The Silent Warrior

Chapter 2


Sakura woke up first. She noticed that Naruto was gone and had left a message on his bed. "TRAINING." She sighed heavily and started to get breakfast ready.

Jiraiya woke up next. "Where's Naruto?" Sakura pointed to the note Naruto had left. "Oh." Jiraiya shook his head and joined Sakura for breakfast. They ate in silence.

"Sakura." She turned to Jiraiya but he was looking past her to the mountain. "Keep an eye on Naruto. Something's up with him. He's way too confident about going into Orochimaru's lair." Jiraiya turned to Sakura. "I don't know what promise he made you, but he will deliver even if it costs him his life."

Sakura starred at Jiraiya. She knew what he was saying was true. She had tried to push that fact back in her mind. She wanted Sasuke back, but she didn't want to loose Naruto in the process.

"Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid, Ok?"


Just then, the door flew open and Naruto came in wearing a big smile. "Are you guys ready yet."

The sound had so startled them that they threw their Kunai knives at him. Naruto easily avoided their attacks. Naruto just kept smiling, "Oh great! Breakfast!" He went over to the food and helped himself.

Sakura and Jiraiya just stared at each other. Sakura's bad feeling was overwhelming.


The trio reached the base of the mountains at sunset. They waited for a couple of hours to gather information and study the lay of the land. They had seen no one. Jiraiya gave the signal and they converged.

Jiraiya spoke very quietly, "All right, according to my informant, there should be an entrance here."

Naruto and Sakura gave a quick nod. Jiraiya walked up to the mountain side and started looking around. Naruto and Sakura had their backs to him to make sure no one came from behind. Jiraiya found the spot he was looking for and the side of the mountain opened.

"Ok, everyone in. Stick to the plan," Jiraiya whispered. They all entered and the mountain closed behind them.

They followed the dimly lit hallway. Everyone had expected some resistance by now, but there was nothing. They paused. Something's not right. Did we miss them? Have they already moved on? Naruto thought. Damn it! He pounded on the wall.

All of the sudden, light came on and there was a loud noise. That was the last thing they remembered.


Why do I feel so heavy. Sakura opened her eyes and tried to lift her head. "Owe." Sakura turned to see Naruto and Jiraiya. They were all in a sitting positions with their hands tied behind them.

"So our audience awakes." They all looked up to see Orochimaru wearing a wicked smile. He walked over to Naruto, bent down and looked him right in the eyes. "Sasuke came to me on his own, you should hot have interfered."

Naruto starred right back, but surprisingly didn't say anything.

Orochimaru just laughed, and walked away. He walked over to someone bound in a chair.

"Sasuke!" Sakura called out. She couldn't believe it! After all this time there he was.

He turned his head to look at them. The smile Sakura had faded away. Sasuke's eyes were so cold. He looked at them like they were strangers.

Sasuke! Sakura was devastated. All this time all she could think of was getting him back. But he didn't care that they were there. What has happened to you, Sasuke?

Orochimaru laughed, "Not the happy reunion you thought. Well at least you can enjoy the show."

What is he talking about? But then Sakura knew. It was time for Orochimaru to transfer to Sasuke's body.

"Now Sasuke , it's time that you give me the Sharingan." Orochimaru was practically dripping with anticipation. "Let's get started. Kabuto?"

Sakura hadn't even noticed Kabuto who was sitting behind a desk with odd machines on it. NO! We're so close and we can't do anything! I won't lose him like this. I WON'T

She and Jiraiya were trying to get out of their bonds, but not Naruto. What's he doing? Did he change is mind on Sasuke? But as she watched him, he disappeared in a puff of smoke. A shadow clone! When did he do that!? Naruto was getting stronger by leaps and bounds. Sakura felt someone put a hand on her shoulder. Naruto! He'll get us out of this and then we'll get Sasuke…

"Be still Sakura."

All the sudden Sakura couldn't move anything. She tried to call out to Naruto, but she couldn't find her voice. What's he doing! Why wouldn't he free us!

She saw Naruto go over to Jiraiya, "Be still Jiraiya." Then he started walking towards Sasuke and Orochimaru.

Is he insane?! He can't take on Orochimaru by himself! Then she remembered this morning, "Keep an eye on Naruto. Something's up with him. He's way to confident about going into Orochimaru's lair I don't know what promise he made you, but he will deliver on it even if it costs him his life. Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid, Ok?"

