Everything is Fair in Love (Completed)


Arnav Singh Raizada the famous business tycoon who was busy building his career without thinking about his personal life until now, meets a girl who easily penetrated his heart without putting efforts. Dhruv who was related to Arnav in some way became a head-ache to Arnav unfortunately. He was totally opposite to Arnav and NK. Some girls brutally got affected by him. Few girls, even died by his nasty games. NK keeps on warning Arnav about him and Aman was trying hard to keep him under his radar. But he easily escapes from them with the help of Subadhra Raizada…. Why Arnav is bothered about Dhruv? Why Subadhra is supporting Dhruv blindly? Who is NK to Dhruv? Who is that Girl who stole Arnav’s heart effortlessly? How these people are going to connect in the same string? You will get all your answer in “Everything is Fair in Love”

Romance / Drama
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Step Brothers

Part 1

Aman rushed inside Arrnav’s cabin panicking. Arnav got puzzled seeing him so tensed.

Arnav: What happened Aman?

Aman: Sweta committed suicide.

Arnav(frowning): Which Sweta?

Aman: The one; who filed Eve teasing case against Dhruv last month.

Arnav: Ohh that girl… But what’s the reason?

He showed Arnav that day’s newspaper which indicated Swetha’s suicide news.

Aman: This case is under investigation.

Arnav: Where is Dhruv?

Aman: He must be attending her funeral. After all, they got patched up after the case got withdrawn.

They saw NK coming with the same newspaper.

NK: Did you guys know the news?

Arnav nodded yes.

NK: Do you have any idea?

They nodded no.

Aman and Arnav spared a content glance. They guessed, NK should have enquired about it.

NK: I suspect Dhruv….

Arnav: NK, I know why you are suspecting him. He asked her apologies in front of everyone in the police station. So it’s over.

NK: That’s what makes me suspect him. He is not that good to apologize. And two days before, he invited her to his Birthday party which was not his real birthday. Today, she is no more. What's all this Naanav?

This made Arnav and Aman also disturb. They knew Dhruv. His contacts are not clean. NK always worries about his bad friendship and behavior.

NK: He is spoiling Raizada reputation and it will surely hit AR one day. Please stop depositing money in his account Naanav. Just listen to me once.

Arnav: Do you think I’m happy with his behavior? But what can I do going against Dhadi? She is pampering him even though she knows him very well. I’m damn fed up. She thinks that I hate him because he is my step mother’s son.

NK: It’s complete rubbish. If you hate your step mother’s son then who am I? We both are your stepbrothers. I never saw hatred in your eyes for me. She should understand that Naanav. Before he slips from our hands, we have to do something. If you think that Dhadi will take you wrong then don’t restrict me when I voice it out to Dhadi. Pleaseee…

He left the cabin disappointing.

Aman: He was not wrong ASR. You should stop Dhruv. Or else he will be a headache for you.

Arnav nodded and Aman left to his cabin. Arnav closed his eyes and leaned back on the seat.

Arnav’s mother Ratna committed suicide because of his father’s illegal affair. His father Arvind also committed suicide in guilt. That time, Arnav left with nothing. His Dhadi Mrs. Subadhra Raizada helped him to study. He completed his masters in scholarship. After that, he started AR in Bank loan. He became a successful businessman because of his hard work along with his brilliant business skills. So, Arnav got back to back success in business which made his financial condition touch peak. He took place in top ten businessman list in just three years which made every “business eye” turn towards him.

One day, Subadhra got a message from the woman who was Arvind’s illegal wife. But Subadhra refused to meet her. After a few days, Subadhra got to know about her death and also about her sons Nandh Kishore and Dhruv who were in Orphanage. Subadhra couldn’t stop herself from bringing her grandson’s to RM as she couldn’t let Raizada hire to be addressed as orphans.

At first, Arnav didn’t like it and he stopped visiting RM. But he was shattered when he came to know about Dhruv’s medical condition. Dhruv lost his teeth because of Nutrition Deficiency. It was not so hard for Arnav to understand their condition. If a guy who is affected by nutrition deficiency to this extent then how much would have they starved without food? He started melting towards his brothers so did Subadhra. She started pampering him.

Arnav sent Dhruv to the US for his Teeth implants treatment. That was the turning point which changed Dhruv into upside down. He got to know how rich his stepbrother was. The treatment which he got in the US was something he never dream of. He was treated like a prince. It was just too much for the guy who had struggled for food. That new rich life changed Dhruv’s behavior to the core. He started enjoying it thoroughly with alcohol and girls. Adding to it, Subadhra’s over concern gave him the courage to do anything he wished. Now, those games; which he is playing in girls’ lives are most horrible.

But NK was totally different from Dhruv. He didn’t want to ruin the life which was provided by Arnav. He was so pleasing to Arnav and Dhadi. The only matter he didn’t like in Dhadi was, the unnecessary support that she gave to Dhruv.

Arnav liked NK for the quality he had. Soon… NK took a special place in Arnav’s heart next to Aman. Aman and NK were Arnav’s right and left hands now.

Arnav opened his eyes because of the knock-on his cabin’s glass door. It was Aman.

Aman: We have to attend a conference ASR.

Arnav: Where is NK?

Aman: Must be in the parking lot.

Arnav nodded yes and got up from his seat. They headed to the parking.

It was drizzling. Arnav always likes to do driving. He was not ready to miss the chance to drive in the adorable climate. Aman and NK took back seats to discuss the deal.

After a few minutes of ride, Arnav saw a girl rushing down into the road and Arnav applied the sudden break. He gritted his teeth in annoyance and about to shout at the girl, but his tongue got stuck. He saw the girl lifting a cute puppy which was been hit by Arnav’s car. She spilled a victory smile looking at the puppy cutely. Arnav forgot to blink for a while. His hand automatically pressed the window button down. He heard an old man shouting at the girl.

Old man: Hey girl….. Are you mad? What if you got hurt?

Girl: What if this puppy got hurt? Every life on the earth has the rights to live.

OM: It will not become a police case but your case will become. (He mocked)

Girl: Even this puppy’s case will also take by BLUE CROSS.

She showed her left palm. They saw BLUE CROSS sign being drawn below the index finger. The old man nodded NO sighing. The girl smiled seeing that. Her concentration went back to the puppy. She ran her palm on the puppy lovingly. She waved her hand for auto and got inside.

Aman and NK were looking at Arnav’s face amazingly because he was smiling….. ASR was smiling man….. Eighth wonder of the world… Aman touched his shoulder to get him back to the world. Arnav saw them smiling at him teasingly. He composed himself and started the car as if he was not affected.

To be continued…….

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