Total Drama Paradise

Da Nile in the Temple of Gloom

Everyone gathered their clothes, eager to change out of their challenge attire. They hadn't realized it was getting close to dawn. Marsha wanted to protest the teens for wanting to get breakfast over with, but Blaise happily agreed with them; food first, questions later. Thus set most of the rubies out to change into their uniform. Laura was the first to enter the bathroom after pushing everyone out of the way.


Laura barges through, clearly upset and makes her way through to the confessional. She is still in the prison uniform, dirty; her hair is a mess, a few cobwebs in it.

She sits on the toilet seat, with a loud 'huff', and crosses her arms in irritation; a scowl is presented on her face.

"What a god awful challenge, I look horrible, and how dare my so called 'teammate' abandon me"

She quickly wipes away and tears threatening to fall.

"I'm absolutely spewing, no help at the start and set me up completely to be an easy target- how dare she! And then she has the nerve to just shrug, when I tell her of the awful time I had"

She wipes her watery eyes again.

"It is like they hate me"

She screams really loud and clenches her teeth "Chill Laura, you can take it" She looks at the camera determined"I will take them head on, you'll see"

"But first" she sniffs herself "I'm going to take a shower- a really long one, I actually wonder if there is a bath on this contraption" She then stands up, her face hard, her eyes red- partially from tears and partially from anger, and marches out of the toilets/ confessional ignoring anyone in her way.


She passes by Samantha, who looks at her with concern, but thinks better of it when she sees the scowl on Laura's face.


Samantha grins. "That was so much fun!" She giggles. "I loved being a cop, especially with Tori. I'm so glad we're friends! And having the upper hand against Cole and Paul was really fun, too." She says with a giggle and a light blush. "I'm sad that Zach left and I'm sure TJ is going to have a very hard time dealing with his absence, but I hope she'll be able to look at the positive side of it and move forward!"


Samantha exits the bathroom in search of TJ. She passes by a passed out Chris, who was twitching occasionally in his sleep. She spots Cole waving her over and momentarily forgets to look for TJ. Alice walks through with a small smile on her face, edging her way into the bathroom.


For the first time in years...I actually feel somewhat happy...Robin is a really nice guy and I feel like I can talk to him...I'm still not ready to pour my feelings but...he's the first person since my sister to make me feel accepted and cared for...I wonder if I should tell him my he'd probably laugh at me.


She walks out with a doubtful look on her face, Yuan walked past her into the bathroom.


Yuan sits with his back against the window, painting designs on his forearm with a thin, carved brush.

"I could say that I feel bad for helping Angel get that insignificant Zach thrown off, just like I could say I'm glad to see Chris or that I enjoyed my food poisoning. You've seen it for yourselves; I have no issue with lying when it's necessary."

He scoffs quietly before admiring his work. "Do I think my new alliance with Angel guarantees my safety? Quite the contrary, actually. Angel Hale is a demon with a pretty face, and I'm about ninety-percent positive that she's already plotting to double cross me. I'm ready to deal with that when the danger is more immediate, but I guess there's no harm in seeing just how far we can go for now. It's almost nice to be working with someone who actually has a clue what they're doing."


Yuan exits the confessional to seek out his uniform, muttering obscenities along the way. He passed TJ who acted rather lethargic to gather her uniform. She looked up at him and gave a small, forced smile.

"Guess you were right huh Wan."

Yuan grits his teeth at the name and replies, "I'm always right, you country bumpkin, and don't you forget it."

TJ cocks her head to the side and her face breaks into a grin, "It took you to make me smile huh?"

Yuan starts to back away slowly, "Um, no. I'm not lowering my standards."

"Ha! I wouldn't go with you if you were the last bull rida on Earth! I just needed the laugh is all," she waves him off; "I know Zach is prolly home with his gadet thingies, so I ain't worried no more." She walks away, a small bounce in her step. Yuan looks at her retreating figure and shakes his head.


He walks to his intended destination and goes to change. Angel eyes him as he passes, smirks, and goes to the bathroom to change.

Moments later…


She makes sure no one is listening and then gets close to the camera and begins quietly whispering "I've kept an eye on Alice since I first saw her coming down the runway, trying to figure out where I know her from...and it just hit me...She's Redd's cousin. Redd is my best friend...she's also a raging psychopath and head cheerleader. She's basically like Heather with Eva's anger issues and Mal's inhuman strength." She waves it off.

"Anyways she hates Alice with all her heart...I'm the only one she's nice too...I crack up laughing every time the cheerleaders screw up and she threatens to cut off their heads if they screw up again." She looks up with a smile on her face."

"Anywho, I'm going to destroy Alice's 'new found confidence' and get her to quit. You see Redd informed me that after a long investigation, the police have deemed the fire that killed Alice's family arson and Alice is a suspect...but unlike most villains I'm not gonna directly approach her with this information *grins evilly* no I'm gonna play a little Pretty Little Liars and leave her an anonymous note saying if she doesn't sabotage the next challenge and be really cold and standoffish to her teammates then I will tell this to everyone; this is just a part of my major see I have individual plans for every single bottom feeder on this plane, except Adaliah, I actually respect her and would love to battle her in the finale...if I had to lose to anyone, which will not happen, *flips her hair* but if by some miracle it did then it would be her," she says folding her arms.

"I already have the letter written and put it in Alice's jacket for her to're probably wondering how she hasn't recognized me yet since I know her...well it's because she doesn't know me...we've never formally met but I've seen her a couple of times and Redd complains about her non-stop...*sighs happily* I'm gonna enjoy this. *brushes her hair and leaves*


She leaves the bathroom and heads into the kitchenette, her mouth twisting in disgust when Jacque smirks and winks her way. Jacque gets up and heads to the bathroom, tilting his head to get a view of Angel's backside before she faded into the kitchen. He smirks and closes the door.


Jacque looks at the camera with a sly smirk & his regular smug expression on his face & he starts to speak French.

"Pour une fois, je étais dans un domaine d'expertise extrême. Bien sûr, il ramenait un peu de mauvais souvenirs, mais ce défi était en ma faveur. Je suis vraiment heureux que ballot fille a réussi à détourner l'attention de son petit ami." (English translation: For once, I was in an area of extreme expertise. Sure it brought back some bad memories, but this challenge was in my favor. I'm really glad Nerd Girl managed to distract her boyfriend).

Jacque just looks back at the camera with his regular calm expression on his face. He then starts to speak French.

