Total Drama Paradise

Who Framed Marsha Mclean?

After the light show, everyone was particularly beat. Dinner wasn't required for them that night, courtesy of Marsha and Blaise. Whatever they wanted, they could take from the mini fridge.

TJ hopped into the bathroom first; she had to let her thoughts out.


"I don't know whether or not that dancin' light show was made by huntin' or gods or what, but it sure was purdy! It's too bad that Tori didn't get to see it...Samantha's really tore up about it! She and Tori were closer than my Mama's churned butter on toast! Maybe Wan and I can cheer her up! It'd be better than her hangin' 'round Angel! That girl lies more than that puppet Pistachio!"


She bounces out and looks for Samantha, passing by Angel along the way. She tried not to look at Angel, who couldn't care less anyway; she was in her own thoughts.


Angel is seen sitting in the confessional...she makes sure no one is listening as this confessional is so important to her.

"While I was watching the beauty of the aurora borealis I noticed all of the people in love cuddling and enjoying each other warmth and it reminded me," tears begin to form in her eyes, "I have no one," she begins full on crying, "I'm all parents are way too busy to even acknowledge that I exist, my brother is away at the university, so I rarely see him and my grandmummie just passed away. Sure I have friends but all they want me is for my money...this is why I'm so mean...because I know I'm going to die all alone. No one will ever love or care for me; they'll do whatever it takes to hurt me more and more," she stops crying and takes a deep breath "When a baby is born they're neutral; it takes years and years to shape it into what it will become. My whole life I was made into the monster I've matter what I do to find my happily ever after I just have to accept it; villains don't get a happy ending, and if these people want me to be the monster that they made me become," a murderous glare and smirk grace her face, "Then I will"

She crosses her arms.

"My friend Caroline is a computers major at Oxford. I called in a little favor and she emailed me records on every one of the contestants left," she flips through the papers, "Let's see here...well I have Jacque's prison record, ooh Yuan was abandoned by his parents," she fakes sympathy. "How sad," it turns into real sympathy for the next file, "Poor Adaliah, she's had a hard life...the rest are just boring...but with this new information I'll be able to crush anyone who dares stand in my way…starting with Jacque. Oh and just so you know Jacque, I'm fluent in French so when you do you little confessionals I understand every word you say. This is going to be too much fun...oh and one more thing, if you ever meet Caroline and she offers cake...deny it at all costs...The Cake is a Lie!"


She exits out feeling so much better. She heads up to her usual seat and puts her head phones in her ears; time to block everyone out and plot along to Evanescence. Yuan stood up and smirked. She doesn't know it, but Yuan go the main gist of the files she has received. He didn't want to ponder on his…family life, so he went in to think of someone else.


A mural of the aurora borealis floods Yuan's canvas in the confessional. Within the portrait, he and Tonya are depicted again. The light frames their forms, weaves seamlessly into their hair. Yuan gives a self-satisfied smile at his handiwork. "Say what you will, but I enjoyed myself tonight. I'm... Well, I'm glad that I got to share it with Tonya."

A warm look crosses his features as he edits his painting, highlighting the streaks in Tonya's hair. But, as the distinct clack of familiar heels echoes from outside the confessional, his serenity evaporates. His original coldness envelops him once more, only this time it looks somehow ill-fitting, like a coat that he's outgrown. Unknown to Yuan, it was actually Marsha going back into the stateroom.

"Angel has irked me one too many times. She attempts to sever every forming bond between she stumbles across and then has the nerve, the unholy audacity, to whine about her past in the confessional? Oh boo-hoo, little girl. Mommy and Daddy didn't love you? Your stupid grandmother dies on you? Wipe the snot from under your sniveling little nose and get over it."

After he finishes his rant, he bits his lower lip in anxiety. "Would Tonya think that was too mean?"


He leaves out of the bathroom in search of TJ; he hadn't seen the bumpkin since boarding the jet and he wanted to show her his newest piece.

Robin entered into the bathroom next. His thoughts aren't their usual cloudiness, but he had thoughts nonetheless.


"It pains me to say this, but Jacque and I made a good team. Don't get me wrong, I don't like him, but I think it would be wise for us to work as allies. At least until the merge. There is one person that I want out, as in, right now. That is Angel. I have a photographic memory, and I remember what Alice said about her. I know Alice wouldn't lie about that. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure the Diamonds win. That way, the Rubies have the ample opportunity to vote her off. And if that doesn't happen, I'm sure Jacque has some plan to take care of her. Victory belongs to the Diamonds. It is inevitable."


Thinking he had everything he needed to say out; he leaves the confessional to fetch a drink and a cold cut from the mini fridge. He sat at his seat and ate in peace. He looked around to catch Jacque's eye. He nods his way, in which Jacque returns it tersely. He continues to eat his sandwich in peace.
Down the aisle, Samantha was being held in Cole's arms. He kisses her on the forehead and a sound erupts from TJ sitting across from them.

"Awwww! Y'all two cuter than a apple pie on a hot sunny day!" she exclaims. Coles looks at her with amusement and laughs.

"Thanks…if that's a compliment."

TJ laughs, "Of course it is Silly Billy!" Samantha blushes and excuses herself to the bathroom timidly. Cole lets her go and he and TJ continue a vibrant conversation. Samantha heads into the confessional with a lot on her mind.


Samantha: Samantha, clearly upset, walks into the confessional and sits down. "I..." She closes her mouth, clearly unable to speak, before she tries again. "I can't believe Tori is gone. I mean, everyone is going to go, one way or another, but she was doing so well, and she just didn't deserve to go home." Samantha sighs.

"I know she didn't help much during the challenge, but, she deserves a second chance and-!" She stops, getting overcome with emotion. "She was closest friend here and I didn't even get to say goodbye and she just didn't deserve all the pain she got here." Samantha wrings her hands together.

"I know Paul has his own feelings and he's entitled to act on them, whatever they are, but he was leading her on and it hurt her to the point of her not even wanting to participate in the game and now..." Samantha lets out a shuddering breath, tears in her eyes. "I'm just, really, really upset right now, but I can't say anything because Paul is my friend and he's Cole's best friend, and I don't want to make Cole feel uncomfortable or like he has to choose sides." Samantha blushes.

"I mean, regardless of how Cole feels about me, if it ever came down to it, Cole could always choose Paul over me, and I would never want to put him in that position, nor would I ever want to find out who he would choose." She sighs. "I just hope Tori's happier now and not in so much pain. And as for Paul, well, I sure hope he knows what he's doing."


Coincidentally, she bumps into Paul. She blushes again as Paul tries to give her a smile; her blush is not from embarrassment. He sighs and knows she's upset.

"Samantha, can I talk to you after I get out of the bathroom…alone?"

Samantha chews on her nails nervously and nods. Paul ducks into the bathroom, while Samantha leans by the door waiting for him.


Paul: Paul is sitting on the toilet; his hands on his head. He sighs and rakes his fingers through his hair and looks up. "What did I do to deserve this? I liked Tori and I thought she liked me back…then Laura came along and that night…that night in the tent just felt…right, natural…was I wrong?" He sighs again.

"At least I still have Laura here; but Tori won't stay off of my mind either! Samantha is probably mad at me because she thinks I was a jerk to Tori…what do I do?" His fingers still in his hair, he grips it tightly and yanks.

"UGH! Why did she get voted off?! I need to know!"


He exits out to find Samantha still there. He then goes to explain the situation to her; her feeling of being upset towards Paul turned into one of sympathy. She tries to comfort him the best way she can, awkwardly. Paul thanks her for her effort, and he goes to sit down. Laura seen the exchange and proceeded to the bathroom her own self.


