Total Drama Paradise

Qui Qui Disney!

The contestants all looked at the inside of the jet with amazement. The soft cream carpet floors were all neat and clean. There was an actual beige couch with ornate olive green pillows in each corner; white silk pillows behind them. A brown quilt lied casually in the middle of the couch. In the middle of the couch, sleek olive green seat buckles could be seen. Two mini-fridges could be seen in the jet.

Across from the couch were two caramel leather seats; each arm consists of two cup-holders. Posted in the middle of the seats was a dining table, decorated with white fine china plates and polished silver utensils; all under olive green table cloths. Fresh, yellow tulips stood erect in a vase close to the windows.

Jacque eyed the silver and fine china. He mentally slapped himself, 'I'm here for the millions. I can get this afterwards.'

The group walk through to the corridor to see more caramel leather seats; dining tables with china and silver in between each pair of seats. Fresh orchids are in the floral vases instead of the yellow tulips. The walls are painted a smooth cream, storage doors between each space. All eyes roamed the room until they stopped at Marsha and Blaise. Blaise leaned calmly over the cockpit's doorframe; Marsha sat at the first leather seat, crossing her right leg over her left. She rocked her white leather stiletto heel as she stared at the contestants. She waved a hand to Blaise, and he left inside the cockpit. Beside the cockpit was another room; it seemed to have a bedroom suite inside. Marsha closed the door and looked back to the contestants.

"Hello my dears! I know you were probably hoping..and dreading that Chris was going to greet you." Some heads nodded, while others merely shrugged their shoulders.

"Well, he's not! You're actually getting a better deal here."

"Oh yea? Why's that, huh!?" Laura asked, her ego still sore from earlier.

"Because I'm his sister, duh! And I don't do gross and disgusting." she replies.

Laura huffs and crosses her arms, looking cross.

"Does anyone else have anything to say? No? Good." She stands and walks to them. "I'm Marsha, and now, as you know I'm Chris's younger sister. My brother always was a cocky son of a gun and tried to out-do me in everything. Our parents died, leaving us with trillions of money. Chris wanted to be cheap, but arrogant in his own way and decided to host Total Drama. You see how that went." She snorts, "So I want to give it a try. And unlike my brother," she gestures around the jet, "I like to splurge."

"How much is...all of this exactly?" Angel asks.

Marsha waves her hand in a nonchalant manner, "Don't know, don't care. I have the money for it." Angel accepts her answer, she knows about having the lavish things.

"Now back to what I was saying; I like to splurge. So I decided to splurge on you all; and rub it in my big brother's face of course! So I welcome you all to Total Drama Paradise."

"If Chris is your brother, who is Blaise?" asked Paul.

Marsha laughs and replies, "Blaise is my very close friend. I've known him since we were in middle school. He's had my back, and I have his. Yeah, sometimes he's like my boyfriend, but we haven't gone that far. I love him to death and I'm glad to have him in my life."

"Awww! I know I have a very special place in your heart, as you do in mine." Blaise placed a hand on his heart and sighs happily. Marsha swats at him and laughs, "Oh stop it you! I need to get these introductions over with!" He laughs and holds his hands up in mock surrender. "Lead the way ma'am."

"Alright! So you guys know me. Let me see if I know you guys." She edges closer to them. She looks to Cole. Brown eyes meet green. She gives him an easy smile and he gulps nervously. "You're Cole, I'd recognize that aqua anywhere." He chuckles nervously, rubbing the back of his aqua hair. Marsha moves on to the next person. Tori looked down when Marsha approached. Marsha gently grabbed her chin and lifted her face to stare her in the eye.

"Tori sweetie, never let your tiara fall." Tori, grateful, gives her a small smile. Sabrina, however, didn't like that one bit. She's the only princess around here! Let the others drop their plastic crowns! Marsha moves on to the dark-skinned con artist. She smiles and reaches to rub his buzzcut, but he grabs her wrist halfway. He glares at her, "I really don't like to be touched," and he releases her hand.

