Total Drama Paradise

Battle at the Bergs

Most of the contestants boarded the jet with mixed emotions; Angel being the worst. Avoiding everyone's stare, she pushes her way to the bathroom, eager to vent out.


She is furious as she snaps her brush in half. "AHHH I'LL KILL HIM! ALICE'S ELIMINATION WAS RUINED BY THE *BLEEP*-ING ASSHOLE!" She takes a few deep breathes and calms down.

"Jacque you may think you have me beat, but trust me you don't. I know all about you and your little stay in prison. I also know how Yuan's scheming with TJ to give me the boot; and let's just say I'm not happy. No one would know when they're backed into a corner, but as the old saying goes a dog backed into a corner fights deadlier then one who's not."

She smirks, "In the words of my hero Alissa White-Gluz, 'it's a hellish inferno but this is War Eternal'. We are at war and I intend to win...even if I have to slit everyone else's throats open I me I will destroy all of you." She holds up Alice's razor blade and she the proceeds to file her nails with it.

"Say hi to Redd for me when you get home Alice dear," she laughs evilly.


She walks out with confidence, smirking along the way as she proceeds to her seat; she doesn't have to associate herself with anybody, nor do they need an explanation for her actions.

Yuan narrows his eyes when he spots Angel.

"Chit," he mutters as he heads into the bathroom.


A dramatized mural of a skunk looms behind Yuan in the confessional. He and Tonya are depicted as well, though something is different her painted form. Yuan has taken care to actually make her look somewhat decent, not as detailed as his own portrait, but still.

Once again, Yuan begins his confessional with a sigh. "She was willing to take a skunk attack for me, after everything I've said. She may be an idiot, but... I mean, it actually seems like she cares."

The condescending sting in his voice is gone, and it's shocking how naked and vulnerable it sounds without it. "The worst part? I think I care about her, too. I'm not good at caring about people!"

He gently brings his hand to the piercings in his ear, allowing himself to remember the bond he used to share with his family in faded days. "Even if I don't mean to, it seems all I do is drive people away, my parents, my brothers. And if Tonya ever found out about how I helped Angel dispose of Zacharias..."

He offers a small, sad smile, unable to muster his usual smirk. He looks too small, now, to be himself. Too unsure.

"Maybe," he says softly, "I'll always want what I can't have."


He exits out of the bathroom, deep in thought. He passes by Cole and Samantha.

"A tiger? Wow, are you alright?" asks Cole. He looks into Samantha's eye with concern and she blushes, turning her head down.

"Yes, a real tiger. If it wasn't for Adaliah, I don't know what would have happened." He tilts her head up with his finger and gives her an encouraging smile.

"Don't worry yourself over the 'what ifs'. You're here now…with me" She smiles meekly, tears forming in her eyes. He uses his other hand to wipe the tear that cascades down her cheek. She reddens profusely on her cheeks and gulps; he really had an effect on her.

She gets up to go to the bathroom, things already on her mind. Before she goes past his seat, she gives him a quick peck on the cheek and dashes to the bathroom.


Samantha smiles at the camera. "I liked being a zebra today. It's always been one of my favorite animals and I'm glad my team prevailed again!" She frowns slightly. "I'm to have seen Alice go. Though I didn't know her that well, she always seemed so sad and lonely and I'm sad to see her go." She brightens again. "On the bright side, things with Cole are going wonderfully and TJ is a wonderful person and a great friend." Samantha giggles, "I bet Zacharias knew that, and though I still don't get their friendship, and I bet, on some level, Yuan knows that, too."

She blushes at her next thought. "It's all so new to me…with Cole and I…but I like it."


She passes by the group of Paul, Naomi, and Freddy, who looked like they were in a deep discussion. Naomi thought to her confessional she had beforehand.


"That was such a fun challenge! Me, as a lion, is awesome! I think it suits me well," she smirks. "Paul turns out to be a great guy, actually, but I think two girls have a thing for him... kind of weird, and creepy. But you have to say something about Freddy and I! I was up all night working on our scrapbook! I took pictures of him while he was sleeping, that's not weird, is it? It doesnt matter. We're like perfect for each other. Weird doesn't really exist!"


"So you guys are like a triangle mix huh?" asks Freddy. Naomi leans into his arms adoringly and Paul puts his face in his hands.

"I don't know man. I started liking Tori at first, but she distanced herself. The sharing the tent with Laura…it wasn't as bad as I thought. It was awkward to me at first, but it actually felt…nice to hold her. Am I wrong?"

Freddy shrugs, "You're not wrong, you're in no commitment. I'm not sure how Tori feels, but I can find out. But it is clear that Laura has some interest in you. Be careful between the two; that would be one ugly fight."

"Ugly? That would be awesome! It would be like Mileena fighting Jade!" exclaims Naomi. Paul chuckles and Freddy looks thoughtful.

"That's true…but which one will be Mileena?" he jokes. Naomi laughs and looks back to Paul.

"Look Paul, we've already had a little talk about this, so you know what you should do." He nods at her with agreement notices her thinking.

"Oooo! I have the perfect name for you guys: Laupauri!" she says happily. Freddy looks at his girlfriend then back to Paul's amused, but scared expression.

"My darling Peach, doesn't that sound like potpourri?"

Naomi shrugs and waves it off, "Details, at least their name sounds like they smell good!"

Paul laughs and stands up, "Thank you guys for the laugh; I'm going to talk to Tori before I go to the kitchen." He prepares to leave when Naomi calls him. He turns around and sees Naomi holding a camera, a big grin on her face.

"Say cheese!"

Laura walked in to the confessional in a chipper mood. She grins stupidly and walks into the confessional, ignoring everyone.


Laura is sitting down, she is still in her costume.

She sighs, her head up in the clouds, "What a challenge, what a challenge..."

She giggles "Mnnnn waking up in those arms...I could definitely do that more often"

She then narrows her eyes at the screen "But that Tori- she has-got-to-go, Paul is mine" she taps her chin thoughtfully "gotta bump her off somehow"

"But for now I shall think more of Paul" she grins madly "I look adorable in this" she poses for a bit " he must've been drooling- don't I look fab"

A dreamy smile returns to her features "I shall now go and serve" she gets up "where Paul is" she sighs as she almost glides out practically on cloud nine "he can make any dreaded situation amazing" she is heard sighing to herself as she exists.


She heads to her seat and grabs her favorite magazine, Fashion Police. She passes by TJ. TJ walks to bathroom in good spirits, but her thoughts were slightly muddled.


