Total Drama Paradise

Thees Ees War! With a Fist Pump!

Barcelona brought a happy, but somber ending for some of the contestants there. Without Cole and Samantha there that meant one less couple…two less contestants…a merge has come. Laura immediately dragged Paul into the bathroom with her.


Paul is in the confessional doing his happy dance beside Laura.

"Best day ever! I took Coles advice and got that kiss. YES!" Laura laughs and kisses him on the cheek. A wave of sadness washes over him remembering Cole and Samantha are gone. "Damn it" he sighs. Laura places a hand on his chest and on his shoulder.

"It's okay Paul, you still have me!" she says trying to comfort him. Paul smiles and Laura grins back.

"So you see that Pierno family? I got a hunk here," she exclaims gesturing to Paul, emphasizing his body to the camera; he blushes. Laura smirks and laughs, "Take that Felicity! Savannah isn't the only one to settle down!" she sticks her tongue out, and then looks worried.

"Daddy don't do anything embarrassing either! Mom…please don't try to shoot him!" Paul looked at her with bewilderment as she waved happily towards the camera.


They come out of the bathroom with Laura looking happy with pride. Paul still was terrified.

"What do you mean your mother will shoot me?" he asks panicky. Laura waves it off.

"Mother can be a bit protective when it comes to our relationships. The others will be sweet on you, I promise…well I don't know about Felicity…" she trails off. Paul can't help but gulp.

Angel glares heatedly at the couple behind their back before she heads into the bathroom to vent. Her eyes begin to water so she lifts her chin up to prevent any speculators to see her.


Angel enters the confessional in tears; she couldn't hold them any longer. Now streams of black mascara trail on her face.

"Why...why must I suffer all alone plunged in the darkness of my tormented soul?!" she demands.

"How is it that assholes like Yuan and Laura get loving significant others while all I'm stuck with is the million dollar prize at the finale when I win!" she pounds on the wall, "It's not fair...I don't even want the money anymore...I'm still going to win but I'll probably give the money to charity or something; they need it more than I do." Angel sits in a fetal position, hugging her legs tightly. "It's just…I don't want to die alone…I'm scared, scared that I may never find someone who will actually care for me and hold me and tell me no matter what they'll love me and keep me safe...I'm terrified."

Angel then pulls out a tissue and wipes her eyes. "After Mr. Perfectionist takes the plunge, I have to start breaking up all the couples soon. Robin needs to go next, then Naomi, Paul and finally Yuan. If I have to be miserable and alone with no one to love then so will everyone else," she sneers, "I don't care what it takes I'll break up every couple on this plane of I have to Mark. My. Words!"

She sits up and snarls at the camera.


She gathers up her composure and walks back out of the bathroom with dignity. She passes by Freddy, whom she gives a hard, hated stare. Returning a stare that states he doesn't care, he goes into the bathroom himself, clutching the phone Naomi had in the balloon ride; no one was taking his good spirit away.


He walks in with the phone Naomi showed him, still having the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 title screen on it. He gives a dreamy sigh. "Naomi is just so wonderful. I can't believe she did this for me. And after seeing what Cole and Samantha did for each other, I kinda want to do something for Naomi too. I just need to figure out what."


Deep in thought, Freddy bumped right into the subject of his mind, Naomi. She blinds him slightly with the flash of her camera; she just took a picture of him. He smiles widely at her and engulfs her into a tight hug.

"I still…have…to breath!" she gasps in his embrace. Sheepishly, he let's go and scratches the back of his head.

"I'm sorry, got a little carried away there," he explains. Naomi only smiles.

"It's alright, besides, we have a new game to play," she says smirking, pointing towards the phone in his hand. Freddy gives her a half-hearted determined look.

"You're on," he challenges.

"I'll beat you as soon as I get out of the confessional," Freddy nods and goes to his seat, preparing himself to play hard, but lose; she's a hard gamer to play against, and he's going to let her win everything today.


Naomi jumps with excitement.

"Wow, that was so fun! Probably one of the best yet! I must be good at giving speeches... I could be a pro motivational speaker!" she exclaimed, "I helped my team out with that speech I gave. I mean, if you think about it?" Naomi shrugs. "Nope, probably not the best idea. I'm also hoping to win that bet between me and Freddy... I kind of don't want to lose my Naruto. I am hooked to it, but bets are so fun! And so are hot air balloon rides and Five Nights At Freddy's! Everything is pretty fun. The bright side of life!" She gives a thumbs up and mutters, "Wow, I got off-topic fast."


She comes out shaking her head, laughing at herself. She makes it to Freddy, who gives her a questioning look. She smiles and responds with another shake of her head. She then sits down next to him. He pulls her closer as their next activity begins to load.

TJ walks passed the couple, smiling at them. They sweeta than a handful of suckas to her. So much happened in Barsalona place and she had to talk about it! She made it to the bathroom to give her confessional.


"I'm gonna miss Samantha and Cole real bad, but they left on their own so they're all lovey-dovey with each other at least! Plus it's hard to be sad when you just wrangled a bull and flew on a mighty big balloon! This show has everythin'! I even see that Wan's gettin' nicer and when I told him so he said the he's been havin' "moments of clare-tea". I dunno what that is but it sure sounds swell!"


She exits with thoughts of Yuan and why she feels warm in her cheeks every time he does something…even his bad moments!

She was so caught up she didn't notice the fight happening in the kitchen…

"En garde!" shouts Marsha, striking at Blaise with the large mixing spoon.

