Total Drama Paradise

The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Right?

The contestants were all situated into their seats, not caring that Chris was missing. The Burning Rubies won, so the Iced Diamonds will be serving tonight. They didn't get to eat most of their lunch after the challenge because of their food fight. None were all that disappointed…well almost none of them.

Angel smiled at everyone as she heads to the bathroom for her confessional. Once she shuts the door, her smile molds into a nasty scowl. She grabs her brush from the closet to soothe herself.


"I am so glad we won; but what I'm not glad about is that the wrong person went home" Angel says while glaring, but her glare turns into a smirk, "No matter. Ronny was just a casualty of war and we are at war. Little Miss Misery will crumble, especially with the new note I left her...I heard what Ronny told her 'don't let someone bully her' so I know he took the fall, idiot. Oh well Alice dear, I dare you to challenge me. Remember I know all your secrets...what do you think Robin would think of you after he learns that you spent five years locked in a mental hospital after your family's unfortunate demise," she begins to laughs evilly then she sighs happily, "You're finished Liddell understand're finished!"


She walks out with a satisfied look on her face. She takes her seat and finds Jacque's eye. He stares at her with his head cocked to the side. His eyes shone with mischief and he sends a smirk her way. She rolls her eyes at him and places earbuds in her ears. She sighs with contentment and closes her eyes.

Jacque shakes his head with amusement and heads to the bathroom.


Jacque holds up the pendant that he stole from the Pyramid of Khufu.

"I know what you are saying, 'You stole that pendant so you'll be cursed'. Well let me tell you. I have been cursed a long time before now. I never knew my family. However, I have excelled & prospered when no one gave me the chance. I know the curses when I see them because I come from the Voodoo capital of the world."

He smirks into the camera, sending a wink for good measure.


He walks out to retrieve his uniform, anticipating what's going to happen as they cook tonight. He walks past Samantha, who was trying to hide her huge grin from forming. He cocks an eyebrow, but decides against it; he goes to get change.

Samantha doesn't pay any attention to Jacque as she heads to the bathroom; she's practically floating.


Samantha sits down with a big grin and a huge, dark red blush on her face. "I-I had my first kiss. That was- c-can you die from happiness, because I think I might!" She lets out an excited giggle before she collects her composure. "U-Um, anyways, I hope Tori and Paul are doing well! I'm not sure if they're together yet or not, but I sure hope so. Someone as sweet as Tori deserves someone who'll make her happy."


She walks out of the confessional with a dreamy look, looking around for Tori. She walks past a winking Cole; then blushes profusely. She reached Tori, who is looking out the window. She was so lost in the night sky when Samantha taps her shoulder.

"Are you okay Tori?" she asks. Tori looked up at her startled, but smiles softly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. So I see you're blushing; did Cole make a move?"

If it's possible, Samantha blushes even harder, "Y-Yes he did. I think we're going to be official now." Tori smiles for her.

"That's great Samantha; I'm very happy for you."

"What about Paul? Did he do anything?" Samantha asks. Tori sighs and looks back out of the window.

"No, he didn't."

"Why not! I thought you guys liked each other?"

"I did…I mean I do; but how can I be sure that he actually feels the same?"

Samantha looks at her confused, "Why wouldn't he? Look how it went in Alcatraz!"

Tori looks doubtful, "Yeah, I know. In Egypt, the way Laura looked at him…I don't think he'll pay me any attention with her advances."

Samantha showed a look of determination, "You're crazy if you think he would forget about you like that! If you're afraid that she can take him from you fight back! Get what's yours Tori!" she was breathing hard after she was finished. Tori looked at her in shock.

"Did you really just say that?" she giggled. Samantha's eyes widen at what she just said. She covers her mouth and blushes a harsh red; that kiss was more effective than she realized. She clears her throat embarrassed while Tori continued to laugh.

Jacque just happened to be close by, smirking as he heard this. He also looked to see Alice withdrawn from Robin slightly. He looks curiously when Alice turns away from Robin. Robin runs a hand through his hair and looks up; his eyes lock with Jacque's. Robin shoots him a death glare; Jacque returns the favor with his own icy stare, smirking along with it. Robin gets up, nudging Alice up so they can head into the kitchen. He nods at him and walks towards the bathroom again.


Jacque looks at the camera with a puzzling face.

"There is something up with this 'team'. First off, Alice was looking strong until today. Also, just so y'all know, I have nothing to do with this if you are listening Robin. I have had my fair share of business deals gone wrong. None of them turned out good for the opposite side of the deal if ya know what I mean. However, no one goes from being lively to sullen immediately unless it deals with family or friends. I think this going on the family variety."

Jacque then has an amused expression on his face.

"Many people would probably call me a bully but I call myself a man who has nobody in my life. I would not exactly go after Robin or Alice directly. Not yet anyway. I saw that Laura didn't want to leave Paul's side. I may tell her that Paul is crazy about her. Then she'll probably become too attached & she'll have to go. Just like Ms. Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' they will all become victims, uh, sorry I mean eliminated."


He walks out and heads towards the kitchenette. TJ entered the bathroom after him, a grin on her face.


"Each of those challenges get more and more fun! Those snakes reminded me of the time me and my brother RJ had to get rid of some rattlers' that were eating all our field mice! I'm glad Samantha helped me see that Zach'll be happier where he is now and here's hopin' I can keep havin' fun and keep Wan from killin' himself!" she laughs hard at the thought.


She exits from the bathroom to see Yuan drawing. He kept glancing up at something and back down at his notebook. TJ looked towards the direction he keeps looking towards: Adaliah sleeping. She keeps towards him and sits in the spot across from him.

"Wan, I don't know if that's a good idea. Adaliah is one of the dandiest gals I know, but it ain't wise to do that while she sleepin'. She gone be on you like a cat running from a skinned rat!"

Yuan looked up at her with irritation; this country 'gal' is really asking for a paint brush to the eye. He takes a deep breath as he recalls his confessional.


Yuan heaves a dramatic sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.

"I am officially exhausted with watching Angel twist apart such easy pickings. I mean, really! Alice's past in little more than overblown melodrama, I'd bet my platinum-plated easel on it. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it sounds like it's been ripped off a television program or video game of some sort. Tch, pathetic."

He folds his arms over his chest and closes his eyes. "No real competitor gets all sentimental and weak over a few measures of tragedy. Loneliness is the foundry in which true freedom is forged; freedom from the condemning realities of trust and love that will ultimately disregard you in the end!"

He seems to remember himself. "N-not that I would know anything about that. What need have I for a parent's love? I'm a globally-recognized artist! I don't need them!"

Yuan sits back, knowing he's said too much. Within a moment, his aloof sneer is back. "I'm tired of being passive about this shtick. Either Angel or Alice one simply has to go. Looks like it's time for Yuan to do a bit of manipulating on his own... And I know just the bumpkin to mollify."