"Je ai entendu tous les confessionnaux de Robin. Ce garçon de mieux surveiller ses arrières se il veut aller après moi. Je ai toujours détesté les gens comme Robin. Je ai toujours envié les gens comme lui, trop." (English translation: I have heard all the confessionals from Robin. That boy better watch his back if he wants to go after me. I have always hated people like Robin. I have always envied people like him, too).

Jacque has his signature smirk on his face. He speaks French once again.

"Je parie que beaucoup de gens se demandent pourqui aurais-je proposer une alliance à Angel. Je peux voir à travers son doux visage. Je suis surpris que des gens comme Robin ne ont pas encore vu à travers la façade d'Angel. Contrairement à moi, Angel est en fait trop facile à lire. Marsha, vous pourriez aussi bien le prix. Aussi, je tiens à remercier votre frère et Blaise pour leurs généroux dons." He then holds up two expensive looking watches & laughs. (English translation: I bet many people are wondering why would I propose an alliance to Angel. I can see through her sweet face. I'm surprised that people like Robin haven't seen through Angel's facade yet. Unlike me, Angel is actually too easy to read. Marsha, you might as well give me the prize. Also, I want you to thank your brother & Blaise for their generous donations).


He walks out of the confessional with a smirk on his face, his hands in his pockets. He goes to his seat, which was unfortunately next to Chris. He smirks as he thinks of something to do to him. Jacque grabs a back sharpie from his duffle bag and takes off the cap.

Naomi was witting on Freddy's lap, both slightly red in the face. She started squirming, her fingers working fast in front of her.

"In your face! I told you I was the champion of Mario Kart!" She held the 3DS in the air in her right hand, a victorious grin on her face.

"I demand a rematch! I was…distracted," he says, glancing at her over her shoulder. She looks down to see that she was, in fact, still in his lap and blushed furiously.

"Oh…hehe!" She giggles and moves off of him. She goes to the seat across from Freddy and folded her hands in a businesslike manner.

"So Mr. Brown, you just lost in a classic by a girl…how does that make you feel?"

Freddy's face turned from amused to a mock look of despair, "Pretty bad, my ego is quite damaged."

Naomi giggles, "I believe I have just the procedure method to remedy that." She leans forwards and lightly presses her lips against his. Freddy breaks the kiss slowly.

"I'm serving tonight, remember?"

"Oh, right. I'll be right here, gloating that I am the ultimate Mario Kart racer in the world!"

Freddy laughs and retrieves his uniform. He walks towards the bathroom.


He looks at the camera with a lopsided grin, "Aw man that kiss with Naomi was amazing; both of them were. Even more amazing than when I beat 10/20 mode on Five Nights as Freddy's 2 for the first time." He jumps into a standing position with his fist raised high, "I love this show!" he exclaims, "I'll even let that slide with the epic loss I just received in Mario Kart…what warm-blooded male wouldn't?"


He comes out of the bathroom grinning and heads into the kitchen. Naomi grins to herself as she thought of the confessional she made before sitting with, or rather on, Freddy.


The camera cuts on to a squealing girl. "EEEEEEEEEE!" She's grinning as she screams. "I did it! Naomi finally got that kiss. I think we're officially an item now. Now I have someone I can truly talk to about games. No one else really cares for Super Smash Bros, or old DSs. Maybe if I make it to merge with Freddy, all we'll do is game and talk about games! I'm warming up to everyone else now, too. I'm closer to Jacque, even though being cellmates is a weird way to get closer to each other... but other than that, this game ROCKS!" She pumps her fist in the air and readjusts her hoodie, and then exits.


She heads over to Paul and Cole, who were watching Samantha and Tori in the kitchen. She grins and says, "You two made a move yet?"

Paul looks back at her startled, "Huh?" Naomi giggles and Cole looks at her and clears his throat.

"I'm working on it," he responds. Paul gives a lopsided grin and agrees with Cole. Cole shakes his head and points his thumb at Paul and laughs, "You should have heard his confessional, too funny!"

"Mmmm," she says wagging her eyebrows, "I gotta hear this."


Paul sits there daydreaming about himself and Tori. Snapping back into reality, he says, "Oh wait, sorry," he laughs, "That last challenge was great; it gave me time to bond with Cole a little more. Plus we got shot by Tori and Samantha," he looks far off, "Not something I'm gonna forget any time soon."

Cole comes in and leans on the door, "Seriously dude?" he chuckles, "However, I do have to agree with you; not forgetting that any time soon."


Naomi looks back in between the two boys and begins to laugh.

Robin was seated with his icepack, clearly irritated by his lack of leading. Ronny and Alice were seated with him, talking to keep his mind off of it.

It doesn't work well as he dismisses himself and heads into the bathroom.


"I cannot believe how badly I performed today. As the unofficial leader of our team, it was my responsibility to perform better. Still, I am happy we won. I am also grateful for Ronny and the ice pack. I must be sure to thank him for his kindness. I wouldn't mind getting to know him better." He ponders on this for a minute.


He walks out and joins Ronny and Alice again. He sighs and clasps his hands together on the table.

"I apologize for my brisk and sudden leave. I am disappointed in my actions on Alcatraz." Alice places her hand on his, "It was a team effort, and we still won."

"Alice is right. And we can't brood over the past; we're still here on the show and we have to make the best of it by doing our best."

"But that's the problem, I didn't do my best! We could have los-

"We didn't, so let's focus on winning the next challenge," Alice says standing up. Ronny notices an envelope protruding from her jacket.

"Alice, you have a letter?" Alice looked down, surprised that she hadn't noticed that. She opened it and read it to herself. Her eyes betray her stoic face as they begin to shine with fresh tears. Ronny and Robin stand up to console her, but she flees from them both, shutting herself in the bathroom. A pair of blue eyes watches her from the kitchen, victorious. The person excuses themselves from the kitchen and head close to the bathroom, ready to listen in.


"I can't believe someone would do this to me...i found this note in my jacket saying that my family's death was...was...*starts crying*...murder...someone set our house on fire...and the worst of it I'm a suspect in their deaths! I was eight when this happened *hastily* it wasn't me I swear! The note said that if I don't sabotage my team and act standoffish and cold to my team they'll reveal me being a suspect to everyone...why would someone do this to me...why...*pulls out her small blade and begins cutting*...I just want this all to stop...I don't want to suffer anymore!"