"Wowwee...two wins in a row...I'm pleased as punch about that but I don't know how to feel about Angel anymore. I thought Angel was so sweet but Wan told me that Alice was sad and then she said that it was Angel who made her sad. It's all so confusin' being in arithmication all over again!" she grins slightly, "On the bright side there's still Wan who's as just as smart as Zach and Samantha who's sweeter than fresh sticky buns. My whole team's nice...but Angel..." she frowns after accidentally reminding herself, "aw doggone it!"


She exits out with her thoughts everywhere. She finds Yuan brooding by himself and drawing intricate swirls of black lines on a sketch pad. She flops down beside him, not startling him in the slightest.

She hears a deep sigh, "What's troubling you Tonya?"

"It's Angel. I woulda never thought she would be a mean-pie"

Yuan fights the urge to roll his eyes, "Angel has finally been exposed for her devious act; I'm not surprised."

"Deeveeus? That's bad right?"

Yuan puts his pencil down and slaps his forehead.

Robin sits on the couch with his hands clasped together tightly. He rocks back and forth slightly, deep in thought. He pauses when he spots Jacque eyeing him. His eyes turn to slits as he rises from his seat; Jacque smirking all the way. Robin heads towards the bathroom to give a confessional.


He silently enters the confessional. Once closes the door, he punches the wall hard enough to leave a dent.

"Alice is gone. My only friend here is gone. As much as it hurts to say this, it is probably for the best. She was in so much pain here. Now I'm alone, without an alliance or a friend. That means I'm going have to pull it into high gear and be the leader we need. I REFUSE to lose again. No more Mr. Nice Guy.


Robin exits out with more confidence and perseverance than he did before. He seeks out his service uniform and goes to change. Jacque watched him all the way and smirked; maybe he could give his own confessional now.

He heads into the direction of the bathroom to change in his uniform and use the confessional.


He looks at the camera nonchalantly.

"Well was it a shame-" he then gets interrupted when an iPhone 6 starts to ring & he pulls it out his pocket.

"Well looky here. It's my ole boss, Cleaver. I have been wondering when he would call." He then answers it & you can hear distinct screaming on the other line.

"Cleave, my man you know me. I know I haven't found any buyers yet. I've been scanning the others for potential buyers for our "grass". However, I have "borrowed" over a net worth of $125,000 in jewelry & ancient relics. We could probably run a pawn shop off Bourbon if we wanted to, boss." There is more screaming heard from the other line.

"Chill out man & relax. I know I'm probably missing out on sales but I'm making up for it from "borrowing". C'mon boss we can sell some of this stuff on the "market". Others we'll just keep it. We can make our "offices" look legit." Then he just nods at what the person of the other line says.

"Also before I have to hang up, I suggest if we go to New Orleans, I say bring along Squid & Loony for a drive-by. There is a certain person I want to scare. Not kill but scare. Also, when are you gonna send out my payments? I was promised to be paid if I got on the show & I did. Just wondering. Okay & see ya." He then hangs up.

Jacque looks at the camera with a rather amused smirk on his face.

"I loved how during last challenge I was able to get under Robin's skin. It shows how he can be exploited. But I still am not going to go after him just yet. My eyes are set on Laura. First, she's annoying because all she does is complain about her outfit & her hair. Secondly she is easy pickings to obliterate, sorry again I mean annihilate. Again sorry I mean eliminated."


He leaves the bathroom with a plan forming; Angel had just happened to wake up and walk up to the bathroom…and hear every minute of it.


It's quite amusing how Jacque thinks he can defeat me; he doesn't even know me. I'll make him regret he's alive; I don't take kindly to people undermining me, threatening me or trying to beat me. I'm the queen of this competition and I will execute anyone who stands in my way."

"Jacque and Yuan are making big mistakes going after me, but it will only do them in in the end." She laughs evilly. "Yuan doesn't like to be alone, at least that's what it seems like from what I've observed…maybe I'll anonymously let Adaliah know this trivial fact and let her have all the fun she wants with it and maybe I'll also turn TJ against that would be fun!"

She grins mischievously, "While Jacque...I'm sure Robin would have oh so much fun with the information that Jacque is an ex con, a pathetic one I must admit, my best friend Damien got sent to prison for attempted murder...not theft or selling drugs...he's so bad he makes Mal look like a saint. I must say he's taught me a few things like how to look people in the eyes and let them see nothing but darkness and their deepest darkest fears. Jacque I will make you very sorry for *Bleep*-ing with me and I promise you that; and as a lady of high class," her voice becomes murderous as a cold sinister smirk graces her lips, "I always keep my promises"


She comes out of the confessional with a hidden smirk. She masks it when Freddy looks at her suspiciously.

Freddy leaned back in his chair with a smile on his face. Naomi left for the kitchenette already after rather…heated discussion that required their lips to connect. He thought of his confessional he had earlier.


"Two challenges in a row! Yeah!" He pumps his fist into the air. "I have to say, Naomi looks so adorable as a lion. If she were an animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's, she'd totally be my favorite."


His grin widened at the thought of Naomi as an animatronic; but it started to slack. His thought then drifted to Angel's expression upon leaving the bathroom; she must be up to something. After hearing what transpired between her and Alice, there's no telling what she's capable of.

Paul was walking to the kitchenette when he bumped into Tori. The two stare at each other for a while when Paul grins at her. Tori realizes what she's done and tries to walk away, her cheeks reddening.

Paul grabs her wrist before she could walk away.

"Tori wait."

She whips her head back to him, "What is it Paul?"

Paul tries to hide his shock but fails, "W-Why are you distancing yourself from me?"

Tracing her dragon-like birthmark on her arm, Tori seems to hesitate on her answer, "I needed to think…I-I-I just…"

"Did I do something wrong? I thought we-"

"Look. Why don't you go and find Laura?" she snaps. Paul looks at her like he was slapped.

"Why are you acting like this? I haven't done anything wrong! She's on my team so naturally I am going to help her or be on her side!"

"Well you know what Paul? Maybe next time don't have the girl that LIKES you watch you carry another girl in your ARMS!"

She yanks her arm from him and walks away. Paul looks at her retreating figure with confusion, sadness, and pain in his eyes. From her seat, Laura heard the whole thing. Putting down her latest fashion magazine she was reading, before she goes to the kitchen, she gets up to see Paul walking towards the kitchenette. Laura then sighs dramatically; she haaates serving. However, she can always show off her cooking skills and help Paul out.

She grabs her uniform and heads into the bathroom.


Laura crosses her arms and smirks, "Guess I won't have to try too hard." She sends a thank you prayer above and looks back at the camera smugly.

"Of course, my looks and personality have a major part in this attraction. Just a matter of time before Tori kisses the money, and Paul, goodbye!"


