Total Drama Paradise

It's the Aftermath!

Click, Click, Click. A blonde bombshell walks confidently down the hallway. Various people run from door to door, gathering papers and moving furniture sets. She flips her hair and her pouty red lips grow into a smirk as a man with a Bluetooth in his ear and a clipboard.

"We're almost set Ms. Blaineley. We're waiting for Josh and the guests to arrive."

Her smirk quickly transforms into a thin line. "Where is he?! He was supposed to be here an hour ago!" she shouts, causing the man to slightly shrink at her rampage. He shakily pushes some of his loose brown hair behind his ear


"Is right here," announces a voice behind them. Blaineley swiftly turns on her red-heeled feet to see Josh walking towards her with his arms open wide. Blaineley's face visually 'brightens'.

"Josh dear!" she exclaims. She hugs into his embrace and air kisses his cheeks; he returns the action. She lets go and examines his appearance. He's dressed in an impeccable black linen suit with a blue tie, which complements his blue eyes that sparkle with mischief.

"Long time no see Blaineley. We should get this show going; there's plenty of drama to go around…especially the catfights," he says rubbing his hands deviously. Blaineley glares at him; he puts his hands down. She turns back to the man, who was still standing there.

"Our guests should be arriving soon. Get the cameras and the set ready."

On stage the lights are dimmed down, only illuminating the center; Cy-tower panels glowing with a teal hue. The center stage holds a large coral couch with teal pillows; two coral armchairs with teal pillows sit on the opposite side of the couch. In the middle of the furniture is a cy-tower plasma stand holding a large TV on top. Coral drapes cover the panels slightly, creating an intimate yet comfortable atmosphere. On the far sides of the stage at the very of the towers are large screens, perfect for the audience to watch video clips. The guests and audience will be seated in the stainless steel, 2" padded cushioned bleachers.

Blaineley walks onstage with Josh right behind her. She smiles brightly, thankful that she now hosts the show for the better sibling. And there aren't any annoying teen hosts to get in her way of things. She looks to Josh's direction and smirks; yes, much better.

From the corner off her eye she sees this teen dressed casually. He sits in the bleachers and catches her eye; he smiles and waves. She gives her best fan wave but slows down when she see he has an arm missing. Soon, more of the contestants that weren't accepted began to fill in to the bleachers. Josh was already seated into his armchair, waiting for Blaineley to sit down. She heads towards the armchair and sits her red dress-clad bottom into it. From the far end of the stage, the man with the Bluetooth countdown with his fingers.


Josh nudges her with two thumbs up. Blaineley rolls her eyes and checks her makeup.


The teens in the audience begin whispering to one another with the exception of Damien, who sits alone smirking and playing with a lighter.


Josh runs his fingers through his black slightly spiked hair, grinning at the anticipated drama…and catfights.


Blaineley clears her throat and straightens her posture.


Upbeat jazzy music plays around in the studio speakers, booming loudly for the crowd. Soon everyone takes this as their cue and begin to cheer and clap loudly. Looking towards the camera, Josh and Blaineley smile broadly, exposing their pearly white teeth.

"Welcome to the Aftermath!" greets Blaineley.

"It's your favorite hosts: Josh and Blaineley! Former hosts of Celebrity Manhunt!" exclaims Josh. "And former horrible host of the last season Aftetrmaths," he mumbles under his breath. Blaineley shoots daggers at him while she still holds a smile to her face.

"Such a charmer," she says dry chuckling. She fixes her face and smiles genuinely, "Today we have quite the show for you. Every single contestant that's been eliminated will get their chance to talk about their experience!"

"Let's not forget the commentary we have here today. Let's give a warm welcome to the contestants that didn't make the cut!" Josh exclaims, he gestures to the teens that were seated in the audience, some of which glared slightly at his introductions.

Rosalina stuck her tongue out at him. Sevena simply looked nonchalantly at the hosts. Dorolla glared slightly, but smiled for the camera and flipped her hair. David smiled and waved towards the camera. Damien grinned mischievously, waving like an innocent child. Andrew and Deborah looked towards Damien suspiciously, and then looked at each other. They shrugged and gave smiles to the camera.

"They were simply lovely in the challenge in New Orleans; you guys simply worked those outfits in the Bombay! We also will give an old segment: That's Gonna Leave a Mark! In this segment we get to see clips of the abuse some of the teens suffered in their time of Total Drama Paradise," announces Blaineley. This gets her a loud cheer from the audience.

"And don't forget," starts Josh.

"We could never forget," adds Blaineley.

"THE DRAMA!" they yell together.

"The catfights! Meow!" Josh exclaims afterwards. Blaineley stares blankly at him and shakes her head.

"The tension between Angel and Alice; the Paul, Laura, and Tori triangle; the Yuan vs the world until TJ comes into his life fiasco; that steamy night between Jacque and Alice!" lists Blaineley, "So much has gone down so far this season and it's only halfway over!"

"Right you are Blaineley," starts Josh, "Let's bring out our first ex-contestant. He wasn't the first to go, but he was definitely the first to leave out this way. Not only is he a con man, but he definitely has his way with the ladies. Welcome, Jacque!"

Everyone but Damien claps for Jacque's arrival, but he doesn't come out onstage. The stage manager signals them with his earpiece with some information.

"Well folks, Jacque won't be walking out here tonight; but that doesn't mean we won't be seeing him at all!" says Blaineley. She grabs the remote to turn on the television, but it wouldn't come on. She laughs nervously and slaps the remote muttering 'stupid contraption' and 'sell its parts for cheap'.

"Until we can get the monitor to work, how about we play some of the highlights from the previous episode of Total Drama Paradise on the working big screens!" states Josh. He grins at the applause he gets. He turns from the frustrated Blaineley and the remote to the big screen on the right. The screen pops on with the signature black and white static.