An ear presses against the door, listening in to the whole thing.


"I just heard Alice's confessional...the poor could someone do such a thing to her," she says with sarcasm as she smiles evilly.


Angel moves away from the confessional and back to the kitchen, Jacque eyeing her with a smirk on his face. Alice doesn't make a move to get out of the bathroom. Laura sits off on her own, thinking of a way to keep herself on the show without some of these losers. Paul walks past her and gives her a friendly wave, not caring because of his 'love in the air' mood. Laura looks him up and down as he passes, but mentally slaps herself; she's not desperate!

In the kitchen Marsha and Blaise were trying to keep Adaliah away from Yuan who, as usual, says something to offend her.

"I only said you would perfectly ravishing for my nude charcoal piece!"

"How dare you! Lemme at him! One swift kick in the nose is all it's gonna take!"

"Not the nose! It helps defines my angular features," he says.

"I'll show you angular," and she jumps from behind Marsha and Blaise catches her by the waist. Angel watches amusingly. Freddy tries his hardest not to laugh, and goes back to cracking the eggs for the waffles. Tori and Samantha watch with wide eyes, and TJ directs them back to the task at hand with the bacon. Samantha musters up the courage to finally ask TJ what happened in Alcatraz.

"Why'd you help vote off Zacharias? I thought you guys were friends?" Samantha whispers.

"We were, I mean we are. I got told that he was homesick and that he might wanna leave or mess up the challenge some way. The person said that it was the only way we could lose and if we did he would vote himself; I believed em like a duck following a momma goose," she says with her head down. Samantha placed her hand on TJ's shoulder.

"Don't worry TJ; I doubt he blames you at all. Who know, maybe he did want to go home," she says with a small smile. TJ returns it with a toothy grin and nudges her slightly.

"Thanks! Those are just the words I needed," and they start flipping their bacon pieces.

The members of the Burning Rubies walk out of the kitchen with the platters of waffles, bacon, and scrambled eggs. They distribute the food accordingly, Chris finally awaking to the smell of food. His nose trails the plates as he notices the stares from everybody else. Ronny covered his mouth in amusement; Jacque smirked at his latest achievement. Cole looked from Paul to Jacque and gives Jacque the thumbs up. Laura looks at Chris and burst into a fit of laughs.

"What's going….BAHAHAHAHA!" Marsha had walked in to see a curled French mustache and circles drawn around Chris's eyes in a black sharpie. Chris scowls at everyone, wondering what they could be laughing at. He pushes everyone out of the way, much to Yuan's and Robin's annoyance, to the bathroom to look in the mirror and the squeal of a girl is heard through the doors.

"We'll be arriving to our next destination in a couple of hours; so eat up, rest up, because there's a long day ahead of us," says Blaise, who stops Marsha's laughter by picking her up over his shoulder. She pounds on his back, laughing.

"Blaise this is not professional! Stop…ugh! Let me do- HEY!" a thud could be heard through the door, "The least you could do is be gentle!"

"They really need to be a couple, seriously," mutters Freddy, Naomi nods in agreement beside him. From the bathroom, retching sounds are heard.

The teams rest as the jet goes across the sea to their destination. Blue and green waters meet sky blue skies. The team still rest as Chris walks out of the bathroom grumbling; he couldn't get the stupid marks off of his face. He notices that the terrain changes from water to land. He looks out the window to get a closer look.

"Lil sis really thinks she's a hostess huh?" he mutters as he sees the green terrain.

"She's not better than me, and never will be."

"You sure about that?" a voice asks him. He turns to glare at his little sister in a black silk robe.

"Still ever the lavish spender aren't we?"

"Yup" she says popping the 'p' in her word. She walks up to Chris's face and smirks, "What's the matter Chrissy dear, you know that I'll be a better host than you any day."

Chris scoffs and retorts, "Puh-lease, my hosting skills are of a veteran status!" Marsha rolls her eyes.

"And I know for a fact I didn't need some pretty boy I couldn't admit feelings for a cohost!" he says smugly. Marsha's eyes narrow, but she smirks and looks Chris in the eyes.

"Of course you did darling, after all, Chef was always with you in his nurse outfit right?" Chris scowls at her and she smiles innocently, "This isn't over Chrissy dear."

She leaves Chris flustered and heads into the stateroom. She closes the door and blows air out in a sigh. Blaise rolls over from his sleep and looks up to Marsha.

"You okay Marsh?" he asks groggily. Marsha nods and throws a heap of clothes on him. Get a bag and stuff those in there sunshine, we have a challenge to present; and you're gonna need your costume."

Marsha walks back out of the stateroom to wake up the contestants. She looks out the window to see that they have made it to their sandy destination. The tan and orange colors of the sand dance with the sky's blue. She smiles to herself as she wakes up everyone.

"Rise and shine ladies and gentlemen! Time for our next challenge! Your outfits are on the hangers and I'll need you to get dressed and come out; we'll be waiting for you." She walks out in her black robe and black leather stilettos. Blaise comes out and rubs his eyes and follows Marsha out of the door. Chris follows after them and smirks; like Marsha would really do something to him. He puts his shades on to cover his eyes, but he couldn't do anything about the mustache.

Moments later…

The girls exit out of the jet in an off white collared shirt with the first two buttons missing, fitting khaki pants tucked into dark brown combat boots. A brown leather bag is hanging across their chest and a dark brown leather belt hung on their hips. Their hair was tied into ponytails.

The boys leave out of the jet in an off white collared shirt with the first two buttons missing, loose khaki pants tucked into black combat boots. A tan jacket is worn over their shirts, a brown leather jacket across their chest. They wore a brown hat on the top of their head.

They all look out to see the open desert of sands and dunes. Wide open skies and buildings are seen before them. They stood in front of one of the Wonders of the World. All around them were several small pyramids, five boat pits, a mortuary temple, a causeway, a valley temple, and many flat-roofed tombs.

"Welcome to the Pyramid of Khufu, also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza!" announces Marsha. She dons a black strapless dress with a bustier top and metallic side panels; a gold belt with geometric ribbon edging and attached fabric draping and a pair of gold metallic glovelettes with dangling mesh. She wore a gold crown on top of her straight hair and a gold semicircle collar around her neck. Knee-length gladiator heels donned on her feet as she walks closer to everyone.