But, but that's not…

"Hey! Orochimaru! Sasuke may have come to you on his own, but he has things he needs to do back at the Leaf Village, so I'm here to take him home.

Orochimaru had been so concentrated on Sasuke that he hadn't noticed Naruto until he spoke. He turned to face Naruto. "What the… How did you get free?" He looked over to Sakura and Jiraiya. "So, you think you can take me on by yourself?"

"Naruto was starting to make strange hand signs, "Let's find out!"

Out of the corner of her eye, Sakura saw Jiraiya struggling. He wasn't moving very much, but he was trying. When did Naruto learn… But then she knew, the innkeeper! "He's catching on so fast. You'll see." So this was the training. But could he really do this on his own?

"Kabuto! Take care of him!" Orochimaru yelled.

Kabuto started to get up, but Naruto was suddenly behind Kabuto. "Be still Kabuto." And then he was gone. Kabuto was now in the same position as Sakura and Jiraiya.

Naruto was now standing between Orochimaru and Sasuke. Naruto landed a punch on Orochimaru and sent him flying.

Sakura, Jiraiya, and Kabuto were amazed! Not that they could do much but watch.

Naruto turned to Sasuke and smiled. "It's time you came home Sasuke." Sasuke just starred at him. Naruto reached into his jacket and took out his forehead protector and laid it on Sasuke's lap. "Give this to Iruka-sensei, and give this to granny Tsunade." Naruto took off the necklace that he had won from her. "Tell them thanks for believing in me."

"I'm not going back. I have something I need to do." Sasuke said coolly back.

"Now you've got a mission. It's been a while, do you think you can handle it."

"I'm not going back."

Naruto placed a hand on Sasuke's shoulder. "Be still Sasuke. I can't have you interfering in this fight, or running off again." Naruto smiled.

From behind, a sword sliced through Naruto's arm and cut Sasuke's check.

"Now look what you made me do. I've sliced my new body. Let's finish this boy."

Naruto straightened, took some of his blood and started with the hand signs. He turned to face Orochimaru, "Yes, lets." They charged at each other. When Naruto landed he put his left hand down and swiped his feet around to face Orochimaru again. Naruto had a new wound, but he barley noticed.

They charged again, this time Naruto landed to the left of Orochimaru and repeated his hand and foot movement and again faced Orochimaru. This time Orochimaru had a wound. "You've gotten stronger boy, but not strong enough. Remember, I killed the Third Hokage, do you think you stand a chance."

Naruto stood, his eyes blazing, "You better believe it!" And they went at it again. Each time Naruto landed, he pressed his bloody left hand to the ground, rotated on it making a sweeping motion with his feet.

What is he doing? He's wasting time with those movements, Sakura thought. She looked over at Jiraiya out of the corner of her eye. He could move his foot. Sakura was surprised. How did he do that? But then her heart sank, the look in Jiraiya's eyes scared her. He looked frantic.

I want to help too, but Naruto seems to know what he's doing. He'll probably release us when he needs us. But this thought didn't convince Sakura. Deep down, she knew something was wrong.

Jiraiya was able to start moving his fingers. He was trying to make hand signs, but he didn't have that much movement yet. But he kept working on it. Naruto, please don't do what I think you are!

Sakura was mesmerized by the fight in front of her. Naruto isn't even trying to protect himself, he's just keeping Orochimaru on the run. But he isn't majorly injuring Orochimaru either.

Sakura looked back over to Jiraiya, he was trying to stand, He can move that much! Well, he is one of the legendary Sannin. But the look on his face still bothered her. Why is he so scared?

Just then, Naruto handed in front of Sasuke again. "Now don't forget your mission."

"Don't turn your back on me boy!" Orochimaru yelled as he charged towards Naruto.

So much happened all at once. Sakura's bonds were released. Jiraiya started running toward Naruto yelling, "Naruto NO STOP!" And Naruto turned to face Orochimaru, "Ninja art Self-Imprisonment Seal." He finished his hand signs, he let his arms drop down to his sides, a huge light come from him and enveloped Orochimaru.

The light was so bright that it stopped everyone in their tracks. When it faded, Naruto was face down on the floor and Orochimaru was no where to be seen. Jiraiya was standing still, head down and fists clenched.

"Where's Lord Orochimaru," Kabuto asked. Everyone had forgotten about him.

Sakura ran over to Sasuke. "Are you alright? We've been looking for so long."

"Why did you come here. I don't need your help." Sasuke, however, wasn't looking at her. His gaze hadn't moved from Naruto.

