Total Drama Paradise

Wait Til the Jailbird Sings

The night was spent wonderfully for each team; The Rubies basked in their victory and the Diamonds felt better that Sabrina was gone. Marsha mentioned to them that their bathrooms had cameras for their confessionals, so TJ walked into the girls' bathroom first.


"Yeehaw! We won our very first challenge! All because that Sabrina yelled at the sweet queen. I always heard that kings and queens were stuffy, but maybe was really nice! She reminds me of my meemaw, but without the sugar cookie smell *giggles* I can't wait to tell everyone back home about meeting her! I MET THE QUEEN Y'ALL *grinning big*"


She walked out and right into Naomi. Naomi got up first, securing her Pikachu hat on her head. She holds her hand out to TJ, who accepts it gratefully.

"Careful there soldier!" Naomi says playfully. TJ laughs and replies, "Yessir!" Naomi smiles and heads into the bathroom.


"That challenge was so cool-it was like a fancy Just Dance or something, but without scoring and awesome music. The fact that the Queen liked me was so cool! It's the freaking QUEEN! *gasping and covers her mouth with excitement* The best part was that Freddy asked me to dance! *squeals* I mean….uh…. ahem so Sabrina's gone now! That's good. She doubted my moves, and Mortal Kombat always brings the fatalities! *grins and folds her arms* Another thing! Can Cole and Samantha get together any slower!? I mean, it's obvious dude! JUST TELLL HER YA LIKE HER!" *grins mischievously and rubs her hands together* "This calls for a Kingdom Hearts romance push!"


Naomi exits out and gives Samantha a knowing smile. Samantha looks slightly confused and walks towards the bathroom, looking back at Naomi.


"*sighs dreamily, clasping her hands together romantically* Wasn't that just the greatest challenge?" She asks the camera rhetorically. "The Queen was just astonishing to look at, so beautiful, and dancing was really fun too! *blushing* It was fun getting dolled up too," She adds with a thoughtful smile, "All the girls looked beautiful, but Adaliah was breath-taking. She's always beautiful, even with her scars and piercings; but she looks sad and unhappy and angry. Tonight she looked happy and I was glad for her! *smiling* Besides, now that Sabrina's gone, we has a little less conflict on the show. No offense to her, but she could be a bit mean and, well…that was the Queen she insulted; so I guess she ultimately deserved it…" She looks a little concerned in the camera, "Why did Naomi give me that look?"


Samantha walked out of the bathroom quietly and went to her temporary bed. She closed her eyes and silently counted sheep before dozing off. Tori and Alice were sitting on the bed to the right of Samantha. Tori sat cross-legged facing Alice. Alice squirmed slightly under her scrutinizing gaze.

"I know how you feel, you're not alone." Alice stopped squirming and looked at Tori with alarm. Tori smiled softly at her.

"Your scarring, the mutilation. I know how you feel. I may not have the scars, but I intended to make them. It's not my place; however, you need to listen to me: Robin can help you."

"You're right, it's not your place," states Alice. Tori looks down slightly, but sees a small smile on Alice's face.

"But that doesn't mean I won't listen…thank you," Alice whispers. Tori smiles and excuses herself to the bathroom.


"Alice's shell is beginning to break. I don't know what happened during the challenge, but it helped. Paul looked nice…must have been the cyan. *Taps her chin* Sabrina wasn't very bright was she? Who insults anyone at a ball. I mean seriously, basically everyone there is important. *shakes her head* Idiot. Laura better watch out, she could be next." She gives the camera a ghostly smirk and waves at the camera.


Tori walked out to see Alice had fallen asleep. She heads to her own bed and places her favorite earbuds in her head. She nods asleep as Illuminated by Hurts plays on repeat. Angel sits up straight in her bed, browsing through a book. She glances towards a bored Laura examining her nails and Adaliah sharpening a file…at least it looked like a file. She pondered on who to make her alliance with. Jacque seemed like a nice candidate, especially since she could use him for information of the Diamonds. She needed someone on her team to be on her side, someone unsuspecting. She looked over to the sleeping TJ and smirked.


"I already have TJ around my little finger. She thinks I'm just like my name, which I am, but I know how to stab you right in the back. And I know exactly where to strike where it hurts. Heather thought she knew how to manipulate in the Total Drama series, but you didn't sweetie. I will prove you wrong and show you how it's done." She smirks and winks at the camera.


She smiles reminiscing on her confessional. It's the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Adaliah watches her facial expressions and narrows her eyes. She continues to sharpen her "file" as she watches Angel put down the magazine and go to sleep. Laura sighs as she looks to the ceiling; there's nothing to do! Now that she didn't have someone else to insult others with, she doesn't know how she'll survive. That farty Marsha will have something for them to do that's so embarrassing! To add in the fact that the Queen is her "aunt" is completely disbelieving. Laura huffs and goes to bed, yanking the covers to her chin forcefully.

In the boys' room, Yuan went to sleep first. He claimed he wasn't feeling very well and rushed to his bed. None of the others complained when he dashed to his bed. Robin went to the bathroom first; having heard there was a camera in the bathroom, he wanted to get his thoughts out.


"I am conflicted. Yes, we lost the challenge; and yes, I will now have to play servant to the Revolting Rubies. But we also lost Sabrina. Personally, I think that cancerous tumor is better off gone. She was too much of an instigator to be a true team mate. Speaking of a not-so-true team mate, Jacque better watch himself. I've seen the way he's looked at Alice. She's my friend, and therefore I must protect her from any avoidable harm. Maybe if I help Alice open up socially with the others, I can get more people for said protection…"


Robin exits out with a plan forming in his head; not knowing his plan was already being out into action. He passed Freddy who looked at his faraway-faced friend with concern. He goes into the bathroom, ready to burst out with his confessional.


"Aw man we finally won a challenge! I have to say, it was cool going to a royal ball with actual royalty there. I also got to dance with Naomi *smiles* despite being on different teams. We're are pretty close…" His cheeks slightly redden and he chuckles nervously, scratching the back of his head.


