Total Drama Paradise

Could You Pass the Class?

Everyone began to board the jet; Marsha and Blaise went to gather their 'chef's clothes'. The contestants began to use their confessionals. TJ reached the bathroom first.


"That was the first time I've ever been on a beach! They sure are better in person! And their mud feels so good on your skin! Shucks, I almost didn't wanna leave! 'Specially since we're gonna be the other team's waiters, I just hope I don't get that Laura girl…*smirks* but I hope the mud got stuck in her hair for pickin' with my friend!"


TJ walked out with a grin, a muddy Laura followed in glaring at her figure. She closes the shower curtain to take a quick shower.

Moments later…

Laura has changed back into her normal clothes; her hair is out and she is raking her fingers through her hair. She sighs as she looks at the camera.


"I've washed my hair TWICE and I'm still getting mud out of it." She gets a little more mud out of her hair. "See! I didn't mind the challenge so much, though; it reminded me of family get-togethers.*glares*But that damn smiling country bumpkin TJ does not understand the concept of respecting others. If you like the mud then fine, jump all in it all you damn want; but I made it very clear I don't like the mud so DON'T JUMP NEAT ME!" She blows out air and continues.

"And Adaliah, what's her problem? Calling me a doll? I've done the same amount of work as her, she knows nothing about me, and I don't go around calling her a doll."

She then crosses her arms and pouts.


She leaves the room in an irritated huff. Angel goes in behind her with a confident stride.


"So I've been observing everyone on my team so far and there are a lot of possibilities for potential alliance members. I've also noticed that the other team has more weak points that I could exploit. Robin is basically the glue that holds their team together. With him gone they could crumble like my grandmummie's coffee cake *smirks* Sabrina and Laura definitely get annoyed easily, and I could use that to my advantage if I can turn them against each other; they'll distract their team and then they'll begin to lose. There are so many possibilities to take my strategy in; which I'm quite excited about *tapsher chin* before I make my decision though, I need to observe every possibility and outcome to the decision I make. Trust me, you're going to enjoy the things I have planned *grinning evilly into the camera*.


She gets up, brushes invisible dust off of her clothes, and goes to change into her….service bloody uniform. She walks by Alice and Robin, who seem engrossed in a card game. She noticed Alice eyes giving a blank expression, robotically placing cards on the table. She smirks and goes to change her clothes.

Jacque sees her and smirks at her form, the girl has some nice….ahem, legs. He gets up and heads to the bathroom.


"Well, I sense something about Alice. I sense that she may have either abandonment issues or she is depressed. I also sense that my team's 'leader' Robin will try to make an alliance. If he does, I need to get in on it because I think I may become expendable if I don't get in one. Also, I hope we don't go down to New Orleans because I know way too many people there. I don't need Spanky and Brandon asking me for the 'sweet dreams' with their stoner tails; I don't need to go back to prison…*gasping, realizing what he just said* YOU AIN'T HEARD OR SEEN NOTHING!" Jacque punches the camera, cracking the screen.


He gets up walks out, careful that no one had heard his confessional. Inside the bathroom, the camera automatically replaces its cracked screen…

Samantha walks to the empty bathroom to use the confessional.


Samantha sits down, looking down a little, "I'm sad James left…especially since he didn't have to. He seemed nice, but I am a bit afraid of ghosts…" she bites her lip thoughtfully "But he was a bit strange, not judging him *waving her hands fast* but what he said earlier about Cole and I…*blushing madly* I-I mean, he can't like me back*eyes widening at her words* n-not that I like him!"


She hastily leaves the bathroom, still red in the face. She passes Yuan, who narrows his eyes at her for being in his way. He gathers some of his art supplies and heads towards the bathroom.


Yuan sits in the confessional, absentmindedly painting a fresco of the cast behind him, all the while muttering something about most of them being idiotic. He adds a few finishing details before turning to the camera.

"I know I have a pretty big target on my back right now, but that's about to change. When your art, like mine, hangs in some of the most exclusive galleries in the world, you can afford to not care about what these bottom-of-the-barrel losers think of you. I already see conflicts forming, and I'm all set to push them along."

He flicks his brush casually, spattering a good half of the portrait in black paint.

"Whatever, I'll play servant-boy to the Diamonds tonight, because soon, I'll have the low-browed idiots at each other's throats. By the time this is all over, I'll walk away with the money, and more notoriety than I could ever dream of. It'll all be mine."

Another flick and the rest of the fresco are blotted out. Only Yuan's face remains intact.

"Suffering really is my aesthetic," he chuckles darkly for a moment before looking around awkwardly, "If I'm gonna convince anyone of anything, I'd better clean all this up…"


He walks out of the bathroom in his uniform and heads to the kitchen. He passes Cole and Samantha talking; he sneers at them and continues to the back. He also passes Adaliah and winks, who flips him the bird in return.


"Yuan is really going to have to leave me alone. I beat 'pretty boys' like that *cracking knuckles* man it felt good to pull Laura and Sabrina in a mud pit. It won't be the end of their humiliation *rubs hands together* this next challenge better be a good one; I know I can outdo their prissy axxes in anything. Cole seems alright, and he watches Samantha when Yuan says something out of line."

She crosses her arms and glares at the camera.


She walks out to gather her uniform…it needed a little…adjusting.

Back over at the other table, Alice gives up on the card game. She stands up abruptly, causing Robin to look at her with concern.

"Excuse me; I have to go…I just have to go." She makes a beeline for the bathroom.