"Your fencing skills are improving, but you are no match for the master!" responds Blaise.

"Oh yea?" she challenges. She raises her leg, as if to kick him, but she strikes him in the stomach with the mixing spoon. Blaise holds his stomach and prepares to use his whisk, but has a better idea. Pretending she won, he hunches over. Marsha seems to take the bait, but realizes the mistake too late. Blaise spears her into the counter, knocking down the bowl of flour all over Marsha. She gasps at the flour all over her.

"You idiot!" she screamed, horrified at the flour all over her body. Blaise looks at her and bursts out in laughter. Marsha glares at him for laughing at her, but she ends up laughing along with him. He doesn't notice that she's scooping up some flour that landed on her lap.

Blaise stops laughing when flour comes into contact with his face. He looks at the smirking female in shock that she had accomplished hitting it. His lips quiver as he bursts right back into laughter again. Marsha stops laughing and wipes her face off, ready to start cooking again. She wipes the flour from Blaise's eye area, appreciating the warmth in his grey orbs.

To keep herself from staring too long, she clears her throat and stands up. She holds her hand out for Blaise, who accepts it.

"What were we fighting for again?" she asks.

Blaise shrugs. He knows that they fought over the proper ingredients for a cake; but he didn't bother bringing it back up.

Adaliah had seen some of the action, as well as Freddy's and Naomi's game session and Laura's and Paul's family conversation. She sighed to herself, maybe she could let out some emotions in the confessional….


Adaliah walks into the confessional and locks the door behind, sitting on the toilet and pulling her legs up to hug her knees. "I . . . suppose things are going good, she sighs. "Two people want me in different alliances; that annoying painter boy has finally gotten the message and is ignoring me; and I'm still in this game."

Adaliah sighs again and rests her head on her knees, pushing a lock of hair of her eyes before cautiously touching one of the many scars on her neck. "So, why do I feel so empty?" she wondered, sniffing slightly. "Maybe it's because it seems everyone is already hooking up? Maybe it's because seeing Cole and Samantha forfeit the game for their love makes realize how lonely I am?" she says, gently rubbing the scars on her neck, horrifying memories coming back.

"I guess this is just how I'm meant to be: forever alone in this game and world." Adaliah whispers, a few tears streaking from her eyes and down her cheeks as she hugs herself tighter.


Adaliah doesn't leave the confessional. However, when she hears someone approaching, she ducks into the shower, closing the curtain so she will be obscured. She slightly peeks out of the bottom to see that it's Robin. Interested with what he has to say, she listens in to his confessional.


Robin sighs as he looks into the camera, "The latest elimination was a shocking turn of events to say the least. But at least it proves that love actually exists. However, I cannot let myself be distracted by such ideas, as wonderful as they can be," he sighs, "I pray that the merge is near. Between you and me though, I'd rather have Angel gone."

Unbeknownst to Robin, Adaliah's ears perked up at the mention of Angel.

"This is a competition, a fair competition. Everyone else here has played fair and excelled at one point or another. She does not deserve to be here!"

He pauses. "I guess I should use this time to say hi to my friends. Ronny, Alice... Jacque, I miss you guys. After everything has happened, I vow that Angel will never beat me. I abhor bullying and that is all Angel is."


Adaliah decides she wouldn't appreciate anyone in her confessional like this so she decides to pull the curtains. However, she doesn't scare Robin; he turns around and smiles before he exits. This leaves Adaliah confused, but grateful at the same time. Maybe she knows who to align herself with now.

Yuan is sitting next to the window deep into thought. He thought back to the confessional he made before any of those imbeciles could even say confessional.


Yuan sits sideways in the confessional, his back resting against the doorway.

"I've... let myself fall too far in my manipulating Tonya Jane. I mean, she's starting to think that she's actually worth something to me. Can you imagine?"

He forces a cold, sharp laugh, this one so different than the one he shared with Tonya the night before. He can't even fool himself with this ruse, and his cackling dies out almost immediately.

"Well... Who cares if she's strong and beautiful, and courageous and amazing. She still just farm trash. Just because I might find her entirely enchanting and... so perfect, doesn't mean that I could ever bring myself to care about her. And it certainly doesn't mean- doesn't mean that-"

The jet has entered a booming turbulence that it struggles to recover from. Yuan shoves his arms against the wall as the small room shakes, desperately trying to maintain balance and finish his confessional.


The words leave his mouth a second after the bout of vibration ends. An unsettling silence claims the confessional, completely distanced from the panic on the other side of the door. Yuan, fingers gently coming to rest on his lips, seems to deflate now that it's out in the open.

His breath hitches again, and his voice trembles with shock and sudden actualization. "I'm in love with her."


He didn't know that Angel had heard the whole thing. Angel grinned ear to ear resembling the Cheshire Cat presenting a riddle. She strode to Yuan's seat and sat down in front of him. Yuan looks to her and sneers.

"What do you want wench?" he grits out. Angel gives an innocent look.

"Why would I want anything?" she asks sweetly. Yuan hardens his stare. Angel scoffs.

"Oh fine, no use to beat around the bush. I heard your confessional." She says. Yuan stiffens, "And I must say, you've grown quite soft haven't you?" she taunts. Yuan doesn't say a word, only clenches his jaws. Angel laughs softly.

"Don't waste your breath, TJ will never want you. She's too simple for you; that lil country 'bumpkin trash' would never love you…you'll be alone just. Like. Me !" she finishes and prepares to stand. Yuan grabs her wrist tightly before she can get too far.