Freddy leaves the bathroom with a lopsided grin on his face. He passes Paul, Ronny, and Cole and flops on his bed; his head planted into the pillow. Paul raised an eyebrow, Ronny looked at him curiously, and Cole shrugged. Cole shifted his attention back to Paul and Ronny.

"I saw you looking at Tori with the Prince of Wales, Paul," Cole says teasingly. Paul's cheeks redden and he looks down sheepishly.

"Was I that obvious?"

"Hardly, I just notice the small things. As a skater, I have to see the small things to keep my board in balance."

"If you notice the small things, then wouldn't you notice the infatuation Samantha has for you?" asked Ronny curiously. Cole scratches the back of his head and laughs.

"Guess you're right about that one dude. I figured I would give her some space ya know, I don't want to seem like I'll push to fast."

"You need to tell her soon, you never know if one of you will be eliminated," reminded Paul.

"True, if I tell Samantha, you need to make a move on Tori."

"Deal," and the two shake hands. Ronny looked at the two amusingly.

"You guys and your relationship dilemmas are entertaining to say the least," he says and the three laugh.


"Am I really that obvious?" asked Cole. He shrugs and leans back, "Oh well, I guess I need to finally make a move…the smooth way." He smirks and leans back casually. "Yea I know, I'm romantic when I wanna be *laughs*"


Cole looks at the others and smiles; a scenario playing in his head. Hopefully he'll enlist the right person to help out in his task. Paul falls into the bathroom after Cole leaves.


"I wonder if I could make a move to Tori. She's so reserved and I hardly express my feelings to girls like this. But the way she moved in her dress, her hair, her smile…*blushes* ahem. She caught my attention. And I'm hitting myself for not asking her to dance. All the while it was a good challenge. So we lost no big deal at least it wasn't me going home. And being a waiter to the other team won't be so bad; at least it'll let me keep an eye on Angel….something about her bugs me. And be with Tori; maybe I could make a move then!" Paul jumps up with newly found energy.


Paul walks out of the bathroom with a victorious smile. He hops into bed after bidding everyone goodnight, and goes to sleep. Soon, everyone else follows suit. The night shelters the boys and girls of Total Drama. Marsha and Blaise, however, were in for a twist.

"Are you sure that it's a good idea to bring them there?" asks Marsha, who was lying on the bed face up. Blaise sits in a chair, his elbows resting on his knees.

"Of course it's a good idea. It'll show what they're really made of this time."

Marsha sighs in defeat, "Fine, I'll call up and make the arrangements." The door opens to another figure in the door.

"For once I'll agree with blondie over there."

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" demands Marsha. Her eyes burn with irritation as she looks at the person standing in the doorway. The person leaned on the door and smirked. Blaise cocked his head to the side casually and looked at the figure.

"I'm surprised they let you past the security check."

The morning came quick for the contestants as they prepared for the day. Some of the Iced Diamonds grumbled as they descended the stairs. Both teams couldn't help but notice Marsha's irritated expression and Blaise looking at something peculiar through the window; the two stood by the door tensely. Reginald and Meredith met the two teams at the end of the stairs with pitiful glances; Laura, not one for silence, decided to break the air.

"What's with the sad faces? Did somebody die?" she says impatiently. Marsha looked up at her with a piercing gaze. Blaise placed a hand on her shoulder to soothe her and responds to Laura.

"No…not yet."

"Madame Marsha, the jet has arrived," announces one of the male workers.

A whistle comes from behind the stairs, "Nice plane, Mom always used to say you could make a statement."

"Everyone, I'm sure you all know my…darling brother Chris," says Marsha; her voice cutting like a machete blade. Chris walks arrogantly to his sister's side and puts an arm around her shoulder. Blaise glares at him.

"Such a surprise welcoming, right? I know it is, because you're all welcoming me," says Chris, "I watched the last episode and I just had to show you all what a real challenge would look like."

Ronny gave Chris a questioning glance.

Paul had concern etched all over his face.

Tori sniffed and turned away.

Alice glared slightly at him.

Naomi leaned forward in a fighting stance.

Freddy folded his arms and raised an eyebrow.

Jacque glared, and then replaced the grimness with a smirk.

Angel hid her frustration behind a small smile.

Robin stood protectively close to his friends.

Cole leaned calmly on the staircase.

Samantha slid stealthily behind Cole, praying Chris has nothing to do with the challenge.

Yuan glared and stuck his chin in the air; a rumble in his stomach prevented him from insulting him.

Adaliah sneered at Chris and hissed.

Zacharias simply shrugged at him.

TJ gave a toothy grin and folded her arms.

Laura glared and was the only one to say something, "Oh hell no!"

Chris glared at her direction, "I see you got the loud mouth still here. You'll be going soon." Laura huffed and continued to glare at him. Marsha, grateful for her contestants, stepped up to say something.

"Now that that's over with, let's board the jet and fly to our next destination. Iced Diamonds, you guys lost so go change into your uniforms and meet us in the jet kitchens." And she walks out of the Palace. Blaise hugs Meredith and Reginald goodbye, giving them love from the frustrated Marsha.

"If you have to, leave him at the next destination," whispered Meredith. Blaise smirked and nodded. Chris pushed in front of the group and strutted to the jet. He didn't make it far because his face landed on the ground. A black heeled boot was put back into place as the group walked over his form. Angel smirked to herself as she walked past Chris. Chris got up quickly and dusted off his clothes, grumbling. Ronny was the last one to leave out when a glint of something flashed in his eye. A crystal shoe stood at the foot of the steps. He picked it up curiously, and decided to take it with him; it's for further inspection after all.

The Iced Diamonds gathered their uniforms and began to change. Ronny was the first to reach the bathroom to recount the night and his recent discovery.


"I really liked the last destination! It was such a cool place! Or should I say Palace?" Ronny shrugs before continuing. "The challenge was fun, all the other contestants looked great! It was awesome to meet so many people! Especially since they were royalty!" Ronny makes an odd face. "I'm not sure, but I think a little girl flirted with me..." Ronny is visibly awkward. "Also a bunch of people stared at my clothes. It's not my fault the only formal clothes that still fit me are from my cousin's Steam-Punk wedding right? Then there was that whole secret passage fiasco, and then the girl walking into the men's bathroom incident... Overall, it was a neat place to visit, of course the stay there was weird, but hay! Weird is what makes life interesting! OH!" Ronny pulls the slip-on shoe made of glass out of his bag. "I also found THIS on the front steps of the building! I wonder who it belongs to." He looks at the glass shoe oddly before putting it back into his bag.