"I wish everyone would just leave me alone *eyes begin to water* listen to me viewers…I bet you're all at home watching me and thinking to yourself 'Oh the poor thing she must be going through something awful! Let's feel bad and root for he'," she mocks, "Well stop it! I don't want anyone's pity. None of you that feel bad for me can understand what I'm going through *takes a deep breath*. Last year I got to watch my parents and my sister burn to death right before my eyes. A-A-And I couldn't do a t-thing tosave them…it's all my fault they died…I let them die…I failed them and now I have this as a reminder of my failure," she takes off her jacket to reveal burning scars on her arms, "You didn't see them in the last challenge because of the make-up I used to cover it. In the words of Susanna Kaysen: 'Scar tissue has no character.' It feels nothing. Where the burn touched, the nerves underneath were destroyed. I can't feel my arms…they're completely dead to me…my life has no meaning left in it. I just…I just want to shut everything off."


Alice exits out of the bathroom with her jacket back on. This time, Cole heard the whole thing. Since Samantha had to go with her team to the kitchen, he thought to go give a confessional; he didn't expect to hear that.


"Dude, Alice has it bad," says Cole as he scratches his head. I might not be the best person to help her out here, but she seems to have Robin at an arm's length closer than for us. Maybe I can talk to him and see if he can help." He changes the topic, "The challenge was cool! I didn't think the girls were so strong in that Tug O' War though…and I mean strong. The crew back home would love some girls like that to go to the extreme. I'm glad we got another win too! But I do feel kinda bad and uneasy about James…what he said about me and Samantha." He rubs his aqua goatee, "Could it be true? I mean, I've flirted with girls before and all, but Samantha ain't like that…hmmmmm"


Cole walks out of the bathroom and goes to recline in his seat; he had some things to think about. Sabrina was sitting Indian-style in her seat with her eyes closed; she didn't need to associate with these losers! Besides, she needed to keep composure after that mud pit! Humming to herself, she leaned back and began to plot.

Ronny looked out of his window with slight disappointment; he didn't get to see the turtles! And he knew Billy-Bob, his turtle, would have loved them. Sighing, he goes to find Paul. He passes by the Burning Rubies grumbling for their uniforms. He stops and goes towards them.

"Do you guys want some help? I could gather the dishes and wash them for you," Ronny asked. Angel smiles at him with a sickly sweet smile.

"Thanks for volunteering Donny, but we are capable."

"It's Ronny," he states.

"Oh, right," she says with a sense of dismissal. Ronny shakes his head and finds Paul lounging on the couch and reading a comic. Naomi sat on the arm of the couch, leaning over Paul's shoulder to read along. He approaches the two curiously.

"What comic is that?"

"Angel Diary"

Ronny was fixed with a fascinating glance, "I haven't heard of that one. Please, tell me more!"

Paul goes into a synopsis of the series. Naomi nods at him with agreement; her Pikachu head bobbing along. Ronny loved the new information he was getting; he had to read the series as soon as he could! Paul pauses to see another figure come up; it was Zacharias. Zacharias was dressed impeccably in his uniform; he overheard Paul talking of a familiar comic he knew and had to add his input!

"I couldn't help but hear your conversation. I wanted to add in a few forgotten details you missed, Paul. For instance, Chun-Yoo left because she didn't want to be married off to someone with an ill-imaged appearance, not because of-"

"Zach! Marsha and Blaise are discussin' the menu!" calls out TJ.

"My dearest apologies fellows, but duty calls," he says and walks back to the Burning Rubies. Paul, Naomi, and Ronny watch his retreating figure, and then go back into the comic. Zacharias, instead of heading to the group right away, goes to the bathroom for a confessional.


He waves to the camera. "I am having a marvelous time! It is a shame James is gone; such a fascinating fellow. I would have loved to ask him about his spirits," he looks forlorn for a minute, his big eyes giving off such a sad kicked puppy-like expression, "A sad loss to a missed opportunity."

He shakes his head and then suddenly a big grin is plastered on his face. "But not to worry telly people, as my attire suggests a new learning opportunity is around the corner; I am really enthused about this kitchen and the machines it holds." He straightens himself out, pushes his glasses back up his nose, "Carpe Diem viewers-"

"COME ON ZACH!" TJ pulls Zach out of the bathroom.


"We're gonna have to time your confessionals Zach! You are gettin' side-tracked easy!" TJ says as she pulls Zach along. Zach, not used to girls…or anyone holding his hand this tight, renders him speechless. TJ takes this as acceptance and continues to the kitchen where they see the host and her partner.

"So that's the menu! I need you guys to split yourself up so some of you will be with Blaise and the main course, and the rest be with me for dessert," Marsha says winking, "Any questions?"

Blaise looked at the Rubies while they stood in front of them.

Yuan dressed sharp in his uniform; he'd be damned if he looked bad in anything!

Freddy grinned excitedly; this would be so much fun!

Tori sighed and shifted behind everyone; she'd wait til everyone chose their side.

Angel was thinking on who to cook under; Blaise did look pretty good in his tight t-shirt…

Adaliah looked warily at the kitchen; if she had to kill someone tonight at least she'd have a proper weapon…

Zacharias's eyes twinkled with excitement at the appliances in the kitchen; oh what he could do with these!

TJ jumped up and down giddily; she got a chance to show off these mad country cooking skills!

Samantha looked timidly at the kitchen, better to be with the hosts in here than with the team alone…

However, none of the Rubies raised their hand. Marsha smiles and says, "Excellent! Once your choices have been made, we shall-" she doesn't get to finish her sentence because her phone begins to ring. She looks at her screen and her eyes widen.

"I'm sorry guys I have to take this call; Blaise, you can handle it right?" Blaise looks at her with a horrified expression and grimaces.

"I will try my best, Marsh. Don't be gone too long." She nods not even looking at him and stalks off to the state room.

Tori, Adaliah, Freddy, and Samantha started working on a two-layer chocolate fudge cake with white chocolate chips and sugar cookies. Tori gathered the ingredients for Adaliah to mix. Freddy and Samantha poured the mixtures into various pans and started the ovens.

Angel, Zacharias, TJ, and Yuan weren't doing so well with the main course…

"For God's sakes just get the ingredients you imbecile!"

"Who in the hell do you think you're calling an imbecile you low class pest!"