"I want to make things VERY clear: I. Am. Not. Chris." And with that, Marsha grabs Blaise's hand and leads him in the jet.

"What are y'all waiting for? Come on!"

Marsha looks out the window to see the last competitor come up the steps, the jet door begins to close.


Your team names are the Iced Diamonds and the Burning Rubies." Everyone perked up at the names; nothing embarrassing this season!

Cole, Alice, Paul, Robin, Laura, Jacque, Ronny, Sabrina, and Naomi open up a briefcase with a diamond inside.

Yuan, Freddy, Angel, Tori, Samantha, TJ. Adaliah, James, and Zacharias find rubies in their briefcases.

Zacharias rubbed his glasses and put them back on, "Are we at—"

Robin and Ronny had the same idea, "Notre Dame Cathedral," they all said at once.


"You're wearing this Blaise!" says Marsha, holding u an outfit. Blaise looked at the outfit in horror; there was no way on Earth would he wear that!

"AHHH! Not funny Blaise!"

"WAKE UP MY LOVELY PASSENGERS! WE'RE STOPPING IN THE BAHAMAS!" yells Marsha, who burst through the stateroom door.

Ronny dashed to the bathroom for the confessional.


Blaineley hits the remote on the arm of the couch, "Ugh! Blasted piece of—oh! It's working!"

The screen statics to show the smirking teen. He wore a prison jumpsuit with a black porkpie hat. His goatee appeared to be slanted slightly, as if it was fake.

"Sup people," he says with his smirk, scratching his goatee.

"Hello there," Blaineley purrs, "How do you feel about being voted off of the show?"

Jacque shrugs, "Eh, I didn't win the money…and I was arrested, but that doesn't mean I left empty handed."

Josh raises an eyebrow, "Care to share what caused your pockets to not be empty?"

"No not really," he says with a dark laugh.

"Amateur thief," mutters Damien. He leans back and grabs the knife from his back pocket, tossing it up and down in the air.

Deborah looked to him, "What are you doing?"

"Oh nothing, just changing the channel." And he tosses the knife. The knife whizzes passed David's ear, barely missing it. Andrew gasped and glared at Damien. "What is your problem?!"

Damien rolled his eyes, "Spare me the righteousness."

David turned up to look at the two, "Don't worry! I've had worse…" the two looked towards his missing arm, "I once had to use a hot glue gun. That thing was hot!" and he starts laughing. Andrew looks sympathetic and Damien chuckles.

"I like you kid." He says, causing David to smile.

The knife finally hits its target; the television Jacque was shown on. It makes a solid line down the middle and blacks the screen, cutting Jacque off. Josh screamed girlishly and hid behind the chair. Blaineley rolled her eyes and pulled the knife out.

"Great job Damien! Now how are we going to talk to Jacque!"

"Easy, by allowing me to sit down," comes a figure from the backstage.

"I thought you weren't supposed to be here tonight?" questions Josh after he gets back into his chair.

"I wasn't. But after a talk with my PO, I got out with good behavior by the way…along with a work release agreement; and I figured I would see how much everyone missed seeing me." Jacque locked eyes with a seething Damien, "And it seems I was missed a lot."

Blaineley claps her hands, "Perfect! Before we were rudely interrupted, tell me Jacque, how do you feel about each contestant?"

Jacque takes a seat, "Nothing too special, if that's what you mean. Most of them were definitely competition, especially Robin. Angel was a different thing all together; I enjoyed the game we played," he says smirking at Damien. "Naomi is…well she's Naomi. Everyone else I didn't have much of a care for…well except for Alice."

Blaineley leaned in excitedly, "Speaking of the loner, that scene between you two in Madagascar, pretty spine tingling right?"

Jacque looked pleased at the memory, "Dollface and I had niiiice time in that tent. She was broken with her past, and I put her back together."

"Did you two…ya know?" inquires Josh. Jacque only shrugs and smirks, "Why don't you ask her?"

"Nooooo! You're perfect for Robin!" exclaims Rosalina standing up. Jacque looked at her with a blank expression.

"I think we've had this discussion before, I only go with FEMALES. No males, no hardlegs, no adam's apples."

Rosalina pouts, "Suit yourseeeelf" she says in a sing-song voice, "You don't know what you're missing!"

"I think I know what I'm missing."

"Now that you're communicating with the commentators, tell us about meeting the others in Louisiana." Says Josh. Jacque sighs, "Interesting to see the ones that didn't get accepted in to the game because I could see some potential in some of them."

"Are you including Dorolla, the girl you showed 'sweet dreams' to?"

Blaineley flips her blonde locks, "Pfft! Like we all don't know what your 'sweet dreams' are; come up with something better next time."

Dorolla stands up in the stands, "You don't have to talk to him that way."

Blaineley looks to her with an eyebrow raised; Jacque's smirk widely. "Just who do you think you are wannabe Angel?" she snaps. Gasps are heard throughout the studio.

Dorolla folds her arms and smirks, "I'm no Angel, and at least my hair is naturally blonde!"

"How dare you!"

"Pretty easily!"

"You are so gonna—"

"Gonna what? Nothing!" and Dorolla jumps onstage and tackles Blainley. Out of nowhere, a bell dings twice to signal a fight.

Sevena watches with cautious eyes, ready to jump in at any sign of assistance. Josh smiles broadly, enjoying the catfight. Rosalina mocks a cat's battle cry and laughs hysterically. David laughs along with Rosalina. Andrew shakes his head and Deborah pinches the bridge of her nose. Damien watches the fight with a bored expression.

