Documentary: TDI Road Trip

The Girls Are in Town

I drove on the road to Los Angeles, while trying to keep myself from going mad. My friends and I were on our way there for vacation, to relax from the stress of city life. I had been elected by the girls to drive the car. I had no problem with that, considering I was one of the only two people in the car who had a license. The thing I did have was the music that was being played in the car. My face was in a scowl as we were listening to Pussycat Dolls. Finally, I had enough and pulled the CD from the player.

"Hey!" One of my friends, Katie, shrieked as I threw the disk to her, without looking.

"We were listening to that!" Another of my friends, Sadie, agreed as I tried to calm myself down. I looked at them as they continued complaining. The two of them were so much alike, they were like sisters. They agreed on everything the other said, which pissed me off in more ways than one.

"I turned it off, because that's the main thing we've been listening to since we've gotten in the car!" I yelled at them as I focused back on the road. "We can listen to music, but we're not listening to anymore girl bands." Katie and Sadie sighed, sadly in the back of the car as I continued driving. I stopped as the car pulled up to a red light. "How much longer till we reach L.A., Courtney?" I asked to the girl, sitting beside me, reading the map.

Courtney looked up from her map at the road and then back at the map. "With any luck, we'll be there in an hour." She said. I sighed thankfully. The sooner I could get out of this car, the better. Don't get me wrong. I love and respect my friends dearly, but sometimes they can get a little out of hand. But maybe I was being unfair. I mean they couldn't help it. They were just being themselves. I sighed and smiled a bit, as I tried to think of what I was going to do on this vacation. My friend, Leshawna, was in a very good mood as well.

"I can't wait till we get there, baby!" she said, excited. "When I get there, first thing I'm doing is hitting the beach." Leshawna was what you would call a ghetto girl, through and through, but that's what I liked about her. She did things when she wanted to and how she wanted. And if you had a problem with that, you could talk to her about it. She was my first and one of the closest friends I had.

"What I can't wait for is those nice waves that I want to surf." My friend, Bridgette, was a surfer chick. She was the peacekeeper among all of us. She was what made me proud to be a girl, because she could always find the good things out of life, no matter how bad things were. I met her after I met Leshawna, and me and her got along great with each other.

"What I can't wait for is the fact that we can bungee jump off the skyscrapers!" my friend, Izzy said, clapping her hands.

"Bungee jump?" Katie asked.

Izzy nodded. "Yeah. See, we tie ropes onto our stomachs and then we attach a hook to the other end of the rope and then tie to the skyscraper! Then we jump off and fall all the way to the bottom, but then we immediately get pulled back up thanks to the recoil! The ones who chicken out loses and the ones who did it wins!" Izzy said in a hurry.

I stopped the car and all the girls, myself included, were all staring at Izzy, who had an innocent smile on her face. An awkward silence proceeded until I started the car, a minute later and continued driving. Izzy was a smart, and nice girl. The only thing wrong with her is the way she acted. She did things that most people would think are crazy or insane. In other words, Izzy is what you would call, 'psycho'. Many people would think she's mentally challenged, but thing is, she isn't. Out of all of us, she's scared the highest at the university we all go to. None of us could believe it.

"Oh, I hope we meet some cute boys there!" Lindsey said, breaking the awkward silence. Lindsey was probably the most beautiful girl out of all of us. She had perfect hair, perfect eyes, and a perfect body. The only thing she lacked most of the time was a perfect brain. She scored the lowest out of all of us, but still did good enough to pass. She was often naïve about most things. She was often made fun of by other girls, saying her brain was too small. But the way I see it, she didn't really need one. As long as me and the girls stayed with her, she really didn't have anything to worry about. Courtney turned around and looked at Lindsey.

"You're worried about boys?" she asked, sternly. Courtney was also one of my friends, but the thing that peeved me about her, was her bossy and stern attitude. She often had her mind set on other things, most girls our age wouldn't worry about. If girls were throwing a party, she'd be at home, reading a book or something. The only reason she was like this, was because she wanted to be a politician when she grew up. I could respect that, but her attitude really wasn't needed.