Ronny leaves out of the bathroom in his uniform, the shoe still on his mind. Laura struts in after Ronny does and fluffs out her hair.


She does a few poses in-front of the camera "Who looked fabulous in yesterday's challenge- me- that's who" she grins slyly "Definitely soooo my style- I must've caught someones attention" She flutters her eyes in a coyish manner. She sits thinking for a moment- obviously daydreaming of certain outcomes. She then scrunches her face in an ugly manner.

"But that farty Marsha" she goes right up to the camera "Whatever her secret is- I will find it" She then sits up straight and sniffs. "But now I have to serve, my cooking will be perfection, not that anyone here will notice, but arg that uniform- hideous" she stands up and straightens herself out "Time to do my duty" she sighs dramatically.

She looks back at the camera thoughtfully, "Maybe I'll add something extra special for Chris's breakfast."


Laura flounces out with Zacharias on her heels…well to get to the bathroom anyway. He goes in and settles himself in for a prepared speech.


He waves again "Hello, a pleasure to talk to you all, even though you cannot respond" he taps his chin "wouldn't that be a marvelous thought- huh, perhaps we could correspond- somehow" he shrugs his shoulders "I guess the best label for me at this moment is lecturer"

He then bows "So telly people, let me introduce myself Zacharias Sophie Smythe, your lecturer"

He pushes his glasses up his nose and rubs his hands together "Let's begin" He clears his throat "Edinburgh- the city of literature, locals including Irvine Welsh, Alexander McCall Smith, Iain Banks, Ian Rankin and some lady named JK Rowling- and not to mention the beautiful city inspiring many great authors like Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson the author of Treasure Island a rather marvelous book, and Sherlock's creator Arthur Conan Doyle. He shakes his head,

"A city that inspires such literature, has to be glorious beyond measure, it is such a shame to leave it" he looks sad for a moment, he then grins "but alas a grand future awaits"

He then pouts and taps his fingers to his chin "It was nice to win, I'm not sure how, but even if I'm not serving- I wonder if I could enter that kitchen again, I really would like to go there" He sits there, a faraway look on his face "I wonder" He continues to sit there pondering- all different possibilities, his eyes wide, his mind no-where near this realm. Time passes without him realizing. He eventually shakes his head and looks around wide-eyed "Oops, didn't realize I'm still in here" A bit of pink reaches his cheeks "Well bye telly people, that can't have been fun to watch" he then makes hasty retreat. We hear him laughing awkwardly to himself as he exists.


Zacharias opens the door slowly, meeting Jacque's eyes. Jacque glares slightly at him for making him wait while he 'lectured' in the bathroom. Jacque goes in after he leaves, grumbling in French.


He looks very annoyed in his server uniform. He then begins to speak French. "Je refuse de se prosterner et servir aucun homme sauf Christ. Toutefois, je vais travailler à travers ce désagrément avec une telle diligence que y'all ne ont jamais vu." (English Translation: I refuse to bow down & serve to no man except Christ. However, I shall work through this annoyance with such diligence that y'all have never seen)

"Ce jeu est plein d'idiots. Il fait la prison en La Louisiane sembler comme il est rempli avec des intellctuels." (English Translation: This game is full of idiots. It makes prison in Louisiana seem like it is filled with intellectuals). Jacque just glares at the camera before starts speaking French again.

"Je vais arrêter d'essayer de comprendre Alice et je vais essayer de jourer avec les autres. Alice est beaucoup plus fort je pensais." (English Translation: I'm going to stop trying to figure out Alice & I'll try to mess with the others. Alice is a lot stronger than I originally thought).


Jacque exits the bathroom, glaring at Chris, who is now sitting in his usual spot with his feet on the table. This did not make him happy at all.

"Yo buzzcut! You gonna get to the kitchens or not?" questioned Chris. Jacque's eyes turned to slits, but before he could respond, Adaliah hissed at Chris as she came through, silencing him. Chris muttered something about 'forked tongue freaks', when Zacharias, TJ, and Freddy crowded around Chris and asked him multiple questions. Chris slid slowly down in the seat, regretting even coming back.

Blaise felt a sense of pride through the contestants; serves him right for thinking he would get any credit. Blaise watched as Yuan walked with a fast pace into the bathroom. However, he wasn't the only one to notice Yuan's tense demeanor.


Yuan sits in the confessional, his breathing choppy and labored. He's removed his vest, and his shaking arms have coiled themselves protectively around his bare stomach. In the fluorescent lights, the camera easily picks up on the greenish pallor his skin has taken.

"So... Turns out you can get sick from even the fanciest foods. Didn't know that..." He words grind out of his throat in a hoarse whisper against the pain in his abdomen. "I... k-kinda hoped that I wouldn't have to deal with this h-here." His insides lurch audibly and he leans forward, whimpering.

"W-well, it d-doesn't matter. I can deal with this myself. I've never needed help before when I was sick, mom and dad were always too busy. I can do this on my own. I ju-just need to get through tonight, and I'll be fine in the morning for the challenge; hopefully the Diamonds won't serve anything too rich for dessert."

A loud and ominous gurgle emirates from his stomach, and what little color his face had left drains away. "Oh, God..." His head dips out of sight as a wave of vomit hits the interior of the toilet. When he surfaces again, a stray tear smudges the grey paint-dust under his eye. He fiercely wipes it away. "I can't let them see me weak... I'm never weak."


A knock is heard at the door of the bathroom. Instead of Yuan going to the door, the door opens on its own. Golden blonde hair is first seen; through his blurred line of vision. Heeled boots kneel towards Yuan and a hand is gently laid on his shoulder. Angel smiles softly at him and rubs his back as she begins to shake.