He sighs and puts his art supplies down, "Alright Tonya Jane, I'll heed your warning," he says quoting with his fingers. He looks her in the eye and smiles, shocking TJ slightly.

"Wan, are you alright?" she asks.

Yuan scoffs, "I'm perfectly fine," he leans in closer, "Have you noticed Alice? She looks like she was in a lot of distress last challenge."

TJ nods her head, "Yeah, poor gal looked like her Aunt Missy done died; I wonder what's wrong with her." She bit her lip with concern.

Yuan chose to ignore her comment about an 'Aunt Missy', "Well I think I heard something about it…"

Freddy reclined in his chair, relaxing. He sighs happily when a giggle erupts beside him. He looks to see that Naomi was taking pictures of them.

"You're not posting those are you?" he asks.

Naomi smiles, "Nope" popping the 'p', "I want to keep these memories for a scrapbook."

"I get to help decorate it will game logos, right?"

"It wouldn't be a scrapbook without a gamer's expertise," she says winking. Freddy laughs and leans to kiss her. Naomi meets him halfway and their lips touch softly. She smiles into the kiss as it goes deeper. Freddy, once again, breaks the kiss.

"You're serving tonight, remember?"

"Darn it," she sighs, "I shall depart, my love."

Freddy laughs, "I'll be right here for you." Naomi kisses him again and goes to get her uniform. Freddy leans back and closes his eyes. He thinks of his confessional.


"Yes! We won a challenge! Feels nice, considering we lost most of the others. In other news, Naomi and I are going strong! I feel like we're Princess Peach and Mario, Link and Zelda, Sonic and Amy... Maybe not that last one as much since I actually like Naomi back. Still though, every time we kiss, it feels like sparks from an animatronic are flying."


He grins to himself and folds his hands in front of him. Meanwhile, Alice was walking out of the bathroom from changing her clothes. She's close to tears as she thinks of her confessional she just made.


Alice holds another letter which she found in her boots.

"Whoever this person is they won't stop! Listen to what they wrote this time, "You got lucky this time Alice but next time you won't. Poor Ronny, but like your family's death, his elimination was all your fault, and he will never forgive you. Remember I know all your secrets Alice; like your little stay in Rutledge. What would Robin think about that huh? You won't last much longer, I rule this competition alone, and your interference will not be tolerated. This game is for grownups; raw, well-ordered, ruthless, careening on the jagged edge of reality. Self-pitying dreamers are not wanted here. They cannot survive here. You fear the truth. You live in shadows. Your pathetic attempts to reclaim your sanity have failed. Retreat now to the sterile safety of your self-delusions, or risk inevitable annihilation. If you try to destroy me, you destroy yourself. Leave now and some hollow part of you may survive. Stay and I will break you down! You will lose yourself forever!"

Alice finished reading the letter as she began crying, "Who could be doing this to me...I know Ronny said not to let anyone bully me but this person knows way to much about me...what am I gonna do?"


Robin awaited her by the kitchenette's entrance. He looked at her with concerned, seeing eyes. She turned her head to keep him from seeing through her.

"Please tell me what's wrong, you've been acting more distant lately." He pleads.

Alice sniffs and replies, "Nothing's wrong Robin, just dealing with Ronny being gone is all."

"Or maybe she just doesn't want to talk to you," Jacque pipes up smirking. Robin sends him a harsh glare and Jacque wags his eyebrows. Robin opens and closes his fist and turns to Alice.

"If you're fine, I believe you. I'll be right back." And he turns on his heel, completely ignoring Jacque. Jacque smirks and waits for everyone to not notice him slip away.


"Getting rid of Ronny was difficult, but necessary. Still, he was getting close to Alice, and I fear that I might have sent her back to her shell a bit." His gaze darkens, "Jacque thought it wise to threaten me. It's funny, he reminds me of an ex-boyfriend of mine. He thought he could push me around. One day he swung at me, and, in retaliation, I swung back. He missed, but I didn't." Robin looks directly at the camera, "Jacque, since you like listening to my confessionals, listens to this. They call me a perfectionist. Do you know what that means? That means I can slit your throat without a single hair moving out of place. Don't you dare come at me or Alice, or anyone else on our team! I don't take kindly to bullying." He composes himself, "Now, I believe I used this thing for long enough. Au Revoir."


He exits and heads back into the kitchen, glaring all the while. He passed by Cole and Paul, who were in their own little worlds.

"I saw you guys by the table," Paul says smirking. Cole grins big and leans back casually.

"Yeah, even used a good line!" he says laughing. Paul shakes his head at his antics.

"I'm glad you guys are finally together"

"What about you and Tori? Made a move yet?"

Paul sighs, "I would have, but she acted a little distant before the food fight. I haven't done anything!"

Cole seems to think about this, "Maybe because you were helping Laura during the challenge."

"I couldn't help that! I'm not some prick, no matter how difficult you can be. If you're on my team and you need help, I'm going to be there." Cole nods at Paul's statement.

"I getcha, Paul. Tori is a cool girl; and I won't lie, Laura can be a cool person when she wants to be. Maybe just see how everything goes for the challenge and work from there?" Paul thinks on it. He nods at Cole and smiles.

"Thanks man, I'll keep that in mind."

"You better! I guess Tori distancing herself from you for a little while made you open those dream-filled eyes you had in Alcatraz" Cole says laughing. Paul aims to swing at his arm, but Cole ducks.

"Come on, we gotta serve tonight."

One of the girls in question was heading in the confessional, smiling to herself.


Laura is sitting on the toilet seat her knees brought to her chest, a day dreaming expression on her face.

She sighs.

"Those arms were just sooo..."

She sighs once more her head in the clouds. She giggles to herself, all the different scenarios involving her and Paul, running through her mind.

"I don't even mind that we lost, serving tonight means I could potentially spend more time with Paul" She giggles again, before losing her balance and almost falling of the toilet seat "Woops wouldn't want to.."

Laura falls of the seat face first in a very un-ladylike manner. Normally she would've made a scene, but she just laughs. She is in too good of a mood. She picks herself off the floor and exits the bathroom in a light and airy mood.


Laura makes it to the kitchenette about the same time as Marsha and Blaise. Laura merely smiles and goes to stand with the others. Some of them look at her strangely, but Jacque knows better. Marsha claps and smiles brightly.

"We're serving dinner since I know most of you guy's lunch went to each other's faces, not in your stomachs."

Blaise adds in, "It's going to be spaghetti and meatballs, cheesy bread, steamed broccoli, and any dessert of your choices. Since you guys operated well with choosing your own work spaces, we'll let you guys at it. Marsha and I will be preparing the meatballs; the rest is up to you."

Cole and Paul proceeded with getting everyone their supplies.

Alice and Robin started adding water to their pots and getting the noodles from Cole and Paul.

Naomi and Laura were cracking eggs and mixing them with the milk and flour provided for them.

Jacque smirked and walked to where Laura was mixing her bowl. She was humming to herself when Jacque tapped her shoulder. She looked at him with annoyance; a hint of curiosity showing in her eyes.