Laura sits on the toilet seat, back in her usual, where bruises can be see from the challenge. But she is grinning- she fist pumps the air "Yes- tha-bitch is gone!"

She sighs and leans back into the seat "Too easy"

She stretches out her muscles and winces slightly from the bruising "And now I have Paul all to myself" she grins mischievously.

She then pouts slightly "It does, look like he actually misses her though..." she sighs thoughtfully tapping her chin "I suppose that is something I can deal with"

"And my nails look" she pouts and gets up showing her indeed rather ruined nail polish and one broken nail right into the camera. She sits back down onto the toilet seat "At-least I have my nail file, but I'm missing my favorite cherry red polish- I mean I doubt any of the other girls would have good polish" she shudders "I mean have you seen them? Little Sammy's are chipped away from all that nail biting- arg!"

She sighs dramatically inspecting her nails "My team- totally, and I mean totally owe me"

She grins a big dimple showing grin "But then, now I have Paul and he is sooo worth a few bruises and maybe ruined nails-maybe- I guess I'll find out now"

She sighs, clearly day-dreaming "Sooo worth it"


She exits the bathroom and gets a soda from the mini fridge. She plops down next to Paul unexpectedly and opens up a magazine, sipping her soda at the same time. Paul may not have said a word, but the moment he slightly shifted closer to her, she knew he wasn't complaining.

Adaliah wrung her wrists as she glared dangerously at Jacque and Robin. Blaise has hidden in the stateroom with Marsha, but she didn't worry; he would have to come to the bathroom. Jacque notices her look around and that feeling in his stomach did not sit right. He dashes to the bathroom without her knowing and locks the door.


Jacque looks scared & his eyes are dashing around from side to side with his duffle bag on his side.

"I hope Adaliah didn't notice me & Robin. She is scarier than living through Katrina again. I better hide from her. It's a good thing I stole some ninja smoke effects from a pawn shop back home." He takes something out of his bag & immediately grey smoke fills up the confessional. The smoke clears & Jacque is gone. A single blunt, however, sits on the toilet seat.


He sneaks back to his seat, hopefully incognito. Adaliah rises up past him and goes to the bathroom.


Adaliah smirks, but her eyes show a dangerous glint in them. Her twisted smile turns into a sneer as she hisses her forked tongue out.
"I'm coming for you Blaise, Robin, and Jacque! Don't think I've forgotten what happened!"

She punches into her fist and smirks again, "And I know just how to do it."


He tries to relax, and as he gets to that point, he's literally pulled from under his seat. Adaliah stares him in the eye with a death glare, scaring Jacque just a little. She smirks and let's of his ankles.

"Just knowing the fact that I can get you at any time is scaring you makes a great revenge."

Jacque tries to smirk, "Looking forward to it."

Robin notices the exchange and inches down in his seat. Adaliah gives him a glance and shakes her head; she's not going after him…at least, not today. Robin let out a sigh of relief and finished his drink.

Out of nowhere, the stateroom is opened and Blaise is kicked out.

"Marsha, please don't do this! It was only a joke!"

Marsha glares half-heartedly, "Too late for that." She looks to Adaliah. "You want him? He's all yours!" and she shuts the door. Adaliah turns slowly in Blaise's direction, who tries to pound on the door.

"Come on Marsh, open the door! She's coming for me!"

"Should have thought of that before you made your little 'joke'!" is heard through the door. Before Blaise can say anything else, Adaliah already grabbed his arm and held it behind his back. She kicks him down ties his arm around his stomach. She rolls him over and grabs the first thing she could: a marker.

"Oh God not the marker! Anything but the marker!"

Blaise had to scrub really hard to get the green clover, the word 'loser', and picture of a male anatomy off of his forehead.

TJ had finally made it to Yuan's seat, when Naomi and Freddy sat across from them.

"I love it Wan! I look real purdy!" she grins widely at him, "And so do you."

Yuan smirks, "Of course I am! These features are chiseled from God."

"I don't know what chizle means but it gotta be good coming from God!"

Naomi laughs at the two and leans into Freddy, who was already asleep. "Can I take a picture of you guys? I want to add it to my scrapbook."

"Why would I wan-oof!"

"Of course we will!" says TJ after she elbows Yuan in the side. He rubs it and begins to mutter random words under his breath, looking at her with annoyance. The two didn't realize that she had already taken two pictures. It showed the two looking at each other; TJ with her toothy grin and Yuan's intense stare; it didn't even look like an annoyed look. It was perfect. Naomi slipped one into her scrapbook and the other one into Yuan's sketchbook.

TJ and Yuan leave Naomi and Freddy, who are both curled into each other, and go to different seats.

"Wan?" TJ looks to Yuan with pleading eyes. Whatever it was, he couldn't say no.

"What seems to be of distress, Tonya Jane?"

"I left ma pillow with Naomy and Freddy; can I lean inta yours?"

Yuan sighs, but moves his pillow in the middle of the two. TJ exclaims her delight and kisses him on the cheek.

"Goodnight, Wan, sweet dreams."

Yuan touched the part of his cheek where she kissed him and smiled; only she could inflict this emotion into him. He opens up his scrapbook to reveal the picture Naomi had taken earlier. He couldn't help but trace it with his finger; but it got him to thinking about his family…or lack of family.

Careful not wake her up, Yuan maneuvers himself over TJ and into the bathroom for the final confessional of the night.


Yuan: Yuan hunches over in the confessional, his face voided of paint smears and his hair hanging and loosely around his shoulders. He closes his eyes, opens them again, and takes a shuddering breath.

"The first time I ever picked up a paintbrush was the day my mother and father asked me to leave. They gave me the entirety of my trust fund, said that I could live in the guesthouse until I turned eighteen, and asked that I stay out of their way since I wasn't willing to live by their standards. It was clean, simple. They told the paparazzi that I left on my own accord and the issue was glossed over before the sun had set."

He straightens his back, though he turns his head to the left so that he's still looking away from the camera reflectively.

"I made pain my muse, and from it I created magnificence, one masterpiece after another. When the money started pouring in and I ran out of my own suffering, I started using others. I became dependent on a system that was flawed and broken, but one that worked. If I didn't feel anything, I couldn't feel that pain."

Bitterly, he slams his hand down on the seat beside him.

"There. Now Yuan has his stupid little backstory."

His gaze falls and a look of anguished determination cracks his mouth. When he turns to face the camera again, his eyes shine with unshed tears. He fumbles for his brush for a moment before giving up entirely.

"Now," he whispers, his voice low and defeated, "you know why I have to win." He takes out the picture found in his sketchbook.

"And I think I have found my other reason."


"You don't think it's a bad idea to do this right?" asks Marsha. She rocks her feet back and forth as she lies on her stomach.

Blaise sits in the chair with his arms folded, "No, I think this will be very interesting. Besides, I already made the calls."

Marsha huffs and throws a pillow at him, "Fine. But if something goes wrong, I'm blaming you."

Blue hues and the songs of birds wake up the contestants later than usual; turns out, pink and orange colors begin their dance as well. The gang had slept through the whole morning into the afternoon. They look out the window to see destroyed terrain and trees. A large body of water is also seen. Tattered buildings and a ruined amusement park could be seen from their height in the sky.

Jacque looks out to see the ruined terrain. The scattered houses and flooded roads reminded him of another time…wait a minute.

He looks more closely and his eyes widened. "Oh shit," he says as the begin to lower, "We're in-"

"We're heading out into New Orleans, Louisiana!" exclaims Marsha. She was dressed in a sleek black dress and leather black strappy heels.

