Total Drama Paradise

Mud on a May Day

Everyone soon boarded onto the jet. Blaise, eager to take the costume off, ran into the stateroom and slammed the door. Marsha laughed at him and shook her head. Laura and Sabrina were disappointed, he looked really good in a torn shirt! Yuan pushed passed them, still upset with the loss. The two look at his retreating figure with heated glares. Adaliah took her seat and leaned back casually; she didn't care for her outfit right now. Samantha walked in behind everyone else, she didn't want any more glares sent her way. Ronny, not a huge fan of his costume, went to the bathroom to change.

He went into the bathroom. He'd been in here to change before, but he'd never paid attention to the decorum. The white marble walls intertwine with dark auburn wood. The wide spaced room had its own closet filled with towels and assorted soaps and bath salts. The double-sink counter was of a white marble. The mirror stretched to the each end of the wall; on top of mirror was a very secured camera.


"I'm so glad I got such an important job during the challenge! I'm sure we would have won anyway, but I helped a lot! Paris is cool and all, but I'd like to go somewhere cooler, like Japan, Kenya, or the South African diamond mines! The others here are cool too! I haven't gotten the chance to talk to them all yet, but I think I'll become friends with most of them! Adaliah scares me a little, but I believe she's a good person. James is cool to, he knows tons of weird facts, just like me! And Naomi, she-"


"HURRY UP I WANT TO USE THE CONFESSIONAL!" bellows Sabrina. Ronny sighs as he opens the bathroom door. Sabrina looked at him with a ticked expression and waves her hand off at him, "Could you move now?"

Ronny shakes his head and begins to move, "Fine." He mutters "such a drama queen" as he walks away. Sabrina sends a glare his way and goes into the bathroom.


"This jet is like my palace! It's very luxurious. On another note, who do these people think they are!? I'M the one to be adored and respected like a queen! I do a fabulous job on the challenge, even get praise; but now they act like it didn't even happen! I WILL be respected out here! I know what, I'll make an alliance *waves it off* what am I saying? I know how to handle this and I don't need anyone." She crosses her arms and turns her nose up.


She checks her face out in the mirror and exits the bathroom. She looks around to see everyone lounging. She spots Cole and Samantha talking together. Cole looks to be smiling amusingly and Samantha looks down with a small smile on her face. Sabrina narrows her eyes, she should be getting all of the attention! She walks back to her seat, only to have her shoulder hit by someone else's shoulder. She looks at the person in the eye, and meets the color of purple.

"You need to watch where you're going, prissy" hissed Adaliah.

"Watch where you're going, freak!" she retorts. Adaliah sneers and puts a finger in Sabrina's face.

"You better watch your mouth, or you won't have one anymore," the veins in her neck begin to pop, illuminating her nail scars. Sabrina backs up a little bit, wavering. She then rolls her eyes and replies, "Whatever." Adaliah sneers back at her, and she heads into the direction of the bathroom.


Adaliah is glaring in the camera, her eyes are in dangerous slits, "If that prissy piece of shxt thinks she can get and my face and call me a freak, she has another thing coming! I will NOT be toyed with! And what's the deal with Yuan...he needs to leave me alone!" She gets up and closed her fists tightly. She took a deep breath and blows it out; she walks out the door stiffly. Adaliah pushes the door open roughly, startling Tori and Paul, who were talking softly on the couch. She heads to the her seat and looks up to the ceiling. Feeling eyes on her, she turns her head to lock with a certain "artist."

Yuan looks at her with a challenging glance, his pad and charcoal pencil in his hand. He approaches Adaliah and bows to her respectively.

"My dark muse, I present to you: The Haunting of Purple Eyes." He turns his pad around that shows the sketch of a girl's face. The girl appeared to be staring somewhere far off. Her face was clear of any scars, only the trail of a single tear. The most striking thing about the sketch, despite the beautifully contours from the charcoal pencil, was the girl's eyes. Her eyes were framed with long, curved eyelashes; their color was purple.

Yuan looked at Adaliah in triumph; Adaliah looked at the picture with mixed emotions. Her eyes betrayed her stoic face, and that's what shows in this picture. But she'd be damned if she let this guy know this! Her eyes hardened as she looked into Yuan's eyes.

"Thanks...but not really."

"Why must you resort to such remedial responses! We are above these serfs! They don't deserve to be here, nor do they deserve to have you speak their 'simple' language!"

"Above? Simple? Serfs?!" Adaliah is up to her feet, her eyes dancing in a dangerous purple flame, "Who gave you the right to be an ass to everyone! Get a clue!" she pushes him out of the way and leaves for another seat. Yuan looks back her with a confused expression; why feel guilty about the truth? He shrugs and heads to the bathroom.


"I shall have her sooner than she thinks, I can feel it! The jet does have amazing interior design don't you think? The color scheme, the ornate designs, the architecture! This is befitting of someone of my stature. I do hate to reiterate, but these least 'fortunate' people do not belong here. And I will see to it that they will not make it to the end. The challenge would have been a success if those imbeciles actually listened to me! They have the nerve to blame me?! At least I did something right with my time and not like so incompetents!" He glared at the camera. "They will see, that this superior will make it to the top!"


