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Music! Music is life! Get ready with drama's in high school! The book is about music and how the members work together to win singing competitions and many other more, and tryna help the people to express themselves more, that's why GLEE club is created.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1 first day of glee club

Glee club, glee club didn't really worked out at first, the members get slushied everyday at school cuz of glee club,really lame. Pretty bad, but then everything worked out pretty well after a while, Let's talk about the members.

Glee Club members:
1. Kurt (a dude that is gay)
2. Puck (football player)
3.Artie ( the disabled kid)
4.Finn (the popular 🔥 football player)
5.Quinn (the captain of cheerios, a cheerleader, gf of Finn)
6.Santana( a cheerleader)
7.Britany( a cheerleader)
8.Mercedes( one of the greatest singers in GLEE club)
9.Rachel(the gurl who wants to be perfect in everything)
So these are the members, but the one wanted to create glee club is Mr. Shu, he's a Spanish teacher, he has great Spanish 👌. He wanted kids to express themselves more by making the club,cuz he knew that these kids had talent but they're just not showing it,and tried to help other kids, he has a wife, no children but they do have a good life. Ok Les go back to where we are, so remember that Glee Club didn't really worked out, so basically Mr. Shu is trying to get every kid to join glee club, but at first it wasn't easy, he had to talk to principal Figgins, the Indian principal of Mckleiny High, the principal didn't like the glee club, but he thought that he could give a chance, so he said "Fine, I'll let you have the club, but first you need kids to join the club, and if they really like it,and more people joining,I'll let you keep the club. " "Seriously? Omg thank you so much principal Figgins" But there is this person who REALLY didn't like glee club, Sue Sylvester. The rival of glee club, she didn't want glee club to get in her way, she wanted the cheerios to be best, she's scared that something will replace her. But you know she's really rude, she tells kids what to do almost everything, she treats everyone like trash. That's right, a will begin soon.

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