"Never weak indeed," she says as she locks the door behind her.

Naomi adjusted her outfit, thankful she got the chance to keep her Pikachu hoodie on. She grinned over at Marsha, who looked slightly miffed now that her brother was aboard.

"You shouldn't let him get to you. He's just a douche. He won't be here long, not with us. I can show him a few moves that he wouldn't see coming! Maybe we can try to put something in his food-

"Thank you Naomi," Marsha laughs, "I knew it was a great idea to have you here." Naomi blushed and smile. She watched as Alice walked in alongside Robin; the two into a very deep discussion. She smiled as another friendship was made. Speaking of friendships…she needed to pass on a message to Freddy…

Robin continued to nod and smile as he got Alice to talk. Seeing her light up, even just a little, was great progress. Before, he could hardly get her to smile; but now, she is even having more actual human contact!

"I never knew you seen the previous seasons of Total Drama. That really helps with analyzing Chris and what he would try to do during the challenge," says Robin.

"Hopefully the only thing he will do is get shot," says Blaise as he comes into the kitchenette with Laura and Cole behind him. Marsha swats at him, not because of the insult to Chris, but to Blaise revealing a part of the challenge. Blaise pretends to zip his mouth shut and goes to stand beside her. Ronny, Jacque, and Paul come in soon after; all dressed and ready to go.

"Since splitting you guys up wasn't as much of a pleasant start for Blaise, we'll all be cooking together as a group for now on. Tonight we'll be making cheese omelets, sausage, French toast, and blueberry muffins for dessert. Cole, Paul, and Jacque, you guys will be gathering supplies." Cole, Paul, and Jacque nod at her. "Naomi and Laura, you ladies will be in charge of baking the muffins and making the French toast," Naomi salutes excitedly and Laura smiles smugly. "Robin, Ronny, and Alice, y'all will be handling omelets and sausages with Blaise and me." They nod and begin to gather the kitchen utensils they'll need.

Naomi begins to sings as she cracks eggs given from Jacque.

donna tokidatte

tada hitoride

unmei wasurete


totsuzen no hikari no naka megasameru



deguchini tatte

kurayami ni hikari wo ute

"What are you singing?" asked Laura, who whisked her mix rather violently.

"It's a song from one of my favorite games," Naomi responds.

"Hmph!" Laura says with dismissal. Blaise speaks up, "I think it's lovely, Naomi, sing your heart out!"

Naomi doesn't hesitate, and indeed, sings her heart out.

Freddy stops his horror video game speech to Chris when he hears the song coming from the kitchen.

"Ah, such a lovely tune," he says.

"You actually…know that stuff?" asked TJ.

"Of course! Every self-respecting gamer should know the language of his favorite games," he responds.

"Sounds like a bunch of my robotic sharks fighting with Courtney again," mutters Chris. TJ heard him and stuck her tongue out at him.

"There's no need to be rude there sir!" scolds TJ. Chris waves her off.

"Oh please! Go throw that somewhere else where they care." TJ huffs and walks out.

She runs into Angel and Yuan, who exit out of the bathroom and look at her with surprise. Their faces then show a look of sorrow. TJ raises and eyebrow and folds her arms.

"What's goin' on?"

"We need to talk to you…it's about Zacharias," says Angel. TJ looked at the two with alarm and concern.

"What's wrong with Zach?"

"I think there's something you need to know."

Moments ago…

"We need to make sure we stay for the long run," explains Angel. She had her hand on Yuan's back soothingly, something he loved, yet hated, at the same time.

"How do you propose we do that? These idiots we have on our team will surely get us to lose tonight; except for my lovely dark muse, of course."

Angel had to fight the urge to roll her eyes, "Of course, that's why we break the closes friendship formed on our team and eliminate the weak link."

"So the Samantha girl then," he suggests.

"No. We go after the brains: Zacharias. He may be a sorre loser, but his smarts and planning could get him a long way this season. We stop that before he gets too far."

Yuan seems to considering this, "Fine, how are we going to get this accomplished? I know I could do it with a hand tied behind my back and my eyes blindfolded," he gloated. Angel then rolled her eyes, "Here's how it's going to go."

Back to now…

No sooner than later the breakfast team comes in. Ronny came in first; he pushed his cart offering refreshments and passing everyone their drinks. Chris held his glass up at Ronny with praise.

"See? This is the kind of service I'm talking about here!"

Ronny blushes a little and passes Zacharias his glass along with Freddy. The two thank him as he goes to everyone else's seat. Robin and Alice pass everyone their main breakfast dish consisting of their omelet and sausages. Chris basked in being served by the contestants; everyone else thanking them graciously. Yuan seen the food and pushed it away, declining politely. TJ took her plate without much enthusiasm as usual. Tori and Samantha thanked the two when they received their plates. Adaliah nodded at them for giving her the dish. Laura and Naomi pranced out with the French toast and blueberry muffins and distributed them. Naomi loved playing the serving role; it was fun! Laura smiled politely, but inside she was scowling; she has to make sure she doesn't have to serve anyone else again.

Marsha came in Blaise in tow. Chris took this time to gloat in his sister's face.

"Never thought I would see the day where my baby sister would serve me…or have I?" he said smirking.

Marsha sneered at him, but Blaise put a hand on her shoulder. His look he gave her was encouraging: do not give in to his antics. She smiled at him and walked past her brother, completely ignoring him. His smirk fell when she shut the stateroom door with a soft click…

Ronny smiled easily when he looked out of the window as he ate. He relished in the tastes of eggs and cheese. The spices he added to his omelet brought his memory of home back vividly. He watched as the sky started to change to a beautiful baby blue to a darker shade wrapping itself with clouds. The time seemed to pass as he finished his breakfast and stared into the window with wonder.

The time passed quickly for everyone. Ronny had dosed off when the plates were cleared; he'd be disappointed when he woke up. Samantha and Tori blushed when Paul and Cole took up their plates, passing them both a wink. Jacque sat next to Angel, using his persuasion to get her to his side. It didn't work as well as he had hoped; she would play along until the time was right. She told him of the earlier moment with TJ, purposely leaving out the part with Yuan. Robin listened to Alice reminisce about her family. Alice isn't enthusiastic about talking about….them. But she knew that if she were to get past this she had to start…letting go. Naomi and Freddy were discussing the cosplay convention in New York…amongst other things. Chris was sleeping, drool seeping from the corner of his mouth.