"Is there something you wanted?"

"Not particularly, but I did want you to know that I overheard a conversation today."

Laura raised an eyebrow, eyes narrowing, "What's that got to do with me?"

Jacque simply shrugged, "Well, I heard from that conversation that a certain athlete might be interested in you."

She perks up when she hears this, "Really?" she turns to look at the others, making sure they didn't hear her and composes herself. Jacque nods at her, "Yes, better make your move on him before Tori gets him first."

She looks with determination, glancing at Paul cleaning their unused dishes and passing ingredients. She looks back at Jacque and nods. Jacque then proceeds to help Naomi with her mixing bowls.

Angel opened her eyes to the smell of food coming from the kitchenette. She looked to the back to see that the Iced Diamonds were coming from the kitchenette with the food.

Naomi brings two plates for her and Freddy and places it in front of him. He smiles gratefully at her and she gives him a wink.

Cole sits next to Samantha. He hands her a plate full of food; she accepts it with a blush. Tori excuses herself when Paul heads their way. He looks back at her with confusion, and then proceeds to his own seat when he sees Cole lean into Samantha.

Adaliah wakes up swinging when she hears a plate clatter in front of her. TJ dodges her punches and laughs.

"I told Wan you weren't a gal to pick with! Eat up!" TJ bounces off with Adaliah looking back at her, amusement tugged at her lips.

Yuan watched the exchange, actually thankful that he…listened to TJ; his precious face was not getting into that fire. He smirked as he knew that TJ would be helping him with getting rid of Angel; he is a handsome genius after all. He started to eat off of his plate slowly, savoring the flavor of the meatballs.

Laura sat in front of Paul, "You mind if I sit next to you?" she asks. Paul looks back towards where Tori had left, then back to Laura.

"Sure, I don't mind," he says with a smile. She returns it and digs into her dinner.

Alice looked out of the far window; Robin looked at her with concern.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asks. Alice looked at him and forced a smile.

"Yes Robin, I am fine."

Robin sighs and places a hand on her shoulder, "You know that you can trust me, so don't be afraid to tell me."

Alice nods at him, "I will."

Jacque goes to the bathroom and washes his hands. Angel just finished her dinner when she sees him going into the bathroom; she smirks and follows him to listen in if he makes a confessional.

Jacque heads into the bathroom when he sees a slip of paper on the floor.


Jacque looks at the note curiously. He then holds it up & it is revealed to be the note that Alice was given before last challenge.

"Wow. I must say whoever wrote this note has an understanding & knowledge of Alice's history. The person I deduce this person to be is Angel. I say that because she was the only one that I remember glaring at Alice when she was first introduced like she has an intense hatred of Alice. Also, I spied on Angel's confessional. If you think that is weird, I spied on everyone's confessional from the beginning. I have so much dirt on a bunch of people that I might as well write a tell-all book about Total Drama Paradise. If you people think that I'm a bad guy, you might want to read that tell all book that I'm going to write."


Outside of the bathroom, Angel hears every word. She slips into hiding when Jacque comes out, and then goes in herself.


So I overheard Jacque in the confessional earlier and it seems he knows it's me sending Alice the letters. Oh well nothing I can't deal with." She smirks. "I need to throw him off my trail so in my letter I telling Alice to flirt with Jacque and make him think she's interested, or I'll tell everyone about her stay in Rutledge." She shrugs innocently.

"This will be so much fun to watch. This will also get Robin and Jacque fighting even more and make Alice feel even shittier since this will be all her fault. She has a real problem with guilt...this game is so much fun!" she cackles evilly.


She walks out of the bathroom smugly, when she hears Blaise and Marsha coming.

"I made more meatballs, so I get the last one!"

"Puh-lease! I put in more work so I get the last one!"

"I am older so I get the last one!"

"That is so not something you announce on live television!"

"…So!" and Blaise makes a beeline for the stateroom door, slamming it before Marsha can get to him. Marsha walks calmly down the aisle as everybody stares at her. She shrugs nonchalantly and smiles, "Don't mind us darlings, once you get done get some rest. We'll be at our next destination soon and you're gonna need the sleep!" She bids everyone goodnight, "Now if you excuse me, I have some balls to kick."

She opens up the stateroom door and closes it. It was silent after that until, "Heels can and will be used as lethal weapons!"

Naomi laughs and begins to stretch, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for some shut eye; you ready to be a pillow?" she asks Freddy. Freddy laughs and says, "Your feathery wish is my command."

Cole and Paul gathered up everybody's dishes and proceeded into the kitchenette. Soon after, everyone gathered their PJs for bed. Alice grabs her blanket when another letter slips out. She reads it when no one is looking and she begins to cry silently. How in the hell is she going to pull this off?

The night ends for the Burning Rubies and Iced Diamonds will some peace…for the most part.

"Blaise, you call the men up yet?" Marsha asks as she puts on her robe. Blaise was sporting an icepack on the back of his head.

"Yes, they will be ready for transport as soon as we land."

"Good, I have the dress for the girls and you'll dress the boys." Blaise's eyes widen and he starts to protest.

"Oh hell no!"



"But I can't do it without you," she says pouting. He shakes his head.

"Not gonna happen."

"Fine, I'll change them and I'll get to-"

"Alright, alright! I will change them," he says grumbling. Marsha grins with victory and jumps to give him a hug.

Robin wakes up before everyone else. He stretches and takes a look around. He glares when he gets to Jacque, but frowns slightly; where was some of their team? Last night he could have sworn that everyone was in their spot. He looks out the window to see a beach.

He sighs with relief; they just left out for the beach. Red flags go off in his head with a raging doubt; they never leave without everybody, Marsha nor Blaise would do that. He gets up and looks around. He notices TJ, Yuan, Samantha, Paul, Laura, and Naomi gone. He runs his fingers through his hair; this cannot be good.

Marsha comes out of the stateroom a luxurious dark brown faux fur vest, light brown sleeveless crop top, matching mini skirt with light brown waistband, dark brown faux fur bottom and attached curled tail, matching dark brown faux fur gloves, dark brown faux fur leg warmers and matching dark brown faux fur hood with light brown ears, top trim and pop pom ties. She smiles at Robin's confused and scared expression.

"Don't be afraid darling, it's all a part of the challenge."

Robin releases the breath he was holding, "So where are they?"

She grins slyly, "That's all going to be explained soon. Wake the others and we'll start." He nods and begins to walk away.

"By the way, I'm dressed as a monkey!"

Yuan begins to wake up; he stretches his arms and feels good as he hears that familiar pop of muscles. He blinks and looks around.

All that surrounded him were trees. Various animals leap limb from limb, chattering with their own language. The blue sky shines above him with small clouds creeping in. He rubs his eyes as if this were a dream; where in the hell was he?

He looks to see TJ and Samantha sleeping beside him. He shakes them awake.