"Ooooo what does this do?" a hand reaches towards a machine.

"Can't we all just get along?! We gotta make this meal –

"ZACHARIAS GET AWAY FROM THAT BLENDER!" yells a frustrated Blaise. Zacharias's hand stopped midway from the blender. Angel and Yuan were glaring at each other. TJ looked at everyone with wide, wild eyes. Blaise rubs his eyes and sighs.

"Listen up, and I do mean all of you," He says glaring at Yuan, "Angel, you will be preparing the food; Zacharias, you will put everything in the oven; TJ you're gonna put everything on the plates….and watch Zacharias with a very close eye." TJ salutes and bounces to Zacharias. "Yuan…you're gathering the food. It's obvious you can't cooperate with these three to save your life."

Yuan glares at them and looks back at Blaise grudgingly, "Fine," he bites out.

"Now does everyone have that clear to them now? Alright then, let's get to work."

This time, it went smoothly, except for the occasional glare and Zacharias trying to meddle with the appliances. Marsha came back with a huge grin on her face, then it falls slightly seeing Blaise's irritated expression. Her lip starts to twitch as she tries to fight back a laugh.

"I see everything has gone well while I had to take the call."

"Yeah, it was just fabulous. Who called?"

Marsha smirks as she looks at Blaise, "Aunt Liz. Our next challenge has changed slightly."

Blaise's eyes widen, "She's going to be there? I haven't seen her in a year!"

"Ahem, we kinda need you guys in here!" exclaims TJ as she pries Zacharias's hand from the garbage disposal. "But it is so fascinating! Cease this pulling TJ!"

Angel hides a laugh behind a wooden spoon and Yuan looks at them in disgust. Blaise sighed at Marsha, "We'll finish this after dinner." Marsha nods and heads to the dessert team, who seemed to have everything under control.

Proud, she says, "Wow! I'm very impressed with you guys."

"As long as I'm not close to the stalking artist then I'm good," says Adaliah pointing towards Yuan with a cake knife.

Tori gave a faint smile, "Thank you."

Samantha's cheeks redden and she stutters, "T-Thank you Marsha."

Freddy grins big and says, "I'm glad you like it! These hands have mastered the art of fast paced movement."

Marsha chuckles, "I'm sure of that. If you guys need anything at all, I'm right here." The four heads nod at her and get back to work.

Back with the Iced Diamonds, Cole approaches Ronny, Naomi, and Paul. The three were so engrossed in their comic they hadn't noticed him.

"Hey um guys…GUYS!"

This startles the three. Naomi is the first one to notice Cole and laughs, "My bad Cole! You'd think I wouldn't be scared so easily with all the horror games I play."

"No problem, I just figured I could hang with y'all."

"Since Samantha is cooking huh?" Naomi says wagging her eyebrows at him. Cole scratches the back of his head and clears his throat. Naomi laughs while Paul and Ronny share a look of amusement.

"Something like that, do you mind?" he says gesturing to the empty spot on the couch.

"Not at all; I'd like to hear about some of your skating adventures," says Ronny.

Cole shrugs, "Not a problem, as long as you guys can tell me something about y'all."

The three smile and nod at him, and he begins the tale of his many skating adventures. After he finished one, Naomi exclaimed, "Oh my stars! That sounded like something from Tony Hawk's Underground 2!"

"How many games have you played?" asked Paul; Ronny and Cole anticipated her answer. Cole because he hasn't heard of a girl playing Tony Hawk and Ronny because he's curious. Naomi looked at them sheepishly and shrugs, "I don't know. I never kept count." They all cracked up.

Laura and Sabrina were both chatting, examining the models inside of a magazine.

"Her boobs are definitely fake; no one's boobs are that perfect in a swimsuit." Laura says looking down slightly at hers; she needs a boob job and soon. Sabrina scoffs, "Please, big breast aren't the best things out there. They're an imbalance to have a perfect posture. For example, my breasts aren't as big and I am still a beauty of perfection."

"Yes you are sweetheart; and I must say, you both are perfection to me," says Jacque as he winks at the two. He casually sits in his seat and reclines, a smirk on his face. Sabrina looks at him with disgust; Laura gives him an once-over and meets his eyes. He sends another wink and she rolls her eyes.

In the front, Alice looks from her fellow teammates to the window. She sighs as she looks at the white clouds forming in the sky like cotton candy. She closes her fists on her sleeves, careful to miss the fresh wounds around her wrist. Robin sits across from her and frowns; he doesn't know what caused her to look like this again, but he was determined not to let it happen again. The cards forgotten in his hand, he leans back in his seat and looks up at the ceiling, forming a plan in his head.

Cole was the first one to smell the aroma from the kitchen. Soon, the Burning Rubies come out with platters on their hands. Samantha and Tori held glasses on their platters as they passed them to each of the Diamonds. Samantha handed Cole his glass, their hands touched, and she walked away with her cheeks a pink color. Tori gives Paul a small smile when she gives him his glass; this causes Paul to slightly blush and smile back. Cole laughs at the two as Angel walked out with soup bowls full of spices and chicken. She reaches Jacque and gives him his broth. He reaches for her arms and gives her a smirk.

"I could get used to this sweetheart…you giving me what I want." He pulls her down to him and whispers in her ear, "And I could give you something in return." Angel looked him in his eyes and says, "Don't let the sweet face fool you 'sweetheart'. You do not want to mess with me."

"I intend to," he says. Angel stands back up and walks away from him; Jacque watching her hips sway as she walks off. TJ held on to Zacharias as he tried to balance his platter. She giggles as she watched him struggle to give everyone their Fillet Mignon. Ronny accepts it gratefully and smiles at the two. TJ grabbed his platter before it could fall.

"Lookie here Zach, I will hold the platters and you give em to everybody, okay?"