"We let you guys sleep in til the afternoon, because we wanted to have our first stop at this really cool place through the French Quarter," explains Blaise. "So get dressed into something a little formal and we'll see you off the jet."

The contestants exit off of the jet with replicas of their formal wear, only different colors. They're greeted by Blaise and Marsha, who now dons a purple feathered boa around her neck. She guides them to a place on the French Quarter with the name The Bombay Club.

The inside of the Bombay Club was given an ominous, whimsical glow. Lights glowed in only certain areas such as the bar and the hanger lights; candles illuminated the wooden-paneled bar and tables. Guests were already in there seated into the tables; some of these people even looked familiar to the group.

"Before our challenge I thought that it would be fitting to get to know some of the applicants who didn't make the cut. You'll be seeing some of them accompanying us in the rest of the challenges; I'm not heartless, they deserved a chance to be on the show. And what better way to do that than in New Orleans!" Marsha explains and she opens her arms wide, gesturing to the rest of the guests already seated.

Marsha walked to a table where two girls were seated. One of the girls' long, straight jet black hair glistened in the faint glow of the candle. Her narrowed, suspicious black eyes and soft pink lips were very distinguishable on her very pale skin, along with four long scars on the left side of her face. She wore a long black strapless dress. Black heels are seen on her feet under the hem of her dress; a silver neck with an onyx pendant stood out above her cleavage.

The girl sitting beside her whipped her blonde braid over her shoulder. Unlike the girl across from her, this girl's skin is flawless. Her round blue eyes are surrounded by long lashes. Her soft, pink lips curve into a smile, flaring her small nose slightly. Her makeup is done perfectly to match her outfit. The blue dress hugs her curves and stops mid-thigh. Blue heels rocked back and forth from one of her crossed legs; blue flowers are woven into her braid.

"These two lovely ladies are Sevena and Dorolla Doe; they're twin sisters," states Marsha. Dorolla, the blonde, waves to the contestants and smiles. Angel narrows her eyes.


Angel crosses her arms and glowers. "We already have a manipulative blonde on this show, we don't need another one!" She takes a deep breath and exhales, "It's fine, this…Dorolla has nothing on me and I'm not worried about her." She sneers.


Sevena simply waves at the group, not saying anything. Marsha smiles, "She doesn't talk much, but sshe really is a sweet girl."

She then maneuvers herself through the other tables. Blaise urges the group to follow. They stop at a group of males.

One of the guys stared with his messy short brown hair. It sticks out in almost every angle.

Naomi gasps, "You so remind me of Sora!"

Freddy laughs, "I was thinking the same thing!"

The teen raises an eyebrow and an amused smile graced his face; the smile emphasizes the small cleft in his pointed chin. He wears a short sleeved, white button up shirt, a red tie under the collar, khaki dress pants, and brown leather dress shoes.

He leans on his right elbow in a casual position; but he doesn't have a left forearm.

Samantha gasps, her hands covering her mouth. Cole rubs her shoulders soothingly.

The boy grins, "Yeah there's no forearm there, but at least I still have two legs to stand on!" and he begins to laugh. Some of the contestants join in, but Samantha gives him a saddened look.

Blaise grips the boys shoulder protectively, "This is David Morrison, our jokester of the group."

He waves again with a toothy grin. The boy beside him sneers and waves indifferently. His cold brown eyes are far from inviting, moer like threatening. A long deep scar stands out proudly through his right eye. His shoulder length black hair resembles one of Severus Snape in Harry Potter. The only difference is the blood red streaks that stains his black locks.

He wears a black, formfitting t-shirt and a leather jacket over it. Black jeans are shown under the table along with black biker boots. He smirks when our blonde, blue eyed devil makes her way through the crowd from her confessional.

"Everyone, this is-"

"Damien," a voice whispers. A throat is cleared and could be heard more loudly. "Damien…how'd-"

"You're not the only one with connections baby," he says with a dark chuckle. He looks to Marsha appreciatively. "Besides, I sent an application to gorgeous here, but she didn't accept me. She did promise me that I would be on the show in the future." His leering smirk widens, "Not only do I get to be on television, but I get money without even having to win a competition."

Marsha laughs beside him, Blaise giving a dry chuckle.

"For everybody that didn't hear or can't make a connection in their pea brains, I'm Damien Black."

Jacque gives Damien a once over and crosses his arms.


"That's who I'm supposed to be intimidated by Angel?" Jacque asks in the camera with a smirk. "This so called 'bad boy' who has only gone to juvie?" he scoffs, "Sweetheart, his 'name' he has for himself there won't get him anything when it comes to the real deal….and I know the real deal."

He looks down to check his phone, "I wonder if I should let my old contacts I'm here, no harm in getting in some extra dough before I get the big money."


The other two males are very familiar. One with their silver glasses and grin; the other with his shaggy brown hair and soft, warm green eyes filled with life and curiosity.



"Zacharias!" was all said at the same time by some of the contestants. TJ's was heard more loudly than the others. She rushes to him and gives him a bone crushing hug. Squeezing Zacharias to death, TJ is tapped on her shoulder by a slightly irked Yuan. She clears her throat and grins.

"Don't worry Wan, ya gotta place right here," she pats on her chest, indicating her heart. "So no need to be jellus!"

Yuan scoffs, "Me jealous? You were going to kill the cre- Zacharias if I hadn't have broken the embrace."

TJ looks at him with knowing eyes, "If ya say so Wan." And she hooks her arm with his.

Ronny raises an eyebrow at the two, but shakes his head; he may not have been gone long, but things sure are different. Curiosity killed the cat.

He finally managed to find something other than his steampunk formal wear that fit him. He wears a navy blue t-shirt with a small white ghost similar to a Pac-Man ghost in the corner of his shirt. Dark jeans and black sneakers with neon yellow shoelaces and his signature red hoodie complete his look.

Zacharias is wearing a black silk button up shirt, khaki slacks, his signature white gloves and a black top hat that's slightly tilted. Of course his cane is perched on the side of the table. Now that his face was back to its regular complexion than red and blue, he clears his throat.

"Greetings everyone, I'm honored to be in quite an establishment here. You know the history about this place-"

"No need to go through the history of such things now Zacharias," interrupts Blaise. Zacharias clears his throat sheepishly.

Marsha claps her hands together, "This is getting to be such a lovely reunion for most of y'all, but we must move on." She then moves them to the bar. Some people were seated there and a rather small girl was mixing drinks effortlessly behind the counter.

The first one to be introduced is a female. Her brown hair was tied into two long pigtails; uniquely, pink and purple highlights are colored into her hair. She wears a strapless pink dress that hugs her thin curves. Black framed glasses do nothing to obscure her brown eyes filled with excitement.

She smiles widely and looks to Robin and Jacque, "Wow! You guys look like the perfect 'opposites attract' couple!"

Robin stares at her with a stunned, blank expression; his cheeks tint to a shade of pink. Jacque glares at the girl and sneers slightly.

"Yeaaaa nooo," Jacque responds, "This is a lover of the ladies."

The girl giggles, "Suit yourself!"

Blaise tries his best to introduce the girl with a straight face, "This lovely lady right here is Rosalina Maza."

She grins and waves vigorously. The boy beside her looked familiar, but some of the contestants can't put their finger on it. Samantha gasps again and places her hand to her mouth; this time, it's for a shock of happiness.

"Andrew!" she rushes to him and he hugs her protectively. Cole looks at the two, but instead of jealousy he is curious; the two look similar to one another. He has almond shaped hazel eyes, a long nose, and freckles decorating his nose and cheeks. His hair is a chocolate brown styled in a messy faux hawk that's shaved on the sides.