Blaise stood in a black-and-gold striped fabric pharaoh headdress topped with a gold cobra. A basic black tunic is made kingly with an ornate gold fabric collar and gold belt with a sash in front. He wears black arm bands with gems studded on them. On his feet were black gladiator shoes. He starts to fan himself when Marsha begins to talk. Chris was nowhere in sight.

"Today, my young adventurers, you will be entering the Great Pyramid in search of missing totem pieces. Each team has their own relic with their team insignia on it; the pieces are broken into four pieces. I managed to send in some workers to hide those pieces for you. Your job is to find your pieces and make it back out without trouble. The team that comes out with the complete relic wins; but if you both have a complete relic, then the team that arrived first wins."

Ronny raises his hand, "Where will we know to look for them?"

Blaise hands Robin and Adaliah a map, "These maps show five main areas you will be in: the descending passage, the Queen's chamber, the King's chamber, the Grand gallery, and the subterranean chamber. All five areas are circled on your maps, and that's where your pieces will be."

Angel raises her hand, "Not that I'm not delighted not to see him, but where is Chris?"

Marsha sends a sly grin her way, "You won't be seeing him, for now." Angel shrugs as a response.

"Are there any more questions?" she asks. No one raises their hands, "Alright then! There's an open way going straight, when you're ready, begin!"

The teams begin to walk in the direction Marsha directs and head inside of the pyramid. It turns dark as they walk inside the corridor of the pyramid. Suddenly, lights begin to glow from the torches on the walls. Inside, it's dark and dreary. Spiders crawl in the corners and eerie water drops could be heard further down the path.

Samantha moves behind Cole, you know, since the teams hadn't parted yet and all. Cole smiled to himself as he felt Samantha behind him.

Robin leads in the front with his map, Adaliah right beside him. Angel and Yuan walk side by side behind the two, smirking to themselves. Yuan looks around at the architecture and Angel rolls her eyes at him.

Laura looks around in disgust at the dust and dirt, TJ right beside him in a less cheerful mood. Naomi and Freddy walk hand in hand, using their time wisely to discuss how the challenge reminds them of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones.

Paul smiles and walks besides the blushing Tori, their fingers close to touching.

Alice looked down at the ground, trying not to shake. She had to sabotage the challenge; she couldn't jeopardize her secret getting out to everyone. Alice mentally slaps herself; she couldn't intentionally lose the challenge! She continued to fight with herself internally while Jacque looks at her form with curiosity.

Ronny walked behind everyone else, marveling in the ancient history that's to be discovered behind these walls. He notices Alice's demeanor and frowns; he doesn't know what's wrong, but he'll find out. He looks far up the group to see Robin in the lead alongside Adaliah and his eyes set with a firm determination; he knows he'll have to do this one solo if he'll get anything out of her.

The group comes to a halt when the pathway stops at the path opens up to two different pathways. Robin stands in the front with most of the Diamonds surrounding him in a semicircle.

"So which team will take which path?" he asks.

"We're going to take the right path of course," states Yuan.

"No, we're taking the right path!" shouts Laura.

"Puh-lease! Who would follow your lead?" questions Adaliah. Laura pouts and folds her arms.

"Fine, we go with Adaliah's and Robin's choices," she says. Some of the contestants looked at her with amazement; she actually made a helpful choice. Robin and Adaliah look at each other and nod, Yuan narrows his eyes.

"And why can-"

"Not gonna happen. Robin, we're taking the left path," Adaliah says.

"But we said-" starts Yuan, but Angel stops him.

"Adaliah know what she's doing, let her lead," she says. Yuan's nose flares, but he nods with conviction. Robin looks towards the Diamonds and points towards the right path.

"Alright my fellow Diamonds, we'll head this way and the Rubies will go this way. Let's go," and he leads the group away from the Burning Rubies. He looks back at them.

"Adaliah!" he yells. Adaliah stops and looks back at Robin. Robin nods and says, "Good luck, but we're going to win." Adaliah smirks and nods at the challenge in his voice; then she's gone. Naomi asked a question out of random.

"I know that Chris came out of the jet, but where did he go?" no one answered her. She shrugged and followed her team.

The Rubies walked down the left path, examining the area. Yuan rubbed his hands against the walls and artifacts, marveling the beauty. Freddy looked at him with concern.

"Um Yuan, I don't think it's a good idea to touch everything. I've played so many games and watched a lot of movies to know that it's never a good idea to touch the artifacts."

"Who are you to advise me of what I need to do-OOOOOOOO!" Yuan's projected voice descends down a pitch black pit, his body along with it. A flaming torch shifts slightly on the, proving Freddy's assumption was right. Everyone looked at the closing pit with wide eyes and their mouths agape. TJ snapped out of her reverie with a determined look on her face.

"I ain't finna stand here while Wan could be in trouble, I'm goin' in!" TJ bends on her heels and nose-dives through the fast closing pit. As her feet make it into the pit, the door closes behind her. Adaliah scratches the back of head, confused on if she should be concerned for TJ or laugh at Yuan's idiocy.

"Um, we have pieces to find. Once we get to the first circled place, be careful on what you touch" she says starting to walk again. Angel nods and follows her lead, for the time being. Tori and Samantha look back at the pit, both concerned for TJ, Freddy hangs his arms over the girls' shoulders and guide them forward.

The Diamonds took the right path, looking at the corridor in wonder. Jacque's eyes shined with delight at all of the gold and artifacts surrounding him. Cole and Paul looked at the place respectfully, careful not to touch anything. Ronny's eyes shone as he explained to Naomi and Robin the history and facts about Egypt that he knew. He picked a vase casually without realizing it, still talking about the hieroglyphics on the walls. Suddenly the floor begins to shake. Alice looks around and notices the walls opening. Sounds of wheels squeaking can be heard through the wall openings. Sharp, automatic crossbows are seen through the openings.

Robin sees this and yells frantically, "RUN! GET OUT THE WAY AND GET OUT OF HERE!" He ducks and rushes from the flying bows. Naomi laughs as jumps over, ducks, and spins across the crossbows; like a dance routine. Laura grabs the first body she can and pulls them towards her as a shield. She walks backwards from the bows until she loses her footing and falls into a wall behind her, literally. The wall moved behind her and her 'shield' falls alongside with her.

Jacque and Cole dodge the bows and dash down the path Robin took. Ronny was going to fall suit, but he sees Alice sitting under a crossbow, crouched down scared. He rushes to her aid and covers her with his body. They stay this way while the bows continue to shoot.

