The memorable 8th grade

Chapter 2

Hey! I'm alive! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in so long. I honestly didn't know how to continue this story. I've planned it out for a while, but not for this chapter. Again, I'm so sorry. I have so many devious plans for this story! *rubs hands together and grins creepily* Mwahahaha! Here's chapter 2! I hope you enjoy. R&R!

So, I just realized: If I'm going to make my story start where I want, I need to match it to the PJO series. So, for now, no Jason, Nico, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel, Calypso, or anyone else in the Heroes of Olympus series. Sorry! Bye!

The summer before 8th grade, Abigail got new neighbors. They moved into the mansion next to her small, country house on June 12th. What a mansion was doing next to her house, she didn't know. But they were neighbors, and whenever there were neighbors, her mother would send her to their house with cookies, and say hi.

Abigail POV

I grabbed the plate of cookies, and stepped outside. I smile, and breathe in the hot afternoon air. I walked out of my neighborhood, and walked into the next one over. I walked up the giant hill at the entrance. When I got to my best friend's house, I knocked. Said friend, Sylia Emmers, opened the door with one of her dogs. I think it was Star. He's a black lab. She hugged me when she saw me.

"Abigail, you're back!"

"I got back 5 days ago, Sylia. I told you I would be back on the seventh."

"Oh, yeah. So, what are the cookies for?"

"My new neighbors. Mom's making me go greet them."

"Cool. Can I come?"

"I thought I'd have to do it alone."

"You actually thought something? This is the best day ever!"

"Jerk. Come on!"

We ran to the huge house, and paused.

"Knock." Sylia hissed.

"Why me?"

"Because, if some sadistic man lives here, he'll kill you, and not me."

"You're such a great best friend, Sylia Emmers."

"I know I am. Now knock already!"


I knocked, and the door was opened by a blonde girl with grey eyes, and a…..dagger? (A.N.: Guess who!?)

"Um, hi. I'm Abigail, and this is Sylia. We just came by to give you these cookies." I said.

"Thank you. The gang should like them. Y'all can c'mon in, if you want." Replied the blonde.

"Um, ok."

We followed her into the house, and into a large living room. There were 3 boys, and 1 other girl. I was immediately focused on, because I had cookies. One boy with black hair and sea green eyes slowly inched over, until Annabeth slapped him, and kissed his cheek. Obviously dating. I looked around. A pretty brunette was sitting next to a mischievous looking boy who was trying to get her attention. They might not know it, but they were so in love. There was another boy who was the same as the mischievous. Ok, this is really strange.

"This is Percy." Annabeth said, pointing to the boy she was sitting on."

"Katie." The other brunette said.

"We are Travis and Connor Stoll!" The twins said together.

"So, who are you?" Annabeth asked.

"I'm Sylia, and this is Abigail. We just came to give you cookies." Sylia said.

"No, Percy, you can't have one yet." I said.

"Aww! Wise girl, they won't give me a cookie!"

"Whiner. Just move to the kitchen. You don't want to mess up the floor, do you?"


"Then just wait thirty seconds to walk to the kitchen. It won't kill you."

We moved to the kitchen, and I cautiously set the cookies down. Many hands immediately reached out for them, but I swiftly moved them up just before they got to them.

"Seriously?" They all complained.

"No. I will not let you act like animals around food. It's gross. Annabeth, do you have napkins?"

"Yeah. I'll get some."

She passed them out, and then I handed everyone one cookie. Just one, so they wouldn't act like animals. Percy pouted, but ate it anyway. I smiled, and took a cookie.

"Thanks, Abigail! These are really good! Can you give me the recipe?" Hazel asked.

"Sure, why not?"


"So, what school are you going to?"

"Westland School. What about you?" Annabeth answered.

"Same! We both go there. You'll like it, trust me."

"Really? Oh my goodness. That's awesome." Piper gushed.

"I guess. I mean, if you already know some people, know where your locker is, and know where your classes are and know your teachers, everything is extremely easy."

"Well, we do know you and Sylia."

"Yeah, but she's in ninth grade. I'm going into 8th grade." (A/N. To be clear, this happened before the Battle of Labyrinth. Like, somewhere between the end of the Sea of Monsters and the beginning of the Titan's Curse? I dunno.)

"Interesting. So, tell us about Westland! Please? I want to know everything."

"Sure, why not? If none of y'all want to listen, you don't have to. But if you do, we'll be in here. You can leave if you want." I said to the others.

Everyone stayed, even the Stolls, who looked bored.

"Wait, why are you here?" Sylia asked the Stolls.

"We can't prank people without knowing people's whereabouts." They said plainly.

"I know, but I will personally make sure you don't prank anyone. And no falling in love with my friends!" I said.

"Fine, fine." They muttered.

"You know, I need to go home really quick. I need to get something that'll help you understand more. Sylia, make small talk. Don't be antisocial."

"Hey! I'm not antisocial!"

"I'm pretty much the only person you really like."


I ran out the door, and went home. I quickly ran upstairs into my room, and shut the door. Last year, I had made posters and papers with diagrams of the school, lists of teachers and subjects, electives, sports, and etc. I was actually really proud of it. I grabbed them all in my arms, and ran back to their house. Sylia was talking to them about some random thing, when I walked back in.

"Hey, I have to go now. My mom needs me to watch Eva. Bye, y'all. See you around." Sylia said, then left.

"Do you have a white board, or something to hold a huge piece of paper?" I asked.


I set up the diagram of the school, and grabbed a pointer. I gestured at the entrance.

"So, this is the entrance to Westland Hall, the Middle School. And this is the front office." I said, pointing to each location respectively. I pointed at the two hallways on the top floor.

"The fifth grade hall way," I pointed at it, then at the other one. "The sixth grade hall, for sixth graders. All science classrooms for middle schoolers are on that hallway." I pointed at the separate rooms. "Fifth. Sixth. Seventh. Eighth." I pointed upstairs. "The library is up here. It takes up the whole top floor. And down the stairs is the cafeteria, Davidson Theater, the seventh grade hall, and the eighth grade hall. The nurses office is right next to the eighth grade hall." I said, pointing to each location on my diagram.

I proceeded to tell them everything I knew about my school. For every location I mentioned, I pointed to the room they taught in. They all seemed really attentive.

"So, that's it. Anything you want me to talk about?" I said when I finished.

"What languages can you take?"

"Spanish, French, and Latin. I'm in Latin." I said.

"I'm taking Latin." Annabeth said. "Percy is too, Katie is in French, and the Stolls are in Spanish."

"Cool. Latin is interesting. Hard, but fun, I guess."

"I can't wait! I have been so bored this summer. School is going to be great!" Annabeth said excitedly.

"Even with the uniforms?" I asked, wrinkling my nose.


"Yeah, we have uniforms. It's not a big deal. Grow up. Oh, wait. You can't!"


"Anyway, I have to go. Bye, guys. See you around. Remember, the Drop in day for decorating lockers is on August 10th. The first day is the 12th. Bye!" I said, then left.

"Oh, you can keep that stuff!" I said, popping back in for a second.

I walked home, and immediately ran up to my room. I relaxed on my bed until dinner. Then, I had to actually live my life, and get upstairs for dinner. My family of 8 siblings plus my parents ate dinner, then we went to bed.

So, that's it. Boring, I know. I promise, it will get a lot better. Please review if you're hyped for the story line! It's going to be great.


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