Marsha raises an eyebrow and says, "Understood. And I'll take it that you're Jacque." He nods and puts a smirk on his face. She rolls her eyes and moves on to the next one. Before she could say a word, the jet begins to move. "Ah, I guess we're getting a move on then. I will get to the rest of you soon; but for now, I'll get down to teams and my rules."

"Your rules?" asked Sabrina.

"Yes, MY rules. So! Your teams are the Iced Diamonds and the Burning Rubies." everyone perked up at the names; nothing embarrassing this season!

"Everyone will pick their seat for the first destination. Under each seat has a briefcase. Each case has the team's jewel inside. It will be yours to keep, and yes, it's very much real." Eyes widened at the statement; this show is getting even better before they even start!

"Now for each challenge, of course, there'll be a winner and loser. Instead of the losers, being part of an 'economy class', they'll still be in luxury. The catch, they'll be catering to the winners for the night." She whistles and Blaise rolls a cart towards them. "I've ordered personalized uniforms based off the weights and heights I was given in every application. So everybody has their own uniform; plus, they have nametags, so don't think you'll get away with not wearing it. "

The uniforms consist of an ironed white collared shirt, grey slacks or skirt, and black polished loafers. Each one had a personalized name on it, one of each contestant. Zacharias raised his hand swiftly and asks, "What about eliminations? Will we be exerted out of the door like in your older sibling's season?"

"Yes, there's still eliminations. But instead of being pushed out of the door, we give each ceremony before liftoff. So that way, my people can escort you home in a first class plane. You will gone, but you'll have had a good time and will be leaving hopefully on a good note. Sadly, you won't be leaving with the 1.5 million dollars." She does a sad dramatic gesture, but straightens up. "Any questions?" One hand raises up.

"Where's our first destination?" asks Robin.

"That, my dear, is the City of Lights! Now take a seat, and grab the briefcase under it." Everyone runs to pick a seat and reach for the briefcase underneath it. Cole, Alice, Paul, Robin, Laura, Jacque, Ronny, Sabrina, and Naomi all opened up a briefcase with a diamond inside.

Cole fist pumped his diamond in the air.

Alice stared at the diamond, staring at its beauty.

Paul was joyous with his pick, diamonds are awesome!

Robin stared intently at the diamond. Diamonds are similar to being at the top of things; and he would make it to the top.

Laura looked at her diamond, diamonds are her best friend.

Jacque slipped his diamond in his duffle bag, he liked this new host.

Ronny watched his diamond in the light; he loved the different lights that could be seen through it, like a prism!

Sabrina grinned big at her diamond; she loved it!

Naomi squealed with delight over her diamond. It reminded her of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl!

Yuan, Freddy, Angel, Tori, Samantha, TJ, Adaliah, James, and Zacharais found rubies in their briefcases.

Yuan loved the ruby; rubies are different and vibrant.

Freddy liked his ruby, the color reminded him of Freddy's eyes in the security camera.

Angel was slightly disappointed about finding a ruby. She prefers diamonds, but a jewel is a jewel.

Tori stared at her ruby; it truly is extraordinary.

Samantha looked at her ruby with interest; it truly was a work of art.

TJ was giddy holding her ruby. Reminded her of her chicken's feathers back home; and they were some lil devils!

Adaliah eyed her ruby, it reminded her of blood.

James was honored by picking the ruby. Rubies are meant to be the stones of love, and they have healing properties.

Zacharias was fascinated by the valuable variety of mineral corundum, the scientific discovery behind it was very intriguing.

Marsha claps happily, "So we have our teams! And make you guys get along, you're gonna need it for this challenge!"

"How long is this going to take to Paris?" asks Blaise. He could be seen lounging at an empty seat, messing with his hair. Sabrina, Laura, and Angel stared appreciatively.

"Not long, everyone can relax and settle in because we won't be in Paris until tomorrow. So if you need anything, just knock on the door. Oh! before I forget, the confessional is, as usual, in the bathroom. Until tomorrow dearies!"

Marsha heads into the closed door beside the cockpit. Blaise faces the contestants with a small, bows, and turns on his heels to the room Marsha went in.

"So what do you think they're doing in there?" inquired Laura.

"It's none of your business, so drop it," replied Adaliah.