"Looks like another cat out of the bag!" he shouts. The former and rejected contestants laugh at his joke. Deborah shakes her head; Andrew keeps an eye out to make sure no one gets hurt.

Jacque rolls his eyes, tired of watching the hair pulling and nail scratching between the two women.

"Ladies, ladies," he says soothingly. The two freeze in place; Dorolla with her mouth on Blaineley's shoulder and Blaineley yanking Dorolla's hair.

"I'm sure we can politely reason with one another." Blaineley pushes Dorolla off harshly and dusts herself off. Dorolla lands with a thud, but merely glares at Blaineley while she fixes her hair. Jacque smirks. "Good girls."

Josh pouts, "Well I guess that's the end of that. Let's move on to our next ex contestant. He was the first to leave…by his own choice!" he slaps his knee laughing "Stupid! Ahem, let's welcome James!"

James walks out with a quiet, swift stride as the teens and hosts clap. He makes it to the couch and Jacque nods his head at him, walking off to the bleachers. Jacque then sits next to Dorolla and Sevena, smirking the whole way.

Blaineley, now camera ready, smiles, "James, why did you volunteer to leave for the very first elimination?"

"The spirits were in a disarray. I couldn't possibly stay with trouble brewing between them; I had to return to quell them."

"That's….um…nice?" she says. Josh looks at him strangely. "Ooookay! What do you think of your ex-teammates and competition?"

"Not one to actually watch the shows after leaving, I can only say that most have their spirits set into the right direction. Alice had many demons to face and I hope she defeated them before it's too late. Angel has a darkened spirit; she must find her light before the dark spirits consume her with sorrow. Tori needs security; her spirit cries from loneliness and I could perhaps help her with her problem."

"How do you plan to help her with her 'spirit'?" questions Blaineley.

"Accompanying her on her journey to free her spirit. I, myself, have had to go on a similar journey and I could be a good aid to her if needed."

Everyone looked confused at James. No one knew what he was talking about, but to move on with the show, Deborah and Andrew look at each other and clap. Soon, everyone else begin to slowly clap.

"I don't know what the clapping is for, but – OW! What?" says Josh, rubbing his head. Blaineley slapped him. "To silence the awkward silence," she mouths. She glares, but blows out air.

"Coincidently, out next guest is the one and only Tori!" everyone clap as Tori comes out. She sits down next to James, who smiles encouragingly at her.

"Hi guys," she says more confidently than usual.

"How did it feel to be eliminated by manipulation?" asks Josh. Tori's right eye slightly twitches, but she calmly states, "It was bad at first, being easy manipulated by the demon Angel. But it was my own fault for allowing her to get to me and I've accepted it."

"Such a mature answer," responds Blaineley, "How do you feel now that Paul will be with Laura? Is that why you chose to participate in the soccer game on her team?"

Tori closes her eyes with a small smile, "It stung at first; we were starting to have a connection. I don't blame Laura, I mean I would feel an attraction to her too if—"

"Yes!" exclaims Rosalina.

"—I was attracted to girls," finished Tori as if Rosalina didn't say anything, "I didn't know I would be on the same team as Laura actually, but when I found out, I wanted to challenge her; show her that I could fight back. I thought she was using Paul, but after seeing her jealousy in that soccer game…I knew she cared for him. So I let go."

"Which was very grown up of you," says Josh disappointed. He then perks up and has an idea, "What about the footage of Paul and Laura in the tent in Madagascar? How did that make you feel?"

Tori bites her lip, "I never seen any footage of Paul and Laura in Madagascar."

Blaineley and Josh gasp. "You didn't?!" demands Blaineley.

"That won't do," adds Josh with a sly grin. Both gesture towards the big screens.
"Roll the clip! The never-before-seen of Paulra! " they both exclaim at the same time.


Paul was sound asleep on his back; Laura wasn't as graceful. She shifted from side to side and finally stuck to facing Paul. Without realizing it, she wrapped an arm around Paul's abdomen, cuddling against him. Paul responds in his sleep by taking an arm and wrapping it securely around Laura, pulling her closer; Laura smiles in her sleep.

"I'm glad we're on the same team," she whispers in her sleep, as she's having a dream similar to her reality.


Tori blinked the small pain in her eyes away; instead she smiled. "Like I said before, I know she cares for him…just…shocked at the intimacy of that scene."

Josh leans in, "Please, tell us more!"

Tori begins to speak, but James cuts in. "If I may intervene, the two were clearly in their peaceful slumber, as the wind sang them a lullaby. I think that the paths were set in the way they were supposed to and we should not recollect on deadened feelings."

Tori smiles in James' direction, "I agree with James. I am getting past those feelings and setting my path right. I've had a darkened past and I have listened to ghosts before," she looks back to James, "And I think they've led me the right way so far."

Deborah nods her head respectively at Tori's response with Andrew agreeing with her. Damien glowers at the two.

"What's with you two always nodding or agreeing together?" he asks. Andrew looks at Deborah to Damien.

"It's called being mutual and mature," he responds. Damien opens his mouth to say something but Deborah interrupts him.

"Besides, a boyfriend is supposed to agree with his girlfriend," she states. Andrew laughs, "Yes, that too, especially if you want her to take day off from her 1.5 year streak." She scoots in more comfortably into Andrew, who she knows she can be more social around.

"I know I have to do for me, and this show has shown me that I can. I know I can get past my loner ways with time," states Tori. Blaineley nods understanding with Josh leaning back exasperated.

"It would help to know that the spirits have permitted me to accompany you on your quest for self-recognition," replies James. Tori smiles and Josh pretends to puke behind his chair.

"Anyway, our next guest has arrived! She's witchy, spoiled, and can dress fabulously; let's welcome Sabrina!"