"Get up you imbeciles! We've been kicked off the jet!" he yells. TJ wakes instantly, jumping ready for action. Samantha opens her eyes slowly, adjusting them to the light. She looks around and gets scared.

"W-Where are w-we?" she asks. Yuan rolls his eyes and scoffs.

"Do you think I know?! If I did I would have said it!" Samantha shrinks at his loud voice. TJ glared and slaps his arm.

"Wan, stop being so mean." She turns from a muttering Yuan to Samantha, "Now don't you worry, we'll get out of here."

Samantha nods and stops the tears from falling. She looks at Yuan and TJ, "Um guys, do you know you're dressed as animals?"

Yuan stops and looks at himself. He was wearing a lined faux fur pants with pockets, claws at the ankles, a stretch faux leather waistband, and a floor length tail. He wore a sheer tight muscle shirt with faux fur gloves and a faux fur skunk hood. He admires himself arrogantly.

"My, I must say my body looks dashing in this outfit."

"You do realize you're dressed as a skunk right?" asks a giggling Samantha. Yuan scowls, "Yes, well, some things do come with downsides; it's all about the distress from success."

"Desdress, success same thing! Imma tiger y'all!" says TJ. She's dressed in a tiger print catsuit with fur-trimmed, bell bottom pants, open back, front lace-up detail, gloves, ears and tail. Black boots donned her feet.

She spins around, watching her tail move in the air. She giggles, "Petunia is gonna love this!"

Yuan slaps his forehead and looks to Samantha. Samantha wore an allover zebra print bodysuit, long sleeves and back keyhole. Black boots were worn on her feet.

Samantha looked at herself and her fellow contestants in awe; they all looked really cool! She inspects the rest of the forest area and her eyes rest on three bags and a note.

Laura's eyes flutter open and she groans. She rolls over on her stomach and is met with dirt. Laura gets up with a flash to see that she was in a forest. Paul and Naomi were sleeping on the ground as well; well…until she shakes them up violently.

"GET UP! GET UP! WE'VE BEEN BOOTED OFF!" she bellows. Naomi opens her eyes and stretches wide like a cat. Paul groans and rubs his eyes. He blinks to clear his eyes and focuses on the trees and animals that surround them. He then focuses on Laura pacing having a fit.

"Laura, please calm down."

She whips her head towards him and gives an incredulous look. "Calm down….CALM DOWWWN!? How am I supposed to calm down when we're not on the jet?! You're not even in your right clothes!"

This silences her. Paul indeed wasn't in his right clothes. She ogled him in his furry brown bear costume vest with a bear paws. Furry brown shorts donned his legs and waist. Brown converse shoes were seen on his feet.

She stared at him with clouded eyes, but snaps out of it when she sees Naomi twisting and turning to see herself.

Naomi wears a stretch velvet romper with a contrasting center front panel, a zip front, long sleeves, attached tail with red bow, faux fur leg warmers, attached hood with ears and fingerless gloves with faux leather paw.

"I'm a lion! RROOOOAAR!"

Paul laughs at her antics while Laura rolls her eyes.

Laura then examines herself. She is wearing a lace-up corset style top with boning, side zipper and wide elastic, fur waist skirt with luxurious fur tail. A faux fur leopard hood is worn upon her head. Leopard faux fur leg warmers donned her feet.

Examining herself properly, she looks gooood as a leopard!

Naomi looks around at their surroundings and spots three bags with a note attached.

Naomi heads towards the bags and reaches for the note. Clearing her throat, she begins to read.

"My darling contestants, yes you were booted off of the jet. No it is not because you were eliminated," Naomi says.

Laura calms down slightly, much to Paul's relief. Naomi continues to read.

"This is all a part of your new challenge. You're my escaped animals from the zoo," says Samantha. TJ jumps up and down giddily and Yuan sneers.

"A skunk does not belong in the zoo!" Yuan exclaims snottily. Samantha shrugs and continues to read.

"The zookeepers, the rest of your team, will be coming to search for you in the forest to bring you home. Your job is to survive until your team members safely obtain you."

Laura stops pacing and looks at Samantha. Her eyes go wide when she exclaims, "Oh God, we're gona be stuck here and die!"

Paul sighs and goes to comfort her; she accepts it gratefully.

"I'm not a cold-hearted host, so I took the liberty to pack three bags with essentials that you need: tents, blankets, extra animal outfit, water, and real tasty snacks."

TJ fist pumps in the air, "Yay!" and heads to set up the tents.

Yuan shakes his head and pinches the bridge of his nose; this is going to be a long challenge.

"Whichever team brings back the most animals win. Or whoever has the most animals if both teams arrive at the same time win." Naomi then rolls the note up and puts it in one of the bag's side pockets. She picks up the bag and starts taking out her tent.

After she's done, she looks back to Paul and Laura to see that Laura had gone to sleep in Paul's arms. She grins and wags her eyebrows.

"So Paul, you have quite the bear hug, huh?" she asks teasingly. Paul's cheeks redden slightly and he shrugs. Naomi laughs and goes to set up the rest of the tents for her teammates.

"So, our 'animals' have escaped and we have to go get them back?" asked Freddy. Marsha smiles and nods at him.

"Correct. I have your zookeeper outfits on the hangers, so all you have to do is get dressed. I've supplied you all with everything you need because this might become a two day challenge. Good luck my dears, I have faith- UGH Blaise! Come out, it's not that bad!"

"No! I feel like I'm catching claustrophobia!" he complains. Marsha stomps her monkey foot…well paw.

"Get out here now!"

A heavy sigh is heard from the stateroom and the door opens to reveal am orange fox covered Blaise. He wore a faux fur, orange fox costume vest with white faux fur trim and furry orange shorts. On top of his head is an orange fox hood. He mutters obscenities under his breath and stands by Marsha. Angel couldn't hide her giggle from escaping, glad that she didn't have to dress as an animal.

Jacque leans on one of the chairs as he listens to Marsha. He smirks when he sees Alice staring at him with hesitation in her eyes. She gives a forced small smile and walks over to him. Robin turns to see this and frowns; what is Jacque up to?

Alice approaches Jacque and places her hand on his arm slowly.

"I was um wondering…if you'd like to 'help' me find our teammates in this challenge," she asks. She takes a shaky breath and bats her eyelashes.

Robin stares at her in shock; what the hell is going on?


"I haven't….felt so humiliated…in my life," sobs Alice. She takes a deep breath and looks at the camera with tears spilling.

"If I don't flirt and get close to Jacque my secret will come back…and I can't let that happen. I'm sorry Robin, I really am. But this is what I have to do….I can't risk my secret!"


Angel sees the exchange and smiles brightly; but hidden behind that smile is a huge smirk.

Cole and Freddy merely raise their eyebrows and shrug. They head to go change into their challenge outfits.

Adaliah follows the guys to get her outfit.

Jacque smirks; his eyes sparkling with mischief. "Sure Alice, I'd be honored to help you in the challenge."