Back with the Burning Rubies, Adaliah guides them to the first circled place on their map, the subterranean chamber. Freddy and Angel immediately begin to search through the old chamber, moving the things around while Samantha puts them back if nothing interesting is there.

"Try in that corner," says Tori pointing at a dark corner. Freddy walks over to it and picks up a small, but recognizable piece with a ruby symbol on it. He fist pumps and shouts with glee. He goes to high five Samantha, who daintily returns it. The sound wasn't too strong, but in a quiet, ancient chamber the sound resonates through the room. The room starts to shake and the gives an ugly roar. Adaliah looks around and notices the door starts to shut.

"Get out now!" she exclaims. She grabs Samantha's arm, which grabs Tori's arm, and dashes out before the door shuts. Freddy runs and makes a baseball dive under the door, leaving Angel to try to make it out; her effort is in vain. The door closes in her face with a soft thud. Her lips curl into a nasty scowl and she stomps her boot.


In the dark pit, TJ lands from a perfect somersault and searches for Yuan.

"Waaaaan! You in hereee?" she shouts.

"I'm….in…here! And it's…Yuan!" responds Yuan. TJ squeals and rushes to the sound of his voice. She looks to see Yuan sporting and irritated look on his face. He's on the ground holding his ankle.

"The greatest pieces must start with pain and anguish, and I'm in pain and anguish," he remarks.

"So you're hurt?" asks TJ.

"Yes I'm hurt, ingrate!" snaps Yuan.

"I may not know what engreat means but I know it's a mean word! I'm here to help you Wan, so hold still!" she bends down and gingerly touches his ankle. He hisses, "Don't…touch….me!" he protests. She rolls her eyes and grips his ankles gingerly.

"You better hold your voice in Wan, this is going to hurt"

"What in the hell are you- AAHHHHHHHH!"

"Oh great, we're trapped!" cries Laura. The person she dragged, which happened to be Paul, rubbed his back and groaned.

"We're going to get out of here, don't stress out," he says calmly. Laura looks at him with a look of horror.

"Stress out? STRESS OUT?! How am I supposed to not stress out?! We're trapped in this dusty place, my uniform is getting hot, and I left my comb to fix my haiirrrr!" she whines. She continues to do so until Paul grabs both sides of Laura's face and faces her towards him.

"Laura…breathe," he tells her. She does as she is told and the flush of her cheeks start to die down. Paul breathes a sigh of relief.

"Great, now don't worry. We're going to get out of here; all we have to do is keep our cool, okay?" he gives her a small smile. She returns it and then pouts.

"You better hope so pal, I don't like to be too hot; I get cranky." Paul sighs; he knows the peace won't be lasting long.

Ronny moves away from Alice when the bows stop shooting. He looks down to see Alice look up at him with tear streaked eyes. She pushes him out of the way and stands up frantically.

"I need to catch up with the others; I need to know if they got a diamond piece yet so I can-

"So you can what?" inquires Ronny. Alice looks back at him with fearful eyes, "I mean…umm, I need to know if we're ahead or not."

Ronny scoffs, "I'm not stupid, what were you about to say?"

"I-I-I can't s-say,' she stutters.

"That's a bunch of bologna, you can trust me, Alice," he looks at her earnestly. Alice's lip quivers as she starts to deny it again, but she sighs.

"I have to sabotage the challenge."

"What?! Why?" he asks astonished. He listens in to her story, not interrupting her at all. She cries throughout the whole ordeal with the threat in the letter, even telling him about what happened to her parents.

"I don't want to be here anymore; I can't do this! I don't want our team to lose, but I have to do this or I'll be exposed!" Alice cries. Ronny hugs her and rubs her back. He sighs; he can't let someone sabotage the team, nor can he Alice leave because someone is bullying her. And no one deserved to be bullied. He knew what he had to do.

"Alright Alice, let's catch up with the others."

"Yo, where did the others go?" asks Jacque. Robin sighs with defeat knowing that he couldn't keep his teammates safe.

"I don't know, we can only hope that they make it to us and we get these pieces," Robin replies. Cole rubs his back, but has an easy smile on his face.

"They'll be fine. Alice is a strong girl and Ronny is smart. Paul knows how to take care of himself and I think anything in this pyramid would run from Laura," he says. Jacque smirks and Robin smiles a little.

"Yeah, you're right. We need to get these pieces with or without them." Cole nods and looks at the map. He heads down the pathway and he fades out of site. Robin and Jacque follow suit when Jacque places a hand on Robin's shoulder.

"For the record, I know we're on the same team and all, but don't try to come for me Robin. You don't know what I'm capable of," he whispers in his ear. Robin looks at him with narrowed eyes as he watches him smirk and walk ahead of him.

The two catch up with Cole and Naomi, when Jacque starts eyeing the gold surrounding them. Robin trips on something and Cole looks back with him concern. Jacque hides his laughter behind his smirk and holds out his hand. Robin glares at him and grabs it. Naomi eyed the two that had tension surrounding them like a cloud, when a glint of something catches her eye. A diamond symbol shines in the heap of sand where Robin tripped. Naomi taps Cole's shoulder excitedly and points to the broken piece.

"Dude! We've got one!" exclaims Cole. He rushes to pick it up and puts it in his bag. Robin grins and Jacque simply shrugs.

As soon as they began to walk out, Alice and Ronny run through the corridor. Alice begins to pant and puts her hands on her knees. Ronny looked a bit troubled and disheveled with dirt on his face. Robin walks to them both and hugs them. Both stand there as Robin acts all big brotherly on them.

"Were Laura and Paul with you guys?" he asks.

"No, we thought they were with you," responds Ronny. Robin looks alarmed, but Cole steps in to say something.

"We got our first piece! Only four to go. Those two will be fine; they're strong. We need to focus on getting these pieces," he says. Alice eyes his pouch as he pat it.

"I can hold the bag, you know, while you guys search. That way I will at least be doing something," Alice says smiling. Ronny tenses up beside her, but doesn't say anything. Jacque narrows his eyes, but doesn't say anything. Cole thinks about it, then smiles and hands it over to her.

"Alright guys, let's get this last piece!" encourages Robin. He walks up with Cole and the two lead the others down the path. Alice then grabs the piece and hesitates; she drops it to the ground and covers it with sand. She then follows the group with a shaky breath.

Adaliah frowns as she looked at the map; they'd hit a dead end.