Yuan stands up and walks gracefully out of the bathroom. He walks out to see Tori and Paul talking; he rolls his eyes and walks back to his seat. He could easily cause a conflict with those emotional bints, but he wants his muse to stay by his side. Ha! Like she could get away! He goes back to his seat, smiling, thinking about his muse.

Zacharias sits patiently with TJ. The girl had the country-twang of a cowgirl in a Western educational video, but he loved to humor her. She has been the only one that really listens to him; besides Ronny and Robin of course.

"So Petunia ran right into the mud, into the haystacks, and jumped on me! If I coulda known she would be that hungry I woulda fed her sooner!"

He smiles at her, "That sounds simply fascinating."

"Fassinatin'? I don't know bout that but it was funny! I shoulda told you about the time Delilah and I..." TJ begins another story, an attentive Zacharias sitting across from her.


He sits on the toilet and stares at the camera. He then waves "Hello telly people, I hope you are having a good day" He then pauses and grins "I had a fantastic day, never been to Paris before, I am so excited, it would be glorious to simply travel to wherever our next destination, wherever it may be, the Notre Dame it was fantastic the Gothic architecture, the symmetrical design, all in view of creating a heaven on earth, it is just mind blown" he then mimes an explosion "It was all uber fascinating, what they created with light...and the Stonehenge could we have been visited by alien life-force?...the Chinese and their discovery of paper, paper is such an interesting substance if you think about it...the hieroglyphics again I would love to study them...the very idea of living underwater- the idea of a human colony living underwater the framework of the entire system..."


Zacharias was pulled out of the camera by Laura.

"Beat it loser! It's my camera time!" and she pushes him out of the bathroom. Zacharias straightens himself up, wipes off is glasses, and casually walks back to TJ.

"What happened pumpkin?"

"The usual, getting thrown out of stuff." TJ frowns. She doesn't take to people being mean for no reason lightly; she ain't getting away with this.

Back in the bathroom, Laura fixes her makeup and begins her confessional.


"Me as Esmeralda, I have to say I looked good such a shame I had to be hidden" she scrunches her face in distaste "but urgh that Marsha 'little miss perfect' no-one is that perfect, no-one! She must fart- I mean everyone farts" she leans close to the camera her face is right up toward it "I will find her dirty little secret and when I do, I shall expose her" She sits back again "Her and Blaise, honestly" she does little bunny rabbit fingers "'Just friends'-Ha, I've met a few 'just friends' they are totally together just too scared to make the first move"

She smirks and then smiles "I did have a good time, Adaliah, she was fun, reminded me of Savvy. And James, seems nice enough a bit quiet; but that voice, totally like Bastion." She then shivers "But arg, all of those quiet people, just totally creepy, why can't they say what their thinking, all probably hiding something- it is just creepy, I don't like Marsha, but at least she's honest; the silent ones..." she shivers again. She then stretches her back, "Well best getting ready for relaxation."


She poses to herself and walks out the bathroom, ready to relax. Samantha then walks quietly into the bathroom.


Samantha shifts awkwardly in her seat. "W-Well...I liked being Esmeralda..I know I messed up the challenge for everyone and I'm sure all of the others girls or even a boy would have done a better job than me, but I dunno..." She has a small grin, "I liked being a little fancy for once. But I have to really work hard next time." She bows her head with a frown. "All of my teammates hate me now 'cause I lost the challenge...but I promise to work harder!"


She pokes her head out of the bathroom door, peering out to make sure no one was watching her. She only seen Paul and Tori sleeping on the couch; both on opposite ends. She smiles softly at them and heads back to sit with Cole.

She gives a small smile when Cole waggles his eyebrows at her. She looked down when he grabs her chin. She tenses slightly; she's not used to this.

"You don't have to keep looking down, your smile is very pretty." Cole blushes slightly, he did not mean for that last part to come out. Samantha blushes furiously.

"I uhh I, t-t-thank you Cole."

"Anytime." He scratches the back of his aqua hair, chuckling slightly.

James approaches the two, "My ruby glows bright in your direction; your love is very becoming. The spirits speak to me of these new bonds forming."

"That" responds Cole. Samantha, however, was not keen to ghosts. She tried to hide her panic from the boys, she's blushed too much already!

"I'm sorry did I make you uncomfortable?" asked James. He noticed her sudden aura change.

"Oh no! It's fine!" she responds. Her soft voice only getting slightly loud. Cole smiles amusingly at her, causing her to look down again.

"I do apologize if I did anything of the sort, but I simply wanted to address you both before the chance was overlooked." He smiled at the two, turned on his heel, and walked to the bathroom.


"Well I like almost of my team; except yuan. Who does he think he is? He would not tolerate the presence of a ghost against him. Also the ghosts do not tolerate him." He looks thoughtfully into the camera, "Cole and Samantha should not let this opportunity slip. My ruby speaks to me of the loving aura. It tells me of their upcoming romance and I think they should give it a try." he shrugs, " Besides, someone had to tell them; you never know how long you will be on here. Which I sense that it's coming soon...and I don't like it. The spirits don't lie, so perhaps..." he taps his chin.


He walks out of the bathroom without a second glance. He passes by Jacque, who was silently observing Alice. He'd find something to make her tick; she just had to show the right buttons to push. Robin then shows up by Alice; he sits down and starts talking to her. He gently lays a hand on her sleeve and she pushes his hand back rather stiffly. Jacque smirks and heads to the bathroom.