"Goodnight my dears! Blaise and I shall see you in the morning." Marsha drags Blaise down the aisle into the stateroom. Seconds later the sounds of a roar cry and a thud could be heard. Dinner came much without much trouble or drama. The Iced Diamonds cooked together harmoniously, with the exception of Jacque trying to convince Laura to advance on Paul.

Even the Rubies didn't cause any trouble to anyone, mainly Angel. She was too busy contemplating who she needed to send home next.

The night ended up just as uneventful after everyone finished eating. The silence in the jet was soothing, yet killer.

The brightest star waved into the jet with good intentions. Its puffy white counterparts greeted the sky as well as create sceneries for the awakening of the contestants.

Marsha walked out of the stateroom with a smile on her face. After having to tackle Blaise to sleep last night, she could definitely use that for future potential information she might need. She looks out the window to see the snowy plains she had been anticipating. Excitement welled up in her as she rushed to the stateroom to change her clothes. She tosses clothes on top of the sleeping Blaise, who upon impact from the clothes, mutters and swings subconsciously.

"Go away mom," he mutters. Marsha glares and kicks him.

"I am not your mother; now get up before I beat the puberty outta ya!" she walks back out and begins her recorded message. Blaise rolls over on his back and opens his eyes.

"In case she didn't notice, the puberty stage had already set sail in this ocean."

"I heard that Blaise; stop thinking out loud!" is heard from Marsha through the door. He groans and slaps his forehead.

Paul wakes up to see a tape recorder perched in front of him. He reads the little note that says 'Play Me' in elegant handwriting. Curiosity killed the cat, so he pressed play.

"Goodmorning sweetheart, Blaise and I are already out here waiting on you. Wake the others and get dressed into your winter clothes; see you soon." She giggles before the tape ends.

Following her order, Paul wakes up everyone on the jet; he even managed to dodge the slash of Adaliah's sleeping blade. He explains to everyone what was on the tape recorder and they all set out to change into their winter clothes and leave the jet.

Yuan is the first to walk out of the jet; given his 'superior appearance' why wouldn't he? Yuan wears a pair of grey pants and a white shirt underneath a coat made of mink fur. He also wears black boots, black gloves, and a matching fur hat. The tip of his ponytail sticking out of his hat has tints of a white and grey highlight. He stands with a graceful posture as he waits for the others.

Angel comes out with a smirk on her face. She wears a black designer coat with a fur collar, black designer thermal pants and black designer snow boots. She looks to Yuan and shoots him an innocent look. Yuan glares back at her and sneers. Angel turns from him and crosses her arms with confidence.

Samantha walks out next, shivering from the cold despite her attire. Covering her body is a large, fluffy purple coat, a long sleeved white shirt, black yoga pants. Her purple boots stand out from the snow as well as purple ear muffs with snowflakes on them. A plain black scarf is secured around her neck, and gloves cover her hands.

Naomi comes jumping out excitedly. She wears her red flannel shirt and jeans. Heeled black boots donned her feet as she continued to bounce with excitement. Instead of her hoodie, she just wears a Pikachu hat and a heavy light blue coat. Yuan looks at her excitement and rolls his eyes with disgust. Angel merely raises an eyebrow and doesn't say anything. Samantha smiles meekly at Naomi, grateful someone is full of energy today.

Cole walks out in a dark violet mountain jacket, over a lime green shirt, beige pants, and dark violet snow boots. A dark violet beanie covers his aqua hair. He scratches his goatee and smiles with amusement as he sees Samantha trying to hide her chills. He approaches her and wraps his arms around her soothingly. After a moment she stops shivering, savoring his warmth.

Jacque descends the stairs with a smirk planted on his face. He wears a black coat & a grey sweater underneath it with his normal black sweatpants & black combat boots. He wears a black beanie on his head. He turns to the others and his smirk turns to a sneer as he glances towards Angel's way. She returns it, fire blazing in her blue eyes.

TJ comes bouncing out of the jet with a huge smile on her face. She wears a long-sleeved version of her plaid flannel shirt with a white thermal top underneath. She wears blue Levi jeans with thick white socks, her boots, a denim jacket with an inner sheepskin lining and red earmuffs. She walks up to Yuan, eyeing Angel warily, and nudges him.

"Ready Wan?" she asks. Angel snorts behind them and Yuan sends a glare back in her direction. He then takes to the glare to TJ and scoffs.

"I'm always ready Tonya, and don't you forget it bumpkin."

She giggles, "Roga that!" the two don't notice the smirk that Angel gives TJ.

Robin comes down with his shoulders squared; he's determined to win this challenge today. He comes out with most of his usual outfit: a black turtleneck, dark blue jeans, and combat boots. His silver watch gleams in the sunlight. In addition to his usual getup, he wears a black beanie, a grey scarf around his neck, and a sleeveless heavy jacket.

Freddy grins with anticipation as he descends the stairs. He wears his signature Foxy sweatshirt and black jeans. Black winter boots hit the snow on the ground as he makes it to the group. Black gloves were on his hands and a reddish-orange beanie warmed his head instead of his usual top hat. He walks to Naomi, who gives him a mischievous grin. He smirks and opens his arms wide.

"Penguin huddle?" he asks. She laughs and walks into his embrace.

Adaliah comes out with a hardened expression, ready for whatever will happen today. She wore a black leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, chains embedded on the back; a formfitting navy blue long sleeve cotton sweater; black washed out skinny jeans tucked into black combat boots. Fingerless gloves donned her fingers and a blue beanie sat on top of her purple and blue streaked hair.

Tori follows in behind her with a black and grey stripped sweater, black jeans tucked into grey snow boots. A purple and grey scarf is wrapped around her neck with purple, black, and grey patterned gloves covered her hands. She looks towards Laura's way and sends a slight glare, which Laura returns fiercely.

Paul walks out in a big orange coat with red under armor shown underneath. Black ski pants warmed his lower body and red snow boots secured his feet. He looks to Tori and then to Laura. Tori looked ahead away from him and Laura sent him a smile with a wink. He gulped and stood close to Cole and Samantha, who sent him amusing glances.

The contestants take in the view surrounding them. The cool breeze shifts the dance of snowflakes falling from the baby blue sky. The snowflakes fall to a frozen white sheet of snow, thick enough to reach Adaliah's knees. While other groups of people race with snow dogs and huskies, hikers walking ahead with their gear.

All around the contestants stood monstrous mountains covered in snow, looking over them with a graceful, powerful presence. In front of them stood Marsha and Blaise. Marsha wore a black cotton long sleeve shirt and dark blue fitted jeans. A teal colored scarf is wrapped around her neck. Her teal jewelry complemented her scarf and teal petticoat. Black knee-length leather boots donned her feet as she stood there smiling at the teens.