"I don't understand. There were no other pathways coming through here," says Samantha. Tori tilts her head and looks at the wall, hoping to get something from it; but to no avail. Freddy scratches his head and looks around.

"Maybe there's another secret passageway somewhere." He starts to trail his hands against the walls and Adaliah begins to protest.

"We've already seen how that first 'secret passage' did; I don't need another one of our team going down any time soon," she says.

Freddy continues to feel the walls, "But not all of them are the same, some would work for Lara Croft to open up during her missions." He pushes in a loose brick and the floor begins to rumble. Suddenly, the dead end wall opens up to reveal another chamber. Freddy bows and makes a gesture towards the door.

"Like so; after you ladies." The girls walk in and see a large sarcophagus in the middle of the room. Adaliah looks at the map then back at the sarcophagus.

"We must be in the King's Chamber, let's find that piece!"

The group searches for their next pieces when the sarcophagus begins to open. Samantha looks with wide eyes.

"Um…one of you is moving that right?" Tori shakes her head, Freddy raises both of his hands up, and Adaliah raises her fists up. The sarcophagus continues to move; something starts to come out of it. The thing is wrapped in dirty white, ripped rags. The whole thing was wrapped around a dirty, disgruntled figure. It raises its arms and starts to come towards them. Samantha's lips start to quiver.

"M-M-M-M-M-M-MUMMYYYY!" She yells and bolts out the door. Tori curses under her breath and goes after her, "Samantha wait!"

Freddy looks at Adaliah and nods, "I go this way"

"And I'll go this way." The two yell a battle cry and charge for the figure. Adaliah throws a punch and Freddy roundhouse kicks it in the chest. They continue to attack the figure, until the wrappings start to unravel. Dark eyes glare at the two; rimmed with drawn black circles.

"Chris?!" exclaims Adaliah. Freddy looks down at him and shrugs.


Both Freddy and Adaliah look into the camera in their challenge attire. "After finding out that the 'mummy' was Chris, I don't feel bad for beating him up," says Freddy nonchalantly. Adaliah nods in agreement and smirks.


The two dust off and walk around Chris. Adaliah catches a glint from Chris's body; the ruby symbol was inside of Chris's wrappings in two different areas.

"Freddy!" he turns to look at her smirking. She points towards Chris and he spots the symbol glowing through his rags. Freddy turns around inches back towards Chris's wrapped body. Chris's eyes widen, his voice muffled as the two get to work on getting their next two challenge pieces.

"What did you do to Chris, Marsh?" asked Blaise curiously. Marsha looks at him with a sly grin. She thinks of the tackling, duct tape, and rag fight she had with her brother earlier in the day.

"We had a little spat earlier; I took care of it," she responds. Blaise looks at her suspiciously, laughter tugs at his lips.

"How did you take care of it?"

Her grin widens, "I have my ways."

Blaise laughs, "Ooo Marsh, committing such bad acts, are we?"

Marsha giggles and caresses Blaise's face, "That's why I am Cleopatra for the day."

Angel paced around the room, looking around to see if there were anything to get out with or looks like a possible secret passage. She picked up rocks, moved valuables, and even felt around the walls; she had no such luck in finding a way out. She screams in frustration and kicks some sand in the air.

"Those imbeciles just had to run off without me. I hardly blame Adaliah on this because she needed to get out with the map; but those other ingrates could have stayed or grabbed for me too!" She brushes her hair out of her face.

"No matter, I will get out of this…old dusty tomb and I will make sure someone pays for it!" A small smirk graces her lips.

"Then again, I know we will win, Alice is going to be a good little girl and sabotage her team. Then with her out of my way, the rest of the Diamonds will surely fall one by one."

Her evil laughter is short lived when a wall opens on its own. She eyes this suspiciously and waits for a person to come through; they did not. What did come through slithered in quite slowly. Its black and gold scales glistened in the torch light; its long forked tongue popped out every now and then. It opens its mouth to cast its venom on Angel when she clamps its neck and meets it in the eyes.

Angel eyes the snake with blankness; her eyes then narrow and she hisses back at it with much vigor and disdain and she throws it down. The snake's tongue slithers back and the snake turns around, not wanting to return to Angel's presence. She folds her arms superiorly and smirks.

"And that's how a real snake gets it done." She goes into the open door where the snake had come from, her form vanishing in the darkness.

Paul takes off his jacket and starts to lift different artifacts to find a way out. Laura sits back and watches his toned arms appreciatively.


Laura sits in the confessional sweaty and dirty in her uniform. "I know I don't usual look at the males here because they're usually weird, but why had I not noticed Paul having muscle?" she looks incredulous, "I mean I should have seen it when he was in swim trunks! Maybe cause I have been distracted…like now! I am getting hotter and I'm not liking this as all! God, if you hear me, please get me outta here!" She shouts at the camera in exasperation.


She continues to watch Paul and starts unbuttoning more buttons on her shirt. She fans herself and sighs dramatically.

"How's it going there?" she asks. Paul grunts and responds, "Would be better if I had some help, ya know?" he says earnestly without sarcasm. Laura sighs and gets up.

"Fine, but don't say I didn't help out!"

Paul laughs, "I won't; thank you Laura." He gives her an easy going smile that she shrugs at in response. She grabs the end of a brick, but it won't budge.

"A little help here!" she says. Paul comes over to her, not once glancing at her cleavage. Laura notices this and pouts; she really does need a boob job, since she can't even get Paul's attention!

Paul starts to tug at the brick with her and then pushes it in. The brick runs in smoothly goes farther in; the floors begin to rumble. From the corner of her eye, Laura sees something shiny in the sand. She jumps for it as it tries to move and she gasps; turns out to be two diamond pieces!

She grins in triumph as she shows it to Paul, who hugs her happily.

"Nice job!" he says

"Yeah…thanks," she remarks breathlessly. She knows he didn't mean anything by it but come on, a nice pair of strong arms just grabbed for her!

The wall door that they fell in began to open again. Paul grabs his jacket with one hand and Laura's hand with the other and runs for the door. Laura grips the pieces and runs so she won't be dragged by Paul.

Yuan tries to walk straight as he has to lean on TJ. He scowls as he walks gingerly on his leg; TJ aided him, but he hates that another female has yet again seen him down…literally. He then thought on how this conflict would be great as a watercolor painting: Sprains and Struggles.