"I love it here. First off, there is so many valuables that I can "borrow" & make a profit on. Secondly, I think I like this new host. The diamond may be a fake though. Thirdly, I didn't have to do anything yet & these idiots started to fight. Also, that hottie, Angel, may be playing hard to get. I going to need to get some allies soon if I want to stay in the game for the long run." He smirks at the screen. "I really don't like to take orders from others but I will follow Robin's plan to seem like I'm a "friendly" guy. Besides, I think I know just how to take care of him"

He then goes in his duffle bag and pulls something out. He holds up the silver & fine china.


Jacque carefully puts his valuables back in the duffle bag and walks out of the bathroom, a sly smirk on his face. Freddy sees that Jacque has exited the bathroom and goes in there for his confessional.


"Aw man, I am loving this so far. Though, it does suck we lost the first challenge. We're lucky it wasn't an elimination. As for the people here, they are pretty cool. I really like that Naomi girl. She has a nice taste in games. I can talk all I want about Five Nights at Freddy's and she doesn't get bored! She's definitely my favorite person here."


Freddy grins at the thought of Naomi, and he walks out of the bathroom. SMACK! He falls to the floor, another body toppling on his. He groans as he sits up to see who fell on him; it was Angel. She glared at him, but replaced her expression with a tight smile.

"Pardon me, I must start watching where I'm going," she says.

"No, it was my fault. I should have looked to see if anyone was coming." She gets up off of him, brushes any dust off of her clothes, and heads into the bathroom. Freddy scratches his head and walks into the direction of Naomi.


"Who does this Neanderthal think he is calling me a simpleton...ughh he infuriates me so much...i will make him pay i will make them all pay...Heather, Justin, Courtney, Alejandro, Scott, Scarlett and even the Big Bad Mal, they're all just old jokes compared to me and that is why one by one they will all fall!"


Regaining her composure, Angel fixes her hair and walks calmly out of the bathroom. She feels so much better to vent out her thoughts! She passes TJ bouncing up to the bathroom. TJ grins big at her, which she returns. After all, TJ is one alliance she needs...not that TJ knows that.


"It's too bad my team lost that game of Capture The Flag...but on the bright side I think I made some friends today! I love listening to Zach talk about the archy-techture and the bells and Angel is almost exactly like her name...only she can't fly *chuckles* then she wouldn't need a plane!" She smiles brightly "Zach even listened to my stories today! He's a true friend."


TJ exits out of the bathroom, a skip in her step. She returns to a sleeping Zacharias, his arms folded under him. He glasses begin to droop down his nose, so she takes them off and place them on the table.

After talking to Robin, Alice goes to the bathroom to give her thoughts in her confessional.


"Robin seems like a nice guy...but I'm not ready to talk to anyone...*starts to tear up*...if only my sister Lizzie were here. She always knew how to make me feel better...but she's gone...*she starts crying*" Remembering where she was, she quickly composed herself and continued her confessional.

"There is something about Jacque that i just don't trust. I can't put my finger on it, but he is not getting close. At all."


Alice makes sure that there was no evidence of her tears, and exits the bathroom. She places her brave face on, purposely not looking Jacque's way, and heads back to her seat; Robin wasn't there. She shrugs and begins to stare out the window. She hadn't notice that Robin had been by the bathroom the whole time; he'd heard her confessional.


"I know it's not courteous to eavesdrop of others, but she's different. After hearing that, I know I won't be giving up on her anytime soon." He looks at the camera with a twinkle in his eye. "She needs to trust me, but I know that being patient is the key here." He shifts to another topic: the Paris challenge.

"It was inevitable really. Judging from my observations, my team has the edge both physically and mentally. I'm quite pleased with everything that has transpired. I have no doubt this next challenge will be any different."


He stands up in such a fluid manner, and gracefully leaves the bathroom. He walks back to his seat to see Alice staring out of the window. He sits across from the oblivious girl, but doesn't say a thing. He's going to give her the silence and space she needs.

Paul wakes up from his end of the couch. He stretches his arms and looks to see Tori still sleeping. He smiles and turns to look in the direction of the bathroom; it's empty. He goes in and begins his confessional.


"I'm sure glad Chris is gone. His sister is much better. It's not that I don't like the guy, but his challenges were kinda...nuts" He laughs and continues "There's something about Angel, I can tell. But I know if I want to stay on the show I'm going to need to do my best. I won't make any alliances or anything like that, but Cole and I are kinda cool. I'm friends with Tori even if we're on opposite teams. I can't let the others know that, they'll try to use it against us; and I'm not letting that happen." He taps his chin "I really want to know our next destination; Paris is a great place, so I know the next place will be."


Still thinking about the challenge, he walks out of the bathroom and back to the couch. He plops down when he sees Tori awake. She gives a small smile.

"How are you feeling?" Paul asks.

"I'm better now, I needed that nap."

"Good. I think I need another one." Tori laughs.

"Alright then, I'm going to the bathroom." Tori gets up and goes into the bathroom. She stared at her sleepy face in the mirror, tracing the mirror with her finger. She sighs and begins to speak.