Blaise, however, was nonchalant. He stood with a red, blue, and tan checkered polo shirt covered with a smooth cotton grey vest. A tan jacket completes the top and hangs to the waist of his dark blue jeans. Tan Timberlands are worn on his feet as he stands beside Marsha. Marsha claps her hands merrily.

"Hello my darlings! Welcome to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland! Yes, it's cold, but that's the point!" she giggles. Blaise smirks.

"So for today's challenge, it's going to be a real breeze." She grins at her pun and Blaise scoffs and steps up.

"I apologize for her bad pun there," he says. Marsha sticks her tongue out at him, causing the teens to laugh. "But what she's trying to say is that your challenge will be a snowball fight."

Laura wrinkles her nose in disgust, "A snowball fight? What kind of challenge is that?"

Yuan adds in his own input, "As much as I don't want to agree with the peasant, I must," Laura glares his way, "How are we going to determine a winner with a snowball fight?"

Marsha grins evilly, "This is no ordinary snowball fight. I took the liberty to hire builders to create you guys some castle fortresses to protect. The snowball fight will require you guys to tear the other team's fortress down. Since the Burning Rubies won in the last challenge, they get the more…advanced weapons."

The Burning Rubies cheer that they have an advantage over the Iced Diamonds.

"The Iced Diamonds, however, will be getting the prehistoric type of weapons," says Marsha. The Diamonds start to pout, but they stay determined.

"Marsha, not prehistoric, more like medieval weaponry," remarks Blaise. Marsha waves it off, "Pshh, same difference."

She then turns to the contestants again. "Alright so here's how it's going to go. There are two brushed off paths for you guys to follow to your fortress. Blaise and I will be there at a distance to announce the battle to start; but to do so one of you from each team will have a flag to wave up to us. Prepare your weapons and take down you're the other team. The first team to successfully bring the other team to the ground…literally wins!"

Naomi raises her hand, "Um, how are you guys getting there if we're following paths?"

"Funny that would mention that…" and the sounds of barks can be heard coming behind the pair. Black, brown, white, and grey blurs come to a halt. The snow dogs stand there with their tongues out, panting happily. The person steering the sled is actually a pleasant surprise.

The familiar natural tanned skinned teen smiled pleasantly at the rest of the guys. His wide green eyes and messy black hair strikes a resemblance most of them remembered. Yuan sneered slightly at the teen, for he remembered this particular teen insulted him the first day.

"James Black," he sneers, "What displeasure to have you here."

James merely rolls his eyes, "I didn't feed to your foolishness then, I won't do it now." Yuan glowers, but doesn't say another word.

"W-What are you doing here?" Samantha asks. She's not afraid of him…even though he connects with…spirits; but she is gets cold rather easily. Cole notices and hugs her tighter. James notices and smiles.

"I see you two listened to my ruby advice; but I am here to assist Marsha and Blaise for their challenge. The two needed someone to steer the dogs, and the spirits happened to comply. So here I am."

Marsha and Blaise smile, "And we're very thankful you're here, James," says Marsha. "So let's get this show on the road!"

James zipped his black mountain coat to cover his blue shirt. He dusts off his hands off on his black jeans and shakes his legs that are secured with his black snow boots. He grabs the reins with his hands as Blaise and Marsha board the sled. Marsha waves to the contestants as they dash off.


The teens look at each other and begin to split with their teams. Paul looks towards Tori sadly, but looks away painfully when she pointedly ignores him. Cole reluctantly lets go of Samantha, but kisses her cheek lightly. He begins to turn away when Samantha pulls him back and plants a kiss on his lips. When they pull away, Samantha's face is the color of a tomato and Cole laughs, easing her embarrassment.

Yuan clears his throat, "Can we get a move on here?!" TJ whacks him on the arm and he rubs the spot soothingly, muttering 'bloody lovebirds' and 'disgusting' under his breath.

Naomi hugs Freddy affectionately, "May the best player win?"

He nods, "Of course my Peach."

"Eskimo kiss?"

Freddy laughs and meets her nose halfway.

Adaliah stands towards one of the paths expectantly, waiting for her team to get a move on. Angel notices Adaliah's stance and heads in that direction, smirking as she prepares for her next plan of action.

Tori walks to the two girls and nods; she then turns from them and heads to be incognito. Angel looks at her and smiles ruefully. Adaliah simply sneers at the girl and watches as Freddy, Samantha, Yuan, and TJ head to the group.

Robin stands alert and prepared as Cole, Paul, Naomi, Jacque, and Laura walk towards him and their selected path. Robin's and Adaliah's eyes meet with the same fiery, hardened look of determination. Before their eyes revealed any other stray emotion, Adaliah nods and turns towards the path; she walks away and the rest of the Rubies follow suit.

Robin ponders for a minute before he turns and walks down the path, the Diamonds following behind him.

The Burning Rubies look at the icy land surrounding them. If it wasn't for the cleared dirt path they treaded on, the only thing they would see would be white. Snow completely covered the mountains and the grounds.

Adaliah looked at the beauty of the snow falling while she led the group. Since no one walked beside her, she had the peace and quiet she craved. This was her time to recollect herself and observe her surrounding areas.

Now that Angel's manipulation and bullying of Alice has been revealed, Adaliah stays wary of her. She knows that if Angel wanted her voted off, Angel would have done something to her already; Angel needs her or respects her. Either way, she'll take what she can get for now. Since she's been on this show, it's proven to be a blessing in disguise she won't be giving up anytime soon.

Tori walked in the back far from the rest of the team. She didn't want to be around anyone or everyone for that matter. Thinking about Paul just made her upset all over again. She can't believe that she confessed to him like that; especially after everything she's seen. That annoying wench just had to be on his team. If she were a Ruby, she would have been gone! Tori mentally slaps herself; this isn't her. She doesn't do this kind of thing, allowing her emotions to cloud her judgment.

Had Tori looked up, she would have noticed Freddy looking backwards towards her with concern written all over his face. He wasn't just looking at her expressions, but at the person walking up to her.

"Are you alright Tori dear? You don't look so well," remarks Angel. She looks at her with a look of fake concern. Tori looks up at her startled, but cautious as she remembers who's talking to her.

"I'm fine," Tori answers curtly.

Angel places a hand on her chest mockingly, "Oh heavens me, don't tell me you're sore over what happened between Alice and I."

Tori doesn't answer; so Angel continues. "She was a liability. Plus she was on another team. This is a competition; people are going to be sent home."

"You blackmailed her!"

Angel waves it off, "Some people need to be sent home faster."

"So what you're saying is that you've been sending people home?"

"Of course not! Alice was my first; we have a history, and I couldn't have her here…but I know someone else was sent home too early as well."

Tori pauses, "Who? Do you know if anyone is next?"