"How did you learn to do that anyway Tanya Jane?" he asks. TJ smiles as they continue to walk through the pit.

"When you're a gal that loves her Petunia and bull riding, then you learn things like that," she reponds.

"Hmmm, tactful. Tactful indeed."

"Yup! Lookie, I think I see something!" she says pointing towards the shadows. He peers through the darkness to see a something heading their way; a black snake. Yuan stiffens and eyes the snake.

"Yeehaw!" TJ exclaims and stomps on the snake's head. The snake's dead hiss could be heard as a final breath as it lies still. Yuan looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She shrugs.

"Country gal, remember?"

"Of course"

They hear more hissing as they approach an opening. The pit was full of hissing snakes, all surrounding a ruby symbol piece. Yuan gives a harsh laugh.

"How did those workers manage to get this here?"

"I don't know, but isn't this fortunate that I find you two here," says an approaching Angel. Yuan narrows his eyes and TJ grins at her.

"Hiya Angel! I'm glad to see you okay!"

"How did you get in our similar predicament?" asked Yuan. Angel frowns and responds, "I was closed off from the others in the subterranean chamber and I opened this entry way."

"Now that's dandy! Let's get this piece and get outta here," says TJ. She shifts Yuan to Angel and grabs a torch. She inches the fire towards the retreating snakes, and grabs the relic piece. Behind the area the snakes were is a lever. Before Yuan and Angel could tell her to stop, TJ pulls it. Suddenly, a ladder mechanism protrudes from the top with an exit.

Angel and Yuan sigh with relief as they watch TJ climb up the ladder. TJ disappears out of sight and the snakes proceed towards the pair. TJ then pops back through the hole with a grin.

"Come on up! And I found the rest of the guys!" and she throws the torch at the snakes, making it the perfect time for Angel and Yuan to climb the ladder.

Robin, Naomi, and Cole were searching in a new area for their pieces. Jacque was leaning towards a very valuable looking pendant in a jar; a battle going on in his head. Should he keep it and risk a curse or leave it at piece. He scoffs and goes for the piece anyway; he knows all about curses, and this won't be one. Ronny looks for a relic piece away from everyone else; he needed time to think of how he was going to play this out.

Paul and Laura come out of nowhere, sweaty and dirty. Paul let go of Laura's hand, much to her disappointment, and hands over the two pieces they found. Robin grins as he holds up another piece he just found in the alcove he was looking in. Naomi jumps up and down in happiness while Cole and Paul high five. Robin collects the pieces and gives them to Alice, who smiles shyly.

"We got em all! Let's get out of here," Robin instructs. Naomi salutes and skips out of the room. Jacque follows her with a more than empty pouch, shaking his head and smirks. Cole starts to walk alongside Paul when they hear a thud behind them; Laura has fainted from the heat. Paul sighs and goes to pick her up bridal style.

Cole raises an eyebrow at him and Paul simply shrugs. Robin goes in behind them when he sees Ronny walking alongside Alice. Ronny sees Alice throw another piece off to the ground and immediately switches bags with her before Robin seen her.

A hole had appeared in the middle of the floor when Adaliah and Freddy caught back up with Samantha and Tori. The two ladies clutch to each other when a head pops from the hole. Adaliah gets into a fighting position, but stops herself when she sees the curls of their country friend. She waves animatedly as she gets all the way out of it holding a torch. She then drops to her knees and puts her head back down the hole.

"Come on up! And I found the rest of the guys!" She drops the torch and hops back up. She doesn't care to dust herself off as she helps the other figures come out of the hole. The first one to come up is Angel. She dusts herself off and gives an easy smile to everyone, hiding her annoyance. Yuan comes up behind her, scowling and dusting himself off.

"So we're all here. I don't want to know how, but we are. We have 3 pieces, did you guys find anything?" TJ hold up the relic piece, tosses it to Adaliah, and grins.

"We got em all! Woohooooo haha!" she cheers and skips off. Adaliah shakes her head and gestures for the others. She puts the pieces in her pouch and walks off.

"Come on, the sooner we get out of here, the better."

Angel couldn't agree more with her as she walks briskly to match Adaliah's pace. Everyone follows behind them with Freddy in the back, making sure that everything is good in the back.

After a while, the Burning Rubies and the Iced Diamonds meet at the crossways they had split from earlier and they walk in pairs out of the pyramid; except for the skipping Naomi and TJ.

The teams come out all dirty and sweaty. The only ones to look like they had some fun were Naomi, Freddy, Adaliah, and TJ. Jacque pats his pouch to make sure all of his…souvenirs are still in place. Laura had finally awakened to see Paul carrying her. She kisses him on the cheek gratefully and he puts her down. This doesn't go unnoticed by Tori. Yuan was walking normally now and stood confidently next to his team. Angel smirks Alice's way and masks it with a tired smile. Naomi goes to Freddy and he hugs her around the waist; glad she was well. Samantha sent a shy smile to Cole, who sent a big grin her way. Alice was looking to the ground and Ronny placed a hand on her shoulder. She looks up at him and she gives a forced smile. Ronny mouths the words 'don't worry' to her, and she looks back down to the ground.

Marsha clears her throat and walks in front of the teams.

"You guys, I'm sure, did amazing in this challenge. Before we determine the winner and who's going home and it's not dark, we thought to treat you guys to a little lunch. She backs off and gestures to a table that was being set up by numerous workers putting plates of finger foods, bowels of hummus, and glasses of various drinks. Everyone eyes the table with desire and hunger from their challenge and ran to the table. Marsha laughs at their enthusiasm.

Cole sat by Samantha, rubbing her hand soothingly. Tori sat next to her, eyeing Laura warily from her previous actions. Paul was beside Tori, wondering what was wrong with her; he hasn't done anything wrong.

Jacque watched Alice as she sat between Ronny and Robin; he knows something was up during that challenge. He catches Robin's eye and he sends a smirk his way. Adaliah sniffed her hummus suspiciously; she has never tried it so she was cautious. Angel ate her food respectively, watching everyone at the table. She kept her eye on Alice; she knows she got the job done is Alice knows what's good for her.

TJ was talking animatedly to Yuan about their experience in the pyramid. He pretends to be interested, but on the inside he is cringing and banging TJ's head with the plate. He caught Angel's eye as she sends a small smile her way; he knows that that smile is meant to be a smirk. He nods her way and continues to eat his food carefully. He didn't need another episode like last time. Naomi was talking to Freddy about the challenge. They compared their 'greatest achievements' from their performance today, laughing at Chris's expense. Marsha and Blaise were fighting over the last sandwich on Blaise's plate.