His broad shoulders and muscular build is shown from his regular black tux with a red rose in the right breast pocket; black leather dress shoes on his feet. To Cole they had their differences in appearance, but the way he held her was deeper than a past intimate relationship. That's when it clicks in his head.

"You're her brother." He states. Andrew lightens up, but doesn't let go, of Samantha. He looks Cole up and down, a quick assumption ready on his tongue.

"You must have an interest in my sister." Samantha blushes and looks up to her brother.

"Um, w-we're actually t-t-together," she stutters. Instead of being upset, Andrew simply smiles and extends a hand to Cole.

"I didn't have a chance to watch the show when Marsha contacted me. I felt horrible knowing I wasn't watching my sister through the television, so I jumped at the opportunity to see her in person. It's a pleasure to meet you…"

"Cole, Cole Matthews," responds Cole. He grasps Andrew's hand, who accepts it firmly.

"Any friend, or more than friend, of Samantha's is welcomed to me. I protect our own and if she trusts you, I trust you," Cole nods, but feels the handshake tighten, "But don't mistake my kindness for weakness. You watch over my baby sister carefully and take care of her when I can't…or there will be a problem."

Cole bobs his head in a quick agreement; Andrew loosens his hold and smiles, "Glad to know we're on the same page; nice hair color by the way." He gives a sly grin and ushers Samantha back to Cole. She's still beet red from the exchange, but seeing the two at ease put her skin back to its original color. He then turns to everyone else.

"I'm Andrew Byers, Samantha's older brother."

The girl beside the group at the bar loudly announces her disgust.

"Puh-lease, someone hand me a bucket to puke in!" the girl exclaims. The group turns to see a familiar small blonde in a purple glittered dress that reaches her knees. The dress hugs her thin frame; her purple heels clicking with each step.

"No need for introductions from me, everybody should know who this fabulous diva is," she says arrogantly.

Marsha sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose, "Sabrina, not now." Everybody but Laura weren't as excited to see Sabrina again. Laura nodded approvingly at her outfit.

"Sabrina will be doing a performance for us tonight. Since she is a performer, I thought it would be a perfect chance for her to come back for the show for tonight."

Sabrina bows respectively, but glaring the whole time. Blaise shakes his head and gestures to the girl behind the bar.

Despite her height, she gives off a wise, mature presence. Her bright tan hair is styled in a short spiky bun with sideswept bangs; her hair framed her heart-shaped face. She has walnut shaped grey eyes; the color similar to dishwater. A small button nose and pouty rosy lips complete the elegance of her face.

She even has a petite build with a noticeable 34C obscured by her formfitting black t-shirt that has a brown coffee cup logo that says "Coffee Time." Khaki capris and black sneakers complete her lower half. The outfit complements her creamy, fair complexion. She takes her foot out of one of her sneakers and scratches the other ankle, revealing her black ankles socks. She smiles, but doesn't say anything as she turns to continue mixing her drinks.

"This is Deborah Bartley. She's our barista tonight; and she knows the 'no alcohol' rule for you guys."

Some of the group pout disappointed in the lack of alcohol.

"So this is our little get together for the night. Enjoy yourselves for-"

"I think you forgot someone sister," comes a voice going through the crowd. Marsha sees the figure and tries to hide her scowl; she fails.

"Why aren't you dead in the desert somewhere Chrissy dear?" she asks in a sickly sweet voice; her head is cocked to the side.

Chris walks up in his expensive silk black suit; shades covering his eyes. He steps up in front of Marsha and takes off his glasses. He smirks when she steps up towards him menacingly, but Blaise holds her back.

"I still have connections ya know, I'm more famous than you are. I was told where your jet might land so I had it tracked down. What, didn't think I would make an appearance?" he looks around and scoffs, "Judging by the look of things, my presence is definitely needed."

Marsha growls and manages to get out of Blaise's hold and lunges for him. Cole and Paul grab her in time before she did something to him.

"You know what Chris, you're going to be gone for good if it's the last thing I do tonight! To the death for all I care!"

Chris only laughs and puts his shades back on. "Whatever you say Marsha, whatever you say." He looks to Deborah and perches his elbow on the counter. "What do ya say toots, get me something exciting."

Deborah glares at his through narrowed eyes, but proceeds to do her job in an instant. She mixes the drinks with ease and tosses it into a glass, sliding it to Chris in record time.

Marsha grabs a champagne glass and downs it effortlessly. She grabs for another and turns to the group. Blaise stops her with a comforting hand to her shoulder and looks to the group.

"You guys enjoy yourselves tonight. We'll discuss more after the party."

Blaise leaves off with Marsha to pick a table, so everyone roam around until they find their own social rhythm.

Jacque goes to sit in between Sevena and Dorolla. He smirks and folds his hands on the table, preparing to use his charm.

"So ladies, ever wanted to have sweet dreams at night?"

Sevena looked to Jacque, but doesn't say a word. Jacque raises an eyebrow, but looks to Dorolla.

"So sweet of you to offer, but I create my own sweet dreams. Isn't that right, Sevena?" she looks to Sevena, her eyes darkening.

"Yea," she responds quietly, looking up to her but turns away quickly. Jacque looks in between the interactions, but simply laughs.

"Oh sweetheart, you'll never know what a sweet dream is until you get the hook up with this guy."

Dorolla looks him up and down, "Oh really? Prove it."

"Take my hand and I will." Jacque holds his hand out patiently, knowing Dorolla will take his hand. She looks at it tentatively, and finally rests her hand in his. He stands up and guides her with him. Sevena looks up to her astonished, but doesn't say anything as her sister is whisked away.

Everyone else seemed to be doing fine with their interactions; even Yuan who loomed undetected by TJ, as if he were being protective. Ronny excused himself once and came back with his hair slightly ruffled. Marsha continued to walk back and forth from the back to the bar, getting drink after drink. Blaise watching her with concern.

Angel looked around to see if she could find Damien, but her effort was futile. Damien was shifting from each shadowed corners of the room, watching over everyone with an evil glint in his eyes.

The only lights in the club die down; only the hazes of the candles remain. A bright light comes forward to show Sabrina in a tight purple bodice with a purple sheer tutu skirt. Her pale ballet shoes are seen on her feet. She grabs the microphone and walks to the center stage. Her hair isn't in a tight bun, but in alluring, seductive waves.

"Tonight will be a piece of a classic blended in my own, better way." She says. Various members of the audience roll their eyes.

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath; slowly opening her eyes in a slow, sexy way. When she begins to sing, her voice comes off huskily.

"You had plenty money, 1922"

The tempo kicks off in a slow beat with a mixture of a piano and set of drums. The crowd is quite shocked at the voice and movements Sabrina take. She slowly raises her right leg slowly, rubbing it over her left; she keeps her toes pointed as she does so.

"You let other women make a…fool of you; why don't you do right?"

She does a simple spin on her left leg, stopping to bend over.

"Like some other meeeen dooo?"

She uses her free arm to trail up her leg slowly.

"Get out of hereee; get me some mon – ey tooo."

She spins again to stop with her back towards the crowd. She puts her hand on her hip and looks over her shoulder with a coy smile.

"You're sitting down wonderin' what it's aaall about"

She bends her knees and crosses her legs, and then swiftly pushes back to land on her butt.

"If you ain't got no money, they will put you out; why don't you dooo riiight?"

She smiles seductively and shakes a finger towards the crowd. She then puts both arms behind her and bends back, the light illuminating her neck and her cleavage.

"Like some other meeeen dooo?"

