Documentary: TDI Road Trip

Meeting the New Girls in Town

I had intended to take a very short nap, and then wake up to get ready to go with the guys, but I must have been more tired than I thought. I was sleeping peacefully, until heard someone knocking at my door. I stretched and looked at my clock as it read 12:40 P.M. I heard the knocking at my door again, and got up to answer it. I looked as it was Duncan, who was looking rather agitated, as if he had been knocking for a while.

"I told you don't get too comfortable, dude." He said.

I scratched my head. "Sorry, I meant to only take a short nap."

Duncan rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah. So, you plan on joining us now or you rather me allow you to sleep some more?" he asked, with a sarcastic tone.

I walked out of my room, to see the others waiting. "So, we all ready to go?" Duncan asked as I shut the door to my room and locked it. Everyone nodded and we took the elevator to the bottom. Even though I already saw it once, the view more the glass of the elevator was magnificent Apparently, the others thought the same as the looked out the glass with me. It was amazing how you could feel so tall by being so high in the air It felt extreme. Eventually, we reached the lobby and walked out of the hotel to the parking lot, where our car was. I hopped in the passenger seat, since I did not feel like driving at this time.

We started driving throughout Downtown Los Angeles, viewing all of the sights and sounds. It wasn't as impressive as it was in the daytime, as it would be at night. There would a surplus number of people and the city would be flooded with lights. All of our eyes were locked on the buildings and the people. We would have continued exploring more, but we soon heard a growling sound coming from the back. We all immediately knew what it was.

Duncan sighed. "Who's up for lunch?" he asked. "And Owen, do not answer that." He said as he saw Owen about to open his mouth.

We all agreed as we hadn't eaten anything since this morning. Or in my case, last night. I skipped breakfast this morning, because I was too busy packing, a mistake I really regret. Duncan started looking around for a place to eat as we drove up the streets of L.A. We soon found a restaurant named A Thousand Cranes, which was supposed to be a famous Asian restaurant. Duncan parked in front of the restaurant and we all got out. He threw the keys to the valet and whispered to him as we walked past.

"Scratch it and you die." He threatened. The valet nodded, a drop of sweat coming from his forehead.

We walked in the restaurant and walked up to the register. We looked as their was a young woman behind the register. She smiled at all of us.

"Hi, welcome to A Thousand Cranes. How may I help you?"

Duncan pulled out his gold credit card and put it out for her. "We'd like the all-you-can-eat buffet, babe." He said, smirking. Owen rubbed his hands together as if he was ready to chow down. The woman swiped Duncan's card and handed it back to him.

"Alright, pick any table you want. A waiter will be right with you." She said, still smiling.

We all walked into the restaurant and looked for a place to sit. We were going to sit somewhere, where we wouldn't be bothered. That is, until we saw something that caught our eyes.

Eight girls. Eight teenage girls to be exact. And they were all, as Duncan says, hot. Like super-hot. One girl was black and a little big, but not that big. She looked fine and spoke with a gangsta accent. The next girl was blonde and her hair went down to her mid-back. Her eyes were blue like the sky, and she had a chest that most girls would kill for. She was probably the cutest out of all of them, but something about her, made her look a bit naïve and dumb at the same time. The next girl was black like the first girl, but she was a bit lighter and her hair was in pigtails. She wore a black and white striped midriff and pink short shorts. By the look of her, she seemed to always be smiling and in a happy mood. The next girl looked the same as the last girl, and even had the hair style as her and wore the same clothes. The only difference was that this was white and she was bigger. The two seemed be BFFL's, which was kinda cute.

The next girl wore what looked like a lime green shirt with a matching skirt. Even her eyes were green. Her hair, however, was orange. She seemed to a bit crazy. Maybe even, insane. But like the rest of the girls, she was pretty. Insanely so. The next girl had blonde golden hair that was in a ponytail. She wore a sky blue jacket with jeans. She reminded me of the surfer chicks I've seen in movies. She had a smile on his face that seemed to be permanent, only when something bad happened. Other than that, a smile mostly always stayed on her face.

The 2nd to last girl had brown hair and had mocha skin. She wore a green jacket with green jeans. She seemed to have a stern, serious look on her face. Like she never knew how to take a joke. She looked cute, but I don't think she was the right one for me. The last girl was the one I couldn't my eyes off. She had black hair with a few dark highlights. She wore greenish-black midriff with matching skirt. She a had a Gothic appearance and feel about her. But that's what attracted me to her. We all noticed that we were staring at them like perverts and snapped out of it. We really didn't have much to say; our facial expressions spoke for themselves. We looked at each other and smirked, meaning that we all knew exactly what we thinking. Even the serious Noah, decided to play along with us.

All of us, lead by Duncan sat at a table that wasn't too close, but wasn't far either. The girls must have noticed because some of them looked over at us. Soon, a waiter came up to his and we all ordered. Owen got the biggest amount of food, more than the rest of us combined. As we got our food, Duncan pulled us in.

"Let's get those girls' attention." He said, with a smirk on his face.

"How exactly?" I asked.

"Simple." Duncan still said, with a smirk. "We make as much noise as possible. We talk really loud. They'll get annoyed and one of them will have to come over and tell us to be quiet."

We all nodded and began eating, while talking loud at the same time. Unfournately, this annoyed everyone us, including the girls. Some folks tried to quiet, but we just got louder, while others just left the restaurant altogether. Not that we cared. We were just eight boys having a good time. We could as we please and go wherever without anyone stopping us. At least, that's what Duncan told me. We continued talking, until someone slapped down on our table, hard. We turned and looked as it was the stern girl from the table. I didn't say anything, cause I felt this girl was not meant to be messed with. Duncan however, just smirked, put his elbow on the table, and his head on his fist, looking at her.

"May we help you?" he said, innocently. The girl stared and then glared at him for some reason.

"Yes, you can help by lowering your voices. Your disturbing the whole restaurant." She said. At this Duncan laughed and looked back at us.

"You hear that boys? We're disturbing the restaurant. Maybe we should do as the lady says and be real quiet." He said, sarcastically. At this, we all laughed. The lady continued to glare at us, not that it bothered Duncan.

"Look Princess, I could honestly give a crap about rules and regulations." Duncan said, with a smirk on his face. "If we're bothering you and your friends that much, why don't you move to a different table. There's plenty in this whole restaurant." The girl looked like she was refraining very poorly to stop herself from hitting Duncan.

"First of all, me and my friends shouldn't have to move to a different table, since we were all here first. And second of all, do not call me Princess." She said, with a threatening tone.

Duncan pretended to be scared. "Uh oh, guys. I think I offended her." He said, looking back at us, with a smirk. He then looked at the stern girl. "Well, please forgive me, Princess, if I offended you in anyway possible." He said as he stood up. "We'll take our leave now. Come on guys."

We all followed suit and stood up, except Owen, who was scrambling for food at the last second. We then proceeded to the exit, until we saw Duncan talking to a waiter and heading him something from his pocket. I looked at him as he came walking back. "What was that?" I asked.

Duncan smirked at me. "Nothing, just a little gift for the Princess." He said as he we all laughed out loud. We walked to our car which the valet made sure to handle properly for fear that Duncan would kill him.

"Let's go look at some more sights." Geoff said. "We didn't get to see all of them cause we stopped for lunch."

Duncan nodded as he drove out of the parking lot with a smirk on his face.

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