"That sounds like a reasonable request." Their little system works well for them as they give the Fillet Mignons to everyone. Yuan plastered a fake smile as he served everyone their buttered bread sticks. Inside, he cringed as he had to lower himself to serving these ingrates. He passes Adaliah, who was coming with sugar cookies, and gives her a leering wink.

Adaliah glares and sneers at Yuan as he passes. She held her platter and head with dignity as she serves the cookies on a separate plate. The sweet, baking smell erupting from the cookies gave her some peace…only some. Freddy walks out with the flare of a runway. He hands the Diamonds their two-layer fudge cake with white chocolate chips. The chips sit casually on top of the creamy and smooth texture of the fudge and chocolate beneath it. Naomi bowed her head playfully as Freddy made it to her seat. He bowed back and placed his cake beside her.

Marsha and Blaise walked out behind the Rubies, talking quietly among themselves. They stopped and looked at everyone enjoying their food. Marsha claps her hands to get their attention.

"For the first elimination, the Burning Rubies did a great job cooking dinner and dessert. Once you all are done, the Rubies will collect your dishes and it will be the end for tonight. Until tomorrow my contestants, enjoy your night!" Blaise looked as if he were about to say something.

"No Blaise, no cake," she says. Blaise pouts, causing some of the girls to giggle, and follows her to the stateroom. Laura narrows her eyes; she will find some dirt on that host!

Blaise leaned on the door, "What did she say?"

Marsha lay down on her back on the bed, "She called for a visit. She heard that I was hosting the show now and wanted to see me. Since we were already going in that direction, I thought it was a nice fit."

"You do realize the challenge is completely different from what it was going to be right."

Marsha waves it off, "Details. I got this Blaise; I think some of the passengers are going to love it."

"Of course they will like it; you're making the challenges not Chris."

"You get to wear your special suit too!" Blaise's grey eyes sparkled with excitement. He jumps on the bed, flipping Marsha off of it.


The Burning Rubies gathered everyone's plates and went off to clean them. TJ and Angel kept an eye on Zacharias, making sure he doesn't mess with anything. Yuan leaned causally on the counter, watching everyone else do the work. He catches Adaliah's cold glare and heads to the sink; no use angering one of his muses, he needs that alliance. Tori and Samantha wash dishes comfortably with each other; Samantha hums a tune and Tori bobbed her head to it. Freddy made a beat to her humming; sweeping around the kitchen. The three laugh as they make the melody.

The Iced Diamonds wait patiently for the others to finish; Ronny slightly disappointed they turned down his offer to help…again.

Cole was having an inner battle with himself; he didn't know to tell Robin now, or wait until the challenge. He might have time alone with him since the teams will be separated during challenges; but delaying it could make it worse…he made a decision.

While everyone else heads off to sleep, Alice quietly slips off to herself. She lifts her sleeve and traces her fresh wounds. The ugly red lines mock her existence. A single tear falls on her cuts; the trail lined on her face. She stifles a sob as metal meets skin; she must not feel pain. All the while not seeing a black haired beauty, who was watching her silently.


"I didn't think Alice was a cutter," says Tori, "Nor did I think she was this sad. Maybe I'm not alone after all…"


The morning arose with grace; shining in the windows of the jet. Angel woke up first; the sun bringing out the turquoise of her sleeping shirt. She stretched lazily, and looked out the window. She sees the fields of green down below, rows of hills. She sighed blissfully as she recounts the fields of London outside her home. She frowns as she thinks of the times she had to spend alone in those fields, except for her servants. Looking closer, she sees something familiar about these hills. Its textures and colors reminded her of Arthur's Seat…

Her eyes widened when she figured out they were in Scotland! Her suspicions were confirmed when Marsha burst in the room.

"Good Morning my contestants! We have made it into the Athens of the North, Edinburgh!"

The contestants rise up grudgingly and look out of the windows. Passing Arthur's seat, they pass the Edinburgh Castle, the various museums, and the city's buildings. They land at the airport, wondering where they were going in the city. Blaise comes out shirtless, stretching out lazily. This causes the girls to stare at his abs. Marsha rolls her eyes and begins to speak.

"We're here for two main reasons: one, is for your challenge; two, is to visit my aunt."

"What is our challenge?'' asks Naomi.

"And who is your aunt?" asks Sabrina.

"Your challenge will be fully described at the destination. And who my aunt is, is none of my business." She replies. Naomi nods and Sabrina pouts.

"But I can say your challenge will be quite fanciful! So bring your best formal wear, and look your best. The drivers will take you to our destination, and Blaise and I will meet you there." Marsha says as she pushes Blaise back into the room.

The teams get dressed, gather their formal clothes, and head out of the jet. Outside waiting for them were four limousines. Two limos had a ruby on the doors and the other two had a diamond on the doors.

The teens get into the limos and they are driven to their destination. The ride there was actually peaceful; they were too busy looking at the scenery. Moments passed by as they make it to a huge gate, past the gate was a large entryway. In the middle was a large fountain; the yard was huge with very green grass and gardens surrounding the area. The place was like a castle. Naomi looked at it with excitement; it reminded her of the layout in Call of Duty; Ghosts. Their drivers come to a halt and open up their doors; They walk through the open doors to see a grand staircase.

The teens look up to see Marsha in a royal blue sundress that hugged her curves. She stood in 4 inch blue stiletto heels beside Blaise. Blaise was dressed sharply in his grey silk button down shirt and black, creased slacks. He wore expensive leather dress shoes and a black suit jacket lay folded on his arm. Marsha smiled at the teens and began to speak.

"Welcome to Holyrood Palace! We were invited today by my Aunt Liz for her annual dinner and ball. And that, ladies and gentlemen, will be your challenge. Both teams will be at dinner and the ball at the same time. The team that impresses my aunt the most will be declared the winner."