She turns her head to look at the crowd, slowly moving her legs together to prepare to stand up.

"Get out of hereee; get me some mon – ey tooo."

She stands on her toes, lifting her left leg up slowly and kicking it out to the crowd invitingly.

"Now if you had prepared 20 years agooo; you wouldn't be wanderin' out from door to door."

Sabrina stretches her free arm as she twirls in small circles with the music.

"Why don't you do riiight? Like some other meeen dooo?"

She walks along the stage tentatively and seductively; all the while staying pointedly on her toes.

"Get out of hereee; get me some mon – ey tooo"

She kicks a leg out and stretches out backwards at the same time.

"Get out of hereee; get me some mon – ey tooo"

She straightens up and spins with a smile.

"Why don't you do riiiiiight?"

She stops with her arms outstretched.

"Like some other meeeeeeen…."

She raises the mic and the angle of her head up to the ceiling. She closes her eyes.


She lowers her head along with the mic as she finishes the last note. As the music finishes on its last beat, the crowd gives Sabrina quite the standing ovation. A thunderous roar of claps is heard throughout the club. Sabrina crosses her legs in a bow and then straightens up, basking in the ambience of glory.

While clapping, Ronny leaned into Robin to whisper in his ear, "She actually did a wonderful job."

Robin snorts, but continues to clap. "Of course, once you get past her witchy personality."

She waves and smiles smugly towards the crowd; she then rushes off backstage. The lights come back on and the ovation dies down. Soon, everyone goes back into their conversations.

Classical jazz music begins to play in the background while everyone gets back into their own grooves. Marsha dances around the tables, smiling broadly and laughing; another glass of champagne in her hand.

The night goes peacefully and without conflict…almost.

Men dressed in uniforms come walking in to the club; the looks on their faces mean all business. Everyone look at them with curiosity and shock. Zacharias was even bold enough to grab for their taser, until TJ gets to him first.

Yuan shakes his head, muttering about 'idiot boys', 'too curious for their own good' and 'should have gotten electrocuted'.

The uniformed men walk up to Marsha, who was grinning stupidly.

"Can I h-help you officers?" she asks playfully. The men look at each other and nod. They then grab one of her arms. She sobers slightly and pushes them off.

"Woah Woah Woah! Having a drink is not bad here!" she protests. Blaise tries to get to her, but another man stops him.

"Your 'tipsiness' may not be bad; but murder definitely is." One of the men says. The music comes to a halt; everyone gets quiet; Marsha sobers up and freezes.

"Murder? What are you talking about?"

"We were called given an anonymous tip of a murder here; and you were the killer."

Marsha's eyes widen, "WHAT?! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"

The men narrow their eyes, "We shall see."

The uniformed men scope the place, one keeping a longing eye towards Damien and Jacque. Jacque turns his head once each one turns his way. He'll be damned if he goes to jail in here.

Soon, one of the men shouts out from back of the club. Everyone goes to follow his voice that was coming far inside of the back room. Gasps were heard as they took in the sight before them.

The vanity mirror was broken; pieces of it was scattered on the floor. The clothing cart was in disarray; clothes thrown everywhere. But the main disturbance was the red paint splattered on the floor. Looking at where the paint was coming from, however, changes everyone's thought of it being paint. A mangled body is stilled in the middle of the floor. The hair is shagged and sticking to the floor. The face is very recognizable, even with the shades still upon its eyes.

Chris lied dead in the middle of the floor with a large glass shard protruding from his chest, his mouth formed into an 'O' in the most horrified, grotesque way. Marsha had fallen to her knees to the floor, her lips quivering.

Samantha turns her head away; Cole and Andrew were there to comfort her.

Yuan's eyes held no sympathy; this would be perfect on an easel.

Naomi and Freddy both say, "Woah…cool" at the same time; they look at each other and smile despite the circumstances.

Deborah frowns; Rosalina and Sevena stare with wide eyes.

Sabrina folds her eyes, her eyes hardening. Damien shrugs as Angel looks with interest.

"He did always say he was drop dead gorgeous…" starts David, but Deborah shakes her head towards him.

Ronny, Dorolla, and Jacque all have a look mixed with shock and confusion.

Laura holds her hand to her mouth, causing Paul to comfort her subconsciously.

TJ's eyes are clouded with sadness; she reaches for Zacharias, who adjusts his glasses to make sure he's looking at this scene correctly. Yuan notices and tries to hold in this weird feeling in stomach; and it's not food poisoning this time.

Robin and Adaliah are both clearly puzzled; how in the hell did a murder happen right under everyone's nose? Adaliah scans around to make sure no one was hidden underneath or around anything.

Blaise tries to inch closer to Marsha, but she pushes him away. No one else gets to step up because the uniform men pick her up and haul her away. The group begins to protest until some of the men hold them back with batons. Marsha kicks and screams in her drunkenness; her words slurring.

"Why would jy kill my brotha!? He a roach dat keeps comin' back!" she giggles, "Lemme go! Guys help a girl out!" she yells as she attempts to reach out for everyone.

Blaise looks stricken as the men haul Marsha out of the Bombay club. Clearing his throat, he looks back to the teens with a determined, hard look on his face.

"I need you guys to clear Marsha's name. We'll make this the challenge even; whichever team finds out what really happened wins." The teens just stand there, trying to process the information given. Blaise growls, a vein popping out on his neck.

"Don't just stand there, go!" he bites out. He causes most of the teens to jump, and he sighs and then pinches the bridge of his nose.

"I'm sorry guys. Our guests can leave and head to their rooms. You guys can go as well. I just…I have to get things wrapped up around here." He looks off towards the backroom where Chris's body is lying cold…dead. "Just…go…we'll regroup tomorrow. The guests can show you where to go." He waves them off. Everyone looks at one another and leave from the club. Adaliah looks towards the room to see Blaise trailing his fingers along the island of the bar, a small smile gracing his face. She narrows her eyes suspiciously.

The night ends with the medical examiner and other officials gathering Chris's body. The report concludes that he died from the glass being shoved into his chest; time of death being between 9:00 and 10:00, before Sabrina's performance. There was a stray nail file found under his body, glitter residue on the glass, purple feathers astray close to the broken glass, and a broken red zipper within the glass.

Blaise gathered everyone up the next day and gave them the information of the autopsy. He also explained that mostly everyone at the gathering were suspects. They must question them and figure out who the real killer is. He gives everyone a list of where everyone might be. The only ones not on the list were Zacharias due to food poisoning, and David, who doesn't handle death very well.

The Iced Diamonds and Burning Rubies split up individually to ask the suspects on the list; Samantha stepping out as she wasn't very fond of questioning others. Everyone, including Angel and Yuan, didn't object as long as they could get the job done.

Naomi walks down the street with her mind in various places. The games that were originated here; the food made here; even the different spirits and superstitions intrigued her! She wished she could have Freddy there to take pictures and share the experience. But she shakes it from her mind; just like Kairi told Sora, they'll always be connected through their hearts. And he'll always be in her heart now that she has him. She snaps pictures at the various buildings and scenery. She finally spots the name of the building she wrote on her hand in a neon sharpie: Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. Naomi walked through the building of the Butterfly garden with absolute awe. She doesn't get to look at the white marble columned structure when she spots Sevena sitting by the Field Camp entrance.

"Hey there!" Naomi exclaims. Sevena looks up from her grey notebook and smiles softly.

"Hi," she says…at least that's what Naomi thought she said.

"Um, I was wondering if you noticed anything weird last night before Sabrina performed."

Sevena seemed to think, as if not wanting to answer. She then takes a deep breath. Quiet as a mouse, she answers.