Cole sprayed whipped cream on Chris's hand. Paul rubbed a feather under his nose. Chris slapped his face with the whipped cream in his hand, splashing it everywhere. Everyone burst out laughing at him, waking him up. He glared at them all, making the whipped cream on his face look worse. Marsha came out of the room curiously. She saw her brother's face and bellowed out in laughter. She quickly shut the door, her laugh being heard through the door.

The sky's color turned from blue to a mixture of hues as the day was getting old. Jacque looked through the window, plotting about what to do about the rest of his teammates. He looks out on the ocean and sees a bridge. The orange-goldish color radiating off of it tugged at his brain. He couldn't put his finger on it, but it looked like something he read about before.

The island out in the ocean looked like there were buildings on it. The name popped into his head like a light bulb: San Francisco. There challenge was in San Francisco. Jacque smirked, this should be interesting.

Marsha sat in the chair in the stateroom. Her right leg was over her left with her elbows were perched on her knee. Her fingers were folded together; she sat upright looking at Blaise laying on the bed.

"He shouldn't be here. I don't want him here."

"He's here, but that doesn't mean it has to be bad for you, Marsh. Don't let him get to you."

Marsha sighed, "I'll try my best, but I won't make any promises on his wellbeing."

"I wouldn't ask for anything more," he gets up and hugs her shoulders, "Let's go, we have a challenge to make. Show Chris you can be better than he ever was." This time she smiled. She gets up and opens the door.

"As I'm sure you know we're in San Francisco!" she exclaims.

"I think this will be a real treat. Once we stop, I think you'll be in for a surprise," remarks Blaise.

"We would travel by sea to let you guys get a better view; but since this challenge has a time slot, we'll land directly there," explains Marsha. She looked at everyone's curious expression; Chris had once again gone to sleep.

The jet began to lower down as they headed off to the island. Ronny wondered why they were headed to Alcatraz Island. The things he could learn from there! He even heard there was a ghost supposed to be there in the very buildings! They landed and everyone began to board off. Adaliah made it a point to hit Chris on the side of the head; he woke up swinging at the air. When they exited off, everyone looked on the mysterious beauty of what is Alcatraz Island. Chris emerged from the jet; an angry expression planted on his face.

The Island's landmarks include the Main Cellhouse, Dining Hall, Library, Lighthouse, the ruins of the Warden's House and Officers Club, Parade Grounds, Building 64, Water Tower, New Industries Building, Model Industries Building, and the Recreation Yard. Rock pools and seabirds were seen everywhere. Marsha clapped at them to get their attention.

"Alright guys here's how our challenge for the night is going to go. Since the Iced Diamonds lost in the last challenge, you will be my prisoners. The Burning Rubies will be the guards trying to keep you in. Diamonds, you will be split into two people per cell. A horn will go off after one hour and a cell will open. This is your time to try to escape the prison. I will give each pair a map to use and you will be escorted into your cells. If your cell opens and you don't hear anything from us, then the pair before you didn't make it out. If one of the Diamonds make it out before midnight, the Iced Diamonds win." Marsha hands them a prison outfit; Jacque grimaces.

"For the Burning Rubies to win, you guys must stop all of the 'prisoners' from escaping. To do this, we will supply you with guns. Each gun is loaded with red paint pellets; so no one can really get hurt. Zacharias will not be participating in this challenge directly; he will be in the security room giving the Rubies the direction of the prisoners. Chris will be tagging along with him," says a smug Blaise.

"I'M DOING WHAT?! Ooooohh no I'm not! I refuse!" protests Chris.

"Then get off of the show," challenges Blaise. Chris glares at him and walks over to the excited Zacharias, "Zacharias, here's a walkie-talkie and an earpiece. Listen in for when I call in on the walkie-talkie for instructions. You'll talk to the rest of the Rubies through this earpiece. Just tap on it and it'll connect you to them all," says Blaise. Marsha hands the Rubies their guns and earpieces.

"This is for your communication with Zacharias and to use against the Diamonds." Marsha then gives the Iced Diamonds a vest. This vest will also protect you guys from the pellet's impact." She then looks at her watch, "It's 6:30 now; this means you guys have an hour and a half to prepare. There are changing rooms in the Warden's House. Rubies, you'll change there. Diamonds, you'll change in the jet."

"We'll give Zacharias the signal and it will begin. Don't take too long, it's going to get dark soon. Good luck!" and she walks over to Blaise, who was giving Zacharias the directions for the security room. Zacharias saluted and zoomed into the building. Chris begrudgingly walked slowly behind him.

The Rubies gather their outfits and go change into the Warden's House. The girls came out in black collared shirts, black formfitting slacks, black leather combat boots, and a cop hat. The boys wore formfitting black t-shirts, black slacks, black leather shoes, and a cop hat. The each donned a pellet gun; and their ear pieces were in their ear.

Yuan looked over himself; twisting and turning to look at himself at all angles. "I must say…this guard outfit looks glorious on me! The black gives off the right shade for my dark aura."

Adaliah scoffed, "Oh please, spare us of your 'oh-so-wonderful' descriptions of yourself," she looks to Angel, "I usually like to work alone, but since we must cooperate to get this done, you're coming with me."

Angel raised an eyebrow, but simply smiled and said, "All right, sounds fair." She goes to stand next to Adaliah, catching Yuan's eye as she does.

"Tori, Samantha, why don't you two go together? I think you girls will work quite well with each other," suggests Freddy. The two look at each other and shrug.


"Okay," they both say at the same time. Freddy joins the two together with him in the middle, "Excellent!" he then whispers where only those two could hear him, "And maybe you two could figure out the moves you're gonna make on Paul and Cole." They look at him wide-eyed and he simply winks and walks off.

"Since Adaliah is partnered up and Zacharias is working in the security room, I'm going solo!"

