Total Drama Paradise

Let's Meet

The sun is high in the sky; no clouds to disturb its beauty. A light breeze moves blonde and black hair alike. Marsha and Blaise stand close to the new jet, awaiting their new contestants. Marsha leans on Blaise's shoulder, examining her newly red painted nails. Mere minutes felt like hours to Marsha; she hated to wait.

"Will we have to wait long?"

"I'm not very sure, Marsh. Would you rather lounge in the private stateroom and I greet everyone?" he responds.

"Oh Blaise, you're the best friend a girl could ever ask for." Marsha kisses his cheek and heads into the jet, her white lace dress billowing behind her. Blaise smiles at her retreating figure and notices a spot from the corner of his eye. The first teen has arrived.
This first teen was a female. Her walk had an air of aristocracy to it. Her long golden blonde hair blew behind her as she strutted towards the jet; her icy blonde streaks glistens. As she was getting close, her outfit could be easily seen. She wore a black spaghetti strap under a white off-shoulder long sleeve t-shirt, a black and grey plaid mini skirt, and black knee-high high heeled boots on her feet. Her charm bracelet and locket shine in the bright sunlight. Her pace slowed as she approached the jet with slight interest. As her eyes swept across the luxurious jet, she spots Blaise. Her ocean blue eyes shone with appreciation looking at the blonde.

Blaise wore a grey long sleeved button-up shirt with a first few buttons unbuttoned. He also wore dark blue jeans and genuine Ralph Lauren shoes. He raised an eyebrow at the teen and cleared his throat.

"Ahem, I'm Blaise, friend to the host."

"I'm Angel, pleasure to meet the friend to the host." She replies nicely with her British accent flowing through her words. She smiles brightly at him; what better way to win than to get close to the friend to the host? Perfect connection to have.

"Please wait out here for the rest of the contestants to arrive. No one steps into the jet without the host's permission." Angel squints her eyes at him; since when does Chris ever miss an introduction? Wanting to view him from pleasurable distance, she walks over to the other side of Blaise and waits for everyone else to arrive. She doesn't have to wait long because she sees a male figure show up.

A tall tanned male walks up to Blaise and Angel. His DC logo t-shirt defined the toned muscles he had. He wore black jeans and black sandals on his feet. The breeze only defined his already messy hair. His round green eyes met grey and ocean blue ones. He smiles and holds out his hand towards Blaise.

"I'm James, James Black. I'm glad to be here!"

"Nice to meet you James, wait over here with Angel for the other contestants." replies Blaise. James nods and heads to stand beside Angel. Angel moves slightly away from him and smiles brightly at him. He smiles back and looks ahead to see another person show up. He doesn't notice the small smirk Angel has behind his back.

It's another male heading their way. His dark brown messy hair flows in the wind. Icy blue eyes shine with determination as he heads towards the group. The teen wore a black turtleneck, dark blue jeans, combat boots on his feet, and a silver watch on his left wrist. He looks at the other contestants and then back to Blaise, who holds his hand out.

"Blaise Jordan."

"Christopher Robin O'Dare. But please, call me Robin."

"Sure thing. Don't you think it's a little to be in a turtleneck?"

Robin scoffs but replies calmly, "One must dress the part of success." Blaise shrugs and says, "I hear ya, just wait with the rest of the contestants."

Robin quickly assesses Angel and James and gives them a small smile. Angel grins widely back and James gives him a nod. The three fall silent as they see the next contestant coming. This teen was quite scary looking.

She was a full 7'4 hourglass figure. Her hair was, or lack there of, shaved on the right side. The rest of her hair is swept to the left and hangs in front of her left eye and face. It reached down to her waist, but the most striking to her hair is the bright blue and purple streaked color. Dark purple eyes glared at the gang when she felt their stares to her scar over her left eye and nail-marked scars on her neck.

She wore a blue denim jacket covered with chains over a black tank top that exposes her midriff. She wore dark blue pants and a leg brace around her left ankle and an arm brace around her right arm. Looking more closely, the others see three piercings in her right ear. Angel smiled at her; but when the girl turned her way, she hissed, showing her forked-shaped tongue. Angel's smile falters, and she edges towards the boys. Blaise looks at the newcomer, hardly affected at all.

"I'm Blaise, and you are?"

"Adaliah" the tough looking girl hides the uneasy fact that Blaise wasn't scared of her. She doesn't need someone to try to get over on her.

"Let's wait on the rest of contestants shall we?"

"Sure." Adaliah stood away from everyone else and waited to see the rest of the contestants. They all didn't have to wait for long when the next contestant.