"I saw Damien and Marsha leave into different places. Marsha kept taking glasses and going towards the back."

"Are you sure?"

Sevena looks Naomi dead in the eye, "I never lie." Naomi nods and smiles. "Thank you Sevena."

Sevena nods and goes back into her notebook.

Yuan glowers as he walks to the city park. He doesn't know what this twisting feeling in his gut is, but it's really beginning to grate on his nerves. Every time he sees that…what word is he looking for? Oh yes,DORK, if he were to put it simply, acting as if he deserves to be near Tonya Jane…wait a minute. What is he thinking?! Tonya Jane is his colleague…his friend. She deserves her happiness, even if it's with the simpleton. He makes it into the urban visual of the city park, gazing appreciatively towards the twisted, wicked trees. There on a bench, he spots the blonde he was meant to questions.

"Blondie!" he yells. Dorolla looks up to Yuan and smiles. She tries to look him up and down obscurely and appreciatively, but he catches it; he'll ignore it just this one time for the sake of getting out of here."

"Yes?" she asks sweetly. Yuan rolls his eyes, so she's going to be this kind of girl, an Angel wannabe.

"So did you happen to notice anything before that ghastly girl made her performance?" he asks. Just because he enjoyed the performance doesn't mean he likes the performer. Dorolla tilts her head, deep in thought. Yuan taps his foot impatiently, narrowing his eyes as he folds his arms.

"No, I didn- wait! I did notice Marsha leaving back and forth from the back." Yuan sighs; as much as he detests almost everyone else, he did not believe Marsha was a murderer. He nods and walks back swiftly in his graceful strides.

Paul walked into the Audubon Butterfly Garden on the hunt for Ronny. He looked around and couldn't find the boy anywhere! He saw Sevena, but not Ronny. Maybe it was due to his distractions of Laura and Tori. Laura was definitely showing she was a girl who went after what she wanted…but Tori was a girl who showed her resistance, bringing out the enigma he was interested in. His feelings are so hard to depict. Especially if you never know when the other girl could return; however, Laura's touch could be highly convincing…

"Hey!" a person exclaims behind him. Paul's first reaction was to swing and jump back before the person could strike. The figure ducks and then laughs.

"I guess they say you shouldn't sneak up on people was spot on," says Ronny. Paul releases a breath he was holding and relaxes.

"Please don't do that," remarks Paul. Ronny merely shrugs and guides him into the gallery filled with dozens of butterflies.

"It's actually hundreds," responds Ronny. Paul just looks at him as he shrugs back at him. "So you're here to ask about last night." Paul nods. "I can't tell you much about it, but I talked to Sabrina before she went into her performance to wish her luck. She rejected it obviously and roughly pulled my jacket when she tried to get me out of the room."

He showed Paul his ripped jacket missing its zipper. He then leans in, "Chris and Marsha were hostile backstage too. I saw them in the hallway after Sabrina kicked me out."

Paul hangs his head and leaves out of the gallery. Maybe Marsha…no, he won't believe it.

TJ thinks about Zach leaving due to his food poisoning; he won't be out until the end of the night. Hopefully they'll have this case wrapped up before they take Marsha to the slammer. Her thoughts then shift to her favorite artist. He seemed troubled about Zach and he doesn't need to! Wan has a place in her heart now and will stay there, even after the competition ends.

She walks through the ruins of the Six Flags, wondering who in the heck would be there. She spots the vivacious girl swinging on the rusty rollercoaster pole close to the tattered entrance.


"Howdy!" Rosalina giggles. "Isn't it just lovely out here? Such potential!"

TJ shrugs, "I guess so, if you into somethin' like that. All this rust and broken boreds."

"Boards, right?" asks Rosalina.

"That's what I said! Ya hear anythin' bout the murder last night?"

Rosalina only shakes her head. "Nope," she says popping the 'p', " I was too busy mind shipping."


"Yeah!" Rosalina exclaims, "I was imagining who would be perfect for one another; especially the guys who looked good together."

"Um, interestin', thank ya kindly for the infamashun." And TJ turns on her heel and walks off. She shakes her head as she turns to see Rosalina spinning again. "That girl is as nutty as a squirrel on coffee."

Robin takes a deep breath as he enters the Bombay Club. He nods to Deborah at the bar as he approaches the seat next to Blaise.

"I know you'll want me to cut to the chase right now, so just recap everything you remember last night."

Blaise sighs, "As you saw, Marsha had been drinking. She was going back and forth towards the back to talk to Chris and get away from everybody, appearances ya know?" Robin nods for him to continue.

"Then when she came back up here, she looked disheveled and took another drink. I was hoping it was only from arguing with Chris, not killing him." Blaise puts his head in his hands.

"So you have no idea where the feathers, glitter, zipper, or nail file came from?"

"Marsha always carries her nail file…she was wearing a purple feather boa, but the other two things are not familiar at all." Something nags at the back of Robin's mind; something he should remember.

"Thank you Blaise. I'll be back to talk to you, Deborah." Deborah looks and nods at him. Robin had a million questions in his mind. What were the two arguing about? Where did the glitter and red zipper come from? Did the feather actually come from Marsha? What about Sabrina in the backstage room? Did she hear anything?

He couldn't let his thoughts on any of his fellow teammates…particularly Jacque; get in his way to get this challenge done. They may have a small, flimsy truce, and it can sever at any time. Until then, he's going to use the so called 'con artist' and further his team into victory.

Jacque walks casually as he cemetery. It's not as eerie as it usually is in the nighttime. The head stones and mausoleums stand proudly and static in the mushy ground by the bayou. He thought back to his call to Cleaver, his dealer, he made earlier. So now he only needed to wait for that message to return. He spots a dark figure leaning against a large head stone, a sick smirk on his face.

"Well, well, well, Jacque Metoyer. Or should I call you Tez LaCour?" he laughs darkly. Jacque laughs along with him, making the male stop and glower.

"So you can do your homework Damien," Jacque claps slowly, "Niiiice. And in case you didn't notice, that was sarcasm."

Damien rolls his eyes, "Whatever. Look, you're wasting time I could be vandalizing this cemetery. I saw Marsha, Ronny, Chris, and Sabrina being the ones in the back. Ronny left first. That gorgeous, sexy host went back and forth from time to time. Only Chris and Sabrina were in the back the longest." He holds his hands up in mock surrender, "But hey, you never know."

Jacque feels a vibrating sensation in his pocket, "That wasn't so hard was it?" he walks away arrogantly, leaving behind a sneering Damien behind him. He doesn't see nor hear Damien make a call.

"Hey gorgeous," he says in the phone smirking, "This is getting really good."

Freddy walks into the Bombay Club with a classic pipe in his mouth. Bubble protrude from the pipe with each blow; a huge grin on his face.

Naomi would love the pipe; maybe even take a picture with it! He doesn't play mystery games as much as he does horror and Mario. With Naomi, however, he'd play any game she wanted. He would win this competition. If not for her, then for the millions of games they would get to play.

He nods towards Robin's way, who gets up and walks towards him.

"Are you here for Deborah?" Robin asks, completely ignoring the pipe in his mouth. Freddy nods vigorously. Robin shrugs and proceeds to listen and begin to question Deborah along with Freddy. They may be on opposite teams, but that doesn't mean that they can't cooperate….just this once.

"So Deborah," begins Freddy blowing through his pipe, "Did you notice anything odd about last night?" Deborah finishes wiping the glass she was cleaning and takes a deep breath, allowing herself to think.