"Well, we are going to L.A., Courtney." I said. "Its only natural to think of boys while going on vacation. We are teens, after all." Courtney rolled her eyes and went back to looking at the map.

"Well you guys can go boy-hunting all you want." She said. "I've got better things to do than go after a bunch of guys who are only after one thing." She said. I rolled my eyes. Courtney had this habit of believing that if one person was bad, then the people that hung out with them, were no better. The rest of the ride to L.A. was quiet. No one really said much, besides Katie and Sadie who spoke to each other, softly.

After driving at least ten more miles, I could see the edge of the city coming up in the distance. The others saw it as well, and were on the edge of their seats. As we approached the city, we saw that it was crowded with dozens of people. I looked at the girls. "What say we all stop for lunch?" I asked. There were no complaints, so I looked around for a place to eat. We stopped at a place called A Thousand Cranes. I handed my keys to the valet for him to park.

We walked to the register in the restaurant and looked as there was a young woman around our age. She bowed at all of us and then rose with a smile. "Hello. Welcome to A Thousand Cranes. How may I help you?"

I was about to pull out my wallet, but Courtney stopped. "I'll pay this time, Gwen." She said. I shrugged.

"Oh well." I thought. "Keeps money in my pocket." Courtney pulled out some cash and handed it to the woman. The woman bowed again.

"Thank you very much. Please pick any table you want. A waiter will be right with you." We walked to a table that was near the back, mostly because we would be by ourselves. Soon, a waiter arrived and we began eating and talking about random things, such as clothes, jewelry, and boys. Even I joined in the conversation. I may be a Goth, but I'm also a girl, and that kind of stuff interested me, somewhat.

We continued talking, until we saw a group of eight teenage boys sitting near us, talking and laughing loudly. We didn't notice them before, but they must have been there awhile, because they looked like they were just finishing their first plates.

Courtney glared at them, while looking at us. "Those boys need to learn some manners." She said, upset.

Bridgette looked at them and then back at us. "They are being awfully loud." she said, with a worried look on her face.

"Of course they are!" Courtney yelled. "And they're doing it on purpose too!" I could tell she was getting pissed off.

"You gotta admit though…" Izzy said, staring at them with her head on her hands. "…they are kinda cute."

"What does that have to do with anything?!" Courtney growled.

Izzy smiled. "Look at them." She said, looking at them with stars in her eyes. At this, we all looked at them. I had to admit, they did look kinda cute.

One boy wore glasses and his hair was red. It was obvious from any girl's point of view, that he was a dork. Another boy had brown hair and he had a look of superiority on his face as if he was smarter than everyone at that table, or in this restaurant, actually. The next boy was covered from head to toe in a red jogging suit. He even wore a headband that was a red. His hair was brown and he looked like a want-to-be jock.

The next boy was big, and I mean very big. His hair was blonde and kind of messy. He wore an oversized t-shirt with blue leaf on it. He looked like if he wanted to, he could eat all the food in this place and more. He did have a nice smile, though. The next boy looked black and he had a gentle smile on his face. He resembled a gentle giant, meaning he was nice, but he could be dangerous when he had too. He had in his hands, a gray bunny rabbit that looked cute. The next boy wore a pink shirt, which showed his chest and wore a cowboy hat. By the look on his face, he seemed to be a party boy. The 2nd to last boy looked a delinquent punk. He had piercings all over his face, a green and black Mohawk, and a black long sleeve shirt with a skull on it. He seemed to be the leader of the bunch. The last boy was the one I was seemingly interested in. He had green eyes and jet black hair in a rock star fashion. He wore a light green shirt with a black symbol on it with blue jeans. They all seemed cute, in a sense.