The next teen is a short one. She's only 4'11. Her caramel hair falls in big curls to her shoulder. Her wide chocolate brown eyes sweep over the rest of the contestants. She gives a small smile from her sweet full lips that shows her dimples. She wears a light pink spaghetti strapped summer dress with white flats. An open white cardigan is worn over dress. If it weren't for her features, her shape would give nothing away of her gender. The girl walks up to Blaise and smiles timidly.

"Hi sweetheart, I'm Blaise. What's your name?"

"I'm Samantha." she replies softly.

"Samantha, so nice to meet you darling," he replies with warmth in his eyes, "Just step over to the others and wait for the others."

Samantha walks towards the others. James and Robin smile at her. Adaliah glares slightly and quirks her lip up in a sneer. Angel gives her a toothy grin, she now has the perfect opportunity for another advantage.

"GREETINGS FELLOW CONTESTANTS! The sun has the most beautiful hue this lovely day," exclaims a new teen. This 5'9 figure was nothing if not original. He had on an open sleeveless green vest with a moss green sash. The graceful build of his body was shown through his exposed stomach and chest, catching the eyes of the girl contestants...most of them anyway. He wore white pants and ornate bands on his arms. Two decorative earrings can be shown in his left ear. His poignant and angular jawline was very similar to Blaise. The small tribal tattoos and small specs of color from paint could be seen easily on his face. A thick outcrop of tousled charcoal stood out with a hint of green streaks. It's held behind his ears in a Victorian ponytail, emphasizing the green streaks. He stops and stares wide-eyed in awe at one of the contestants.
He walks proudly in a graceful stride towards the contestant. He holds his hands towards her face and whispers, "Such beauty. Such misery hidden behind these purple eyes. Your person will be an amazing creation."
Adaliah looks at him with a glare. On the inside she craps bricks. How could anyone see that? Especially him. She backs away from him and glares towards the ground. The teen turns slowly away from Adaliah and looks towards Blaise.

"I'm Yuan Apaec. A pleasure to be a part of this voyage."

"Blaise, pleasure is mine. Let's wait for the rest of the people shall we?" Yuan nods swiftly and swiftly strides towards the back of the group, basking in the ambiance of such pleasant muses.

The next figure to show looked at the jet with arguments in head. Is he really here for just the money? So many valuables could just be in the bathroom! With his mind set on doing what he has to do just for the money at the end of this thing, he strides forward with a black duffle bag in his right hand. His skin is dark brown; a short black buzzcut. Pecan shaped dark brown eyes look at every single person already here, stopping at the blonde with icy blonde streaks. He plants his signature sly smirk on his face and walks up to her.

"Hey sweetheart, I'm Jacque." Angel looks him up and down. Jacque is wearing a dark grey t-shirt, black sweatpants, and red sneakers. She looks back into his piercing gaze and smiles.

"What's in the bag?"

"Nothing special, just sweet dreams." Angel giggles at him, hiding her annoyance. He'll have her eating out of the palm of his hands...if only he knew. Blaise clears his throat and glances back to see the next person show up.

The teen shows up riding a skateboard. The teen yells will excitement as he does small flips towards the jet. His striking leaf green eyes shine with excitement as the breeze blows his aqua hair. His green hood billows in the wind over his white undershirt. He wears purple shorts and green converse shoes on his feet. He zig-zags closer to the contestants and shifts the board sideways, stopping it to a halt. He grins at everybody and looks to Blaise.

"What's up! I'm Cole, this is going to be epic!" Cole looks around and notices a difference between their distance from Blaise. "Um, are you a new host?"
"Nah, the host is in the jet."
Cole rubs his aqua goatee and smirks, "Chris does like to make an entrance. Weird, he's usually cheap." Blaise turns up his nose and snorts.
"Wow! You guys look amazing!" The next teen exclaims. This teen is a 5'8 lean male. He has light brown shaggy hair, sparkling green eyes, and a kind face. He smiles, despite his scar over his left eyebrow. He's wearing a red hoodie unzipped to show a green t-shirt with the orange Pac-Man ghost on the front. Jeans hugged his hips and orange sneakers with green laces were on his feet. A navy blue beanie was on top of his head. Blaise looks at him with an amused smile.

"I take it that you're Ronny."

"Yes sir!" Ronny mockingly salutes. Blaise laughs, "Head over there Ronny, we're halfway there." Ronny heads over to the others. Soon, the next person comes up.
A rather short male figure comes up to the group. The teen had medium, beach blonde hair that brightened up in the sun. He's wearing a red and black tank top with blue jeans and orange high tops with blue laces. Once he was close enough, his freckles on his nose could be clearly seen. He approaches Blaise and gives a small smile.

"Hey there, I'm Paul! This is going to be awesome!"

Blaise chuckles, "Nice to meet you Paul. Head over with the rest of the group." Paul heads over to Ronny and the two engage into conversation. Then the next contestant shows up.