"Marsha came back and forth for champagne, even though this is a martini kind of place." She says chuckling, "I never saw Chris after his first glass, so maybe she was getting him glasses because she would be glowering each time she came…that is if she didn't down it first." She shrugged.

"Ronny came out from the back looking disheveled." She said tapping her chin, "Oh! Damien was watching everybody in dark corners."

Robin and Freddy look at each other with surprise; Ronny had been backstage, and Damien was walking around watching everybody. This doesn't get them anywhere at all. Freddy tries to put pieces together, something he was good at; but this isn't a really good puzzle to piece. Robin frowns and looks back to Deborah.

"Does a red zipper or glitter mean anything to you?" Deborah seems to contemplate this.

"Ronny wore a red hoodie, right? And the glitter…Sabrina has a glitter outfit for her performance so it's logical that it came from there regardless."

This deepens the frown even more. Ronny couldn't be a killer…could he?

Cole nervously walks towards the Six Flags ruins. He could only hope not to screw up anything with Samantha's brother. Maybe they could hang out together, skateboard even! Samantha has come to a place in his heart permanently and he wanted to make sure that there would be no problems what so ever. He then thought of why in the world Andrew would be in this kind of place. He spots him sitting on a chipped up bench with faded paint and stains.

"Andrew!" he exclaims. Andrew looks to him and smiles. "How ya doing Cole?"

"Good, considering what has happened." He responds. Andrew nods somberly.

"Yeah, I guess that's why you're here." He looks up to the sky and then turns to Cole.

"I guess I can start to tell you about why I'm actually here. Samantha and I were to go to an amusement park once; but she fell ill. She had been so devastated; I moved her stuff around in her room to slightly resemble one. She opened her eyes and started to cry as soon as she saw it. I will always do whatever my baby sister needs," he looks back at the sky with a smile.

"And if you're what she needs right now, you have my blessing." Cole smiles broadly and gives him a gracious handshake.

"Thanks man, now about last night…"

"Right. Well I didn't get to see much, but Damien was kind of acting weird last night. I couldn't help but keep an eye on him, I'm protective," he says shrugging. Cole nods and asks another question.

"Do you remember anyone with a nail file, glitter, purple feathers, or a red jacket?"

"Sabrina has a glitter outfit on, Marsha was wearing a purple boa, and….I don't remember any red jackets or a nail file being used."

"Thanks Andrew," Cole says getting up. Andrew doesn't get to say anything because he hears a loud, excited squeal. The two turn to look around, only to find Naomi and Rosalina laughing and spinning around the scattered poles.

Adaliah walks down the sidewalk glaring at everyone who looked her way. She knows they see her scars, her shaved hair, her clothes. But she honestly doesn't care. She knows her worth and she knows she'll get her happy ending…someday. She had exacted her revenge on Jacque, Robin, and Blaise; and it was oh-so-satisfying. Now she has a friendly 'truce' with Robin. Of course since he is the enemy she will try to conquer at all costs, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't respect him. If he is still there after the merge, he will be one of the first ones to make that alliance with. She looks with determination as she steps into the Bombay Club. Robin and Freddy were now gone, leaving Deborah and Blaise.

She walks up to Blaise and clears her throat, causing him to raise an eyebrow at her.

"Hello Adaliah, you exacted your revenge, right?" She smirks and nods.

"I'm not here for my purposes Blaise, I'm here for Marsha." Blaise recounts what he told Robin, but he wasn't expecting her next question.

"Why did you smile after she was arrested last night?"

"What?" he looks at her with a shocked looked on his face.

"You heard me correctly. Why. Did. You. Smile?" She says menacingly. Blaise gulps slightly, "I only smiled because I remember Marsha telling me once that if she were to ever be arrest it would be indecent exposure…guess she sort of got her wish." He says with a sad smile. Adaliah softens as she slightly forgot how close the two were. She sighs and touches his shoulder rather stiffly.

"It's going to be fine; she's going to get out." Blaise nods and sips his drink as he watches the workers clean up and set up for the night.

Angel walks gingerly into the cemetery, careful not to sink her heels in the mud. She spots her longtime friend waiting for her in the deep of the cemetery. She got rid of Zacharias, Alice, technically Ronny, and Tori so far in this game; and she's far from finished. Everyone will be falling one by one…and she will have more than enough money to get back the family she wants. Damien edges closer and embraces her gently.

"How ya been, Angie?"

"I've told you not to call me that," she says as he smirks, "I've told you about the little problem I was having, right?" Damien nods.

"Good, because I need it taken care of. Everyone else can figure out what's happening with Marsha; I need to get this handled ASAP."

Damien chuckles and flicks his lighter on and off, "Who's getting burned this time."

"A native," responds Angel, who smirks so evilly, she sends shivers down Damien's spine.

Laura walked down the streets of New Orleans with much interest. The clothes, the atmosphere, the clothes! She only wished she could be accompanied by Paul; it would make things even better. She sighs with frustration as she thinks of the other…hussy that still has Paul's attention. She has to do something to get that girl off of his mind, because she couldn't get him outta hers! If it weren't for the magazines, music, and accessories, she'd be a complete nut! Just like her older sister with her new fiancé. Don't let that quietness get to you, she knows how to get loud. She rubs her wrist softly, where her bruise from the previous challenge was beginning to fade.

She finds the place she is looking for: Mahalia Jackson Theater. She stares in awe at the large fountain inside its rectangular shape. Going up the stairs, she glances inside the glass doors to watch people scatter in the interior stairs. Not knowing which way to go, she chose straight forward, just like her family always tell her to go. She finds herself on the main floor of the stage. She spots Sabrina stretching and glaring towards another dancer, who was glaring back. She donned her purple outfit from her performance last night and Laura could only hope she washed it first.

But Laura knew it had to be hand-washed or the glitter would fall off of it…or the glitter would fall off, just like the glitter found on the glass.

Her lips curling downward, she steps toward the stage to get Sabrina's attention. Sabrina waves widely and hops perfectly down towards the edge of the stage. She crosses her legs and smiles at Laura.

"Hey girl! We didn't get to connect much, how are you?"

"I'm making it with these horrible people on this show," Laura responds. Sabrina snorts and turns up her nose.

"Tell me about it, I'm glad I made it out when I could." Laura ends up telling her about her encounters and mentions Paul.

"Paul? That wannabe athlete that had eyes for the goth chick?" Sabrina asks. Laura narrows her eyes, but Sabrina doesn't pay any attention; strike one.

"He's just as bad as that fugly Marsha. I'm so glad she was arrested, she got what she deserved; such a snob, wannabe. I'm bigger and better than her!" Sabrina exclaims, her earrings dangling softly with her gestures. Laura looks over her outfit and slightly sneers; she tries to hide it with a smile.

"I love your outfit; it looks perfectly you with all the glitter."

Sabrina squeals, "I know right? I wore it last night, ya know? I almost hand to hand wash it twice if it weren't for that stupid boy coming in trying to 'wish me luck'."


"That Sonny kid."

"You mean Ronny?"

"Of course, I had to push the guy out; wanting to be near all of this success I guess. His stupid zipper almost ruined my dress when it broke off."

Laura was trying to process everything in; and the clues are starting to slightly add up; strike two. She had to ask one more question.

"Sabrina, was Farty Marsha wearing her boa last night?"

Sabrina sneers, "Yes, the chit thought she could outdo me in the feather department; my feathers will always be better than hers; Donny even gave them to me before I went on for my show. Speaking of which, I need to get back to it. It was nice of you to show up, darling. We must get together more!" Laura forces a smile and walks away; strike three. She walks as calmly as she can, but as soon as she goes through the entrance doors, she sprints back to the Bombay Club.