"No one asked you!" She retorts

"You asked everyone you twit!" Adaliah exclaims, standing up. Laura gets up as well, not one to run from a fight.

"WOAH WOAH WOAH! Keep the peace! This is the first night here, just keep your cool!" reasons James. Ronny looks at him curiously, "You have quite the projected voice, but you were quiet this whole time?"

"Sorta, I have an inner peace with myself. I learned when to and when not to project my voice."

"That's a nice asset to have."

"Thanks," he gives a small smile and looks back at Adaliah and Laura, "So are you guys good now?"

Adaliah glares at Laura with malice; Laura sends Adaliah a murderous stare.

They both reply at the same time, "Yeah."

James smiles, "Good! So we can have a pleasant evening."

"Why break up the conflict? It created such a glorious masterpiece!" demands Yuan. He scoffs and says, "I shouldn't be so surprised. People with such low class don't understand the arts."

"Excuse me?"

"Is your hearing impaired? I shouldn't have to repeat myself."

"I don't have time for your foolishness. I'm going to put my things in my storage and settle in." James grabs his luggage and heads down the aisle.

"My foolishness?! Who do you think you are?" he demands.

James turns his head over his shoulder and replies, "James Black." and he disappears behind the doorway. Yuan looked back at the spot where James stood and turned his nose up in the air, "Simpleton."

Jacque reclined his feet into the seat and watches everyone, he doesn't socialize much; he cons people. And he's not about to start buddying up with anybody anytime soon. Besides, he'll save his socializing to persuading everyone to do things his way. He scans the other teens and catches Angel's eye. He smirks sends her a sly wink, making her turn his head from him.

Naomi sat across from Feddy, who was reading a book.

"Whatcha reading? It looks good. It has a nice design. Is it-"

"It's part of Vampire Knight series."

"Cool! Can I read it with you? I promise I will be quiet. Please please-"

"Of course you can! And we can finish our discussion of Five Nights at Freddy's" he grins.

"Sounds like a plan!" Naomi goes to the other side where Freddy was sitting and sits on the arm of the chair. She leans on his shoulder slightly, getting a better view of the story."

Zacharias is sitting across from TJ, who looks interested. "So the history behind the jet invention is still perplexing to me. I mean, I understand the whole concept of their uses, but I don't firmly believe that our resources were in completely plentiful."

TJ looked at him with her chin on her fists, "Gosh, I don't know half of the words you just said in that sentence, but it sho was interesting!"

"How can you not comprehend my explanation? I simply explained the history of jets..." He goes back into his explanation. TJ just looks at him, smiling and nodding when necessary. She just liked listening to him.

Tori is sitting on the couch in the back, tucked under the brown quilt. She bobs her head softly, humming a song to herself when she sees a figure walking towards her. The blond locks of Paul could seen. He sits at the end of the couch, careful not to sit on her feet.

"First night here huh?"

"Yea, the couch is comfortable at least."

"Yeah, definitely. I love this interior.!"

"I prefer a more darker color."

"Ohhh," Paul scratches his head, "I know you may want to be alone and all, but I was hoping that I could sit with you."

Tori hesitates, but manages to say, "Sure, that's fine with me."

Paul smiles brightly and says, "Cool!" The two sit in silence, comfortable with each other.

Sabrina sits indian style on her seat; her eyes closed as if she was meditating. Like she would really get to know these half-wits! She is at the top of her game! None of these people could ever come close to what she has achieved. She must think happy thoughts as she anticipates heading to Paris. The possibilities were endless!

Alice sat alone, her arms perched on the dining table. She looked out the window, watching the clouds and the land below her. She wonders how she got into this mess; she didn't even want to be here. She subconsciously rubbed her faded scars; contemplating should she cut tonight. She didn't notice that someone sat down in front of her. The person looked at her with concern, she didn't notice that she was showing her scars to the person.

"Ahem" she looks up startled "Are you ok?"

She hid her surprise and smiled slightly, "I'm fine. Thank you Robin."

"I couldn't help but notice the scars on your arm" she took her arms off the table folded them in her lap.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"But I saw-"

"It's nothing!" She snapped. Robin looks at her with such intensity, she fell back a little.

