 A.M. I put my bags beside my bed and fell on it, exhausted. "Duncan said, we'd leave in an hour." I said, talking to myself. "So, a short nap won't hurt anybody." I said as I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep.

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