Sakura looked over to Naruto. She was very proud of him. He did it! He really did it!

Jiraiya was knelling down beside Naruto. He very gently turned Naruto over, cradled him in his arms and started wiping the blood off of Naruto's face.

Sakura had never seen Jiraiya so gentle. "Don't worry. I'll heal him in no time." She started to walk over.

"Don't bother. There's nothing to heal." Jiraiya said in a harsh tone that didn't match his gentle actions.

"What are you talking about." Sakura left Sasuke's side and went over to Naruto. He wasn't breathing. She put her hands on him to start healing, but she couldn't feel his chakra flow. No, this isn't happening!

Sasuke turned to leave. Jiraiya caught the movement, flew up and caught Sasuke by the collar, "Where do you think you're going?"

"I have something I need to accomplish."

"Not until you do what Naruto wanted from you."

"I don't care what he wanted. I broke my bonds with him a long time ago."

"It was his last request of you. And I will make sure you follow though, even if I have to break every bone in your body and carry you." Jiraiya could barley contain his fury. After everything Naruto's given up for this kid and he still doesn't care. Naruto should have given up on him along time ago.

Sakura was still trying to heal Naruto. Come on! Don't do this! I never wanted… Not like this… Why would you… Tears flowed down her face. All of the sudden Naruto breathed and she could feel his chakra. "Jiraiya!"

He looked over his shoulder. "Don't get excited. He can probably last three days, that's the standard with that jutsu. But let me make it clear no one has ever recovered from it."


"Not anyone! EVER!" Jiraiya looked back to Sasuke. "I don't think you are worth it. Naruto had so much in front of him, but now…" Jiraiya's voice was choked with emotions. "Now are you coming willingly, or do we go with the second option."

"Do you really think you can take me old man." Sasuke said without any emotion.

"I'm not a Sannin for nothing."

"I don't care about that. I'll…"

"ENOUGH!" Sakura's voice echoed thought the room. She got up from Naruto and walked over to Sasuke and Jiraiya. "Sasuke, please…" She still had tears flowing, but her voice was steady. "You may have cut your bonds with Naruto, but he never cut his with you. You weren't just a comrade, you were like a brother. You should know that Naruto never gives up on anyone, especially someone as important to him as you."

Sasuke looked from Sakura to Jiraiya, "I guess I have no choice. Very well, I will fulfill this mission, but no more than that." His voice held no emotion, but Sasuke's eyes were as sharp as Kunai knives.

Sakura nodded. She understood what Naruto wanted. He thought if he could get Sasuke back to the village, then maybe, he would decide to stay. Plus, Tsunade is the best healer, she'll prove Jiraiya wrong.

Jiraiya slowly let go of Sasuke. He went over to Naruto, looked at him fondly, then picked him up and put him on his back. "Alright, let's go."

No one said a word as they walked out, missing the slight movement in the shadowed corner.


They had reached the end of the village by the mountains. Outside of the gates, Jiraiya spoke. "Sakura when did Naruto learn those sealing jutsus."

"In the last town. I told you he had been training."

"Was anyone helping him?"

"The old innkeeper was with him a lot. There's something oddly familiar about him, but I couldn't place it."

"Can you…"

Suddenly, Naruto made a strained noise and clenched Jiraiya's shirt.

"Is he waking up?" Sakura asked excitedly.

"No. I told you no one ever recovers from this. He's in pain." Jiraiya had paused and put Naruto down. He was breathing hard and clenching his fists in pain.

Sakura started to go over to him, but Jiraiya stopped her. "There is nothing you can do for him."

She looked over to Naruto. Blood started to trickle out of his mouth. "You don't know that for certain." She pushed past Jiraiya, went to Naruto and started trying to heal him.

"Sakura…" Jiraiya called, but then thought better of it. If I try to stop her, she'll probably hit me and that is something I want to avoid at all costs. Besides, it won't do any harm to let her try. So Jiraiya shrugged and went over to Sasuke, but said nothing.

"I'm not running off."

"Well, let's make sure of that." Jiraiya pulled a sutra from his pocket, grabbed Sasuke's wrist.


The sutra wrapped around Sasuke's wrist, glowed for a moment, and then disappeared. "Just to make sure you don't go any where. If you get to far from me, this will freeze you in place until I come to release you. So if you were planning on leaving while we were asleep, you can forget it."

Sakura had seemed to finish whatever she was trying.

"How is he?" Jiraiya asked.