"It may not seem like it, but you can trust me." He gets up and places a hand on her shoulder. She tenses up and he quickly removes his hand. He looks at her and says, "I'm here if you want to talk." And he walks away.

Cole was relaxed in his leather seat. He had his headphones in, loving the time he had with his music. He had his eyes closed, bobbing his head to the beat. He opened his eyes to see Laura. She turned his way and he waggled his eyebrows at her. She scoffed in disgust and turned away, heading to the bathroom to change. He then turns his attention to Samantha. He catches her attention and gives her a big grin. She blushed and looked away. She looked back, only to see him still staring at her. Not much for attention, she turned away again.

Everyone were starting to turn in as the colors of the sky turned dark. The main thing on their mind was what Paris would bring them tomorrow.

Marsha lied in bed, watching as Blaise set his blanket and pillow on the chair.

"You sure you don't want to share? I'm not going to bite ya know," she jokes.

"I know Marsh, but I will."

"Haha! Very funny Blaise. Come on, I'm not about to let you sleep in the chair."


"Pleeeeeaaaase!" She gives him wide puppy eyes. He looks at her, sighs, and caves in.

"Fine, but only because I wouldn't fit in the chair." He grabs his blanket and pillow and set them on the bed. He climbs in and lays on his side. Marsha smiles and turns her back towards his.

"Do you think the challenge is going to go good tomorrow?"

Blaise opens up his eyes, "Of course, a brilliant mind made it up. And that brilliant mind made it happen." He couldn't see it, but he knew she smiled.

"Thank you Blaise, goodnight."

"Goodnight sweetheart Marsh."

"Don't call me that."

He chuckled and closed his eyes once more.

The contestants awoke to see the sky clear and blue; they were entering Paris. Out the window, the gentle River Seine rambles through the city, flanked by stately museums, centuries-old churches, and blocks of Rococo- and Neoclassic-design architecture, further enhanced by charming trees and glowing streetlamps. Peppering the Seine's cobbled walks and graceful bridges are impossibly chic Parisians, probably on their way to the market, cafe or cinema.

Most of them looked out their windows with amazement and complete interest; the City of Lights was a sight! They continued to fly over Paris, passing the Eiffel Tower. The jet begins to slow in a fluid motion. Everyone groans at the sudden impact to their stomach; quite nauseating. Sooner than they thought, they felt a landing. The contestants look out the windows to see the Parisians walking casually down the walks and bridges. But their main sight was right in front of them.

It was an overwhelming building, 128 meters long (420 ft) with two 69 meter tall towers (226 ft). The spire over the crossing reaches 90 meters (295 ft). The building has several large rose windows, the northern thirteenth-century window is the most impressive. The massive window has a diameter of 13.1 meters. Up top of the gothic architecture were gargoyles and grotesques. It truly was an amazing site.

Zacharias rubbed his glasses and put them back on, "Are we at-"

Robin and Ronny had the same idea, "Notre Dame Cathedral," they all said at one.

"That's right dearies! We're at the famous Notre Dame Cathedral!" Marsha exclaimed, surprising everyone since she was behind the group. "To start your challenge, each person has a costume in the back storage with their name on it. Before you guys complain on what you have, everything was completely fair; meaning we drew names at random for each team. So get dressed and meet me and Blaise in the Cathedral in 30 minutes!" She leaves back into the stateroom and comes back out with a black bag in her hand. With Blaise in tow, the two exit out of the jet and over to the Cathedral.

"Can she even park here?" asked Paul

Cole shrugged, "Who cares? We're in Paris, France!" Paul accepted that answer. One by one, the teens came out from the storage with a costume bag with their name on it; no one knew what was inside.

On the team of Ice Diamonds: Alice, Jacque, Ronny, and Sabrina were dressed in brown tights, a forest green and torn t-shirt, and tan boots. Cole, Paul, Robin, and Naomi were dressed in purple and black cloaks, black tights, and black boots. Laura was dressed in a lavender gypsy skirt, a green and yellow corset, a white off-shoulder shirt, and she was barefoot with a gold hoop around her ankle.