"You're wrong," he says steely, his eyes never wavering, "And I look forward to seeing your demise today Demon. You have no alliances here, and you won't win the challenge… so be lonely by yourself for the rest of this flight and leave me and mine the Hell alone." He lets go of her wrist and turns back to the window. He doesn't notice the heated glare and foot stomp from Angel before she walks away…not that he cares about it anyway.

He would care if he saw Angel bump into TJ.

"Hello TJ, how've you been?" asks Angel. TJ looks at her warily.

"Howdy, Angel, I've been peachy," she replied smiling brightly. Angel nods at her in agreement.

"Certainly, maybe from a certain artist, right?" she asks. TJ blushes slightly and laughs nervously.

"Barsalona was dandy! That's why," she responds. Angel leans in closer to TJ's face.

"Well that's a good thing. Wouldn't want anyone to hurt you sweetie; after all, you're only plain." And with that, Angel smirks and leaves a nearly teared TJ behind.


TJ's eyes betrayed her pained emotion as she looked in the camera "Y'know, I never really thought much about datin'. The guys in my town see me as one of them and go for those glittery cheeryleader types. They'd go gaga for Sabrina, Laura, Angel...girls like that. The only two guys I ever really liked were a fo-reen exjange student named Happy and my math tutor Simon. Huh...guess I just have a thang for smart guys! Too bad they hardly ever feel the same *chuckles halfheartedly while her eyes betrayed her once again with a flicker of dejection before she quickly masked it with her usual grin*.


She leaves out looking as though the previous conversation never happened with Angel. As she does so, Marsha and Blaise walk out of the kitchen with a large cart with salad, breadsticks, and steaks. But the biggest thing on it would be the 3 tier vanilla and chocolate cake that's decorated with the teens of the show and the word 'MERGE' on the top tier. Marsha has flour stuck in various areas of her upper body, while Blaise only has flour in his hair.

"Dinner time, my lovelies!" she begins, "And as you can see on this cake, it's time for the merge!"

The teens on the jet plane clap and cheer at the announcement. Angel rubs her hands menacingly. Adaliah and Robin, who are sitting next to each other, look at each other and nod.

"So this means that the Burning Rubies and the Iced Diamonds are no more; everyone will be out for themselves."

All of the contestants eye each other at the statement, anyone could go now…and it's not liked by most people.

"And," starts Marsha, "This means that one of our former players will be returning to the game for one final shot."

"Who could it be, you wonder?" Blaise asks. He strides to the stateroom door and knocks on it and out comes…

Alice walks out without her jacket. Robin looked back with wide eyes. Angel sits in her seat seething. Alice sees this and smirks.

"Hello Angel, nice seeing you again," she says with a sweet smile; Angel returns it.

"Yeah…nice," she mutters, now having to readjust her plans.


"What in the HELL is she doing back?!" screams Angel in the confessional. She reaches for her hair and yanks harshly. "I'll just pull all of the hair off of my head with all of the backfires I've endures this damn season! UUGGGHHH!"


"She's done for," says Alice grinning, her hands rubbing mischievously.


Yuan and Laura roll their eyes, it's nothing important to them. TJ elbows Yuan and claps happily. Paul nudges at Laura. Naomi and Freddy clap for her, not really feel animosity towards the girl. Robin is happy that his friend is back…but with things she did and the alliance he has with Adaliah, he doesn't know how this is going to be. Adaliah eyed the now confident girl; she once felt sympathy, but something isn't right in her bones; she can feel it.

Alice eyes the closeness of Adaliah and Robin and feels a pang in her heart, she was hoping for redemption; and Adaliah is in her way.

Marsha and Blaise distribute the dinner and dessert to the competitors and head into the stateroom. As the door closes, Naomi is the bold one to ask.

"How in the Pac-Man World did you end up in the stateroom without us knowing?" she asks. No one can responds because they're too busy laughing. Naomi looks around in confusion.

"What did I say?"

The now dark sky danced with fire lights through the Total Drama contestants' events of the night. Naomi snapped pictures throughout: Alice glaring at Angel, Paul and Laura kissing with cake on their shirts, TJ attempting to feed Yuan, and Freddy with cake smash on his face. Adaliah and Robin refused to be captured on camera…that they know of.

As they all began to clean up and rest, Yuan snuck off to the bathroom, making sure no one can hear it.


Yuan has too much on his mind. He can't make himself paint this feeling; he's never felt it before. Eventually, he gives up and tosses his plate aside.

He looks almost blissful, content to be forlorn. "Before I met that girl, I didn't think I needed anyone else in my life, especially not some wretched little farm girl."

He allows himself quick laugh before crossing his arms over his chest. "I want to do something for her, something to show her that she means something to me. Not another painting, something else. Something better."

Then, because his name wouldn't be Yuan Apaec if he didn't say something arrogant, he scoff and runs a hand through his hair. "Of course, I'll be hard-pressed to find something better than one of my masterpieces."


Exiting the bathroom, he notices that everyone is sleeping. Considering how fast that was, Yuan looked around suspiciously. Double checking the jet, he affirms that everyone is sleep.

Naomi and Freddy are curled in the funniest of embraces with Naomi sleeping like a child on her teddy bear.

Paul is holding Laura in their sleep.

Adaliah slept with her knife under her hands.

Robin is sleeping soundly on his side.

Alice is curled up, snoring softly.

Going back to his spot, TJ is there curled up on his pillow, a soft smile drawn on her lips. Looking at the beauty before him, he carefully maneuvers his way to his spot, and kissing her lightly on her forehead. Cursing his newfound softness, he turns to sleep; only for a soft hand to move to his stomach…he doesn't bother to move it.