"So far Paul is the only one I trust here; besides Marsha and Blaise. I think the others here think I'm a weirdo. I guess it's natural for me to blend in the back." She shrugs, "I think I will be going in the next elimination, no one really needs me on their team." Her face starts to make a somber expression, seeing her bluish grey eyes begin to tear up in the mirror, she straightens up. "I won't do this here. I won't!"


She walks out of the bathroom to see Paul asleep. She looks at him, grateful to have him as a friend. She subconsciously rubs her birthmark; it resembles a dragon. She then sits down and looks far off, deep in thought. She didn't notice Cole give her a small smile before entering the bathroom.


"This has been an experience so far! I hope the guys back home can see this. I went to Paris dude! I would have loved to skate around, but going into Notre Dame was just as good. That Yuan dude needs to back off of Samantha, there's no need to be rude. He wouldn't last long with my crew," he crosses his arms. "But I ain't sweating him, he's not worth it. I know what's important and I will do my best. This is going to be epic!"


He exits out the bathroom, and heads back to his seat. On his way there, an aroma fills his nose. He looks around to see steam at the back of the jet. Confused and curious, he follows the steam. Before he could get close, the curtain opens with Blaise in a tight-fitting t-shirt, dark Levi jeans, and a white, red-stained apron. He wore a tall chef's hat and a big grin on his face. He is pushing a sleek, metallic cart; with a scowling Marsha in tow; she is also pushing a cart. Marsha wore a matching black fitted t-shirt, blue jean tights, and a white, red-stained apron. Her hair was in a tight bun, lacking a chef's hat.

"I wanted the hat Blaise!"

"You didn't cook everything so I get to wear the hat."

"Not fair! I made dessert!"

"I made the actual dinner!"


"Oh zip it you spoiled toddler," Sabrina hears this and laughed to herself. Marsha gasps and glares at him.

"Why you piece of-mmm!" Blaise stuffed a piece of shrimp in her mouth. He laughs at her chocked expression. She glared at him as she tries to swallow the shrimp; but his infectious laughter reached her. She giggled and smiled at him.

"You're lucky I love you, jerk."

"Yeah, I know," he grins cheekily at her. The two continue to push their carts to the front of the jet. Once they come to a halt, Marsha cups the sides of her mouth.


"What is it?" Laura asks snottily. She loved the smell, but she wasn't about to admit it! Blaise raises an eyebrow, then responds.

"This," he gestures to the carts, "Is dinner. Inside of the carts is Chicken Carbonara, Fresh Baguettes with assorted sauces, Shrimp Scampi, and Fresh Salad. All made by yours truly." He bows playfully and gets whacked on the shoulder by Marsha. Robin looked delighted at hearing they would have shrimp tonight; he liked shrimp. Zacharias looked excitedly at the dish names. He just hopes, that everything has his required nutrients. Most of the girls looked appreciatively at Blaise; a man that can cook!

Marsha gestures to her cart and says, "In this cart is white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake; chocolate mousse cake; and lemon cream cake. All made by the boss lady." Everyone eyed the carts expectantly; it's not everyday the hosts cook good food! Blaise opens up the tray; The first dish consists of sautéed shrimp and bucatini pasta tossed in a creamy carbonara sauce with bacon and roasted red peppers; this is the Chicken Carbonara. The next dish was made with lightly breaded and fried shrimp, tossed with a garlic and white wine butter sauce; this is the Shrimp Scampi. The bowls of fresh salad included sliced red and green tomatoes, chopped red onion, chopped carrots, garlic croutons, olives, shredded cheese, mixed with Italian dressing. The tray of golden brown, buttered baguettes smelled fresh and delectable.

Marsha opens her cart. The first dessert was a raspberry-swirled white chocolate cheesecake topped with slivers of white chocolate; it was the cheesecake. The next dessert was of a rich chocolate brownie topped with a layer of creamy chocolate mousse; the chocolate mousse cake. The lemon cream cake was cooked as a delicate white cake and lemon cream filling with a vanilla crumb topping. Everyone's stomach growled at the sight of the dishes, but before they could dig in Marsha begins to speak.

"Tonight, since there was no elimination, the losing team did not have to cater to the winning team. However, after the next challenge, this is what the losing team will do. You will answer to everyone when they need you, but we will tell you when to say no. We know if you guys will abuse power, so don't push it." Says Marsha.

"Also, since I know that you guys are not trusting of each other, Marsha and I will be monitoring the losers as they cook the menu of the night." says Blaise. Cole looked at them with a questioning look.


"Don't get me wrong, I like a challenge, but I'm not much of a cooker." says Cole, rubbing his head.


"With that being said, you guys eat up and we shall see you in the morning! The jet will have us at our next destination before you know it, goodnight my dears!" bids Marsha. She blows everyone a kiss and drags Blaise away from the trays, who was stealing a piece of lemon cream cake.

"Come on Marsh! I wanted some more chocolate mousse cake!"

"Should have thought about that before you called me spoiled!"

After Blaise and Marsha leave, everyone digs into the dishes. Their stomachs thought the food as perfection. The creaminess of the sauces, the tastes dancing on their tongues.

TJ runs a finger through her nearly empty plate, humming with pleasure, "Dee-lish-ous! Those two really out-did themselves tonight!"

Zacharias couldn't agree more, "Certainly, the contents of my dish were truly remarkable."