"The spasm has stopped. He is breathing easier. For a moment I thought he was going to open is eyes, but…" she left the sentence hang.

Jiraiya got Naruto up on his back again. "Come on, we need to find ourselves a certain innkeeper."


As they walked back to the previous village, Sakura starred at Naruto's back. What was he thinking?! Did he really think I wanted Sasuke back like this? She looked over at Sasuke, he was just looking ahead, his eyes seemed empty. No one was talking, she never felt so lonely in all her life. Without even thinking about it she went over to Naruto and grabbed his hand.

Jiraiya looked back at her. It's too late now to realize how you feel about him. He turned back around and continued walking. How am I going to explain this to Tsunade? She placed a lot of hope in this kid, now what?

They walked into the reception area of the inn where they had stayed before. Jiraiya put Naruto down on a couch and rang for the innkeeper. Sasuke stood off in a corner, as if he didn't want to be seen. Sakura stood in between Sasuke and Naruto.

When the innkeeper came out, Jiraiya grabbed him by his collar and held him up in the air. "Who the hell are you and why did you teach Naruto those jutsus!!"

Sakura almost felt sorry for the old man, then she looked at Naruto, almost.

"Get your hands off of me!"

"Answer my questions! Who do you think you are teaching him those jutsus!"

"His family!"

"What!" This statement caught everyone by surprise, even Sasuke looked up.

"You heard me, his family. I'm called Old Man Uzuki, but my real name is Kaien, Kaien Uzumaki."

No body knew how to react. Sakura had gotten so used to Naruto being by himself that she had stopped thinking about his family. Plus, Naruto never mentioned anything, it was like Naruto was just always there.

"Your lying?" But Jiraiya knew it was true. All he had to do was looking at the innkeeper's eyes to know it was the truth. "They why did you teach him that damn jutsu."

"Because it was his right to know. All of the Uzumaki clan where experts at sealing jutsu. You wouldn't have some of your sealing techniques if it wasn't for the Uzumaki clan."

Sakura was stunned. It was so odd hearing someone mention Uzumaki and clan in the same sentence.

But Jiraiya was pissed. "That's what I hate about clans. They never think of the individual. Do you have any idea of his hopes, his dreams, his desires!"

"Yeah, to become Hokage, humph! Do you know how many Uzumaki's have been a Kage over the years. I won't let another one go that route. Giving up everything for a village that will turn it's back on you and forget you."

"You have no right to make those decisions. You just met him." Jiraiya was furious, clan members or not, he didn't know Naruto. "And so, to keep him from becoming Hokage you teach him that self imprisonment jutsu to kill him!"

"Kill him? Why would I want to do that?"

"But no one ever recovers from that jutsu." Now Jiraiya was confused, he relaxed his grip on the innkeeper.

"That's not true."

Now Jiraiya was very confused. Sakura, however, perked up at this new information. I knew it! He would never just leave us like that!

"Explain yourself, everyone I've heard who has used that jutsu has died within three days."

"Well, it takes a very strong shinobi to pull that jutsu off successfully. It takes an amazing shinobi to survive it. Once long ago there was on such shinobi. They say that after performing the self imprisonment seal and the three day period he awoke with even more strength."

Sakura fell again, Once, a long time ago. This sounds like a fairy tale.

"The silent warrior? You are betting his life on that myth!" Jiraiya was getting mad again.

"It's not a myth! It did happen. There just hasn't been anyone strong enough since to pull it off successfully!" Now the innkeeper was the one getting mad.

Jiraiya started to say something else, but Naruto made a pained noise. Sakura spun around and went to his side. Jiraiya let go of the innkeeper and turned around to look at Naruto.

This fit was a little worse than the last one. Naruto's body shook and arched with pain. Blood started flowing from his mouth again, it was more than before. Sakura was using her healing jutsu again.

"Where is the blood coming from? That shouldn't happen." The innkeeper said.

"Sakura's heart sank. Of course, he has the nine tail inside of him adding Orochimaru to the mix must be putting a strain on his body.

"There are things that you don't know about Naruto. He's not going to recover from that jutsu."

"Your wrong, you'll see," but the confidence was fading from the innkeepers voice.

"The idiot probably thought he was strong enough to survive it." Everyone had forgotten about Sasuke standing in the corner. Everyone turned to look at him.

"So you're the friend he needed to save." The innkeeper walked over to Sasuke. "An Uchiha, huh."

"How id you figure that out? I'm not using my Sharingan."