Ronny was talking to Alice and Robin about hummus and its originality, when Robin interrupts him.

"Thank you in there, for watching over her," Robin says gesturing to Alice. Alice looks down and blushes. Ronny waves it off and says, "No problem! We're all friends here." That is, until the elimination. He grabbed a spoonful of hummus and started flicking the spoon. The hummus doesn't budge, but after a couple of flicks the hummus lands on Laura's hand.

"EWWW! That's disgusting! Who threw that?!" She narrows her eyes to Ronny, who wasn't paying any attention to her and still flicking hummus. She growls and grabs an apple and throws it. She doesn't have much of aim, because it hits Jacque.

Jacque narrows his eyes at Laura and throws an orange to hit her in the face. She catches the impact and hits the ground. Cole sees this and cups his mouth with excitement, "FOOOOOD FIIIIGHT!" and grabs his hummus and throws some at Adaliah. Adaliah really wanted to jump over the table at him, but stopped herself and grabbed a sandwich. She aimed for Paul and got his mark on his forehead. Paul laughs and throws juice on Tori. Tori gasps and shoves grapes in his mouth. Samantha ducks under the table to hide from the fight. Cole sees this and follows her.

"What are you doing, ma'am?" asked Cole. Samantha jumps, almost hitting her head, and blushes.

"I wanted to get out of the line of fire," she says with a small smile. He returns the smile and crawls towards her.

"Maybe you crossed into the right one," he says. Samantha looks at him; her eyebrows knit into confusion.

"What are you talking about?" she asks. He chuckles and leans towards her. Her breath hitches as she closes her eyes. His lips meet hers softly and she quickly pulls away. Cole opens his eyes and looks at Samantha's blush reddening. He smiles at her shyness and grabs her hand. She looks at him in surprise and smiles back at him. She lets him lead her out from under the table and the two share a smile. He kisses her hand and lets her go; a near miss of hummus almost hitting him.

He looks to where it was thrown from and laughs as he sees Paul smirking at him.

Naomi jumps on top of the table and dives for Jacque.

"BONZAIII!" she yells.

Jacque sees her coming and moves over. She lands on her feet and laughs, and then smashes hummus on his uniform. He looks agitated, but seeing her cheeky grin makes him laugh. Freddy whoops and laughs at Naomi; then gets hit with a banana. Robin uses his plates as a shield to protect him and Alice from the impacts. She gives a small smile behind the plates; he returns it.

TJ laughs at the end with Yuan, who was protecting his face.

"This foolery should be stopped!" he exclaims.

"Why Wan? It's only a little fun," TJ explains and throws in an apple, which hit Blaise in the back of the head. Marsha laughs at Blaise's shocked expression, but is cut short when hummus is smashed on her face. Blaise smirks, but it turns into a look of horror when he sees the menacing glare she gives him. He chuckles nervously and gets up from the table.

"Um guys…let's get cleaned up and determine our winner tonight. Oh crap," Blaise gets up and runs, Marsha on his heels.

"Get back here and take it like a man!"


"Alright Rubies and Diamonds, after that lovely challenge and lunch break, let's get our winners!" announces Marsha. Blaise stands beside her muttering under his breath.

"Rubies and Diamonds, show me your relics!"

Adaliah steps up and shows Marsha the complete relic with all of the ruby pieces. Robin steps up to show Marsha their relic, but pieces were missing. He looks through the bag frantically with astonishment. Marsha sadly shakes her head, "Well it looks like the winners of our challenge is the Burning Rubies!"

The Burning Rubies bask in their victory, while the Diamonds wonder what happened. Robin walks up to Cole.

"What happened to our pieces? I know we grabbed them all!"

"I don't know dude, I passed the bag to Alice, remember." Cole responds. The rest of the team turns to Alice, who was blushing and looking down. Robin walks up to her and asks gently, "What happened to our pieces, Alice?"

Alice starts to stutter and can't get a word out. From the other team, Angel watches in victory and enjoyment; let her squirm.

Alice takes a deep breath and prepares to tell them what she had done, but Ronny steps in.

"Aw man, I'm sorry! I asked Alice to give me the pieces so she could help out. I guess some of them fell out," Ronny says shrugging. Robin looks in disappointment and shakes his head. Alice looks at him with wide eyes and covers her mouth. Angel narrows her eyes and frowns. Blaise walks to the group with the tablets, but starts to slow down as he approaches them.

"Ahem, I seem to have interrupted something. Um, here are the tablets to pick who is eliminated."

Cole sighs as he chooses his person.

Alice couldn't believe what was happening; she chose herself anyway.

Paul honestly didn't know who to pick, so he picked a random face.

Robin chose his person immediately; nothing against the person, but he can't have people jeopardizing their winnings.

Naomi chose with her eyes closed, she hated choosing for people.

Jacque picked his person carefully. Something was going on, but he'd play along for now.

Ronny sighed and picked himself; he knew it had to be done. He couldn't let someone else lose on purpose because they are being bullied.

Laura chose Ronny; he got hummus on her!

They turn in their tablets and wait for the tally. Marsha looks at them sadly and says, "I'm sorry to say this but, the person to go home tonight will be Ronny."

Everyone turned to see Ronny nod his head and walk towards Alice. He hugs her tightly and whispers in her ear, "Don't let anyone bully you into getting yourself off the show; you're strong, remember that." She smiles sadly and nods. He shakes everyone else's hand and smiles at them. He gets to Marsha and Blaise and Marsha hugs him tightly.

"I'm going to miss the interesting facts you would give us," Marsha says.

"You'll see me again! You gotta have an aftermath show!"

"Of course!" She says laughing. He nods and Blaise guides him to the escorts waiting to take him away.

Angel watches with her eyes narrowed.

Marsha dusts off and looks to the rest of the contestants, "Let's round up and get into the jet. We have more places to go and challenges to achieve!"

Everyone starts to round up in the jet. As Marsha comes in, Blaise catches up with her and looks at her curiously, "What about Chris?"

Marsha seems to contemplate what to do as she looks back at the pyramid, "I'm sure he can find his way. He is Chris Mclean after all," she says smirking. Blaise shakes his head laughing and follows her in, the jet doors closing in behind them.

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