"Mmmm, right there," purrs Marsha.

"Yes! Go lower, no not that low!"

"You're not pushing down hard enough, Blaise."

"Right there, that's the spot," she continues to moan in pleasure. Blaise could really do work with his hands; she definitely needed that back and foot massage! She'll return the favor the next night they have in the jet.

Birds sing and clouds drift soundly in the bright, blue sky. The sun welcomes the jet with open arms as its rays shine bright in Robin's face.

Robin awoke beside Adaliah, who slept still with her blade between her fingers. He rubs his eyes and looks out the window. From the fresh green forage and stone structures, lights and people roam through the city like busy ants, full of life. Robin marveled at the ancient looking buildings below them; he started thinking about that phrase about not being built in a day…

"Wake up my dearies! When in Rome, and we're in Rome!" announces Marsha. "When you're up and dressed. There'll be a pathway to a training facility for your challenge today with a trainer ready to meet you." She further explains. Blaise smirks.

"Yes, and he's a ruthless, determined, and strong man; so good luck to you all. We'll see you there!" he says, causing fear into the teens. The jet starts to lower down, where Marsha and Blaise wait by the door to leave.

By the time for the teens to descend the stairs, people seemed to quadruple in size going down the streets. Listening to Laura, the teens ended up in a dark alley with rats. Trying to smooth things over for the girl, Naomi finds the pathway they were supposed to follow; Laura was saved for the morning.

As they approach the new facility, they could see that the people that were once in it began to clear out when the Total Drama contestants were spotted. Going inside, they see that the facility was huge with climbing ropes, balance beams, punching bags, treadmills, a large mirror covering the back, weight benches, weights, and different rooms for the bathrooms, tanning rooms, saunas, and locker rooms.

Looking in awe, the teens see Marsha and Blaise come from one of the steel doors. Marsha's lips stretch wide in a smile.

"Are you guys ready to meet your trainer?" she asks.

Fear emits from some of the contestants as they watch the doors open; dreading who the trainer could be.

A tall, large, muscular man comes marching out of the back doors of the training facility. He's dressed in green and camouflage general clothes, black combat boots, and a green hat on his head. A whistle is hung around his neck as well as shades guarding his eyes. The snarl on his lips doesn't help but emphasize the tough cleft chin he possesses. In his right hand is a megaphone.

"LINE UP AND STAND AT ATTENTION YOU MAGGOTS! YOU CALL THIS PROPER FORMATION?!" he bellows. Quickly, the competitors all line up in front of the man. Marsha pinches the bridge of her nose; Blaise was trying his hardest not to laugh.

"As you can see guys," Blaise clutches his side, "your trainer is none other than Chef Hatchet!" The teens look at each other and gulp. Chef walks up to Marsha, showing a softer side, and gives her a hug. He looks at Blaise and nods his head. The two give the teens a thumbs up and leave the facility. Chef then grins mischievously, swiftly masking it with a growl. He takes a ruler out from the back of his pants and slaps Paul's legs.

"LEGS TOGETHER!" he then moves to Naomi.

"ARMS DOWN!" he slaps Laura's face.

"EYES FORWARD!" Laura glares at him. Chef glares back and goes to Alice.

"CHIN UP!" he uses the ruler to push her chin up forcefully. Angel couldn't help but smirk at the gesture.

"Somethin' tells me this is gonna be a long seshun," whispers TJ. Chef snaps his head toward her direction.


TJ shrunk slightly, "Nothin'" she squeaked. Yuan glared at the oaf.

"AND YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SAY NOTHING UNTIL I TELL YOU TO SAY SOMETHING!" Yuan raised a finger to protest, but Robin quickly put his hand down. He didn't care if they were in it for themselves now; nobody should have to deal with Chef in his general phase.

Chef continued to pace in front of the teens, commanding aura oozing from his broad shoulders.


The contestants look at each other and sigh. Chef stops and blows into the megaphone once again.


"Do you think it was a good idea to enlist Chef into training them for the gladiator match?" asks Marsha. The two were on their way to collect the outfits and their special guests. Blaise had hooked Marsha's arm into his as they walked down the sidewalk of the city.

"I think they'll be fine. If anyone will whip them into shape, it's Chef. Besides, he's not that hard on the kids."


Laura was on the floor, dragging her legs across the cold tiles with chained blocks locks to her ankles.

Robin's legs were moving up and down due to the rising and dying flames under his body. He was tied to a beam that he couldn't escape from. Sweat protruded from his forehead from the work and the heat that was causing him distress.

"I think I broke my leg!" yelled one of the contestants that couldn't be seen.

Chef's cynical laugh is heard as a response.

"Marsha that is not happening in there," consoles Blaise. Marsha gives him a sideways glare.

"Puh-lease! This man has been with my brother far too long. I am going to be concerned."

"If you're truly worried then let's hurry up so we can get back to them and set everything up."

Marsha nods, "Let us march forth!"

Time…more like hours drifted away from the duo as they set up the challenge for the day. Slightly exhausted, they head back to the training facility. Preparing a smile, Marsha pushes the door open, only for her mouth to open wide.

TJ was swinging from a hanging rope upside down laughing, but the red in her face told all she needed to know. Yuan looked distressed as he couldn't reach for her due to his hands being tied behind his back.

Robin was on a treadmill….the treadmill wouldn't stop. Adaliah was punching a punching bag vigorously.