Angel gives a small smile; on the inside, she's smug with victory, "I know Yuan did it," she says loudly enough for a pair of ears to catch it out of their little conversation.

"How do you know Yuan did it?"

"Because he told me," she says matter-of-factly, "he made me aid him in sending poor Zacharias home. It wasn't a move I would have done, but I regret assisting him in the elimination," she says bowing her head. She couldn't believe how easy it was to manipulate this girl; she's easier than Alice!

"That's horrible," Tori states. She knows how it is when it comes to having bad blood with someone from your past. That's why she usually sticks to herself. Angel pats her on the shoulders, "Don't worry about you-know-who. He'll come around," she says encouragingly. Tori blushes at Angel's statement about Paul.

"Tell you what, I know how you hate being around everyone in the challenges so just lay low on this one; you don't have to do a thing. I'll have your back."

Tori meekly smiles at Angel, who grins, back. There is a nagging feeling tugging at Tori, but she ignores it; someone actually understands her on the show, and she won't give that up anytime soon.


Angel crosses her legs elegantly with her snow boot rocking slightly. She folds her arms calmly and smirks towards the camera, "Angelina Jolie, eat your heart out. There's a new and better actress in town."


Freddy could see the exchange, but he couldn't hear it; he could only hope for the best. He continues to guide TJ and Samantha in his warm 'penguin huddle', but TJ breaks away. He and Samantha turn to look at her and she grins back.

"I'm fine now y'all; this country gal knows howta take the heat…well cold!" she giggles to hide her voice cracking. The two smile at her and continue to walk forward. TJ looks ahead to see Yuan following slightly behind Adaliah at a safe distance; at least he listened to her for once.

"This no good piece a raw chitlin' think he can use me. Ima give him a piece a my mind!" she mutters under her breath as she stomps slowly towards him. She goes slowly so her tears won't spill from the snowflakes hitting her face.

Samantha sees TJ demeanor change and looks slightly frighten; she doesn't think it was wise now to allow TJ from their grasp.


Jacque has a puzzled expression on his face.

"I am wondering what is Robin planning on doing to try to eliminate me. I'm sure that he might try to sway Cole, Paul, & possibly Laura to try & eliminate me but I doubt that will happen yet. Robin is a perfectionist & I know that he will probably try to the "perfect" revenge on this guy. I heard Robin's confessional about slitting throats & keeping his hair perfect. I can tell that he's gonna try & hurt me in the most deliberate way because I can read his personality look a really good book. To be honest, Robin is my favorite person here because he is probably the smartest & the most interesting person here. However, I'm always one step ahead."

He grins mischievously, "I think I have something to ruffle him up a bit."


Jacque walks next to Robin casually, as if they were the best of friends. Robin tenses slightly as he senses Jacque next to him.

"Miss her don't you?" asks Jacque. Robin stops abruptly; the rest of the team stops when they see him go to a halt.

"What did you just say?" he asks icily. Jacque simply shrugs.

"I think you heard me loud and clear. Don't you miss our dear Alice?"

Robin clenches his teeth, "That is none of your business."

"As I recall, it is my business. After all, we did share a tent together; and I must say, Dollface was quite-"

"DON'T YOU SAY ANOTHER WORD ABOUT HER! She's gone because of you!"

"For your information, she has her confidence and pride cause of me" he points his thumb to his chest and smirks, "She's gone cause of you! Nobody told you to vote her out." He crosses his arms smugly. Robin stood there silently, eyes hardening.

The Diamonds could see the tension circling the two. Cole is prepared to step in and lighten the mood when Naomi holds her arm out to stop him. He gives her a puzzled look and she responds with a shake of her head.

"Let them get this out. We're not going to get anywhere if these two don't get this out of their system." He nods in understanding. She smiles and then looks to the rest. "And that goes for y'all too!"

Paul hears her and nods, slightly concerned. Laura didn't hear a thing; she was too busy in her magazine to care.

Robin slightly clasps his hands together with a silent prayer and makes sure his hair was in place. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He opens them and charges.

Jacque, caught off guard, is taken to the ground. He immediately holds his arms up to cover his face as Robin delivers blows. He moves his arm, taking hits now, and wraps it around Robin's shoulder.

"Trying to hug me now? Sorry, you're not my type."

Jacque sends a sneer his way. "Well sorry to disappoint, this isn't a hug." He then grasps Robin's shoulders tightly and tosses Robin off of him. Robin lands with a thud next to him and growls, going to charge again. Jacque beats him to it; he spears Robin right in the middle.

"That was a hug" he says with a smirk. Robin's eyes turn to slits and he begins to swing again. Jacque returns the favor, dodging and swinging with his own blows.

The boys would have gone with the fight with as much vigor if it wasn't for Laura.

She gasps, "That so doesn't go with that sweater! It would go better on me of course!" she wasn't even close to them on the path. She was actually in a fashion magazine, voicing her opinions rather loudly. The boys were frozen in their position, listening to Laura.

Robin was once again on Jacque, his fist midair close to Jacque's face. Jacque had gripped Robin's turtleneck with one hand and the other balled into a fist and pulled back. Their eyes connect for one second and the laughing begins. Soon Naomi, Cole, and Paul join in. Laura looks back to them wondering what they were laughing about, but she sees another sequin dress on the next page of her magazine; she can't tear her eyes away.

Robin clears his throat and steps off of Jacque and holds his hand out. Jacque looks at Robin's outstretched hand, and grips it firmly. He stands up to meet Robin at the eye.

The two have come to a strained understanding that they must work together. Robin nods crisply and Jacque smirks. Robin then turns on his heel and goes to the lead of the group. Jacque stays in the back with his smirk still in place.

Paul and Cole let out the breaths they were holding, thankful that the two didn't hurt each other badly. Naomi walks to Jacque's side and pats him on the back.

"And that's how a Black Dragon member does it!"

Jacque shrugs and continues to walk with Naomi, thinking of his next move.

Paul and Cole walk side by side striking an interesting conversation. "Did you guys really wake up like that?" inquired Cole.

Paul nods his head with his cheeks beginning to flame up, and not from the cold. "I'm so confused! Her in my arms felt so right, but I still have this feeling for Tori…"

"You're just in a triangle, and it confuses you because you don't know what you want."

"I have to be, I never thought I would go through something like this. On live television no less!"

"When I used to have to decide between two things I wanted, I would take my lucky board out for a spin. If I came back unscathed, I would go with my first option; if I came back with a scratch or fell while I was out, I would pick the second," explains Cole. Paul nods with agreement, but is still confused.

"But if you're so good on a board, how do you know if the decision you make is right when you go back without getting hurt?"