"Mmmhmm!" was her only response.

Once dinner was finished, everyone dressed for bed. They slept wondering where they would land next, and what kind of challenge they would endure...

Naomi tip-toed to the bathroom, careful not to wake anyone up. She reaches the door swiftly, she grins; that last challenge sneakiness paid off!


"I'm so psyched they picked me! This rocks, man! Almost everyone here is pretty d*mn cool!" She pumps a fist in the air. "So what, Freddy is on that other team! Once I win, that sweet sweet dough will get me some awesome new video games! Especially the next Pokemon game before it's released! YES!"


Naomi sneaks back out of the bathroom, careful not to wake anyone. She makes it back to her seat victorious; dancing a victory dance in her head.

"You're wearing this Blaise!" says Marsha, holding up an outfit. Blaise looked at the outfit in horror; there was no way on Earth would he wear that!

"Uh I'll have to think on that, Marsh"






"*sighs* Fine!"

"Hehe just kidding! You can wear your swimwear!" Blaise glares at her and charges at her.

"AHHH! Not funny Blaise!"

The morning came faster than expected. Ronny was the first to wake up. He stretched and yawned, looking out the window. He sees the wide open skies, but he sees the sea as well. The clear blue waters ripple and splash around with the wind. Dolphins leap in the water, creating a pattern between the waves.

'Splash, Splash' The dolphins jump in gleefully in the air; it seems as though they winked at him. His eyes widen with astonishment; amazing! The sea began to stretch to various lands of lush green. The terrains varied from island to island. He looks closer, his eyes widening in recognition. He jumps up excitedly, he has to tell someone! He goes to Freddy, patting him to wake him up. Freddy groggily sits up and rubs his eyes.


"You're not going to believe where we are! We are at the-"

"WAKE UP MY LOVELY PASSENGERS! WE'RE STOPPING IN THE BAHAMAS!" yells Marsha, who burst through the stateroom door. Everyone stretched and yawned in their seats, hoping they heard clearly. Freddy's eyes widens as he looks at the eccentric acting Ronny. He jumps up and down and claps excitedly. Ronny dashed to the bathroom for the confessional.


"I can't believe we're in the Bahamas! Each island has so many different species and customs! I wonder which one we'll land on. I can already tell this challenge will be entirely different from Paris; I can feel it!"


"Everyone get changed into your swimwear; we'll be landing shortly," says Blaise.

"Oh Blaise, put some enthusiasm into it!" scolds Marsha

"I'll be enthusiastic when I reach the beach"

"Fine spoiled sport!"

The two left out of the jet with a clothes bag in hand.

Everyone went to change and soon enough, everyone walked out of the jet one by one. Naomi was the first to exit. She came walking out with a pink one piece on. Folded on one arm was her Pikachu hoodie. She grinned excitedly out of the jet.

Freddy was right behind her. His purple swimsuit clung to his average build. He takes a look at Naomi's one piece and gets an idea.

"Hey, don't take this the wrong way, but the color of your swimsuit reminds me of Kirby somehow."

"*gasp* I thought the same thing!" Freddy grins widely at her; which she returns.

Robin exits the jet in his blue swimming trunks with grey palm trees etched on them. His olive-toned skin blended nicely with the climate.

James comes out behind him in his red trunks. Black sandals grace his feet as he walks out; he sighs, he has a certain feeling about today. And it wasn't a good one.

Cole jumps over all of the jet's steps in his purple swim trunks. With his back revealed, it showed a Japanese tattoo. He grins mischievously, time to rock out another challenge!

Ronny comes out in green swim trunks, his loose white t-shirt flapping against the wind. On his feet were green water shoes; he's needs to be comfortable when seeing the animals and the challenge!

Paul came out bouncing after him in his orange and red striped swimming trunks. He punches his fist in the air excitedly, "Let's do this!"

Sabrina walks calmly behind him; her hand sliding down the side railing. She wore a neon green two piece.

Tori walked timidly behind her wearing a magenta two piece bikini. Skulls decorated her bikini in a taunting manner.

Adaliah glared menacingly as she walked down the steps, daring anyone to say something about her clothes. She wore a dark blue two piece that hugged her large hourglass figure.

Laura glares at the back of Adaliah's head as she comes down the step; how can she have bigger boobs than her! That's why she wanted a boob job! Laura wore a dangerously low 'V' red one piece. Her swimsuit showed her belly button piercing and birthmark on her right shoulder.

Angel glared at Laura's head as she walked behind her. She wore a black bikini that hugged her curves.

Jacque walked behind Angel smirking, looking at her backside. He was shirtless with orange jumpsuit pants. His pants oddly resembled some that came from prison…

Alice walked behind Jacque; she wasn't taking any chances. She had on a two black bikini that showed off her curves.

Zacharias walked awkwardly down the steps at a steady pace, his superman boardies sticking out proudly at his hips.

TJ walked out behind him with a skip in her step. Her outfit consisted of a red and blue plaid one piece and her mahogany boots.

Samantha shyly walked out of the jet with her brown bikini on. Her bikini was designed with pink, purple, blue, and white flowers surrounding it.

Yuan walks confidently out of the jet; after all, he chose to be in terms of 'best for last'. His black suit was embroidered with white dragons. He wears conical shells on a silver chain around his neck. He strides proudly to Adaliah and strikes a pose.