Sabrina struts out arrogantly towards them. The others politely clap, slowly but surely. She looks to them and glare; she sits down on the end farthest from James and Tori.

"Hello darling," greets Blaineley. Sabrina crosses her arms and huffs, not returning the greeting. Blaineley narrows her eyes at her and clears her throat. Josh decides to take over.

"Sabrina, you were the second person to be eliminated; welcomed back only to be the 'killer'; and your friend on the show was the one to expose the mystery! How does that make you feel?"

Sabrina glowers, "Absolutely dreadful! I know I was kicked off because I am better than everyone on this show! Everyone is just jealous of me! I could be hosting this very show if I wanted to." She says smugly staring intently at Blaineley. Most of the teens in the audience glared in Sabrina's direction with the exception of Damien, Jacque, and Sevena.

"All of the girls here wish they could be as fashionable and poised as I am. The boys were just dumb not to notice me," she scoffs, "Who am I kidding? I didn't need them then and I don't need them now!"

"Do you have some problem?" demands Blaineley.

"No, YOU ALL have the problem!" she declares.

"How about we solve it then!" yells Dorolla. Sabrina sneers towards her direction. Josh's eyes glow with delight.

"I'll do it," Blaineley responds. Josh throws boxing gloves towards Blaineley and Sabrina from behind his chair.

"Where did the gloves come from?" David asks Rosalina. She looks to him and shrugs.

"I don't know, but it's sooo worth it."

Sabrina looks to the gloves with disgust, "Like I would settle myself into doing something so barbaric!"

Blaineley, now gloved, smirks, "I will." And she jumps towards Sabrina. Not expecting it, Sabrina stares doe eyed before she's knocked to the ground. She tries to claw away from Blaineley, who has her locked at an iron grip, punching her repeatedly. She tries desperately to vocalize to Josh.

"Help….me! This…is….un…acceptable!" she yells out. Josh looks at her bewildered, "Like I would pass this up!"

Sabrina growls and pries Blaineley off of her with surprising strength. She huffs with frustration and pulls her hair. "I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS! I AM A FEMALE OF PRESTIGE *BEEEP*!" Sabrina marches off of the stage. During her leave, the whole room becomes quiet. David, however, decides to change that.

"Since when does a 'female of prestige' curse on live television?" he questions. Rosalina tilts her head, as if contemplating it, her lips begin to quiver. Suddenly, she bursts into fits of laughter. Soon, the others begin to join in. Damien crossed his arms.

"I think she needs a little light adjustment," he says with a smirk, flicking his lighter on and off. Jacque notices and rolls his eyes.

Blaineley is now back to her seat; her hair is slightly ruffled. She tosses off the gloves and gives a dazzling smile.

"And we're back! Forgive me for the small interruption; one of our guests of the show had a little problem she needed to take care of."

"Yea, what she said," grumbles Josh. "Now let's introduce—"

"Greetings telly people!" exclaims an energetic voice. Josh and Blaineley jump, not knowing where the voice comes from. A pit of smoke befalls the couch and two figures had suddenly appeared. Josh, once again, hides behind his chair. One of the boys coughs and waves the smoke away to reveal himself and the other boy; it's Zacharias and Ronny.

"I think I may have overdone the smoke on that one buddy," Ronny says to Zacharias. Zacharias rubs some stray soot from his glasses.

"I don't think the same conclusion. Perhaps if it were to be spread along a larger circumference of the couch, the inhalation wouldn't be as life threatening as everyone thinks."

Ronny seems to ponder this, "You're right! I'll make a mental note of that for our next trick."

Zacharias nods, "Certainly!"

Blaineley finally shook out of her stupor while Josh getting back into his seat. She looked warily between the two and tried to smile.

"Before we were interrupted, we were going to introduce the two of you. But it seems that you made a better entrance than we thought! Welcome Zacharias and Ronny!" the audience clap and cheer as Ronny and Zacharias stand to make bows, acknowledging their applause.

"Such a joy to see you all again, even though we just seen you in Louisiana," responds Ronny.

"How was that experience? You, Ronny, being considered a 'suspect' by your fellow friends; and You, Zacharias, getting to watch it all from a distance." Asks Blaineley.

Ronny and Zacharias look at each other.

"It was absolutely stimulating," starts Zacharias, "being able to sit in the actual establishment of the Bombay Club and look at the history of the city of New Orleans…you know how it all started—"

"Stick to the question at hand please," says Josh, saving everyone the lecture that was about to begin. Jacque looked neutral, he knew basically the main roots of New Orleans anyway; he was born there duh!

"Being a suspect was cool! I have never been a suspect in any type of crime before and the interrogations were funny. I got to see hundreds, no thousands of butterfly species in one room put together. I even have some of them documented in my own collection!" he sighs with content, "Simply amazing."

"How do you guys feel about Angel being responsible for both of your eliminations?" questions Josh.

Zacharias didn't look the least bit upset. "I knew I wouldn't stay on too long anyway. My intelligence would only get me so far without my socially awkwardness hindering my chances with going far."

Ronny looked saddened, "I feel the same way, but I chose to do what I did. Nothing is worse than a bully, and to bully someone into losing a challenge is unforgivable. Angel has some serious issues going on inside for her to be that cruel. I can tell; it's in her actions."

In the audience, Damien looks thoughtful. He's known Angel for quite some time now, and he knows that she was always on the same level as he; but maybe there's something she hasn't told him.

Blaineley rubs her hands deviously, "Zacharias, tell me how you feel about TJ."

Zacharias gulps, "Well, she was the first contestant out of anyone to actually listen to me, whether should could comprehend my words or not. She accompanied herself with me all the time and avenged me in the Bahamas by dragging Laura into the mud, literally. Tonya Jane Peterson is and will always be the Southern Belle we can love."