On the team of Burning Rubies: Yuan, Angel, Zacharias, and TJ were dressed in tan tights, a black and torn t-shirt, and brown boots. Freddy, Tori, James, and Adaliah were dressed in gold and black cloaks, black tights, and black boots. Samantha was dressed in a lavender gypsy skirt, a green and yellow corset, a white off-shoulder shirt, and she was barefoot with a gold hoop around her ankle.

Everyone looked at each other with confusion. Only a few made a small connection to their outfits and their location; who doesn't like Disney? So the teams head out of the jet, which automatically closed when the last person stepped off. They took in as much of Paris as they could get while they walked into the Cathedral. Down the isle, they see Marsha and Blaise.

Marsha was dressed in a white off-shoulder crop top that shows her toned midriff, a blue gypsy skirt that hugged her hips snugly, gold trinkets and hoops covered her arms. She was barefoot with a gold hoop around the ankle. Her hair was in soft, wavy curls and her lips were the color of scarlet red. She stood with her hip cocked to the side; her hand on her hip.

Blaise was dressed in a black torn t-shirt that defined and showed off some of his muscles, brown tights and black boots. His hair was tied in a low ponytail. He stood in a tall, regal manner.

"I see you all found your outfits! I know it's different, but some of you may have already made the connection to our theme!"

"Get to the point Marsh, I want to be out of this as soon as possible," complained Blaise.

"Such a sore sport. Anyway, as you can see, each team only has one gypsy. She's your team's "Esmeralda". The players in cloaks are the "Claude Frollo" of the team; your job is to find the other team's Esmeralda, kidnap her, and bring her back to your side. The players in torn t-shirts are the team's "Quasimodo"; your job is to protect your Esmeralda from being captured. The first team to successfully capture and bring back the other "Esmeralda" wins. I will be watching for Iced Diamonds and Blaise will watch for Burning Rubies."

Blaise steps up beside Marsha and says, "I will escort the Burning Rubies to their safe zone; Marsh will escort the Iced Diamonds. You won't know where the other team is. It will be you job to find out. Basically, it's the Disney version of capture the flag. Except your flag is a girl. Any questions?"

A few hands shot up. "How were these outfits distributed? If we're basing this off of certain qualities and factors of each player, doesn't this seem a little off?" asked Ronny. Laura glared slightly at Ronny; what is thatsupposed to mean? She is the perfect choice to be Esmeralda! She has the body and the personality; not these other simple chicks!

"Actually, to be fair, we drew out of a hat; I mentioned it earlier before leaving the jet."

"How is it that we can roam the Cathedral? I know for a fact that they have specific times for visitation." asked Robin.

"Blaise called in a favor from one of the tour guides, saved her poodle once." Blaise muttered something incoherently under his mouth.

"Why are you dressed up? You're not playing are you?" inquired Sabrina.

Marsha raised an eyebrow slightly, "No, I like to dress the part and be involved with the challenges. My brother did it; so I can too."

"Do we have to participate?" asked Tori. She really didn't want to do this.

"I'm sorry sweetie, everyone must participate." Tori looked slightly disappointed, but she nodded nonetheless.

"Any more questions? No? Good! Iced Diamonds come with me and Burning Rubies go with Blaise."

The Iced Diamonds heading in the opposite direction of the Burning Rubies. They walk through the rows of the Cathedral, heading to a doorway of a spiral of stairs. They travel up the steps, following Marsha, at a very brisk pace. The dark and dreary stone steps were in a narrow passageway, making the team follow in a single file line; Robin at the front and Alice in the back. It felt like forever climbing up the steps, until they finally reached to the top. Everyone walked through the doorway and were greeted wit an amazing site. The walkway entrance connecting to the tower gave a view of the city. All the buildings, foliage, and bridges surround the Eiffel Tower in the daylight.

"Come on dearies! Your fortress in the North Tower awaits!" ushers Marsha.

Robin leads the group into the North Tower, looking at the intricate framework surrounding the tower's bell. He looks towards Marsha and Marsha nods; he gets to take the lead, finally! Marsha watches as Robin begins to talk.