David was already there with Zacharias and Blaise, laughing at each other's jokes. Deborah smiles from behind the bar with Samantha sitting beside her; Blaise needed the subject shift. None of the Burning Rubies or Iced Diamonds had made it back from wherever they were, but that all is about to change.

Laura runs through the doors breathless. The guys turn to her to see her hands on her knees; herself panting out of breath.

"That is why…I HATE….running!" she exclaims. Samantha rushes to help her, despite being on opposite teams. She pushes a seat towards her and grabs a glass of water that Deborah already prepared before she left behind the bar. Laura downs the water in one gulp and takes a deep breath.

"Blaise, call the police; I know who the killer is."

The Iced Diamonds, Burning Rubies, Blaise, and the special guests gather around each other as the police and Marsha come through the door. Still handcuffed, Marsha looked like she didn't sleep that night. Her hair was flying everywhere, small dark circles under her red-rimmed eyes. She looked at everyone with so much faith it overpowered everyone there. Laura stood up.

"My fellow contestants," she starts dramatically, causing Angel to roll her eyes, "I come before you with a shocking discovery. Far- Marsha has been wrongfully accused of being a murderer of her own brother. As beneficial as it would be for me if she were the killer," Marsha glares at her, "I know she didn't do it."

Laura waves her arms to the left. "THE EVIDENCE!" a plastic bag holds the evidence found around Chris's body.

"First off, the nail file. This is a limited edition stainless nail file; it's too small to cause any damage and can easily be dropped anywhere, just like it was last night. Marsha could have easily dropped it after she set up outfits for Sabrina and got her feather boa."

"Secondly, the zipper. Ronny went backstage, which was stupid in my opinion, and wishes Sabrina good luck. Sabrina rejects the luck and pushes him out, ripping his zipper, and leaving it at the scene." Ronny looks down embarrassed now that the attention is on him.

"Not only did he get his zipper ripped off, but he gave Sabrina her earrings she wore during her performance; feather earrings. Purple feather earrings she likes to wear, which are similar to the feathers on Marsha's boa." Sabrina glares and if it were possible to get more red, Ronny did it.

"Which leaves me to my last statement: the glitter. Marsha didn't wear any glitter, so she couldn't leave the glitter residue. Marsha wouldn't be caught with glitter on her hands if it clashed with her outfit, drunk or not! I know I wouldn't do it." She says. Some of the others were beginning to click on what Laura is insinuating. Angel set her eyes on Ronny.

"So Donny did it? I didn't peg you for a murderer," she says in Ronny's direction. Laura laughs, stopping anyone from doing anything. Sabrina walks up to Laura, but Paul holds her back. Sabrina glares at him, which causes Laura to growl.

"It was Sabrina! Her dress she's wearing has to be hand washed, which means glitter has to fall off from it when she roughs it up. She left Ronny's zipper there as insurance just in case that we could solve this and Ronny would be convicted instead of her." Laura folds her arms smugly. Everyone was simply stunned at Laura's discovery; how did she get to the bottom of this without the others figuring it out first."

Sabrina glowers and charges for Laura, "I trusted you! That wench would be gone for good! She's fake; and I'm much better than her! Why would you do this to me?!" Jacque and Cole hold her down before she can reach the now glaring Laura.

"You messed with things I hold most. First, you messed with my money; without Marsha, there's no winner. Second, you messed with the fashions of this year; no one, I repeat, NO ONE messes up a glitter tutu dress with murder. Third, you insulted something of mine; and I don't take kindly with insulting what's mine." She looks to Paul and sends him a wink; his cheeks turn pink. The police take, yet again, a screaming female out of the Bombay Club. Apologies are made to Marsha and she's released from her cuffs. Blaise runs to her and hugs her tightly. Paul comes to hug Laura out of nowhere, who returns it tightly.

"Who knew you could be the detective for the job." He says.

"What can I say? These things just come to me," she says arrogantly. Suddenly, claps are heard coming from behind them.

Chris stands before them with a smirk on his face, his wound profound in the middle of his chest.

Samantha and Sevena faint. Cole and Andrew kneel toward Samantha and Dorolla rolls her eyes before tending to her sister muttering 'wimp' and 'big baby' under her breath. Naomi and Freddy step into a fighting stance. Adaliah pulls out a blade, Robin narrows his eyes, and Jacque sneers. Angel's eyes widen as she looks at the dead body of Chris standing before them. Laura's lips quiver, so Paul hugs her into his chest, letting her get a whip of his cologne. TJ jumps back slightly into Yuan's arms, who stumbles to the floor at the sudden impact.

Marsha rolls her eyes, "It's over now Chris, take that stuff off."

This causes everyone to look back at her….well the ones that were still in a sane condition. Chris sighs dramatically and starts to peel things off of his face. Soon, it looked as though Chris never died.

"My acting skills are so much better than yours sister."

Marsha scoffs, "Puh-lease, I had to dose you with drinks to keep you knocked out enough for makeup."

Yuan narrows his eyes as he sits up, TJ finally releasing him, "Can someone tell us what's going on here?"

Marsha looks at them and smiles. "This my dear, was your challenge; a murder mystery to solve!"

"Seriously?! None of it was real?" questions Freddy. Blaise nods.

"We're sorry for not letting it be known, but we had to act everything out for this challenge to really be authentic. Speaking of which, Laura successfully found the culprit so the Iced Diamonds win tonight."

"Does this mean that everyone was acting?" asks Naomi. Marsha nods, "Yes, so no real harm was done here. Since you guys really thought this was real, the Rubies will not be cooking tonight. Blaise and I will be cooking gumbo for you all for being amazing at this." Yuan seemed to turn slightly green at this; his stomach was definitely not 100% yet.

"Our guests were in on it, but it is true that we will be seeing some of them more in some challenges as our assistants." Explains Blaise. Everyone takes in the information and decides they can't be mad at everyone who tricked them into thinking this was real; they actually had fun. Plus no one has to cook! Blaise then takes out the tablets to give out to the Rubies.

"Sadly you guys will be-" suddenly the uniformed men come back in with cuffs ready.

"You guys, we're done with the challenge," starts Marsha. The men look at her with grim faces.

"We know ma'am, we're here for real this time." They march over to Jacque, who was trying to avoid them.

"Jacque Metoyer, you're under arrest for possession, potential to sell, and counterfeit. You have a right to remain silent; anything you say can be used against you in a court of law…"

"Oh h-e- double hockey stick no! I ain't going back to jail!"

"We've been informed of your crimes, Metoyer, just follow along and this will end quickly."

"You'll never take me alive coppers!"

Jacque tries to struggle away from them when his eyes lock with Angel's. She smirks and blows a kiss his way, mouthing the word 'Cleaver' to him. Jacque smirks and allows himself to be taken away; this witch ain't getting away with anything.

Marsha just stands there in shock, "I guess that means no elimination tonight either. Um, let's get ready to board the jet. Say goodbye to our lovely returnees and guests and head to the jet." She walks off with Blaise, who guides her with his arm around her shoulder. She then turns back to Chris.

"This doesn't mean you're back on the show either!" Chris's response is a nice birdie. Samantha blushes at his gesture. He doesn't walk towards the jet…which is a good thing for everybody.

She then smacks Blaise on the back of the head. "Ow! What did I do?"

"I told you if something were to go wrong, I'm blaming you."

Blaise looked ahead thoughtfully, he had forgotten all about it. "Fair enough." And the two continue to the jet.

Everyone bids their goodbyes to their family and new friends and proceed to leave. The night turned out to be real strange; they're just glad they get to finally relax.

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