"Doesn't her being a female affect your relationship…you being 'socially awkward' and all?"

He clears his throat, "Yes, well, that does put a damper on things when it comes to physical contact; however she is my exception to my comfortable bubble I have made when it comes to the opposite sex…besides relatives of course."

"What about her recent development with Yuan, our local renaissance man with a huge ego?"

Zacharias adjusts his glasses, "They seem to have made quite the connection to each other lately and if they seem to stay compatible to each other then there isn't really much I can say."

Ronny smiles, "Atta boy Zacharias!"

Josh turns to Ronny, "So Donny—"


"Whatever, most of the people here didn't know that you go both ways," Ronny nods, "Did you feel any attraction to any of the contestants here?"

"Not really, I had good friendships here, like now with Zacharias."

"There seemed to be some kind of appreciation between you and Robin before you left, until he thought you lost the challenge for the team. Do you think you and Robin could have gotten past the level of friendship?"

Rosalina jumps up excitedly in her seat at the thought of Ronny, now knowing the information regarding of Ronny and Robin. "Oh my gosh! Yes! This is perfect! I can see it now: Ronin!" she giggles and turns to Jacque, "I'm sorry Jacque, but I see more potential in those two than you two."

Jacque nodded and when Rosalina turned around he placed his hands together in a prayer and mouthed 'thank you God.' He then put his arms back around both Sevena and Dorolla. Sevena looked at him with a sideways look and Dorolla smirked.

Ronny blushed a little, sheepishly answering, "Um, I'm not sure. We didn't connect any more than just teammates; but if it were to ever get that far….I wouldn't mind it."

Rosalina shrieks, causing everyone to turn and look at her. She was shaking happily, as if convulsing. She shook so violently with joy she passed out, landing in David's lap. David looked at her passed out in his lap and laughed.

"She's such a fan!" he chuckles.

Ronny looked back to Blaineley and Josh, his blush now more evident. Zacharias laughs and eyes the connecting cables behind drapes that illuminate the lights. A mischievous glint in his eye, he shifts away slightly while the attention was on Ronny.

"So Ronny, how did you and Zacharias become close? Seeing from the mystery episode and now, you two seem close."

Ronny taps his chin. "Well, as Marsha said, we all had first class rides home; but she didn't tell us we would all be staying at a resort! I mean, I know there was a Playa Des Losers with Chris hosting a show…but the name of this show is true! The hotel is paradise! I heard we get to film the last aftermath there. Is it true?"

Blaineley and Josh looked at him with bewilderment, "That information is classified!"

Ronny shrugs, "Anyway, I was in the game room and Zacharias came in to experiment with the cables. I saved him from killing us all and we've hung out ever since."

"Awww, that's sweet, how do you fee—ZACHARIAS DON'T TOUCH THAT!" Zacharias jumped really high at the sound of his name. He was SO close to fiddling with the cables that presented themselves to him. He eventually looked to see all eyes were on him…with the exception of Rosalina, who was still passed out and Ronny, who had his head in his hands after he face palmed himself.

He chuckled nervously, "Um…hi there!" he did a quick wave and dashed to the bleachers, careful not to get close to the slightly glaring hosts of the show. Ronny looked up and snapped his fingers in front of the two, hoping to divert their attention.

"Oh yes, of course! Sorry about that folks, we're going to take a short break and we'll be right back!" announces Blaineley, who stands up with her arms wide and her smile bright. Josh stands next to her and gives a huge grin to the camera, making sure no annoyance can be seen in his chiseled features.

"And we're clear! You guys got 5 minutes!" gives a voice out in the back. Blaineley puts her arms down and sighs, such a long…long…long…long show to her. Josh pats her on the back.

"We're almost done Blaineley, just a quick break and it'll be over for now." He says with a sly grin.

Blaineley gives him a sideways look, "You trying to make me feel better?"


"That's not going to work if you're trying to put something out there, Josh."

Josh smirks and raises an eyebrow, "Is that a challenge?"

Blaineley walks off to freshen up, "Guess you'll have to find out." Josh watches her sway in her red dress as she walks off.

The teens on the bleachers watch the whole ordeal with plenty of mixed responses. Ronny, now sitting next to Zacharias laughs at the hosts and makes sure that Zacharias doesn't get any bright ideas.

Damien sighs out of the complete and utter boredom he was facing at this moment; he wishes that the others will just come out, speak, and get this show on the road. He had things to destroy!

Andrew and Deborah were discussing the value of work and their future goals they had. He pulled her a little closer to him; she stiffened, not used to it.

"You don't have to be afraid you know, you see how protective I am with my sister." He says.

Deborah sighs, "I saw. I just…I'm not used to being around a lot of people my age."

"I understand, just trust me, okay?" he looked at her with real sincerity in his eyes. She gave a small smile and leaned into him. He wrapped an arm around her and leaned into her hair.

Jacque was whispering into Dorolla's ear, making her giggle. Sevena rolled her eyes again and relaxed herself on the bench.

Tori and James were looking at a constellation map discussing the stars. She looked up at him in his eyes and gave him a timid smile, which he returned with encouragement.

Sabrina didn't return to the Aftermath; she returned to the hotel complaining to all of the people who were within earshot.

David was rubbing Rosalina's back as she was still out, balancing her on his lap. He didn't mind her that much, even her fixation on shipping every male and female with the same sex.

Josh returned from the bathroom, a piece of tissue on the bottom of his shoe. Blaineley laughs behind him, getting the tissue from his shoe. She walks ahead of him and smirks until she feels something being lifted from her dress. She looked to glare at him, but she stuck her tongue out when she seen the toilet cover in his hand.