"Each team will split up into their rooms and will prepare for dinner and the ball. There will be some people that might come into the rooms and help you prepare, so don't be afraid. This will be the last we will see you all before dinner; so practice your manners and good luck to both teams; dinner will begin at 8:00," says Blaise as he turns on his heels and walks up the stairway. Marsha follows after him and looks back at the contestants.

"You think they can do it?"

"After working with some for dinner, not a chance."

The teams are escorted through the Palace and into their rooms in the Northwest Tower; the rooms looked the same. The tapestries and floorings were decorated with scarlet and gold ornate designs. The king size beds were covered in black silk sheets lined with gold. Above the beds were canopies covered in white and gold sheer curtains. The nightstands and drawers were of mahogany wood. Each room had its full-size mirror hanging by the bathroom doors.

The bathroom was similar to the bathroom in the jet; white marble and a full-size, walk-in shower. The main difference was the size, which tripled in comparison. The girls all shared one room; the boys shared another. The escorts bow and walk out of the rooms, leaving the two teams alone.

"Now this is fit for a queen! Like me," says Sabrina as she puts her formal wear down on her bed. Adaliah scoffs and walks over to her bed. Sabrina narrows her eyes, "Got a problem freak?"

Adaliah's eyes narrow, "Actually I do. I have a problem with a little girl who has a stick so far up her butt that if it were to go any farther, her neck would grow."

Behind them, Naomi and Angel giggle. Sabrina looks back at Adaliah with a similar glare, "Why don't you solve it then you ugly b-"Adaliah has her hand on Sabrina's throat before she could finish.

"Since everyone here is wishing you would shut up, I'm going to do it for them," she pushes her down, watching Sabrina cough; "You're not worth it. And by the way, prepare to lose to this freak." And Adaliah stalks off to the bathroom; moments later running water could be heard.

Samantha and Tori look at each other with concern; Laura pouts about the fact she didn't go into the bathroom first; Alice looks far off into the windows, not caring about what just transpired; Angel watches the conflict with an amused expression; TJ hides a grin behind her hair; and Naomi laughs out loud infront of everyone.

"And she thought my Mortal Kombat was bad!" Naomi couldn't stop laughing. Her laugh being so infectious, everyone else joins in…except for Sabrina, who glares holding her throat.

The boys were getting along fairly well. Ronny and Zacharias were in a very detailed discussion about Edinburgh and its many cultures and interesting facts. Paul and Freddy were taking turns on a PSP video game; Jacque placed his black duffle bag from anyone's vision and proceeded to 'inspect' the gold in the room. Yuan, not wanting to associate himself with the lower class, he rushed to the bathroom, also to be prepared for the challenge. Cole pulled Robin aside from the others. Robin looked at him curiously.

"What's the matter Cole? Whatever it is, you can tell me."

"It's not about me, it's about one of our teammates," he says. Robin looked at him sharply, his concern flooding through his gaze.

"Who? What's going on?" he asks firmly. Cole sighed; this was not going to be easy.

"Well…I was by the bathroom and I heard this confessional from Alice…" Cole proceeded to tell Robin what all he heard, and Robin nodded appropriately; his previous plan being altered.

A woman appears into the girls' room. She was an elder woman, a stern look on her aristocratic features. Her blue eyes pierced everyone with her glare. She scans the room in a slow motion; not a single blonde hair out of its tight bun place. Her gaze rests on Adaliah, who just came out of the bathroom in her formal wear. Adaliah's tall frame was graced in a tight black dress, the top coloring showing a dark green in the light. Her simple black heels graced her feet as the woman approached her.

The woman gingerly touches Adaliah's face and whispers, "What a waste of beauty. I shall make something of you yet!" Adaliah fixes the woman with a hard stare and an eyebrow raised; inside she was blushing like a mad idiot. The woman turned back to the mixed looks she was given by the rest of the girls.

"Don't just stand there; GET DRESSED! I will be here to make sure you ladies leave with at least one presentable bone in your body," she barks. The other girls scramble to change into their formal wear. The woman turns back to Adaliah.

"Now my sweet, my name is Meredith. Let's do something with your hair shall we?" and Meredith guides Adaliah to a vanity. Seeing that part of it is shaved, Meredith parts it in the middle; this evens out her waist length hair.

"I love the length, maybe your hair color won't be a problem." She twirls her hair into tight rollers and looks at her face.

"Your piercings will have to go and I can cover these scars for the night," and Meredith picks up a brush and concealer; covering up her scars. Adaliah sits still in front of her; daring not to move as Meredith takes out her piercing. Meredith turns her towards the mirror and Adaliah gasps.

Her face hasn't looked this flawless since she was little. None of her scars could be seen; as if by magic. Her large, purple eyes stood out even more on her face. She blinked away any tears before she dared let them fall. She looked into Meredith's warm blue eyes.

"Thank you," she whispered. Meredith nods and gives her a small smile. Meredith quickly frowns and turns to an empty room.

"Hurry up ladies! I must prepare you for dinner!" she yells and the bathroom door bursts open. Sabrina comes out first with a superior look on her face. Angel comes out behind her, her lips formed into a thin line. TJ and Naomi bounce out laughing about something. Samantha walks out shyly looking at Meredith with wonder. Alice and Tori give each other a look; Alice knows that Tori has seen her secret. Laura is the last one to exit out of the bathroom; looking quite peeved. All of them line up in front of Meredith; looking at Adaliah with envy, admiration, and astonishment.

Meredith eyes the girls' different colored dresses and sighed; she had her work cut out for her.

"Alright dears, time to dress like royalty."

The boys' door opens up to show a tall, regal man that's age could not be determined. His face showed no wrinkles, but his hair was as white as a cloud; it was slicked back. His dark brown eyes swept through the room of boys. Most of them looked back at the man with curiosity; others could care less. The man strides to the boys; and stands in front of them with perfect posture.

"I am Reginald; I am here to assist you gentlemen with your formal wear," he says, "So if you wouldn't mind as to get dressed."