A pale skinned girl approaches the group. The girl's jet black hair blows in the wind. Her white swooped bang blows over her face, obscuring one of her bluish silver eyes. She's wearing a black t-shirt, washed up jeans, purple sneakers, and black fingerless gloves. The wind blows again, revealing her long, deep scar over her right eye. Blaise looks at her with a bit a sadness in his eyes. He meets her halfway and hugs her, earning her bewildered, jealous, and nonchalant glances.

"Tori, did you make it all right?"

"Just fine Blaise. Just fine, " she replies softly. Blaise wasn't anywhere close to showing favorites, but this girl would allow him to at least give her a hug. "Just head over to those two fellows over there and you'll be fine." He points towards Ronny and Paul.

Tori quietly walks to them and speaks softly, "Hi."

Paul looked at her with curiosity and a small admiration; he knew he was going to make her his friend no matter what. He looked to Ronny and Ronny nods in understanding. Angel looks at the exchange and frowns slightly, she doesn't like this. Jacque and Robin could care less, Yuan sees a perfect opportunity for a conflict, and Samantha and James watch the next contestant come through.

A lean, tall teen awkwardly walks to the group. His dark brown hair and ears stick out the most on his body. He's wearing a long-sleeved grey shirt, a maroon woolen vest, and khaki cargo pants with numerous zippers. He stops towards Blaise and pushes his silver glasses over his big dark blue eyes.

"Hello there sir, I'm Zacharias Sophie Smith. Pleased to meet your acquaintance." He holds his hand out to Blaise, who takes it.

"Blaise, the pleasure is mine. Please make yourself comfortable with the rest of the oh so wonderful contestants."

"Thank you for your magnanimous help." He then walks to the rest of the group. He would have made it to his intended spot if it weren't for a foot to sticking out in his way. He falls flat on his face. The culprit laughed out loud.

"Watch your step next time dude!" laughed Cole. Robin and James help Zacharias up and try to dust off his clothes. He had a cut on his nose. Cole see's the cut and immediately regrets his joke, it's not like he really meant it.

"Woah, dude, I'm really sorry. I was just making a j-"

"I think you've done enough for right now, yeah?" Blaise asks. Cole looks down then looks back to Zacharias. "If it makes it better, I like the name."

Zacharias gives a small smile, "No problem, and yes, it does makes up for reconciliation." Yuan adored the conflict, it would make an amazing piece: Jokes of Reconciliation. Yuan doesn't get to ponder much on it because the next person showed up.

The 5'8 teen walks with a pep in her step. She has long, black, and wavy hair blowing with the wind. Her high cheekbones define her bright smile as she waves excitedly at everyone. She is wearing a Pikachu hoodie over a red flannel shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, and black converse hightops. A scar could be seen on her arm. She walks up to Blaise and asks a plethora of questions.

"I'm Naomi. I'm a love games. What's your favorite game? Have you seen a previous show? How's it to be a host? Where'd this jet come from? I thought Chris's jet blew up? Am I the last one here? What about-" Blaise covers her mouth. Her voice was muffled by his hand and glares at him.

"Slow down there little darling. Catch your breath. Will you go slower?" She nods with his hand still covering his mouth. He slowly moves it and she takes a deep breath.

"I'm just glad to be here! It's going to be some an adventure."

"It sure will. You can wait for the rest of the contestants and talk someone else's ear off." Naomi huffs and walks to the rest of the group.

"Nice hoodie," remarks Ronny.

"Thanks! I got it..." Naomi goes into the story of how she got her hoodie and why she chose Pikachu. Blaise sees this and shakes his head.

"Marsh better be glad I love her," he mutters as yet another contestant shows up.

Another 5'8 male walks up to the scene. He's a brunette with hair short in the back, longer in the front, and gelled up. His blue eyes shone with excitement as he approached the group. He wore a Foxy styled sweatshirt, black jeans, yellow and purple shoes, a black top hat, and a Chica bib that says "let's eat."
He walks with a laid back stride and walks up to Blaise.

"Hello, I'm Freddy!"

"Hey there Freddy, I'm Blaise. Join the rest of the people over there and wait for the last of the contestants. Freddy nods and heads over to the Pikachu hoodie and the other brunette.

"I'm Freddy!"

"I'm Naomi!"


Freddy smiles, "You guys look like a couple of gamers, ever heard of Five Nights at Freddy's?" Ronny looks confused but seemed very interested, but Naomi gasps.

"I LOOOOVE THAT GAME!" and the two engage into the subject of FNaF with Ronny listening in, deeply interested. Soon another contestant shows up.