"Alright you guys, here's the plan. Alice, I know you don't really want to do this so it's a good thing you're a Quasimodo; so you'll be our lookout. Watch at the open spaces and signal if you see something suspicious. Jacque, interact at least once, and form a signal with Alice. If she gives it to you, make a hideout for Laura. Sabrina, this is your time to shine; if Jacque has to hide Laura, you'll try to pass yourself off as Esmeralda. Ronny, just in case that doesn't work, I'll need someone with a unique eye to set up some traps to lead them away. As long as nothing destroys the tower." The "Quasimodo" group nod and set out to work.

"Is there a certain way you want to signal?" Alice asks quietly.

Jacque shrugs, "Signal with one finger, then two, and close it with a fist. Do it with your hand behind your back where only I can see it."

"Alright, thanks." She nods at him.

"Anytime sweetheart," he smirks and winks at her. She blushes and goes to position.

"Naomi, think of our expedition as a night at Freddy's. You had to avoid the animatronics looking at the security cams, right?" She nods excited, "So while we go look for the other team, watch out for any movement surrounding us from behind."

"Yes sir!" She salutes in a patriotic manner. He smiles back at her.

"Cole and Paul, you guys will be in the middle. While I lead us to find their spot, you two will do the sneaking in and taking her." They high-five and say, "Yeah!"

Robin smiles at his team, "Iced Diamonds, we will be winning this challenge if it's the last thing I do. We can do this!" And everyone sets out in motion. Marsha stops the "Claude Frollo" part of the team.

"Let me make the call to Blaise, and then you can begin." Marsha takes out her Galaxy s5 and dials a number.

"They ready?"

"Yupp" she says popping the "p", "They're good to go."

"Alright, I'll give them the go." Blaise hangs up his iPhone 6. He blows out a a huge breath as he turns back to the Burning Rubies. He had to listen to Zacharias and Freddy go on and on...and on about Notre Dame and it's history. TJ would always add in her input, making Zacharias go into a whole other tidbit. Yuan marveled in the Cathedral's beauty and continued to claim his love for the arts and Gothic architecture. Tori stuck in the very back, trying to cut herself off from the others. Angel tried to talk to her and get her to like her, but her plan didn't really work so well. James tried to strike a conversation with Adaliah, only to shift away from her forked tongue hissing at her. Samantha looked around the dreary place, thinking of the dark scary night. She didn't like those kind of places. The team had finally made it to their destination: The South Bell Tower; and now they're to this moment.

Blaise rubbed his temple, he and Marsha switching teams next time! Blaise looks at the Burning Rubies.

"So the Iced Diamonds are ready. Whenever you guys are ready, you may begin."

Yuan decided that this was his time to step up.

"Listen up. We're going to do this the right way; which is my way. Angel, Zacharias, and TJ you simpletons will be guarding Samantha while I keep watch." The three nod at him. Angel is smiling, but on the inside she was seething. How dare he!

"Freddy and James, you two will take one of the girls with you. James and whoever you pick, you will go to search for the hideout. Freddy and whoever you choose, you will be the ones to kidnap." Freddy shrugs and picks Tori. Tori smiles timidly and walk over to Adaliah and James. Adaliah sneers and glares at everyone.

"Samantha, for God's sake, just don't get caught!" Samantha nods timidly and holds back any emotion; she will NOT break down in front of them. Adaliah's purple eyes turn to slits.

"Don't yell at her, you *hiss*," hisses Adaliah. Yuan turns to the suffering beauty and bows, "Such treasures should be valued. I shall follow through with your request." Adaliah raised an eyebrow; her face stoic.

"So any final questions or requests? No? So let's get a move on people!" and everyone set out to do their jobs.

The Iced Diamonds were doing their job, and doing it very well. Naomi strategically walked backwards in the group of four, watching every turn. No move will get past her vision. Robin led the way quickly and quietly. He listened in every nook and cranny, waiting for a sound. Paul and Cole walked along quietly, poised for grabbing.

Back in the North Tower, Alice was looking for movement. Jacque was laid back, but was still watching Alice. She didn't look that bad to his eyes; the long hair, the body size. Her height wasn't bad either. She had a barrier; he could see that. And he'll make it a game to break it.