Cole laughs, "I'm not Tony Hawk; I'm bound to fall at some time. Besides, I don't know if it's the right decision. But I feel that if I were meant to make the other choice, I would have come back with a scratch or something. So go with whatever flows right; overthinking it is what will cause the problems."

Paul slaps Cole on the back, "Thanks man, you're the best."


Paul stands in his winter clothes a gold dollar coin in his hand. "Something lucky huh? Well my grandfather gave me this coin before he died; to give me luck in my athletics. I never thought I would use this since then."

He sighs and holds the coin tightly, "Heads for Tori, and Tails for Laura. We'll see how I should pursue this." He tosses the coin above. It seemed like it was in slow motion as the coin flipped from side to side.

Heads. Tails. Heads. Tails. Heads. Tails…He slaps the coin down as it lands to his palm and looks at the side it presents to him.

"Well, I guess here's my answer."


In the winter wonderland of their path, Yuan walked with confidence but exerted an aura of pleasure as he took in the delicacy of the frozen land...and a certain purple-haired dark muse. He didn't notice a curly haired country girl walk up to him and tap his shoulder violently. He turns to the culprit with a heated glare of interrupting his sight; but instead, he stops; his eyes soften with a tinge of fear.

TJ looks at him with a tortured look on her face, tears welling in her eyes.

"How could you Wan?! Zach was my friend and you tricked me!"

Slight panic seized through him; he raises his hands in surrender, "Tonya Jane, let's think about this…"

"There ain't nothing to think about Wan! You made me vote my best friend off for no good reason! I…trusted you! I thought you would be somebody my Petunia would be proud of, but after what I done heard today…" she can't finished her speech, but she punches him in the shoulder…hard. Yuan ignores the pain and grips her shoulders. Everyone else walk past the two; as much as they would love to stop for them, Adaliah was going to leave them behind if they didn't keep up.

"Tanya…what did you hear?"

She sniffs, "I heard it from a convasashun earlier," she fiddles with her fingers. Yuan narrows his eyes and his mind clicks: that manipulative, blue eyed, blonde witch.

"A conversation you say? Perhaps the person in this conversation didn't mention they were the person that suggested the little pes- Zacharias in the first place."

Gears began to shift in TJ's head; how could she believe it! She hugs Yuan tightly, crushing him.

"Tonya…I need…to…continue…the process…of respiration!" She let's go, wiping the tears from her eyes. Yuan sighs with relief when TJ punches him again.

"Ow! As much as I love the oppression, but why must you express your aggression towards me!?" he demands exasperated. TJ cocks her head, eyebrows knotted with confusion.

"I have no idea what you just said Wan; but that punch was for lying to me!"

Yuan pinches the bridge of his nose, "I sincerely…apologize Tonya. I will not allow it to transpire once more."

"Whatever you say Wan! Come on! We have to get back to the team!

Both teams make it to their destination without further incident. What they see is stunning.

A large field of snow is spread throughout the terrain. It was divided by a single, but very noticeable red line drawn. On each end of the field stood frozen, powerful, graceful snowy front castle walls that consisted of two towers, a front gate, and a keep. In the middle of the right side was a large blue flag. In the middle of the left side was a large red flag. The Burning Rubies headed to the left side and the Iced Diamonds proceed to the right side.

Robin was set in determination in the battle ground. He walks down the line of defense mechanisms where his team stands waiting for his word…most of them anyway.

"Naomi and Laura, you're going to take over the ballista." Naomi salutes and jumps giddy at her newfound toy. Laura rolls her eyes and mutters that the stupid piece of wood better not mess up her nails.

"Cole and Paul, head over to the catapult." The two high-five each other and run over to the catapult, excited.

He strains his voices when he makes his final decision. "I will be working on the trebuchet with you…Jacque." Jacque's right eye twitched slightly, but he smirks.

"Sure thing….partner" and he walks off towards the trebuchet. Robin grits his teeth, but heads into the direction Jacque has followed. He turns back to the team as if he remembered something.

"They may have more…recent weapons but that won't stop us. We're a team! We. Will. Win! If it's the last thing I do. Naomi, signal the blue flag to James."

Naomi rushes to their flag and begins to wave it in the air vivaciously.

From the tower, James holds his right thumb up while he holds his binoculars with his left hand.

"The Iced Diamonds are ready to go; we're waiting for the Burning Rubies," he says.

Marsha nods at him and looks to Blaise. Blaise had changed into all black with a black beanie over his head. Slung on his shoulder was a rifle; a huge grin plastered on his face.

The Burning Rubies were passing out each of their weapons: HKD Impulse, HKD Volt, and HKD SV 10. Yuan marveled in the metal beauty of weaponry, it truly was remarkable.

Adaliah wolf grinned at her snow gun; oh the damage she could do with it!

Freddy reveled in the fact that the guns reminded him of something from Perfect Dark on his Nintendo 64.

TJ looks at her gun excitedly; she loves this new snow shooter and can't wait to try it out. She looks at Yuan staring adoringly at his gun and she giggles; can't stay mad at her 'Wan'.

Samantha held her gun warily; she hopes she will be some good in this challenge.

Angel slid her hand down her gun gingerly, loving the feel of the metal against her skin. She turned to see Tori holding her gun down with uncertainty. She heads her way and places and encouraging hand on Tori's shoulder.

"You know you don't have to do this; I told you I have your back," Angel says smiling. Tori looks at her gratefully and hands Angel her HDK Volt.

"Thank you," she whispers softly.

"Why don't you signal with the flag then sit back and watch us win?" Angel asks with an inviting grin. Tori nods and heads that way. Angel then proceeds to Adaliah, who looks at her questioningly.

"Why do you have two guns?" she inquired.

"Tori doesn't want to participate so I told her to at least wave the flag so we can start."

Adaliah narrows her eyes in Tori's direction, "Then we don't need her. I know my way around two guns." She grabs for the other gun and Angel walks away with a smirk.

James looks through his binoculars to see Tori waving the red flag. He holds his left thumb up and looks to Marsha and Blaise. Blaise kneels down and positions the gun; Marsha clears her throat and starts to talk in the megahorn…it helps to have speakers installed to hear her.



"IF YOU CAN'T SEE HIM, HE'S WAVING DRAMATICALLY AT YOU RIGHT NOW!" this earns her a glare from Blaise and a laugh from James.


The Rubies and Diamonds set into action. Naomi shovels tons of snow into the ballista.

"Fire it up!" she yells and Laura rolls her eyes and pulls the lever.

"This better not mess with my nails!"

The ballista fires and sends a hurl of a large snowball into the Burning Rubies's castle, knocking off the front gate. Naomi cheers with triumph and rushes to fill up more snow.

Adaliah dashes close to the red line, guns-a-blazing…literally. She screams a battle cry and fires at the Iced Diamonds, knocking Laura down. She also manages to hit the left tower of their castle; it slopes down slowly, as if it were a tear falling.