Courtney, who seemed to have had enough of the boys' loudness and rudeness, walked over to their table. I could tell it wasn't going well, as the boys didn't really care about her. They then got up and walked away. Courtney walked back to the table, pissed. Leshawna looked at her.

"You okay, girl?" she asked. Courtney looked at her.

"I'm fine, but if I ever see that boy again, I'm going to kill him!" she yelled, attracting some of the people in the restaurant.

"Courtney, calm down." I told her. "You're attracting unwanted attention." She looked as she was as being stared at and sat down in embarrassment.

"Wow, I never thought a boy could make you that upset, girl." Leshawna stated. Courtney didn't say anything, but scowled at Leshawna. Soon, a waiter came by and placed a drink and a piece of paper in front of Courtney. We all looked at him in confusion.

"What's this?" Courtney asked, looking at the waiter. The waiter bowed.

"It was from a gentleman who left just a while ago." He said. "He asked me to give it to you, saying it was important." The waiter bowed once more and then walked off. We all looked at each other. Courtney then opened the piece of paper and read it. Her face soon grew red with embarrassment and anger.

"What's it say, Courtney?" Sadie asked, nervously, seeing how red Courtney was. Courtney didn't answer and just stood up.

"Let's go." She commanded, living the paper on the table and her drink untouched. We all looked as she walked off to the exit. We then looked at the paper and read it.

"Call me later sometime, Princess. I look forward to hearing from you." – Duncan.

At the bottom was his cell phone number, written out. We all looked at each other and then heard Courtney, yelling at us to hurry up. Grabbing the letter I put it in my pocket, for later and we walked out the restaurant to the car. Hopping in the driver's seat, I looked at Courtney beside me.

"You okay?" I asked. Courtney didn't look at me, but answered.

"I'm fine. Let's go." She commanded. I shrugged and drove out of the parking lot. I then realized I had no idea where we were staying. I looked at Courtney.

"What's the name of the hotel we're staying at?" I asked.

"The Millennium Biltmore Hotel." Courtney said, looking at the directions to it. Bridgette gasped at this.

"Isn't that suppose to a five-star hotel?" she asked. Courtney looked back with a smile.

"Of course. My parents told me that if I was spending my vacation in L.A., they were sending to a place I know would feel secure at." She said, still smiling. Leshawna laughed at this.

"This vacation's getting better and better by the minute." She said. Naturally, we all agreed. Within a few minutes, we reached the hotel and we all gasped at the size of it. This was one of the places you dreamed of being in. We all laughed and smiled at each other. I was going to enjoy this holiday vacation.

After finding a place to park, we all got our stuff out of the trunk of the car, and walked inside of the hotel. We were amazed by how big it looked on the inside. We smiled and did a temporary group hug as we walked up to the counter. We looked to see a man typing on the computer and then looked up when he noticed us.

"Good afternoon, and welcome to the Biltmore Hotel. My name is Edward, how may I help you?" he asked with a smile. I let Courtney do the talking, since she was one who obviously paying for it.

"Hi, my friends and I need some rooms, please." She said. Edward nodded and began typing something on his computer. I looked around the hotel, still impressed by how they could keep a place this big, looking clean and spotless. I looked as Courtney finished paying the man and we all got the keys to our rooms.

"Forgive me for asking miss, but are you staying for two months here?" Edward asked. Courtney looked back at him.

"No, we'll be staying here for half a year, thank you." She said, politely. "Why? Is there a problem?"

Edward shook his head 'no'. "No, of course not, miss." He said, smiling. "Its just we had a group similar to yours who arrived here just this morning. They are out though at this present time." We all looked and wonder who that was.

"Well, this is a pleasant surprise." A voice behind Courtney said. Courtney's faced immediately turned to fear, hoping it wasn't who she thought it was. She turned around and there was the same delinquent and his gang from the restaurant behind us. He stood there with a smirk on his face, looking at Courtney.

"Well, looks our wishes came true, boys." I looked as him and his group nodded. I shuddered. Were they actually staying here with us?

To be continued…

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