Robin's eyes narrowed and his nose flared. He pushes past the two, causing Alice to tear up more. Jacque lays a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry sweetheart, you have me," he says with a small smirk.


Jacque looks at the camera with an amused face. "I have realized I could have my own little playthings. Naomi thinks that I'm a cool guy since I spied on her confessional so I might just try to keep working on the cool guy charm. Alice looks like she needs a 'friend' in her life. Possibly a 'friend' with benefits."

He smirks big into the camera and winks.


Blaise is sitting down with his hands on his chin; a pout planted on his face. Marsha slaps his fox hood with a huff.

"Oh stop grumbling, at least it's not the raccoon I was going to make you wear."

Blaise scoffs, "This is worse than Paris!"

Marsha shakes her head with amusement and sees her contestants come in their challenge attire.

Each wore light khaki pressed shirts and cargo shorts. Dark brown combat boots were seen polished on their feet. White cotton socks could be seen slightly above their boots. A pair of binoculars hung around each of their necks and tan safari hats on their heads. A large pack filled with essentials were carried on their backs.

Marsha clapped with happiness at the success of their outfits.

"You look marvelous darlings! Now before you begin, I'm handing you a map with circled areas as to where your 'animals' might be. Not all of these places will have what you're looking for, so be careful; plus, they may leave their area so keep a look out!"

"Yeah, what she said," says Blaise. Marsha turns to him with a sharp look; and then turns to the contestants and smiles.

"You may leave. I have a few words for my dear friend here," she says smiling. As the teens leave the jet, Marsha reaches for Blaise's face, whose face turns from grumpiness to a look of horror.

"Please not the ears! Anything but the ears!"

Robin takes a look at the map when Cole looks over his shoulder.

"Dude, where are we anyway?" he asks curiously.

Robin looked at the top of the map and smiled, "We're in Madagascar."

Samantha begins to bite her lip nervously, "How long do you think it will take for them to come for us? I'm not fond of the dark," she says. TJ looks apologetic while Yuan rolls his eyes.

"Obviously if we needed a tent then it's going to be an overnight job," he says with a snort, "You do have a brain inside of their right?"

TJ swats at Yuan, "Now Wan stop acting like a cat that got its tail stepped on."

"Actually a skunk," says Samantha with a smile. Yuan turns up his nose and begins to draw on the ground, picturing a poacher coming to shoot a tiger and take its fur coat.

Samantha tries to calm herself down and sits next to TJ. She is then drawn into stories from TJ's home, much to Yuan's horror.

He gets up and dusts himself off and goes into one of the tents TJ set up. Once he's inside he zips it without another sound.

Samantha sighs and interrupts TJ, "I'm sorry to interrupt TJ, but how do you deal with Yuan?"

TJ turns to look at the tent Yuan went in and smiles, "Wan ain't as a meanie pie as he wants everyone to think. He might not show it, but I read people like a can of hash. In a way, I respect his way of acting cause he don't take nothin' from nobody! So don't you worry about him sweetie."

Samantha seems to take this in, "Alright, that makes sense I think."

TJ giggles, "Of course silly! Now let's get back to my first bull ride."

Thanks to Naomi, their tents were all nice and comfortable. Paul had placed Laura in her own tent while he and Naomi stayed outside.

"Soooo Paul, what's going on between you and Tori? You make your move?" she asks. The mere shrug he gives in response doesn't satisfy her curiosity at all.

"What's a shrug supposed to mean? So you did or you didn't; how did she respond to you? Did you guys get to be around each other? Is it-"

"She didn't respond because I haven't made a move."

Naomi's mouth is agape. "Why ever not?! It was clear that you guys were feeling something right?"

Paul sighs, "She was distant last challenge; and I don't know why. Maybe she doesn't really like me…." He says trailing off.

Naomi tilts her head and taps her chin, "Hmmmm well Tori doesn't seem like a bold kind of girl, but after Alcatraz I would think that she would be open more…so maybe she doesn't," she says shrugging .

Paul's head hung low, "I guess so." Naomi places a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't get down; she may be just thinking about it. If not, you're a cool guy! Somebody here will have some brains to grab you; but not me," she says laughing, "I'll stay brainless with my Freddy!"

Paul smiles, "Thanks Naomi, you're awesome."

"Hehe, I know!"

Adaliah, Freddy, Angel, and Tori walked in the opposite direction of the Iced Diamonds. Adaliah and Angel were leading in the front while Freddy and Tori followed behind them. Angel scaled the map and pointed to which direction for Adaliah to lead. Tori seemed lost in her thoughts when Freddy places an encouraging hand on her back.

"You look like you're out of this world right now. Is everything alright?" Freddy asks. Tori looked at him and gave him a meek smile.

"Just thinking about where I'm going with this with Paul."

"Paul? You two haven't-"

"No. Only smiles and friendly gestures….well from my end." She looks down to the ground. Freddy frowns and readjusts his hat.

"Are you acting distant towards him?"

"Kinda, I don't want to rush or force a relationship. I'm not good at these things." Freddy nods in understanding.

"That's fine, but don't distance yourself for too long. Someone might step in." he smiled and tried to catch up with Adaliah and Angel.

Tori wore the ghost of a smile on her face while she walked further, "Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of."

"I'm thinking that we should walk for another couple of yards and then set up for camp so that way we will map out our plans and have plenty of energy to find them," instructs Robin. Cole nods in agreement with him and Jacque pats him on the back with a little more aggression.

"Good thinking, Robin. That should give me some time to get more…aquatinted with Alice here. Ain't that right sweetheart?" he looks towards Alice with a leering grin. She hides her fear and shudders, passing it on as a sensual response.

Robin bites a growl in the back of his throat before he says something he regrets. Cole scratches the back of his head, clearly confused on what's going on. He notices Robin's expression and places a hand on Robin's shoulder.

Jacque darkly chuckles and places his arm around Alice.

"Lead the way, Robin."

"I will, gladly Jacque," Robin spats.

The group continues to walk ahead with Robin at the lead. His shoulders are squared stiffly, his lips thinned to a line. Cole tried to walk casually with his hands in his pockets; the tension surrounding him was thick.

As the sun begins to set….

"Ooooo a lemur!" squeals Naomi. She goes down to all fours and creeps towards it. The lemur stares blankly at her; its movements stilled. She leans on her heels and lunges for it, determined to catch it. Its quick reflexes get the best of her and it leaps out of the way; the two continue their cat and mouse chase…well lion and lemur chase.

Laura had awakened a couple of hours ago and was sitting on a log, complaining about the forest and thinking about Paul.

Paul sat on another log laughing at Naomi and the lemur; that girl was truly fun loving. He leaned back a little and felt a water droplet on his cheek. He looked up at the sky and noticed that along with the sun setting, clouds were starting to build up.

"Um guys, I think it's going to rain. We might want to get inside until it passes over."

Naomi stopped chasing the lemur and pouted; the rain ruined the fun! She looks up at the sky and sees the clouds darkening.