A rusty peach tanned female shows up on the scene. Her wheat blonde hair is in a semi-high wavy ponytail that reaches her upper back. Her thick bangs cover her forehead that frames her round face and almond-shaped olive green eyes. Her full, smiling tan lips emphasize her freckled nose. She's wearing a sleeveless red and blue plaid flannel shirt with a white wife beater underneath tucked into blue denim shorts and mahogany cowboy boots. She looks at the big jet behind everyone and her eyes widen with anticipation and admiration.

"Wowwee! I ain't never seen a plane this big before! Momma always said a big plane brings big chances!"

Blaise walked up to the girl. "Howdy sweetheart, what's your name?"

"I'm Tonya Jane Peterson! But you can call me TJ." She holds a hand out to him. He accepts it gratefully.

"Nice to meet you TJ. There's a few more contestants to meet; so make yourself comfortable."

"I don't know how I'm gonna do it at this place but I'm gonna try!" She walked determinedly to the rest of the contestants.

"Petunia would be so proud of me!" She walked up to Adaliah and greeted her. Adaliah sneered and TJ frowned at her. She turned back to look just in time to see another contestant to arrive.

A 6'0 female walks timidly towards everyone. Her long, raven black hair falls back to her waist. Her olive green eyes were filled with resistance as she moved to the contestants. She wore a white tee-shirt with a black skull and cross bones on it, a black leather jacket, a black and grey plaid mini-skirt, black fingerless gloves, black knee-high high-heeled rocker boots and a silver necklace with the omega symbol on it. She looks up to Blaise's grey eyes and feels a sense of security.

"I'm Alice, are you the host?"

"Nice to meet you, I'm Blaise. And no, I'm not. The host is in the jet."

"Oh...ok." Alice walks to the end of the group, making sure she stands away from everyone else. Angel looks at her with a small smile, but Alice doesn't return it. Angel frowns at this and watches for the next contestant...again.

This 5'5 diva walked with confidence. Her graceful stride showed she was a dancer. If that didn't, her outfit sure would. She wore a regular pink ballet outfit complete with the pink tutu and tights. She wore pink flats as well. Her icy blonde hair was placed in a tight bun. As she came closer, the sparkles on her tiny nose could be clearly seen on her pale skin. Her icy blue eyes peered at her fellow competition...very interesting. She will be winning this competition; she hasn't won her ballet competitions and made lead in her recitals for nothing! She sees Blaise and greets him with a winning smile.

"I'm Sabrina Lilac, pleasure."

"Blaise Jordan, pleasure is mine." Sabrina giggles and twirls her tutu, and her entire outfit appeared to be the color purple. Some of the contestants looked impressed, Jacque and Yuan however, were not. Her attention was short lived when a voice could be heard in the distance.

"I HATE WALKING! Can a girl get some help around here?!" The final contestant pulled everyone's attention. The teen could be seen carry a various number a bags and looked a little tired. Her long black hair was pulled in a high ponytail. Her dark green eyes glared at the contestants as they watched her with amusement. Her olive tanned skin glistened with light sweat. She wore a white of-shoulder 'Little Miss Sunshine' shirt, with a bright hot pink bra which can be seen through it, tight fitting light blue denim jeans, white converse and a lot of real and fake gold bling- especially gold hoops. She kept walking far enough to see Blaise. And she dropped her stuff and walked slowly towards him. As she did, she looked at him from head to toe; and she was thoroughly impressed. She approached him and daintily handed him her hand.

"Hello there," she purred, "I'm Laura" she giggles. Blaise inwardly rolls his eyes and replies, "Blaise. You're the very last contestant; welcome to the show."

"Ooooh good! I don't have to wait anymore. So PLEASE tell me you are the host!"

Just then while stretching her arms, Marsha walks out of the jet and says, "Blaise dear, have the- oh! You're all here!" Everyone turned to Marsha. Some eyes turned to her in shock, some looked at her in lust, and others looked at her with envy.

"Please tell me you're NOT the host!" screams Laura.

Marsha laughs and replies, "Sorry to disappoint you darling, but I am. And this," wrapping her arm around Blaise, "Is MINE!"

Blaise smiles at Marsha and kisses her forehead. Laura huffs and joins the others. Then Marsha turns to the whole group. "I know you guys were expecting Chris, but he's not the host; I am. So board up! and let's get on with the show! I have some things we're going to clear as we board, but I want to make this one thing VERY clear: I. Am. Not. Chris." And with that, Marsha grabs Blaise's hand and leads him in the jet. Everyone else looks as the two board. Marsha looks back out the door.

"What are y'all waiting for? Come on!" and everyone gathers their luggage, and begin to board the jet. As Marsha looks out the window to see the last competitor come up the steps, the jet door begins to close.

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