Alice and Paul were on a balance beam and didn't dare step off. Somehow Chef managed to get fire to come from under the beam.

Laura was glaring and gritting her teeth as she was forced to fight Chef with boxing gloves; Angel and Freddy had to fight a robot.

Marsha gave Blaise a hard glare and a 'I told you so' look, "Now what did I tell you"

Blaise shrugs, "You were right…as usual."

"Damn straight." She then took a deep breath and stood rigid. "CHEF HATCHET, TAKE FIVE!" she demands. Chef turns to her after knocking out Laura. He then mutters some obscenities and takes a remote out of his back pocket. Blowing his whistle and pressing the button, everything turned back to the regular facility.

TJ fell from the ceiling right onto Yuan, who grunted due to the fact that he still was tied. Paul jumped immediately off of the beam to get to Laura, who was still out from Chef knocking her out. Alice sat down on the beam, exhausted from having to balance for so long. Robin was panting and breathing really heavy after the treadmill. Angel had excess metal between her fingertips, murder on her mind. Freddy and Adaliah seem to be the only ones to have fun during the whole ordeal both victors in their challenges.

Chef looked back, "Well I couldn't help it! Pretty boy there told me he could do whatever with his hands tied behind his back; country 'gal' here tried to defend him; prissy lips wouldn't shut up; scarhead challenged me; and the others bored me,"

Marsha waved it off, clearly upset, but she masks it. "Well I hope you guys aren't damaged too bad, I have your outfits!"

The male's gladiator outfits consist of a brown kilt with an elastic waist in back, five gold trimmed faux leather lappets covering the front and an attached faux leather belt that is quilted and decorated with iron-on gold fabric trim. A shoulder strap with gold edging is stitched to the skirt and matching collar with a gold center front ring and snap back closures complete the look.

Yuan and Freddy were the only ones to be excited about the outfits. Yuan because his body would look fabulous in it and Freddy because he would look like he was in a game.

The girl's gladiator outfits consist of brown and tan, distressed faux leather dress with attached skirt tabs, complete with matching arm guards and a gold metallic braid headband with gold gladiator heels.

Naomi and TJ seemed super excited for the outfits, while the others seem to glower.

"So go get changed in the locker rooms guys and meet me at the Colosseum when you're done!" Marsha calls out before she drags Blaise and Chef out of the facility with vigorous strength.

Blaise paced back and forth at the top of the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater in the Roman world. The distinctive exterior had three stories of 80 arched entrances supported by semi-circular columns. Each story contained columns of a different order. They were on the second story of the Colosseum.

Marsha was seated, rocking her silver gladiator heeled foot lightly. She rolls her eyes at Blaise's pacing; usually it's her doing the pacing, not him.

"Oh Blaise, they're going to be here," she tells him. Blaise stops pacing and grins.

"Once again Sweetheart Marsh, you're right," he points to the bottom level to see a group of arguing teens approaching. Grabbing the megaphone that Chef had used earlier, Marsha stands and prepares to speak.

"Welcome my lovely stars to the Flavian Amphitheater, also known as the Colosseum!" yells out Marsha. Blaise takes the megaphone from her.

"And Total Drama Paradise's Gladiator Match!" he shouts, causing the teens to shout and roar. Marsha glares and takes the megaphone back.

Marsha grins excitedly, "Let's meet our gods and goddess of Rome! Let us first welcome Jupiter!"

'Jupiter' steps out from a pillar and smiles at the teens below him. Blaise leans into Marsha, his brows knotted into confusion.

"I thought Andrew was Zeus?" he whispers. Marsha rolls her eyes.

"That's Zeus in Roman culture, duh," she responds. He looks down and she slaps him in the forehead. He looks up and glares at her, his hand now resting on his forehead.

Marsha laughs and shrugs, "Should have had a V-8," she turns her attention back to the gladiators next to her, "Let's meet Juno, our very own Deborah!"

Deborah walks from behind a column and waves a firm, but swift wave. Andrew looks her way and gives a quick wink; she turns her head before anyone can catch her blush.

Blaise smiles at the two and turns to the teens, still holding his forehead. "Minerva! Represented by the beloved Sevena!" Marsha slaps his hand off of his forehead.

"Meet the ever gorgeous Venus, our beautiful goddess of love, Dorolla!" Sevena and Dorolla step from a pillar together grasping each other's hand. Dorolla let's go of her sister's hand and moves to her designated spot, waving and blowing kisses along the way. Sevena doesn't say a word, nor does she wave or even look at the teens below her.

David comes out from behind his pillar shiver with a grin, "Ooooh, frosty today are we, Minerva?"

Sevena only looks at him. Blaise sighs, "Mercury, or by common name David, came out too early!"

David raises his hands up in surrender, "I couldn't pass up the opportunity!" he cracks a big grin.

Marsha chuckles, "Come on out Ceres!" Rosalina jumps out excitedly, clapping and bouncing giddily. She runs to David and gives him a high five, one he returns. She then runs back to her spot.

"Last, but certainly not least, Pluto!" Damien stalks out from behind the column with a leering smirk in place. Adaliah stares him square in the eye, neither backing down. Eventually Damien turns to wink at Marsha and Blaise; Adaliah smirks with satisfaction. Rosalina pouts.

"I was hoping for the dog," she mutters.

"Let's not forget your personal trainer, Chef Hatchet!" announces Marsha. Chef came out laughing excitedly.

"Can't wait to see these fools kill each other." He exclaims. The teens shift away from himself slightly.