The man in the back yelled out, "10 seconds!"

Blaineley and Josh rush to their chairs and sit down. She slightly ruffles her hair and he pulls a strand of it to irritate her; it did. The teens straighten themselves out to get ready for the rest of the show.

The man holds his hand out to indicate the last five seconds. 5…4…3…2…1 he points at them to signal the show has come back on.

"Aaaand we're back viewers! Before the break you seen good scenes from the fabulous show of Total Drama Paradise!" says Blaineley.

"Not to mention the catfights we all love so much, MEOW!" exclaims Josh, making cat scratching movements. He stops when Blaineley gives him a hard, blank look.

"So far we've seen Tori, Sabrina, Jacque, James, Ronny, and Zacharias," responds Blaineley.

"Only three more interviews to go!" yells Josh excitedly; cheers are heard from the teens in the bleachers.

"Let's not forget out segment: That's Gonna Leave a Mark! As a matter of fact, let's start off with this lovely segment!"

"Roll the clips!" they both say excitedly.


Zacharias then walks to the rest of the group. He would have made it to his intended spot if it weren't for a foot to sticking out in his way. He falls flat on his face. The culprit laughed out loud.


"Oooo! That's gonna leave a mark!" exclaims Josh. Blaineley rolled her eyes. Zacharias only shrugged and laughed in the bleachers.


"You better watch your mouth, or you won't have one anymore," the veins in her neck begin to pop, illuminating her nail scars. Sabrina backs up a little bit, wavering. She then rolls her eyes and replies, "Whatever." Adaliah sneers back at her, and she heads into the direction of the bathroom.


"I know that wasn't an actual hit, but I felt that one…I felt that," says Josh. Jacque couldn't help but agree with him; especially since he's been up close to what she's capable of.


TJ pulled the rope effortlessly; this rope ain't nothing compared to what she has to do back home! Freddy pulled with all the strength he had; this is entirely different from his games. Adaliah sneered in the direction of Sabrina, thinking of what she said earlier. This fueled her already angered strength. She firmly puts her heels in the dirt, making sure she doesn't go anywhere; her team follows suit. She takes a deep breath; her eyes sparked with ferocity. She gives a battle yell and yanks the rope as hard as she possibly could. In doing so, the other team begin to tumble. She does it again, this time Freddy and TJ yank with her.




Laura and Sabrina cry at the same time.


"That left a mark alright…on their egos!" snorts Blaineley, still heated on the hussy named Sabrina. The teens laugh at her statement.


"Why don't you solve it then you ugly b-"Adaliah has her hand on Sabrina's throat before she could finish.

"Since everyone here is wishing you would shut up, I'm going to do it for them," she pushes her down, watching Sabrina cough.


"Told you she is very capable," says Jacque. Dorolla looked warily at the video of Adaliah.


Chris banged his head on the bench continuously. Zacharias pressed a button and a shock went through the bench, zapping Chris. He began to spasm and twitch. Zacharias stopped talking at the sound of the noise.


"Not like he didn't deserve it," remarks Deborah. Andrew laughed at her standoffish statement.


Pow! A red paint spot splashed Chris's forehead. "OW!"

Adaliah blew the air from her gun barrel and smirked. Chris glared and rubbed his forehead soothingly, only to smear the paint on his face.


"Another one for Adaliah!" jokes David, causing the others to laugh.


"M-M-M-M-M-M-MUMMYYYY!" She yells and bolts out the door. Tori curses under her breath and goes after her, "Samantha wait!"

Freddy looks at Adaliah and nods, "I go this way"

"And I'll go this way." The two yell a battle cry and charge for the figure. Adaliah throws a punch and Freddy roundhouse kicks it in the chest. They continue to attack the figure, until the wrappings start to unravel. Dark eyes glare at the two; rimmed with drawn black circles.

"Chris?!" exclaims Adaliah. Freddy looks down at him and shrugs.


"….I'm seriously staying away from that girl," says Josh. Blaineley couldn't help but smirk.


Adaliah knocks the tiger to the side and kicks it in its rear end; she's not going to kill it, not this time. The tiger retreats and dashes back where it came from. Adaliah gets up and smirks; not caring to dust herself off.


Blaineley looked at the screen, "…I agree with you now…"


Robin slightly clasps his hands together with a silent prayer and makes sure his hair was in place. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He opens them and charges.

Jacque, caught off guard, is taken to the ground.


"Wow," starts Blaineley.

"Didn't think he had it in him," finishes Josh. Jacque looks back at the memory not with a sneer, but with a creepy, nostalgic grin.


As soon as Robin gives the signal, Jacque pulls hard on the lever, launching the snow clean across the field. The ball doesn't hit the castle; however, it does land over to the side where Tori and Adaliah are sitting. The boys' eyes widen when they see the murderous glare and vicious growl she gives as she looks for which one of the Diamonds did it. Robin and Jacque look to each other, nod, and then go another way.


"They really shouldn't mess with that girl," says Sevena quietly. Jacque looked at her with surprise that she actually said something, no matter how quiet it was.


Laura looks down to see that when she yanked the ice out, the lever was pushed down. She looks up in fear.

"Uh oh-WHYYYYYMEEEEEE!?" she flies over the entire battlefield and smack down into the Burning Rubies's castle. She groans as she lands from the keep of the fortress to the ground.


Blaineley and Josh flinch at the impact.

"That definitely left a mark," replies Josh. Blaineley nodded in agreement.


Before Blaise can say anything else, Adaliah already grabbed his arm and held it behind his back. She kicks him down ties his arm around his stomach. She rolls him over and grabs the first thing she could: a marker.