"What do you think my dark muse? I made it myself"

"Hmph!" she crosses her arms and glares at him; that's the only response he was getting. He didn't get to give her a proper response because he takes the scene on before him.

The Caribbean atmosphere is punctuated but white sandy beaches, the bright skies ahead, and clear blue seas waving at them.

At the end of their line of vision, Marsha and Blaise stood in front of various obstacles. Marsha wore a silver monokini. The sides were cut off showing her curves and the cups were connected by a black circlet. Blaise wore navy blue swim trunks; his built body tanning in the sunlight. Behind them were different courses. A mud pit stood out proudly in the middle; a rope held securely by stands. A piece of land blocked off to resemble a small track. Part of the beach was blocked off with cones and ropes. In the sea beach ropes were lined up in a racing trail. Where the Start sign is seen, two jet skis float proudly, waiting to be ridden.

Marsha claps happily at the groups, "Welcome to the Bahamas ladies and gentlemen! More specifically, Green Turtle Cay! The island is named for its abundance of green turtles, obviously; and it's located in the Abaco Out Islands." Blaise steps up to talk.

"We decided to have the next challenge here so that we can have this part of the island to ourselves. Speaking of the challenge, has anyone here ever heard of having a 'May Day' in school?"

Several, but not all of their hands shoot up.

"Well, for those who haven't heard of them, a May Day is a day in school where teams are made and competitions begin. Each class of each grade divide their class into individual the competitions they want to complete. They make several of these competitions in order to cast of winner of each grade. The ones to get the most points win as the top class of the grade and win a trophy." explains Blaise.

"You guys already have teams. So all you have to do is choose who is going to do what; and they ones to win the most competitions win the challenge." explains Marsha, "Your competitions of the day consist of: Tug o' War, Castle Building, Piggy Back Race, and the Relay Race. Let's get started!"

The Iced Diamonds huddled up in a circle; The Burning Rubies follow suit.

"What do you guys want to participate in?" asked Robin. Ronny raises his hand.

"I want to be in the Castle Building, I believe I can get a good design." Robin nods at him.

"That sounds fair; who wants to team with him?"

"I will!" suggests Paul.

"Alright, who's next?" asked Robin.

"I will take Alice in the Piggy Back Race," replies Jacque, a smirk on his face. Robin looks him hard in the eyes; Alice narrowed her eyes at him.

"It seems logical; Alice will ride with you," says Robin. Alice looks Robin in the eyes and sees a look of understanding; he will be looking out for her during the challenge.

"You and I can be in the Relay Race! It looks so much fun!" suggests Naomi. Robin smiles amusingly at her.

"Sounds like a plan Naomi. So that leaves Cole, Laura, and Sabrina in the Tug o' War."

Cole smiles, but face palms himself in his head; this is not going to end well.

"I AM NOT GETTING IN THAT MUD PIT!" Yells Sabrina. Laura agrees behind her.

"So you guys want to lose?" the two quickly become silent. "Thought so. We make due with our challenge and try our best to win." Robin turns on his heels with Naomi behind him.

"I'm in the Castle Building challenge. Since you imbeciles couldn't follow simple instructions last time, you will decide what to do on your own," waves off Yuan. The others glare harshly at him. Adaliah sneers at him and walks to the front of the group.

"As the buffoon has said, Yuan is in the Castle Building. Zacharias, you will accompany him so his calibrations will be correct. Just ignore him if he does something stupid; which he will." Zacharias salutes and heads to Yuan's side.

"Tori and James, you guys will be in the Piggy Back Race; do what you can." The two nod at Adaliah.

"Angel and Samantha, you two will be in the Relay Race," they smile at Adaliah, and she nods back.

"So that leaves me, TJ, and Freddy. We'll be in the Tug o' War." They all nod at each other in acknowledgement and smirk. Time to play.

The first competition to begin is the Tug o' War. Adaliah, TJ, and Freddy move to one end; and Cole, Laura, and Sabrina move to another. Adaliah smirks as she sees who's on the other side; it's time for a little revenge. Marsh walked to the edge of the pit, not touching the mud.

"I'm sure you guys know the rules to this; the team to pull the other in the mud wins." Blaise walks beside her and raises his arms.

"On your mark"

The Iced Diamond grip the rope.

"Get set"

Adaliah sneers at Laura and Sabrina.

"Pull!" Blaise throws his arms down.

At the sound of 'pull', the teams yank the same time. The struggle of the pull was harder than they thought. The Burning Rubies would gain the upper hand, then The Iced Diamonds would pull with unknown strength. Freddy and Cole are amazed at the strength of these girls; they're pulling harder than them!

Laura growled at she started to pull back; she would not be getting in that mud! Sabrina used all of her strength she acquired from her ballet profession. Cole pulled with as much might as he had; he didn't want to lose the first competition of the challenge!

TJ pulled the rope effortlessly; this rope ain't nothing compared to what she has to do back home! Freddy pulled with all the strength he had; this is entirely different from his games. Adaliah sneered in the direction of Sabrina, thinking of what she said earlier. This fueled her already angered strength. She firmly puts her heels in the dirt, making sure she doesn't go anywhere; her team follows suit. She takes a deep breath; her eyes sparked with ferocity. She gives a battle yell and yanks the rope as hard as she possibly could. In doing so, the other team begin to tumble. She does it again, this time Freddy and TJ yank with her.