Freddy ran for the bathroom door, only for it to hit his face as Yuan pushes it open. Freddy falls to the floor with a thud. Ronny and Robin rush to Freddy's aid. Jacque laughs at Freddy's expense and Cole frowns at him. Zacharias scratches his head and heads to the bathroom. Paul looked concerned; but tried his hardest not to laugh. Reginald sighed and shook his head.

Moments later…

Reginald stood in the same position as each boy came out in their best formal wear. Reginald was very impressed with Yuan's ensemble. Yuan wore a black, Victorian waist-coat and matching pants, an ensemble embroidered with red thread and dressed with bronze buttons. He dons black loafers and white gloves on his hands. His hair has red and bronze streaks at its tips in his Victorian ponytail.

Yuan catches his eye and smirks; of course he looked like he usually did, which was above everyone in this room. He keeps his head held high as Reginald begins to assist the others. Yuan's eyes gleamed with victory; there was no way his team would lose tonight.

Marsha and Blaise sat at the end of the table of in the dining hall. The room was decorated with colors of cream and peach. The tapestries hung over wide, open windows; walls decorated with portraits of important leaders. A small chandelier hung over the table; the table long enough to seat thirty people. Marsha wore a black formfitting, strapless dress. A simple opal necklace hung low above the sweetheart neckline, drawing eyes to her bust. Her legs are crosses to show a slit on her right side. She rocks her sleek black heels back and forth as she runs her hands through her tight curls.

Blaise chuckled at her impatience. He fixed the cuffs off of his white suit jacket. Underneath his jacket was a white collared shirt beneath a scarlet vest. His white slacks were pleated neatly covering red leather shoes. His blond hair hung loose in a sultry way. His grey eyes sparkled as Marsha tapped on the table persistently.

"Is Aunt Liz going to be joining us for dinner?" asked Blaise.

"No, she'll be arriving for the ball. She already had dinner with the family. I spent the hour with her before I met you in here," she replied.

"Lucky," Blaise mutters. Marsha shoved at him lightly, glad to waste the time instead of waiting. The two see Meredith walk into the dining room with a small on her face.

"May I present, the females of the Iced Diamonds and Burning Rubies," she announces. As the girls walked in, Meredith mouthed "I did what I could."

Laura strutted in first. She wore a simple red dress that reached mid-thigh. Her red stilettos made her legs stretch for miles. The ponytail she usually wore was gone; in its place was smooth black cascading waves.

Adaliah walks in behind her in black dress and dark green top. Her blue and purple streaked hair were bouncing in large curls. Her face showed no emotion, but her eyes gave away her hidden excitement.

Tori comes in after her in a flowing, floor length silver dress. The dress sparkled with each step of her flats' movement. A thin black tie wrapped around her waist. Her hands folded in front of her were dressed in elbow-length black gloves. A black necklace hung around her neck. Her hair stayed in her black waves; the only difference is that her white bang was hung back into a hump.

Sabrina came in after Tori in a superior aura. She donned a red dress and red heels. She wore bright red lipstick; her lips showing no smile whatsoever. Her usual icy blonde bun disappeared; it now is layered straight.

Naomi made her dramatic entrance with a little black short-sleeved dress. Instead of the classic heels or flats, Naomi donned black hightops on her feet. Marsha seen this and couldn't help but giggle at her antics. Naomi's raven hair remained in shiny waves.

Samantha walked behind Naomi in a long sleeved purple dress that has horizontal black stripes along the bottom of the dress which ends mid thigh. She walked surprisingly well in her purple ankle boots. Her usual caramel curls were tightened into ringlets.

Alice walked out looking quite the angelic beauty. She wore a white, long-sleeved gown. The bodice consisted of a cream corset that laced in the back; designed with pearls. The bottom flows down straight, slightly covering her white flats. Raven black hair was tied in a bun, small ringlets framing her face.

Angel walked gracefully out in her royal blue gown. The dress was similar to a halter top in the front. The back, however, was open. She wore crystal blue heels and her hair was knotted into a tight french braid.

TJ definitely stood out. Meredith fought tooth and nail with her outfit, but lost with an understanding. TJ came out in a red long-sleeved button-down tucked into fitted Wrangler jeans and her newly polished cowboy boots. Her wheat-blonde hair was braided into a french braid. She grinned as she walked behind the rest of the girls, proud of her appearance; these fancy folk gone love her this way or no way!

Meredith bowed as the girls lined up by the wall. Reginald walked through the doorway right after the girls lined up.

"I present to you, the males of the Iced Diamonds and Burning Rubies," announced Reginald and the boys begin to walk through.

Paul was the first one to walk out. He wore a black suit coat over a white collared shirt. He donned a cyan tie around his shirt and white dress pants with black vertical stripes. Black dress shoes were on his feet as he walked to the opposite walls of the girls. His blonde hair was slicked to the back.

Ronny came out in a steampunk ensemble: the suit coat and pants. Leather boots were on his feet; while a top hat, goggles wrapped around the base, was worn proudly on his head. The hat was slanted to give the final effect on his shaggy hair.

Cole came out more laid back. He wore a simple black tuxedo with black dress shoes. Lacking a hat, his aqua hair was groomed into a shaggy hairstyle.

Robin walked out confidently in his purple button up with the first two buttons down; the sleeves are rolled up to the elbows. He wore grey slacks, secured by a black belt; and black dress shoes caressed his feet. His usually messy and undone dark brown hair was slicked back.

Freddy came strutted out in his brown suit. A black bow-tie graced his neck collar; a black top hat stood proudly on top of his gelled up brown hair. Black shoes donned his feet as he made it to the other boys.

Yuan came out gracefully in his Victorian outfit. His white gloves clasped behind his Victorian waistcoat as he walked in swift stride.

Jacque walked out looking very presentable. He wore a black vest over a red long sleeved dress shirt with black pants. Black shoes were worn on his fit as he walked towards the others.