"Oh God not the marker! Anything but the marker!"

Blaise had to scrub really hard to get the green clover, the word 'loser', and picture of a male anatomy off of his forehead.


Josh bursts into laughter, earning a glare from Blaineley.

"I bet she'd do way worse to you," she mutters.


Paul passes the finish line victoriously. He stops and pumps his fist in the air.

"YEAH! IN YOUR FA-AAHHHH!" he exclaims as the bull pushed him in the air anyway. The bull huffs and nods his head up, as if smirking at Paul flailing in the air.


The teens laugh while Blaineley covers her mouth with her hand and Josh's eyes widened.


Tori didn't see Laura coming jumping on her. They collide on the ground, limbs tangled with one another. Laura claws at Tori and yells a battle cry; Tori tries her hardest to block the blows. She pushes her off of her and kicks at Laura's ribs. Laura grabs her ankle and yanks her to the ground.


Tori scratches her head with a hidden grin.


Cole slips through the mud to get out of Adaliah's choke hold and jabs her by the kneecap. Due to it being slippery, Adaliah falls under without much trouble. Thinking he has her down, he tries to stand up straight. However, she grabs his ankle and yanks him in the mud as well.


"That had to hurt!" exclaims Blaineley. Josh shudders, conspicuously covering his kiwis in agreement from the segments with Adaliah.

"Well, I think we've had enough of that segment. Let's get move in to our next guest! She's been scarred, scarred herself, a supposed suspect, and Jacque's toy; let's give it up for Alice!" announces Blaineley

Dorolla slightly glared at Blaineley's statement and the girl that comes out from the back; Jacque only smirks. Alice comes out with a stoic expression. Her eyes do betray her, however, showing some slight confidence and annoyance at the same time.

"Alice darling, you came a long way. How did this Total Drama adventure make you feel?" asks Blaineley.

Alice changes her expression swiftly from stoic to bashful, "I-I must say. I didn't really want to be on the show. My past haunted me and was further exploited for that witch's gain." A glare is seen from Damien. "However, I can say it changed me. I feel more c-confident than ever before."

"All thanks to Jacque right?" questions Josh. Alice looks to catch Jacque's eye and gives a little smile; she also glares slightly towards Dorolla's direction.

"Something like that."

"So that scene in Madagascar…steamy right?" asks Blaineley fanning herself. Alice's cheeks slightly reddened as she answers, "Very. It was merely physical of course; but Jacque did give me something no one else could…my strings to stay together."

"What about Robin? Or even Ronny? Both tried to be there and had done things for you. Ronny even gotten himself eliminated because of you!" exclaims Josh. Ronny blushed and smiled from the bleachers.

Alice narrowed her eyes. "I'm not ungrateful to them if that's what you mean. I know I hurt Robin…I hurt him badly. But that doesn't mean that I wasn't thankful for him! Ronny…" she looks to his direction, "Ronny is a pure sweetheart; were not for him, I wouldn't have ended the way I needed to."

Blaineley smiles, "Fair enough. Now I do have one question that I'm sure everyone wants to know: why were you so afraid for your secret to come out, if it was already on live television?"

"I understand that the whole world knows my now known secret; but the people on that plane that I tried to care for didn't know. I didn't want their shame….the pity. I have enough of that already." She looks down and takes off her jacket, exposing her scars. Most of the people in the room gasp at the roughness of her scars. Alice smiles.

"I can now show the world without feeling insecure. I am better than I what I was at the beginning of the show." She looks blankly into the camera, her eyes blazing "Angel, I want to thank you for the fire you've brought me; you'll regret it." From the background, a growl is heard.

In the bleachers, Dorolla pretends to gag, "Such a drama queen," she mutters under her breath. Jacque hears her and chuckles; his toys really amuse him.

"How do you feel about some of the others from the show?" Asks Josh.

"Everyone else on the show is really nice and sweet. I know Adaliah is scary….very scary….but I think we could have related to each other. Yuan is an egotistical jackass. But everyone else was really sweet."

"Well isn't that just sweet. Speaking of sweet, we have one more interview. They became a couple, they left as a couple, and now they will be interviewed as a couple. Let's give a huge welcome to our fluffiest couple: Cole and Samantha!"

Andrew cheers for his sister and her boyfriend as they walk out hand in hand towards the couch. Alice rises and goes towards the bleachers, not sitting next to anyone. Samantha blushes really hard as the attention was focused on her and Cole. Cole rubs his thumb on her hand encouragingly. They sit down on the couch at the fading of the applause….Rosalina is still passed out in David's lap.

"Cole! Samantha! Welcome!" greets Blaineley in a sing-song voice.

"This season has had some forced and willing eliminations; but this is our first couple to leave together on this show. How does that make you feel?" questions Josh. Cole and Samantha look at each other.

"I couldn't bear to make her leave in that tiebreaker," answers Cole.

"A-And I couldn't ruin his c-c-chances of winning the money," responds Samantha, "I love him too much."

Her response elicits the audience a wave of "awwws" except from Jacque, Sevena, and Damien.

"That's cute. Cole, did you ever feel threatened by Paul? Sometimes the two would be sitting talking together while you would be somewhere else…" Blaineley asks, hoping for a reaction. Samantha blushed profusely and Andrew frowned; he didn't like what Blaineley was insinuating.

Cole didn't look mad or even suspicious; he actually laughed. "Are you kidding? I trust Samantha with my all; and Paul had his own two interests to be clueless about."

"You don't think he wanted to have three?" urged Josh.

"Not at all," says Cole firmly. Andrew nods approvingly at his response. Josh and Blaineley look slightly disappointed.

"Well, Samantha, how does it feel to actually have a relationship on the show? Are you and Tori still tight?" inquired Josh.