"It's going to do more that rain; it looks like a storm!"

Laura looked at them both with horror written on her face. "Seriously!? My hair is NOT getting ruined in the rain! I hate storms!" Naomi looks at her with a sad expression and looks to Paul. Paul looks at her with a puzzled expression when Naomi slightly nudges her head at Laura. Paul mouths a small 'o' and clears his throat.

"You could uh…stay with me in my tent if you want. So you won't be alone in the storm."

Laura perks up at the thought; a night with Paul where she could get away with those arms wrapped around her body.

"Fine, whatever." She walks confidently towards a tent; hiding her excitement/fear with a huff. Naomi watches her with amusement.

"She's not a bad girl…once you get past the obnoxiousness," she states. She skips to her own tent, winking playfully at Paul before zipping it up.

Paul chuckles and takes down the third tent. He packs it up securely and then heads into the tent Laura had gone in.

Thunder begins to rumble; the multicolored birds begin to descend from the trees in flocks. Samantha looks to the sky in fear; she's afraid of storms!


Samantha jumps and leaps in between TJ and Yuan. Yuan scoffs at her.

"Guess they picked the right animal for your personality; this storm is beneath my fear stature!"

TJ glares at him, "Persunalitee!" she snorts, "Says the skunk, Wan!"

Yuan glowers at her, "It. Is. Yuan! Oof!" Samantha leaps at him when another thunder booms in the sky. He tries to push her off, "I will not be lowered to the nature of physical contact with you!"

TJ shakes her head and laughs, "Wan is scared of a little hug! Come on Samantha, let's get in a tent before the storm gets bad; you can share with me tonight," she says smiling. Samantha removes herself from Yuan, cheeks bright red with embarrassment.

"You're not going to eat me are you? Being a tiger and all," she says trying to make herself laugh. TJ breaks into a toothy grin, "I'll be on my best behavior, claws and all!"

The two break down one of the other tents and then head into another one. They zip it up and start to unravel their sleeping bags and plush portable comforters when the tent unzips itself.

Yuan stands through the opening with his own sleeping bag. He looks at Samantha's withdrawn but curious expression and TJ's amused smile. He sneers slightly.

"Somebody has to make sure you lesser sort will be in proper condition during a storm; we still have to win this challenge."

TJ smiles and pats down the right side of her; as Samantha was settling in on TJ's left. Yuan sighs as he thinks of what he's doing and begins to settle in beside TJ.

TJ smirks as she twists the lantern on, "If ya get scared Wan, you can always cuddle in."

Yuan looked at her with annoyance and turned on his side, facing away from them. Samantha however, laughed at the two; they really are the oddest friends.

Adaliah's ears pick up at the thunder roaring above them. She sighs and stops; she turns to the rest of the Rubies.

"Look, a small storm is heading in tonight and we need to set camp up here. Begin to unpack and prepare yourself for the storm and we'll keep going in the morning after the storm."

They nod and start to unpack their bags. Moments later, everyone lied in their own sturdy tent; Marsha really took care of them.

Angel lied in her tent with her lantern on; smiling in victory. By the events she seen before they left their separate ways from the Iced Diamonds, Alice will be going home next when the Diamonds lose; all because she's to traumatized to handle the truth. She smirks and sighs in contentment; the cracking of lightning and drums of thunder were music to her ears.

Freddy lied in his tent thinking of Naomi; she wasn't with the group of 'zookeepers' so he knows she's an animal. He wonders what animal she is…and if she's okay for that matter. He reassures himself that she will be fine; that girl has a heart of gold and a wit of steel. Not to mention she has learned quite a lot from her gamer experience.

Tori lied on her side in her tent; contemplating her next move. She knows that Laura will try to make her move, but Paul isn't going to fall for her that easy…then again, it wasn't long for him to like her. She sighs and turns to her other side. Maybe she should try the friend thing first; or she could claim him before that brainless, beautiful, full figured twit does…this is not helping at all…

Adaliah began hiding her sharp objects under her bag; cautious about stray animals coming around. She sighs and sits cross legged on her comforter and begins to practice her breathing. She needs to maintain her concentration so she can find the others. She may be the unofficial team leader, she may not; honestly she doesn't care. She does want to keep an eye out on that 'pretty boy artists' thought; if she could purposely leave him here she would do it in a heartbeat. He just doesn't know when to quit! She's made this barrier for a reason and she isn't about to sway in no direction, especially not towards any males.

The storm starts to come in with light rain, only with more to come.

Boom! Boom!

The Iced Diamonds weren't doing so well. Cole tried desperately to keep Robin focused on their destination stop; Robin kept glaring towards Alice 'giggling' with Jacque. Jacque must have sensed Robin's stare…again and he looked up at him. His piercing gaze challenged Robin as he whispered something in Alice's ear. She lowers her gaze and Jacque takes this opportunity to wrap his arm around her waist.

Robin snaps. He stops and turns swiftly towards the duo.

"What's your problem? One minute you 'threaten' me and the next you decide to engage with my friend?! Who do you think you are?"

Jacque moves from Alice and stands in Robin's face, "I think I'm Jacque, a guy who doesn't make threats but makes through with promises." He smirks with a dangerous glint in his eye, "And Alice here, she came to me. I didn't have to do a thing."

Robin's s eyes turns to slits, "If you lay another hand on her-"

"Robin, stop." Robin turns towards Alice with bewilderment. She stares him in the eye and frowns.

"Why are you doing this? Did I do something wrong? You've been acting this way since we stopped in Egypt; way before the challenge started. You can tell me; we're friends remember? Trust me, please."

Alice hangs her head low, "That's just it; I can't tell you. I can't tell anyone…I have no friends."

Cole stands there with a saddened look on his face; he remembers the confessional he heard from her when they were headed to Edinburgh…and it wasn't good.

Robin looked as though he was smacked, "Why don't you have any friends Alice. I've been there for you. Cole here will be there for you. Even Tori!"

Alice snaps back up at him, "You don't get it do you!? No one can be there for me! I don't deserve it! I…have…no one!" she looks up at Jacque and hates what she's about to utter. "Except Jacque; he can give me something the rest of you can't."

Robin looked broken; he tried to muster up a straight face as he still was the unofficial leader, "So that's it then; you're choosing…him."

Alice looks stoic as she declares, "Yes, I am."

Jacque smirks and says, "Now that's how you break someone; I'll set up the tent and when I'm done we can have our time. Alright dollface?"

Alice nods and finds a log to sit on while the dark clouds pick up and thunder keeps booming. Cole stands there lost; but decides to set up the tents to break some tension. Robin and Jacque continued to stare at each other with much intensity.

"I guess she knows what she wants; especially with what I can give her."


A vein pops out of Robin's neck. "THAT IS IT!" Robin reaches for Jacque, but doesn't count on Cole being there to pull him away. Jacque's sly smirk changes into a growling sneer.