Laura recovers with her eyes blazing, "Oh hell no! You did not just make me fall into snow!" she grabs a handful of snow, balls it up, and chucks it towards Adaliah. She was too busy laughing at Laura to notice that the snowball was coming her way. It hits her in the face; she stops laughing and her eyes turn to slits. She charges for Laura, but gets hit with a pellet. She stops, startled, but looks down to see that she has crossed the line.

"Dammit!" she exclaims and stomps angrily back to the fortress. She mutters obscenities and goes to sit by the edge of the battlefield. When she gets there, she sees Tori already sitting there.

"Why are you here?" she growls; but Tori refuses to answer her. Angel has her back, she doesn't have to answer anyone. Angel understands that she doesn't want to do this challenge. Adaliah just shakes her head and turns to look back at the snow flying back and forth between each team.

Freddy yells and shoots at the same time.

"Meet the male Samus bxtcheeeeeess!"

Freddy manages to knock off the right tower of the Iced Diamond's castle. He cheers before he's shot back into the wall of their castle. Over the line he could see Jacque smirking and Robin crossing his arms smugly. Even though they're on the other team, he had some respect for those two. Freddy wiped himself off and prepared for the rest of the battle, but he didn't notice the crack the formed in the wall.

Angel was calculating her next position to shoot the snow, when she looked to see Yuan and TJ still working together.

She growls and shoots over the enemy line aggressively; her shot lands over to the top of the castle and knocks down one of the rooftops. She smirks at her job well done and looks over to see that Tori was still doing nothing. Good, this makes things more easier for her Plan B.

Paul loaded up the catapult and Cole pulled the lever.


The ball landed and hit the Burning Rubies's castle wall. Yuan was too busy shooting at the Diamonds to notice the snow falling above him.

TJ gleefully shoots at the enemy castle.

"Y'all betta hold on to ya britches! It's a war full a snow!"

She turns to Yuan to see his progress when she notices the snow falling above him.

"Wan, not again!" she sighs and charges towards him.

Yuan feels some snow pile on his shoulder. He dusts it off, but it more keeps piling up. He rubs it off aggressively and decides to look up in exasperation. His eyes widen when he notices the big pile beginning to tumble down.

"Wh- OOF!" a force comes at him and charges him into the wall of the castle. His vision was distorted when he opened his eyes. The disorientation began to clear up and he sees TJ straddling him once again; this time she was examining his head. Behind them, the crack that began to form was enlarging.

"We gotta stop endin' like this, Wan!" she exclaims. Yuan groans and bumps his head back to the ground.

"I concur."

"What does koner mean?"

Yuan's response was a groan.

Cole and Paul high five when they see the tower fall. They didn't notice, however, the stream of snow heading their way.

Chhhh the snow splashes them and makes them fly back into their castle. The gate breaks down and lands on top of them. Climbing out of the mound, they look to see that it was Samantha had made the shot. She giggled, well what looked like a giggle, and dashed back from the red line. She goes to the other end to field and starts to go after the other parts of the Iced Diamond's castle. The two shake their head and laugh.

Blaise waited patiently for someone to cross that line again; shooting the kids was a nice stress reliever. James laughs and Marsha slaps him.

"Blaise you just said that out loud! If you're stressed you know to call the masseuse."

"I can't call the masseuse if she's hosting the show!"

"…right." She clears the throat. James shakes his head in amusement and turns towards the field again with his binoculars.

Yuan was sitting in the back with TJ shooting out the snow with a huge grin on her face.

"Say hello to ma lil friend! Like Al Capony said!" she yells.

"Tonya Jane, Al Pacino said that…and it's Al Capone not Capony," explains Yuan with a bored tone. TJ turns to him and sticks her tongue out.

"Same thang!"

Robin was loading up snow in the trebuchet with a graceful speed. Jacque leaned on the machinery casually, examining his nails in a bored manner.

"How's that going…partner?"

Robin glared at him, "Fine. Get ready to pull the lever."

"Aye, aye." He straightens up and grips the handles. As soon as Robin gives the signal, Jacque pulls hard on the lever, launching the snow clean across the field. The ball doesn't hit the castle; however, it does land over to the side where Tori and Adaliah are sitting. The boys' eyes widen when they see the murderous glare and vicious growl she gives as she looks for which one of the Diamonds did it. Robin and Jacque look to each other, nod, and then go another way.

Naomi sets up the ballista for another go around.

"Let it rip!"

Laura attempts to pull the lever, but it jams up.

"Dammit! Stupid lever! Hold on, I think I see the part that's jammed up." She starts to climb up on the ballista to investigate.

"Stupid ballista thingy…messing up my new manicure…the things I do for this team…deserve a gold medal!" she mutters to herself. She makes it to the corner of the lever and spots a piece of ice jammed into it. She groans with frustration and grips for the piece of ice crammed in there.

"Come. On. You. Stupid. Thing!" she growls when she finally yanks it free. She grins victoriously and looks to Naomi. Naomi looks at Laura with frantic, wild eyes and she covers her mouth in horror.

Laura looks down to see that when she yanked the ice out, the lever was pushed down. She looks up in fear.

"Uh oh-WHYYYYYMEEEEEE!?" she flies over the entire battlefield and smack down into the Burning Rubies's castle. She groans as she lands from the keep of the fortress to the ground. The crack that had been enlarged has now finally cracked. It spreads like a wildfire onto the rest of the walls and towers and the building begins to break. The castle begins to shake violently, causing everyone to run to the far end of it.

James smiles and turns to the still bickering friends.

"I believe the Iced Diamonds have won, Marsha and Blaise."

The two stop to look at James. Marsha blushes slightly, "I'm sorry about that, James. Blaise, I will take care of you later. Let's get down there and finish this up."

Marsha, Blaise, and James stand in front of the rest of the contestants.

TJ had finished aiding Yuan with his head, glad he was okay.

Cole laughed at Samantha, who threw a snowball at him.

Freddy and Naomi had bowed to each other respectively, as if the two were samurai warriors.

Jacque shook hands with Robin. The two gripped each other's hand a little more tightly than they should, testing one another.

Angel pouted at the fact that they lost, but Plan B was now in action. She smirked smugly at the fact that she knew she wouldn't be going home tonight.

Paul was tending to Laura, who was mumbling in pain. She really wanted to shout, scream, and complain; but she wants to make a really go impression on Paul.

Tori watches this with pained eyes; she really can't blame anyone but herself. She told him to be with Laura and he is…

She locks eyes with the raven haired beauty; she glares at Laura, who returns the favor gladly.