Yuan began to protest to the highest degree, but TJ interrupts him, "That leaves me and you Wan! This gone be the easy! I used to shoot cans with slingshots all the time; and I know howta handle a gun, fake or not!"

Yuan grimaces and mutters, "It's Yuan," he speaks up, "I bet that pathetic excuse of a peasant Laura will get shot first!"

"Don't be so mean Wan!" responds TJ. Yuan glowers and says, "It's. Wan!" TJ shrugged and sent off an easy smile that Yuan couldn't help but stop glowering to.

Angel taps onto her earpiece, "Zacharias, we're ready."

"The locations will be given momentarily," informs Zacharias. He swiveled in the chair, staring in wonder at the computer screens in front of him. What he could do with this stuff! He was waiting until he spotted the Iced Diamonds going into their cells to begin the game. Chris was lounging in the back of the room examining his nails.

"Could you hurry it up? I don't want to be here and this place is giving me the heeby-jeebies," complains Chris.

"You don't know much about this place don't you?"

"Jail, unfortunately yes. Alcatraz, no."

"Weeeeelll, Alcatraz was once a place for the military…"

Zacharias goes into a full synopsis of Alcatraz…and not stopping. Chris donned a look of horror as he has realized his mistake.

7:00 P.M.

The Iced Diamonds exited out of the jet in their prison uniforms. Each of their outfits was the same: a grey jumpsuit with a white t-shirt underneath. Grey and black converse shoes donned their feet and a black vest was secured around their chests. Laura and Jacque sneered for two different reasons: Laura because of the outfit entirely; Jacque because of the fact he had to 'relive' prison. He calmed his nerves as he was confident they would win; he knew about prisons and the works. Plus he knew who would be going home tonight; Angel confirmed it.

"I think I want Naomi to be my cellmate," he says. Naomi looked surprise, but her excitement overrode it.


Cole and Paul looked at each other, "Be my partner?" they ask at the same time. They laugh and hi-five each other.

Robin was going to ask Alice now that he knew Jacque wouldn't partner with her, but Ronny stood in front of him and smiled.

"You want to be my 'cellmate'?" he asked. Not one to deny a potential friend, Robin smiles and accepts it. Laura and Alice stare at each other. Alice sighs and curses inwardly; this is not going to end well. They head over to Blaise and Marsha where an escort is waiting for them. They enter the prison and the escort divides the pairs into their cells. None of the others knew where the others were; they wouldn't find out because the cell doors began to close behind them.

Zacharias was finished with his first lecture to Chris, who stared blankly ahead, as if in a trance. He spotted the Diamonds' cell doors closing and tapped on his earpiece.

"The prisoners are in position, listen for the coordinates."

"No one asked for coordinates, serf, just give us the locations," demanded Yuan.

"And no one asked for you to be an asshole, proceed with coordinates Zacharias," remarks Adaliah.

8:00 P.M.

Laura and Alice hear the horn blare as their cell begins to open. Laura sighs as they are the first one to get out of their cell.

"Can you believe these outfits? Such a drab against my skin tone," she says as they begin to walk through the corridor. Alice looks at her and rolls her eyes. She looks back down at the map and readjusts her vest with her free hand.

"Maybe if we exit out the side, we could squeeze through the shadows," she says.

"Do you see this back-side? This won't be squeezing through anything," Laura retorts. Alice looks at her, back at the map, then back at Laura.

"….seriously?" Alice finally asks. Laura looks at her like she grew another head.

"Yes seriously! I'm not about to catch claustrophobia because of this stupid chall-"

Pow! Laura falls back to the floor, a scarlet paint spot in the middle of her vest. "Ugh! This is so unfaaaaiiiir!" she whines. Alice covered her mouth and tried not to smile smugly.

"Ha! I told the rest of those ingrates she would be the first one to get shot! And it was done by the ever talented Yuan," gloats Yuan. TJ stood beside him with her hip cocked; her gun resting on her shoulders.

"Well I'll be! Nice going there Wan!" TJ slaps Yuan's shoulders. Yuan, not used to the impact, moved with the slap.

"Oof! It's Yuan, Sally Sunshine, but since you actually do well with kind of activity I'll pardon you."

TJ smiles, glad she's getting to his humanity side, "Sure thing partna!" and she aims towards the momentarily distracted Alice and shoots.

Pow! Alice didn't fall from the impact, but she looked at TJ with surprise.

"Nothin' personal Alice, just doin' my duty!"

"It's okay, I wouldn't have made it with her as my partner anyway," she replies.

"Heyyyy I'm still here!" screams Laura. Yuan just looked at her and rolled his eyes, "Please, no one can forget that you're there. Your screech is atrocious!"

TJ laughs, "I don't know what atroshus is, but it sounds funny!" Yuan shakes his head, "Let's get a move on Tonya Jane, our time is being wasted here."

"Roger that!" and the two leave Alice and Laura alone in the corridor. The dead silence was spreading until Laura said something.

"This is your fault!" she exclaims. Alice looked at her and snorted. She grabbed the map and began to walk away.

"Where are you going?! Come back here!"

Alice kept going.

9:00 P.M.

The horn blared as the second cell began to open. Cole and Paul looked at each other. Cole shrugged and Paul grabbed the map and exited first. Cole fiddled with the vest and readjusted his grey jumper pants.

"I think we're on the B-Block ; The only way outta here is either going up or down," says Paul as he looks at the map; he turns the map upside down, then turns it sideways.

"You do know how to read the map right?" asked Cole. Paul scoffed, "Of course I do! I read off of maps all the time…just…not old prison blueprints."

Cole slapped his forehead and laughed, "It's okay dude, we'll get out of here."

"How do you know? We don't even know who's gonna be coming after us."

"Exactly! So we can be alert and prepare for what's next." Paul seems to consider this; what's the worst that can happen?

The two continue down the dark corridor of empty cells when a creak is heard at the end. Paul looked towards the direction and turned to Cole.

"You don't think it's the dead prisoners do you?"

"Nope, let's go in the other direction."