"Don't come for me Robin, some of the things you hold dear to you could be…compromised." He looks towards Alice staring at the sky. He then looks back at Robin being held by Cole smirks; he grabs a tent bag and sets it up.

Moments Later…

Inside of the tent, Alice lies on her back and watches Jacque approach her. She shook violently with anxiety and fear; feeling disgusting inside.

Jacque straddles her, trapping her with his knees. He leans down towards her face, his nose gently tracing her face. His lips reach her ear and he whispers softly in it; his breath tickling her.

"I know you're being blackmailed."

Alice stiffens; her eyes wide with panic. She tries to wiggle free, but Jacque stops her and places a finger on her mouth.

"Shhhh. Don't worry, it's not me doing it sweetheart. And I haven't said a word."

Her breathing begins to slow down, but her eyes are still wild.

"But I know who it is," he says smirking. He places a hand on her side and trails it to her hip; her breathing gets hard.

"You and I both know you'll be leaving if we lose this challenge; You'll vote for yourself, Robin will because your friendship has been severed and he's hurt, the others will vote at random unless they have a target. And me, I always choose Robin; but since I know you will have it at the most, I'll pick you as well."

She looks down with sadness in her eyes; tears begin to form.

"But that doesn't mean you can't leave with a grand exit. I guarantee it sweetheart."

She looks him in the eyes. "Just listen to me," he says in a rich, husky voice; his persuasion coming into play; she shudders with a new feeling.

"Follow my lead," he plants a butterfly kiss on her ear; she closes her eyes in shame at her feelings for this.

"Close your mind." He plants another one on her cheek; Alice tries to block everything out, listening to his command.

"Show me your pain." He sends another butterfly kiss to the corner of her mouth; she opens her eyes and shows every emotion she wanted to hide.

"Unleash them on me." He kisses her mouth fully; she returns it with much emotion, revealing them all to him in that one action. He breaks the kiss and he smirks.

"And when we're done, turn it all into anger and release it on her." He kisses her neck; she gasps but doesn't stop him. She allows herself this moment to fall into Jacque's words; maybe he's right.

Jacque smirks in the kisses he places on Alice; who says you can't mix business with pleasure?

Robin looked up at the top of the tent with resignation. He knows something wasn't right, but for her to say that…to accept defeat this way. He shakes his head; if they lose tomorrow the only reason he should choose one over the other would be for her wellbeing…whether she likes it or not.

Cole frowned in his tent; the events that just happened out there had gotten out of hand. He hoped that everything will be alright in the end; no one deserved to get hurt. He turned to his side and smiled; Samantha wasn't part of the zookeeper group so she must be an animal. He knew she was adorable in whatever she was; this is Samantha we're talking about here!

Marsha looked at the sky and frowned; she didn't know there would be a small storm in Madagascar tonight. She was thankful she did over pack their bags; she had a right to worry over her contestants!

Blaise walked over to her seat on the jet and placed a hand on her shoulder. He looked up at him and smiled.

"Thinking about the teens aren't you?"

She sighed, "Am I really that easy to read?"

He scoffed, "Hardly, I just know how you are with storms." Marsha sticks his tongue out at him.

"Oh foo! It's not a crime to worry about my contestants ya know," she says pouting. He chuckles and puts his other hand on her other shoulder and begins to massage her. She relaxes into it.

"Of course not; it's what makes you a great host, Sweetheart Marsh."

"Mmmm I told you to stop…calling me that!" she says between the massage; damn his soft, soothing hands!

He laughs, "I'll think about that; and while I think about that, you go relax. They'll be fine and we'll see them tomorrow."

She sighs, "Fiiiiiine!"

Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

"This humidity is soooo gonna mess up my roots!" cries Laura. Paul is lying down on his elbow. Laura huffs and starts to pace when she hears lighting crackle in the sky.

"Ahhh! I don't wanna dieeee!" She jumped down next to Paul. Paul sighed; Egypt all over again. He sits up and grasps both of her wrists. She stops and looks at him like he grew another head.

"Listen Laura: you are not going to die. It's only a storm. And your hair…roots are just as good as they always are…breaaaathe."

Laura seems to listen to him and breathes. Inhale, exhale; inhale, exhale.

Paul gives a small smile, "Now was that so hard?"

Laura eyes him with a slight irritation and replies, "No, it wasn't"

"Exactly, so let's get through this night peacefully alright?"


Laura jumped at Paul; but since he wasn't prepared, he fell back and she landed on top of him. Paul blushed slightly with Laura on top of him, whom of which wasn't paying any to his reddening cheeks. The close proximity of the two was enough for her to forget the storm was there. Staring at the small freckles around his nose, she giggled.

Noticing where she was, she cleared her throat and moves off of him.

"Urm sorry," she says. Paul tries to hide the red in his cheeks and smiles weakly.

"It's alright; a slip is all," he chuckles nervously. He clears his throat and tries to face her.

"So um, since we both know it's going to be a while before you sleep in this storm…maybe we could get to know each other."

Laura raises an eyebrow at him, and then broke into a huff, hiding her grin. "I can do that. But don't you dare interrupt me or say I talk too much!"


"AHHH!" screams Samantha.

"Cease with the screams! I'm trying to sleep here!" complains Yuan. TJ wakes up to whack Yuan and comfort Samantha.

Boom! Boom!

Alice shifts slightly in the comforter and sleeping bag she shared with Jacque. Jacque was awake smirking; such a shame she had to leave. Angel thought she broke Alice, but Jacque stitched her back together.

He trails a finger on her side.

Stitched her back piece by piece…now he holds her strings.


Robin moved back and forth in his sleep; the altercation earlier rung loud in his mind.


Adaliah slept with her arms folded on her stomach; a small blade hidden between her hands.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Naomi slept just as her costume defines her; like a cat. She was curled in her comforter inside of her sleeping bag snuggly.

Boom! Boom!

Angel slept with her headphones in her ears, drowning out the storm. A satisfied smile planted on her face.


Marsha lied on her side of the bed in the stateroom sound asleep. Blaise smiled and kissed her forehead and he created a barrier of pillows between them. He goes to his side of the bed and smiles as he drifts off to sleep.


Laura and Paul had finished their talk right before another clap of thunder hit. Paul was sound asleep on his back; Laura wasn't as graceful. She shifted from side to side and finally stuck to facing Paul. Without realizing it, she wrapped an arm around Paul's abdomen, cuddling against him.

What was even crazier is the fact that she's dreaming of being held in his arms.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Freddy sighed with content in his sleep and shifted to the side; these comforters are very plushy!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Cole had a slight trouble with getting to sleep; the argument still fresh on his mind. He sighs as he turns around on his side, sleep finally coming to him.


Tori lies awake during the night storm; she likes listening to the thunder and rain falling. The flashes of lightning looked eerily fascinating through the tent thread.