Laura and Sabrina cry at the same time. The Iced Diamonds lost in the Tug o' War, and now in the mud pit. Cole was slightly upset with losing, but he's in a freaking mud pit; how epic could it get!"

"First win goes to Burning Rubies!" announced Marsha. They cheer up and down. TJ cannonballs into the mud, splashing mud back on Laura and Sabrina.

"AAAHHHHH!" the two yell. Adaliah walks on the edge of the pit, "Don't worry dolls, it's only a little mud," she says mockingly; her eyes filled with malice. Laura and Sabrina glare at her back as she walks away.

The next competition to begin was the Piggy Back Race. James chats with Tori about ghosts and Jacque stands off with Alice. He smirks as he tried to 'flirt' with her, but she continued to shut him down.

"Look here pal, we're doing this to win for the team. Don't drop me, don't distract me, and we'll get along just fine for this race."

"You wound me sweetheart, only for the race?"

"Be glad it's for the race," Alice retorts as Jacque turns his back towards her. She looks to see Blaise explaining the race.

"All you have to do is make it to the end of the track with your partner on your back first to win; you guys ready?"

Alice climbs on Jacque's back, catching Robin's eye. He nods at her encouragingly and she sends a smile back. Jacque sees this and frowns.


"This is not going the way I wanted at all. Why does she have to be such a frigid prude?"


James turns casually around so Tori can climb onto his back. She locked her legs around his abdomen where he could securely grip her legs. Alice didn't dare lock her legs, just left them dangling where he could grab her knees.

Marsha walked up beside Blaise with her arms raised. She rocks them back and forth as she begins to talk.

"On your mark!"

James straightens them up.

"Get set!"

Jacque smirks.


The two pairs begin the run. Used to running with baggage, Jacque runs at an easy pace. James puts in his faith in the spirits to guide him in this race; Tori may be light but it's different than running alone. The Iced Diamonds are in the lead with Jacque smirking, sending a wave to the Burning Rubies. The rest of the teams, including the mud-clad teens, all cheered for the Iced Diamonds and the Burning Rubies.

James tried to pick up his pace, eyeing the finish line, but he sees Jacque edging closer to the finish line. He trudges on, silently praying to the spirits he gets this done if it was meant to be done. His speed picks up, matching Jacque. Jacque turns to see him and turns back swiftly. He grips Alice's legs, picking up a faster pace.

Jacque is ahead.

James gets ahead.


Then James.

And Jacque passes finish line.

"And our winner of the Piggy Back Race goes to the Iced Diamonds!" Shouts Marsha happily. Jacque smirks at Alice.

"I had this on the bag sweetheart"

"I thought I told you not to-" Robin comes from behind and claps loudly.

"Nice holding on there Alice!" Says Robin. Alice looks to Robin with a small smile, grateful for his interference. Robin guides her to the beach area, "Let's go cheer on Paul and Ronny." Alice nods and walks with him. Jacque looks towards their direction, keeping his smirk firmly in place. James frowns, the spirits are not speaking in his favor today.

Everyone followed Alice and Robin's lead. Marsha was riding on Blaise's back; not noticing the glares of Sabrina and Laura.


"Who does she think she is?! I'm all dirtyyyy! I need three showers now! I swear to God if the Iced Diamonds lose tonight I will send EVERYONE home! And that prissy Marsha will be locked in the stateroom forever!" Rants Laura. She glares at the camera and gives it the bird.


They all reach the sandy beach and see the teams already at work. Ronny was piling up sand to resemble a wall and Paul was drawing the shapes out; afterwards digging the mold out for Ronny.

"Keep it coming, Paul!"

"I'm on it!"

Zacharias was dragging a shovel along the sand, making distinct shapes. Yuan was in his element! He was molding the sand, digging out holes, slicing the tops to level out.

"Get a move on you incompetent loser!"

"There are a plethora of names I am called, but incompetent I am not." Yuan stops for a moment, looks at him, and nods begrudgingly.

"That may be true, but you are still beneath me."

"Whatever paints your canvas."

"Funny you would say that..." Yuan takes a brush out of his suit. Where it was, no one wanted to know. He securely places his now all black hair behind him, as it started to loosen from the heat. He brushes small designs into the sand.

Both teams appear to be creating a castle. The Iced Diamonds were finished with their foundation; the signature trench surrounding it. Paul was still digging and molding while Ronny was beginning the walls. The bricks Paul made were very solid and well molded, each one fit perfectly with another.

Zacharias continued to draw shapes; Yuan's orders. He likes the unique patterns so that's what he'll give to him. Yuan flew from each side, patching on the uniquely shaped bricks, like a puzzle.

"As you guys already see, we allowed them to start before we arrived. They needed the time." Explains Blaise with Marsha still on his back. She's cheering loudly for both teams.