Click, Click, Click the sounds of boot heels resonated through the hall. Cole figured that Angel was one of the 'guards' coming for them and he pulled Paul through an empty cell. He covered Paul's mouth as the sounds became louder. Long flowing raven hair is seen first. The security guard outfit hugged her body.

Beside her was another female 'guard'; but her caramel curls looked very familiar…

Samantha and Tori walked side by side; their guns poised to shoot. Cole couldn't help but stare at Samantha as she walked down the hallway. Paul stared in a similar fashion to Tori; these two really had it bad. They continued to watch as they passed the cell they were hiding in. Cole uncovered Paul's mouth and the two snuck out of the cell. Thinking that the coast is clear, they walked confidently towards the end of the corridor.

Pow! Pow! Both boys looked startled and jumped. Two feminine laughs were heard behind them. Samantha and Tori smiled at the two boys who couldn't believe their eyes.

"I told you Samantha, predictable," says Tori. Samantha laughs; a shine in her eyes.

"You were right, nice thinking partner," she responds. Tori whispers something to Samantha and they both begin to blush. Samantha nods encouragingly and Tori smiles. The two wink playfully at the two, who still haven't closed their mouths. They hi-five and begin to walk always from them.


Cole sits beside a dazed Paul in the confessional, both still in their prison uniforms and paint vests.

"The girl has some fire…I wonder if Marsha did this on purpose," he says. Paul pipes up in a dreamy voice, "I don't care; I'm in love." Cole shakes his head amusingly.


Inside of the security room, Zacharias was giving another lecture. While he was doing so, his fingers fiddled with the buttons and gadgets vigorously.

"In 1939, Bell Telephone Laboratories completed this calculator, designed by researcher George Stibitz. In 1940, Stibitz demonstrated the CNC at an American Mathematical Society conference held at Dartmouth College. Stibitz stunned the group by performing calculations remotely on the CNC using a Teletype connected via special telephone lines…"

Chris banged his head on the bench continuously. Zacharias pressed a button and a shock went through the bench, zapping Chris. He began to spasm and twitch. Zacharias stopped talking at the sound of the noise.

"Umm…Chris….Chriiiiiis. Uh oh…."

10:00 P.M.

Ronny and Robin hear the horn blare; and cell 3 begins to open. Robin lays the map flat on the stone floor.

"Alright, we're on the end of D Block. If we cut through here unseen, we can make it to the recreational yard," says Robin.

"Isn't D Block where the worst prisoners were put in 'The Hole'? I also heard that this block leads to a dungeon."

"How do you know that?" Robin asked

"I like the different facts like this. They're so different and original." Robin smiles, "Can't argue with that then."

The two proceed out of the cell down the corridor of D Block. They dodged the lights and ducked under the rails. Robin was in the front, stopping when necessary and pointing to which direction to run to. They saw the doors just meters away; they were going to make it.

Pow! Robin fell backwards with a scarlet spot on his vest; his head hit the floor and he passed out. Ronny ducked behind his fallen form; maybe if the shooter thought it hit them both, then he could get away. He glanced at Robin's head wound, grateful not to see any blood. He peers over his body to examine the area, trying to locate the shooter's direction. If it hadn't had been dark, he might have noticed the shadows hiding a window. A window that has a small pellet hole in it.

A few minutes passed and Ronny gets up, thinking the coast is clear. He drags Robin over to a wall and props him up comfortably. He glanced back at the door and ran towards it.

Pow! Ronny looked down at the spot where scarlet paint decorated the location of his heart. He looked around and didn't see a thing. He went back to collect Robin, still perplexed on who shot him…

The shooter perched her elbows on a cushion beside her. Her view of D Block was very clear; the window she shot it had a perfect view of Robin and Ronny. She sighed and hid a smirk. She took the scope off of her gun and pushed her purple and blue hair out of her face.

Adaliah chuckled, "I think I like this gig." Angel sat upright beside her giggling; maybe this one could make a potential alliance member. Angel stretched in her guard outfit; she was getting tired. She had been very thankful when Adaliah wanted to make the shot. Don't get her wrong, she knew how to shoot a target, but it wasn't like she needed to do anything in this challenge if she didn't have to.

11:00 P.M.

The horn blared for the last group to exit their cell. Jacque was leaning on the bed casually and Naomi paced excitedly.

"I can't wait! I can't believe that the others didn't make it through. I really thought Robin and Ronny had a chance. What do you think? Are you ready to leave? Or do you want to strategize and make a plan B or just go out guns-a-blazing or maybe we could- "

"Naomi, chill, dollface." Jacque said soothingly and he smirks, "You're working with a pro here, we got this sweetheart. Just follow my lead and we can get this. Think of one of your fave stealth games; get into that character. Once you got that in your head, follow me." Jacque hopped out of the bed and out of the cell. Naomi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened them and followed Jacque's steps.

Naomi spotted Jacque leaning on one of the cells waiting for her.

"We're in C Block. If we make it to 'Broadway' we can get out through the main doors and have this challenge in the bag," he explains.

"Sounds simple enough…too simple; how do you expect this to work?" asked Naomi. Jacque smirked and stood directly in front of Naomi.

"That's where you come in."

Naomi pushed the portable garbage can out of the barber shop out of the end of A Block. She and Jacque managed to breeze through 'Broadway' and B Block just like he said. Instead of going straight to the door like expected. Jacque had pulled her into the barber shop and shoved the garbage can towards her. Naomi, fueled with sugar and adrenaline, agreed with his plan; she was going to love this.

The front of a gun was seen as the 'guard' walked into the barber shop. Freddy spotted her right away and began to shoot. Naomi dodged every pellet, jumping and using the garbage can as a shield. Freddy's gun jammed up and Naomi took this opportunity to grab something out of the garbage can, which happened to be a broken mannequin arm.

"You're not taken me to the slammer John Law! I'm armed!*" Naomi yells and begins to go after Freddy. Freddy laughs and takes a battle stance. Naomi swings the arm in one move and kicks in another. The fight continued with much fun; Freddy was so caught up into it, he didn't notice Jacque slip through the door. He managed to dodge most of her attacks, but she swept her leg under him, causing him to fall.