"What a lovely day it was my darlings. But another one of you must leave tonight," Marsha begins to say. She looks to Blaise expectantly, who blows out air in a huff.

"The winners of this challenge, who successfully knocked down the other team's castle, courtesy of Laura, are the Iced Diamonds!" The Diamonds cheer with glee while the Rubies were disappointed; their small win streak was over.

"Which means one of our fellow Rubies will be leaving us," he finishes. James then hands out the tablets to the Burning Rubies.

"May the spirits be with you in your voting and clear your consciousness," James remarks.

Freddy frowned as he chose his contestant; if shouldn't have to be this way.

Adaliah picked Tori without hesitation; if she didn't want to participate then fine, she doesn't need to be here.

Yuan picked Angel; the sooner she is gone, the better.

TJ picked her person with her eyes closed; even though Angel is a big meanie pie, she doesn't have the heart to send someone home.

Tori wished she could pick someone from the other team; she knew who would go home in a heartbeat.

Samantha chewed on her lip as she decided who to choose; she did notice that Tori hadn't done anything in the challenge…but she's her friend! What's a girl to do?

Angel picked her choice without a second thought; this was getting too easy.

James collected everyone's tablet and passed them to Blaise and Marsha to tally.

When the tallying was complete, Marsha looked sad.

"I hate to say this, but the person to leave us tonight will be…Tori."

Tori hung her head and didn't say a word. Pieces were slowly put together; she had been a fool. She looked into everyone's face and stopped at Paul. Her eyes shone with sadness and regret as she walked away with an escort waiting to take her on a first class trip home.

Paul didn't know what to think now; especially with his coin toss he had made in his confessional.


Paul looks somberly into the camera. "Is fate playing tricks on me? My lucky coin landed on Tori…but she gets eliminated…so does that mean that I should pursue Laura?" he grips his hair and tugs. "Ugh! I don't know! I'm going with the flow…I need time to think."


"That was a surprise to me; but Blaise and I have a surprise for you. Tonight there will be a little show we would love for you guys to see. For now, we shall relax and watch the sun set," Marsha explains and heads towards where there are now blankets set up in the middle of the battlefield.

The sun set quickly for the participants of Total Drama. Various birds sang their songs as they flew together in their own rhythm. Red, yellow, orange, and purple hues mix together in the sky as the final countdown of the sun made its way through. The chill became more frequent as the light from the sun began to fade. Soon, night began to creep its way in for its shift.

Looking up towards the sky, the contestants, Marsha, Blaise, and James see the blank darkness studded with stars. It was a new moon that night so the stars stood out tremendously.

Cole stood behind Samantha with his arms wrapped around her waist protectively and soothingly. Samantha basked in the warmth and love she received from Cole, shivering ever so slightly with the chilly winds.

Yuan stood next to TJ in a comfortable closeness. She shifted slightly to where their shoulders touched; he didn't move away. Even if she couldn't see it, Yuan smiled softly.

Naomi was hooked on securely to Freddy's back with her arms wrapped around his neck, placing her head in the nook between his shoulder and neck. Freddy held on tightly to her legs; he wouldn't dare let her fall.

Adaliah stared pointedly at the sky, waiting patiently for whatever surprise Marsha and Blaise had in store for them.

James waited for the display to begin. He enjoyed seeing most of the contestants again, as the spirits said he would. However, his appearance here was only for a short time; he was glad to be given this opportunity.

Paul stood with his shoulder slumped; he was clearly confused. What had gone wrong? Why did this happen? He jumps when a hand touches the middle on his back. He turns to see Laura, who grins at him. He sighs and looks back down, making Laura pout dramatically.

"I know this is going to be hard Paul, and surprisingly, this is coming from me. I know I can be slightly…difficult to deal with, but I am human. I'm here if you need me," she says. Paul blinks with astonishment, but his blue eyes shine with appreciation.

Robin stared at the sky with anticipation, ready to see what's in store. If he remembers correctly from his classes, he might already know what this is.

Jacque looked slightly disappointed; there is nothing really valuable here to take or sell. His eyes sweep the surroundings when he stops at the row of snow guns from their battle; he smirks.

Angel simply hated to wait; this better be good, but that's why she taught herself the art of patience; because soon, it will all pay off when she becomes the winner of this competition.

Marsha sighs with contentment and Blaise wraps an arm around her shoulder, thus pulling her closer. She leans her head over to his shoulder comfortingly. She also hated to wait.

"It is going to show tonight right?" she questioned.

Blaise chuckled at her impatient nature, "Of course Marsh, give it a few seconds."

"It's beeeeen a few seconds!" she whines.

"Fine, we'll count down."

She pouts but she gives in, "Okay."

"10." She hugs Blaise closer, who smiles in her hair.

"9." Cole plants a kiss on Samantha's forehead, causing her to blush.

"8." Laura leans into Paul, who accepts her comfort and places an arm around her waist.

"7." Angel shifts to her other leg, wondering what could possibly be in the sky.

"6." Freddy maneuvers Naomi from behind him to in front of him. Her arms and legs still wrapped around him.

"5." James pats Adaliah on the shoulder, who in turn, doesn't give him a sneer; instead, she gives him a blank look, and then turns it into a smile.

"4." Jacque managed to slip the gun unnoticed; how he did it is his little secret; he grins.

"3." TJ suddenly grabs for Yuan's arm.

"2." Yuan is startled at the grab, but he only shakes his head.

"1." Patches and scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains and shooting rays light up the sky with an eerie glow; colors of pale green, pink, red, blue, and violet illuminate the glow with much intensity.

The rippling glows dance around each other in different steps, but perfect harmony. The rapid movements seem to cause havoc in the sky between the stars; each of them fighting for attention. The stunning beauty of the rays of light captures the brilliance of it all.

Everyone stared to the skies with amazement; this was something completely unexpected. Marsha smiled at the lights above her. It seemed to give the snow on the ground an enchanting portrait of its own.

"This, ladies and gentlemen, is Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights," announces Blaise.

James smiled in wonder, "They have many myths about these lights. Some say they come from the Roman goddess, Aurora; another legend says that these lights come from the spirit of the animals that's been hunted; others say that the rays are the souls of their great fishermen and hunters….simply fascinating."

Everyone listened to James, even Yuan, with interest. Every single person there all knew one thing when it comes to this competition: they were glad they came.

One person was happy, but they were not satisfied. Their final confessional for the night really seals it.


Angel folds her arms arrogantly. "Jacque thinks he can actually challenge me," she scoffs. "Please. He may have grown up in the voodoo capital of the world but I was raised in the origin city of all Black Magic, so just try me dearie...just try..." she blows a kiss to the camera. She then looks intently into the camera.

"You're next Jacque Metoyer, you're next!"


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