Yuan uses the momentum to pick up the pace. He zooms back and forth from carving and smoothing the sand. Ronny notices and starts to speed up on his progress as well. The teams' castles really start to pick up. The Iced Diamonds had towers at each corner, small windows in the centers. Burning Rubies's castle gave off a more fanciful theme. The sides curved up into the slope; the 'windows' were arched at the top. Everyone cheers for their respected team; some more enthusiastic than others. Freddy, who has a very good hearing, listens to a shift in the wind. He peers over to the ocean to see a wave picking up. He nudges Naomi, who follows his gaze. Her mouth forms a small 'o' as she sees the wave herself. TJ sees the wave as it picks up speed and size. Her eyes widen as she points to the water.

"IT'S THE BIG ONE!"* she bellows. Everyone turns to see a huge wave heading their way. Most of the team ran out of the way, some weren't so lucky.

"NOW I'M DRENCHED! UGHHHH!" shouts Sabrina. Naomi shrugs at her, "At least you're not muddy anymore."

"Can it!"

"You don't want none of this gamer chick! She learned moves from Mortal Kombat!" Naomi states, striking a fighting pose. Sabrina turns her nose up at her,

"Not even worth my time."

Yuan looked at his now ruin castle; he sinks to his knees with a distraught look on his face.

"My masterpiece, my creation! As delicious as this complication would be in my art portfolio, this is a travesty!" he cries. Marsha places a hand on his shoulder; he doesn't push it away, she's worthy of it.

"I'm sorry about your masterpiece Yuan. If it makes you feel better, no one wins this challenge. So that means the Relay Race will determine the winner!" Yuan composes himself gracefully.

"I suppose that makes up for the catastrophe that has happened."

"Good, so the final team members, let's head to the jet skis!" Marsha ushers Robin, Naomi, Samantha, and Angel to the jet skis. Angel had been uncharacteristically quiet during the challenges; well, except for seeing Laura and Sabrina fall into the mud. She has been assessing everyone in their challenge; she needed more things to start conversations so she could build her alliances…and caused conflicts. She looks behind her to see Jacque smirking in her way. He gives her a leering wink and she flips her hair; dismissing him. Marsha addresses the four teens.

"Alright passengers, here is the last event. One person will drive the Jet Ski first, follow the trail of the beach ropes. When you make the lap around, swap members and the team to have both players make the laps win!"

"Choose who will go first and board your Jet Ski," says Blaise.

"I'll ride first!" volunteers Naomi. Robin laughs at her antics, and nods. Naomi salutes and heads to the pure white Jet Ski. Angel and Samantha eye each other; but Angel smiled sweetly and says, "You can go first, if you'd like."

"Sure, I could do that." Samantha walks to the red and black Jet Ski. She swings her leg over the Jet Ski gently, yet gracefully.

Marsha walks into the middle of the skis. She raises her arms up and yells.

"On your mark!"

Naomi revs up the engine.

"Get set!"

Samantha takes a deep breath.

"GO!" Marsha throws down her arms. The two girls zoom through the water. They match each other's speed, both side by side. One swerves here, another turns there. They drive with swiftness as they hit the long curve of the path; slowing down. Water rises up high as they swerve into another curve. Naomi gleefully whoops in the air as the mist splashes her face; she loved this! She speeds up gradually, getting ahead of Samantha. Samantha puts her game face on, and starts to push ahead of Naomi. Naomi turns to look at her and grins wickedly; she rises up on the Jet Ski and speeds up even faster.

Robin and Angel watch from the beach, anxiously waiting for Alice and Samantha. Robin reassures himself and regains his cool composure. Angel follows his lead, calming herself; she refuses to be seen nervous in front of him!

Back in the beach, Samantha and Naomi could be seen coming closer. TJ and Freddy jumped with excitement. Cole smiled as he watched Samantha in the water; she could really hold her own on a Jet Ski!

Naomi is the first to reach the beach, Samantha shortly reaches after her. Naomi jumps effortlessly off of the Jet Ski, much to Freddy's amazement. Robin and Angel race to the skis. They reach the skis at the same time, and zoom out before the others could blink. Angel revs the Jet Ski and pushes on hard, a scowl on her face; she hates the water hitting her face like this! Robin's face shone with determination as he hits the first curve, ignoring the water hitting his face. Another turn comes in again as they both swerve from the curve. The two compete with the lead as their speeds coming closer together. As the big turning point comes in, Robin begins to slow down to meet the curve. Angel, however, didn't slow down. When she hits the curve fast, the Jet Ski turns in another direction, and flips over.

"AHHH!" Splash! Angel is tumbling down in the water. The Burning Rubies groan as Robin rides all the way back to the beach.

"And the Iced Diamonds win again!" Marsha announced. The Iced Diamonds cheer victoriously. The Burning Rubies, however, groan.

"You guys know what that means: one of you will leave while the other will cater to the Iced Diamonds tonight in the jet. So Rubies, grab a tablet and vote!" says Blaise. He begins to pass out the tablets when James steps up.

"There is no need you guys; I will go. The spirits have not been cooperating with me today, and I do not like this at all. I must leave to reconnect with the spirits; I know there's a disturbance with the ghosts.

Marsha looks shocked that a contestant chooses to leave on the first elimination. "Well…alright then James. I hope you reconnect with the spirits and everything will be fine. "

"As do I," He nods as Blaise escorts him to the city and the airport. Everyone else look solemn, except Jacque, Yuan, Angel, Sabrina, and Laura. They all leave to board the jet, the Burning Rubies dreading to cater; and Iced Diamonds excited for another win.

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