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A blind girl named Stacy soon discovers a relation to one of the Avengers. It changed her life forever. Stacy wakes up one morning unable to see. She tries every trick she knows and is still is unable to. Close to one of the Avengers however, she can see. With the help of her new friend (Peter Parker) magic happens, and sparks fly.

Action / Romance
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Blind for a day

Bold sentences are very detailed information about how people kill each other if you don't like those things and get nightmares easily I strongly advise you don't read it.

List of Avengers

Tony Stark- Iron Man

Steve Rogers- Captian America

David Banner- Hulk (In human form)

Tasha, Natasha- Black Widow

Thor- God of Thunder, Thor

Clint Barton- Hawkeye

Peter Parker- Spiderman

Stacy West- Soon to be Hero

Stacy West

I woke up as usual, but was having difficulties. All that filled the room was black. Nothing colorful, just black. Darkness, weakness, my two most horrible fears. Just imagine being weak, unable to move, unable to walk. Terrible. That's why I hate sleeping. I'm still sleeping I thought to myself, and knowing me I fell back asleep agents my will.

I had a strange dream. About seeing the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D agents surrounding me on a hospital bed. I was laying next to a woman with extremely red hair. I've never seen this woman before. I only have a faint memory about a woman close to looking like her. Than I saw a 17 year old boy. A name-tag on his spider T-shirt said: Hello I'm Peter Parker. Age 17.

Well that's weird. A man named Tony Stark was standing next to Peter. He didn't have his age written down. I saw a news report, and he said he was Iron Man. Wait... Stark has a son named Peter? Why didn't they have the same last name? Adoption? Marriage?


After I woke up from that crazy dream I was still unable to see. I flung my legs over my bed and stood up.

"So dizzy," I said.

Than I started walking around my apartment. I fell on what seemed to be a high heel my dog Widow chewed up. I fell. Straight towards the window? I couldn't tell, but hell I was falling, and fast.

Falling out a window, and being unable to see is not as scary as it sounds, however falling out of a 4 story building is different. I could her Widow barking from my apartment. And I started screaming. At the top of my lungs. My voice was fading. I could hear people below me screaming too. Widow still barking.

I kept falling. I was trying every trick I knew to stop falling and staying awake, I felt warmness trickle down my ear. Blood? Yup I remember getting drunk at a party (Even though I'm 16) and hitting my ear and scraping it. Why was it bleeding now?

I know something is coming, ah yes the ground, and soon a sharp pain hit my head and I started dreaming.

Tony Stark

I may be drunk, but I swear I can hear screaming as well as barking. Tasha gave me a worried look, I think it never seen that face.

"Tasha, are you okay?" I asked scared of what to come. Tasha NEVER shows emotion, so I got worried myself.

"Tony, get Bucky and all of the other Avengers now. Were going to where that screaming is coming from," she sounded so calm. Her worried expression was fixed in an instant.

I guess I'm not drunk after all. This is really happening.


"Yes boss, I already allerted the other Avengers." Damn FRIDAY knew everything. (Cough, cough, I'm such a good, cough, teacher cough, cough)

I quickly got in my Iron Man suit, and was ready for danger. All the Avengers were not to afraid. I was though. The screams. My God the screams. So loud, so scared.

"Son of a bitch!" I heard a loud crash. Looks like Banners having troubles with Hulk.

"Languge!" Steve shouted over Banner's Hulk-ish yelling. "You all cuss so much! Now, let's stop this Bully becau-"

"Because you don't like bullies?" Tasha said calmly. She was ready, we weren't.

"Tasha you bit-"

"Language Steave."

I sighed deeply. This was going to be a long rescue.


I yelled at the Avengers in the Tower to get ready to go. Of course, they all said they were waiting on me. I threw a knife at Steve out of slight anger. He barley ducked in time to miss it.

We all rushed to help at that very second. I saw a girl no older than 16 laying on the ground. She looked to be blind. Her dog was barking up top in her Apartment. Fresh blood dripped from her ear. I was exactly 4 feet 7 inches away from her when I noticed she had a name tag on. It read Stacy West. Wait... Stacy West? I immediately lost it.

"My, my, my-" damn it Tasha cool it! But I couldn't, at that same moment I did something that I will regret forever. I passed out.

Flash Back of Tasha

I remember having a child before Widow. As an experiment. Her number was 2019. She ended up being a normal child that HYDRA ended up sending to an orphanage after birth. This may be a different story than what you've heard, but HYDRA made me Widow. HYDRA made me hate myself. And HYDRA took my baby away from me.

I don't care anymore what people think of me, I will make every HYDRA agent bleed to death. I will rip their lungs out as their awake. I will stab them in the heart. I don't care if they scream, Black Widow is going to kill each one of them, and nobody can stop me. If they so much have ever touched her they'd be dead. I will stab them to death and watch as they suffer the pain they gave to poor Peter.

And then I woke up.

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