Zacharias walked awkwardly since he was the last one to be seen. His cane helped with making the awkward walk look natural. He wore a red silk shirt, tucked into black pants. White gloves gripped the cane as a cape billowed behind his strides. He walked to the end of the line as Reginald bowed towards the end. Marsha stands up and walks in between the boys' and girls' lines.

"Thank you Meredith; and thank you Reginald. I appreciate you both for your help.," she says as the two walk off into another room. Marsha looks from the boys and the girls and begins to speak.

"I do hope you all love your rooms. You all look rather dashing tonight; and yes, even you, TJ," she says as TJ's cheek catch a pink tint, "We're going to start off with a relaxing dinner. Your judges will be arriving for the ball; and you won't know who they are. There will be a plethora of important figures here tonight so be on your best behavior. Then again, that's the whole point of the challenge, right?" she says with a shrug.

"Now is your time to get your royal faces on and prepare for the ball; good luck and let's eat!" Marsha turns to the sitting Blaise who claps his hands twice. Upon hearing the claps, several men and women exit out of one of the other doors with trays. On top of the trays were creamy Scottish smoked venison studded leek tarts, a well-flavoured macaroni cheese with mushroom and dill and filled Perthshire baked potatoes. Wine glasses could be seen with what looked like champagne; but due to their ages, it was only sparkling cider.

"Since Marsha has conveniently forgotten to mention this; your seats all have your team logos on them, so you will be sitting with your team," says Blaise while Marsha sticks her tongue out at him. The teams split to their respected seats and the food begins to be distributed.

Naomi takes her seat across from Freddy, who waggles his eyebrows with excitement. She smirks and raises her glass to her fellow competitor.

Zacharias stares in wonder at the paintings around the room and other ancient artifacts. TJ looks at him curiously and he goes into a full-blown history lecture of the artifacts in the room.

Laura, who was sitting across from the two, rolled her eyes. Sabrina ,sitting on the right side of Laura, huffed that the attention wasn't all on her and her outfit.

Jacque inspected the wine glass in his hand; sneaking a look at the ever observing Angel through his glass. Angel swept through the group with a smile on her face, until she met Jacque's eye. Her smile wavered slightly; her eyes narrowed. She quickly remade her face as Jacque smirked.

Paul talked animatedly with Ronny and Cole, since we was seated in between the two. Ronny began to talk about the culture in Edinburgh and other various facts about Holyrood Palace. Cole sits back listening intently until he sees small movement from the corner of his eye. He shifts his eyes to see Samantha giving him a small wave. He smiles back at her and winks playfully; Samantha looks down quickly as her cheeks redden. Cole looks back to Ronny and Paul with an amused smile on his face.

Yuan sits up and begins to dig into his meal with proper etiquette. He properly thanks the men and women and eats the food in pure bliss; this was within his element! He doesn't care about these wannabes; he has pure confidence in his team tonight, especially his dark muse. When he seen Adaliah in that line he couldn't help but think of her as a canvas; a fresh painting wanting to be repainted. He turns to catch her eye, which she begins to move her seat away from him. He chuckles darkly, he will have his dark muse.

Adaliah scowled at Yuan and moved her seat closer to Tori, who looked at her with an eyebrow raised. Tori looked past Adaliah to see Yuan and hid a smile; would he ever learn?

Alice sipped her cider looking every other way but at Robin. She noticed Cole gave her a pitying glance and she couldn't help but feel slightly panicky; what does he know? Robin placed a hand on Alice's shoulder and whispers, "Breathe Alice, everything will be fine." He gives her an encouraging smile as her shoulders began to relax.

Marsha and Blaise were bickering over the last piece of tart on Marsha's plate.

"Please Marsh?"

"No, it's mine."



"Oh come on-"

"Not gonna happen!" and Marsha sticks the tart in her mouth She grins victoriously as Blaise sends her a glare halfheartedly.

Later that evening...

Meredith walks over to the pair while the teams are enjoying their dinner.

"The guests have arrived Madame Marsha," Meredith says. Marsha looks up at her with warm eyes.

"Haven't I told you and your husband to just call me Marsha. I haven't heard that name since Chris and I were little," she replies. Meredith chuckles at her, "And I told you darling, old habits die hard." Marsha grins at her and begins to stand.

"I do hope you loved the dinner tonight; but there is still more to come. The rest of the party have arrived; so I'd like for you to follow Reginald and Meredith into the ballroom."

The teens begin to rise and follow Meredith and Reginald out of the Royal Dining Room into another. The room expanded to fit over three houses; Roman styled columns in the corners. The ceilings and walls are designed in gold and bronze intricate lines. Important figures held promptly in portraits around the room. Several tables were lined up with ice sculptures, wine glasses, and sandwich platters. A large chandelier hung proudly in the center of the ornate floor. It dangled seductively with diamonds glinting in the light.

Marsha and Blaise come up behind the teens; reminiscing smiles on their faces.

"Goodness! I haven't been in this place in forever! I do hope you guys will enjoy yourselves, and remember, show your royal side!" Marsha exclaims as one of the servers from dinner stands at the door. He begins to announce names of important figures as the teens look at them with amazement. Angel nods at each of them because they are very familiar to her. Yuan bows as they pass and the others smile and nod. Ronny listens to the names; greedily taking the information in. This was an amazing experience. Zacharias looked just about the same as Ronny; the only difference is he already knew these people, but he had never met any of them until now!

Beethoven's classics begin to play as the dukes and duchess begin to dance together. Marsha and Blaise head to the middle of the dance floor and begin the waltz. Freddy walks over to Naomi and bows respectively.

"My dear, would you care to take my hand in this dance?" Freddy extends his hand and smiles playfully. Naomi grins and places her hand into his.

"I would be honored, kind sir." and the two proceed to the dance floor.