Sabrina stood by herself, practicing to be replaced in Laura's spot. Ronny was leaning casually on a framework, he was confident the others wouldn't find them. Laura sat perched by the bell, examining her nails.

Alice points one finger, then two, and closes a fist behind her back. Jacque sees it and immediately goes to Laura, covers her mouth when she chose to be loud, and hides her in one of Ronny's invented nooks. Sabrina moves to Laura's place, adjusting the little clothes she had on to look like a gypsy. Everyone else move out of sight; their plan was working.

Burning Rubies had made it to the tower...but Iced Diamonds were at their tower as well.

Angel, Zacharias, TJ were waiting patiently for any sign to act. Yuan was supposed to be keeping watch, but was slightly distracted by the tower's framework and bell.

The three, not having anything else to do, decided to engage into conversation. The three actually were getting along; Angel now satisfied she would have others on her side. None of them noticed a short person slip in from a small entryway. They didn't notice an aqua haired "Quasimodo" cover Samantha's mouth, and gently carry her away.

Freddy and James high-five as they carried "Esmeralda" back to their tower. No one was even there to protect her! It was too easy. Adaliah and Tori walked silently behind them.

Marsha giggled as she seen the plan in action. Blaise in his tower, however, slapped his forehead. Cole and Paul brought Samantha back in, Naomi and Robin in tow. The four look in the tower win big winning grins on their faces; they noticed Sabrina gone. Jacque and Laura, Alice, and Ronny moved out of their nooks. Cole and Paul put Samantha down.

"No hard feelings for kidnapping you, just part of the job," says Cole. He smiles at Samantha and she smiles back.

"I understand. I don't mind."

"So it looks like we have our winner!" exclaims Marsha, thoroughly impressed. She dials Blaise's number.

Blaise answers his phone with a big grin.

"Burning Rubies for the win, Marsh!" he exclaims as he sees Freddy and James bring in the girl. He frowned slightly; something seemed off.

"Sorry Blaise dear, you might want to check your "Esmeralda"," she giggles from the phone.

"What do you mean check again?" he asked. This invoked for everyone to look at their captured girl. Freddy took the bag off of her, and seen that she was only another "Quasimodo." That's when they notice Samantha missing.

Yuan sees this and begins to seethe. He glares and begins to blame everyone on the team; calling them beneath his expertise and lesser beings for not seeing a different. Almost everyone else yell back at him for being the watch guy.

"SHUT YOUR BLEEDING MOUTHS!" shouts Adaliah, her eyes blazing. Everyone begins to quiet down. "We lost, they won; get over it! There are more challenges so stop whining like a bunch of babies!" Yuan looked at her with adornment, "Such fire, such beauty that comes with suffering!" Adaliah looks back at him with a fierce glare.

"Alright guys, let's get back to the main floor." And the Burning Rubies with the addition of Blaise and Sabrina, head back to the nave of the Cathedral. They make it there to see that the Iced Diamonds already there. Sabrina heads back to the Iced Diamonds while Samantha goes back to the Burning Rubies. Sabrina basks in the "good jobs" and "nice touch" she was given from her teammates. Samantha looked at most of her teammates' angry looks. Yuan looked the most upset, glaring and muttering under his breath.

Marsha smiles innocently, and Blaise sticks his tongue out at her.

"Such maturity. Well my fellow contestants, the first winners of the season were the Iced Diamonds! Congratulations on your win. Your plan was thought through and you succeed, so I'm proud. Burning Rubies, you guys will do better next time so don't fret!" she says with a smile.

"At this time we would give the losers a tablet to vote on who they would want to send home. However, since it was the first night, no one is leaving and no one is to cater the other. Everyone gets to go back to the jet and relax. Come next destination, that's going to change. And speaking of change, let's go so I can get out of this ugly..ahem.. I mean oh who am I kidding, I need to get out of this." remarks Blaise as he hurries back to the jet. Everyone follows suit, laughing at Blaise's expense. Marsha laughs and says, "Just wait until next time!"

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