Morning time…

Laura's eye flickered open and she felt a warm body against hers. A muscled arm was wrapped around her stomach; it was quite intimate. Actually their whole position was intimate; Laura was curled into Paul with her hands on his chest while Paul has hugged her into him protectively. As much as she would love this to continue, she can't.

She shakes him away since that's the only way she'll be released. He opens one eye tiredly and notices their position. He jumps awake, letting her go and he starts to stutter.

"I-I'm sorry! I-I-I didn't m-mean to-"

"As much as I would looove to chat about this, I think we have company."

She was right; voices could be heard outside of their tent. Paul unzips the tent and heads outside. Naomi is out front and center with another lion; an actual lion. She circles it with a growl, slowly inching towards it. Paul looks at the wild animal and Naomi with interest and nervousness.

"Naomi what are you doing!?"

"He's testing my lioness!" and she jumps at the lion, startling it. The lion doesn't get to jump back because Paul was already there to grab hold of him. Laura came out of the tent to see the whole thing. She wanted to say something about using the lion for a new animal skin when she sees people approaching; their 'zookeepers'.

Cole looks with relief when he sees them, "I told you that roar was Naomi!"

Naomi looks with slight embarrassment, but then grins big. "Of course it was me! I've joined the wild side now!"

Cole takes it as a mock challenge, "I gotta take you back now, lioness. Duty calls."

Naomi cocks her head and smirks; "In that case…" she charges at Cole and drags him past the others and through the forest.

Robin laughs; that helped him get out of the funk he was in…mostly. He looked where Alice and Jacque were whispering something to each other and frowned.

"Since we're here now, let's head back to the jet."

Alice looks up, but Jacque speaks up. "We're going to pack everything up. You guys go ahead." He winks and Alice follows him to the tents and begins to take them down. Paul looks confused and Laura shrugs; it's not her problem.

The duo follows Robin, while the Alice and Jacque stay behind.

"Will you be ready?" Jacque asks her.

Alice looks him dead in the eye, "I'll be ready."

Yuan steps out of the tent away from the girls; they didn't need him to grace their presence anymore. He looks up to the sky and takes in fresh air. A twig snaps behind him and he turns swiftly.

A black animal with a white stripe slowly approaches. He looks closely to see it's a skunk.

"Oh come on! How is there actually a skunk here!?" he bellows. The skunk is startled and turns around with his tail up. Yuan looks alarmed.



He's tackled to the ground before the skunk could spray him. He looks up to see TJ straddling him with a huge grin on her face.

"There ain't nothin' worse than skunk smell Wan. And we sho don't have any tomato juice around neither!"

"Why are you always here Tanya Jane?"

She smiles and laughs, "I'm your friend silly billy! Plus it helps that I'm a tiger now." She opens her mouth wide to growl, but another growl is heard; and it's not from TJ. The two turn around to see Samantha buckling under another tiger. The tiger growls ferociously and charges at her, but a boot connects with its face.

Adaliah crouches to a fighting position when the tiger gets back up; she growls and charges at it and tackles it to the ground. She looks back towards the others and sneers.

"Angel and Freddy get the stuff and get out of here….NOW!"

They spring into action with much vigor and speed and dash towards the way they came in. Adaliah knocks the tiger to the side and kicks it in its rear end; she's not going to kill it, not this time. The tiger retreats and dashes back where it came from. Adaliah gets up and smirks; not caring to dust herself off.

She runs to catch up with others. Both teams make their way through the paths, faster than the day before. Naomi and TJ were running like they were actually a lion and tiger; the two really enjoyed themselves.

Marsha stood back in her monkey outfit with Blaise grumbling beside her in his orange fox outfit. She smiled brightly when she sees outlines of figures coming towards the jet.

TJ was the first to arrive in the Rubies; she was prancing with happiness once they had been found. Freddy and Tori were behind her, laughing all the way. Yuan walked behind them, begrudgingly glad she stopped the skunk, but he wasn't going to admit it to her.

Naomi and Cole were the first to arrive of the Diamonds; since Naomi had dragged Cole after they found them.

Paul walked to the group beside Laura, smiling softly now that he knew a little more about her; blushing a little after their position when they awoke. Laura couldn't be happier: she woke up in his arms, knew more about him, she survived the storm, and her hair and outfit was still perfect!

Angel comes in with Adaliah, who was covering Samantha. After that little tiger scare, she wouldn't stick with anyone else in the group.

Robin was the last to come through. He looked over his shoulder to see if the pair was behind him; they were not. He looks back ahead with a hurt look in his eye, but masks it with his determination. He trudges to his group and nods at them, grateful that they found their 'animals'. He looks over to the Burning Rubies and sees that all of them had arrived; meaning the Iced Diamonds lost again.

The teams waited for the final two to arrive. Angel smirked that one of her goals would finally be complete. Two shadowed figures come in the clearing that was set out for them.

Alice walked beside Jacque casually, as if they weren't the last ones there. Robin shook his head with disappointment seeing the two still together.

Marsha and Blaise look at each other quizzically then back at the pair. Blaise shrugs and Marsha clears her throat to make her announcement.

"So it looks like the Burning Rubies have won!" most of the Rubies members cheered. One of them smirked inwardly; another crossed their arms smugly.

Marsha passes out the tablets to the Iced Diamonds.

Cole was at a crossroads; he didn't know what to do so he chose the first face he saw.

Paul couldn't choose; he chose at random.

Robin chose immediately; tears threatening to fall.

Alice chose without hesitation; she was ready.

Jacque looked to Alice and smirked; he picked his contestant.

Naomi wouldn't choose; she liked everybody on her team, even Laura!

Laura wished Tori was on their team; she'd pick her with no problem.

They hand the tablets back to Marsha and wait for the tally. She looks up shocked.

"The next Diamond to leave us will be…Alice."

Alice steps up and smiles.

"This show has shown me some things; I'm actually glad I was forced to come on here. I wanted to announce this to everybody. I was blackmailed and bullied by someone on this show and I'm calling you out."

She walks over to the Burning Rubies; confusing Marsha and Blaise.

"Angel Hale, you are a manipulative witch and you will rue the day you messed with me. I don't know how you know me or how you got your information, but this is my response."

Angel looks at her with false confusion until she feels a cold impact on her face; Alice slapped her.

Alice smirks and walks back to the Diamonds. She smiles sadly at the group, especially Robin. She hugs him; surprising him as well. He wants to return it but she moves away and steps up to Jacque. Surprising him, she quickly kisses his ear and whispers in it.

"Thank you" Jacque gives her an amused smile and looks her in the eye.

"Anytime Dollface, it was quite the achievement." He looks at Angel in the eye and sends her a smirk. She narrows her eyes as she gingerly caressed her cheek.

Alice laughed, a real laugh, "Yes it was. Now I must go; I have demons to face."

Blaise guides her towards the escorts that would take her off the island. Everyone else follows Marsha's lead and head into the jet. After Alice is gone, Blaise rushes to the jet, the doors begin to close behind him; the bright sun bringing itself down to set.

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