"I've been around long enough. You look like an Uchiha." The innkeeper studied Sasuke for a moment. "You don't seem grateful to be saved."

"I didn't need saving. He should have minded his own business. They all should have." Sasuke said with almost an angry tone in his voice.

The innkeeper looked him up and down again, "So, you weren't worth it."

"I never asked him to come after me. In fact, I broke my bond with him. I went after my goals my own way. I didn't need him anymore." Sasuke paused, "I should have killed him when I had the chance."

The innkeeper slapped him. Sakura was in shock, How can he say that, after everything Naruto's gone through. How can that be how he feels?!

Jiraiya looked like he could kill Sasuke.

"So then why are you here now?" The innkeeper asked in a dead pan voice.

Sasuke showed the sutra that Jiraiya had placed on him.

The innkeeper looked disgusted. He turned and went over to Naruto. His look softened as he sat down. "Don't worry. He'll make it, I know it."

Sakura looked at the innkeeper. His eyes never left Naruto. She wasn't sure if he was trying to convince her or himself.

Everyone had gathered outside of the inn. Jiraiya was carrying Naruto again, "We need to get Naruto to Tsunade as soon as possible. Maybe she can come up with something. If there is any small chance of saving Naruto, Tsunade will find it."

"But we are weeks away from the village! What are we going to do?" Sakura was almost out of hope.

Jiraiya smiled, "Don't worry, I have ways to travel faster." He did a summoning jutsu and a giant frog appeared. "Now, let's get going."

"Wait, even if we ride on him, it's still going to take more than two days to get there."

"Who said anything about riding ON him. Ok big fella, open up!" The frog opened his mouth wide. "Ok, everyone inside."

"What!" Sakura was shocked.

"Listen, there are many jutsus that you haven't seen yet. This is a transportation jutsu. It will take us just outside of the village."

Sakura was a little nervous, but if this would help Naruto, she followed everyone into the frog's mouth. It was pitch black. Sakura couldn't even see her hands in front of her. She thought she had lost everyone, but before she could call out to anyone a light appeared. She kept walking and suddenly she was outside again.

Sakura was blinded and looked around. I can't believe we're so close to the village! They had only half a day walk. But it still only give Tsunade a day and a half to help Naruto. "Jiraiya, why didn't you get us closer?" But when she looked at Jiraiya, she knew. He was sweating and breathing hard. He must have used a lot a chakra.

They walked for several hours. Jiraiya was keeping an amazing pace.

I can't believe how fast he's going after using that much chakra! Sakura looked over at the innkeeper, he didn't look good. She was just about to suggest they take a break when Jiraiya suddenly stopped.

"Alright, we'll break here for one hour." Jiraiya gently set Naruto down against a tree and started surveying the area. Sakura and the innkeeper sat on either side of Naruto. Sasuke stood at a different tree, again hiding in the shadows.

Sakura started unpacking food for everyone when she noticed the sweets she had bought for Naruto. Damn it! Things weren't supposed to go this way! We were supposed to go back to being a team again! The three of us! She looked over to Sasuke and felt angry. Why can't he be glad we came for him! After everything we went through, after everything Naruto's… She let the thought drop off. She was so angry that she had just crushed the can she had been holding.

"Naruto, you didn't eat all of your sweets, I'm surprised." Sakura started talking as she was putting the food out.

"Miss?" The innkeeper was confused, "He can't hear you."

Sakura looked at him with mixed emotions. I know he's Naruto's family, but if he hadn't taught Naruto that jutsu things wouldn't have gone so bad. "We don't know that. I'm not going to treat Naruto as if he's already…" But she couldn't complete the sentence.

The innkeeper just nodded and sat back.

Sakura was just about to start talking when she felt a presence, actually several. Her head snapped up. "Jiraiya!"

"Yeah! I know! You stay by Naruto. If it's the Akatsuki…"

"The Akatsuki?" The innkeeper asked, "Are they after Naruto?"

"Sakura stood ready, "Like Jiraiya said, there is a lot about Naruto you don't know."

There was no noise when the four people appeared in front of Sakura and Jiraiya. But it was not who they were expecting. There stood: Might Guy, Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga, TenTen, and Hatake Kakashi.

"Well Jiraiya it looks like you've finally brought my team back. We've been trying to track you down," Kakashi said in his usual light tone.

Sakura was so relieved to see everyone, especially Kakashi, that she fell to her knees and tears started flowing.