"Now that you see the gods and goddesses and trainer that will watch over the match, let's get down to the rules!" Marsha says.

"The last one standing wins, of course," starts Blaise. Paul raises his hand.

"We can't actually kill each other; how is this going to work?" he asks.

"Glad that you mentioned that," Marsha says smiling "In each outfit, there are various spots with fake blood plastic packs in them. If they're hit then you must fake your death and fall there. And don't get up! This is to ensure that we know who's dead and who won't cheat."

Alice smirks towards Angel's direction; Angel glares back.

"Now these swords and shields may look real, but they can only harm the plastic and pierce the clothes. And before you ask, I don't know how they can only slice through the clothes and plastic; Marsha had them ordered specifically so the manufactures usually want the job done right."

Marsha nods with praise, "Exactly, and since this is supposed to be brutal, almost anything goes. Just don't go overboard!"

"AT THE WAVE OF THE FLAG, YOU MAY BEGIN MAGGOTS!" shouts Chef, holding the flag high up and waves it down fluidly.

Adaliah raises her sword and yells a battle cry. This sets off a chain reaction, causing everyone to yell and charge towards the middle.

Paul and Naomi start off the fight, both opting for their shields instead of their swords. Laura holds her own dodging both Yuan and TJ striking at her. Freddy sparred with Alice while Angel tried to sneak behind the two. Chef glowered as he looked down at the teens fighting.

"PICK IT UP MAGGOTS! DO BETTER!" he bellows. Rosalina holds her ears, but laughs.

"You heard him maggots!" she yells. Chef gives her a sideways glance and looks back to the teens down at the bottom.

Robin noticed Angel and charged for her, wanting to be the one to strike her out. Adaliah then runs towards Paul and Naomi.

"This…is…Sparta!" yells Naomi, striking at Paul. He jumps back and throws a blow with his shield. Naomi jumps "Aha!" Her victory is short-lived; she notices Paul struck in the back.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he falls on his knees as the fake blood drips across his back and the sand. Adaliah smirks as Paul dramatizes his loss. She looks at her next target, Naomi. Naomi tilts her head, giggles, and runs off. Adaliah looks determined, she'll take that challenge.

"That girl really scares me sometimes," says Andrew. Deborah nods her head in agreement. Damien smirks.

"Damn straight, that's my kind of girl." He says. Dorolla rolls her eyes.

"Is that why you're friends with Angel?"

"Watch it, or you'll regret it."


"Do you really think" strike "That you could possibly compare" guard "To me or my bumpkin, peasant?" questions Yuan as he guards and strikes at Laura. TJ isn't exactly fighting her; she's just enjoying the movements.

"Awwww, Wan!" she says grinning and dodging, "But stop being a meanie!"

Yuan looked to TJ for one second, which cost him his chance. Laura struck him hard in the chest, knocking him and the blood splatter to the floor. Laura jumps up and down.

"Ha! This peasant just whooped that—" TJ strikes her in the back.

"Nobody knocks down Wan but me!" she says, blushing madly. Yuan looks up to TJ with a look of appreciation.

"My, my Tonya Jane, now who's being a 'meanie'?"

TJ giggles, blushing more, and returns to the fight.

Robin crosses swords with Angel; she had caught him just in time before he struck her.

"Do you really think you can beat me?" she taunts, sweeping her leg under his, causing him to trip. Robin grits his teeth and growls.

"Actually," he takes the sword and sweeps her off of her feet as well, "I know I can." Angel glares through the dust she made from her fall.

"Well, you're wrong!" she gets up and charges for him, only to get pushed back by a gladiator heel. Adaliah looks down on Angel with a blank stare.

"Not this time," Adaliah raises her sword to strike the fake blood, but turns her head to see Naomi, Alice, and Freddy sparring loudly. She lips turn upwards in a mischievous grin and turns back to Angel, who through fearful eyes watches her pull her sword away from her.

"I'll be back." She walks over to Robin, helps him up, and nods at him. Robin nods back and watches her leave towards the trio. He returns to Angel, who has a murderous look on her face.

Alice hasn't had this much fun in ever! And to fight with the season's funniest couple didn't hurt either.

"For Narnia!" exclaims Freddy as he crosses blades with both Alice and Naomi. Naomi scoffs, spins around to strike, only for the blades to cross again.

"For Sparta!" she yells raising her leg to kick Alice in the gut; she connects. "That's a Leonidas kick for ya!"

"You are not on 300, my dear," Freddy states.

"And you're not from Narnia!" she retorts. She makes a backflip and breaks into a stance; her face contorts into a fit of rage and destruction and charges at Freddy. Freddy wasn't prepared for the assault and raised his arms up to block; it didn't help at all. Naomi's sword slashed the fake blood on his chest onto the ground. Shocked, Freddy landed on his knees. Instead of just celebrating her victory, She bends down to him and kissed him on the lips.

"I bested my boyfriend…again!" she says against his lips. She gets back up, a huge grin on her face, only to walk into another blade.

Adaliah grinned big, "Guess Leonidas doesn't always win." She stared Naomi in the eyes as she fell down next to Freddy. Naomi gave her a thumbs up and a smile; Adaliah nodded back.

Freddy looked at his girlfriend on the ground, "Do you think it will take them long to finish? This position isn't as comfortable as I wanted."

Naomi smiled and winked, "I don't mind it; after all, I do have great company next to me."

Freddy laughs, "Can't argue with that!"