"Cole, why did you choose that vibrant, lovely hair color?" asks Blaineley.

Samantha's cheek color dampens down to her skin tone as she clears her throat, "I never thought anyone could ever look at me t-twice. And then I was c-captured as Esmerelda." She smiled at Cole, who hugged her closer. She then gave a warm smile towards Tori, "Tori and I got close, and we still are. It…hurt…for her to leave and with the whole Paul thing, it got us closer."

Cole rubs his goatee playfully as if in thought, "Weeeell, I just happened to like the color. My skateboarding friends wanted to scare me out of the dare; doesn't look like they did too good of a job."

"A response to you both, nice job," praises Blaineley, "It seems that we have reached an end to the show. We met with all the eliminated contestants, seen plenty of funny and memorable segments, and—"

"How could you forget about me? I did call you two ya know," remarks a voice coming on the stage. The teens begin to whoop and cheer as Blaise makes it to the stage. Blaineley's eyes widen and she tries to make sure her hair is perfect. Josh rolls his eyes. Nobody had a problem with Blaise; nobody except for Josh, who thought he was better than the 'friend of the host' of Total Drama.

"Blaise! I didn't know you were coming! Our producer only gave us the call that you and Marsha wanted us." Purred Blaineley.

Blaise flashed a smile, "Guess I'll have a talk with this producer…"

"Please tell us why you're here," Josh dryly says. Blaise eyed Josh with a smirk.

"Is there a problem here Josh?" Blaise asks with an eyebrow raised.

"I ask the questions here Blaise." Josh responds with his eyes narrowed.

"How about I ask the questions," interrupts Blaineley, glad to have her hands close to Blaise's chest. "Why are you here, Blaise?"

"I'm here to give some 'spoilers' for next week's episode!" he announces proudly. The teens cheer happily to hear about some spoilers. Their cheering eventually wakes up Rosalina, who looks around shocked at all of the people that are here.

Blaineley bounces giddily, happy there is now some interesting news. "Come on, tell us!"

Josh begrudgingly looks interested in what Blaise had to say. Blaise sees the look Josh has and grins slyly.

"For starters, the merge is finally here. It's going to be everyone for themselves."

"Oh really? Will one of our contestants be returning to the show?" she asks gesturing to the teens in the bleachers. They all look at each other, wondering who knows they're returning.

"Yup," he says popping the "p".

"Can you tell us who that person is?" drags on Josh, rolling his hand. Blaise smirks and leans back on the sofa.

"That…I can't tell you. I will say that it will be a nice change; along with our other teens guest starring on the show once more!" Causing the unsuspecting teens to cheer loudly!

"What will the challenge be?" Blaineley asks.

"All I can say is, the fight's the thing. I'm excited to see how things will turn out," he answers rubbing his hands slowly but sexily…in Blaineley's opinion.

"I do have some other questions, since you're here," bites out Josh. Blaineley and Blaise roll their eyes.

"Ask away."

"How long do you think it's going to take for something bad to happen to Josh onstage?" whispers David to Rosalina. She looked and reassessed the situation.

"I don't think it'll take long….they do look like a cute couple," she says sizing them up; David begins to laugh. Zacharias and Ronny sat next to them and looked at each other after hearing the conversation.

"Marsha would chew Josh and spit him back out," remarks Ronny. Zacharias nods vigorously.

"Definitely," he says. He looks back to the cords he was trying to tamper with earlier and an idea begins to form.

"So your relationship with Marsha is strictly platonic?" Blaineley asks eagerly.

"Yes," Blaise responds.

"How did it feel to be beat by Adaliah?" asked Josh. Blaise's eye twitched.

"Refreshing. She is very athletic and tough; I respect that."

"Niiice now the next—" suddenly, the lights go out. Rosalina's laugh can be heard. A girlish scream could be heard; but no one knows if it came from Dorolla, Blaineley, Samantha or even Josh.

"ZACHARIAS!" bellows Blaineley….well everyone knows that the scream didn't come from Blaineley. Bustling and ringing noises are heard throughout the studio; rushing footsteps are heard as well. Zacharias's sheepish laugh is heard but fades.

"Kill tha liiiights!" sings David, laughing.

"IF SOMEONE DOESN'T FIX THE LIGHTS…!" yells Blaise. The lights came on instantly. Rosalina was hanging from a stray hanging light. David was chilling in the same spot he was in, giggling. Sevena had her legs perched, shaking her head as Jacque and Dorolla try to straighten their clothes from a makeout session. Tori and James were in some kind of trance; both had their eyes closed with a serene smile on their face.

Zacharias was nowhere to be seen; Ronny was going around the place looking for him. Deborah watched as Andrew tried to get Rosalina off of the light; he didn't have to worry about Samantha, Cole was consoling her from the night. Alice was looking around scared; one demon at a time. Josh is MIA and Blaise was trying to get Blaineley off of him.

"I know that our relationship is platonic, but Marsha will bury you alive if you don't get off of me!" he reasons, causing Blaineley to calm down and get off of him. Josh came up…one more time…from behind his chair; he screamed like a girl again.

Blaineley cleared her throat, "That's it for the first TOTAL…DRAMA…PARADISE AFTERMATH!" she raises her hands high in the air with Blaise smiling towards the camera.

"And we're off! Great job guys!" yells the guy backstage. Blaineley tried to look presentable to Blaise, but he was hardly paying attention as he was on the phone. He walked away, not noticing Josh glaring at him as well. Blaineley looks at Josh and hits him on the back of the head.

"Ow! What was that for?" he asks rubbing his head.

"For screaming like a girl," she answered, pinching her nose as the lights go out for the second time of the day.

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