"That's the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. And over there is the Duke of York. And standing by the drinks is the Her Royal Highness Princess Royal." explains Zacharias to Ronny, Paul, and TJ. All listen intently, even if Paul and TJ didn't know where those places are. Yuan walked through the crowd, bowing respectively and nodding politely at the Royal Families. He edged his way to the ice sculptures where Adaliah was casually leaning against the table. He bowed in front of her and she raised an eyebrow.

"Proper etiquette for the ballroom states that a lady should not attend a public ball without an escort, nor should she promenade the ball room alone; in fact, no lady should be left unattended. So would you care to dance with me?"

Adaliah narrows her eyes and gives him a smirk, "My response to your etiquette would be this; If a gentleman, without proper introduction, should ask a lady with whom he is not acquainted to dance or promenade, the lady should positively refuse." And she secretly flips him off and walks away.

"But that wasn't polite!" Yuan regains his composure and walks to greet other Royals. Cole was in the middle of the dancefloor twirling Samantha in the dance. Samantha hadn't ever felt like this; she felt like a true princess dancing with her prince. She blushed at the thought of Cole being her prince. She looked up to see his leaf green eyes staring at her with so much warmth. She had to look down at the floor again. Cole lifted her chin and smiled at her. Samantha smiled softly, her cheeks turning the shade of tomatoes. Cole dipped her and laced her into the waltz.

"You are quite the dancer, Cole."

"I've skated so much, it's all in the footwork," he responds. Samantha giggles as Cole twirls her again.

Robin holds Alice in a comforting distance. They dance respectively in a comfortable silence until Robin speaks.

"I heard of your confessional," he says. Alice stiffens and a realization dawned on her; Cole's pitying glance.

"It's none of your business."

"As your friend it is my business. I am here for you Alice, and I am not giving up on you; you have to face that you have a friend on your side now." He smiles as Alice begins to relax.

"I don't want to feel any more pain; it's all my fault." Robin lifts her chin and smiles at her; his eyes set with sternness.

"You don't have feel pain, and it's not your fault. I am here." And he hugs her tightly, "No more cutting." He couldn't feel in, but Alice slowly nodded to herself.

Angel chats with the Duchess of Cornwall when Jacque approaches her. He holds a hand out with a smirk.

"Care for a dance?" Angel rolls her eyes.

"I'm going to have to decline."

"How about an alliance?" This catches Angel's interest, not to Jacque's knowledge.

"Tell me more."

Tori dances with the Prince of Wales when she overhears Laura's and Sabrina's conversation.

"Who does Marsha think she is? Like she actually has been here before," says Laura.

"Exactly! Out of all of the royalty here, none of them have given me the time of day! They all want that priss of a host," she grumbles.

"I don't see the appeal, I have more than her any day," Laura says glancing down at her breasts. Sabrina nods in agreement.

"And who is supposed to be her 'Aunt Liz' anyway? I bet she's nothing but an old coot maid here," states Sabrina. Laura agrees and grabs another glass. Sabrina dusts off her dress and begins to walk away.

"I'm going to the bathroom, if I can fine the stupid thing- EXCUSE ME LADY, COULD YOU MOVE!" bellows Sabrina. Laura hides a laugh as the elder woman looks at Sabrina with astonishment. Sabrina turns up her nose and walks away. Tori shakes her head and politely leaves the dance with the Prince of Wales; she heads to Laura.

"Do you know who Sabrina just yelled at?" she asked Laura. Laura shrugged nonchalantly, "Not a clue, why?"

"I was just wondering," Alice responds. Laura rolls her eyes and says, "Then see ya!" And she shoos her away. Tori walks away with a small smirk; idiots.

The night ended in a joyous occasion. The Royal Family begin to leave, all nodding and shaking Marsha's and Blaise's hands. The two nod and smile back, replying that it was good to see them again. Some of the family stayed behind, the teens guessed they were the judges of the evening. Tori sees the elder woman Sabrina yelled at and smirked, this was going to be good. Marsha walked in front of the teens and Blaise folded his hands behind his back.

"Tonight was an amazing evening passengers. I hope you had a good time, but alas, one team stood out the most. The losers of tonight will cater to the winners in the morning instead of dinner, but we will stay the night in the palace. Aunt Liz, can you please step up?"

The elder, regal woman stood in a fine yellow gown. She donned white gloves and a red and blue sash. She wore a small crown on her head as she smiled at Marsha.

"I would like to formally introduce my aunt Liz. This is Queen Elizabeth II; she may not be my real aunt, but Chris, Blaise, and I grew up here with here while our parents were in this very palace working alongside with her." Sabrina gulped and swore under her breath; she messed up big time.

"My aunt has given me her opinion of individuals tonight. TJ, Adaliah, Naomi, and Yuan; you four were her favorites." the four smile and bow their heads, "As for her least favorite, that goes to the contestant who decided to yell and insult her: Sabrina." Marsha glared at Sabrina with dangerous, burning eyes.

The Iced Diamonds glared in Sabrina's direction, they knew what was coming next.

"So that means the Burning Rubies have won the challenge!" Blaise exclaimed, knocking Marsha out of her reverie. He hands the Diamonds the tablets to vote on who to eliminate; which took no time. He collected the tablets and tallied up the votes.

"I'm sad to say that the person leaving us tonight will be Sabrina. I guess insulting royalty was the best thing to do tonight in a royal challenge." Marsha hits him on the head for the bad pun.

"Sabrina, an escort is here to take you to the airport and take you home." Marsha directs her to the escort with forced resistance; she really wanted to just throw the girl in a column.

The rest of you head to your rooms and call it a night; we shall see you in the morning," replies Blaise as Queen Elizabeth II bids the teens goodnight. The Burning Rubies walk up the stares with victorious smiles. The Iced Diamonds walk to their rooms with disappointment. Marsha and Blaise bid Aunt Liz goodnight and she leaves with Meredith and Reginald. Marsha and Blaise walk up to their rooms; another night done.

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