Alice ran after she saw Adaliah, like hell would she face her at that moment. She ends up next to TJ who gets hit in the sides by Angel. Behind her is a fallen Robin with blood splatter from his stomach. Alice grits her teeth, hating that Angel is still in the battle. She glares angrily and roars, running after Angel with a purpose.

"I think this is getting really good," says David. Rosalina bobs her head excitedly in agreement.

"Yes, yes, yes! Blood, sweat, tears, pain!" she laughs, "All of the forbidden couples!" she then sighs, "I wish they would be together and avenge each other's deaths!"

David looks at her in amusement, "I think that's a great idea."

Dorolla and Sevena looked at each other, "I think the girl is a nut," says Dorolla. Sevena doesn't say a word, but she shrugs.

"SHUT UP!" the dressed up gods and goddesses stick their tongues, as well as, their middle fingers up at him. Chef glares and returns the gesture, "I don't get paid enough for this," he mutters.

Angel blocks Alice's strike with her shield. She uses her shield to push her backwards. Her move hits Alice and lands her on her butt on the ground. Frustrated, she blocks with her shield and stands up, trying to catch her breath. Alice sees a spot in the corner of her eye move. She smirks and backs up slightly, seeing that Adaliah is jumping over the bodies of the fallen contestants to get to the two of them.

Damien didn't know whether to smirk for Adaliah's deadly offense or frown at Angel's performance. She knows she could do way better than this! He looked around the Colosseum for anything worthy of sabotage, but the glare coming from Chef prevented him from doing anything else. He didn't want to be kicked off; he loved his view from up here.

Angel couldn't understand what Alice was smirking at, but she didn't like it. She sneered and growled; then she tightened her grip on her sword, and dashed for her. Before she could make an attempt at Alice, Adaliah kicks her down once again. Angel brushes some of the dust of her and looks to Adaliah with a pained, hardened expression.

"I thought we were in an alliance! Why choose Robin over me?!" she demands.

Adaliah raises an eyebrow, "Do you really have to ask? I make the choice of Robin over you any day now." Her response makes Alice's left eye slightly twitch. Adaliah then lunges for Angel. Angel pushes Angel back with her shield and sweeps her leg under Adaliah. Adaliah falls down, but uses her quick reflexes to her back up. Angel then jumps at her, sword raised; Adaliah spears Angel; Alice just watches from the side.

"Could they hurry is up already! My body is in such despair here from this degrading position!" demands Yuan. Everyone simply rolled their eyes.

"Oh Wan, if I coulda understood what ya were sayin'," responds TJ. Yuan sighs and turns his head to where her body laid.

"Don't worry Tonya Jane, one day you will know."


The two ladies spin around on the ground, exchanging the upper hand numerous of times. Everyone watch as they go at it, but it looks as though they've forgotten they're in a challenge. Alice, thoroughly enjoying it, decides to end it. Instead of striking Adaliah, who was panting with her fist raised on top of the worn out Angel, she taps her on the shoulder.

Adaliah snaps her head at her, forgetting where she was. Alice doesn't back down this time, only glaring at the figure under her. Understanding, Adaliah gets up, but makes sure Angel stays down with a headbutt. She backs up and nods towards Alice.

Alice walks up to Angel and kneels to her body. Full of agitation and pain in her temple, Angel glares at her full of hatred and malice.

"Ya know, you made a part of my time here miserable," starts Alice, "I was torn apart by your blackmail; but I was pieced together. And during my absence," She draws out her sword, "I became stronger….better. Jacque helped me pull together to slap you." She gently lays the sword on Angel's stomach.

"But I helped myself beat you; so screw you Angel!" and she slices the blood packet that's placed under Angel's outfit, completely obliterating the plastic and distributing the blood on herself, Angel, and the ground. She gets up without looking at Angel. For if she did, she would have seen a slither of a tear well up in Angel's eye.

Damien couldn't watch Angel's demise. Granted, she should have seen it coming, but that didn't mean he didn't have any concern towards his great friend. He'll have to speak with Marsha once this is over.

Deborah was impressed with the contestants in this match. They showed their determination and brutality in the most entertaining of ways. The fake blood was a nice touch as well. She started to clap for Alice being the winner, but she saw a figure walk up behind her.

Alice raised her hands in victory, screaming praise for herself.


The blade felt cold and swift against her back. As Alice turned to look behind her, Adaliah smirks and pushes her down.

"No hard feelings, but your revenge has been given," she says raising her arms. "I AM ADALIAH AGLAUROS AND I'M THE WINNER OF THE TOTAL DRAMA GLADIATOR FIGHT!" she shouts.

Applause thunders through the Colosseum from the gods, goddesses, Chef, Marsha, and Blaise. The fallen contestants on the ground finally raise up from their uncomfortable death positions. Paul looks down disappointed that he didn't win. Laura walks over to him and holds her hand out smiling.

"You may not have won, Paul, but that doesn't mean you didn't try."

"I know but—"

"No buts," she starts, "It's alright…for now." And she giggles. Paul smiles an clasps her hand tighter, bringing it to his lips to plant a kiss there; Laura blushes slightly at the foreign gesture. She's used to compliments about her butt, not kisses on her hand!

Yuan was walking with TJ behind him, rubbing his back soothingly. "Tonya Jane…could you ever find it in your heart to…" he trails off.

"Do what, Wan?" she asks.

"Nothing, it's nothing," he mutters.


"I said it's nothing!" he snaps, causing TJ to become quiet. Yuan sighs, maybe Angel is right…

Naomi and Freddy walk arm in arm, bearing no regrets to the match. "So my gaming princess, that bet of yours isn't making progress," he says tauntingly.