"Take that! The Lin Kuei taught me well!" She points the mannequin arm at him and laughs victoriously. Freddy lies on his back and laughed. He then grabs his gun swiftly and pulls the trigger; a pellet hits Naomi's chest. She dropped her mannequin arm and falls to her knees in slow motion.

"NOOOOOOOO!" she screams in a deep voice slowly. She looked back at Freddy's amused expression and smirked.

"Gotcha, beauty," he smiled. He grabbed her hand and holstered her up. Naomi dusted herself off and smiled at Freddy.

"Lovely performance," he said.

"Same to you."

"I got Samantha and Tori to open up a little for Cole and Paul."

"Excellent, they should be together in no time." Freddy then frowned, "I thought I saw two of you in here?"

"You did," Naomi states matter-of-factly. Realization dawned on Freddy, but he didn't get to think on it because Naomi pressed her lips to his.

Jacque walked out of the prison and spotted Marsha and Blaise. Most of the Iced Diamonds were there; all of them had red paint on their vest. Alice stood there nonchalantly yet concerned next to Robin; Paul and Cole had small smiles on their faces; Ronny was helping Robin with an icepack on the back of his head; Laura was missing. Blaise and Marsha looked at Jacque and smiled.

"I was hoping you guys would get your way out of there without being shot. This makes the Iced Diamonds the winners! Blaise, alert Zacharias and Chris to report to the Rubies still in the prison." Blaise grabbed for the walkie-talkie and clicked to speak in it.

"Alert the Rubies that it's over and to meet us in the front," says Blaise through the static.

"Roger that sir," says Zacharias through his walkie-talkie. He swivels in the chair in the security room and locates all of his team in the hallways. Chris was behind him on the bench snoring. Zacharias shakes his head and taps onto his earpiece.

"Attention all Rubies; the game is now over. Head to the front and meet Blaise and Marsha. I repeat, the game is over; head to the front and meet Blaise and Marsha," he says.

Yuan and TJ nod at each other and walk back through their last path. Tori and Samantha smile at each other, glad they didn't have to shoot anyone else. Adaliah sighed and began to pack up her things; she liked sniping, maybe she could make 'sniping' a hobby. Angel merely observed Adaliah as she packed her things; grateful that this whole ordeal was over with. Freddy was rather…preoccupied, considering the position he and Naomi were in. They broke their heated lip-lock to breathe and Freddy heard Zacharias on his headpiece. He sighed and he looked at the heavily-breathing Naomi.

"I think you guys won tonight; so we'll have to serve you guys breakfast," he says. Naomi wagged her eyes at him playfully.

"What's so bad about that, you get to serve me," she teases.

"Guess you're right about that," he grinned and they walked hand in hand out of the building. The Rubies all exited out of the building behind the couple. Some were slightly disappointed with the loss, but others were actually feeling good; they made some connections tonight.

The Iced Diamonds grinned big now that they have a victory. Ronny looked at everyone with happiness and then he knotted his eyebrows in confusion.

"Guys…Where's Laura?" he asks. Everyone turned and looked around for Laura, but it was in vain. Alice merely shrugged.

"I left her earlier when were shot, haven't seen nor cared since." Marsha groaned and Blaise tried to hide a laugh.

"I'M….RIGHT…HERE YOU…IDIOTS!" yelled a disgruntled Laura. Her hair was disheveled and she looked beaten, "I ran down the wrong hall and heard noises and I got scared and I didn't see anyone else and I found this creepy old cell with chains and…and…I am never going to jail!" she then points towards Alice, "And you suck for leaving me!" Alice looked her into the eyes and shrugged. Laura through her hands into the air and screamed in defeat.

Marsha then walked in front of the Rubies, tablets in her arms.

"Now that we have everyone here, it's time for the elimination of one of the Burning Rubies. Take your time in choosing who to go home; good luck to you all."

Yuan and Angel looked at each other and pressed the same face on their tablet. TJ looked conflicted with herself and sadly pressed down on one of the faces on her tablet. Freddy nonchalantly picked a random face, careful not to pick his own. Adaliah practically stabbed the face she chose with her finger. Zacharias touched all of the faces, not really choosing one. Samantha and Tori picked the same face, thoughtful of their choice.

They gave their tablets back to Marsha and she began to tally them up. She looked at the most votes with astonishment and looked at the Burning Rubies with a saddening expression.

"I'm sorry to have to say this; but the person to leave us tonight will be….Zacharias."

Zacharias looked shocked at first, but his face quickly resigned.

"I supposed I was going to depart sooner or later. Darn, I made it this far. I learned of some interesting things and traveled with some amazing and fascinating people. My departure will not be in vain. Tonya Jane, you have been a splendid close friend to have. The rest of you made this a great experience for me. I'm sorry I must bid you adieu. Thank you Marsha and Blaise for having me." He bows and goes to shake hands with everyone. TJ fought her tears from falling after what she had done. Angel looked slightly upset, but she wouldn't let her emotions get in the way of her chances of winning. Marsha hugged the now frozen Zacharias; he wasn't used to big hugs. Blaise shook his hand firmly while he had a phone in his other hand.

A boat came in with the escort to take Zacharias off of the island and to San Francisco airport. He waves at everyone good-bye; and he was gone. Chris took this moment to break the silence.

"I'm glad he's gone! That little twerp could talk someone's ear off and more!"

Marsha looked at him annoyance.

Pow! A red paint spot splashed Chris's forehead. "OW!"

Adaliah blew the air from her gun barrel and smirked. Chris glared and rubbed his forehead soothingly, only to smear the paint on his face.

"I don't care what it takes, I'm getting you off of my show Chris," threatens Marsha.

"You wouldn't dare," he says.

"Wanna bet?" she retorted. He gulped and headed into the jet. The others followed in after him with small smiles on their faces, trying to hide their laughs. Marsha calls in after them.

"Don't forget Burning Rubies; you will be serving breakfast tomorrow!"

She boards the jet with Blaise behind her, comfortably placing his hand on her back. She looks back at him and smiles. He smiles back and guides her along into the jet; letting the door close in behind them.

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