"Sakura, are you ok?" Lee asked.

She started to respond when she heard Naruto make a pained sound. She spun around. Naruto was clawing the ground, arching in pain, and blood was coming out of his mouth. This is worse than last time. There is even more blood and he seems to be in more pain than last time. She thought as she went over to him and started her healing jutsu.

Kakashi and Guy were standing with Jiraiya. "What's going on?" Guy asked.

"Self-imprisonment Seal," was all Jiraiya said.

"What! When did he learn that? How did he learn it!? There isn't anyone alive who knows it!" Kakashi asked with surprise and concern.

"There is at least one person who knows it." Jiraiya motioned to the innkeeper. "That's Kaien Uzumaki, he taught it to Naruto."

"Uzumaki!!" Kakashi and Guy said in unison.

"Yeah, apparently a survivor of the clan war. While I was gathering information, he was teaching Naruto that damn jutsu!" Jiraiya's voice was angry.

Neji, Lee and TenTen had gathered around Sakura and Naruto. "Is he alright Sakura?" Lee asked.

"He's going to be fine. We just need to get him to Tsunade." But her voice was heavy with worry. This is harder than last time. He's getting weaker. "Hey Naruto, do you know who's here? Lee, Neji, and TenTen. Guy-sensei and Kakashi-sensei are here too. We get to go back to the village together." Her voice was starting to waiver. NO, not again, I need to be strong if I'm going to get him through this. "Don't you give up on me, Naruto," she whispered to him.

"What happened Sakura?" This time it was Neji.

"The idiot thought he was stronger than he really is, as always."

They all, except Sakura, turned to see Sasuke standing in the shadows.

"So, they finally got you back. Welcome home." Lee said.

Sasuke glared at them, "Who said I wanted to come back."

This took everyone by surprise.

"That moron…" Sasuke started.

"Sasuke, you better be very careful what you say about Naruto." Sakura said. She hadn't turned from Naruto. Her voice was strong and steady.

"Do you think I'm worried about that old man. Sannin or not, I can take him."

"Jiraiya's not who you have to worry about." Sakura now she faced him, the look in her eyes could kill.

Sasuke didn't say anymore.

"My, how things have changed." Kakashi said to Jiraiya. But Jiraiya also looked ready to kill.

"Jiraiya?" Guy asked.

"That Uchiha wasn't worth it. What we had to loose…," Jiraiya looked over to Naruto, "…wasn't worth what we gained."

"It was to Naruto," Kakashi said.

Jiraiya just snorted and walked over to Naruto. "Is he ready to go Sakura?"

She had a worried look on her face and she was using a lot of chakra. "Not yet." Naruto had stopped breathing again and she couldn't find his chakra flow. Come on! Don't do this, not this close to home! I'm not losing you here!

Neji had been watching with his Byakugan to what was happing in Naruto. He had seen three different types of chakra seemingly fighting and colliding with each other, but now there was nothing.

"Neji?" TenTen had noticed his worried look. Neji never worries, this must be bad.

Neji just shook his head. Then he looked at Sasuke. Anger grew within him. Naruto always reached his hand out to help anyone. He saved me from the darkness. That's what he was trying to do for Sasuke, but Sasuke… He let his thoughts drop when he heard Sakura exclaim, "Got ya!" He looked at Naruto and saw that all three chakras were back and colliding again. What is happening to you, Naruto.

"Alright we can go now." Sakura was exhausted. It's getting harder and harder each time. If he has a fit again before we reach the village, I don't know if I can help him.

Jiraiya started to pick up Naruto when Kakashi stopped him. "Do you want me to carry him." Jiraiya shook his head, "I want to do this Kakashi."

Kakashi nodded. Naruto has touched more people than he could ever realize. It is going to be a great loss to lose him so young.

Guy had pulled TenTen aside while everyone else was preparing to leave. "TenTen, go ahead of us. Go straight to the Hokage. Tell her that Naruto used the Self-imprisonment jutsu and everything else that is going on. She is going to need to be prepared for this."

TenTen nodded and took off.

Meanwhile, Sakura was gather her things. When she went to sling everything on her back, it was taken from her hands. She turned around to see Lee. "You are tired Sakura, let me carry this for you."

"But, Lee, You already have your own stuff to carry."

"It is not a problem. We are comrades of the same village. We will always pull together to help each other."

Sakura looked over to Sasuke who took off after Jiraiya. "Not always, Lee. Not always."

They all head towards the village.

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