Naomi huffs, "Don't you worry, I'm retaining my Naruto and matchmake at the same time!" she declares. Freddy laughs and kisses her hair.

"Whatever you say."

"THAT WAS A FIGHT! I MEAN THAT WAS A FIGHT!" Chef says clapping and laughing. Sevena usually has a blank stare, but the man clearly needed the expression given to him. She had an eyebrow raised, her lips slightly opened with her upper lip curled up. Basically making her sister's signature 'wtf' look. Dorolla looked at her sister with pride…at least for that one time.

Rosalina managed to drag David down the large bleacher-like stone seats all the way down to the ground.

"Best. Fight. EVER!" she exclaims, adopting the Mad Hatter's laugh.

"It appears you've lost your head there mate," he jokes.

"Only until tea time! I want to congratulate the winner…and see if I can possibly sway her to go after the one of the girls here."

David looks around at the fake blood around the Colosseum floor, "It looks like she already has."

"Not physically! I mean emotionally…relationship wise!"

Marsha and Blaise make it down to the stadium bottom level with the rest of the crew in tow. Adaliah, for the first time since Edinburgh, actually smiled. She won, and the others are praising her for it.

Robin came up beside her and pats her on the back, congratulating her; it's best to stay on her good side if this alliance is going to work. Alice forced a smile on her face; she's not exactly liking this alliance between the two, especially since he wasn't spending as much time with her anymore.

"Congratulations Adaliah! You are the winner of this challenge!" announces Marsha, clapping. "This means you're immune to tonight's elimination, and you won't be cooking in the kitchen tonight!"

Everybody claps, even Angel and Damien. Angel had a pained look in her eyes, she knows what's coming.

"I thank all of my lovely gods and goddesses for accompanying me to the fight today." She says smiling.

David and Damien bow, Sevena nods, Deborah smiles and nods as well, Dorolla grins big, Andrew shakes Blaise's hand, and Rosalina bounces up and down.

"You're very welcome! I'm so glad you won Adaliah! You should definitely go with one of the girls here! Seriously!"

Adaliah looks at her astonished while Marsha laughs. "Alright guys, time to say goodbye!"

Rosalina's face slacks, "NOOO! Adaliah! Please say it can happen! PLEASE!" she lunges for Adaliah, who was ready to strike if needed. David grabbed Rosalina with his one, strong arm and pulls her away with the others.

"Come on Rosalina, she's has enough on her plate already."

"Not enough! Add in some more on the plate! It should be sweet!"

"No Rosalina!"

"Oh pooh!" she pouts and gives up, allowing her arms to go limp as David carries her away. Chef laughs loudly at the two and turns to Adaliah.

"Nice going cadet, you're no longer a maggot in my book," he says. Adaliah salutes him, one of which he returns. Chef then leaves behind Andrew and Deborah; he was too nervous to be around that Sevelta...or whatever her name is. She's too quiet and that's not natural.

Dorolla and Sevena walked off with their arms linked up.

Damien whispered something into Marsha's ear, smirked at Blaise's glare, and walked off.

Blaise gives the rest of the contestants a tablet, "So you guys know what to do now."

Yuan picked his without hesitation. Not like the witch doesn't deserve it.

Laura went with Alice, something didn't sit right with her with the look she gave Robin.

Naomi chose at random; it's in her nature!

TJ picked with her eyes closed; she trusts her finger… even though that meanie pie tried to hurt her feelings.

Robin chose his easily. It's time for the bully to exit stage right.

Alice smiled happily as her person was chosen. Karma is beautiful isn't she?

Freddy picked the girl who he knew everyone was ready to go home…he was actually starting to feel sorry for her.

Paul picked with a sad heart. That loss was kinda brutal…even if she did deserve it.

Adaliah didn't have to vote; not that it mattered anyway.

The contestants gave Blaise their tablets and he tallied them up. Giving it to Marsha, she sighed as she began to speak.

"I'm sorry to say, but Angel, it's time to for you to leave."

Angel, for the first time, allowed her tear to fall. She balled up her fist.

"It's not fair! I was supposed to win! Alice wasn't supposed to come back!" she gets to her knees, "I wasn't supposed to be alone…"

Marsha kneels down to her, "Darling, you're not alone. A little bird told me that this could happen,"

"More like a vulture," mutters Blaise.

Marsha glares, "And they wanted to be here to comfort you as you leave." A figure came walking back up to the group; it was Damien. He came up smirking, "I guess I came back just in time didn't I sweetheart?" he bends down to wipe the tears off of Angel's face. Angel laughs through her sobs and throws herself into his arms. He lifts her bridal style and nods at the host and her friend. He then turns daggers towards Alice.

"You won't be here for long," he hisses. Alice only smirks.

"You won't stop me," she retorts. Now it's his turn to smirk. He then looks to Adaliah and winks, causing her to sneer. He laughs and walks off.

"I'm taking her off your hands guys, I'll be back!" he says.

Marsha and Blaise sigh, "That he will," she states. She then turns to the others, "Whew! I know you guys are beat! Unfortunately, with the exception of Adaliah, you guys will be cooking. Since today has been brutal, it'll be breakfast instead." The teens release a breath in relief.

"So with that being said, let's board up! You're all going to need your sleep…trust me." Remarks Blaise. He heads towards the exit of the Colosseum where the jet resides with Marsha at his side; everyone else follows suit as the once clear blue sky dies down into a blend of red, gold, and purple hues.

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